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OK, Maybe your inner monologue isn’t that intense, but it’s long overdue that we go inside the mind of a gym-goer. I will assume that my experience at The Mind of a Gym-Goer: An Investigation. The Mind of a Gym-Goer: An Investigation. by Max Barrett May 8, 2017. I just saw you look at me, what was that about? Is my outfit ridiculous?

Am I not lifting enough weight? Say something you coward!* *OK, Maybe your inner monologue isn’t that intense, but Read More. 4 Comments. Inside the mind of a gym goer.

Lifestyle Politics & current affairs Profiles Retail & consumer. June 27, 2017, 10:05 AM UTC. Share. Printable version. Gym-goers: Most of us know one, a fair few us are one. Indeed, our latest data suggest that 12% describe themselves as ‘gym goers’. But what is it that sets fitness fanatics apart from the.

The Exerciser is a casual gym-goer. He knows the importance of staying active, and will usually hit the gym around 1-3 times a week. The Exerciser likely lives a pretty healthy life outside of the gym. He eats healthy, gets enough sleep at night, and stays active throughout his days off. The man took off his shirt and posed in front of a mirror at a Gwinnett County apartment complex gym.

But authorities said the gym’s flat-screen TV, not weightlifting, was on the man’s mind. About 1 a.m. Friday — 90 minutes after that pose in front of the mirror — cameras captured the man and an. A man has been banned for life from going to Virgin gyms for masturbating while watching a woman doing squats. Yes, you read that right.

A. The topic of g ym-induced automation is addressed by director Jean-Luc Godard in his sophisticated short film Armide, one of the ten chapter s of Aria, an anthology film produced by Don Boyd in 1987. The setting is a gym; the characters are two young women and a group of male bo dybuilders. Enraptured by their muscles, the girls (who work at the gym as cleaners) actively try to seduce the. Leo Savage is a trainer at Third Space and ambassador for Lululemon – and he swears by yoga as being an integral part of his training. ‘I’ve always been a gym goer and runner from playing.

A patient is placed on COVID precautions and deemed a PUI (person under investigation) until test results reveal that they are negative. Every code blue event is conducted as if the patient was COVID-positive, which requires the usage of proper PPE due to the risk of aerosolization and exposure.

List of related literature:

This stifling of the individual might mean the gym has become the parade ground of what Michel foucault names docile bodies, humans unwittingly subjected to the needs of the state, docile rather than dissenting, bodies rather than minds.

“Breakfast with Socrates: An Extraordinary (Philosophical) Journey Through Your Ordinary Day” by Robert Rowland Smith
from Breakfast with Socrates: An Extraordinary (Philosophical) Journey Through Your Ordinary Day
by Robert Rowland Smith
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For example, a guilty suspect who denies involvement in the crime could claim that he was at the gym at the particular time the crime took place.

“Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities” by Aldert Vrij
from Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities
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In your answer focus upon whether or not the gym could rely upon the defence of voluntary assumption of risk.

“Business Law” by Nickolas James, Timothy Thomas
from Business Law
by Nickolas James, Timothy Thomas
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The trainer responded to requests to stop and complaints of fatigue by questioning his client’s masculinity and by continuing the workout.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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You can probably figure out that everything else in the gym had gone pretty quiet.

“Okay for Now” by Gary D. Schmidt
from Okay for Now
by Gary D. Schmidt
HMH Books, 2011

This often led to either active resistance to the exercise or concentrated attempts to figure out the manipulation and catch the trainer at his or her own game.

“The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook: Tips, Tools, and Tested Methods for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coaches” by Roger M. Schwarz, Anne Davidson, Peg Carlson, Sue McKinney
from The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook: Tips, Tools, and Tested Methods for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coaches
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Individuals will take time to learn about their self-control problems and therefore about the optimal manner of paying for gym visits.

“Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy” by Mario J. Rizzo, Glen Whitman
from Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy
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Most of the questions that the trainers have to ask themselves relate to what they did rather than whether or not they did it.

“The Theory & Practice of Training” by Roger Buckley, Jim Caple
from The Theory & Practice of Training
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David Kirkorian was the one who pointed out that the smell had started shortly after the gym teacher disappeared.

