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So You Want to Stop Ditching Your Resolutions by January 5th. So You Want to Stop Ditching Your Resolutions by January 5th. by Coach Stevo. December 28, 2014.

31 Comments. set dozens of New Year’s weight loss resolutions or health goals in the past that were discarded by the wayside by January 15th, ditch that approach and find a. With the digital world offering so many solutions, we have many easy and convenient options to help us stay on-track and if all else fails, happy Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day to you!January 19, 2015. How to Tell if That Group Exercise Class is a Good Fit for You. So You Want to Stop Ditching Your Resolutions by January 5th. by Coach Stevo December 28, 2014. so take control of your data, too.

Learn more about your rights and options. January 17th is a day that divides the world into two groups: people who accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions and people who don’t. It’s National Ditch Your Resolutions Day, and as an avid goal-maker and to-do list lover, I whole heartedly support it. How are your New Year resolutions going? Don’t worry – I’m not here to make you feel bad or guilt trip you if they’re not going so well.

In fact, I am writing today to offer you a failsafe way to avoid breaking resolutions. Don’t make any. This is quite a radical new direction for me.

I used to love making resolutions. It’s not about resolutions. It’s about what kind of revolution you want to have in your life.

Onwards, revolutionaries Karen x. P.S. If you haven’t already downloaded your FREE Summer Revolution Life Review Kit, check it out now. It’s a brilliant way to look at where in your life you might want to have a revolution. Share on.

So focus less on others and more on how you can be better than the 2016 version of yourself, by reflecting on what new experiences you want to have and how you want. How to combat reason 2: You have 365 days to complete a New Year’s resolution. Don’t kill yourself trying to get it done in the first week. Brain Chase’s electives break your resolutions into small, 30-minute increments to help you baby step your way towards completing those goals! Reason 3: Financial Burden.

Poor posture, biting your nails, too much TV: all are great candidates for kick-the-habit New Year’s resolutions. Quitting can be tough, but with encouragement your child can learn about determination and willpower — qualities that are valuable for years to come. Cut down on soda. Ring in the New Year by making sugary, caffeinated drinks a. However, statistics show that New Year’s Resolutions have a miserable failure rate.

Ninety-two percent of resolutions fail by the second week in February. Why? Why do resolutions so consistently fail?

Simple. Right around January 5th, you get punched in the face. New Year’s seems like a good time to make resolutions.

The calendar has changed.

List of related literature:

I determined to make no resolutions until the expiration of those three months, but to try.

“David Copperfield: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition” by Charles Dickens
from David Copperfield: Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition
by Charles Dickens
Booksurge Llc, 2009

Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted to keep my resolutions to myself.

“Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
from Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)
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I like making resolutions, as it feels to me like a fresh start.

“Love A Little Stronger” by Preeti Shenoy,
from Love A Little Stronger
by Preeti Shenoy,
Sristhi Publishers & Distributors, 2018

Um…one of my resolutions every year is to make more time to do it, and one of these days I will, you know, because I love reading

“New Progress to Proficiency Teacher's Book” by Leo Jones
from New Progress to Proficiency Teacher’s Book
by Leo Jones
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Just look at the number of people who struggle to stick to their New Year resolutions.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
from Mindfulness For Dummies
by Shamash Alidina
Wiley, 2014

New Year’s resolutions are kind of a joke.

“NIV, Teen Study Bible, eBook” by Lawrence O. Richards, Sue W. Richards, Zondervan,
from NIV, Teen Study Bible, eBook
by Lawrence O. Richards, Sue W. Richards, Zondervan,
Zonderkidz, 2011

But it is good to make resolutions throughout the year if the need arises.

“The Full Moons: Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology” by Malvin Artley
from The Full Moons: Topical Letters In Esoteric Astrology
by Malvin Artley
eBookit.com, 2014

I never have been in favor of making good resolutions on New Year’s Day just because it was the first day of the year.

“Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks” by Stephen W. Hines
from Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks
by Stephen W. Hines
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The resolutions are usually great goals, but we lack the willpower to keep them.

