When Grad School Required a Toll on Bill, He Fought against to obtain His Existence Back


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Grad school is notorious for the toll it takes on your health and life outside of your studies but Bill Cotter, a PhD student at the University of Arizona, came prepared for that reality. When Grad School Took a Toll on Bill, He Fought to Get His Life Back. When Grad School Took a Toll on Bill, He Fought to Get His Life Back. only to come back stronger and better than Read More. comment 1. April 10, 2018 he began to take stock of his life. It was early in the Colorado ski Read More. comment 0. Load More.

Further Inspiration. Why Healthy Eating May Cause Stomach Issues. The coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress allows most Americans to receive a one-time payment of $1,200. the one I fought to get back to when a job circumstance took me out of it. Even before COVID-19, the Class of 2020 came of age at a time of fear and uncertainty.

Born largely in 1997 and 1998—among the oldest of Gen Z—the Class of 2020 were in. William “Bill” Overbeck is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead. He is a Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army 1st Special Forces Group, and is the oldest of the group. He is usually seen wielding the Assault Rifle (which appears as the M16A2, a real-life assault rifle used by the U.S.

Military after the Vietnam War). He often has a lit cigarette in his mouth that only. He was also an activist and, in his lifetime, he undertook a number of programs to promote arts, particularly benefiting deprived communities. Born into a poor family, Ailey didn’t have an easy life.

He was raised during the era of racial segregation when most people of his race were forced to take. In his last fight of consequence, against future champion Rocky Marciano on October 26, 1951, he was knocked out in eight rounds. From 1934 to 1951, Louis had 71 bouts, winning 68, 54 by knockouts. A Hollywood movie about his life, The Joe Louis Story, was made in 1953. There is another great American who is born of American woman and a post graduate student from Kenya, who is now the President of the United States.

This was due to our generous immigration policies of 1950’s. tough life but then also he fought back like a great warrior,may his soul rest in piece. 16. karthick. Aug 9, 2016 @ 1:01 am. If you are constantly fighting with your partner about big things — like fidelity, money, marriage, life goals, jealously, and the like — now might be the right time to examine whether the.

Billy Graham, byname of William Franklin Graham, Jr., (born November 7, 1918, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.—died February 21, 2018, Montreat, North Carolina), American evangelist whose large-scale preaching missions, known as crusades, and friendship with numerous U.S. presidents brought him to international prominence.. Conversion and early career.

List of related literature:

Bill absorbed his mother’s passion for education.

“King of the Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution” by Aram Goudsouzian, Harry Edwards
from King of the Court: Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution
by Aram Goudsouzian, Harry Edwards
University of California Press, 2011

Like many students, Bill works to pay his expenses while continuing his education.

“Organizational Behavior” by O. Jeff Harris, Sandra J. Hartman
from Organizational Behavior
by O. Jeff Harris, Sandra J. Hartman
Best Business Books, 2002

As Bill understood from his father, “someone” had left him money for college.

“Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama” by Diane Carol Fujino
from Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama
by Diane Carol Fujino
University of Minnesota Press, 2005

Bill was prone to outbursts of anger in the various domains of his life, including but not limited to his job.

“The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy” by David Blustein
from The Psychology of Working: A New Perspective for Career Development, Counseling, and Public Policy
by David Blustein
Taylor & Francis, 2013

I first met Bill at NYU when he started as a resident, all hungry for knowledge and with a relentless energy.

“Cottrell and Patel’s Neuroanesthesia E-Book” by James E. Cottrell, Piyush Patel
from Cottrell and Patel’s Neuroanesthesia E-Book
by James E. Cottrell, Piyush Patel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

Bill is discharged from his job as a railroad engineer when his neglect causes a wreck.

“The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States” by Kenneth White Munden, American Film Institute
from The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States
by Kenneth White Munden, American Film Institute
University of California Press, 1997

Because of his extra effort, Bill found himself promoted to department head and on his way to the fast track.

“21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook” by Charles Wankel
from 21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook
by Charles Wankel
SAGE Publications, 2008

When Bill returns home from a military academy for the summer, Emory continually criticizes his behavior which owes more to boyish energy than to willful disobedience.

“AFI Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States” by Amy Dunkleberger, American Film Institute, Patricia King Hanson
from AFI Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States
by Amy Dunkleberger, American Film Institute, Patricia King Hanson
University of California Press, 1999

When Bill and I first met, he was experiencing a great deal of difficulty at home and in school.

“Handbook of Art Therapy, Second Edition” by Cathy A. Malchiodi
from Handbook of Art Therapy, Second Edition
by Cathy A. Malchiodi
Guilford Publications, 2011

Bill was mystified by this younger son who refused, now that college was behind him, to come home “to pull his weight in the business,” but he refused to cut him off completely.

“Samuel Beckett: A Biography” by Deirdre Bair
from Samuel Beckett: A Biography
by Deirdre Bair
Summit Books, 1990

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  • I have no idea why some ppl counseling other’s? you have a free brain and you should wisely. We’ll know what is wrong and right.

  • Fact of the matter is this: The far left has devolved into a “religion”. They proselytize. They preach. They have churches (the media). They have missionaries (SJWs). They worship themselves at the alter of their Identitarian gods. And they are currently Crusading for their cause.

    Ironic given their usual militant atheism.

  • She is working in the medical field and wants to get a doctorate in nursing. I wonder why she doesn’t just become a doctor in medicine.

  • Guy:i got shot in the face with a gun
    Dave: ok, get back to work today
    Woman: i hit my elbow hard
    Dave: take 1 year off work tell your husband to work 6 jobs.

  • One of the countries praised by Canada, “Cuba” even if I was born an able body, the they discriminated to the core. For being black, for being poor, for living a very poor home. They kept me mentally disabled for most of my childhood. So welcome to socialist Cuba.

  • I see so many of You smart People Who are still using some false, or out dated ideas, or Theories learned in Schools, Colleges. Except for any “practical”, or Self Learned Things ; Your always gonna’ find Yourselves confused, or misdirected until You take a year off, and go through your Hard Drives and erase all that Bad Data. It’s not fun, but worth it.