“The Candy Smash” by Jacqueline Davies
from The Candy Smash
by Jacqueline Davies
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After the situation analysis in August, the HISP trainers were assigned to a cluster of four to five PHCs and were responsible for providing ongoing support to the staff on site in each of the

“Information Communication Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Van Slyke, Craig
from Information Communication Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
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Information Science Reference, 2008

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  • “steroids are a quick and easy way to get ripped” lol! Only if you diet hard, do your cardio and train hard. Juicy vitamins help for sure but are not a shortcut to a shredded physique

  • I live in NJ. Small business needs to open Murphy!!! This governor need to be arrested he has ruined many lives. It’s easy for Murphy to stay at home he’s a millionaire. This man needs to be stopped from ruining a state that is in deep trouble before this BS and he has the nerve to march with rioters. He’s a Goldman sacks criminal that is running NJ. What a piece of garbage!!

  • I feel like the pro of bigorexia is that because you are always critiquing your physique, you are always trying to make improvements so you work harder which is ultimately just going to make your progress faster.

  • This guy pretends that’s he’s being interviewed, but he’s just talking to himself and a camera. You’re not that important Brian. The police don’t care about your camcorder.

  • That Bruce Lee quote is questionable, given his constant pursuit of improvement actually crippled him and lead to his early death.

  • 2:02 that is literally a meaningless statistics

    there is no such a thing as ‘percentage of physical ability’, this is not a video game
    also this is not baout physical abilities lol

  • One of the best courses i’ve even learned, so much informations, tips, these materials would benefit everyone who is a constant-learner, not just students, thank you CrashCourse, and thank you Frank for that amazing course <3

  • So since I have bad memories and have adhd should I do excercise so it could probably help me with my study for a&p it’s my second time taking it

  • Bright Side… Don’t paint all trainers with the same brush. This may mislead people into thinking trainers are useless. Furthermore your research in this video is questionable and debatable.

  • Journalist completely failed to ask and get answers to questions about life balance such as dating satisfaction and career situation. It’s only with such questions you can begin to try to deal with this.

  • I remember actually going through this when i was 15-18. Was brutal but eventually just said fuck it and after a couple days of refraining from looking in mirrors I was done

  • Pradeep, is Hindu, eats beef first thing in the morning. Lives in the UK, but tries to fake an American Accent.

    It’s not just Bigorexia, there’s something wrong with this dude on so many levels.

  • Well I tried dog’s diet….a dog should be given boiled food which can fill 70% of his tummy…..I also ate like that…. boiled food with few spices for taste no junk food no processed food….4months and I lost 9kg

  • Steroid usage and bigorexia give exercising and staying fit a bad rep which really annoys me because staying fit and healthy should be something every person on the face of this planet strives for

  • I’ve been a fitness professional for over 15 years, so I can assure you that a person cannot fully learn to exercise properly in just seven sessions. Aside from proper form, a trainer is there to keep you in the gym frequently, but most importantly of all, a trainer will assure that you train with high intensity. (You’ll notice people exercising for a year straight with barely any results, and that’s bc they’ve never truly implemented the proper intensity into every set they do during the workout). However, I give my clients homework every week so as to prep them for training on their own and without my help.

  • I think it is time to sit down with Paul Chek and Naudi Aguilar. Humans evolved for running (bilateral movement). That is how we go from point A to B. Yet we train deadlifts, animal flow and static stretching.

    It works for 1% with super DNA, not for other people. Stick to nature, stick to human movement. Stick to gait.

  • [x] Зашагивания с коленом
    [ ] Разворот с поднятием руки в планке
    [ ] Разводка ног в планке
    [ ] Планка
    [x] Зашагивания
    [ ] Тяга резинок
    [ ] Скрепка +скручивания +статика
    [x] Зашагивания

  • “Sorry, Professor. I would have turned in my paper, but I ate my own brain like the sea squirt.

    Also, I’m kinda stuck to my bed now.”

  • Brian! Your hands are So BEAUTIFUL! I love the way you use them when you speak! Thanks for bringing us this amazing young man’s wonderful insights and practice! “Very primal integrity!”

  • That 6 week study seems like a crock. Up to 3 30 minute sessions a week… that’s an average of 13 minutes a day. That study was setting them up for failure.

