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New Cyclist Shopping List Everything You Need To Hit The Road

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Things you should know when you first start cycling | Cycling Weekly

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Everything You Need To Know If You’re New To Road Cycling

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How To Get Started With Road Cycling | Ask GCN Anything

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8 Things Not To Do When You’re New To Road Cycling

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4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

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How to get started in road cycling (on a budget) 1. The Bike. Decathlon has proven to produce some of the best value bikes and equipment that amazingly actually perform 2. Helmet. After buying the bike, a specific cycle helmet is the first accessory we really recommend.

Look for one that 3. 1. Always wear a helmet Never (I repeat, NEVER) ride without a helmet. There is no reason you should be without one!

A 2. Start with a road bike Even if you hope to get participate in time trials or triathlons down the road, it’s best to 3. Use pedal cages at first You may have noticed. If you’re just thinking about starting cycling, you might expect the first step to be “go buy a bike.” While you could start there, a better beginning point is to look at what bicycle you may already have on hand or can borrow or rent. Bicycles come in many types, different handlebar configurations, sizes, frame materials and prices. Road bikes are typically light and fast and designed to be ridden on paved surfaces. They usually feature drop-bar handlebars (though some have a flat bar like a mountain bike) and skinny 700c wheels.

Most road bikes are made of steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber (or a blend). See our article about bike. Six things no-one tells you when you start cycling but unlike being a regular at the pub at the end of your road, you’ll only ever go to cafes that are about 30 miles away from your house.

You want to do an easy 10 min warm up and then start pedaling at 70-90 rpms in a gear that is easy but gets your breathing to the point where you can talk but not sing. You want to ride. If you’re new to cycling, fitting in often means looking the part.

10 Things I Wish I Knew From The Start. Every cyclist has a light-bulb moment long after they start cycling. Here are 10 tips you would have been better off knowing when you first started riding. Learn more about the license and find out if you need one. 3 Shifting Tips.

A very simple rule of thumb is, when in your typical riding posture you want the handlebar obscuring your view of the front wheel hub. Cycling isn’t supposed to be painful, so if you find you’re starting to develop backache or any other ailment, pop to your local bike shop to see if they can help adjust your position. Dress for the conditions. You Realise it Never Used to be so Hard. As a kid you remember cycling the streets with your mates and going on adventures for what seemed like hours and days at a time.

Carefree pedalling filled your youthful days, but as an adult, you quickly realise your inner child isn’t as fit. Sometimes it Hurts. When you first start out on the two. Let’s measure you up 1. Some decent padded cycling shorts — better still padded bib shorts — stop your backside hurting so much.

Massively padded saddles won’t help you on longer rides.

List of related literature:

And what would happen if 20 cyclists were attempting to use the cycle route?

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Here’s a guy who loves cycling, is pretty good at it, has been doing it for years, and would genuinely like to continue doing it for years to come.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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No city in Europe or North America has achieved a high level of cycling without an extensive network of well-integrated bike lanes and paths that provide separation from motor vehicle traffic.

“City Cycling” by John Pucher, Ralph Buehler
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The Cycle Challenge works by encouraging and supporting existing cyclists to persuade colleagues who rarely or never cycle to give it a try.

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A good place to start would be with creating bike lanes and off-road bike paths as well as educating the driving public about sharing the road safely with cyclists.

“IELTS Superpack” by Lin Lougheed
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Too many people have never felt the real pleasures of cycling because they haven’t learned the easy, safe, and efficient way to cycle.

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This creates a higher start-up expense for prospective cyclists.

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Moreover, different disciplines in competitive cycling have expanded to include road, track, mountain bike, BMX and even merging bike to running and swimming in triathlon.

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Serious mountain bikers are already utilizing power meters to train.

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  • I’m just starting to figure this out and I’m so scared to put the clipless pedals on. How do you start without toppling over? How are you guys getting into and out of the pedals without falling over?? Help

  • I dont have a roadbike but I use my cheap mtb rockrider340 to explore the roads. I like the mtb on the road because it offers more comfort for me (I weight 106kg). Only downside is that the highest gear combination is getting too slow for me now (just did my first 800km). I am thinking about swapping my hardtail mtb for a gravel since i am riding like 75% road and 25%singletrail..

  • what if, like me ur in the uk, ur dominant foot is ur left foot but we ride and drive on the left side of the road, how would we take off properly

  • Useful thing to find on the channel! The algorithm doesn’t get me, I guess. I wish these videos had more shots from the side. I think the physiology of the movement is important. It would be nice to see these motions from the dead-on side, even a little bit.

  • I’ve had a couple of experiences hiring a bike instead of travelling with my own. Most recently this summer as I cracked my carbon frame just before my holiday in Menton and I still wanted to ride the awesome roads on the côte d’azur. Local bike shop near the casino in Menton was first rate and I had a blast. The other experience was in Mallorca and as also fantastic it being the first time I’d ridden a modern carbon road bike. Pro-Cycle hire in Port Pollença were also first rate but it was EXPENSIVE as hell Why? Well because I knew after thirty seconds riding that I’d have to buy a bike myself and begin road riding as a hobby… its cost a fortune!
    I’d certainly echo the “take your pedals” advice (& don’t forget your shoes too) but add also think about taking your saddle too…

  • I’m looking at building a drop bar bike using Sram x7 rear mech. Can you tell me what shifters will work with this set-up. Also Using a pair of X7 cranks 1x. Thanks and love the channel ( all of it ).

  • Oh there’s gears too! And not being able to unclip your pedal when caught by surprise at a stop light! And don’t forget your chainring tattoo!! Simple!❤️

  • #AskGCNTraining When I do a training session on Zwift, the max efforts are always 1-2 watts below the required watts. Nothing I do can get the watts produced to match the desired watts. spin faster, spin slower, change gears always 1-2 watts short. What can I do?