  • The biggest Farage you see in the MIDDLE of life is wear the navels make the ships too ships and spacecraft to the moon to the hinges space stations this has been used the final the

  • “Succeed at any cost.” That sounds just like a Hitler quote. I am not making fun, I am making a point. Greed and hate, not caring about the lives and loves of others should be against the law of nature. If I were only the Goddess of the Universe.

  • 12:29 Andy ngo was almost beaten to death by antifa. Then there is the Clinton body count. Wake up. Liberals are already killing people.

  • These people at convention are the ones that destroyed the democratic party with all their criminal activity and they still talk it up like americans NEED more of their CRIMES!

  • So much negativity from comments. No wonder how Dave has to remind people over and over how much debt he had, how low he fell and how much he has now. He reminds us he knows all about gross and net. I wonder how many millions all these commenters have?

  • Here in yuba City 30 miles north of Sacramento CA there are the Sutter Buttes. Native Americans living here say after the volcano eruption the land rose 500 feet. That’s why this area is world’s food basket that grow rice, prune, but, peach orchards. When this thing starts earthquakes and tremors I’m outta here. The pyroclastic clouds will fill here wiping out Marysville, Yuba City, Sacramento, Oroville all the way up north to Paradise. It’s no joke. Only way to flee is up toward Reno Nevada. But they have a volcano too. Guess I’ll move to North Dakota.

  • 150K in California is like 90K with their ridiculous state income taxes. Jesus christ Dave, taxes, taxes, taxes. California is also ridiculously expensive

  • I was also born in 65. Thank god my mother didn’t choose to take this. For all the others, god bless you. So sorry that they did this to you. My heart is crying!

  • Funny how they call that monitor ‘Spider ‘ when in the film Dante’s Peak they use a device called Spider Legs to do exactly the same thing.

  • In the medical sense, the word ‘epidemic’ means a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. It is not a good word to use to describe the disabilities caused by thalidomide as it was restricted to those women who were given the drug and not passed almost randomly from person to person.

  • Did I just hear Bozo Obama say he had hoped that Pres. Trump would take the office of President seriously and grow into the job? Was this before or after he spied on him?
    We had an election and Donald J Trump WON. The former president allowed his jealousy and egotistical pride to illegally SPY (according to AG Barr) on a man who dared to MAGA! This shows you love yourself MORE than America and you will be tried soon for your illegal acts.
    Shame on you, and shame on the years you pretended to be president.
    NO ONE is above the law… RIGHT?

  • “What does your husband do?”

    “Well, we had a water leak, California is dodgy with insurance because of the fires, also my church is good”


  • She should also look into the job market for teaching in her field. She might get the Doctorate and no jobs will be available and maybe even the pay scale may be low for starting teachers. There are a lot of people with PhD’s looking for jobs.

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  • Me: Dave, how exactly does being gay work, how can I be comfortable being around a gay guy.

    Dave: Seriously bro, it’s just like you around beautiful women, it’s the same.

    Me: WHAAAAATT?????

    lmao, my lame attempt at comedy.. but seriously, I wonder.. I mean guys talking to attractive women CANNOT be the same as Dave sitting across from a good looking dude, or can it? Cuz we all know what guys think about when they sit across a good looking woman. So, what’s it like being gay in the world, I really want to know.

  • ALL of BIG SORCERY PHARMA’s DRUGS and VACCINES are SAFE and EFFECTIVE…….. Well……………………………, UNTIL they HARM or KILL over 10 million people……. then they take them off the market and replace them with the NEXT POISON WITCHCRAFT MEDICINE.

  • Again, terrible advice by this idiot. Student loan debt usually has much lower interest. It would be smarter to pay off high interest loans with the 12k than to put it to tuition

  • Why is she putting her family in so much debt with the doctorate? Seems like she needs to focus on 2 things. she’s all over the place. Can’t she wait to do this later and a baby on the way with a husband with cancer??!! Their budget is super tight with all that debt and everything else. And they live in California which $130k is nothing!

  • That debt is very do able with that income.
    My family was able to survive and do well with a 80k income in Orange County, CA.
    My dad only worked
    3 kids
    We own a house (mortgage)

  • She definitely said she has 291k in debt lol..once Dave pointed out the stupidity in going back to school and adding on another 28k to that debt she realized even further her situation..

  • Cancel Culture? You mean when people like you are Full of Sh!t and “the people” choose to ignore (cancel) said BS??? It’s kinda like Capitalism don’t you think? Let the people decide what has value.

  • Listen to this: “There has never been anything we have been able to accomplish when we’ve done it together.” Joe Biden DNC 2020 Doesn’t even know what he said. @

  • This is what happens when people are fed up with a criminally minded so-called president. People will abandon party lines for the sake of our country. This president didn’t “make America great”. He took, stole from, and lied to America. He is by far the laziest president ever. All day he tweets instead of working on behalf of the American people. So this fall, let’s vote this lazy man back to destroying his own businesses. He has got to go!

  • OMG You don’t even know how inspirational you are to so many. I’m so happy to have found your channel �� You are a freakin’ breath of fresh air!! Thank you thank you thank you for being you & most importantly, beautiful and humble����
    Ps I’m so gonna kick Dental school’s @$$��

  • Governments almost never silence people. It’s usually encouraged, but the people themselves do the censorship. People who think that censorship always comes from government don’t know their history. The German Student Union staged the Nazi book burnings, not the Nazi party. But to understand where this censorship will come from you need to understand the fundamentals of the tribalism. Right now it’s communists vs freedom tribes. The communists have mostly taken over the left and the freedom folks have generally gravitated to the right. It might not stay this way, but that’s how it is right now.

  • This is what really went on in the DNC behind the scenes…


    Personally, Vote NO, NOPE, NADA!!

    to BIDEN/HARRIS on NOV 3 ������������

  • Yes yes yes i love this so much!! Expanding my mind out here!! Got me inspired and thinking of my passions and interests outside of medical school! And i am loving your tips not only on the masters but tidbit about mental health too!! i also appreciate you adding some of the speakers in here too <3 <3

  • It’s a shame about that woman’s dad and all condolences to her and her family, but Trump isn’t the one who allowed that bar to open. It’s a shame they decided to trot her out and exploit her pain and misguided anger just because it goes along with their narrative.

