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The Good, Bad, and Ugly! Bodybuilding, simply put, is the art of sculpting a muscular, symmetrical, and visually appealing physique. It is different than strength training because it focuses on hypertrophy (muscle growth), and aesthetics (how the body looks) instead of simply lifting heavier weight.

Dedication, devotion,tunnel vision that basically build a strong character and will power.The ugly side of bodybuilding is hardly revealed, simply because truth hurts and shocks.Drug abuse leads to a plethora of side effects and diseases, making bodybuilding a potentially dangerous life style. Bodybuilding: The Good, Bad and Ugly Home » Training » Education » Bodybuilding: The Good, Bad and Ugly The beauty of bodybuilding is that for as many as there are competitors, coaches and trainers, there are just as many ways to achieve the goal, from different diet plans, to training styles, to posing techniques. Bodybuilding The Good, Bad And The Ugly! Todd Blue July 06, 2004 No amount of pain and suffering would ever make me give up my dream.

A s with anything that you will do, there are both good things and bad things about it. Bodybuilding is no exception to that. This is an article to let some of the beginners in on all the great things I have. Rogue R3 The good, The bad and The ugly Review Received R-3 rack today, this is just a quick initial review, I will follow up later with much more detailed review and photos after Rogue will sort out some issues here and after I will bolt it down to a plywood platform and use it. The Good. The Chilli at Wendy’s is a fairly safe bet with only 190-280 calories (small or large) and 6-9 grams of fat. On the salad side of things, choosing the Mandarin Chicken Salad or the Chicken Caesar Salad will be good, just avoid the crispy noodles, croutons, and full fat dressing if.

Full concert here: http://bit.ly/TributeEnnioMorricone Subscribe to our channel for more videos http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMedicitv Ennio Morricone: The Goo. Bodybuilding: The Good, Bad and Ugly The beauty of bodybuilding is that for as many as there are competitors, coaches and trainers, there are just as many ways to achieve the goal, from different diet plans, to training styles, to posing techniques. Start your review of Bodybuilding: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Write a review. Daniel Etra rated it it was amazing Dec 17, 2019.

Ram Niranjan marked it as to-read Nov 02, 2018. Abdul Razack marked it as to-read Apr 16, 2019. Mohamed Ashardeen marked it as to-read. But That Is The Good Part. What About The Bad, And Even The Ugly?

In this piece, I would be covering the harsh side-effects of taking these drugs that you should know of.

List of related literature:

Here’s a perfect example of what I meant when I said bodybuilding represents different things to different people.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
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Bodybuilding for competition is distinguished from most other forms of strength-enhancing fitness in that, while it gives the individual an appearance of well-being and massive strength, it is in fact dangerously unhealthy and can be fatal.

“Freakery: Cultural Spectacles of the Extraordinary Body” by Rosemarie Garland Thomson, Rosemarie Thomson-Garland
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Bodybuilding is a sport of form, but instead of movement the form involved is that of the body itself—the size, shape, proportion, detail, and aesthetic quality of the physique as developed in the gym, prepared by dieting, and displayed by performing bodybuilding poses.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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There are other bodybuilding organizations as well including the most popular bodybuilding organization, the National Physique Committee (NPC), www.npcnewsonline.com, which is an amateur division leading to the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB), www.ifbb.com.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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Bodybuilders such as Larry Scott and Rich Gaspari are two good examples.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Competitors who are not very muscular may think they must belong in men’s physique rather than in bodybuilding.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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In bodybuilding, the goal is to look better because the person is being judged by how they look, not by how they perform.

“Optimal Muscle Training” by Ken Kinakin
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But let me tell you, depending on the way you see things, the world of bodybuilding can be sick and as dirty as anything you’ve ever seen or heard.

“Death, Drugs, and Muscle: Surviving the Steriod Underworld” by Gregg Valentino, Nathan Jendrick
from Death, Drugs, and Muscle: Surviving the Steriod Underworld
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This was highly focused subjective bodybuilding devoid of all structure.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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For more details, see Arnold Schwarzenegger, Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985), 161.