  • #torqueback, I have joined a local road club back in June and have cycled 553 miles so far, i ride my Specialized sirrus bike and i am the only one who is on a hybrid bike the rest are all road bikes but i’m not the slowest rider i can keep a good average speed but if we end up on a good flat stretch of road the guys leave me and i struggle to keep up if there any type of training that i can do to help me keep up? I am planning on getting a road bike but i won’t be until new spring/summer ridding

  • Bought a hybrid bike in March with my stimulus check and got super into cycling. I’m so into now that I realize I want a road bike instead so i’m going to sell that and get one.

  • Carbon deep dish rims and a power meter. Leave the rest of the junk at home. Ride as fast and as long as you can every ride. Strava everything. Dance like Lance.

  • But a cheap road bike from Halfords and slowly upgrade it and buy new gear as you go. That way, you’ll only spend extra if you stick with it.

    And if you become an aero bro, then you can choose to spend your inheritance.

  • I don’t get numb in my butt. My hands get numb. I usually take my hand (one at a time) off the handlebars and sort of wiggle them around which helps for a while.

  • Yeah, I went a little different for my first road bike: a used bike that a local shop took as a trade in and was renting out. I rented it once and ended up buying it. Garneau carbon frame/fork/seatpost/bars, mixed 105/ultegra groupset, cheap mavic wheels, 11/25 cassette and 53/39 chainring. Considering this was 10 years ago, it was a pretty sweet bike for a beginner for $1000USD. Though given that I was about 100kg at the time and live in a very mountainous area, the gearing was a little rough. I remember about 6 months after buying it riding up a local hill that averages 8% over 12km. I thought I was going to die. Would highly recommend following the advice in the video and going for more reasonable gearing like 11/28 with a compact chainring.

    Now that I have 10 years road riding experience, I actually really like 11/25 as the gears are nice and close. But I’d prefer a compact over a standard chainring given that I’m in the mountains.

  • For my first two years, I was riding an old bike that had been entry-level when new. The clip-in pedals were extremely stiff, and I came off so many times it really hit my confidence. I found I chose to walk up some hills because I couldn’t start on a climb. It was only when I tried a newer bike, with newer pedals, I realised they were the problem all along. An old bike can save you money and get you started, but it can also hold you back. Plan to move on if you plan to keep cycling!

  • What a load of tosh this video is, how to get into cycling is by joining a club, I’ve been cycling since the 90s and have never been in a club, if I watched this as an interested party I would be put off ��

  • Did anyone can give me advice……this my questions it is true electronic groupset much better than mechanical set….???? And thank you for your tips mate….sorry for my bad English привет из россии

  • Standing while pedaling is something I did a lot as a kid but the feel of it on my road bike seems awkward to me. I need to practice.

  • Remember to keep your questions coming in for next week using #torqueback or #AskGCNTraining for your chance to win a 3-month free Zwift subscription. ��

  • At 1:26 you can see some play between the disc and the wheel itself. The wheel is kind of oscillating. Is this normal? And if not: How to fix it?

  • If I want to ride on the road, do I need to go via the flat bar hybrid bike route to the drop bar road bike or should I go to a road bike straight off? I’m 50 and only moderately fit. Was considering a road focused hybrid like the Specialized Sirrus but fear I might need to change to a road bike if I enjoy the sport.

  • I just saw Ms. Pooley’s Christmas wish for a cross-country ski lesson. I really enjoy GCN and all of your presenters. So, if Ms. Pooley ever finds herself in the Salt Lake City area during ski season, I will happily pay for her to take an x-c ski lesson at one of our fine venues here. Keep up the great work, all of you. best, Kevin Murphy, Salt Lake City, USA

  • Looking over your shoulder without steering. Riding around a piece of debris or pothole in your path at speed. Crossing a railroad or streetcar track. Riding over unavoidable rough pavement, cobblestones, potholes, etc.

  • Cyclists talking about bonking while riding, seems kind of soft to me. I’ve done alot of experimentation with fasting and what can be done while in extreme states of caloric deficiency and I think most people would be surprised. I’m surprised this isn’t an american channel with how much you clowns advocate eating during everything.

  • You should have mentioned counter steering. At higher speeds, when you want to go left, push on the left side of the bar and lean etc

  • And no info about choosing the right frame size, accounting the riding position? I am choosing my first roadie and my height overlaps two sizes, so I do not know what to get. I have no option to try long ride beforehand…

  • Sadly im watching this video but we don’t have good bikes in my country and no roads for riding bikes it’s really difficult to get into this sport

  • Can anyone recommend cycling clothing that isn’t so…… out there? I always the GNC crew, and the videos and content are great, but what they wear always looks so goofy and “hey, look at me!”. I think the concept of cycling clothing is sound, but what about the average person who does’t want to stand out and look like Lance Armstrong?

  • Always use the right brake because if you go fast it will throw you off. Also use the right one always to get used to it and for no accident

  • I am a teenager and I lost about 10 kilos to cycling. Never thought that as simple as cycling can cut down weight rather than any other sport like basketball

  • Given the target being new to cycling, things you should know are 100 percent true like not wearing anything under your shorts, not pure vanity like leg shaving, or potentially wrongheaded stuff like chamois cream (in modern shorts). The latter true scare peolpe away from cycling or waste their money.

  • A very nice beginners video but as noted by others you’ve used U.K. style shifter set up for the brakes without a warning for beginners in other parts of the world to check how their brakes are set. Would encourage a quick edit asap. That said a very friendly clip and good work by the team

  • Don’t buy lots of fancy Lycra clothes, but do buy a basic pair of riding shorts with a comfortable but thin liner.

    I literally used to cut all my liners out because the extra heat and sweat trapped by the liner was more uncomfortable than not having any padding.