  • As usual you are a true gem. Thank you for educating the world on the challenges and triumphs of a well rounded executive education and lifestyle balance.

  • My gran took thalidomide while she was pregnant with my mum, luckily it only effects the baby during the first trimester and she took it in her second so my mum was ok, she had no idea it had any side effects when she took it! She said it was amazing for morning sickness as well.

  • “Er, nurse”
    “That’s DOCTOR nurse”
    “Doctor or nurse?”
    “Nurse with a doctorate”
    “Does that mean you wont take my pulse or change the bedpan”?
    Shows how crazy CA is if they need nurses to have a PhD. Most probably, the schools are handing money back to the CA Democrap party (like the unions do)

  • We all decent normal Americans do NOT WANT to GO BACK Obama era!!!
    It is going to same as OBAMA era if Joe Biden won….
    We all AMERICANS knew that clearly,
    Obama was the worst CURRUPTED president in USA ever that he tried to destroy AMERICAN HERO GENERAL FLYNN!!!!!!
    OBAMA didn’t have qualified for USA PRESIDENT THAT he kneel down to Saudi king. What a shamed…..
    And, he always discouraged American people said ” we didn’t build it America wealthy”. Then, who did it?? We all hard working Americans built our country America NO 1. IN THE WORLD!!!!
    Lastly, America economic was being slump and lost so many shut down factories while OBAMA was the president…
    Compare to that president rebuild America ���� great again in such a short period!!!!

  • My sister was thalidomide baby mum found about it when she was late pregnancy it was awful time mum spent last few months crying.mum said she would put her in a home if she had these problems that was way of thinking in those days but mum took drug in later stage of pregnancy and sister ok.but she nearly ended up being flush down toilet or a home.

  • We all decent normal Americans do NOT WANT to GO BACK Obama era!!!
    It is going to same as OBAMA era if Joe Biden won….
    We all AMERICANS knew that clearly,
    Obama was the worst CURRUPTED president in USA ever that he tried to destroy AMERICAN HERO GENERAL FLYNN!!!!!!
    OBAMA didn’t have qualified for USA PRESIDENT THAT he kneel down to Saudi king. What a shamed…..
    And, he always discouraged American people said ” we didn’t build it America wealthy”. Then, who did it?? We all hard working Americans built our country America NO 1. IN THE WORLD!!!!
    Lastly, America economic was being slump and lost so many shut down factories while OBAMA was the president…
    Compare to that president rebuild America ���� great again in such a short period!!!!


  • At the beginning of the video, the first lady’s husband, what a beautiful man! To say to your wife and new mother that you will search and not stop searching until you have found an answer he is a hero just for that!

  • It’s so easy to be hateful toward the parents, but they were scared, felt guilty and needed guidance and support. And the people they went to, advised their babies were better off locked away w/ people who were trained or dead…

  • For everyone complaining about Biden not talking: this is normal! The democratic candidate doesn’t usually speak till the 3rd day of the convention. This was the same back in 2008 when obama ran for president.

  • Oh my god, the strength and joy that these people insisted on having in spite of the world around them is inspiring and beautiful!!!! They are amazing and this world doesn’t deserve such bright and courageous people… Thalidomide may have been a disgusting cash cow, but it created something amazing in spite of what it was!!

  • I feel you are misrepresenting the ” government intervention option”, Dave. It is not contradictory to support free markets and some degree of government presence. A truly free market can not exist in a vacuum, a limited framework by the government is needed.

    The government must ensure that companies are free to compete and protected from criminal acts like theft, blackmail, threats/acts of violence,etc. I can hardly fairly compete if my competitors can steal my goods and beat me up without consequence right?

    Think of it like a sports game, government is the referee; if they unfairly enforce the rules, that gives an advantage to the other team. We need a referee fairly and uniformly enforcing the rules.

    It is a lie to label people who merely support the government fairly applying the rules as supporting “government censorship and control”. It is perfectly reasonable to demand that companies be treated as a publisher or a platform but not both. It is also perfectly reasonable for the the government to place regulations on Google in regards to MANIPULATING elections, ensuring a fair election is one of the few legitimate roles of government.

  • honestly, it is only natural that disabled babies don’t get much chance of survival, especially in nature. Only humans are stubborn to keep them alive

  • Those involved in Gruenthal may be able to run and hide here on earth, but one day they will stand before the Judge of Judges and receive eternal judgment.

  • If you want our votes counted please establish an oversite for collection of ballots, oversite for sorting, and oversite for counting. Where are those USPS sorting machines? We need an equal number of honest and ethical Dem and Rep to oversite the election. Don’t let biased appointees be in charge of collecting, sorting, and counting our votes. OVERSITE Now!

  • Question: What’s the difference between Game Show “To Tell the Truth” and the Democrat Convention?
    Answer: On “To Tell the Truth” at least ONE of the people on stage is telling the Truth.

  • Mother nature will remove you to where she shall nurture another one of her child. Pestering her like a grown adult child does not win her. She will create the new species to ensure that her children are all safe. And, we will witness the new species to be compatible with ourselves.

  • I can understand being sad and worried seeing your baby was deformed but how fucking DARE someone say such hateful words? “Ewww get it away!! That’s a curse! Get that thing out of here! Thats not a baby!” Seriously those people are scum fucks. I hope they got the karma they deserve for that shit.

  • Stupid question and caller, she is on course to achieve a PhD and cannot decide how to spend her money/if she should continue education? Use your brain and stop looking for approval

  • I work in a hospital, one of the fastest ways to be terminated is developing a personal relationship with a patient. Am I the only one alarmed she met her husband through his cancer treatments? Vulnerable patients need protection from women like this!

  • Never trust a man in a suit jacket and bright red shoes. If he doesn’t get the symbolism in that, he’s uninformed at best. Whether there is anything to the red shoes or not, the red shoes are just worth avoiding altogether. They look stupid anyway.

  • I can’t believe $130,000 isn’t enough to make a living in California… I live in Utah and it’s not the cheapest state but a household can easily live off of $40K or less!

