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Why You Should Wake Up At 5:30 AM Every Day

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Remind yourself why you want to wake up early: to become strong, to nurture your growth, to train for your best time. This inner sense of purpose can be as much of a motivator as sunlight. When you’ve decided the early mornings are worth it, tell friends and family that you’ll be up at 5:30 a.m. daily (or a time of your choosing). Remind yourself why you want to wake up early: to become strong, to nurture your growth, to train for your best time.

This inner sense of purpose can be as much of a motivator as sunlight. When you’ve decided the early mornings are worth it, tell friends and family that you’ll be up at 5:30 a.m. daily (or a time of your choosing). Now let’s get into the details of waking up early – how to consistently wake up at 5:00 a.m.

It starts the night before. #1. Have A Bedtime Routine. This sounds simple – but it’s incredibly powerful. In my house, we put the electronics to bed every night at 7:00PM. My kids know it’s time to put them in the charging station in the kitchen.

Wake up in a place where you can immediately engage all five senses at the sound of your alarm clock. In communities such as McKinley Hill, every morning can be any kind of beautiful you want it to be; the fresh scenes in this romantic township make the loveliest wake-up calls. How To Ignite All Five Senses. “Every client falls asleep when I perform this service,” Jensen says. “They wake up and are groggy, but then get a burst of energy like they’ve had a power nap.” During the Sensory 7 at Modrn, the client lies on an infrared biomat containing two transducers that vibrate in sync with the binaural.

This is a tough question for several reasons..If a person is very situational aware, then sleeping will not take away much of the senses except sight. When you are asleep, your senses still know what senses will be needed to put you into a fight o. The above is one of my favorite travel quotes, as it reminds me of how travel leads people to use their five senses in a way they don’t at home. Picture yourself waking up in your bed at home: rolling over to curse at the alarm, brushing your teeth with your eyes half closed, running out the door with your buttons undone because you’re late. Humans have five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Other senses also help us understand and perceive the world around us. Monday mornings, as a whole, are the most terrible thing that ever happened to human beings. Especially if you have an 8 a.m. class. Turning your coffee maker on and hearing the sound of delicious lightly roasted or medium roasted coffee beans being turned into liquid for you gives you a sense of satisfaction you might not be so aware of. Perhaps you always get your coffee after it’s.

See the procrastinator Who left his homework for later Hear the complaint “I have not enough time” and the refusal to fly on his own dime Feel the touch of panic as the deadline draws near tinged by the hang over last night’s beer Taste the bitter savor of impending doom which permeates his dark bedroom Smell the rich odor of coffee as it drips He’ll find his voice as.

List of related literature:

The separation between chronobiology and sleep research was further maintained by the tendency for chronobiologists to know very little about sleep, and for sleep researchers to remain ignorant of such biological clock mysteries as phase response curves, entrainment, and internal desynchronization.

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These neurons with a “WAKE-On/REM-On” discharge pattern contribute to the EEG activation characteristic of both wakefulness and REM sleep by providing the cholinergic input to the thalamus that inhibits the EEG slow waves and spindles of NREM sleep.

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Prior to waking, sensory information that ascends from the body periphery provides the reticular activating system with inputs such as an increasing amount of light or noise in the morning (refer to Fig. 6.14); this system also receives the sudden loud noise of someone calling you or an alarm clock.

“Understanding Pathophysiology 3e Australia New Zealand” by Judy Craft, Christopher Gordon, Sue E. Huether, Kathryn L. McCance, Valentina L. Brashers
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Researchers think that the electrical activity and connectivity that is stimulated between neurons during the day is cleared during sleep enabling the brain to reset and be ready for the next day’s stimula­tion (Kuhn et al., 2016).

“Cognitive-Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Management, Third Edition” by Kathryn Bayles, Kimberly McCullough, Cheryl K. Tomoeda
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Nighttime effects of tone on sniffing were stronger in REM than in NREM; however, only conditioning which took place during NREM was successfully transferred to wake.

“Springer Handbook of Odor” by Andrea Büttner
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Sleep centers in the brainstem direct the sleep cycle by their effects on the reticular activating system (RAS), which in turn influences activity in the thalamus and cerebral cortex.

