Why You Need To Set Crazy Goals for 2020


GOAL SETTING (why you SHOULD set goals in 2020! ⭐)

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You should set 3 goals for 2020, and to achieve them, try to limit your daily objectives to 1-5 items as well. This is why: Doing less accomplishes more. BAD: Setting Unrealistic Goals. GOOD: Setting Goals that Stretch You. Some motivational experts recommend the aim-for-the-stars-hit-the-moon approach, meaning if you set goals that are way beyond your reach, even if you fail, you’ll still go further than if you set a goal.

25 New Year’s Goal Ideas. Now that you know why setting goals at the beginning of the year is so important, here are some starter ideas on goals you can try to set and accomplish this new year to better yourself and achieve success. 1. Maintain a regular fitness regimen. A new year is the perfect time to plan out all of your dreams and aspirations to accomplish by the end of the year.

You should set goals for every area in your life; career, health, family, financial, etc. The difference between a goal and a wish, is your commitment. How committed have you been to the goals you set for yourself in January?You need a plan, you need to make milestones and you absolutely need to set a deadline.

By taking these extra steps, you’re guaranteed to set yourself up for success. Use a Planner to Set Your Goals. That’s why I created this 7-page workbook to help you start thinking ahead and planning your personal and business goals for 2020.

It’s. With new year behind the corner we have decided to explore what are the essential skills in 2020 and what SMART goals you should set, in order to develop or improve these skills. Top 10 skills for 2020. The job market is constantly changing. Based on our research, these are the fundamental skills for 2020 to develop or improve to excel in your.

If it isn’t on your list of goals to set for this year, it totally should be! Final Thoughts. Goal-setting can be super overwhelming for some people. Setting the right goals is half the battle!

There’s still plenty of time to reach your goals and make 2020 an amazing here. The idea that you should not set goals runs counter to what we’ve been taught. Numerous research studies over the years have established a strong link between goal-setting and success, motivation and confidence.. For most people, setting goals can make the difference between mediocre and high performance. But not for everyone and not all the time.

12 Powerful Habits of a Lifelong Learner. 30 Goals You Should Set For Yourself Before Turning Into 30s. 8 Things Super-Achievers Routinely Do To Be Insanely Productive.

Results Speak: Doing These 5 Painful Things Will Pay Off Forever. 10 Thoughts Preventing You. If you set your goals for 2020 properly, you have more chances to succeed along the year.

Don’t you know how to do that? Don’t you know how to do that? Stick with us and we will help you with this article about setting goals for 2020.

List of related literature:

There really are no unrealistic goals — ever.

“Success Habits For Dummies” by Dirk Zeller
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You mean those goals I have to set for my evaluation every year?

“The Art of Coaching Teams: Building Resilient Communities that Transform Schools” by Elena Aguilar
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Those aren’t goals; they’re wishes.

“Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter” by Hal Urban
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These are not unrealistic goals.

“Strategy: Process, Content, Context: an International Perspective” by Bob de Wit, Ron Meyer
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For me, I guess, my personal goal for 1976, which I did not share with anyone, was to create my own dream.

“Letters to a Young Gymnast” by Nadia Comaneci
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Seven Reasons People Don’t Set Goals 1.

“From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership” by Kevin Eikenberry, Guy Harris
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In fact, there are no unrealistic goals; there are merely unrealistic deadlines.

“Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” by Brian Tracy
from Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
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Most people think of goal setting as having a New Year’s resolution.

“Encyclopedia of American Business” by W. Davis Folsom, Rick Boulware
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Goals that are too easily reached are just as useless and unrealistic as goals that are too far beyond our reach.

“10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management” by Hyrum W. Smith
from 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management
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Unrealistic goals cause me stress and anxiety.

“Zen Your Work: Create Your Ideal Work Experience Through Mindful Self-Mastery” by Karlyn Borysenko
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  • Cooooooooooooool
    Creativ ist es auch noch weiterhin nicht behindern können Sie sich kreuz und Herren mit freundlichen Händen und Herren und er in der Nähe des Eidsgebet zu kenne

  • Your channel is really good
    keep it up I will help you by giving you likes on your vids a subscribing
    keep uploading great job

  • Ria, I feel very nice energy from you. In my opinion, you are very nice, clever and sincere, to others as well as to yourself, woman. I wish you all the Best in 2020 and the dreams and desires you are thinking about have been fullfilled. Many salutes from the Czech Republic, Petra��

  • i kind of have this automatism where i try to guess people’s mbti type (i love mbti a lil too much)
    when you said you were perfectionistic, a people’s pleaser, that your personality adapts to people and that you needed to socialize more, i thought “she has to be an infj”
    i curiously read the description box and i saw you were an infj-t!! that’s so cool! i’m an infj too and i relate to a lot of the things you said, we are so similar! just wanted to share this haha:)
    (btw i read this comment twice before actually posting it because, you know. perfectionism. i’ll probably read it again after posting it.)

