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So You Want to Start. Taking Barre Classes. by Jessica Smith. August 22, 2014. 3 Comments. Ballet-inspired workouts, also known as barre classes, are very popular right now, and for good reason! Fusing together elements of classical ballet, Pilates, and even yoga, most barre routines are low-impact and help to build balance, increase flexibility, and shape up your entire body.

Barre classes are a lot of fun, they’re often set to great music, and they’ll give you a full body workout in an hour. Are you interested in taking barre but don’t know what you might be getting yourself into? Here’s what to expect during your first barre class. You’ll feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. There are even “barre light” classes for beginners.

You don’t need a tutu or ballet slippers. Instead, dress in comfortable workout clothes and show up to the 60-minute classes prepared to use the. “Barre involves using a student’s own body weight as resistance to work against while, at times, using the ballet barre to hold onto for support or to help stretch muscles,” says Grove. Most barre classes focus on arms, core, legs, and glutes so you can expect a fairly well-rounded toning workout. I’m so glad you gave it another go.

I loved taking Pure Barre with you in LA! Hopefully we can make that happen again �� I had never taken a barre class barefoot until this morning! I went to a “Burn” class, where you need yoga mat and take in a heated room. I loved it!

If you’re new to Pure Barre, our Foundations class is the perfect place to start. Our 50-minute Foundations class is taught in a small group setting where our teacher introduces you to the basic movements of Pure Barre at a slower pace. You’ll learn how our technique works and start to feel the benefits of Pure Barre in less than an hour. My Thoughts: Pure Barre is the class I recommend if you’re looking to work out your lower body. Although they do incorporate an upper body workout, they’re very much into working your abs, glutes, and legs.

There’s cardio incorporated so you will burn calories and get a decent sweat. What You Need to Start Xtend Barre All you need is a sturdy chair and your Openfit subscription and you’re ready to go. If you want even more of a challenge, you can also use some light dumbbells (1–3 lbs.), a small rubber ball, and a resistance band for some of the exercises. The one move you need to know before your first class.

Everything involves the tuck. You perform it by squeezing both your abs and your glutes so that your hips tuck under your body. This one move helps you maintain proper form and give you killer results.

Tons of help. Barre instructors are not just in front of the room leading the class for an hour. Barre class is a highly effective workout and can burn up to 500 calories per session.

On top of torching calories, you should have a longer body from barre in no time — that is, if you’re doing it.

List of related literature:

Naturally the set barre for a beginner class differs from that of an advanced class.

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You will need a barre for the first part of the class.

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Beginners should start the first study of pointes at the barre.

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Barre-based classes have come and gone in popularity over the years.

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Start with a class for beginners, and talk to the teacher beforehand about your specific back needs prior to enrolling.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
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don’t need dumbbells or fancy equipment to get started; you need two cans of soup.

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A newcomer, I did my barre exercises behind the best students, using their bodies and stretches as models.

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I spent many years avoiding barre chords, and worrying that I wasn’t ready, but my advice to you is to get stuck into them as soon as you are confident with all your beginner techniques.

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Even for Pilates veterans, taking a “beginner’s” class every once in a

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And because the barre exercises usually involve raising just one leg, make sure to switch sides very often, so you build strength evenly without tiring out one leg too soon.

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  • Can they create a non applicator tampon? If you’ve ever seen a wave of applicators wash up on a beach, you will never use them again. Love the blog, great message about doing 30 classes in however long it takes… and switch to a menstrual cup!

  • yall complain to much no one is forcing you all to go she’s advertising it and being informative to those who are interested i hate adults who wants things sugar coated those men n women r skinny yes but so what there are others who attend that are larger and or out of shape if you feel “uncomfortable” around skinny people just because then workout at home no ones gonna kiss your ass and tend to your every want in a buisness place you don’t like barre guess what…..dont attend

  • That helped a huge amount. I’m very sporty but this may be something a little more low key to do. Thanks again was short and consise.