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We consider this to be the central difference between dreaming and wakefulness: we do not perceive the external world during REM sleep because the intrinsic activity of the nervous system does not place sensory input within the context of the functional state being generated by the brain (Llinas and Pare 1991).

“I of the Vortex: From Neurons to Self” by Rodolfo R. Llin's
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It is apparent, however, that any disturbances in such an oscillator, linked to rest-activity and modulating circadian phase, may have important implications for understanding some sleep and rhythm pathophysiologies.

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Dream and deep sleep play a special role because the senses are not operating during dream, and the whole mind is shut down during deep sleep; this enables the infinite basis, the Atma-tattva to emerge and become part of awareness (vijriana).

“The Supreme Wisdom of the Upaniṣads: An Introduction” by Klaus G. Witz
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This circadian rhythm is involved in the regulation of the sleep–wake cycle together with pineal melatonin rhythm, and the responsiveness of the circadian pacemaker to light.

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  • According to me it isn’t important for everyone to wake up early like mentioned in the video and i totally agree to it. Personally i like waking late up and working full day rather than taking break in the afternoon to sleep coz im kind of night person but this routine must be different for everybody else. So it’s important to find what you are really comfortable with rather than jus forcing something onto you..

  • Done this, 1 year ago, changed my life, dont be a pu$$ and just get started and it will work, i get up without any alarms at 6:15 6:20. Feels really good!

  • Wow..i very much can relate 2 what u r saying..u need to have a strong reason for waking up early..luckily i hv found mine..and even i didn’t feel sometime waking up early..my reason drives me..and after it’s done..i feel very happy and my will power also increases…it has now become nearly effortless 4 me to wake up early. So it’s not that u lack motivation..u just need to find a reason..and if u don’t have a reason..try doing what u really like..and as u said it should be something that moves u forward.

  • if you go to bed at 7:30pm or 8pm and wake up at 3:30, 4 30, wake up times will vary. You produce more melatonin, than if you went to bed later and got the same hours of sleep, you wont feel as rested. I have been doing this for awhile it is good.

  • Just watched this video for the first time. And Wow! It was such an answer to prayer for me! Lately with the covid quarintine and everything I have been feeling really addicted to my phone and go to bed realllyyy late. Like I’m wasting this cool opportunity that quarintine has given, of being at home and having free time. It’s like the day just disappears. For a long while my goal has been to get up at 4:30 or 5, but it just never happens. I’ve tried to break it the past few weeks, but haven’t known how. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS VIDEO!!!! It was EXACTLY the help I needed!! It was so helpful for me to hear your “plan of attack” for breaking phone addiction habits!

    I wrote down how you’re doing it because I think it’s super effective!

    Starting it tonight!
    Thank you for the tips and motivation, Jordan!

  • Mr Duncan, you are a great teacher. I really enjoy your videos and i am looking forward your next ones. Take care. Thank you very much!!!

  • 5am is not for everyone. People are different and all those people saying you’re just lazy for not doing 5am… they’re either stupid and arrogant or they want to make you stressful so you can buy their books.

  • Lol I’m the odd one out i have extreme insomnia and nightmare disorder so i don’t sleep ever maybe a few hours a week like 5ish max ��

  • Please, point me in the direction of the research that stipulates that getting less than 7 hours sleep is detrimental to your health. Just because this Mathew walker guy said what he said doesn’t make him god in this area. It’s just his opinion. The bottom line is that it’s more to do with the quality of your sleep than how much sleep you get. 6 hours of sleeping like a baby is better than 8 hours of interrupted sleep.

  • Thank you ever such alot misterduncan.This lesson made me see the light.I really like it. Could you please tell me my teacher,when are you going to talk about how sense of touch brings lots of pleasure?you know…….I’m just curious!

  • Man, I usually wake up at 4:45am. just because I have weightlifting at 6:45am. ( it is a thing my school does ). Even though I have a lot of time. IDK why I do that. ��

  • I like waking up early and going to the living room and opening the windows and lying on the couch wrapped in my blanky and watching cartoons with cool-cool breeze coming in. Heaven��

  • I always wake up at 5 because I got to go to school and I always have a dream at 5 am and it gets me mad because I can’t finish it

  • I think u got the rule wrong: it should have been: try to wake up early but get 8h of sleep!
    When you where on vacation: you should have stayed by the 8h rule, not by 5 am! You could have held you rhythm easily… waking up at the excact time +3 hours for new jersey… and simply hold your rhythm… and be perfect on time, when you where back home! 😉
    I think changes should be made in a slow way… wake up 15 Minutes earlier each day till you found your spot you wanted.
    Changes should come more naturally… not force or by the perfect hour.