“Pragmatist Aesthetics: Living Beauty, Rethinking Art” by Richard Shusterman
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Sam could you ask Lee if he currently has any muscle cars(or if he plans on purchasing any)…Seen some past videos where he owned a Supercharged Mustang and a C6 Corvette. I know how you Aussies like your V8’s

  • I do a high intensity cardio as a warm up. I like having goals such as being able to run faster, and for longer periods. It felt good hitting 15 minutes of non stop running for the first time at a speed of 7.0 mph on my last workout day of the year. My current goal is to be be able to hit 8.0 mph for a solid 15 minutes by the end of this month. I currently can’t run for long periods at 8.0 because I become light headed.

    Having goals and achieving them motivates me to keep on coming back to the gym.

  • Hey Scoob, have you thought about making a video on jumping rope? Just wondering because I’d love to hear your take on it. You have mentioned jump rope in passing, which is why I started doing it in the first place, but I think it’s an overlooked form of cardio for many people. I just started doing it with an old rope I found in my closet because my local gym closed, and I needed an quick way to do some intense cardio without going for a run. I used to use a treadmill for indoor cardio, but I think the jump rope is much better, at least for me

  • Ask Lee if he has ever experience such high euphoria from working out that he felt he was on another plane of enlightenment with incredible endorphins flowing? Or was it like Arnold said better than orgasm? (the pump)

  • But insulin in the blood all day from constant eating creates inflammation and then cholesterol has to repair the damage which then thickens the inside of the blood vessels and then you get high blood pressure and often diabetes 10 years later if not careful.
    You also get insulin resistance which creates ALL KINDS of trouble in the body.
    Dont listen to a meat head.

  • Bodybuilder lifestyle is unhealthy both physically and emotionally. There’s a reason those dudes end up losing it one day and murdering their families or committing suicide (or both). Bodybuilding attracts a very wounded kind of person.

  • Why pro bodybuldiers dont do full ROM:
    Partially (wink wink) Ego
    Fucked up joints from doing stupid shit and not full rom for years
    And most importantly….


  • You think you have bad genetics, you don’t. People with truly bad genetics would be unable to get the body you have, no matter how hard they work. Just because you were skinny at one point doesn’t mean you didn’t have the genetic capability to change that.

  • God I love this guy. Always puts me in a good watching his videos. Such enthusiasm and an amazing achievement to look like that any time after 40 these days!

  • Really good video and well explained to your subscribers, I also made a post regarding similar to what your talking about now with how there’s no magic �� etc and I use to be obeast as well.

  • As a type2 diabetic with regular lab work done and doing both cardio and weight lifting I’ve noticed with my own health stats how each has its own benefit. Cardio mainly benefits fats loss, lowers resting heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves blood flow. Weight training has the biggest impact on my blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism.

  • Thanks to you I do cardio at least 7 hours a week every week. I always strive to do more but always make sure to hit that minimum. Thanks Scooby!

  • Wow, the thing about incorporating the movement into everyday life was so obvious in retrospect, but a mental breakthrough for me none-the-less. I’ll do my internship commute on a bike rather than with the bus!

  • Hello Scooby I am sort of new at exercising and am doing my routine in a cycle of legs, then upper body, then forearms and abs… but I am having trouble fitting cardio in. Would you recommend I insert a 4th day into my routine solely for cardio or should I do a certain amount of cardio before/after my workout and if so how many minutes? Thanks.

  • Thank you for all you do. Cardio is very important for me especially. Dropping all this fat is helping my joints and my back. I went to the gym today and I was going to go buy some ingredients for some of your recipe suggestions and I forgot my wallet at home! I wanna eat them protein bars bad.

  • Hey bud, have you ever acquired any injuries over decades of working out that required surgery? I’ve been working out with a torn labrum for a couple of years and am finally deciding to get it fixed because it’s holding my chest workouts back a significant amount. You don’t need a perfect labrum to live life so idk if it’s worth the risk of surgery and long recovery. But lifting and fitness is what makes me happy and motivated daily, especially through graduate school. Thank you.