  • l have 65,am doing gym 7days,5 days musculo and cardio and at each 3 days l do only streaching anf flexibility and l eat healthy,l have cut sugar and meat process

  • Don’t do a command unless you really know about it (trainers). My trainer is very good infact he pushs me every workout to do my best. Bery bad bro who ever made this video. Otherwise i am a good follower of bright side. But this video disappointed me….

  • He is disgusted but is quite in love with his elf in the mirror despite what he says. If he were truly disgusted he would refuse to see himself in the mirror.

  • This is the biggest reason why FAKE NATTY people are assholes. Giving people especially the youth, false expectations of what’s naturally achieveable. Nothing’s wrong with being enhanced, a person can do whatever the fuck he want with his body, but the moment an enhanced person keep telling people that he’s natural. Now that’s mortal sin.

  • Привет Max! Хорошая музыка, спасибо. Буду, под неё, тренироваться. Да, и ещё, ты не удивляйся, но, мы, с Camishe, стали родными. Захотели и стали. Вот, так! Живёшь и не знаешь, с кем, породнишься.

  • As a trainer, I agree with most of these, but #5 is false. You will NOT look chunkier if you train your obliques. They’re a very small muscle group.

  • Please interview praveen mohan. His information is gold. I hope london real will look into this and view his channel. You can thank me later.

  • He needs someone to be friends with that is positive and supports him. He just seems lonely, and insecure, maybe from past trauma. I know how it feels, it sucks but we all have to work hard.

  • Thanks for planting the seeds guys it’s time people started to connect the dots however I think it’s even simpler then that? I personally look at my my body like a car? Does it need oil water, petrol? and everything I do is a gym exercise? From carrying the shopping, to cleaning the house or just messing around with the boys?…. if you actually pay attention you use your muscles to do everything inc talking to basic running errands conscienceless movement will not produce any results As we end up applying too much pressure on the wrong muscles or taking pain killers to forget and cause further damage you have to tell your mind that it’s exercising and with “conscience movement” you naturally work out? it’s being a conscience warrior not a unaware worrier……
    I understand there is a lot more science behind the movement, however I believe it can be simplified for the average person and incorporated in every day life, so we don’t feel the need to cross train the body, which is unlikely for someone like me….. but rather cross train the brain in understanding that daily life can create physical and mental strength regardless of the task at hand?
    As for vegans everyone wants to be part of a pack some are wolves others are less aggressive however still feel the need to congregate in masses.
    If we all understood that EVERY LIFE MATTERS and if we were all the same it would be very boring if we all just ate veg or all just ate meat there wouldn’t not be enough for everyone and we would have to share my steak? Hmmmmm no thanks……. our blood types also require different proteins so we can’t judge a cat and a rabbit by the same frame? my blood type is B+ therefore struggle to digest All the negativity and segregation when we live in a world that feels the need to divide and conquer instead of flipping the mind and body to unite and conquer?unite us don’t divide us? When will we start using our heads(Raw) and not tales (War) to Change your mind and the rest will follow =����⚔️��‍☠️

  • I started working out on my own at the gym from the 2nd month of exercising. As long as you research, work hard and know what you are doing, you don’t need a personal trainer.

  • Really? I was so hyped because I thought for a second that if i exersized more I could get super powers like Storm! Whyyyyyy does this universe not have super powers… or at least can exercise make me a wizard then I can finaly go to hogwarts.

  • Man he is maximum jacked for his Indian gene…that too he is natty…he is already in the size of indian actor John Abraham…trust me that’s a big size…

  • Do this exercise only sit up, plank, push up, pull up, squats it works 100% in your whole body and also do cardio. It help full like and comment

  • I love this channel.thank you for all the work and energy and time you put into all you do for us to watch and learn new things in case you haven’t heard that lately never forget your doing a great job is harder to make people think and stimulate peoples minds into thinking outside the box in a world where almost everyone only want to stimulate their bodies and their bank accounts

  • Dear Thomas Frank and Crash Course. Thank you for saving my life with these Study Skills videos. I’m sorry this journey has ended. We will miss you.