  • As for power training: when I was young my legs could not cope with some weight training, now when I’m older and my cycling style has become less spinning and more grinding i use power more: power training is required to keep muscle mass, and stave of the disadvantages of getting older. (Adapt your power training: 20/30 reps instead of just 10)
    (I truly detest stability training, best to incorporate it into your power sessions)
    (when I do spinning classes I do mind my posture more no bubbling around, keep the upper body level while standing, this way you work more with your legs )

  • 9. Do Not,,, try to play the piano whilst riding, very dangerous, and heavy to.
    10. Dont be too hard on yourself if you’re local timed ride is a bit slower than the best. (Put it down to good training time)

  • It is amazing there is not one word about how to ride with other road users, where to position yourself on the road, or anything about safely riding. When are we going to start educating cyclists in driving our bikes as a vehicle?

  • When i was still a small kid i love the color green and now while im growing up i just realize im better at sprinting wich a green jersey for a sprinter and i have strong legs for it and my legs only have short time of strong pedal strokes and i have asthma thats why im not going for a red polkadot jersey looks like a great decision

  • How to buy your first road bike. Don’t. Buy a cyclocross bike instead so you can put road tyres or chunky CX tyres on it. Two bikes for the price of one.

  • hi I’m a big fan and you all are big fun I have a question I have asthma and where glasses the cold air sets my asthma off and i need to cover my mouth and nose to help warm the air i but when I breath out with my mouth and nose covered my glasses fog so then I can’t see do you have any advice

  • as a new cyclist you need to buy a GOOD bike and cycle A LOT and that’s it… Seen plenty of people thinking it would be nice to cycle, buy shitloads of stuff, cycle for 2 weeks and never bother to do it again.All the stuff they mention is actually good but you DON’T need this stuff to hit the road, you will buy it in time and realize what you actually need. Tube+mini pump is really nice if you actually cycle far away from home, however getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is the fun quest on it’s own, which a true cyclist needs to complete at least once 😉
    P.s. don’t be a moron who buys a fat-bike as his first bike.

  • My pet peeve is the casual cyclists that deck their bikes out with so much tacky stuff. One guy I seen put a car horn on his bike, thinking it would be hilarious.

  • #askGCNTraining
    At the start of a training plan on Zwift, I did a 20 minute FTP test. A week later, I entered a 25 minute race and Zwift said my FTP had increased over 10 watts. There’s no way I gained 10 watts in a week. The race just pulled that extra performance out. What gives? Should I do races instead of FTP tests in the future?

  • The Tour de France is what got me started too. The only problem is that it took about 25 years. Now that my kids are getting older (youngest is 12), I’ve been able to do some of the things I dreamed about. RUSA, triathlons, marathons, MTB, gravel rides and lots other fun rides. Love your channel!

  • Great video if anyone actually practices any of it, rather than I know what I’m doing so don’t try to tell me how to go round a corner as you freewheel and put 20 yards into them as they’re coming off the brakes:-)

  • #AskGCNTraining Hi guys. After I recently took a couple of weeks of the bike, I’m now getting started again. As I’m relatively new to Zwift, I was wondering which workouts are best suited to gradually build fitness again. They now all seem quite intense to begin the training with. Cheers!

  • Apparently buying a new bike in 2020 is a daunting task since NO ONE HAS ANY BIKES! I went with a $1700 Specialized bike (I was going to do their base model, but I decided skimping on components was starting out behind). Gravel bike because roads on South Dakota are…trash. Even the asphalt paved roads. The bike paths are great, but still lacking in places.

  • Another mistake new cyclist do, at least I find quite often, riding with headphones or checking phone/screen standing in the middle of the bike path or even worse taking selfie (believe me I have spotted people who are not so confident on their balance and taking selfie with one hand on the handlebar!).

  • From first question: Pro tip for English speakers to pronounce Scandi names (from an Englishman married to a Swede): the letter ä sounds more like an “English E” than an “English A” so its more like “Pear Wengberg” than it is to any illusion of a golf score on a male appendage hill….

  • Oh god, I cannot even stress how important out of saddle riding is.
    It makes you miles faster going up hills, able to accelerate to full speed in far less time after reaching a red light, and often stops you from needing to switch to extremely low gears. Everyone who plans on taking biking seriously should learn it, that’s not even a question.

  • This was actually very useful. The backwards helmet though?? Another suggestion for new riders plan your route in advance and pick roads with bike lanes or ample shoulders with lower speed limits. Also, find group rides to go on at your level, more riders = greater visibility to cars/improved rider safety.

  • One of the biggest struggles I’m having with getting into cycling is deciding which bike to buy… it is so overwhelming. It’s a big purchase for me too so it needs to be the right one

  • Did you just say that it is cheaper to rent a car than it is a bike? What? And why are you pretending to be able to smell coffee that is inside a sealed packet……?

  • Nice to watch this very informative video as beginner, I learned how to adjust seat accordingly, because i don’t know about it, thanks

  • First time I rode a proper racer I had clipless or clip pedals is what everyone really calls them and the wind hitting me sideways pushed me over and it is to this day the scariest moment of me life

  • #AskGCNTraining for a starter cyclist what is considered as good growth rate. Maybe in terms of average speed and distance coverage

  • As well remembering to eat, taking a full water bottle (or 2!) is also essential. I was told hundreds of years ago to “eat before you’re hungry and drink before you’re thirsty”

  • I’m kinda new to cycling (since turning 40 a couple years ago..everything hurts and falls apart). I would suggest don’t go overboard on gear and shit..Dropping $250 on a jersey etc isn’t going to do anything that an $80 one can’t. At least as a beginner.

  • I am leaving in a village but we have good roads mostly i am going using morning ride for my exercise purpose, daily 20 25 KM. And also I am beginner in cycling so which type i want to buy. Can you help me..?