  • Highly disagree with the last point (incorporate cardio into your daily life). Unless you work on top of a hill or mountain and you go there by bike or run up every day, going to work by bike, on foot, is FAR from cardio for me at least. Why? Intensity. It’s just not intense enough, period. Also I just can’t afford wasting 2+ hours every day of my life doing cardio, come on, you have to be more efficient than that. If you have a dayjob, and other responsibilities, a daily 30 min cardio should be more than enough. Just keep it intense.
    My intensity is in the range where I could not speak confortably even for 1 minute while doing cardio, but not so intense that I would need to breathe throught my mouth the whole time to be able to continue. There is a fine line between the 2 and that’s where I am while doing cardio. It works for me, I’m fit, and healthy, AND I have time to do other s***. Just saying.

  • you need to put a shirt on…. no hate but looks ridiculous considering your advice is often informative you dont need the sell

  • Well,the pumps in 3/4 reps or half reps are extreme,the contraction is awesome,plus you can use much more volume and frequency this way.I bulk up easily with partial reps and the pumps are staying longer.I feel the muscle working more despite that i use moderate weight.When you use too heavy weight,you will recruite more muscle groups to lift it.Will you do deadlifts for your shoulders?No.Military presses?Yes.Try using a moderate weight and do 20-30 partial reps.An extra bonus is that this way you can train everyday,because it’s much less taxing to the nervous system.Don’t be afraid,come on,do it.Now,see and feel the pump.Of course i’m talking about personal experience.But,i started lifting weights since i was 16,(not consistantly),but i have years of training on me and even in my teens i used to blow up crazily with partial reps and high volume.I don’t need to lift heavy and feel super strong,i’m not gonna be a super hero any time soon,so it works for me.And lastly,when someone says zero reps,when he sees someone who does partials,it’s wrong.If you feel the unbeatable urge to count reps,check the distance of the movements and add it all together.For example,20 half reps=10 full reps,not zero.I hope for a peaceful world someday,without any problematic guy trying to control even the breath of others.

  • Cardio is very helpful for lowering stress, which if you have too much of will literally slow down your metabolism and prevent you from losing fat.

  • I think a lot of it is also that many of the pro level bodybuilders are at the point where they actively DON’T want to gain muscle in certain parts of their body for aesthetic reasons. I watched a few interviews of guys that intentionally don’t work abs or other muscles to get a certain shape. Most normal people just want to gain as much muscle as possible and don’t really care where it shows up.

  • 1:15 I completely agree with this guy. This is how you should look as it is the natural body shape of a human being.

    This guy knows the ugly truth of body building industry.

  • There is nothing funnier than a bunch of nobodies on YouTube or anywhere critiquing world class bodybuilders! If the pros are doing it it’s for a reason and I’d much rather watch them and learn. Than listen to so moron using mass gainers to put on weight!

  • One aspect about cardio is you develop and efficiency doing the same thing over and over… which means the more efficient you become the less calories you burn doing the same effort… that’s why gym Go’ers doing cardio drop out after 90 days.
    That’s why marathon runners look so out of shape!

  • Great vid freezy boy. Funny out of all the youtube guys I watch I feel like I can relate to you the most. Love the honesty, I’m 44 now and i wish i could tell my 19 years old self what to do and what not to do. My little boys 12 and I’m hoping he comes to me one day and gets the bug.

  • Dips is primarily a chest exercise? Well technically it’s still a compound but it’s aimed for chest. Who uses dips to directly work tri’s?

  • “People who need to lose fat are not suitable athletes for doing interval training” THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, HIIT is great for getting down from 12% to 8% bf for athletes and bodybuilders, but if you need to lose some SERIOUS fat you CAN NOT DO HIIT!
    Even if you can choose a non-destructive version, such as swimming, the load HIIT puts on one’s cardiovascular system could be seriously danderous for you. People with excessive bf% have longer blood vessels (sometimes MILES longer) than the norm and even doing light cardio puts their hearts under a much higher load because it has a MUCH longer pipeline to cover! Add to that it’s usually the people who have spent YEARS not doing any training and their hearts are very new to any type of exercise!