  • It was awsome! thank you a lot for all the information. Some times I think ere in Brazil we are reinventing the wheel to do our work, you are helping us to break this loop of unproductivity. This series was amazing, Congratulations!

  • Some of you will be on a ventilator in 3 weeks for a gym visit. Not a job and not a bread line like I have to get on but for biceps. 100 years from now they are going to look at you as absolutely moronic and clueless.

  • Fun fact: Got to know Habitica through this series, now doing daily exercise and getting my stuff done better (or at all) alltogether. So thank you, Crash Course! And thank you, Thomas Frank:3

  • Actually that doctor is wrong, you can actually break the genetic code. It’s just that they won’t want to tell you this because it would let the cat out of the bag and the elites illuminati freemasons you name it won’t tell you since their big about it. Just like the twin towers intertwine into one building. Learn a lot about it look into it. Many will be shocked about how dna plays out in our world and what it really means.

  • One of the most important aspects of fitness is learning the art of patience. Without patience, one might get in the mindset that they can’t achieve success, which isn’t true. Determination is the main factor in working out.

  • I noticed how important exercise can be, especially for studying.
    When I need to think about a subject or a problem, then I tend to walk around my home from room to room. It helps me think.

    For me, it’s also really helpfull to go for a run, or to swim a while, before I start learning. That really helps me to clear my thoughts and focus on studying.

    Of course I don’t have time to do this every time I study, so I have to make some compromises.

  • So weird watching this from the opposite perspective. Couldn’t give a shit what I look like just wish my performance results were better.

    “My parental advice was simple,
    “If you stay out your head, your struggles won’t be as turbulent.”
    Took me till I was almost 26 to get that meaning.” Anon.

  • PLEASE, READ THIS INFORMATION.YOU may help other people. I am medical technologist MT. Many times I tried to leave my information. NOTHING. No any virus can do the glass inside the lung. This is POISON! I REPEAT,POISON! I am not sure about exact name, the 90% this is ‘ ‘LEWISITE” ( smell as Geranium) or ”Mustard gas” (smell as garlic or mustard). Sorry, It does not work with vitamins. There are evidence in Russia. When people clean the surface against COVID-19, other people, breath the poison.Dr. Shiva, sorry you are talking about only mask. There is antidote ”UNITHIOLUM”. Please, look the Wikipedia, you can help and safe the lives of many people
    ***Lewisite (L) is an organoarsenic compound. It was once manufactured in the U.S., Japan, Germany[2] and the Soviet Union[3] for use as a chemical weapon, acting as a vesicant (blister agent) and lung irritant. Although colorless and odorless, impure samples of lewisite are a yellow, brown, violet-black, green, or amber oily liquid with a distinctive odor that has been described as similar to geraniums

  • Notice the crowd, majority white Europeans that will not follow rules. Like their ancestors of the past that were kicked out of their countries and labeled as “undesirables”, their descendants continue that legacy of ignorance.

  • I know one thing for sure, if I were a news reporter, reporting on a very popular story in our region I would surely get the name of the establishment I’m reporting about CORRECTLY!!!

  • Everyone should know that this gym owner is also a murderer. That’s right, he killed an innocent person through his alcohol induced drive back home. This POS has no respect for the lives of others.

  • Not being completely happy with how you look or think is what gives you the drive to keep striving and moving forward in anything in life. Men need purpose in life to be happy, without it we are just leaves in the wind.

  • decent body in 6 weeks in achievable. don’t let this fool you hahaha, if you don’t see visible changes you’re doing it wrong or eating wrong.

  • Thanks for Doordarshan for inviting ira trivadi for such wonderful video and encouraging many by her good thoughts and presentation in unique ways different from others, thanks

  • Thank you very much for creating this series of videos. After watching 10th video I thought why didn’t I see this earlier in my life. The knowledge you shared can be useful in later part of life too. The animation, the thought bubble, was amazing.

  • This is the first crash course I have sat through all the way and taken notes. Thank you so much! I am so excited to pick my next subject tomorrow!

  • These guys are constantly looking in the mirror and comparing their form to others. The form that they see in the mirror becomes their new norm and so they keep feeling that they’re not getting any bigger.