  • I did my first barre class today and I wish I saw this video first. Definitely going to binge this series and decide what workouts will suit me best �� Thanks girl!

  • great video for people that new to barre classes. I love Barre on and off. makes me really feel strong. and working muscles I even didn’t know I had! I never had issues with open toe socks! people also wear this slip on shoes or socks that look like balet slippers. I think it’s great and actually pretty addictive to do Barre and yes expensive ops.
    still worth!!!

  • former ballet dancer and plan on taking a barre class after the holidays! This was very helpful as a source of anticipatory guidance that will help reduce my anxiety about what to expect. Thanks so much!

  • What do you do for cardio?? I just finished my intro month at pure barre and signed up for a 6 month contract today:) I just tried empower and (sadly) its the most cardio-ish workout I’ve done other than walking at the trails with our dog. I’ve never been a runner but I know I need some more cardio

  • Wow…do they pick women with the exact same body language, intonation in speech and bubble or is it a byproduct of something or a specific region of the country they yield from or they simply emulate each other from generation to generation? Couldn’t help but notice…not A put down.

  • You keep raising the barre!!I love when you dare to go in to  a new field of experience.You are motivating to us all,even the trolls.Ha!ha!

  • I love these see what it’s like videos! Also I’m pissed that YouTube took you off my subscription list and I missed your last few vids…�� but I’ve got you back on it now!

  • This is a real thing we learned in our non verbal comm class on studying body awareness!! Honestly love this vid so much because like if we work HARD for being healthy and strong, we can appreciate and thank our bodies for what they do and it improves body image a ton! When we are in tune with our body it actually gives us a more realistic body image and awareness of physical boundary instead of having a bunch of negative feelings attached to it! Using our body more = loving our body more!!


  • Hi! I am so impressed! Bravo! I am doing online barre classes and it is keeping me in shape. I miss my hot yoga class and intend to combine both workouts:)

  • I did Pure Barre for almost 2 years till I got bored of it but I quit mostly because it’s expensive! You don’t have to have dance experience at all. It’s a great low impact workout. The studio I went to discouraged shorts or open toe socks. They were strict. It’s a lot harder than you think because you use muscles till failure and you work muscles you never knew you had. They want you to shake. Movements are restricted to 1” to 2” movements. Best thing about barre is it’s a great workout super low impact.

  • I saw a few of my female Facebook friends talking about Pure Barre. They’re all very attractive and already fit ladies. Even though the video says it can be for everybody, it seems like it’s for already fit and attractive young girls where they can all congregate and exercise while looking hot.

  • So interesting how you said you feel Most Beautiful after a barre workout. When I briefly took ballet as an adult, it was a full hour class…about 40 mins of barre work, 20 of floor work, and then a brief ‘wind-down’ exercise. After that class, I felt I was floating on air…and yes’, I felt ‘beautiful’. No other exercise or yoga class makes me feel ‘beautiful’. Course, I suppose it was all the delicate moves…the pretty ballet outfits, the live pianist, that also helped create that feeling for me, in that class.

    Anyway, thanks for your video… I liked how genuine it was… like a REAL PERSON (gasp!) 😉

  • I have been doing barre classes via alomove app. I alternate my days: one day is for barre (different classes so not all the same move) and finish off with 10 mins ab exercises, the next day is resistance training and finish off with 15 mins rowing on the rowing machine. I also cut down my carb and sugar a lot and replace them with protein and fibers. I do see the difference in my body….. my ab is getting more defined and I feel much stronger. think you need to combine this kind of work out with diet to see the most result.

  • I love this. I recently started doing barre after not doing it for so long and just three days my body looks the same of course but I feel so much better about it than I did

  • just do pilates or yoga. If you have the money to do this shit, then you have money to do actual workouts.
    yoga isn’t workouts, but it’s nice meditation and you work your core a little. pilates is a real good exercise.
    (source: I’m a female teenager and I do both, along with lyrical and pointe.)