  • 0:25 You do not have to do cardio to lose fat.
    1:15 It’s very easy to out-eat your cardio.
    1:55 Cardio is necessary for health.
    2:26 Cardio takes time.
    3:27 Cardio is not a machine at the gym-it’s a way of life.

  • he uses testosterone… he is never naturall.. he is to old for naturall…. u will never look like him natural at that age. i do only 15 minutes 20 minutes 3 times per week… and i lose weight around 24kg.. in 1month and 14 days. GOod diet… and walk alot and move ur body do not sit at home all day… doesn’t help you.

  • not to mention if you drink almost all the time as a male it will lower your testosterone and of course give you that beer gut. fuck that

  • Hypertrophic development (muscle volume/size) is all about 50-80% range of motion. Video is correct if bodybuilding is the goal. HOWEVER, if you’re focusing on increasing performance or functional development, for Olympic lifting, mma or other sports, then yes, full range of motion is optimal, furthermore, increasing the range of motion and/or going past full range of motion using things like plyometrics is even better for maximizing performance, but more of a risk as well.

  • What about the effect of momentum. I feel full reps are easier to do because of momentum while partial reps are harder and momentum is less.

  • Why are u soo akward. U are not moving ur body at all. Just ur hands. The video looks akward and stiff and the camera does not go below ur naval.

  • I found my great balance by going 3 times a week at the boxing gym and 2 times a week gong lift weight i never saw that much result on me by mixing exausting cardio and weight lifting!

  • I know you dont like being told what to do but you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Cop, Firefighter time to grow up and get stable��

  • Good and true video but making me depressed. I refuse to loose weight by any weight lifting or such contact sports. My good friend is just a baby compared to me he is 68 and he cannot get around as he played football for years when he was younger and has a broken body. I walk and my daughter does an eliptical thats all we do. To me I feel the human body is a pathetic ineficient artifact of nature if it cannot handle 2 piddly doughnuts after a rough workout.

  • I was wondering if I could have problems in the future from all the supplements I take I’ve only been taking them for a year-and-a-half. and I use use 10 sweeteners a day everyday. synthetic sugar. have you had digestion problems or anything of that nature?

  • Milos to Nasser: I got some secret sauce for u.

    Nasser: What’s that?

    Milos: It’s Called Insulin. Trust Me, I’m gonna make u Top 3 in Mr.Olympia

    Nasser’s Pancreas: alright I’m outta here..

  • Everything you say here is about partial reps is PSEUDOSCIENCE (a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on any scientific method) and based on ANECDOTAL opinions (reports or observations of usually unscientific observers). Although I grant you that you might very well be right, but we really do NOT know.

  • “It’s very easy to out-eat your cardio.”

    It only seems that way because almost nobody produces their own food anymore. If you had to produce all or most of your own food, you wouldn’t think gaining weight was easy.

  • I’m just watching this dude from now on he makes me feel good about my progress been a natural and watching the other guys who are juicing make me feel inadequate, Not there fault like they do it there way and il do it myn.

  • I’m not even into bodyfitness/bodybuilding, call it what ever you want, but your mustache and haircut makes me wanna watch this video.
    Style on point, my man

  • Beer honestly makes me dehydrated in the morning so my abs pop out more. I agree if you like beer moderation is key even to anything. 1-2 is fine lol

  • Ok from what I’ve seen is if you can’t do the full rep with the weight from the rep range of 7-15-20 then drop the weight down it’s not a competition in the gym.

  • Awesome video man! Very well said and very inspirational. I’m new to following you and I like your honesty. You put out some great information.

