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William Bonac Bio and Competition History William Bonac is one of the most successful African bodybuilders in the history of the sport. He is the pride of an entire continent. Even though he was born in Ghana in 1982, William Bonac later relocated to Australia and began his bodybuilding career there. IFBB Pro bodybuilder William Bonac profile which includes stats, early life, competition and career details, training regime, diet and nutrition and more. Sunday, August 16, 2020 Home.

William Bonac is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Ghana. He’s worked extremely hard to build the physique he has today. He prides himself on his confident, down to earth attitude. This mental approach has taken him all the way to the Mr. Olympia stage.

He’s admired for his large legs and arms, as well as his dedication to proper nutrition being compared frequently to the. William Bonac is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from Ghana. He’s worked extremely hard to build the physique he has today. He prides himself on his confident, down to earth attitude.

This mental approach has taken him all the way to the Mr Olympia stage. Bonac, who first made a name for himself in bodybuilding when he finished third in the heavyweight division at the 2011 Arnold Amateur, dominated all three rounds of judging in cruising to his first major professional victory. It was the sixth career win for Bonac, who recently finished a strong fourth at the 2018 Mr. Olympia.

William Bonac (* 18. Mai 1982 in Ghana) ist ein ghanaisch-niederländischer professioneller Bodybuilder. Werdegang. Bonac ist in Ghana geboren und verbrachte seine Kindheit dort.

Später zog er nach Australien, wo seine Bodybuildingkarriere begann. Im Alter von 13 Jahren fing er an zu trainieren, um Stress abzubauen. William Bonac (* 18. Mai 1982 in Ghana) ist ein ghanaisch-niederländischer professioneller Bodybuilder. Werdegang.

Bonac ist in Ghana geboren und verbrachte seine Kindheit dort. Später zog er nach Australien, wo seine Bodybuildingkarriere begann. Im Alter von 13 Jahren fing er an zu trainieren, um Stress abzubauen. The 2016 Mr.

Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition that was held on September 16–17, 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the 52nd Mr. Olympia competition celebrated. Other events at the exhibition included the 212 Olympia Showdown, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Bikini Olympia, Women’s Physique Showdown, Classic Physique Olympia, and Men’s Physique.

Shannon Henry is a personal trainer, fitness model and bikini athlete. She embarked on her fitness journey after graduating from college with a Business degree. Since then, she’s earned her personal training certifications and even experienced success as a competitive athlete. But she hadn’t actually lifted any weights before enrolling at the University of Denver. William Tell is a biennial aerial gunnery competition with fighter aircraft held by the United States Air Force in every even-numbered year.

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For his work with Bayer he won the ISMS-MSI Practice Prize Competition in 2010.

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His record of success at Olympia began in 536 B.C., when he won in the boys’ category, and it continued for the next five Olympiads.

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He lost the title when Ruslan Ponomariov won the FIDE knockout tournament in 2002.He tied for second with Peter Svidler in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2005 with 8.5 points out of 14 games, 1.5 points following the winner, Veselin Topalov.

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  • The side chest really show it all. William’s chest is cross striated, crazy arm peaking out to the max, hamstring legs glutes everything is popping out, way more impressive than Brandon. He only has worse structure due to genetics but who came in more conditioned, who prepped better definitely William, and he should have won.

  • Brandon smoked him �� shape conditioning and stage presence�� William is bigger with crazy glutes and sick muscularity but the symmetry and conditioning was why off����‍♂️

  • Sharing love from South Africa, Ghana is proud even though you left but your placenta is in Ghana so keep putting Africa on the Map, Even Big Army, Sibusiso kotelo is Next.

  • Bonac has such a terrible bone structure. Short, wide blocky torso coupled with narrow shoulder. He was not built to be a big champion.

  • Lol Ramy’s face said it all. He was disappointed but I am happy that the judges don’t just reward someone that tries to rely on being the biggest. It is impressive when he stands alone, but guys like Bonac or Priest will exploit the weaknesses in someone’s physique like him with that 3D look. That is what bodybuilding is and if you think drugs will work around guys that have consistency, love for the sport, and genetics you will learn the hard way.