  • How to get started on road cycling: as they both said, join a group of people and also watch the GCN How To videos. That’s how I started and the videos were really helpful

  • I wish I’ve seen this earlier. I’ve had a cheap mountain bike for 8 years, without ever getting it off the urban road. Just think about all the energy wasted

  • #AskGCNTraining I’m looking to upgrade some non Shimano (Tektro) brake calipers on a road bike with 105 5600 shifters. Will 105 5800 brake calipers be compatible with these levers?

  • 500 pounds what?? In the USA I can not find a bike that is less than $1,500 as an entry-level road bike. Why is there such a price difference?

  • 2:25 WHY THE FUCK IS HER TEA CUP TILTED LIKE THAT?!?! WTF!! THAT IS NOT VERY BRITISH OF YOU!!! and he’s only pouring tea for himself!! HOW SELFISH IS HE?!?!

  • Not everything I need to know. I only watched this video to learn about how to adjust to clip on pedals when I’ve only ever used normal ones, and likewise for drop handlebars for when it comes to braking (can I brake suddenly if I have my hands in the top position?), and you didn’t cover either topic.

  • #AskGCNTraining as a newer cyclist (3 months) should focus on getting my FTP higher with training or just focus on riding more often and getting more comfortable? Thanks

  • Please don’t say “Without further ado”, it’s not a real phrase and is regularly abused. It is “without further adieu” and is used when saying goodbye to speed things up. Instead you could say “without further delay” or “now for the part you’ve all been waiting for”.

  • #ASKGCNTRAINING HI All. I am type 1 diabetic and have issues when riding over the 45 mile mark. i regularly come to a complete standstill completely unable to move my legs due to the pain experienced. Could this be due to my insulin management or is it just a training and fueling issue or a mix of the two?…i have a 67 mile sportive coming up in april so any advice would be beneficial.

  • Started riding about a week ago took a wrong turn ended up on an off road trail (won’t do that again) been riding about 12 miles a day all week rode 30 today was pretty nice was a hot day too

  • Hi, I started riding Zwift recently and I got flu after first week, probably cause I got totally wet even with big fan cooler. Can you give me some advice to prevent it? Should I open window when it’s cold outside? Or just turn fan high speed. Maybe I should put on more layers of base layer? #torqueback #AskGCNTraining

  • A lot of CX riders use deep section wheels (40-50 mm). Why is that? The speeds in a CX race are far from any possible aero gains. Is it for stiffness, mud shedding properties (maybe box-section rims are more prone to collect mud) or something else. Thanks! #torqueback

  • Do you recommend beginning cyclist use the special shoes that clip in? I have never used them, and honestly don’t ride fast, but I worry about how easy they are to unclip if you need to remove your foot suddenly.

  • #AskGCNTraining I am 50 years old and starting more serious training for 2019. I used Zwift’s excellent FTP test to check where I am currently and found that the limiting factor was not my legs, but my ability to get enough air and my heart-rate, which topped out at 181. Two and a half questions: Will training increase my ability to work such that my legs become the limiting factor (or does age just remove your top-end ability)? Second do you have recommended programmes (Zwift or bike based) that will optimally lift my ability to work harder?

  • Great videos. I just finnished some exams. I have not been on the bike for 3 and have noticed a dip in my fitness what training should i do to bring my fitness back up. #torqueback

  • The first step is finding a place with bikes. Second step is seeing if they even have any left that fit you. Third step take anything they have cause corona halted bike production world wide in 2020 and every bike shop is sold out.

  • Because of an IT band issue preventing me from running, I have started to really get into cycling. All the GCN videos are super helpful, especially the stuff on bike maintenance and gear shifting how-tos.

  • #askgcntraining I’m training for a 1100 mile two week tour. I need to do lots of long rides but I’d also like to increase my power. Could I take the 12 week Zwift FTP builder and do three days of the FTP builder and two very long rides each week extending the FTP builder to 20 weeks total or would it be better to focus on power and endurance separately?

  • #torqueback Hoping you could explain power meters, bike computers, heart rate monitors, etc.; how they connect together, the apps used, and how they are installed on the bike. And of course, are they all worth it. Thank you

  • I noticed this….don’t cyclists lift weights? I know they have great endurance,, but they they look skinny fat…no muscles…other than muscular thighs

  • To all of you experienced cyclists out there. Please don’t ignore some obviously new cyclists, kind of just give them a simple, “hi” or a wave and it’ll motivate them a ton just from you acknowledging them. I personally am an amateur and just went biking, I was feeling unmotivated cus I was on a steep hill, then an experienced looking cyclist rode passed me and gave me a simple nod, that itself motivated me to finish the climb and get to that nice nice decent

  • Hello there I’ve been watching your YouTube channel off and on for round about a year now thank you very much for this YouTube video as it’s helped me out quite a lot with my new road bike decathlon have just launched a new you endurance road bike unfortunately there aren’t a lot of YouTube videos on this particular bike it is called the VAN RYSEL EDR AF ENDURANCE road bike with Shimano 105 groupset this bike cost roundabout £999.99 what are the chances of you guys doing a short review on this bike if possible please.

  • I just wanted to go fast and far without paying for fuel expenses or driving lessons. Just ride. If you liked it, you liked it. The type of bicycle doesn’t matter too much. Alone or with others, it should be no less fun.
     I have my entry level road bike, but a used single speed with drops would have done nearly the same job. I’d probably have more fun with a super bike, but it’s not like not having one right now is stopping me either. The fun is in the sense of freedom and watching yourself grow past your previous physical limits. The only real problem is using it as an escape from your problems as I do. I would rather be “punished” to ride up and down the Zoncolan from 7AM to 10PM every single day of my life than deal with my psychological issues. I know well enough now I’m not alone in being like that.