  • Its pretty normal think on date, that “I dont want to make more geenes with you.” Its not rasist but larger evolution-thinking no matter how rasist you think. Satan made ‘Death’ (Death-master) in human-sells as parasite does. Human who lived thousand yerars lives now hundred.
    Dragon make humans to breed sick childrens.

    Everyone who works for ‘IT’ has satanist ordinary-one.

    Eva (in Bibble) had too “blue-eye” (too inesence and trusting ) as Adam too-hormonized (!) speaking for Dragon-spiecie/Satan.

  • A new “law” wouldn’t require present Nurse practitioners to go and get a doctorate to continue practicing…You would be grandfathered in, that’s how it works with EVERY medical job that artificially inflates it’s degree titles.

  • No limits, indeed! The journeys of these survivors in the face of such adversity is nothing short of inspirational. It is so sad that some continue to go uncompensated and unrecognised for their extraordinary achievements.

  • I have about 25K in debt(school/credit)… but I have more than this in assets condo/cash/401K/smallbusiness(valued at over $150K)…I only make 60K/year… I’m richer than her.

  • Grunebthal is a $ 100 billion company and can’t come off a large sum of $ to give these families the very best life possible. Disgusting greedy pigs.

  • Ole Joe Pudden’ is not really leading much of a charge. I see the shills at YT have turned of the Billy Flying Nun comments after decimating the down votes to no avail. LOLz

  • YeHhh playing with a tube of ash is anywhere near a volcano……. I’m sure you can learn a lot from two things that are totally different…..

  • This is horrible thinking about killing the life of a human just to have a new one wtf…… Its not like a dented can throw it back n get a new one man people ar fucking cold on this planet…..

  • just chill with THC. it’s natural and it works. man can never measure up to natural God given drugs. or just deal with the “morning sickness”. everyone of there ladies and gentlemen are beautiful and inspiring ppl. God bless us all.

  • Such an eye opening doco…i am so glad i took the time to watch this and learn just how sinister the people behind the product were…and the impact they created world wide…T xx

  • This is awesomeI love your tips on selecting a masters program as well as on how to get the most of a program once you’re there! <3

  • Get the $12000, fly to Ghana($800) in Africa, buy 100 acres of land in a village ($7000)and do cashew farming. After 4yrs you will be making over $300,000 annually.. other coats are involved but not serious.

  • I was born in 1962. thank you Doctor Kelsey and everyone that backed you up for not allowing this demon drug to the US Market

  • NBC is stupid and biased, your extreme hatred of trump and dropping all journalism principles in your coverage, is another reason why will vote for him. Can’t wait to see your Rachel Madcow crying again on election night. Shame on you

  • Average individual with a smart phone: your comment is very interesting, many say their PROLIFE, but those people VOTED in favor of the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ( death penalty ) it begs the QUESTION what life they are PRO? Understandably it’s the MOTHER who killed their PRE-BORN child.Those same people claimed gun doesn’t killed people, people killed people, but when mother ends the life of their PRE-BORN, they don’t hold the mother accountable, they put the blame on others, NOT the mother. That WE SAY EVERY SINGLE LIFE MATTERS.

  • I can not wait to get the app. To be able to watch the videos I want with out YouTube, Facebook and Twitter involved while be amazing!

  • = when the narrative is distorted, the narrator can only go so far, because they get entangled in their own falsity web… then become disoriented as they loose their footing

  • I don’t want to put the government in a role of regulating them freely, but I don’t see anything wrong with sanitizing the laws they operate under. If they want to benefit from being a safe harbor they need to actually act like one. If they want to be considered an American company, then they need to behave in a way that’s consistent with American values, and spirit of the first amendment.

  • Thalidomide, A hauntingly sad reminder of the sheer evil greed of Pharmaceutical Companies who produce cheap medication and make billions upon billions of Pounds by charging outrageous prices, I am old enough to remember the News Coverage at the time and my mother used this prescription drug whilst pregnant with one of my siblings when I was a teenager. I have often wondered why he was o.k. when so many were not.

  • In the case of that slow moving lava, that’s destroying the villages, wouldn’t it be possible to bulldoze a trench the lava would go in, to divert it from the houses, hopefully towards the ocean?

  • Dave Rubin despite his awesome interviews struck me as a bit goofy for the first year or so since the Ben Affleck moment. It seems like he’s matured a whole lot in both his attitude and his critical thinking. I’m very glad to see it, he’s done a lot of good work and is a much more formidable dissident now instead of just being the “I agrrrreeee” guy. xD

  • I thought the DNC Convention was held weeks ago in Portland, where people can freely express their democratic and progressive ideas with firm support from the local government. And it is a great success.

  • If YellowStone, Toba is the largest volcanic eruption. According to my research nothing can compare for the Eruption of La Garita that was a VEI Unknown but scientist said it was a massive event. That took place 15,262M years ago

  • Entschuldigung! Ich habe das Video erst auf Englisch gesehen, ich wusste nicht, das Contergan auch ausserhalb von Deutschland….passiert ist

  • OMG..Philippines has many volcanoes..Taal volcano erupted January 2020..and still damaging properties when rain fall..lahar and mud flaws.


  • If Yellowstone where to irrupt it is going to mess up the West Coast as we know it now with earthquakes major tremors California could be an island��”

  • Sure, continue that expensive grad school, so that us US tax payers can pay for your education. Then you can have a thumb on ALL of us numbskulls who never got to see the inside of a college class room.


  • Im wondering if they(rhetorically speaking) are exact with the location of the super eruption in the cal dera arent they worried about vesuvius going up again? That would a SUPER ERUPTION!!!

  • Ego of having multiple degrees but not the money to pay these loans is the definition of the “working poor”. It amazes me how this cycle continues

  • I thank God and my mother for making the choice not to accept Thalidomide. She was deathly ill and she still didn’t accept the medicine. Thank you Mom.

  • Dave, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is completely different from Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Do not downplay Ph.D. and put Ph.D. is in the same category as DNP. Getting a Ph.D. is far more difficult than getting a DNP. Ph.D. requires completely original research of extremely high significance, especially at reputable institutions. Ph.D. is not a degree for teaching, but for research. Of course many Ph.Ds work for universities and colleges, and they do teach also. On the other hand, those getting DNP are aiming at either to teach and practice or to be administrators.