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  • Subscribed so you can reach your 100k subscribers goal, I like how you speak, I understood quite a lot of what you said and I hope you achieve most of your goals. Keep making good content and don’t get too stressed about it. Greets from Colombia!

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “set my goals” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Conoah Goalify Gotchie (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

  • bro, me parece que te falto el gol de Victor Ayala a Banfield. Un golazo la verdad, maxi velazquez le dijo tira el centro porque mira que quedamos mal parados atras y no nos salva nadie. El paragua niiii le hizo caso, un locon

  • A goal number 13 is TRUUUEEE!!!! I KNOW
    I dunno how people get their ideas to do something creative
    I dont have a fantasy at all, it scares me sometimes, and i think i need to work on it very hard this year))

  • 1. overcome my perfectionism ��
    2. get into university ��
    3. socialise more and make new friends ��
    4. get the splits ����‍♂️
    5. try more vegan meals (cook more!) ��
    6. reach lvl 4 on TTMIK ����
    7. do yoga more ����‍♀️
    8. stop being a people-pleaser ����‍♀️
    9. go to 5 dance classes ����
    10. pay off computer credit ��
    11. take/book the DELE exam ��
    12. start drawing again ✏️
    13. work on creativity ��
    14. reach 100k on YouTube ��
    15. move to London
    16. read 12 books ��
    17. start writing ✍��
    18. make 12 videos that I’m proud of ��
    19. go out of my comfort zone as much as possible ����
    20. plan a trip ��

  • You won’t see Ronaldo much in this video, credit completely goes to lord Higuain and lord Benzema

    Absolutely legendary finishers ����

  • So so happy to see Cazorla playing… I teared up when I saw him score. After all he endured, seeing him play gives me immense joy

  • I don’t know what my górale are yet. There will be so many changes in my life in 2020. I’m having a baby in April, we are moving to a new city. My hubby’s company is getting a New contact and he is buying a new company car.

  • Messi the only player that has carried a whole on his team On his since his debut.. the only player that attracts more fans and players than the actual club itself… the reason why Barcelona is on the map

  • I can relate to the thing you said about people pleasing and my personality changes slightly too with different people. I think it’s an INFJ thing!

  • Dear Ria, I bought the goal setting for 2019 and I reached 3/4 of my goals by July �� sure I bought the new one, too. Thank you and merry Christmas ☺️

  • Finally! A football highlights video without too much awful Electronic music
    I do Love me some heavy riffs!

    Oh, and the goals are fantastic too!

  • Wow, this actually helps me alot. Thank you girl, more power to you, as well as more blessings and I hope you’ll fulfill and achieve all of your goals ������

  • my new resolutions for this year.

    — speak spanish fluenty
    — to draw better than i do
    — animate smoothly
    — master at singing/riffing
    — be pretty
    —self love
    — live in an aesthetic environment
    —to be homeschooled

  • i relate so much to the people pleasing thing but at the same time I think its kind of normal to be a slightly different person around different people? I find it hard though to then identify which alteration of my personalty is actually me? tough one

  • Hey this is a serious question. You had this coutinho video I used to watch everyday it his best skills from 14-15 and below I think and that video means the world to me and I’ve been trying to find it for ages now can you possibly send it to me via email?

  • Love your goals, can’t wait to see how you do over the year! And don’t worry you’ll get into university ❤️ i made a 2020 goals video too, I’m going to take some of your tips and apply them!

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  • Omg I love all your goals. Especially goal 2 and 8. I feel like I am also a people-pleaser which I don’t mean to be. I really wanna to change it. I hate how I am not being myself and I am not a talkative person. ��
    My 2020 goals
    1.stop being a people-pleaser
    2.more confident
    3.improve my poor English
    4.get some new friends cause I just move to Australia
    5.keep posting my draws on Instagram
    6.get 1000 followers on my drawing account

  • I did a video recently called How to Set Goals that Will Change Your Life. There is nothing better than to set goals and 2020 could be your best year yet if you do it right. It’s a science. Your approach is on the right track.

