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20 Minute Full Body Disney HIIT Workout

Video taken from the channel: That Disney Girl


30 Minute HIIT Workout Spartan Warrior Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


30 min Mini Trampoline Workout | HIIT Workout

Video taken from the channel: GymRa


30 Minute HIIT Workout by Cult Fit | Fat Burning Exercises | At Home Workout | Cult Fit | Cure Fit

Video taken from the channel: CureFit


30 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss High Intensity Interval Training with Weights at Home Women & Men

Video taken from the channel: HASfit


Military Fit 30 Minute Workout by BMF with Bear Grylls.

Video taken from the channel: Be Military Fit

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List of related literature:

The HIIT protocol was 3 × 3 minute intervals on a cycle ergometer at a rating of perceived exertion of 16–18, with 1 min lower intensity “rest” in between.

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For the first 10 exercise sessions, all subjects in the exercising groups performed the same HIIT protocol of 8 to 10 bouts of 60 s of cycling at 90% to 110% of peak power with 75 s of recovery between bouts.

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Workout 1: 4-Minute HIIT with 4-Minute Rest Periods for VO2 DAY 6 Max Complete five rounds of intense 4-minute intervals.

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The new guidelines recommend that, with the specific inclusion of resistance training 2 (or more) nonconsecutive days/week, using 8 to 10 major muscle groups and 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions at a moderate intensity as based on the RPE scale (5–6 out of 10).

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The key aspects of progressive resistance training are resistance, repetition and progression.53 The optimal resistance is equivalent to an 8–12 repetition maximum (RM).

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Yesterday I saw my best friend after 4 months of quarantine. He said dude you lost a lot of weight!! Guess who popped into my head when he told me that?… Yup, coach and Claudia hehe

  • This was fun, although not quite as challenging as your other videos. So I did up my weights on the last round and that did it! So it’s in the weights! I had fun, especially the last one move. Thank you

  • 2nd time doing this workout SMASHED IT!!
    I had a sluggish day today over ate �� I wasn’t going to workout today but thank you God for kicking my butt up and making me do this workout. I don’t feel so guilty now and I know I will wake up in the morning in a positive mood.

    Thank you Coach and Claudia. Your both a Godsend.

  • finally, a hiit worout with weights and not just cardio.. i love weights /strength and i love hiit, but pure cardio is just necessary evil for me.. so this is perfect.. subscribed! i am trying this tomorrow!

  • Whew the last round of iso planks got my left leg to do the shaky thing so I guess I used up the leg today! Great workout, thanks for the video!

  • Why is this considered HIIT? I thought from everything I’ve read, it’s usually some form of sprinting all out for specified time and resting specified time, and repeated. Whats the difference between HIIT, interval training and tabata workouts???

  • ***WARNING***

    Dear window shoppers of this workout.

    Do NOT watch this workout from the comfort of your sofa/bed and assume it is easy this workout is a killer. I had the assumption that I will be able to do 2 rounds of this workout…I just drowned in my own sweat. ��

    Well done yet again Coach and Claudia! 100% and some. You guys were made for this job! I never thought working out would be my ‘me time.’

    You have made me physically and mentally stronger.

    God bless you both.

  • Hi! Excellent video/workout. Know that you’ve got an ‘older’ lady following your workouts… even if I’m not a youngster anymore I’m too young in spirit for older people workouts… ������ knock on wood ��

  • Thanku so much…very effective workout..
    Mne apna 6kg weight kam kr liya h is work out se or meri disck m dard rehta tha wo bhi is work out k baad bilkul khtam ho gya h wo bhi sirf 2 month krne se

  • Coach Kozac and Claudia. I have been enjoying your videos. But I’d like to know which ones to do for weight loss. I love using my dumbbells. I love the tabata ones but I want to know which are best and how many times a week you would recommend. I work out five times a week and alternate cardio and then your videos. But I would like to know the recommendation for how many a week for weight loss.

  • Hi Coach Kozak and Claudia First thanks for all your great workouts! I was hoping you could answer this for me.. that was a hard workout but it did not get my heart rate up, is it still effective?

  • Hi Coach & Claudia, another winner! Sweating like Coach (and glowing like Claudia):D Thanks again and looking forward to the next one with you both!

  • Great workout actually one to get your heart rate up. I had to take a quick break in the middle then carried on. Will carry it on to see if can make to end, challenge set x

  • This was absolutely fantastic after my strength training routine. Like a soft fluffy dollop of whip cream with a cherry on top. I feel so pumped and rejuvenated, damn. Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for these workouts!!!! You guys inspire me sooo much!! I have a question though, I”ve heard that you can do ab workouts every day, I do your 8 min ab workouts. Is it ok to do them every day without ret for them?? Or should u take rest days for them?

  • Awesome workout! I missed Claudia’s voice but then I realized that this is a 2016 video..we love you Coach! but, now that we can hear Claudia voice we all know she compliments your workout videos so well:)!

  • I like the part where he just took off his sneaker. I just have one question. When the shoes have to come off, is that part of the advanced or modified workout? According to the theory of relativity, the mass of the shoe particles is irrelevant to the activity being performed.