  • I wonder how essential glasses really are. I’ve put on thousands of miles without them here in Wisconsin. I just don’t find them necessary.

  • Rented a Cervelo R5 from Pro Cyclery in Las Vegas. One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Red Rock Canyon National Park is one of the greatest rides in the States. About 5 miles up that beat the absolute crap out of me and another 10 or so miles of screaming descent.

  • #AskGCNTraing I recently started a training plan on zwift. I am using ERG mode whilst training. What are the trade offs/benefits of using it versus not using it. Thanks.

  • I’m 11 I got a frog team sky road bike 4 years ago had clip less pedals on it and 2 years ago I grew out of it I know have a Specialized Allez E5 elite and loving it

  • #AskGCNTraining Hello GCN, I’ve been cycling now for 18 months and currently undergoing a winter program on Zwift. I’m finding that my legs aren’t recovering as quick as some others. I train every other day and feel like I’m not 100%. Could this be to a fault in my diet or lack of experience. Keep up the awesome content and Merry Christmas


  • I recently got back into cycling. Got a hybrid with skinny tyres which is my first non-suspension mountain bike. Loving the speed but finding myself fighting against the wind.

  • genuinely a hard vid to make I imagine… especially for anyone like 2 ex pros where all of this comes as naturally as breathing… well done

  • Awesome information. Excellent. I am from India and cycling is gearing up here. We do have DECATH in my city which is Pune. Detailed analysis fantastic.

  • I thought the number one rule was don’t get run over by a car. With nobody really “driving” anymore (they’re really just “riding” while jerking off on their phones) it’s just a matter of time….

  • #AskGCNanything Love the show… have signed on for the GFNY next year and am trying to get more Hill training over the winter… using Zwift as of now… recently heard about this new app FullGaz from my friend… appreciate if you can review and let me know your thoughts…. Much appreciate it… Thanks & keep being awesome… RIDE ON!!

  • I’ve been using toe cages for the last 8 years. I get to wear ‘walking around’ shoes, and I feel like I get 80% of the benefits of clipless. What am I missing? What’s the hype?

  • #askGCNTraining, when you should i add intensity/intervals to my routine im currently doing base miles to just get that endurance & does zwift have targeted workouts that’ll help me for the race season

  • I was almost gonna buy my bicycle and start this new hobby til i landed on these many researches and videos talking about a link and a strong one between Erectile dysfunction and the bike paddle and even the stirring so im like hell no im not buying this anymore ����

  • #torqueback I’ve been doing some 2000-4000km on a bike per summer season now for three summers (End of May, beginning of September). From cycling-point-of-view: I have been wasting my training on a comparable amount of time with running. Has running always been ruining my progress on bike? What are the benefits? Just recently I have reduced my running exercise radically. How much could I possibly gain improvements, focusing all my energy on getting fitter on a bike? I do weight around 78kg and my FTP is now, after my first ever 3 weeks of watt training, around 300.

  • I’ve always been really self-conscious of my age (I’m 15, look like I’m about 10) and I’d really like to get into cycling but I’m worried I’ll be judged. What age did you start and should I wait a little longer? (I’m new to the channel so maybe I should know more but I’m only just starting)

  • Hello GCN… I’m looking to buy a new bike. I’m 110 kg. Kindly suggest which bike should I buy. A road bike, A mountain bike or A hybrid bike. I’m 6 feet tall. I will be riding on roads and slightly off-road occasionally.
    Kindly suggest a trek model if possible

  • #Askgcntraining Should I be eating or using gels etc., while doing 1 and 2 hour workouts, or should I being trying to train my body to push through without the nutrient boost? I ask because last week I hit the wall for the first time near the end of the 5th workout of that week as part of my current Zwift training plan. Maybe I am just tired. Thanks for the show even if you don’t answer!

  • How to choose a suitable deep section wheel combination? I am a 50 kg rider, and I often climb. I use Zipp as an example, should I go for 303, 404 or front 303 rear 404 combo?

  • #askgcntraining my Christmas present is going to be shoulder surgery. I am not going to let it get in the way of training. My question is will being in erg mode for a long period of time ruin my training? It’s my right arm so I won’t be able to change gears. My plan is to constantly vary watts and time ridden.

  • Yeah guys how to get into road cycling but how I watched almost 150 gcn videos dreaming Abt road cycling
    But I can’t afford a road bike in india

  • https://www.acumencarts.com/product/4-in-1-multifunction-bike-light/ What do you have to say about this product, any advise or recommendation?

  • 1st ride out in 25 years i did 65 miles, was great loved being back on the bike. Finished ride with my mate at his house, which was 30 seconds away from my house on other side of main road. Rode along path to get to main road and didn’t unclip in time and went down like a sack of spuds, scared the crap out of 2 old women cause i fell off.

  • #AskGCNTraining Hey, i started cycling a few months ago, i come from weightlifting so i had already some power in my legs, i made about 1200km per month, than i got a strange feeling in my knee and the doctor told me i got chondromalacia, whats your experience with knee injurys, can you ride roadbikes with an injury like that?

  • Thank you so much! I live in NYC and I’ve always admired cyclists, and have desired to cycle as well. Unfortunately, I have been too intimidated by these streets. Now that I’ve been running for a minute, I feel more compelled to branch into other areas, and I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with a couple of individuals that cycle here in the city and I am SO freaking excited to start on this journey! Now I just need to get myself a bike which is so hard to do/find these days.

  • Amateur rider here (I guess most of us are amateur) I prefer rim bake. I am not that fast that need amazing brake performance. Rim brake is easier to adjust.

  • #AskGCNTraining Maybe one for the quick-fire round:
    I made a £100 bet with my housemate that I would be able to do 20 hours of riding this week to make sure that I have no choice but to get it done.
    Do you have any other motivational tricks or mind games that you can share to help you hit targets?