“A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions” by BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
from A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions
by BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC
BroadStreet Publishing, 2017

I’m not fond of New Year’s Resolutions with their arbitrary start date of January 1, so I decided to begin my change that day by exercising for 30 minutes at home.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • really why are people so mean to charli all she’s doing is dancing �� people really be commenting “����” every time she lifts her leg up as if she’s not a 15 year old

  • happy new year to you… I got rid of the telly several years ago… anything I read about that I feel I want to see I can see on-line… I also keep no ‘phone in the bedroom in fact, only carry my mobile ‘phone when ‘mobile’ (out & about),
    I walk about an hour a day, some of it along the river here & have eaten a vegan diet for at least a dozen years… I am grateful daily that I can still walk everywhere having received an MS dx 20 years ago… I am grateful I have job I like (NHS Trust), close connections to family in Canada… I could go on… thinking about getting a rescue cat… what sound is nicer than that of purring? Oh, I am working on getting rid of things… I have pared my wardrobe down, black, navy & cream items have been spared & in the last two months I have given away (Mind / Scope) over 400 books… I am going to work on my pantry hoarding… I just counted & I am a woman with 17 tins of tomatoes…

  • bayern chelsea 4-1,3-0, bayern barcelona 8-2 bayern, bayern lyon 3-0, group stage bayern tottenham 7-2, 3-1 and final psg??? 2020 bayern absolutely ttoooppp!!!lewandowski top player!!!2020 golden ball!!!

  • Happy New Year Maddie! I really enjoyed the video and I‘m happy you‘re back! My biggest resolution is to eat better. I still struggle with vegan and vegetarian recipes and don‘t enjoy cooking but I really want to change this in 2018. Have a lovely year you beautiful soul! Love from Germany!

  • what we need to leave in 2020:

    judging people’s styles/clothing just cause you don’t like it:)) it’s okay to wear teddy jackets and fila trainers, and it’s okay not to. let’s not judge others for what they like and how they dress:D

  • I love that you talk about resolutions that already play a role in your life and have meaning to you. Your authenticity makes the video even more heartfelt.

  • The absolute killer!! If i am not wrong, during these 9 minutes, he only touched the ball 11 times, including the scoring shoot. Wtf ����

  • what’s the problem with streaks tho?? i mean i hate ppl who send black screens w a red s too but like,,, streaks are just fun and like y’all juts hatin bc everyone else is,,,

  • I have fila sneakers but they aren’t the big chonkers they are more flat but tbh I like the chunky big boi sneakers more (even when you sound like an elephant with them, they are pretty cute in my opinion lol)

  • I have a main ‘theme’ of being more productive this year, and some mini goals from that: Go to the gym at least 4 times a week, do at least one hour of uni work every day, tidy up daily, and post one YouTube video per week. Having quantitative goals helps me stick to them:)

  • bayern has become better after pep left, why was lewy on the bench it the first place in this match. pep always trying to destroy top class strikers. he tried it with ibra and eto before this also!

  • With such a great striker why is Poland such minnow team, in the 70’s and 80’s I remember England having two perennial teams in their group qualifiers Poland and Turkey ��������

  • Why pep has to instruct boating again??after scoring 4th goal??
    Is he some kind of rookie??
    Don’t over do it madafaka…that’s why many player hates him..

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  • Mario Gotze give Assist…
    Mario Gotze is a hero for Germany in World Cup Final 2014…
    Now, he missed opportunity…
    Missing Super Mario Gotze…

  • I feel you need to have a reason to exercise other than the exercise itself. I play a contact sport so I have to be in shape to kick ass. Therefore a regular exercise routine makes me a better player.

  • Thank you for this amazing video! My new years resolutions is to become vegan, I have been vegetarian for almost 8 years, but preferred  vegan food. I do love to read books, but its been awhile since I have completed one, so I want to read at least one book this year. And do yoga for 1-2 days in a week. I have also made my self a A3 board with drawings and quotes that inspire me. So everyday when I wake up, I will see that beside my bed and get inspired! Happy New year <3

  • I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, but this is my first time commenting (a new years resolution for me!) I’m grateful for you! Happy New Year, Maddie!:)

  • maybe some people just have different style than others/ personally i agree with some of these, yet if people like them… each to their own!,

  • And you’re back with a bang… Excellent video, Madeleine! While I do not, personally, ascribe to resolution-making, this is a perfect list for living a happier life. Thank you!

  • RObert Lewandowski, RonaLdinho, ROnaLdo, ROnaLdo =”RL”, ROmario, ROberto Baggio, ROberto Carlos, RObinho, RObben= “RO”-> great and “magical” nick’s thanks the players.

  • The only reason I never bought a teddy coat is because they look so bad on my body. They’re really comfy tho, if I fit into brandy Melville clothes I’d wear it

  • Be more optimistic, decrease my use of plastic, find a sport that I really enjoy (trying out the gym for the first time next week), start a proper savings account.

    Loved this video. You are so incredibly inspiring!