  • @Sam’s Fitness Gym Equipment  hey sam. are you able to please ask lee on what he thinks about only doing front squats,deadlifts,chin ups and dips for muscle gains. 

    regards daniel from the central coast! PS the IFBB sucks arse

  • I always think that you are squinting lol.Good vid watched it in full.You have come along way from being a young douche to a mature dude lol(no offense)

  • Maaan! Freezy,
    Love your stuff mate.
    Kinda a long story but
    I’m Australian after working at Bunnings for a year I saved up moved to Germany to study.
    working minimum wage jobs over here to buy food and pay for gym membership.
    I really admire how you do stuff like the clothing company and supplement company says so much about your character. Well done for just doing it!
    Keep being real!
    Your steroid use. It has definitely impacted me on not trying it, I got very close in buying some from the gym here, while I’m away from family and friends. The promise of gains was tempting but how you said about lifting heavy compounds for more sets and sticking to a higher calorie meal plan.
    Keep being real man, was refreshing to say the least.
    All the best

  • Soooo much determination. I would have given up for sure if I still looked like that after 5 years! I’m so glad I’m a mezo! Something I never realised I had until now. I had a better body with no training at all compared to you did at 18. I’m 31 now and nearly 1 year of training and I have packed on a heap of size. I’ve had to throw 3/4 of my clothes away and the ones I still have won’t be far away. I’m very excited for the coming years, I just wish I did this 15 years ago!

  • U wasted so many gains before u were 20 lol. Ngl u look better when u were 20 at ur peak than u do now man wtf r u doing now. Ur arms look tiny now. U literally gained fuck all from gear, what a waste of time and money. Should go back on a bulk stop fixating on being ‘lean’.

  • I was surprised at how time-consuming cardio is. I thought walking and dancing to music for a solid 30 minutes 3-5 days a week was enough. That’s about 2 miles and I read the American Heart Assn. recommends 4 miles. Add that to my weight training, (including spine therapy exercisesstretching and kegels…….! running would cut the cardio time in half approximately, but my back can’t take the high impact. So my life is taken up with exercising. Hope I never get sick of it or unable to do it.

  • Seriously, as someone whos just started gym, this video is just the best info ive heard, thanks man, definitely makes sense and im going to use this info.

  • Ugly truth no 6cardio is much more painful. Lifting to failure has nothing on biking up a monster hill or running 800 meters. I’m Scoob’s age and have done a whole lot of both. Hard cardio is more painful

  • Freez, how much do you agree that those who have done a cycle or so of gear will inevitably have a certain permanent edge in terms of muscle memory / ability to build. I’ve seen a lot of research that even after stopping it’s quite clear when someone’s done something in the past although they don’t keep barely anything, there’s still a long lasting effect of some sort even some muscle memory.

  • Feels bad. I have the exact same genetics as you. 183cm. Same body type and shape. Bad as this is, only how I get awesome results and cycles. Training natural nothing happens. Have low test to so that doesn’t help.

  • Longevity = Low insulin = Low carb diet. Nothing dammages collagen more than Glucose and Insulin. Skin, blood vessels ( capillaries from eyes kidneys and those that bring blood to the nerves). These 2 make high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others. Not only the sugar ( which is mainly glucose ) but anything that becomes glucose: potatos, wheat, rice, ceresls, etc. Sleepy after a meal, go to bed and heart beats fast, then you sweat in your sleep? Too much insulin, because of too much glucose.

  • Great take on it. Great content that’s a badass tiger fitness shirt Steve is wearing. I wouldn’t mind getting if they’re available to purchase.

  • Very good info. I always get a much better pump with partial reps than full range. And spot-on information about the tendency for injuries with full range motion.

  • While I respect body building massively. Coming from an actual educated fitness professional. No, partial reps in VERY rare cases are a good substitute for full range of motion when it comes to building muscle. Don’t look at everyone with muscle and assume they are educated because 99% of the time, they arnt. They just have the dedication to follow and regimen and understand the basics of working out and eating in a surplus or deficite.

  • “you CAN out-eat your cardio” is not an effective way to word this IMHO. To get the message across I would suggest using the flipside: “you CANNOT burn off a bad meal with cardio” A Rotton Ronnies burger, fries and milkshake would literally take hours on the treadmill to burn…that is if your feet and knees could handle it.