    So the “better” challenge would have been: adjust a few weeks the time you want to wake up (every day -15 minutes for example)… and THEN start the challenge for 30 days!
    In this case these challenges are more “natural” more realistic… but the do take longer (which is a good thing!) and maybe… you dont get such a “catchy” headline out of it…


    p.s. I wake up at 5 every day… at 6 I drive to work and start working at 7 am. The first 2 months are difficult. The key is to hold that rhythm even on holidays and weekends… just wake early and dont do hard hours in front of the tv or pc like staying awake all night… after a few weeks your body has adjusted and then a miracle happens: at 11 o’clock you notice, that you got more shit done than with your old rhythm till 4 or even 6 p.m…. so you don’t have to “punch in” a night shift… or two.

  • Thank you for sharing this video to us. I can relate to it. It truly inspires me to reach my dreams in life. Glory to God! Thank you Mitch continue inspiring us with your nice ideas.

  • I feel like you are the greatest teacher in the world.I have been fascinated with your language sir.thank you very much.i have been watching all your videos and i improved a lot.thank you very very much sir.

  • No we should not follow someone else’s bio clock. This might work for this person but it will NOT work for everyone. We are not all the same. Many people are late night owls and that is perfectly normal. No one going to bed at 1am or later is supposed to get up at 5:30. Im tired of people imposing their personal existence on someone else.

  • The problem I have is that the shadow people come between 12 and 2am.They disappear quick enough if seen but I do wonder as to what they actually do? Good or bad? Never hurt me or anything and unable to communicate with them apart from them going quickly, so must be aware. I expect unusual comments and even up for a laugh, but hopefully there will be an answer to this as little can be found on the net.

  • I’m going to do things the hard quick way.
    I’ll tell you how it goes later, (P.S. it’s a school day tomorrow and I have chemistry I think, lol…. lol….)
    Edit: (loading)

  • I watched this one and the “how to wake up by 6am” videos. Interesting perspectives on both. I am not a morning person…at all. I have heard my entire life especially from my grandparents “your generation is lazy..sleeping till 10am!” LOL! I agree you get more done and have more day. It is sad that we cannot construct our schedules at most jobs to our lifestyle. I agree some professions there needs to be structure but many they really could allow flexibility as long as work is done. I have been trying this past two weeks with success and failures. It is hard I think because it goes it against my body rhythm. Back to the drawing board.

  • Well,I’m a student n i woke up 4 AM every day even in Sunday it’s been 5 year’s i started wake up early morning + i do study + yoga every day n i feel I’m the happiest person ������

  • During the day there’s so much distractions, while at night it’s quite, everyone’s asleep and I get to do my work until 6 or 7 in the morning and then take a break. It’s hard to keep up with my routine especially when living with extended family and as a girl, I have chores to do in the house. By the time I try to catch up on my studies, I have already been distracted and sometimes I end up procrastinating. I prefer working the entire day or whole two days without being distracted or sleeping then I sleep when I am done with my work. I could do this if I was staying alone however, I will still try this.

  • This is so legit! I started waking up at 5 and avoiding my phone about a month ago so that I can be productive before my baby wakes up and I get everything you hit on in this video!