  • Don’t not bring enough water. There will be days when it feels as if you must be powered by water. You won’t be able to pour it down your throat fast enough. A single water bottle is rarely enough.

  • Good list, except you don’t need gloves. Unless racing or it is below 40 degrees. They gave reasons like, to give grip and not get a blister. The compound of the hoods always give grip in any condition, and if you get a blister on your hands, go lift weights, don’t ride bikes.

  • Love your work Manon.

    I’m glad you are here to help with cycling in Wales.( and elsewhere Globally)

    Coffee and cake are available outside GB and Europe, did you know?
    We don’t hear from GCN contributors in other continents.

  • My personal pet hate is dark cycling tops. I also drive a car and on country roads/lanes a dark top against hedgerows is very difficult to see.

  • So….. Since you don’t need to wear underwear when wearing cycling shorts, is it common to find big shit stains in your trousers? Or do you make sure you cleaned your ass really good before riding?

  • I’m taking my big brother out for his first bike ride tonight. Thanks for this video, I’ll plan a fun stop and bring him back before he gets tired. I definitely needed these reminders!

  • One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a road helmet is to bring the glasses that you intend to use with you because some helmets won’t work with certain glasses or vice versa.

  • #AskGCNTraining I just picked up a smart trainer (kinetic smart road) and a wahoo cadence sensor and heart monitor connected to Zwift on my Apple TV. Try as I might I feel that the faster I pedal the slower I go in swift especially down hills. I could be cranking out 200-500 watts of power and in return SLOWING DOWN!!! I’ve made sure the equipment is up to date, firmware unpair, re pair and get no where fast. I also feel that my FTP isn’t accurate based on these numbers. Is my trainer at fault or am I?

  • i like this video it can help a lot of people who uses bicycle for thier leasure time or bike to work.. this can give some good guides to think about. next week i apply some tips i watched in this vid brother.

  • Have you edited this? Where is the sunscreen crotch shot I keep reading about in the comments? You don’t really think I watch this for the bikes ��

  • On my first ride, I went about 4 km, hit a very gentle climb, got out of breath and called my wife to pick me up. I stuck at it and accomplished the Rapha Festive 500 in Dec 2017. Then I bought some motorbikes and dropped out of cycling. After two years of no cycling I have to start all over again. I think I should be able to do the Rapha Festive 500 in 2021 again if I stick at it.

  • As much as I wanted a Decathlon gravel bike or the triban road bike 540, all these are out of stock now here in Philippines! The pandemic situation opted more people to purchase a bike to work, the reason supply is indeed low! Informative sharing as ever! Thank you.

  • Well I just bought a new gravel bike insted of my old MTB. The shop staff helped me to set my seat height, but I live on a hill and every time Ill come back from a ride I gotta go uphill and every time my back hurts so bad. Never had that issue before. Should I go to doctor or is it becouse of the bike?

  • any tips on cycling with a mask on? (I’m in the states so its mandatory anytime out of the house) and with my asthma, its made for quite a challenge.

  • Omg. Im laughing so hard because i once wore my helmet backwards and its so hard to pedal i feel like my head is so heavy and the wind is so strong. XD haha

  • Just transitioned to a road bike and the biggest learning curve was figuring out the shifters. Having come from a hybrid bike I found new shifters quite daunting. But I’m over it now and also I cycle 20km to my parents for a visit and on cycle paths and occasional roads. Yes most avid road cyclists are complete tools, basically the BMW drivers equivalent to cyclists

  • My old racing bike had a gear on the frame. I could find not one video on how you change gears on the new racing bikes. The way it has to be done is weird.

  • I have an ordinary bike! Not drop handlebars. Just thinking about cycling on the South Downs. I will probably need to change the tyres. Advice please.

  • Hi, I am looking forward to picking my first bike and I am really confused between cannondale quick 2, trek fx3, and trek dual sport 3. Can you please suggest which one I should go for and why? Thanks:)

  • I love how every ones advice is 10 or 15 miles to ride when starting out lol, it’s a short ride, nope no way could I ride that far starting out, be lucky to do a couple of km,s and I was done.

  • #askgcntraining  Hi guys, a month ago i was diagnosed with pericarditis, which is an infection of the heart basicly. To recover I need to take rest, altho my cardiologist said I could go for a gentle spin, as long as I could restrain myself. He adviced to take the misses with me in case I would go ride my bike 😉 Now I was wondering with the bad weather and all, if it would help to ride on zwift on a realy low intensity, like going in erg mode and set it to like 120W. Is that benificial to my fitness, or doesnt that help at all. it will be at least another 6 weeks before I can start building up my efforts again, and if it helps keeping some of my fitness in low intensity that would be awesome:D

  • 10 or 15 mles? There is no point in taking your bike out of the garage just for 15 miles! And that comes from aguy who got hookede 3 months ago!

  • Do you need clipless pedals when road cycling?
    I ride mtb, but wanna get into being a roadie too, but find clipless pedals hard to get out of, do you have any tips?

  • #askgcntraining Hi guys, on doctors orders im not allowed to realy excersise because of an infection of my heart muscle. Hoever i am allowed to go riding realy gentle as long as i hold myself back. Is it beneficial to go ride on zwift realy easy on erg mode to not go too hard, or might i just aswell sit it out for another 6 week (havent riden since 6 week already) and pick up training than. Thanks Martin.

  • I am not the first and definitely wont be that last to say that walking into a cycle shop is a very daunting proposition.
    I remember buying my first road bike years ago. I didn’t have much money so I saved my allowance and went in halfsies with my Dad. That bike got a lot of love for close to 20 years.