  • I just found out I even struggle with one crunsh and 1 push-up, and I’m working up a sweat just watching this xD

    And BTW, jeesh, people are so effing rude in the comments! He’s just trying to educate people on fitness and health! I imagine the haters here are just people lazy af, with no motivation in life, so they have to try to crush people’s self esteem to even try to feel better about themselves. I for one, are motivated and just subscribed to try to at least make some changes in my life. Just found this channel, great for complete fitness-noobs as myself xD

    I mostly struggle with changing my diet, but I gotta start somewhere >.<

  • I agree with most of your points.
    But this is only for body building right? Full Range of motion definitely has great benefits for strength and flexibility.

  • I do 1/2 rep range and realised that heavier weights helped a lot with everything. Your there to build muscle not to build form… your not a balerina.

  • No cardio here barely…..10 percent bodyfat in 5 months all 22 hour fasting and pull ups and push ups…Scooby tell these idiots the truth thank you sir!!

  • You’re one of my more favorite youtube bodybuilders, but I have to say I disagree with you on the cardio stance. If you’d ask me the same thing just 3 years ago I would have agreed with you. However I’ve seen some rather significant data to counter the mainstream belief about cardio. Chronic cardio is not only less beneficial then most people think it is, it can actually be downright bad. To be clear, I’m not referring to brisk walking, hiking, sprint intervals, or even the occasional jog. But day in and day out sessions of extensive cycling and running for miles and miles can increase oxidative stress and even result in arrhythmia. A lot of ironman competitors end up with pacemakers late in life as well. I seen life long runners before and tbh they look a lot like life long smokers! To each is own of course, but I certainly feel cardio takes its toll on the body. I’ll stick to the weights and pushups, and my twice weekly inclined walk (3 mph).

  • Tom platz squatted full range of motion. Best legs going. Don’t squat if you going to do half reps it’s just disrepctfull to the squat it’s self.

  • THIS SO MUCH THIS @3.06 Been a fat ass that im with fucked up knees, everyone is like do HIIT, its the best to burn fat, blablabla. Bitch if i do HIIT i couldn’t move for a month afterward. Swiming like the whale im helps a lot more i get my cardio done without taxing my joints.

  • If i can add something, calories burned doing cardio are usually largely overestimated by fitness apps and such, most of the times you get a closer number to reality by halving down what the fitness app/software says.

  • For my overweight patients (I’m a dietitian) I recommend they move at every opportunity. For some, this may be as simple as not sitting at work, for others it may be upping their walking in the park, and others may do best by buying an elliptical trainer and going slow and steady while watching TV. Susan Powter was right, you gotta move.

  • because they cant do the full move on that weight..chasing big numbers in kg..one specific guy he said he can is doing 40 pull ups…i say do it and i will salude you..he made 5…and 20 half.not even half

  • I,not a body builder,I do go to the gym 3 times a week,and I do weight training,but with me,I do time under tension,better results,slow and steady,and most of these guys are mostly on the juice,let’s be straight about it.

  • Great vid man
    So much wisdom
    My gains skyrocketed once I left the machines and humbly started barbell squat, bench, overhead and rows

    T level skyrockets and the gains pour in

    I think a good squat/bench/row/overhead press program can replace HRT for guys like me approaching 50

  • Imo when your muscles are big like these pros and you’re on anabolics the muscle gets easily pumped off these half movements. When you’re smaller you need more of a range. I’d like to see a beginner 160 pound lifter do quarter reps or half reps and build a body like these guys. I dont even think they realize why these bs reps are working for them. Common denominator lots of juice for years om years

  • They don’t do so called full reps because they are putting constant pressure on that particular muscle group… Which is a lot harder especially considering the reps and sets they do with the poundages they use.