  • …Hi young man,
    I watched your, STOP WATCHING T.V., and BREAKING UP WITH SUGAR, and now THIS video….and though wish I had video making SKILLS ( anywhere near yours ),…I will NO LONGER watch your videos….Because, God ( the Father, who raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures ( Dan. 10:21; 12:10…K.J V. only ), is MY FATHER!…and I HATE, hearing His name used as if it were “a CURSED word!” ( Psalm 97:10; 89:7; Job 28:28; Psalm 1:1-6; 19:1-14; 119:1-176;…I Peter 1:14, 15-16; Rom. 16:17-18; Matt. 15:7-14; II John 9-11; I Tim. 6:3-10; Phil. 3:2, 18-19;…Prov. 28:4-6; 14:7 ( case-in-point ); Eph. 4:28-30; 5:1-7; II Cor. 6:14-18; 7:1; I Cor. 3:16-17; Prov. 13:13; 15:3; Heb. 4:12-13; I Cor. 15:33-34…I could type on and on, having READ GOD’S HOLY WRITTEN WORD for 40 years, since July 4th, 1980, age 21…humbly speaking before God, my FATHER, who ALONE IS HOLY! ( dung/excrement is NOT!…it’s BLASPHEMY to say otherwise )….So, I TRULY hope that The Lord leads you to REPENTANCE ( Jonah 3:1-10; II Cor. 7:8-15; Isa. 55:7-9; II Tim. 2:24-26; II Chron. 7:12-14; Eze. 14:1-23; Matt. 7:1-29; 23:1-39; Isa. 30:1-3; 33:14; John 9:31; I John 2:15-17; Heb. 7:26 )!!…and WHY, do I SAY THESE THINGS to you?…ANSWER: Ezekiel 2:1- 3:27; 7:1-27; 13:1-23 ( this refers to ALL the LEADERS of ALL the churches of our day, who have help NO ONE: II Peter 2:1-22; Isa. 2:6-22; II Cor. 11:3-4, 13-15; Matt. 7:13-15, 21-23, 26-27; Isa. 56:9-12; Jer. 5:20-31; Rev. 9:20-21; 2:2, 20-24; 3:14-18; 17:1- 18:24;… 22:18-19 ); Eze. 14:1-23; [ 18:1-32; 21:1-32; 33:1-33 ]; and Romans 1:1- 16:27; Galatians 1:1- 6:18; Ephesians 1:1- 6:27…this… by the way IS WHAT THE WORLD is created to do: DISTRACT as many as possible from OBEYING God’s Word ( I Cor. 15:1-58; Phil. 3:1-21; I John 2:15-17; James 4:4; and for details: Ecclesiastes 1:1- 12:14; Daniel 1:1- 12:13; and I John 1:1- 5:21; Revelation 1:1- 22:21!!…but, WHO PAYS ATTENTION to details…? )…from Niles Livingston Sr., a servant, and, an apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ….Amen.

  • I did something similar after pretty much being in your shoes, Facebook and Instagram, not YouTube. After Christmas I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone and told myself it was just going to be for a week or two. I also deleted a Solitaire app I used way too much. Suddenly my phone held no interest for me, so I stopped being on it. I also turned it off at 8pm and left it on the kitchen counter to charge overnight. I am pretty sure I have added 4+ hours to my day.

  • Lots of rookie comments on here!
    Jordan, I’m so impressed at the viewcount, here! I know it’s not all about that, but nevertheless shocking!
    You inspire so many great things out of people. I hope I can swing more to your(+Sara) side of living, because it’s what the world needs, and scew it. It’s what I need!

  • I have to be honest. I like your videos because i use it to improve my english and at the same time i listen intresting things. Don’t stop, man

  • Use Beyond VPN app to avoid being tracked while surfing the web: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.free.beyond.vpn

  • This is true, I wake up at this time every day, the sun is just rising there is total silence…. and just me sitting there having the best poop of the day ahh bliss!!

  • I used to never be able to study after school because I was just wayyy too tired. I’d keep telling myself “15 more minutes of rest then I’ll study” until eventually it was 11pm and so I’d do rlly unproductive work till 4am. I changed to sleeping at 9pm and waking up at 4am because for me 7 hrs is enough and i isntantly go into deep sleep but I’m now so much more productive. Doing work while fresh in the morning feels so good. Sometimes it comes to the point that I get annoyed of having to wake up while it’s freezing and dark but it’s satisfying to be in the shower at 7am knowing I’ve already studied for 2.5-3 hours. Also since no one is up then I’m not distracted. Only problem is sleeping at 9 means my social life is pretty low now. All the good late night convos are impossible.

  • If you are really trying to convey information, you should stay away from the overtly dramatic, computer enhanced deep voice and provide your audience with credible references that they can verify. This looks like click bait. Especially when it makes sweeping statements like “ALL billionaires…” Everybody is different. A lot of business people have to wake up early due to the time differentials between the parts of the world that they work with. If you reside in the western hemisphere you might have to wait until 3 am for a business to open in the eastern hemisphere. Simple practicality. Nothing mystic or mysterious about it.