  • I am from Portland OR. I was there from the start. It went off in 1980 not in 1960. It let us know it was coming for months before it went off. Five of us climbed it to the top and then had lunch at Goat Head which is the point that Mt St Helen’s went off. There was a lot of things told in this Video that are not right. Most of the people that lost there lives were told to get out, but would not go. One was Mr Truman, he told us that he and the Mountain had a deal and it would not go off on him. { well bad deal } You need to do more research before you make this kind of video.

  • This. Just this. Dave is a turning point in the conversation that has devolved into utter insanity. I have found my voice again through Dave and his guests and I refuse to be silenced.

  • I would like to see a debate between a british and and american about who has the greatest country. it would occupy them long enough

  • You know, the truth is, this stuff is as emotionally and intellectually edifying as it is politically informative. Listening to Dave Rubin and Steven Crowder and Jordan Peterson, you can just feel the decency in these people. And their wisdom and emotional balance is calming. They are a great example of how to bear the burden of pressure from our devolving society. Regularly I watch Rubin’s video by Prager U about “Tolerance” just to remind me not to call liberal trolls “fucktards” and “morally defunct degenerate cunts.”………Thanks Dave!

  • Actually there are American people living in the Netherlands who say they never want to go back. Not in great numbers of course not in great numbers, but they generally find life to be much better here, especially for raising children.

  • I don’t think the government should break up big tech, but I do think the government should remove the protection of the “platform” label from the big tech companies and, in so doing, allow the public to keep big tech inline. Social media companies are PUBLISHERS and we know that based on the evidence of censorship. And publishers need to be labeled “publishers” so that they can be held accountable.

  • We are in a fight! This is all out culture war. It’s no longer conservative or liberal, it’s smart or stupid. The left has “left” all reason. If your left and reading this, please tell me what motivates you to act stupid and claim your smart? The left argument, We feel good about doing this. The right argument, socialism is slavery and has never worked and has lead to the murder of millions. Left’s answer, well we should try it again and do it right this time.

  • The Progressive Left has become like the mythological Devouring Mother…..She wants to keep her children dependent on her so she can act out being the ‘caring parent’……

  • We need to apply the 7 Day Rule as God supposedly gave people: Work seven days and take one day of rest. Translated to our day-and-age this means: switch off your electronic devices on Friday evening 7:00 pm and leave it off till Monday 7: am. If we all do this we ALL ENJOY our days off, because we HAVE TO arrange meetings before the weekend and actually physically meet up and interact in real time when we set a time to catch up.

  • The fiber community is fighting the SJW cult right now. They’ve “cancelled” small businesses that heavily depend on interest in the hobby, ruining reputations and livelihoods. We’ve finally had enough and are currently slugging it out. We still can’t believe we HAVE to slug it out. I mean, come on…we knit and crochet. This is generally not an emotionally charged environment. And yet here we are, with battlegrounds on YouTube and Instagram. It’s crazy.

  • I wouldn’t per say agree on the bravery deficit. Rather than the institutions have become far more extreme and the consequences and punishments are far more severe. Hence most people just dont wanna jeopardize their life. And when someone does blow whistle they get little to no support from the public they are serving. With a few exceptions like Peter Ridd

  • Find it funny, i know someone from highschool that turned into an Antifa supporter, and he posts a status about how far Dave Rubin has fallen lol. And he continued to say “good thing his channel is dying” but it’s doing really good lol.

  • So Dave… given that it’s pretty much a fact that Trump has no respect for democracy and is endlessly corrupt. How do you actually suggest getting rid of him and preventing him for abuse the power?

    By ignoring his crimes and instead attacking Democrat politicians who even though you don’t agree with them are honest.?

  • Dave Rubin is right on a lot in this interview, but he’s wrong on one thing… the left has taken politics seriously while everyone on the right has already been focused on just living which is his suggestion. This has led to the greatest case of subversion of a society and culture in the history of the world. We NEED to inject politics into everything as a DEFENSIVE MEASURE. We need activists for freedom and liberty to become teachers, law enforcers, lawyers, scientists, social scientists, politicians, company executives, journalists, etc…

  • Numerology is a very good method to know something more about you. Learn more here: destinynumbercalculator. com (G00GLE it) Numerology opened my eyes to another reality

  • being a nazi just wasn’t enough! he had to push the boundaries of what it meant to be ‘evil’! so he invented a medicine to deform unborn children and, as head of research, lied about its safety. I am speechless

  • when he talks to a caller and recommends something and then theres a pause right after by the caller..I always think the caller was just told something they know themselves they arent going to do.

  • This is horrible. This drug had affected so many people in the worst way. The second worst drug made in history are the opiate drugs. Because they have caused an epidemic today that is killing more people then we have ever seen before

  • I loved the video where a young interview asked college students if they were willing to give up some of their income to help those who were in need. They all were, and thought everyone should help. The they extended it to their grades in all their classes, would they be willing to give some points from their grade to help those who were struggling. Amazing how fast their notions changed. But wait…no, they don’t deserve it, aren’t working as hard, etc…It really brought it home to them what they were supporting.

  • Dave is right on about us watching too much STUFF! There is a whole world out there that is unpolitical, musical; there is art, friends, sex, reading BOOKS, relaxing and doing absolutely nothing (try it, it’s great). We are too political and it is distorting our culture. All the while we must face facts and not turn away from the challenges to freedom that the left has presented to us.

  • My grandmother was prescribed this drug when she was pregnant with my mother and she refused to take it saying that morning sickness is part of pregnancy. This was in the 40’s in New Zealand. How the drug got approved here so easily is shameful.