  • Arnold is back… listen to him here at 3:47 https://youtu.be/o9zCgPtsups with the cocktail of drugs bb’s take these days training technique is the last thing they should worry about

  • Moral of the story….. don’t believe pussy science such as “this shit is scientifically work for you or not,…..use your own brain….and the right card….. because you alone knows how your body responds……

  • Ive head more Men complain about other mens form than women complain about other women in yoga or aerobic class…….. Some of our Women know ” I just came here to do me… IDGAF about what anybody is doing while Im workingout “

  • One of your best vids. Hey I’d love to hear your opinion, or even a vid, on the “lower volume” research thats been done recently… See Jeff Nippards recent vid on it. Interesting stuff

  • If you have experience and muscle you can do partial reps because mind muscle conection is there.. If you are beginer i prefer for 2 years full range of motion

  • Think about it, if you are working your chest and doing db chest presses, the higher up you go the more your shoulders and tri’s are activated. Makes perfect sense for the majority of movements if you aren’t a powerlifter and being judged on A to B.

  • Nice. Simple. T the point video we can all relate to. Sometimes getting consumed with finding out every edge to be the best you can. Sometimes you just have to say f$&@ it, and enjoy life. Great job Marc. Bee following you for 3 years now. Use your red velvet protein, and greens/reds.

  • you do know what happends if you body build to much you will destroy your muscles plus you can tear your muscles as well and may lead to pemanent damage

  • theyre modern bodybuilders, on roids. Its all about isolation, for the pump. The average guy releases more growth hormone with full body, more ranged exercises. unless you have physical reasons not to do so, why in the world would you cheapen your workout. full isolation, if youre natty, is such a waste of time and effort.

  • ist stupide all you have t know is bodybuilder get injure more easely because they dont do full rangemotion so they lose athletisim on the muscle and the resulte is injury they dont work muscle in hard position real powerlifter work always in hard position to make the muscle and even the bones stronger you all should watch mike o hearn is the best exemple of longevity and powerlifter live and train longer then bodybuilder because they no realy who to train so dont litsen all this cheat bodybuilder are sucks is whas bodybuilder now i do powerlifting and my joint and flexibility are better even my health

  • Remember to only do full ROM squats. Sure, you will spend the last half of your life in a wheelchair, suffering from incredible pain 24/7, but at least you can lecture people on YouTube.

  • Doesn’t take a Genius that they are not natural. Doesn’t matter what their reps are like the roids which most of them do gives the results. That is why the natural Body building competition exists.

  • Because as long as your stressing your muscles, non of that shit matters, ever, never did, never will. And all the youtube form “experts” are fn idiots.

  • TBH I don’t know how good my genetics are because I live such a sedentary life, and dont eat enough, good food consistently its hard to see my potential lol. I’m 5ft7 57 kg at 19 yrs old aka I’m tiny lol.

    I have a really small waist, wide shoulders, strong back, strong core had a 6 pack since about 9 years old. Always been pretty good at 100-200 sprint and long jump.
    But I have high calves, poor biceps, small wrists.
    I havent done much in terms of training, I did a bit of calisthenics for about 2 months probably twice a week and I saw decent changes. Regardless this subject is fun to read about for me

  • Great video. When I was locked up I noticed a lot of the strongest and biggest inmates were primarily doing partial reps like a lot of bodybuilders and their results spoke for themselves. The pump you get from partials is phenomenal and should definitely be incorporated as a training technique at least somewhat regularly

  • “Proven professionals with way more muscle than any of us could ever dream off”, huh. They take more roids than any of us could ever dream of. That might have something to do with it.

  • Todays roid-buders don’t need full range of motion because as long as they have their massive dose of staroids thats all they need. these roid guts depend on steroids because they are to stupid and lazy to put in the real work.

  • Full range reps with maximum contraction and extension exponentially increases risk of injury and relieves that continuous tension which really works the muscle area. If only some loud gym goers could digest this information

  • 2 Meat Heads Give Health advice

    No mention of Modern brewing Methods..containing Anti bacterials which ruin Gut Health

    No mention of Harmful Aluminum toxicity accumulations From Cans

    No mention Hops are being used in Estrogen replacement in woman

    Wo Ful thick as Brick.fake ass.Jug HEads

  • @ALL who speak of moderation…Believe me friends All this preaching GOSPELS goes for a BIG TOSS & DOWN THE DRAIN Once it comes to Drinking or any form of ADDICTION…
    I’m a doctor with sound 35 yrs CLINICAL experience. I’m a pure strict vegetarian tetotaler no beverages tea coffee
    No whites no bakery

  • Doing heroin is healthy…..if you do it in moderation. Something is either healthy or not healthy, just because you like it doesn’t make it healthy.