  • In my opinion wake up early is so important if you have a good and tremendous propose in one thing or things in my case I would like to wake up early for to be better in my career in my job and also for improvement my English fluently and technique about the international market topics because one day I going to work in USA or in one English country.

  • I envy your countryside much well treated, in it is lovely to live.I’m much glad see you that you work with very enthusiasm. You continue so and I always will follow you in your videos.Take care against tree’s pollen. A respectful greeting by an Italian viewer.

  • I’m starting studies with you. more’m already a great admirer of yours. love it when you make faces and mouths, you are very witty and I like that. Thank you for being this wonderful person.

  • Nah, dude, those extra 3 hours seriously make all the difference in the world. I usually get up around 1…. P.m….
    But then when I get up at 9, my day feels so much longer!

    And the morning really is magical really early. I got up at 6 like a week or 2 ago and went outside and read for a while hour (which felt way shorter than that) and honestly, nature was magical. Like, I suddenly just appreciated all of God’s creation so much more than I normally do. I literally wrote like, 3 or 4 poems that day, and an entire set of alteenage lyrics for “What a Wonderful World.”
    It was nuts. So, yes I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said in the video, and I can attest that it is true.

  • What an interesting lesson! I dont know how to express my thousands of thanks to you. Hoping more valuable lessons videos from your Youtube channel soon. Thanks again from Vietnamese viewer. God bless you!

  • Being a student my family always scolded me for waking up at 2 a.m. but that’s only how i could study well. I mean my brain works best between 11 pm to 4 am and that’s when i study and i end up sleeping late

  • I’d like to thank you Misterduncan for all your efforts and I really like the way you teach because It’s very easy and lovely overall you’re a great teacher have a good sense of humor. best wishes

  • God has made the night for resting and day for living (as in action) and im a pharmacist what you have experienced is also supported by science keep at it please! ( im also pointing at myself) ��

  • I am just here to tell you that your movie literally changed my life. I have been waking up at 5AM since I watched it, almost 2 years now. I even started to run. Of course, there were periods when I didn’t practice waking up early or running, mostly because of school. However, I always come back to it. So I want to thank you because that habit not only changed my routine but also made me feel better about myself.

  • Wow I am amazed by all your excellent effort in each lesson. Without a doubt this lesson has been one of my favourites. I deeply appreaciate your wonderful lessons. Every time I watch one video of yours it comes to my mind how wonderful is the world of English.
    Greeting from Mexico all the way to England!

  • HEY JORDAN! If you want your subscriptions to blow through the roof? Take off your shirt when you are doing chin-ups in the garage!…please lol

  • Huh? Thats my life everyday. It actually feels good getting up in the morning on weekends. It feels like your days last longer with all the day time you are able to see

  • Thank you!!!! Soo much! I have noticed for the past 3 years ive been in school zero hours of sleep. That has lead to increased anxiety, chest pains, forgetfulness, tired and i get angry because my day goes by soo fast! I have gone to bed at 8:45 pm and i wake up at 6am. Let me tell you what a difference to my body, soul, and mind

  • why you talk rubbish for 8 minutes! you need to use sunlight to fix your circadian rythym! check it out! the secret is sun exposure

  • I like this video but I wanted to add on by saying this… I don’t wake up early. I wake up whenever I wake up or have to go to work. It is as simple as wanting to or not wanting to. I used to wake up every day at 6:00 no matter what I had going on, and forced myself to do so. I found it did absolutely nothing for me. It wasn’t bad, but nor was it beneficial. If you actually want to do something it is extremely easy; if you don’t, it’s almost impossible. If you are able to however it can build character. Just think about what you WANT, like what you actually really WANT. I don’t just mean your immediate primal brain, but your deep desire and long term ideas of want. Once you can confidently and definitively decide on what you want with even a rough plan, then those “hard” things start to become a lot easier. I find it as simple as “Do I want to stay up watching youtube, or do I want to wake up and do stuff tomorrow with a clear head?” and when you can honestly, and key word is honestly, answer that question… the answer and motivation just spontaneously manifest. This is just for me anyways.. your mileage may vary.
    People ask me how I got so good at making knives and making a business out of it. I just tell them… I just wanted to.. and then it just started to happen. I didn’t need to plan, or “motivate” myself, or get up early… I just had a passion for it, and wanted to. I don’t “fight” things anymore, I build on what works, and the bad habits decrease with my increase in good habits.