  • What a great workout! I had knee surgery a year ago and am just able to get back into doing squats. Great workout for your whole body without a lot of jumping and hurting your joints!!! Plus what a great team you girls are!! Will definitely continue this workout!

  • Most men (all ages) appreciate a beautiful woman but the old saying is as true as ever. Beauty is only skin deep. There are way too many YT videos on beauty (especially women) and not enough emphasis on mental health. Most relationships break because of a fault in the mental or psychological comparability of the partners.

  • Thanks for the tips, they are all great! Going to my 5th (Barre Code) class tomorrow and already everything you said is spot on. The best way I can think of to describe barre is…. you want it to be over when you are doing it, but as soon as the class is over, you want to do it again! ��

  • Love your vids! I followed saw you on insta and looked through some of your photos and we actually go to the same gym. It’s kind of funny considering how small it is and how big Edmonton is. Keep doing you and let’s hope that summer hurries up!!!

  • I think sometimes you feel more confident when you realise what your body is able to do. And not what it looks like. I love this video♥️

  • As a fellow edmontonian, I really love you and your videos because it is places I can actually go and try for my self but I also love your personality and your video editing is awesome!

  • Pure Barre is the best class you can think. I am overweight but I do exercise so I don’t consider myself out of place. However, the workout is much harder than my expectactions but I loved it. I am foreign and people are nice. I never felt out of place in the class and my instructor are awesome. They seem to help everyone and correct my workout if I am doing it wrong! I think if you want to tone your body, this is the correct class!!! this is the best workout I have ever taken in my entire life! I have never done ballet or yoga. It is a little harder for me but I thrilled with the results. I have taken 9 classes and I can see it already.

  • girrrl that brand of tampons is so bad for youleads to pcos, infertility, and other reproduction system issues. always get organic tampons free of pesticides and dyes! (same goes for condoms dont get regular brands the only nitrosamine free condom right now is by this brand called sustain) to all the ladies! be mindful of these products.

  • I did 5 classes. I also ate a whole chicken every day. What is an India? +/Case sensitivity does matter in philosophy. A germ. Obtuse purple is veridity.

  • “Without bulking”Yes because if a woman so much as looks at a barbell she’ll instantly turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Such a silly myth and kind of a shame that it’s being pushed by people who should know better.

  • This was so great! I am a barre instructor and I’ve loved barre for 20 years! Even 3-4 classes/week would bring results. This was quite an achievement!

  • I have a horrible time finding a good sports bra because my girls are all over the place as well…do you have some that you would recommend? Thanks

  • I signed up for classes at a local facility, and the comments below are 100% correct. I felt out of place and embarrassed. I could not do most of the exercises and the instructor offered no modifications. I wanted to walk out but I paid so much for the classes I decided to stay. The class was full of very young very fit ladies. There were no other people there who looked like me. If you are in good physical shape already and you are ust looking for a new interesting way to stay toned this is for you. If you are looking to get in shape, a newbie to exercise programs do not start with pure barre.

  • LOL that is telling world your on rag. No jk understand what you mean working out helps ppl think better bout there self but think seen some better body change in you so did you keep wor outs up until now?

  • Thank you for your honest content! I started doing barre a month ago and I love going to my barre studio, I enjoy the community. And we just started 20 classes in 31 days challenge, and I did the first class today, and I’ll be going tomorrow, and I cannot wait.

  • Mel! I started The Bar Method last year after hearing you rave so much about Pure Barre (there’s not one around me!). I actually reached out to you prior to my first class for tips and you told me to just stick it through even though i would feel lost the first few classes. That honestly helped me so much i did it for a few months, and even though i couldn’t continue doing it bc i couldn’t swing it financially, it taught so much about my own body strength and that i could honestly find a workout that i liked. It also helped me shed a few lbs! I’ve NEVER liked working out, and even though i know going back will be tough when i do (I’m seriously so lazy and unfit lol) sticking it through and not comparing yourself to others truly works! Thanks again!