    Recently I have been looking for some components for my indoor trainer and coul not for the life of me get even friendly service. The old addage is true, some cycle shops are complete snobs. Unless they know you, already spent thousands of dollars thhere or just a common face you will be strained to get some service. This is VERY sad.
    How has something so practical and in many parts of the world an outright necessity, become so elitist?

    I hope the future cyclists just starting out aren’t exposed to this “nose in the air attitude” and your experince is welcoming and encourages you to go further in the beautiful sport that is cycling:)

  • These vids would be much better without the noise of the motor cycle. Would it be possible to use a tandem bike for the camera vehicle? Or maybe suppressing the noise with some nifty audio filtering. Or increasing the distance between the motor cycle and the microphone. It might be even possible to use a vehicle that produces noise that is easier to characterize, like an electric vehicle. That way it should be much easier to suppress the motor noise with a DSP-filter. Anyway, love your vids.

  • #torqueback Hi guys love the content, I have just had my entry in the Fred Whitton Challenge confirmed for next year, (Well done Ollie for finishing in less than 6 hours last year). I have ridden similar distances before but with only about half the climbing. I have an indoor trainer but not a smart trainer, what would be the best training to do for this challenge any other tips greatly appreciated. Thank you,

  • Hi GCN, so pleased Chris mentioned to check the brakes when hiring a bike abroad. I had a scary moment a few years ago when I rear wheel braked when descending Mont Ventoux. I never realised the front brake was on the left and rear on the right.

  • You say underwear is not essential, but I have bits Manon doesn’t and those bits can get squashed between the saddle and the downwards moving thigh! What do other fellas do?

  • Love cylcling videos just what I need to get it going the blood I love it. I always watch these before I go out and get my body moving. I always watch one of these, and then put up my heavy playlist like Delta Parole, Three Days Grace, System and then I just go haaaaard!!!! Tactic hasnt let me down yet.

  • Honestly, I’m just impressed by the filming. I want to see the how to on that. The camera in front maintained perfect distance.

  • Hey guys, I’m currently looking to upgrade my bike to either a Merida Scultura 5000 or Merida Reacto 5000 but I dont know which one is the bike for me, any advice also is there any other bikes that I can look at in this price point? #askgcn

  • #AskGCNTraining I have my first 100-mile Sportive next may on the Struggle Dales event which has A LOT of hills. What is the best way to train? Should I focus on Sprints and focus on HIIT workouts, or try to increase my torque and power?

  • One thing you’ve missed on braking which would be appreciated; how to shift your weight to A) not go over the handlebars if most of your braking comes from the front wheel, and B) compensate for any fishtailing.

  • “stand your bike 30cm from the curb”. But there are no curbs here! I see that WITH the curb you’re sitting on the bike. With no curb you’ll be starting from a standing position.

  • You can do that “high load” training outside, too. For 15 to 30 minutes, shift into a huge gear (53×15) or easier, and stay in the saddle (even up small hills)

  • That was an awesome video. Man u guys did an awesome job & the quality of the video is superb. Those bikes r so beautiful wow. Love the black one.

  • I moved to Cambridge recently and my colleagues forced me to get a bicycle. we have regular weekend ride and I found myself love it

  • Ive just started out and really loving it but ive been informed of the elitist snobbery that goes with it, things like have to wear glasses over helmet straps and take peak off helmet but wear a cap under your helmet if you want a peak and also even the direction of the quick release lever, if thats not in the right direction theres a danger you could look like a right idiot, kinda funny and pathetic with a hint of irony. Almost forgot wave to other cyclists on road bikes but not to people mountain bikes, were above them. ����

  • If one plans on keeping all of his/her fingers, please ignore the part about wasting money on fingerless gloves. After falling off a motorcycle while wearing gloves, seeing the palm leather scratches afterwards made me really glad my friend told me to buy gloves. Moral is there is NO such thing as smooth pavement regardless what street signs say, the first time a rider falls in fingerless gloves s/he is wishing for ICON 29er’s, FOX or any racing glove w good protection

  • I have a lot of experience cycling, but not on roadbikes. I’m currently restoring a vintage one with some new components, and maybe next week I’ll make my first ride. I’m a little bit concerned about it, it can feel so weird to cycle on different types of bikes, and when sitting on the one I’m working on, I’m really surprised at how low I have to lean forward.

  • Getting back into cycling on my 32yr old Trek. Need more motivation. Have a 29yr old Trek 2300 on the way too. Nice time to try 1×10

  • Went to Alaska last year and rented a bike it was fairly close to mine and costed about 15.00 for the day. It was a great way to increase the amount of stuff I could do and see without renting a second car.

  • If you’re going to cycle, then yes, clipless pedals for sure IMO. The next item is speedometer. I rode my first bike well over 15k miles and it showed speed, average speed and odometer. Not crucial but nice to know the basic data. Buying my next bike and getting more sophisticated one, but at the beginning something like the Cateye Strada is plenty.

  • I am 57, and have very limited time to train-3 to 4 hours a week max. I usually do hill repeats or a couple of 6 mile TT efforts to psh myself hard in my time slots. About every three weekends I get in a 26-30 mile ride at 70%. I can hold my own in sportiv rides, but I can’t seem to get my average speed to increase. What do I need to change in my training to up the average, and what should I cut back on to do so?

  • Learning to change/patch your tire is essential.. i’ve been in the punctured situation.. luckily it comes handy.. (summore a girl changing tire by herself by a road side looks so doped) ������

  • Right now I’m using a hybrid (cross between a mountain bike and a touring bike), But I’ve gotten excruciating upper backpain the last couple of months and have had to see the naprapath/physiotherapist. I’ve tried to adjust my bike as much as I can but I can’t adjust it more. I’m doing 3-4 sessions a week, about 3-3,5km/session… Do you think getting a roadbike can be a solution? Maybe I will be seated better and get my arms in a better position on a roadbike…I also want to become faster. Right now it feels I don’t get anywhere with my biking. I haven’t become faster in months. I love my bike but of what i’ve heard the hybrids are heavier than the roadbikes and needs more effort to get foreward? Or am I totally wrong? Someone more experienced who has any tips or Ideas? I REALLY want’t to keep getting better and faster because I REALLY enjoy this sport and I don’t want it to end because of backpain/getting tired of it cause I don’t improve.

