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Volleyball Player REACTS to HAIKYUU Anime!

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It’s an added benefit to turn what you love into a career, but volleyball has given me so much more than just a way to support myself. To travel, eat, live and experience other cultures from a local’s vantage point has changed my life. The new friendships and unforgettable experiences have made me who I am today.

I absolutely love what I do. It’s an added benefit to turn what you love into a career, but volleyball has given me so much more than just a way to support myself. To travel, eat, live and experience other cultures from a local’s vantage point has changed my life.

The new friendships and unforgettable experiences have made me who I am today. I absolutely love what I do. Volleyball is so much more than this. You learn teamwork from volleyball. You create family-like bonds and struggle together.

Through all the hardships and the love for the game, the team becomes a family. Playing 45 minutes of volleyball can burn up to 585 calories. Volleyball also improves muscle strength and tone.

The activities required when playing volleyball strengthen the upper body, arms, shoulders, thighs, abdominals, and lower legs. In addition, volleyball improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance. The female volleyball players have their own advantages in their own way just by being female. Females, are more often than not, more flexible than a male would be, enabling them to reach their arms out further for a potential “bump” or “pass”. Volleyball, game played by two teams, usually of six players on a side, in which the players use their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net, trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned.

Learn more about the rules and history of volleyball. Indoor volleyball is a game of power and the heavier balls move quicker and can be hit harder. Beach volleyballs are softer, lighter and a bit bigger than indoor balls. The lighter weight allows them to float more in the air, allowing good players to use the weather to their advantage.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organized rules. It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since Tokyo 1964..

The complete set of rules is extensive, but play essentially proceeds as follows: a player on one of the teams begins a. 1. What is a volleyball. A volleyball is a piece of volleyball equipment together with shoes, volleyball knee pads etc. Volleyball is designed specifically for use on the various floors the game takes place on. There are definite differences between a ball designed for court floor and for beach play.

More Than A Game – Inspiring Sports Motivational Speech – Champions understand when they step out on the field, they step out to win, they step out to give their ALL, they understand it is more than a game. Speech & Music by Fearless Motivation. Fear Less.

Dominate More.

List of related literature:

Because of the many challenging aspects of volleyball, including the coordination and timing kids need to hit the ball back and forth to each other during a game, youth leagues often make several different modifications to the rules to help the kids gain the most out of their experience.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
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Deep down, volleyball is volleyball, the same sport and the same skills, indoor or on the beach.

“Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life” by Misty May-Treanor, Jill Lieber Steeg
from Misty: Digging Deep in Volleyball and Life
by Misty May-Treanor, Jill Lieber Steeg
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For example, many beach volleyball matches have only two players per side, meaning that you have to be involved in every other hit on your side while the ball remains in play and in your possession.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
by Sheri R. Colberg
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I also really love volleyball, but I can’t play it in a serious environment because my school offers only girls’ volleyball.

“Son Rise: The Miracle Continues” by Barry Neil Kaufman
from Son Rise: The Miracle Continues
by Barry Neil Kaufman
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In both recreational and competitive volleyball, the secret of good play is mental training.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
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• Read about the rules of volleyball in chapter 3 of this book.

“Coaching Youth Volleyball” by American Sport Education Program
from Coaching Youth Volleyball
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In volleyball, two teams strive to keep the ball in play, back and forth from one side of the court to the other, without letting the ball fall on their side of the net.

“The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety: A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” by John P. Forsyth
from The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety: A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
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Volleyball is an exciting and fast sport where two teams compete on a playing court divided by a net.

“Adaptive Sports Medicine: A Clinical Guide” by Arthur Jason De Luigi
from Adaptive Sports Medicine: A Clinical Guide
by Arthur Jason De Luigi
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Follow the rules from volleyball, except that the courts are smaller, 3 by 3 meters (10 by 10 feet), and instead of serving, players throw the ball over the net into the opposite court.

“Total Training for Young Champions” by Tudor O. Bompa
from Total Training for Young Champions
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Consider that serious volleyball players spend hundreds of hours developing their skills.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman
from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
by Shirl J. Hoffman
Human Kinetics, 2013

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  • the girls in that gym are so friendly,nice,and so supportive.but here at my school we have a club nd i was the libero and when i dont save the ball,the setter screamed at my face and my team mates are just snickering at the corner

  • I haven’t played in about a year because of attending a new school and I’m TERRIFIED of tryouts coming up. I enjoy playing so much��

  • “charging” LMAO and the way he slaps his arm when he never even had the ball LOL
    It’s as if he watched videos online just before the game

  • Any one tested out the Episoketren System (do a google search)? I’ve noticed several awesome things about this popular training course.