  • What about too much exercise? I used to train instensely 7 days in the week, due to injury I had to stop. After stopping exercise I noticed a dramatic and noticeable improvement in cognition.

  • Who wrote this?? We need to have a word. I’m a fitness trainer of 15+ years and while I agree with some of this, there’s a whole lotta nonsense in the video. Here’s one more tip this fitness trainer WILL tell you take everything you learn about fitness on the internet with a grain of salt. Quick hitting, generalized advice videos with fancy animation and millions of views may not have as much value as it seems ����‍♂️

  • But what’s wrong with wanting to look great and being strong big and having people say you great because it can come from being total the over way like small weak and unhappy then you build money become stronger and your happy but like everything you control it and don’t let it control you in a word where you see so many people to fat to walk or even stand up worry less about the people building their bodies.

  • I lost a family member to the virus. Respect the health of others this has nothing to do with freedom not like we can send a military teams up every body’s nose to blast the virus out.

  • that is not true bigorexia. i have lifted for 5 years and look better than most people, but I don’t wear tanks at the gym and always cover myself with baggy clothes because I don’t want people to see what I really look like unless I have a really good pump and the best lighting. that indian guy looks great and he knows it. he just isn’t satisfied with his body yet.

  • I used to weigh 168 kgs… If I never had used protein supplement in all these years, I wouldn’t have never been now at 76 kgs. So you deserved a dislike.

  • I think they should’ve added nutrition plus Nootropics; Biohacking your own biology in order to enhance cognitive potential. Taking omega-3’s taking a mega threes from fish oil, Drinking l-theanine-rich Matcha tea, caffeine/coffee, natural acetylcholinesterase inhibiters like mint and clove tea/essential oils,. Supplements as vitamins/minerals like C/E, and Magnesium. Meal prep: high protein, medium fat, low carb or the inverse depending on the duration and net energy level needed for a short/long test. You could’ve also added increase oxygen saturation of body during aerobic exercise. Exercise strengthens the heart and diaphragm thereby making your body efficient at circulation, digestion, expression of waste products, as well as changing the microbiome of the gut tract to hoisting more aerobic bacteria. Exercise is like upgrading the engine and the fans in your car. But yes! As a health/kinesiology major, this is grand! I’ve found that aerobic exercise enhances brain function greatly:) The human body was made to do one thing: move! Get some bipedal action!

  • Is there a music dysmorphia? Because if there is ive got it. I spend all day practising, i usually continue when injured, i spend all day thinking about it and it never sounds good enough for me

  • That Indian dude’s body is absolutely unbelievable. He looks like a fucking god, it’s just so sad that he doesn’t get to see the progress he’s made from all that hard work.

  • Murderers of a teenage boy who were only locked up 6 years in prison and got away easy, now talk about constitutional rights and gyms, collecting 153000 dollars from other morons on go fund me. Why not donate the money to the family whose son they killed.. Go back to prison and work out with all the murderers and criminals. LOSERS! STFU already.

  • I’m a Nutritional Therapist and do Optimal Blood Chemistry Analysis and Functional Medicine. I have never found a VEGAN, who was healthy! In many cases, they were extremely hostile and in total denial and defensive about their deleterious lifestyle, food and nutritional choices! Most of them were/are “Self Trained” apparently from very poor scientific education, if any! They’re NOT educated and dedicated enough to truly do everything that ensures that they could, to be healthy! I’ve analyzed the bottom line TRUTH DETECTION of what blood chemistry and diet REVEALS about people with horrible nutritional carnivore/omnivore diets, and compared them to Vegans, too! Vegans have always shown to be lacking and unhealthy, from a biological standpoint. I respect people’s cruelty to animals issues, but our dentition proves we’re Omnivores! This doesn’t mean we’re never eating fruits, vegetables and grains and only meat or seafood! I wish Brian would make a show about what Optimal Blood Chemistry Analysis can SHOW people! In fact, I’d offer him a free analysis of his own, if he’s GAME to have his blood tested for the proper values!

  • I can’t say this video is entirely accurate. Some good points, but some awfully inaccurate points as well.