  • I thought Barack Obama was running for president or maybe somebody else maybe Hillary Clinton was running for president because I haven’t heard too much from Joe Biden and then he gives AOC 60 to 90 seconds and she nominates Bernie Sanders for president, I don’t care if it’s some type of procedural point she didn’t even mention endorsing Joe Biden for president somethings really radically wrong in that party and I know what it is,it’s the radicals. Now aoc is all mad at nbc?????? Honestly the average person Just hears that AOC nominated Bernie for president

  • There is no such thing as Tectonic plate! if there is then you mean that the entire earth from land to under the ocean is not intact? if it isn’t then our earth already been cut or sliced into many parts then we are doomed. All I know is that there is a core at the center of the earth and Lave bursting out of the soil and that’s it, the moving ground is caused by it and not a tectonic plate that cuts across the land Like what you see in this video’s example. Just use your logic. This is just like NASA who made a video that they landed a robot into mars, such bullshit when no one invented a wireless controller that can connect that far, you can’t even get a full GPS under a cloudy weather and you telling me that they can control a fully functional robot over the mars? Bullshit.

  • They’re calling for Trump to be taken down from twitter. If they manage this feat, I will instantly close my account. We need a FREE SPEECH platform that doesn’t censor. How did we relinquish control of conversation to the thought police. It’s FUCKING NUTS

  • If you watched this, and thought “I am proud to be a Democrat, and can’t wait to vote for Biden.” You seriously need help. This was an absolute $hit show, a complete mockery and shame to democracy. How do you tolerate the hypocrisy, and just the overall fakeness of it all?

  • I believe in the First Amendment Free Speech, so Trans people can call themselves or refer to themselves any way they like; HOWEVER when they try to force me or coerce me to refer to them in those terms they have now crossed over the line to infringe upon my Free Speech First Amendment right and that is not cool, and it isn’t going to happen!!

    Thanks Dave, I am subscribed and I did ring the bell to be notified. Please let me know if you do come up with an alternate form of youtube b/c I will be following you there. BTW I love the idea of being unplugged from technology for a month. I’m going to try to do it with my spouse and Millennial child. GOD Bless

  • Walk away. Trump 2020.
    These folks have no substanence at all. It’s just we hate Trump.
    Stacy Abrams you still think your the governor of Georgia.
    Hey Bill you look sweet in that blue dress…PERV.

  • “I would vote for Thanos before any of these people [the current crop of Democratic primary candidates].”

    So, you’re saying I have a chance?

  • Amen to gender studies being a bad set of ideas. I am a woman who was naive enough to think gender studies would be interesting. I love learning but that class made me stupider

  • So I have a not so similar situation but still relevant to the topic at hand. In about 2 years I am going to have a bachelors in Exercise Science, this is considered a stepping tone degree for grad school degrees in areas such as: PT, PA, OT, RD, etc. I have done the calculation several times and I have come to the conclusion that since I went to community college for the first two years I will have zero debt with my undergrad degree.I want to continue into grad school for OT but that will force me into debt with at least $40,000 and upwards to $75,000 depending on the school I go to. Should I go immediately into my grad studies? If not what should I do other than that?
    Thanks for reading my lovely block of text and I appreciate any constructive criticism.

  • very great and informational video!! as an undergrad student this has me thinking a lot about what grad school can mean for me! thank you for sharing this!!

  • Mel Brook’s fans: “Locked in the Bastille; what did he say?” “He said, the poor ain’t so bad.” “The poor aint so bad?! You’re lucky he’s still alive!”

  • He makes a very interesting point about how trolls wont pay to troll you, and how by making it a paid platform, booting people wont violate their speech. That’s basically using Twitter logic against the mob itself. Very clever.

  • I always thought it’d be a terribly difficult decision to keep a child who’s disabled or not. I’ve come to the conclusion that if the baby cannot grow to live a quality life and love themself with the love that I give them (as in, they haven’t got the brain power/capacity for this), I would give them up for adoption.

    I hate the idea of abortion because I don’t think anyone has the right to take away innocent life like that, and I know there are plenty of parents looking to take in any children they can care for and raise as their own. There are people stronger than me that could raise a child with such debilitating birth defects, and I know I’m not one of them.

    Huge respect to the amazing people who do love and cherish these kids with all their heart; we wouldn’t have a society of any love without them. This is a very touching documentary.

  • “liberal” = “progressive” = “liberal”. the only thing that’s changed is how ‘safe’ they feel about being totally forward about all the destruction they want to bring.

  • “The Greatest Country in the History of the United States” was a profound mistake. I didn’t assume he misspoke at first, it seemed like he was saying, “this is the greatest arrangement of people this country has seen thus far. If we tell the truth and be courageous together, this is the best incarnation of these ideals which the world has seen.”

  • (at minute 6:45 ish) Dave states that if you “own” the parameters of a conversation then you can keep people from arguing against you (or your views). I see Sam Harris do this a lot. It’s not that his ideas are right or better, he just tries to place parameters around the discussion that benefits his point of view. If you watch debates with him, someone will bring up a point and he’ll respond by saying, “That’s not really important. What’s important is xyz.” Sam is not the arbitrator of what is and is not important. He’s just using this technique as a way to side step talking about something that he does not have a good answer for. Sam isn’t trying to learn or share ideas, he’s trying to beat his opponents. Unfortunately, his opponents are often “too polite” and are simply trying to share ideas with Sam instead of trying to beat him.

  • Nice…

    I have… OOOh sorry, we have hundreds of those. some of the well known ones are, Krakatoa, Tambora and of course Toba Lake. Those gives us the most fertile soil:-)

  • All the government has to do, is extend the protections of the Bill of Rights to the internet. These are NOT traditional businesses that built their own infrastructure. The infrastructure was built by American taxpayers & no big tech monopoly has the right to control what we say on the infrastructure we built.

  • The crazy Marxist left tries to destroy Dr. Peterson and Dave Rubin BECAUSE they are voices of reason, and people turn to them to hear what they say..

    You know somebody has really become an effective voice when the leftist lynch mob shows up to scream Nazi and them.. The irony that antifa and college professors actually use fascist tactics to shut down speech is lost on them.. So definitely the low end of the gene pool types..

  • The problem is that people can’t handle the internetsphere. They get a dopamine rush when attacking someone online and point the finger. I always thought that this shows how far behind the West truly is. That Twitter is cited as source on news outlets etc. It’s idiotic. People should get to know people in real life.