  • I did the challenge! 30 bar classes in 43 days! It was tough… but I’m definitely getting stronger, and my balance and posture improved quite a lot! I will be continuing doing it for as long as I can!
    Have you been doing bar since the video? If you have, can you make a video on the long term effects?

  • You look great, you feel great, you have a positive attitude, and you have a “million” youtube subscribers making people feel good and probably smile so what’s not to like!

  • Just did my first Barre workout today, and I absolutely loved it! I watched your video hrs later, and have to say I am even more excited to do these workouts. Your honesty is inspiring, and I love how down to earth you are. Thank you for sharing something so real.

  • Taking a rest day (or two) is absolutely necessary. Everyone is sold this idea, now, that we’re supposed to do our workouts every single day and for some magical reason, our muscles don’t need time to repair… Ok, but common sense alone… the whole way building muscle works is by creating tears and having those tears HEAL which creates the stronger muscle-that doesn’t mean waiting until you’re no longer sore, though. I think it’s kind of a workout industry gimmick to delude the public into thinking we have to overdo it. But we SHOULD be active everyday even when recovering. But I personally don’t see how anyone could get optimal results without allowing the equally essential healing process. And obviously the more conditioned you are, the more you can do with less recovery.

  • Stop doing side stretches!!!! Remember if you want to shrink it.. Crunch it! If you want to grow it…Stretch it! Crunch your sides stop stretching them.��

  • I love this series of videos that you do! One of my goals for 2020 is to get back in shape, but I want to have fun doing it. So I’m trying a bunch of different types of workouts to see what I like the best and keep things interesting. But I’m also the type that wants to research everything before I try it, so these videos are super helpful!

  • actually, for real barre you don’t need any equipment other than your body. trust me, it’s just as hard.. but I liked that you incorporated it! nice way of spicing it up

  • You are soooooooo beautiful!!! I really think that with people like you on youtube the reality to many other creators and consumers can be changed. Feel refreshed��

  • Lol I do ballet. I’ve done barre and it is completely different than ballet barre. If you’re looking for a ballerinas body you’re not going to get it from barre. Not saying that you won’t get fit from it, you probably could, but not the same physique as a ballet dancer. I would recommend doing yoga, Pilates, and a TON of cardio! Barre class was fun though, and felt good so I would recommend it. Just saying this because many people don’t know the difference.

  • Thanks to you I tried PB and fell in love quickly. But it took a good year for me to kick my butt into gear. I just hit 250 and am now realizing all the things you’re talking about lol #slowmo

  • I have my free trial class this weekend and I was super nervous but this video helped me so much!! I am really hoping these classes will motivate me to keep going. Thanks so much!!

  • I am trying the foundation class in 2 days. Glad I watched this video.
    Lost it when you were talking about the attire cause baggy shirt is exactly what I planning to wear to hide my jiggle ��

  • Starting PB next week, I’m so out of shape, I’m in my 50’s and bit scared. this video has made me feel a little more at ease so thank you so much!!

  • tampon paid commercial tucked into barre class experience-alleged. she prob switched outfits, took shots of self in different b/grounds all in one day -and here we have it:’ 30 days of barre” allegedly.

  • Thank you sooo much, Melanie!!! Your tips are SO spot on, gah! �� I don’t know how I’ll afford the normal price of PB, but either way, I’ll be doing all the Barre classes I can, via Groupon, be it PB or whatever studio ��✨�� And PB has to have a sale deal eventually ��

  • I recently moved to an area that has a lot more options and things to do (boonies to suburbs) and I was do Ariel yoga and barre at the yoga studio but I kept driving by this place called Pure Barre. Finally checked it out last week and took the foundations class and was in utter shock because it is nothing like my barre fusion/ballet barre I do in dance. However, I tried it again this week and really enjoyed myself and the instructor! I’m one of the trial programs so I’m trying all three types to see if I want to stick with it. Thanks for the awesome info!