  • I didn’t want to work out today. But I kept it moving no rest for the weary right? But this workout out was a sweat fest. I didn’t start out sweating but the more intense it got I am now drenched. But I feel real good that I pushed. Thank you for this workout. ��������

  • These workouts are amazing! I never really comment but I really wanted to comment today and say thank you for these amazing workouts I discovered hasfit when quarantine started and now I’m down 35 pounds! I finally have the body I have always wanted and I couldn’t have done it without you guys! I had literally spent years trying to lose weight and tried many different workouts and none had been as effective as these! Thank you so much for making my fitness goals a reality!

  • Killer workout! Burnt slightly more than 500 calories, while stopping for a couple of times for 1 minute each time. Thank you! Awesome work provided!

  • 1st it was difficult
    And after sime 2-3 days it was pretty easy
    Its actually very good u can do these workouts��������������������������❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️������

  • I got a pretty good pump from this with 15lbs. Next time I’ll have too use 20lbs for most of those exercises though. Thank you for the workout!

  • Great cardio workout GymRa! I’m not at the top of fitness by no means, but I barely break a sweat in most rebounder workouts. However, this workout was a challenge. My heart rate was up and I’m drenched….I almost quit! Keep up the work for the guys that need a challenge!

  • I just got all the way through this video for the first time. It’s my third or fourth time attempting it, and I’ve ended up face down on my hallway floor dizzy and nauseous. I made it this time! Thanks for the video!

  • Doing this for the first time today and holy crap!! I also thought this would be an easy way to work out haha definitely kicking my ass! I’m doing this on a large trampoline and Love how this really gets me sweating I feel if I did this every day I’d be fit in no time! Thank you for this video haha my goal is to now complete all the way without stopping!

  • I’m 76 so I doubt I could even attempt this, awesome workout though. Do you have a routine for the geriatric crowd? Very impressive. I exercise every day but; this is way over my ability. I might try 10 min segments until I get stronger. I love the idea of low impact.

  • One of the many things I love about these workouts is the pace! I’ve done so many workouts that I’ve memorized so I could keep exercising during all the talking. I can barely keep up and I absolutely love that! I’ve been recommending your workouts to all my family and friends! You guys are amazing, thank you both!!!

  • my first time doing a trampoline workout and I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t what I expected It to be but i made it through the 30 minutes and I feel exhausted (The good tired)

  • No hate at all, I’m just genuinely curious, but why do girls put on makeup when they’re about to sweat and die? Like, there’s no reason to look cute

  • Omg my first time doing this exercise and I had to stop the video a few times in order to finish it:/ I hope one day I can do this non stop. Definitely a great routine I will try to do it every day to get better at it��☺️

  • Wow! Less eating, more moving during this Covid-craziness, yes? Turned my dining room into a gym and ordered a JumpSport fitness trampoline. Have been combing through videos and this one is FANTASTIC! Solid cardio yet moves are not difficult and can be modified. Prepare to sweat… ��

  • i’ve been trying to lose weight so i’ve been doing hiit workouts for two days. however i’m pretty sore today and i don’t know if i should give my muscles a break in order to recuperate or workout to keep the momentum going. would this be a good workout for days when i’m sore?

  • Coach K heaving…love it. No fake s%^ here like those that count reps while walking around others in their workout video, he is trying harder than anyone. One of the best on YT!

  • This was amazing. I never comment on YouTube videos but I am smiling and sweating and I will be repeating this workout all the time!!

  • amaaaaazing!!! life changing haha 500 calories in 30 mins!! yore a star…hope you and your family are well and safe thru this pandemic

  • Quarantine exercise, but I have a large trampoline in the backyard, I have to modify some exercises, but amazing vídeo thanks a lot, from Mexico

  • Absolutely the best trampoline workout Ive done and Ive done a lot! Sweating = good sign. Also very motivational without being annoying. Thankyou x

  • So I’ve read some comments and I’m wondering if it’d be ok if I did it 2-3x a week or if I should do a lighter workout for 2 other days, if you reply to this thank you.

  • I still love this work out so much!! I would love to see more workouts with this format…3 moves, 3 rounds, repeated 5 times with different moves in each superset! Killer!!!

  • Love love love this. I borrowed a mini trampoline just before lock-down here in South Africa and your workout has kept me sane for another day!

  • Second time today at well as yesterday twice a day for u 2 motivate me also this is a betrayed wife workout to regain self esteem

  • Great workout, as always. �� Keep up the good work Coach, you and Claudia really help to keep me fit and motivated with you workouts. I’ve been doing is for two years now and I can tell you hard work pays off. ��

  • GREAT cardio!!! Hope there will be more!!! THANK YOU!!! (Most of the rebounder cardio workouts that I do are in another language �� ) Adding to favs list

  • i am new to this channel and absolutely loving it. This will be my workout during my lunch hour at work. Lets hope i can finish my work day. I hv a very sedentary job but love that we hv small gym at work and i can workout during my lunch hour. I m really enjoying working out with Coach Kozac and Claudia. Really looking forward to change my mind and body.