  • Isn’t standing for climbs a little like cheating? For me, I need to improve my leg strength and fitness, so wouldn’t staying seated be better for that?

  • First ride EVER today. Was planning at least 10 miles. Only made it 3.5 miles until I gave in because my butt was hurting like heck. I had energy to go longer but i just couldn’t sit ��. Will push for more next time. But I’m loving riding my bike.

  • Can you add a subtitle cuz i can’t know all of your speak in english, maybe better you add subtitle in english so i can read the text and i can more know all of your tipss pleasee, thank you…

  • Made for people in the UK and Australia who drive/ride on the wrong side of the road and whose brake levers are reversed! You’re welcome��

  • Don’t do what I just did…haven’t ridden a bike in 7 years, have this crazy Idea of a long trip next summer…bought a bike yesterday, rode 7.5 miles…today? 11 this morning, 9.4 tonight. 20.4 miles my second day. Lets just say, with my saddle definitely not being right, and actually living in a pretty hilly city, I KNOW I’m gonna regret this tomorrow based on how tight I already am. ������

  • I am getting 0 C temps around here in the United States. My question is what is the recommend layers they are still affordable for the waist up? #askGCNtraining

  • If you cycle on the roads, having a good knowledge of the rules of the road and what each road sign or road markings means,Is a fantastic way of helping you to be a safe and confident cyclist.

  • I thought wider tires should require MORE effort and have MORE resistance. No? I don’t know what the heck I am talking about, though.

  • When you are new to cycling don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Even the grimacing Lycra clad racing snakes on their carbon spaceships are, deep down inside, enjoying themselves!
    The main thing is to just get out there, keep things modest and build things up slowly and don’t feel judged, everyone had to start out once.

  • doesnt matter expensive or inexpensive your bike are, it is all up to your ability(energy) to cycle the bike. its performance is depends on your energy. the lighter the bike does not promise to provide a better comfortability & performance. after all, bicycle is just a bicycle. what matter is our energy(health)

  • Yeah, aluminum frame with carbon fork & DIsc brake, I just bought my first entry-level road bike Trek ALR4 ahahahahah believe this is a good choice!

  • One thing I’ve found is that if you don’t like the contact lens experience then buying shades with a prescription-frame insert is a must your daily specs probably won’t keep bugs and grit out of your eyes.

  • I wish i have a bike, that’s my childhood dream to have one. When my friends are out for the ride, i am the only one that doesn’t belong there because i don’t have one.

  • Any recommendation? road bike with shimano 105 (disc) groupset and very clean internal cable routing (almost completely hiden cable).

  • “Going out without spares” Manon clearly does not understand the religious, transcendental side of road cycling lol. Many of us believe we can use our psychic powers to prevent punctures:):)
    If a puncture does happen, it simply means we did not pray hard enough, not that we have to take spares next time.
    Simples really…

  • #AskGCNTraining Hi GCN. I have started training with Zwift every alternate day for the GF training plan. I have a weekly therapeutic massage. My masseuse noticed that my left leg muscles are tighter than the right because I was pushing harder on the left. Is there any training to make the right leg to “catch-up”?

  • LIked a lot what you’ve done with BTwin. Showing that entry level cyclists and their pockets are wellcome to the sport too! Way to go lads!

  • I really don’t understand why do people go road cycling, you have to be one behind another, on a public roads filled with traffic, on a bike that is not comfy and you are positioned in such back killing position on the bike, mountain biking is so much better, you have fun, you go down these trails, you jump, bike is comfy, no traffic so so so much better wtff

  • My missus wants to know where you boys have been to have your beautiful eyebrows shaped? She says they look nothing short of plucktastic ������

  • IF you already own a MTB, just put road tyres on it and have a go. I did exactly that and I’m not going back to knobbly tyres, ever. Doing 50 km on road tyres feels like 20 km on knobbly tyres to me. Sure, road tyres are crap in mud and on gravel, but I’m willing to sacrifice that for the on road performance.

  • And those people, can get you right to the very top of this activity/sport! btw ill add one don’t make it more difficult/confusing than it needs to be…

  • How about a video about cycling with your kids, not the beginnings with balance bikes etc, but when your kids are old enough to go out with mum or dad on the road, equipment/clothing available, and what to do next, if they want to start competing etc?

  • I have got more and more into cycling in the last year or so…and your list is pretty much bang on the same as what I’ve got in that time.

  • Don’t forget to wear gloves. If you fall without one, the palm of your hands could lose some skins. Also learn how to seat properly on a saddle, sitting on your bikes isn’t like sitting on your couch. Be mindful of your weight distribution, a saddle isn’t a seat.

  • going on my first proper bike a tifosi and was surprised as my stepdad bought it for me.ive always wanted a proper bike and am of on it tommorow for my first proper bike ride

  • #torqueback I am 42 years old and my ftp is 229W(76kg). Is it possible to reach 300W after a few years maybe? I started 6 months ago and ride +-500km/month.

  • you dont need gloves unless you are racing. you dont really need arm and leg warmers. instead get a good winter jacket and leg tights!

  • If you’re going to get into cycling, buy it right the first time, so you don’t upgrade within a year. Something that I see happen all the time.

    Plan on spending minimum $1k(USD) or a MTB with full suspension which will run you between $1,500-$2k. Trust me, you won’t regret it.