  • Thanks for the advice chica! I will start Pure Barre this week!! Super nervous but excited…my younger sister advised me to try it…I love your sweet personality <3

  • A pilates and barre studio just opened across the street from me and not knowing what barre is I thought I would turn to YouTube of course to see if it might be something I should try. Now to get myself motivated to actually walk in and see what their class schedule looks like. Thank you so much for this great overview video.

  • Great info! I’m a fitness instructor but I don’t do Barre. I like to know a bit about each format even if I don’t do it so I know what my members are experiencing in other classes. This was very helpful.:)

  • Thanks for this video! As a former ballet dance who retired from ballet and has not even stretched for 20 years (!), I am going to give pure barre a try. Originally, I wanted to try to get back to ballet but think this might be a better and more realistic goal. Thanks again!

  • My daughter and her friend asked me to try Barre, so…I bought a Groupon, they stopped going, I stayed with it. It is HARD! But I used my Groupon, now, I’m going to hit my 100 so I took the financial commitment.. the pain you love to hate.

  • Where is the tank from? I’ve been doing pure barre for 2 weeks and love it but today I noticed the girls out and was just thinking about needing something higher!!!

  • I wish we had more content like this instead of the stuff we see on TV. I’ve been doing yoga for the past 10 years. I think this pertains to about any workout, but it’s so empowering. Even on my thicker days, I do love myself and my body too. To think that you have to have a “celebrity’s body” to be loved by someone is not true at all. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Loved this VLOG post! I’ve been following you since your Hot 99.5 days and you look so happy with this transformation! I’m an avid Bar Method visitor, but this made me want to give Pure Barre another shot. Random question too what’s your lip love it!

  • Awesome! I’m getting back to Barre after about a 2 years injury and depression from life and death of my brother last April ( it’s been hard) so I’ve gain weight and feel like a sloth! I did a Barre class today at my gym!!! They are looking for trainers! I’m highly considering doing the training in March! Your video! Inspired me to Go for it! It’s in about 30 days! So I need to get fit for the all day training ��!

  • I had 10 surgeries neck back and both hips replaced. I did my first PB class yesterday on Columbia MO. The instructor Megan had me hold on for balance and gave me tips if I had problems. I absolutely loved it! Yes my muscles burned, I sweat 😉 but I felt so alive. My friend Dr K. Everly took me. I trusted her when she said: You can do it even though my surgeries were within the last 6 years. It is NOT easy, but I felt loose!!!!

  • I once did 46 days straight of barre class. Totally worth it! I didn’t lose weight, but my body lost inches because it got sculpted. I stood up straighter. Hope this helps someone.

  • The video says it’s good for all body types, but I only see skinny, mostly white women in all the videos. No diversity of body types. I have 40 lbs. to lose. There’s no way I’d feel comfortable in that environment, wearing skintight, body hugging workout gear.

  • To loss fat you always have to eat right! Without the right “diet” you won’t see the results you expect! LowCarb is the way to go for this

  • Wow. 1) thank you for this!!!, and 2) my local PB told me there is no training online to help a newbie learn techniques, nor do they have an orientation class any time soon.

  • It looks like they don’t understand the word “beginner”, cuz it looks like everyone in the video are experts (& skinny). I would try it if they had a class for seniors, bit I think the comments are correct, they have only fancy snobs there.