  • My 2 0 2 0 resolution:
    -sleep early/wake up early
    -drink a lot of water
    -focus on studies
    -start kpop journaling
    -saving money to buy kpop merch, stationery, etc.
    get clear skin
    be better at dancing
    grow my Instagram account ( @jungkooaaah & @kpoptized)
    glow up
    be able to talk more Korean

  • instead of crazy goals I see only amateur defenses, the defenses of the Serie B in Italy are much more prepared than these immobile puppets.

  • Why tf does everyone feel the need to put some god awful song in these videos. You have match audio and commentary to work with, literally no one cares about your taste in music, or lack there of, all we care about is the soccer. Know this.

  • My 2020 goals are:
    Read for at least 30m a day
    Practice French grammar for at least 30m a day
    Exercise (actually go to the gym) at least 2x a week
    I really relate to everything you said about people pleasing, maybe I should make that one of my goals too!

  • For everyone who is reading this I’m praying that you succeed and achieve your goals ��. My goal is to hit 10k subscribers. I LOVE YOU GUYS.Thanks a lot����

  • 2:27 focus on the teammate making the run to the near post and almost giving up on the attack by thinking the shot was going to Venus and then, suddenly start celebrating (what a knuckle, so pleasing to watch, btw)

  • Hey, hi! We are just starting the third season of the year and you have already reached the 100k! Congratulations and I hope your year is going great!


  • Teenaged kiddo are vocceth dumb stoopeth! Easy to brainswashed& addicted to toys iphones, the chip generation kiddo, bye bye your freedom! It your future dumb kiddos?

  • Good luck with your goals, you look unreal! Mine is to grow my channel as much as possible and I hope you succeed in this too. I’ve subbed and liked. Keep going����‍♂️Xx


    * get a boyfriend
    * become tiktok famous
    * redo bedroom
    * go out more and get experiences
    * find a drug dealer lmao
    * do a tatoo on myself
    * get my bac
    * heal injuries
    * find out what I want to do in future
    * get my drivers
    * get a job
    * be fluent in Spanish

  • Hi
    I want to share whit with you a new confinement football challengs
    Please help me to share it whit all the world https://youtu.be/QgXHk-XZszQ

  • Gonna play my Juventino card here.
    The best is Higuaín + Dybala 5:58
    Where the hell is Douglas Costa vs Lokomotiv 92min winner??
    Where the hell is CR7 header?

  • I was just writing a SMART goals post yesterday for my page and here l saw your video.. So positive.. Thank you ��.. Happy new year 2020

  • Who knows? How to download football highlights without watermark? I mean without name of TV and scoreboard to avoid copyright issues

  • De Bryne is pure world class
    And the Wolves narrator makes me love Wolverhampton even more. So much passion, how can you not root for Wolves. Spectacular upcoming TEAM.

  • How is Pulisic’s assist vs Liverpool absent? He dribbled through 4 players, megged Gomez, then played an inch perfect ball on a dime.

  • Buenas tardes. Soy de un pueblo chino de misiones. Apelo al gran corazón de mesi q el pueda leer este sms y pueda y espero de corazón puedan entrar en contacto. Para e explique del porque necesito hacer ver y saber la situación. Que con la ayuda de Dios y la Virgen llegaro mi grito de SOS

  • I was trying to figure out what my goals are going to be this year (what I want to accomplish) and since I accomplished 3/6 of my 2019 goals I got really motivated. I couldn’t really come up with anything and then I realized I have a whole ass bucket list that I could look at and start getting ideas from ��

  • How legendary the goals are from so many European football leagues’ players!! Check out our Chinese football league (CSL)’s video including similar powershots from Hulk, Zahavi, and the players you haven’t heard of! https://youtu.be/MJm60RRYaY8

  • Great Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried Peytonivon Abs Takeover (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off product for mastering life with this simple goal setting technique minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend Sam at very last got amazing success with it.

  • Shame for the video, why did you turn this into a music video with football related action scenes?
    This is not focussing on the game, sorry mate

  • Can you do the replay of these goals like PERFECT ANGLES so you can see the way it moves I love that
    If you like that to please like

  • Este man seguro es del madrid o de la juventus por q metio una asistencia de mierda de lewan a coutinho un pase normal, no le veo nada de especial, y la de Davids es la única asistencia que es diferente a las demás por que es la única q se melea a todos y por que da un pase es una superasistencia, Dislike

  • English commentators: AND MESSI SCORES!

  • Not on topic, but I remember coming across your channel a couple of years ago because of your health videos. You look just as pretty now as you did back then. I think anyone can look at you and tell you have taken and take good care of yourself. You have a beautiful complexion and your eyes and your smile are gorgeous. You clearly practice what you preach.