    Take some of it with a grain of salt

  • Choose your goals and be realistic about what your genetic structure will allow. Keep your workout routine simple and to commit yourself as your lifestyle. A balanced diet is a huge part of staying thin and healthy plus feeling sexy too. I’m 50 years old and its a great feeling when young ladies are checking me out at the beach and especially the boyfriend’s hating on me which encourages me to continue my journey to keeping fit!��

  • To the gym owner, sorry brother but if you’re gonna stand up and be a man then take that stupid fucking mask off and don’t be taking peoples temperatures and all that other stupid shit. This is nothing but an election year hoax. Stand and be counted, be a man or keep your shit closed. And I heard you saying in another video the cops were just doing their job. BULLSHIT! They’re enforcing an unconstitutional order, if the governor issued an order they get to rape your kids do the cops need to enforce it or stand down and enforce the constitution?

  • The music is very beautiful,really,nice,perfect with wonderful amazing.Best soothing for gymnastics,good jobb!!!!!I like it soooooooo much!I have a good day!!!⭐

  • I remember when i was in college compare between the semester that have excercise class and non-excercise class it was different I feel power,attention more,happy more and my grade was

  • Wonderful lovely classical remix hits music tune. Sounds good n jolly to listened! Best soothing for gymnastics and jogging, beautiful lovely classical music song is amazing! Pretty nice content! Perfect!����

  • Thoses some serious mental disorders that men of newer generations have been suffering from. Not big enough, never ripped enough were fat percentages are taken below 5%.. That’s were steroid use, fat burners ect ect and abuse becomes crucial to get thoses bodies and even then it’s never enough…

  • After finishing this series, I made sure to go back through and like every video. They have been the best study skills videos that I’ve ever watched. Thank you!

  • ओम् पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदम् पूर्णात् पूर्णमुदच्यते ।
    पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेव वशिष्यते, हरि ओम् ।।
    Please pronounce the above श्लोक correctly in your future Yoga videos. I really enjoy practicing Yoga from your videos. Thanks!

  • Once your satisfied you won’t improve so you need to look at yourself and say I can get better then you because if you think your perfect your in trouble the whole reason is to keep getting better until you take your dirt nap.

  • Mam yoga ya Exercise krne se achha hm q na roj subah ek ghanta ek din Badminton, dusre din Football, tisre din Cricket q Na khelein…..

    I think khelna jaada faidemand aur entertainmentfull hoga.????

  • I think I have this but I just tell myself it’s gods way of letting me know i ain’t never finished And I just gotta keep brother

  • This gym owner was shut down by the board of health. Nobody with half a brain will go to war for this idiot gym owner. All this talk about overthrowing the government because a gym was shut down is nonsense. There is no constitutional protection for stupidity.

  • U know ive been listening 2 u 4. A while now… I muss say thank u. I’m a Christian. U open my mind. It’s nice 2 know there more avenues in growing.Thank u.. reylene form hawaii

  • So they say if Ur in shape u can wear anything even non designer clothes and u will look good and I believed this… Untill I saw Sam…

  • It takes roughly 3-4 months to properly learn how to exercise; to learn and instill the habit of intensity in every set; to learn how to eat properly, and change up routines frequently as to continue shocking your body…etc

  • Sir…i m working out from 1 year….from previous month i got lot of hairfall….n my friends suggested to leave gym…is it right to leave gym….can anyone help……pls..������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • You mean to tell me he would rather open his business instead of being by his mothers bedside to just be with her in her last moments, I wasn’t able to tell my mom I much I loved her and wanted her to fight,this is disgusting money was more important than his mom

  • Its unfortunate that the indian dude is so obsessed with how good his body isn’t, he has done a great job, but that is probably why we can see and appreciate his physique but he cannot.