  • It’s too advanced for me. Male age 55, sort of looking for a beginning Ballet class, Allen, TX

    Well, I’m a 56 year old Black man, 5’9″ 255 in Allen, TX. When I was a 20 year old man, 5’9″ 169, at NYU, I took ballet for 3 semesters. Recently, my hips got hit by osteoarthritis which limited my ability to strengthen my muscles around my hips and upper thighs. I listened to the light bulb over my head which said, you need to do some barre exercises. That’s why I was looking into joining Pure Barre. (I found a way to loosen the arthritis in my hips, so I’m ready to do some Beginning Ballet classes. I have faith that after 3-4 months of twice a week, I would be much improved.) Women don’t bite. They didn’t bite in ballet class environment. Men don’t bite either. Glad to know this process strengthens participants in Ballet practice. At my health club, I learned after mobility, comes stabilization, then strengthening. So, my goals are more mobility, stabilization, and strengthening. What am I going to do? I guess I could call Pure Barre in Allen, TX and find out what are the least attended classes. I DON’T SEE WHY THERE AREN’T BEGINNER VS INTERMEDIATE CLASSES. I will also check for Ballet classes for senior citizens.

  • My mom teaches Barr in the town that I live in she works out all the time and she recommends it as a good workout to get back into workingout like there is an 80 year old does it

  • I really appreciated this video. I rolled my eyes after the first few seconds of the video because I think your body is fine but as I watched your journey, struggle and determination as well as you explaining the Barre process AND the realistic challenges I couldn’t stop watching you! Great job and amazing video.

  • Any benefits you receive from doing this sort of exercise is going to plateau very quickly. Lean muscle mass increase will be minimal and functional strength increase will be hardly noticeable. The intensity isn’t there to target fat loss. Who is this method targeting?

  • I did Pure Barre on Saturday morning and I am still in so much pain…. I think everyone should do it for the experience… But no, I do not agree it is for everyone. That is a straight up lie.

  • Honestly, I see a huge difference in the before and after videos. Simply the fact that she felt better and more confident made her look better as well. It’s less about your actual body and more about the energy you have

  • Pure Barre is by far the only workout I can say I’ve ever been ADDICTED to! It is crazy how quickly you see & feel results. My first class, I was invited by a co-worker & by the end, I honestly wanted to kill my friend, because it was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. And, I quickly noticed I was about 70+ pounds heavier than the other women in the class. However, I trudged on, struggling with my flexiblity every step of the way & actually completed 30 classes in 29 days in February! Yes, I completed 2 classes back to back in the same day! (Holy moly it was hard!) As much as I LOVE Pure Barre, I dread going to the class because of the “snobbish” and “clique” attitudes by most of the women there. I am one that can overlook it usually & can put myself in the mindset that I am there to work on myself, not to make friends. But for now, I have started using the DVD to do pure barre at home. I’ll admit, I don’t like it as much as the class. I miss the motivation from the instructor, the coordinated music, etc. And, I cheat on moves a lot more than I would if I was in the class. I would LOVE to open my own studio & gear it towards ALL women. Curvy, skinny, tall, short, young, mature, rich, poor, male or female. The workout speaks for itself. I’m not sure why “Pure Barre” as a business would focus on such a small demographic. But, for anyone wanting to try Pure Barre…trust me…it will works wonders for your body & mind.

  • I love Pure Barre, but it’s overpriced, honestly. The demographic targets rich white women. They need to diversify more. I only go when there’s a groupon, otherwise I stick to unlimited yoga per month at $50. Pure Barre is $175 a month:/

  • I LOVE your “after” shot! This was really inspiring and refreshing. The mental aspect of physical fitness is equally important to any outwardly physical changes that take place over time. Cheers!

  • This was exactly what I needed. As good as any barre class I’ve ever done. Thanks, girls. My quarantined booty was desperate for some tone.

  • I’m a Barre instructor, and this video made me tear up at the end! Exercise is so empowering; it completely shifts the way people especially women view their bodies. It’s amazing that Barre helped you gain more confidence! I hope my Barre classes help the women I train.:)

  • it needs practise like other workouts (I knew one bodybilder who couldn’t survived even modified Pilates but in the same time I couldn’t weight the same amount as he)

  • not being mean but i think any workout you guys would have done would have resulted in the same result. Since you guys don’t workout regularly any workout will be the same result harrrrrrddddddd