  • I just found your channel, and this is the fifth video I’ve watched of yours. Thanks for sharing, and you seem like a beautiful person. Much love <3

  • I would love to see you make a tea video. Like different teas and exactly how to fix them. Maybe even what you add to them. Keep up the great work. Love all your videos.

  • I love the outro cuz there is a ginger kitty!!! Ive specifically wanted a shorthaired ginger cat since I was about 9. TnT thanks plz put more cats in future vids

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just discovered your channel by this video and believe me it’s my favorite resolutions video for so far.. I’ve seen so many ones but yours is completely different, yours really influenced me in a perfect positive way. Thank you so much for this video, keep shining ������

  • Hey! Maddie I have a zero waste question I really need help with. I recently got put on a new medication which requires me to go in for regular blood tests.

    I know that after blood tests, nurses place a cotton ball on your arm and then wrap it in tape or some form of gauze. This is obviously really not eco friendly or zero waste.

    I was thinking I could probably get them to use paper tape, and possibly reusable cotton rounds that I’ll only use specifically for this…?? I just don’t know if they’d think it was unsanitary or stupid, or if they’d allow it. But I really don’t want to hurt the environment and I want to be as zero waste as possible.

    What do you think I can do about this?

    Also anyone else whose had experience with this please feel free to comment. I need all the help I can get.

    Thanks ��

  • especially that lilhuddy trend on tiktok (not rlly a trend) “omg nigerian prince ����♥️♥️” its literally so annoying and repetitive, its not even funny anymore.

  • Happy New year glad she you back missed you.
    I’m going to start back at the gym with my mother. Start eating healthy meals again and also plan out my meals by what I’m going have each day in the week. Xx

  • 9:31 “Well I don’t know how many offers of marriage Robert Lewandowski is gonna have but Pep is gonna be one of them”
    I cried so hard at that commentary that is perfect to end it off

  • Yay you back! I missed your videos after having them everyday
    Happy new year Madeleine��
    Thank you for that year that pass that you share with us for inspiration and motivation to do better to be better
    Btw it beautiful made video

  • I love these goals:) I almost had and still have the same ones. Also I wanted to say that the pink sweater looks so pretty on you:)

  • Absolutely lovely! Your videos are not only a nice respite from a busy day, but also inspiring in a very ‘real’ and attainable way. Thank you for what you do and for taking that extra effort to make your videos so beautiful!

  • 2018 goal:
    First draft of my manuscript by the end of 2018…

    Current status: laughs nervously while I look at my word count on word

  • ” I don’t know how many offers of marriage Lewandowskis gonna have after this, but Pep is going to be one of em” This commentary is legendary.

  • I did two of those things lastvyear. Although I’m a kind person in general ( I’ve not added that!) But I did something I really wanted to do ( thanks to a refund from my bank) I was able to do a tandem skydive ( check swoopware Angela kneller 4 mins into the video is best) and I raised £900 for two charities). I also have made lots of new friends this year which I will treasure forever xx

  • Top Tip: Putting frozen berries into your water makes your very hard limescale af water taste so much nicer! <3:D (I live in Bath... so yep. Hard water over here!)

    Started Jiu Jitsu a few months ago, and despite having to deal with my anxiety when it comes to trusting yourself in falling right onto the mat after someone throws you, I know deep down I enjoy it. Hopefully it’ll help me in trusting with myself more, both physically and emotionally.

    I’ve got rid of “friends” off my facebook towards the end of 2017, and I’m glad I did because it was depressing me that people I knew from school (I never really talked to them as much back in school anyway) had their life and career together etc and I felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life, despite that I had just finished a masters, started a manuscript for my hopefully soon-to-be finished novel on my masters course, and managed to constantly get rid of unwanted stuff without spending on many things. Then I realised, hey these people has never been my friends or been there for me personally, they don’t bring any value to my life, and just deleting them off my facebook I felt so much better because I wasn’t bombarded by their “personal achievements”. I rather have a small group of friends who I geniunely cherish, rather than be “popular on facebook cause I have a lot of fb friends” etc person.:D

  • i feel like bucket hats are pretty cute it’s just they’re overused and they aren’t THAT cute that literally EVERYONE wears them all of the time

  • Hey Madeleine, thanks for all of these great ideas! I made a post about working on personal and financial resolutions, refocusing on them more often. I think you might like it! Let me know what you think:

  • Listen, i respect you as a person and all of that,

    but there’s noOOO WAY you gonna take my bucket hats, filas, teddy coat and referencing vines away from mE-

  • as much as I hate the fashion trends mentioned in this video, we should just let people where whatever they want without judging them, (and I’m guilty of doing this), like let people express themselves and wear whatever the hell they want, because as ridiculous as they may seem, they are loving it and rocking it

  • Love these! I can’t wait to get home and declutter. I have trouble parting with things as I always drum up memories attached to them. But the anxiety I feel with having too many things is not worth it! I’m ready for a more peaceful mind!