  • This caller is so scatter brained with the info being spoken to Dave. She is a Nurse Practitioner! I thought healthcare professionals were suppose to have the best communication skills period. All Dave needs is the background info and the numbers of your income and liabilities. I believe in healthcare it is called giving ‘pertinent’ information.

  • Nope, no facebook, no twitter, et al, never owned a flip phone, much less an Iphone.
    Call me ahead of the curve OR, When the Globalist narrative writers say, ”YOU MUST do X”, I don’t. (Stock market included, call me wealthy)

  • I’m a NP and I call BS on her story and that Cali will make a Doctorate a requirement. the PHD will NOT increase her pay

    $291,000 is simply OUT OF CONTROL

  • could cancel culture be label has some sort of fascism?

    Wikipedia definition: ”a form of far right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.”

    a side from the far-right aspect… it’s pretty on point

  • Dave, how many times do I have to tell you you never figure in taxes when it comes to their total take home? There is no way she is going to get 100% of that 12,000 bonus, and you know that. About 40% of that is going to be taxed at a bonus rate so at most you’ll get 8000. On future calls, do yourself a favor so you sound more intelligent and make realistic numbers more apparent to these people.

  • Dem areas are dangerous. One should not have to worry about their vehicle being vandalized for having a Trump sticker on it. How many Obama sticker vehicles were vandalized?

  • Cancel culture exists. However, it should be known that Dave Rubin is funded partly by the Koch brothers which he doesn’t reveal. Take what he says with a grain of salt.

    He is always going to press for lower taxes especially for corporations and rich people.

    He is correct about Tulsi Gabbard and how she got blackballed.

    However, the economy is not doing well as he says. It’s doing well if you just measure it by the stock market, S&P, etc. But most Americans don’t own stocks.

    Dave Rubin says a mixture of truths with subtle untruths.

    Just always remember where is the money coming from Koch Brothers. Always follow teh money and you know what someone’s motivation is.

  • Karena alam semesta dan bumi lingkungannya kotor tidak ada yang peduli gunung merapi di tugaskan untuk bersih bersih supaya indah sehat selalu.

  • I knew bits about this awful drug, and it was call the midwife that made me really curious and to do research into it! However I didn’t realise how tired up nazis were in all of this, the whole thing suddenly feels so much worse and so so evil. Disturbing and wrong.

  • The media is the only opposition to President Trump now. Democrats have already lost the election. This convention is absolute foolishness.

  • A lesson for the present: If a new medication is a beneficial breakthrough, doctors will usually flock to it with little incentive. If the company has to push it with a huge advertising campaign, samples, etc., there is generally a reason why. Be very cautious and well-educated regarding those “Ask your doctor about (our new med)…” ads on TV in the US. BTW, these ads are considered unethical in most other countries.

  • It is still way too close, I do not understand that at all! I mean after these last very very long years how can it be so close? Makes no sense at all.

  • Hunter Biden Needs Americans Tax Money to live his rich lifestyle & pay his stripper baby momma Child Support!! If Joe Wins? Get prepared for Higher Taxes,Lost Jobs & Businesses, and Prison for Black Americans!! The Biden’s & Democrats are going to sell America Out Again,They’ll jump in bed with China faster than the blink of an eye!! Racists Quid Pro Quo Joe!!,……….President Trump Four More Years For “We The Black, White,Brown,Red,Yellow American People” Nov.2020!❤����

  • THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO IS QUIT YOUR DEGREE HALF WAY. YOULL JUST BE LEFT W THE DEBT AND NOT HAVE A DEGREE TO PUT UP PAY RAISE. it’s something that once you get into you you just have to finish it

  • If big tech wasn’t censoring all conservative voices, the right would defend big tech and non-crony capitalism.. But because big tech is run by a bunch of libtard leftists, I really have no hope of big tech reforming their ways.. Let the left eat their own.. Let the SJW’s scream and call for the break up of big tech and watch the leftists destroy the machine that the globalists had planned to enslave us with…

  • In the 2016 campaign, Hilary, Mitchell Obama and President Obama made it abundantly clear that Trump was the most dangerous man to sit in the Oval Office. You all ignored those pieces of advice. You’ve seen it all in the last nearly 4 years. If you ignore all these red flags again, Trump will surely ruin your country and the world. I write from London. Listen to the group of 3 this time in 2020. The most important point that strikes me about Trump is what Mitchell Obama said in 2016 and last Monday again.” That Presidency doesn’t change who you are. But instead, it reveals who you are”. Trump in all his life, is dubious, a bully,
    a liar and a cheat. Isn’t all that we’ve been seeing in the last 4 years of this time in the Oval Office.

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  • Yes, they hate trump and they say he’s immoral but bill Clinton is ok. They attack trump kids, but Hunter is ok making millions using his dad access. Dems are crazy. Remember when they used to make fun of trump age and health? Now these topics are forbidden since sleepy Joe is running… Hhhhh

  • this company makes 1 billion a year in revenue and had to squeeze their butts real hard to give away 50 million to help people who suffer because of them…and they say jews are greedy

  • I started a farm for social inclusion, we organise work, games and animal care experiences for people with disabilities. It’s hard work but society needs to change towards “these” people. Because “these” people are us, and we are them.

  • Funny the liberal fake news never told you this!
    ☑️ I bet you didn’t know this about cheating Jill Biden and Joe Biden.
    The ex-husband of Jill Biden is speaking out this week to claim that she and Joe have been lying for decades about the way they met, alleging that they actually had an affair that broke up her first marriage.
    Bill Stevenson told Daily Mail that Biden’s story that he met Jill and fell in love with her after a blind date is completely made up. He added that he is about to publish a bombshell book that will blow the lid off the entire story forever.
    “I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Stevenson said. “But facts are facts and what happened, happened.”
    “I genuinely don’t want to harm Jill’s chances of becoming First Lady. She would make an excellent First Lady — but this is my story,” he added. “It’s not a bitter book — I’m not bitter because, if it wasn’t for my divorce, I would never have met my wife Linda and she’s the greatest thing in my life — but it does have facts in it that aren’t pleasant to Jill and Joe.”
    “People ask me how I can go back 40 years, but I am not, I’m going back 72 years to tell my life story,” Stevenson continued. Stevenson married Jill Jacobs in 1970, and two years later, the couple was working on then-New Castle County Councilman Biden’s first campaign for the Senate. Biden was married at the time to his wife Neila, who died along with their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash between the election and Biden taking his Senate seat.
    “Jill and I sat in the Bidens’ kitchen,” Stevenson said. “We worked on his campaign. I gave $10,900 to his first campaign — in cash.”
    He added that he first suspected that Biden and Jill were having an affair in 1974.
    “I know exactly when it was,” he said. “Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance.”
    “I asked Jill to go with me and she said no — she had things to do, she had to look after Joe’s kids, Beau and Hunter. It was kind of a big deal to go meet Springsteen. I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly,” Stevenson continued. “Then one of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close. I was surprised that she came to me.”