  • It made me want to try volleyball but my mom said that a lot of the girls would have been playing all their life and that really scares me I wanna try but I don’t want everyone to think I wanna try it because of an anime because it probably sounds stupid. But they look like they have so much fun and make good friends and are healthy and active. And I wanna be those things but I can’t because they have so many years of experience and seeing people have the time of their life in an anime sounds like it might be a dumb reason to want to try.

  • It’s so interesting how our positions are swapped. Your love for volleyball brought you to Haikyuu, and my love for Haikyuu brought me to volleyball. I just love how anime can have that affect on people <3

  • You’re not supposed to run to a ball with your hands already positioned, and we learn to dive, not land on our knees. That’s seriously dangerous.

  • Koko, you only watched a small video that doesn’t even begin to describe how good haikyuu really is. You got to watch all 4 seasons.

  • This is easily the best video I’ve seen in my life.It puts tears in my eyes about how far the sport has come. The video is amazing just the same with the music. Thank you for the greatest 4 minutes and 14 seconds of my life.

  • She wasn’t bad at all!!! She was pretty good, probably better than you, I hate when people do stuff like this, how would you feel if you happened to be #4 and came across this video, please have respect

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate her watching in sub? Not that dub is bad, but the sub version for most anime is smoother than dub.

  • Her impression on Tanaka was my favorite �� but you gotta watch the whole anime to get the full experience and know what exactly was going on!

  • Micheal is literlly me trying to play basketball in gym class and the ware house are the guys I had to play against that literally took their team to a state championship apperence.

  • HAIKYUU was the reason I enjoy volleyball I’m trying out volleyball tryouts for junior high. Because of Nishinoya I’m trying to get the Libero position. I surprisingly have very fast reflexes, but I can’t control the direction of the ball quite yet. Wish me luck.

  • The setter: Kageyama
    The loud one: nishinoyaa ( ROLLING THUNDAA)
    The exaggerator: TANAKAA
    The bench: Sugawara-
    The one that takes it SRSLY: Hinata-

  • Quick summary of the anime for ya:
    Daichi/short black hair: team captain, is dad of team
    Sugawara/gray hair: Mom
    Tsukishima/tall Blondie: salty boi
    Yamagucci/green hair: CHILD
    Hinata/orange haired: HUMAN TANGERINE/ CHILD
    Kageyama/hair haired one with 3 hair triangles?: BOKE HINATA BOKE”
    Tanaka/bald: SIMP / chaotic
    Nishinoya/brown with yellow streak: chaotic/simp/adorable
    Asahi/man bun: JESUS HIMSELF

  • Me: plays volleyball in a club @ school
    This video: exists
    Me: uses it for information on how to get better
    Me: also uses haikyuu to get better cuz Im a visual learner0-0

  • You should do a volleyball routine for quarantine! Pretty sure a lot of people would appreciate it! Its hard to train at home properly.

  • I don’t give a shit what anyone says or if they hate, I watched Haikyuu!! and started to love Volleyball eventhough I hated it before. Now I want to join a team and learn to play, it’s seems very fun!

  • Producer: what are you going to do To make the moment epic?
    Other anime: I m gonna give the MC 100% of his power or he’ll remember something from his past to and become powerful. I need lightning coming out from his body to show his power, his movements should leave a trail of fire.
    Haikyuu: I’ll make the character do a block and then SCREAM all in still image or freeze frame.

  • lmao i started liking volleyball after i watched haikyuu and i was hoping to join my school’s club even though I’ve never actually played before��

  • I was scared to watch this at first but I’m fact you’re so sweet! If you’re still watching Haikyuu, I hope you’re enjoying it! And when you said that you hoped people came and cheer like that I was like… Imma go and do that(when I get the chance��)

  • I’m the guy who does hail Mary’s in hopeless or non-serious/non-competitive games.

    No, I dont usually hit them like micheal apparently does.

    Actually, I never have…

  • Shoots from the other side of the court and only hits backboard… Michael: UGH! C’mon..what is wrong with me today!?!? LOL!! ��

  • I hate how I was never introduced to volleyball untill I see haikyuu a week ago and immediately fell in love with it..