  • I think I got influenced and inspired so much by your videos, about vegan and minimalism.. Ive always wanted practice minimalism but could not really make it. But I think I should begin with minimalism by minimalize my pantry.. decluttering animal based products…

  • 4 goals in 6:04!! Another astonishing fact ������ #Legend

    Last goal “The Worldie” 9:17 needed couple of extra minute to prepare lol

  • Making my list as I watch this. I’m starting the year jobless and feeling lost but I’ve got time to figure it out and start anew. The new year always brings hope and excitement.

  • Beautiful resolutions. I’ve got to add though, I’ve had a lot more success in the last few years by having predominantly resolutions that can be quantified. People tend to go for vague notions like “do more things that make me happy” how do you measure that? No idea. But I can measure the amount of races I’ve participated in, I love running and I can consciously look back at the year and see I’ve done that! Rather than “definitely must be better with money this year”, I’ve taken a hard look at myself and my finances and set realistic savings goals, this year I’ve written up a short little money manifesto for myself, outlining where my struggles are and things I can do to combat them that I can take a look at when I’m struggling to stick to them. I like to keep track of the books I’ve read and reflect on them at the end of the year what did I enjoy? What would I like to read more/less of next year?
    And then things you can’t measure I think it’s good to have a strategy for. When you find yourself comparing too much, what do you *do*? Meditate? Remove yourself from the moment by going to make a cup of tea? Talk to someone about /why/ you’re comparing? Try and write the feelings off you in a journal?
    Sorry if I’m rambling, I just think.. concrete ideas and strategies is what turns goals into successes, you know?

  • Stop comparing yourself to others…. that’s probably one of the most important resolutions and It’s great that you mentioned it! Gonna be a tough one for me…

  • Commentator: “Idk how many offers of marriage Robert is gonna get after this match, but Pep is gonna be one of them.” Me: wow:c

  • (I’m sorry about my english)
    At first I want to say that you are a really beautiful person. Not just only on the outside but especially on the inside. I love your mind. You’re such a kind human being.
    My resolutions: eat what my body actually needs a wants (if I don’t feel like eating tomatoes today then what is the point of it), journal (I do it but monthly, weekly would be better), start to run (I know I’m gonna like it, I used to do it, but for losing weight I had something to do with anorexia in past and I am still struggling with it I want to move my body for the body not for burning calories) and I want to be more positive, that is it. I think I am on the right way.
    Love your videos. Keep yourself as you are (grow your mind of course, but in the way you are doing it now, I feel your original personality from every post) ❤️

  • I love this video helped me remain positive about 2018 and made me think a little more about my resolutions and what to put on my bucket list! ��

  • Finally someone who also hates those atrocious mailboy or whatever hats, they’re not cute

    Also it’s not cute when your eyelash extensions tickle your eyebrows

  • Lots of great new resolutions! I also plan to drink more water, travel, pass my driving lesson (scooter), surround myself with positivity and more positive people, be more zero waste, plastic free and minimalist, be more active in the vegan movement, meditate and read more. You are so beautiful: that makeup and that pink sweater are gorgeous on you.

  • I dont even use snapchat anymore because of streaks. Pissed me tf off. I have friends that started using snapchat in elementary and are in high school now still doing it.!!!!

  • Great video, I love your channel �� I uploaded my minimalist resolutions yesterday too to appreciate the day to day more, to stop ordering takeaways (rather than committing to a diet which I know I’ll fail at!), to stop comparing myself to others, and to tidy up as I go rather than leaving it all until last minute �� I’m going to add your resolution to keep the phone out of the bedroom though! I already use an alarm clock, but I’m awful for sitting on my phone in the morning. Thanks Maddie! All the best for 2018 ��

  • 1. bucket hats: sorry i love them so 90s. The other hat… die bye
    2. eeew i love the buffalos though
    3. tiny sunglasses are cute
    4. minibags are cute af.
    5. i agree. But i didnt really see those pants
    6. vine must come back. Tik tok also has some good „vines“
    7. eyelash extensions are overrated and was too expensive. The Procedere is not cheap too.
    8. i think the belt is cool but everyone has it

    Hm maybe gonna watch the rest later

  • Wow! This video is so positive and powerful! I’m genuinely touched by your words. Thank you so much! Happy new year to you and Alex:-)