  • They say life is the journey not the continually touch upon the edge of God is to feel the bliss of infinity. I prefer to call it Credo not dogma. Every philosophy has its own vocabulary..which has to be learned in its self as core be elaborated upon in potential.. Not that I’m an expert on what he does since I fractured my spine. Israelis I love them as a nation. With them I can relax and be real. Not the orthodox they used to try to run me over with their Volvo estates in goldersgreen London. Secular Israelis are like Columbians but with more capacity to step back and reflect..I miss them…..dearly they seem to know me..I don’t have to distort..what a blessing…..not to be suffocating in bullshit… High tech shoes..low tech feet…Love It!!!.it’s a good day to die

  • Namaste……iraa Mam aapke video bahut hi saral aur sidhe hote he….jinse muze samjhne me bahut madad hoti he…kya aapke yoga classes bhi he? Agar he to me use join krna chahunga uske liye kya procedure he plss…muze bata dijiye

  • These conservatives think they can make the rules. We are winning and their trump cant save them now. Maybe they could feed their kids a nazi flag if they are so hungry

  • can you please do a video about plagiarism? I by accidentplagiarised one of my homeworks and I was mad I didn’t know what it was and my teacher a lot of students have the same mistake and it would be nice to have tips and/or tricks to avoid it

  • It’s all about diet. Exercise is highly overrated walking, gardening, housework, will give you the same result. The point is to be active. If you want to be really fit then go for hill walking or mountain climbing. I climbed up some rope in Thailand to see a much vaunted cave. The next day, was I aching? The only plus was that my 40kg Thai girl was aching just as much. Yeah, you realise just how unfit you are when you pit yourself against these people. I remember my 80kg self struggling up some mountain, and there were Thai grandmothers halfway up, looking as fresh as daisies. Ha!

  • Wow! Great video series. I watched this series instead of reading a whole book on ‘study skills’ to help me finish my assignment on…study skills. Some great pointers throughout the series and very engaging. I am already putting into practice some of the things you touched on in previous videos and they seem to be very good.

    I was actually resisting many distractions during watching and taking notes. I even picked up my phone, stopped and said “no, I gotto strengthen my resistance to impulsivity!”

    Also the sea squirt is literally the coolest animal in the world.

  • i feel sorry for the Indian guy. He looks amazing I feel like he’s lacking in love in his life. He just needs someone to tell him that he’s handsome and wanted

  • the Indian guy looks amazing and he doesn’t look like he has a problem to me, he’s just a guy who’s striving to be the best version of himself, sad thing is a lot of people would criticise him yet the same people will cheer up for an overweight woman who clearly needs help

  • I’ve been working out for 15 years… no one needs a fitness trainer, it’s a waste of money, most of them are not even that good anyway, ask around look for people with experience or go on youtube fitness channels like Victor Costa “vicsnatural”, stop wasting money on a “coach” that has barely more experience than you.

  • My school requires 55 hours of fitness outside of school. If you don’t complete it, you fail Phys. Ed. If you fail Phys. Ed., you don’t move on to the next grade.

  • Ira Trivedi’s presentation is the BEST & second to NONE. The world is watching your excellent presentation.
    Ira deserves highest appreciation.

  • عيت ماتقاتل باش توصل لواحد نيفو بناء الاجسام بخطوات بسيطة دخل تفرج فهاد الفيديويات غتلقى داكشي لي باغي توصل ليه ظاتنساوش تابوناو باش نزيدو القدام ويوصلكم الجديد

  • I somehow missed that this was the last video in the series and I have just been so mad waiting on the next. Finally came back here and realized. I feel dumb. THAT’S WHY I NEED THIS SERIES!!

  • 00:53 “A study at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Lacrosse proved…”
    Studies never PROVE anything.
    They may suggest things, or give evidence of things, but they do not PROVE things.
    A grad-school prof of mine always used to grill us whenever we said something about a study or a research effort “proving” something.
    No study, no matter how extensive or how many research subjects it involves, can possibly cover any more than a sample of an overall population or data set.

    Whenever I hear someone say, “such-and-such a study PROVES such-and-such,” I cringe. They only give evidence of something. PROOF is an entirely different thing.

    Also, the study mentioned “three 20-minute cardio sessions a week” or “three high-intensity weight workouts.” But a lot of people work out for much longer periods of time and/or more often a week. And in that case, yes, you CAN see a difference after six weeks. I know I did.

  • 40-60% isnt genetics, just that 98% of al people are quad dominant, and thus dont unlock their true potential that they would have if implementing more glutes and abs in athletic movements

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  • To the people saying the Indian dude isn’t natty….. you’ve obviously never seen prisoners, I’ve seen them pull off a better body on shitty prison food and mainly bodyweight workouts.