  • OMG yassssss, exercises with disney songs!!.. this never crossed my mind, now I’m more excited to exercise!! Thank you so much, this is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a while!!

  • Thanku so much…very effective workout..
    Mne apna 6kg weight kam kr liya h is work out se or meri disck m dard rehta tha wo bhi is work out k baad bilkul khtam ho gya h wo bhi sirf 2 month krne se

  • I love HasFit! It’s my Go to workout when I’m like haven’t planned but need a short, intense workout!! This one I liked since it got my heartrate update!! Feeling strong! Thanks, Coach as always!!! Woop!!

  • I replaced the Hollow Body with Mountain Climbers that way I get a slightly more aerobic workout while at the same time continuing to target abdominal area. (I believe Hollow Body targets the six-pack area, while Mountain Climbers benefit the obliques?) Either way, I’m putting myself through the mill so it all counts:P

  • Never work out, started this as my first routine. Did Not give up, trust me If I can, YOU CAN! I got gassed half way through but just keeping going repeat to yourself what you want for me i was on the second set in round 3 and just kept saying to myself “i want more than two” 3 days in no stop in sight:D

  • Thank You both so much for pushing me today!!! I used my 8 lbs weights for most of the exercises. A few months ago, I wouldn’t of used any weights. Or quit. I did all of this workout, EXCEPT the final one exercise. I will do 100% of it next time! I promise!!! I am starting to notice a difference on the inside of my thighs!!!!! So again! Thank You so much for these workouts!!!!!!!!!

  • I was on the last round of snatches, breathing heavy as hell, knowing the finish line was right around the corner. I’m focused… nothing can stop me now. Except for you retching lol. I cracked up at that part. I finished the workout with a puddle of sweat in front of me and my belly hurting from laughing so hard. Thanks, coach.

  • I’m pretty tough & stubborn, but this one literally had me thinking “stop” at the last round. Now I know why I can’t keep my gloves on….too much sweating! Thanks!

  • I’m so sad I can’t access the Disney Channel Edition video anymore “This content is not available in this country domain due to a trademark complaint” (USA). That one was my favorite one to do everyday, along with this one…

  • Excellent! Loved it although it was a toughy. I love to change my routine really often and this is now a favourite to add it. Thank you x

  • Okay, this is the video that made me a Patreon member. After doing HASfit a couple times a week for several months, I found this one tonight and I gotta say, you had me at nearly-puking Kozak. Love your usual duo leader approach, too. The variety of workout types is just what I was looking for.

  • These exercises are very good and the landscape enchants me! However, there are only 3 videos of “jump” or trampoline on the channel. Invest more in this content, please! Accompanied and I really like, hugs from Brazil.

  • Best tramp workout on YouTube! Please make more in this format. Not too much talking and straight to business. Fun & Challenging! Thank you.

  • I have so far done every single one of Emily’s workouts on emkfit and can honestly say that there is no stress comparable to the speed of the Hercules song ��

  • Just done this instead of my usual Friday morning HIIT as a Friday treat to make me smile and I swear I sweated more than usual so good going. Song choice was insane. Even me being a total beginner to exercise and HIIT got it. Although anyone larger chested like moi there’s some jumping so decent sports under garments needed ��

  • I was slightly disappointed. When I saw “Disney” I was PUMPED! But I honestly don’t consider Camp Rock or High School Musical as classic Disney. But it seemed fun either way, just not for me.

  • As much as I’m dying right now I have never smiled thru a workout more. I loved this and hope to actually keep up with some of those crazy fast moves one day!

  • I LOVE THIS! I’m a P.E teacher and this is a super fun idea for the kiddos! Also the Disney Throwbacks almost made me cry (In a GOOD way haha)
    Thank You kindly!:D

  • Listen I’d like to think I’m in shape. Went to the gym everyday before quarantine and decided to get a mini trampoline after seeing this video to help stay in shape. So far I can only make it 25 mins but I’m slowly moving up from where I started at 20. Great workout! Really gets my heart rate going!!

  • Omg I just ordered a mini trampoline. I neeeeeed this type cardio workout. This is a must have during quarantine. I greatly appreciate of you sharing this. Thanks.

  • OMG coach! Loved the workout! Ahh man, can’t believe how you handled that little vomiting situation. You’re badass! I must admit it did crack me up. hehe. Thanks for your great workouts and spartan spirit.

  • Just amazing �� best trampoline workout I do the trining everyday and my body shape has changed I got amazing results �� please make more videos thank you so much

  • I was NOT prepared for this to kick my butt as quickly as it did but I really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to keep at it and be able to do all the moves and keep up! Thank you for bringing a little disney fun into working out ❤️

  • This was probably the best workout video I’ve ever seen on YouTube! I am super clumsy but that was incredibly fun and I worked up quite a sweat!

  • if any of y’all have lost weight doing this, let me know �� i’m starting this tomorrow & im gonna see if I noticed anything different

  • Love this, new workout routine been doing it for a week straight, the only workout I love �� you need to do Disney classics next that will amazing ������

  • I’ve been wanting to start working out a lot lately, and usually dread doing it but this made it so fun to do, and it went by so fast.