    This school I’m in doesn’t even have a volleyball team
    So I’m planning on joining a club
    Any advice about volleyball club?
    Currently 13 y/o btw

  • Jim: The carry
    Dwight: The good player that people still don’t want because he’s too unpredictable
    Stanley: The worst player but still gets picked because…honestly they also don’t know why they picked Stanley.
    Kevin: The guy everyone sees hanging around for games but not actually playing until they catch him shooting hoops on his own like an absolute legend
    Phyllis: The girl they throw in at the end to please the other girls
    Ryan: The other good player no one really notices because of Michael

    Michael: Michael


  • 90% of comments: Haikyuu
    5% of ocmments: 90% of comments: haikyuu
    Other 5% of comments: 90% of comments: haikyuu, 10% of comments: 90% of comments: haikyuu

  • Enjoyed it!
    But avoiding the brilliancy of defenders and goalkeepers…!???!!
    Not fair.

    Almost every football video have this problem of neglecting them…they put only the fabulous goals..

    But next time you make a video…include some spectacular saves and defending too…!!

    Many of us would have enjoyed such a video more than this one.
    Just a request.
    All the eleven players got their role in the game.

  • Whoever posted this you should have thought twice because if that were you I don’t think you would like that.BTW she was the best one in this video.Your just trying to be hater which is not good.

  • crap, gotta watch the whole thing again, kinda lost focus after step 1…

    ah, there’s a disclaimer about focus at the end. pls put that first next time xD

  • Do more than just watch Haikyuu. Just because you watch a good anime, doesn’t make you a volleyball player ��

    I’m not gatekeeping, feel free to join a team, but you’re not gonna be amazing…

  • Europe: loves CR7, SHEVCHENKO, ZIDANE
    FOOTBALL FANS LOVES: THE beautifull game

  • The only bad part of this video is the horrible camerawork. Motion sick just trying to watch 30 seconds. As for the players, they’re good for a middle school team.

  • I just joined volleyball as a 10th grader and I’m on the jv team even tho I have no experience with volleyball… it’s stressful:/

  • That detail where their setter knew exactly what Tsukishima was planning is a nice touch. Everyone else on their team looks shocked and surprised while he looks frustrated.

  • Mmm I don’t understand.. Where’s the part that shows you were the WORST player? You know what? Playing volleyball is so you can make your arm, wrist, and palm stronger.. Why don’t you try spiking those who treated you badly… We can start with the best friend who stabbed your back

  • Really really I never expected that a non fighting scene can gave me goosebumps and made my eyes all teary with chills all over my body when even I m not a sportsperson at all

  • #katethingthat young girl played fine…. in fact, she played as well as anyone else on the court. It was foolish of you to title such a video and then and “awful right” at the end of the clip. That is incredibly disrespectful to the girl…. I mean, what if she watched this and felt super down on herself because of you. The real bad player here is you katething, at life and being kind and respectful. Next time think about your actions because you are getting a huge, huge, thumbs down from me for doing that to that young girl

  • If this is a varsity high school team, than this is one of the most depressing games I’ve seen. There were no kills or anything cool at all. Also the girl did fine, I’ve seen worse in my club.

  • “Setter, the one who blames everyone”
    Sugawara: I do not*looks at Kageyama*
    Kageyama: >:(
    Hinata: don’t mind, Kageyama, don’t mind don’t mind. Kageyama AH
    Kageyama: *kicks Hinata*

  • Never to late to join up with another club or a social team! I was marked as one of the bad volleyball players during highschool. Thought it was too late until I put in some hard work. I’m now playing pretty good volleyball at my university as a middle!

  • This is the exact reason I don’t want to play volleyball for my school team. I love volleyball but the girls and coaches are so catty. I got “pushed around” by my eight grade varsity team and hated being there.

  • Is it just me or did he say Harlem globetotters when he was bouncing that ball on once knee??����

    Edit: It said Goldtrotters before

  • Out of all everyone in your team, you played the best. I’m not saying it to make you feel good, but to be honest you played the best.

  • At first I thought that you were just talking bad about #4,and I commented badly, but after reading the description I am sorry for my comment, when I watch the video you were doing just fine, actually better than everyone, when the players and the coach say that you are bad means they are jealous of you because you are the best in the team!