  • i really want a youtube channel already have a food concessions business but need to have a second source of income. do you think i can talk about my concessions business, sports, or just cooking in general? i like to talk but i am looking for a reason to talk. kinda unsure how when were & how…

  • La verdad si, las asistencias son muy importantes, sin ellas no habría esa magia llamada gol, felicitaciones por la recopilación, saludos desde México…

  • I just found your channel and we are so alike! We’re both vegan, we both are learning Spanish and Korean, and we have similar creative hobbies!

  • My goals
    1. become fluent in korean I’ve already been learning for 7 months.
    2.overcome social anxiety and learn how to have a normal conversation with a human bean.
    3.get good grades on gcse like 7,8,9and agrade 4 in maths.
    4.To find good friends who have similar goals to me and morals.
    5.learn more things about the world read more books become a smarter person.
    6.be the best person I can be and stay true to my character.
    7.not lie about my bisexuality to my friends.i know they will act werid towards me but then they obviously weren’t my friends in thr first place and there are amazing people who do accept me.
    8.exercise to keep my body physically fit and also keep to keto diet to keep my mind healthy and lose weight and get to a size 6 or size 4.
    My mind keep telling me to write two more to make it yen but I’m gonna resist the urge because I have no other goals��❤️❤️❤️��

  • 우연히 보고있었는데 한국어를 공부하고 싶다고 해서 깜짝 놀랐어요! 제 댓글을 읽으실지는 모르겠지만 벌써 2020년의 반이 지났는데 얼마나 목표를 이루셨는지 궁굼하네요! 다른 영상들도 찾아봐야겠어요 ㅎㅎ 혹시 한국어를 시작하게 된 계기가 BTS 때문인가요? ㅎㅎ

  • ⭐ MAKE 2020 AMAZING! Life Goals Workbook can be downloaded from Gumroad here:


    If you have any issues with the transaction, you can email me: ria [at] thewholehappylife [dot] com.

    Thank you for your support! I hope this workbook helps you achieve your goals and dreams in 2020! ❤️❤️

  • I love how open you are about not being so creative!! Not a lot of people can admit they “don’t get ideas” I live with 3 others who make music, make art, etc. and I always feel bad about how I can’t make anything! Working on creativity is definitely a goal of mine too!

  • Christmas was yesterday and in 24 hours it faded away just like the wind,only memories you will keep either in mind or in heart some good,some bad but hey that’s life.

    In exactly 5 days New Years will be upon us and that means for many is an opportunity to start over with a list of New Years resolutions,many are wanting to quit bad habits like smoking,drinking and some would like to lose weight,work harder,many would want to alter their appearance,many would like to be better and loving individuals and many would like to be better loving,serving and giving christians but in the end it’s not about writing a New Years resolution list because a list will not make us change or be better at anything.

    What will make us change and to try to be better person is putting our good intentions and words into full blown action.

    A new years resolution list with no action is as good as bathroom tissue.

    So with the New Year around the corner lets put our intentions and words into action.
    Happy New Year.JMS��❤����

  • Noone:



  • love ur goal number 14 reach 100k subscribers. i just subbed to u and will support!.. my goal for 2020 is 100 subs! im gettin there!

  • I completely agree with setting goals a bit outside your comfort zone. I’m setting mine soon and SO excited for 2020! Great tips, Ria!:)

  • I’ve got my journal all printed out and I’ll be purchasing a three ring binder tomorrow. I’m very much looking forward to working on myself, goals I’ve not yet accomplished and a better decade ahead! Thank you for all your work developing this and sharing it with all of us!

  • I really think that setting goals are very important for any person who wants to save on money. Thank you Ria have a great holiday and see your next video this year or next year.

  • My goal is to recover from my mental health issues and beat my eating disorder to get healthy and hopefully happy! Also 1000 subs on YouTube would be nice

  • If Jordan Flores of Dundalk doesn’t win the Puskas award and they give it to some high profile player instead, I’m protesting the entire bullshit awards season

  • You have really inspired me…. this year I am surely going to set my goals. I would also want to buy your pdf file. Feeling really motivated…. thank you

  • thanks RIA! ❣ I’m actually just writing my plan for 2020!!! I’m going to film my process for my channel too because I agree, writing your goals is so powerful!!❣❣

  • Goal Setting is one of the most important things you can and should do in your life! It’s the to do list for your life that will help you live a happier life. I do goal setting every few months. Annual goal setting is great, but as Ria said life throws at you different things and you need to make sure you are on point with your goals.

  • I am following the Ebook I bought from you last year. And I am doing so because even though, I didn’t check my goals for 2019 after July, it turns out I stick to them out of habit (how cool is that?). Thanks for all the motivation!!!