  • Hiya mate, I enjoyed this thoroughly and was pleased to find this. Most other fitness channels post videos with a roided up bodybuilder with elite genetics giving fitness advice only applicable to average and above average lifters. This helped me a lot and was just what I needed. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  • I came here from All-Natty Skylar Jackson, and I was excited to see another natty bodybuilding channel, and the first video I see is 2 guys talking and even promoting drinking beer on the weekends, and how drinking beer in “moderation” is “healthy” for you? Even if it’s not “bad” for your body in moderation, you promote it like it’s okay as long as you don’t cross the line into alcoholism, I am highly disappointed in my first impression of this channel >:(

  • What to tell someone who’s leaned down to 68kg at 6ft tall and then bulked to 71kg over 3 months but ended up with nothing but a spare tire?

  • LOL WHAT!? All-Natty Skylar Jackson totally just promoted this channel on his channel, and I thought this would be some starter channel, you aren’t even affiliated to him, and you guys are huge!

  • I personally believe everyone who is a productive human being needs to take a day about once a month and get completely shit hammered to maintain sanity..I use speedway stout or karbach 3 legged lab

  • you will get bigger legs from deep squats is only half of the true, if we compare atg vs partial of course atg is harder and will stress your muscles more as if we go with same weight on partial, but the whole point is you can go beyond your one rep max on partial squats, and according to some studies electromyography activity in the muscles is even higher in this type of squats

  • also some parts of the range of motion work different parts of the muscle like in a preacher curl the front end of your bicep activates more in the bottom stretched position because it is more effective to use the nearest fibers to the weight so the force doesn’t have to travel through the whole muscle (but thats still a small difference, the whole muscle contracts there are just little parts that you can tweak with technique)

  • Your right using insulin Moron when ur not diabetic is spot one smart as dum ass!! Just like using Synthol that almost killed yah for lagging arm development when not training a muscle properly is the solution..When in doubt use more drugs for muscle mass instead hard work and diet. It’s no wonder most pros loose there size when off there drugs cause they didn’t pay there dues and built a foundation without drugs.. Bravo!!!!!!

  • A couple more points for all the naysayers and thick-headed people who don’t get it:

    1. Not saying to do ONLY partials all the time. It’s a training technique much like dropsets or supersets you can use occasionally and works better for certain movements over others depending on what you’re targeting. Full ROM will always be better for functional strength but that’s not what bodybuilding is primarily concerned with.

    2. Duh these are bodybuilders on massive amounts of gear who can get away with stuff naturals can’t. No shit! Do we really need to keep stating the obvious?

    3. Still, discrediting the insights of the pros with decades of training experience just because they take drugs is incredibly arrogant and frankly quite ignorant. If you think you know better or would rather take advice from scientific experts who weigh 160lbs go right ahead, this channel clearly ain’t for you ��

  • But golden era 90s,80s bodybuilder do complete range how they build most cleaned shape and muscular body, Ronnie fire complete group of muscle by compound workouts,Lee Haney full motion work they all look more riped, muscular than today’s bubble guts bodybuilders

  • Bro all I hear is excuses from this guy! There’s nothing wrong with natural bodybuilding. I’m in the Army, they encourage bodybuilding and CrossFit as a means to become better and prepare for war and life. I love your page man, but bodybuilding definitely has positive effects on the mind.

  • ok sure. all other gurus blaime insulin he tells the opposite thats why i dont believe all the bullshits he says in the interwiew

  • a hammer can kill you OR it can make you a house. the user decides.

    end of story and debate. water is life and drink 12liter and u will die. user decides.