    To people who are going to comment:


  • I don’t understand how she’s a bad player, she’s pretty good. But other players that are spiking don’t know how to approach the ball

  • Hey guys. I know Ive been away for quite some time, been really busy with school and work. Ive been working on this bit by bit over the past few months. Its a sort of homage to football and why I as well as so many of us love this game so much. I hope it captured some great moments well, and I hope you enjoy it. Obviously couldnt fit everything in here, but tried my best. If you enjoy the video, please give it a like as that helps the success of the channel and video. Thanks for the support guys, it means the world.

    Song: Outro M83.

  • I’m crying. Five weeks since the last football match I watched on TV. A Herediano-LimonFC from the Costa Rica First Division, at closed doors.
    I miss it, I really miss it.

  • And with this, it finally proves that Bokuto is better than Ushijima XD
    (if you know what I mean, when it was in the training camp)

  • The thing I like about haikyuu is that even though time slows down so you can see what’s going on better but they still always react immediately like it slows down and they’re already moving

  • bruh i have played football 10 years thats something what is so hard but like i played 5 days everyday and every day got better and better and even 1v1-ed volleyball player and he ahs played like 5years and i got 14 points and him 25

  • as a setter that’s played DS, middle, and wing hitter, can confirm, we blame our team for everything… it’s justified most of the time:)

  • Hey idiot can ur volleyball skills
    Win against her?
    U can’t even receive a ball
    U don’t know what it’s like training
    I’ve trained since I was 6 yr old
    Now I am 11

  • This is generally just very low level volleyball. The team in black has mediocre defense and absolutely zero offense. No one ever loads for an attack, they just stay at the net and wait for the ball to come directly to them, and when the setter doesn’t make an absolutely perfect set (which isn’t likely) the hitter freaks out and bumps it over the net instead of hitting.

    If your team said you’re bad, they’re just as bad as you.

  • Me not washing that fight she saw yet on the anime but still being happy she did watch a part f it be like:���� those two emojis mixed up

  • If you listen closely you can catch a proud “Hey Hey Hey!” in the background as everyone cheers. Can’t hear it? Try listening with your heart.

  • I read this and I clicked on it because I was like why would someone do this to someone else? Then I saw that number four was not bad at all, So I read the description and saw your story and wow I’m so sorry but also glad to see the good life you have now come out of it!!

  • Everytime, once a while, I come here again and my eyes become wet. This scene gave me strength to proceed in everything, for no reason.

  • Japanese people are of some other level. It seems Japan and South Korea are one generation ahead in Human skills. Beautifully compiled scene

  • Aaa I keep coming back in hopes of there being more
    I even got excited for what I thought was a new one, but someone had just reposted yours ��
    There are other videos I think would’ve suited a reaction better

  • One tip is when you’re blocking try not to side jump. Stop when you’re in front of them and try and jump as high and straight as you can. Also don’t put you’re hands exactly straight move one of you’re arms a bit to the side. remember you don’t lose until the ball hits the floor. So if they block you’re spike use you’re arm foot who cares just don’t let it hit the floor. Yes I learned that from haikyuuu

  • These have got to be actors. You don’t do a run-through standing up. The ways they dove are completely unsafe. They weren’t blocking correctly. The net was dangerously loose, nobody ever plays in a pull-over, and they didn’t use proper serving techniques.

  • No matter the rivalry

    No matter the scores the wins the losses we’re here for this game it does things only one can dream off emotionally physically it’s wonderful ⚽️❤️

  • Just started watching this show on Netflix and came to see a real volleyball player’s take on it!
    I wonder if Koko ever sat down to watch it all…? Really good show…

  • John Krasinski coached hoops right around the corner from me when he went to Brown. It looks like he’s the only one who’s played before ��

  • To be honest I am not trying to be rude I am a volleyball player and yes I have seen worse and Better than her, but she played absolutely fine! Just needs to work on getting around the ball more and getting it more towards the setter! (Also calling and getting out of peoples ways when they call it)

  • Japanese high school volleyball is taken very seriously. Each prefecture has its own tournaments to decide which team is the best. The best teams from each prefecture go to nationals. Everything is televised and people really love to watch. Japan loves it’s volleyball

  • Omg this is coming from a volleyball player and is it just me or does it upset you when people don’t serve or dig correctly like tf? And the second thing is, is that doesn’t it make you so MAD when people say it’s so easy well in return what I say to them stfu

  • I am still in highschool…and i love volleyball…and in future if my college doesn’t have a women volleyball team..imma open my own college