  • I was so inspired by this challenge so I try and it really works for me because somehow my brain just works the best when I fresh out of bed (Not brushing my teeth, comb my hair,.. yet) Anyhow, my real motivation is that if I can study for a solid 2-3 hours until 7 AM, I can go to take a “quick” nap (but usually I would just lay in bed extra 30 mins and cant go to sleep and finally wake up) but still it works lol.

  • the title is lowkey misleading, it’s not about waking up it’s about getting enough sleep and going to bed early enough to wake up that early

  • As a Muslim, we’ve 5 prayers per day, each prayer takes around 5 minutes, the first prayer is the earliest one, for example for now it is at 5:00 am, the time of prayer is changeable over the year, because of the daylight difference, day is longer in summer than in winter. So technically a conservative Muslim wakes up early all the days of his life.
    Peace and love to all, it’s just something from our culture that I wanted to share

  • I tried to wake up at 5am for a month. As a single parent with two young teens, I decided that 6am is better for me. We grow through trying new things.

  • this video is really valuable bc he’s mainly talking how to wake up at 5 am and what makes it easier, and how to change a very bad habit of looking at your phone for hours wasting your time instead of just saying basic stuff like just do it, doesn’t matter how much sleep u get and what you do before going to sleep, wake up at 5 am and see how it changes your life.
    from me, as i haven’t finished watching this video yet (so i dunno if he’s gonna say that too), i’d recommend you reading before u go to sleep instead of watching stuff on your phone or computer it rlly makes me sleep much better and also i tend to wake up earlier when i read before going to sleep. doesn’t have to work the same for you but it’s worth to try.

  • My problem is u get up early so u get time where u aren’t tending to the people, pets and errands in ur life and give u some u time, cept, we go to bed early so we can get up at 4:30 to get my man ready for work and then walk and feed the animals and I find it hard to get up after so little sleep and thus it causes me to miss out on my alone time early which is when my brain wants to do bonus brain boost and smart good…after all the tending there is no good choice i am just bugged by taking care of people, also kids

  • Thank you Mr. D for explaining us in such an illustrative way. You love teaching as much as we love seeing your lessons! God bless you. Greetings from Colombia!!

  • People don’t seem to get that, even as a teen, you need to spend time on your phone to survive in this modern world. Every club, every class and school has some kind of group chat. It’s not us being addicted. When you see a teen on his phone, imagine him socializing with his friends, or planning a class event. Besides, most of the people who call us “addicted” go and waste the rest of the day on T.V.

  • Very wrong.. Elon Musk checks his email right after waking up. Also there is no definite time to wake up either what if you went to a different time zone what is your 4am there? This doesnt make sense..

  • I was introduced to this video my freshman year of high school. Now I am a junior and I still love it. The background music is hilarious.

  • No wonder it’s what explained in Islam for a Muslim to wake up at 4:00 am and perform your morning prayers and rush for work..!! For all the successful people wakes up at the earliest hour and get things done..!

  • 9pm fuck no!!!!!!!!!!!!! for people with kids……. this is bullshit stupid……. no!! just no!!! 10pm is fine and start with that instead!

  • i must wake up at 06:00 am anyway, just to to work. so this is nothing for me. plus my motivation going to work is not very high. ^^

  • this no secret u just turn on the motor: Dont stop doing that u need to do it it now! Thats it thats the billionaires just dreaming on… boring life….

  • Hi Matt D’Avella. Just a quick statement for you. In 2:19, the theory of Mathew Walker that the shorter you sleep, the shorter your lifespan is not true. Nobody knows when he’s gonna die except God. He is the one who knows what’s gonna happen in your life before you were born. So not just for you but for all people: do not take these statements of evidence as 100 percent right.No. They’re just theories of evidence of their own imagination. Leave it for God.