  • Ramy robbed this time
    Bonac left legs me fault
    Dexter ka last Arnold classic tha
    Isi liye second aaya what lol judges decision ha ha ha ha ha kya ho raha hai
    Bodybuilding me Ha ha ha ha
    Aur Ummid karta hu Aviral bro aap
    Bhi conditioning ko samne rakh kar
    Na banaye winner last MrO 2019 me
    Brandon curry ki conditioning nahi dekhe
    The judges ne fame ko dekhe the
    What fucking judge’s decision

  • https://youtu.be/WmwkM1OQasY

    Vai plz make a video on this… Chad nicols ka new intervew me.. un ho ne kiya kiya khaha.. big ramy ko lekar..ku big ramy hare.. kiya hua tha. Sab kaha unho ne.. plz ispe ak achi video banado vai…������

  • Afsos ki ARNOLD CLASSIC m b ab chutiyapanti hone lagi.. bonac kahi s kahi b aas pas ni hn agr 1-2 poses ko chod den.. defenatli BIG RAMY hi winner.. hn��������

  • Bonac smart.. dont fuck your body up if you know it will happen.. alot of ppl pay a price they new they were comin an hoped it wouldnt..when your a pro and top 3 best in the world..you dont make that mistake

  • dude you know nothing about posing, totally wrong judgement maybe because you don’t belong to this sport. Only make other informative videos which you’re good at. But this just looks like you’re spreading false knowledge which is wrong.

  • Ye bahot acchi bat he ki aap bahar ke desh ke bodybuilder ki videos or wha ho rhe compilation ki jankari dete he, Jo jaruri bhi he. But me chahati hu,aap ek or chenal banaye jisme sirf India me ho rahe sabhi chhote bade compilation ki jankar or awareness ho,

  • Big Rammy ke jada fans hai and he is nice body builder but he is mass monster.
    Lekin mere hisab se william bonac bahut sahi hai.
    Nice body,shape & symmetry bahut kum logo me aisa dekhne ko milta hai.

  • Big Ramy just need to downsize his legs man his legs looks great but just a bit downsize and his body will look completely fluidic

  • Nice work, keep making great content. Did you ever check followsm(.)com?! It’s a great way to promo your videos, social media etc!!!

  • Jerusalema Dance video by Archimedes Dancers �������� https://youtu.be/hd-jM1-FS-M just watch the perfect dance video for this song ������ ������ https://youtu.be/hd-jM1-FS-M….. this was performed at William Bonac fitness temple… Daban Kumasi…..

  • Where is your Spiritual Muscle my brother. On the day of Judgement none of what you are doing now will matter. Only the muscle composition of your soul or in other words did you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior will be all that matters. How can you truly live without know the giver of life. In Jesus name may your eyes be open soon..⏰

  • It has all been paying off for him. I remember his first Olympia in 2014 the crowd loved him and you could tell he was going to make a big splash. It didn’t take long at all and he certainly has been one of the top tier premier guys in the sport. ALWAYS a threat to win ANY show hes in. He is very motivating, too.

    Also, they will have start including him more in the best arms of all time videos. Those things are insane looking.

  • Meanwhile in so many places no a single food….but here not just plenty..maybe over food and for what??..just to look bigger…nothing useful apart from bussines perspective

  • Bhai men physique ke bare me batao kya hota h
    Kis base per winners select hote h
    India or world level per konse stages ya shows h compete kerne k liye
    In short all about men physique

  • Bhai Dexter ka last Arnold posing k ware m kuch bolo…ho sake to alag sa video banao… Dexter thoda emotional v ho gaya tha stage p

  • I thin k bonac copies Kai. You see the similarity in the both kai’s and bonac’s front double bicep… They both flex their arms only 90°

  • Ele está sempre em segundo e terceiro lugar uma hora ele ganha,. mais o Caio Green com esse shapinho aí não ganha nuca do Phil rich nunca imagina do William ����

  • i feel like bonac doesn’t get the credit he deserves.. this guys has been right up there even winning the last 5 years and people still talk more about big ramy and so on.. Bonac is great!! top vid, thank you

  • Boy, Bonac carries a lot of muscle. His structure sucks, but like Heath his muscles are so developed, round and conditioned that I’m surprised he didn’t win here even though personally I favour Brandon’s type of physique.

  • WB… Reminds me of Lee Priest. This guy is consistent when he hits the stage. I suggest Ramy take notes. If Ramy would pay more attention to conditioning than size, he would probably be unbeatable in my opinion.

  • This could go either way that’s how close it was in my opinion, I had it 4-4 with poses Brandon in favor-Front and Rear Lat Spread, Most Muscular, and Abs n Thighs was a toss up but slight nod to Brandon. I had Bianca winning, Front and Rear double bicep, Side Tricep and Side Chest

  • 0:22 Look William vs Ramy. This is why Bonac won, crazy muscle bellies and crazy conditioning. Ramy failed his conditioning again. Bonac real champ.