    In October of that year, Stevenson got confirmation of the affair.
    “I was at work and a guy came in and asked: ‘Do you own a brown Corvette?’ I said yes, it’s my wife’s car,” he recalled. “He said back in May it had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate and he never heard back from them. I said: ‘Wait a minute. Who is they?’ And he said: ‘Funnily enough, Senator Biden was driving.”
    Stevenson knew immediately that his marriage was over.
    “I asked Jill to leave the house, which she did. Her father was begging me to take her back when he found out what was going on. He asked me to give her a second chance, but I wasn’t interested,” he said. “I considered Joe a friend. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. Everyone who meets Jill falls in love with her immediately. It’s hard not to.”
    Biden has long claimed that he didn’t meet Jill until March of 1975, after her first marriage was over.

  • The DP is desperate…
    THIS is what I’ve been saying all along…
    And THIS is precisely WHY the DP have been cosying up to China and Iran. The Dems HATE America.
    Pelosi is orchestrating that first Kamala Harris takes presidency from Biden and then Obama and herself as shadow presidents. Which is why Michelle is fighting so hard for this. Kamala was chosen only because she is a mixed race “woman”, because her insincerity sucks. 
    Biden: Bring on the debates…

  • My take away is that there are a lot of spouse stealing elf centered narcissistic egotists present in the Thalidomide community, and unless the Apple investor exited Apple at the end of 2019, he missed a 40% price increase during that year, lol

  • Wow. Amazing documentary.
    The little boy dancing with his family made me smile! He was so adorable! His smile showed how happy he was.
    Those poor babies! As a mom, I couldn’t imagine giving up or allowing the doctors to kill them.
    The parents who raised their disabled children and raised them as a regular kid are amazing. Back then, people didn’t think that these children were worth it. They thought they were doing the babies and families a favor. So heartbreaking.
    The drug companies should have been charged with endangering the life of these children and gave compensation to all those families.

  • What a great video! Thank you for sharing all the helpful tips and advice about how to get the most out of your program (and mental health too!) in such a clear way that makes the process seem less daunting. This is amazing!!

  • Let The Corrupt Bias Fake News Medias Butt Kissing Racists Joe & India Harris Begin!! The Do Nothing DemonkkkRats Only Accomplishments Are Locking Up Black Americans And Destroying their States & Cities And They’ll get Rich while Americans get poorer and Suffer!!

  • College is a thing of the past and when the student loan debt bubble burst into recession, this year or next, people will think twice about College and Government being involved in the same business… In my neighborhood there’s about 4 different colleges side by side like stores in a mall THATS KIND OF FISHY TO ME-

  • what pisses me off here is that they keep trying to make this drug, and sell it to people who are not aware of the damages, why cant the governments shut these people down tell them no more licenses no more fake medication, or poision, but on the better side of this i grew up knowing alvin and the reason he is the way he is, is he doesnt see himself as different, and no matter how many times i seen him in the mornings leaving his home, getting in the car and driving to work, it amazed me over and over, and he did see it any different then normal day life, and l like the comment he made in this video, how can i drive fine with my feet and the next guy has two hand and two feet and cant drive, well were we live i stopped driving in 1994 because there are more jerks on the road now then ever and he’s right his accident report at sgi is less then most drivers here

  • Im confused… WHY did she even call��..She gets $12,000 as a bonus. Take 2 years worth of bonuses and pay for your PHD��..
    What does your husband do? ��She starts talking about a water leak��.. Just say he’s gonna be a stay -at-home Dad Lady����‍♀️

  • Wow libertarians! First time more than a couple libertarians ever agreed on anything!!
    But Dave Rubin is a good man to applaud across the political spectrum.

  • 58:50 there are significant numbers of people renouncing their US citizenships, enough for them to start making it harder, just saying.

  • Why the hell don’t parents punish their children harshly if they reject disableds??? They should get a lesson they never forget, imho.

  • Something must be wrong with me, watching all these disaster documentaries. From air crash investigations and disasters of the century, to this! And all around 2am!!!

  • They shout that the end of the human species is coming and then without taking a breath say we shouldn’t have children and want to give out free abortions….. their lunacy is mind blowing.

  • Hey Biden come out come out where ever you are, because you Dementia Joe will Lose Big time! Maga Re-elect Our Greatest President of all time President Donald Trump 2020!

  • Bill needs to go to jail for sexual abuse minors.

    A vote for Biden is a vote against America. Asian Americans for Trump. #TRUMP2020.

  • When you continue to knowingly lie you will do worse and worse things without questioning them since you will be in too deep. Just like people followed horrible orders in the past so will we if we dont speak the truth when we face lies.

  • In 2010, Mt Merapi of Java Indonesia erupted and its hot materials and pyroclastic clouds reach approximately 20km of it’s crater. Many have lost their belongings and life.

    My house is only 18km from it’s crater but luckily, it’s not in the eruption path it is located on the other side. I remember it was 12 am. Everything was rumbling and shaking. The tremor did not stop until dawn. It was one of the scariest nights of my life.

    Fyi. We’ve got earthquakes and tsunami as well.

  • That German Nazi Doctor, looks evil! How did he get licensed?? A Nazi dr in concentration camps Should Have revoked his license! Look what

  • Slow Joe does not stand a chance against President Trump. Trump Has the Black vote in the Bag, slow Joe is Not like my next Door Neighbor, he is a nightmare.

  • Fake ID makes in China ����