  • Cada dia perco meu interesse no fisiculturismo de ver atletas como bonac com glúteos enormes com físicos feios para min o mister olimpia já era

  • Happy for you bonac and great thing is you got rid of that leech Neil hill so you can enjoy all the prize money for you and your family

  • It’s really awesome news��. I thought Kai Greene is best ��️
    What do you think friends?
    And I also started my ��fitness motivation channel.�� Go and check it out ��

  • I used to think Brandon looks more better but look at Bonac..man those striations, his skin looks more shiny,.he is too sharp and has maximum amount of muscle packed on him. In the lower Bonac undoubtedly crushes Brandon, now I doubt Brandon winning 2019 MR.O, it depends on what judges wants…lets see..

  • Controversial opinion. Rami came in great, his physique just isnt as amazing as we thought it was. I see certain aspects of his physique never changing despite how lean he gets. Like his midsection kinda stands out in today’s lineups even tho modern guys arent exactly famous for their midsections. It appears to be double the width of everyone else’s waists, his shoulders are proportionately wider dont get me wrong, but his high lat inserts just leave him kinda empty between the arms and midsection depsite all that mass. Bonac’s lats are popping out from below his elbows just standing there

  • LOL….. Phil Heath would make this dude look like 10th place… Please. Ain’t nobody can stand by Phil if he brings in his notorious 3D BOOM!!!
    Bonac trippiN

  • Le dopage est la seule norme et on voit les résultats après comme les décès et autres comme Ronnie Coleman ce qu’ils sont devenus il n’y a rien de naturel a tout cela

  • IMO Bonac has a better crab m.m. than Phil. He can’t change his abs but maybe he can widen the lats to give a better V taper ��. Also his legs really shrunk between 2017 and 2019. Fix those issues and you’ll definitely be in the fight for the top spot.

  • Take action daily and stop asking how LONG it will take and instead ask how FAR can I go. And remember, sometimes you win & sometimes you LEARN.

  • I’m so pleased with Bonac’s body, Ramy is so overrated. Ramy belongs to WWE with a 5’9″ frame. Bonac will be the next Mr Olympia, and yes I’ve been saying this in all youtbe channels for d last 4 months

  • Bhai tu comparison ramy or bonac ka hi kr leta…jackson ko kyu include kra…back lat spread pose mein…jackson ke lats mein jyada dept hai…ek baar wps dekhna…

  • Cury lost.. Bonac won.

    Cury has a better chest… that’s it.

    Bonac legs alone closed the door on Brandon. Bonac is far better detailed, far more balance, amd only lacks in size in the chest and shoulders slightly. Bonac arms are bigger and more detailed, same in the legs and back

    So why did Brandon Cury win?? BULLSHIT POLOTICS.


  • You looked amazing yesterday at the 2020 Arnold its was obvious the whole show you had the best conditioning I’m definitely a new fan congratulations

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  • bus conditioning bigg rammy leke aye na kasum se koi unke aas pass nhi nahi rhega q ki kuch kami hai hi nai size mai na unke aas pass aa sakta hai bakki puri body part mai koi kami nai har tarah se cpmlite hai bus cuts or aachi conditioning phir big rammy aarm se jeet jayenge jaise aapne bola thoda waite kum krle ye sahi bat boli kabhi moka mile aapko personly jake bolo unko couch badlnese kuch nahi hoga khud badlo

  • Make a video on charls glass and Indian bodybuilder Suhas khamkar, vipin Peter, Manish advilkar, sri niwasan, Manoj Patil, sidhant jaiswal,sergi Olivia, Bobby Singh, Robin Robinson, sergi nubert.

  • look at how cut bonac is, the flow of his body suggest the best of training and conditioning. curry is huge, but that’s something he lacks.

  • Bonac got kinda robbed again at the Olympia lol. Even though it was supper close, he was the most complete, plus he won many poses. That guy just can’t catch a break lol. We also most likely have superstars returning to the stage next year. Keep ya head up William lmao.

  • A big joke the small Mr oil wins the Arnold classics hahahahahaha. The key is the oil in his body or what. The left leg from ramy ist bigger than the small oil bonac.
    Fuck the judges puuuuuuu

  • We need a new panel of judges to make Mr Olympia 2020 the best show eva. The bias & lack of transparency must stop if the sports to survive never mind grow. Its a great time to start a fresh. A cull on society (COVID19 economic +bodies)! So lets have some proper judging garn on. Steve Weinburg needs a mention. How long has he had that title? off with his head. Great video 110%

  • without a doubt brandon won this show. His conditioning was clearly better from the back, and his symmetry was better from the front. his chest is much more massive. also he had a grainy hard look to his muscle.