  • I used to only get 5hrs or sleep every night while I was in high school and wondered why I was so depressed and felt terrible all the time. ��

  • My dad almost doesnt need sleep, If he still sleeps late,He’ll still wake up early in the morning.Around 3-4 Am is his wakeup time almost everyday, And the first thing he does is to go for a walk right at our backyard!��

  • ive always done this naturally without even knowing it was something billionaires did. I used to be up at 3:45 every morning.

    Waking up at this time gives you the wackiest ideas too. Because you’re half in your sleepy/dream state and half in reality so after about a week of continously waking up at this time you start thinking in crazy weird patterns and time jumps around in your memories so its hard to recall where you were but its very wacky.

  • So glad i watched this before i start my 30Day Wake Up Early Challenge tomorrow! Thank you! ps.i am still thinking what time to wake up tomorrow. pps.Natalie, awwww..i so get you! ������

  • Did you think your sleep schedule is bad?
    My sleep schedule is from like 4 am to 1:45 pm. Like I go to bed at 4 and get up at almost 2.

    I know. I am terrible.

  • Thanks for doing the video!
    The benefit of waking up early is to do a workout and shower and then these are done and you can move on with more motivation?

  • For anyone that is in need of some assistance, I learned about this in my college class. The reason why you are tired when you get up is because of at which point in your sleep schedule you actually wake up. You sleep is divided into different parts. I won’t go into the extreme details, but it boils down to deep sleep and light sleep. If you wake up during light sleep, you will feel refreshed and ready to go. If you wake up in deep sleep however, your body will want to go back to sleep. It’s not about the time on the clock, it’s about the time in ur mind.

  • Me and my brother also wake up in 5:00 but i wake only in 4:30 but im not gonna go down stairs bc my dad says if he go i can go down

  • Before the virus my school started around 7:45 and I have no need of waking up early but I wake up at 4:30 because I enjoy waking up at 4:30. I go to bed around 8:15 every night weekday or weekend, and the second I started doing this I became a happier person and my depression kind of fizzled out. I would recommend this to a everyone, especially lifelong night owls. I’m a reformed night owl and now am a proud morning person.

  • Y’all do know there are shift workers like myself who wake up at 2:30 every morning to day to Saturday and work for twelve hours a day (also medical professionals, construction workers, first response folks, petrochemical chemical/ nuclear people, etc…). This isn’t special

  • Remember that “a sight for sore eyes” normally means the opposite of what you say in the video. Normally it means: ” someone or something that you are very pleased to see”.

  • Kinda feel like this was doomed to fail from day 1. Planning it for a time when you knew you were travelling is kind of silly. The mindset that it was an arbitrary challenge can’t have been beneficial either.

  • hello i am salima from algeria.. iwant to learn english listening and pronouciation and vocab

    can your lessons teach all of them?

    thank you mr duncan for all and i want answer ciao

  • Hey Mr. Duncan, how is it going?

    ‘ve got a hard time when it comes to put into words how amazing your videos are. Thanks a lot once again for giving us the delight of your teaching. Looking forward to watching your upcoming video-lesson. Take care!!

    Greeting from Brazil!

  • I used to wake up at 3:45 am in the morning because of my exams but now the quarantine got my schedule messed up..and now i wake up at 8

  • I’m a student from university of science Ho Chi Minh City. Viet Nam. your lessons are very useful, thank you so much! MisterDuncan

  • Recently I can’t focus on studying because of my phone
    I’m really grateful for you meeting this video ��
    I want to be happier person 7 days later

  • I can’t go to bed early nor wake up early. It’s impossible. I’ve placed a giant alarm by my head and I always sleep through hours of it. Heck, even my parents can hear it from the other room but I can’t. And even if I wake up I’ll just convince myself to sleep again

  • My 8 year old brother wakes up at 4:00 AM everyday just so he can watch TV. I can’t even wake up at 5 with ease. But my brother does it effortlessly.

  • That’s true, once accidentallya I woke up at 6:00 am well I like it, I prepared the most delicious breakfast I’ve done in my entired life, I usually eat coffee and toast in the morning. But now I have to wake early cus’ online classes and it’s makes me feel tired ��������

  • Iam a housewife, I like to do mrng, is to spend time with me, lyk talking with me, appreciating me, and giving advice to me, at last I end up my word santhu. I love me ❤️��… Thank q god.

  • Lady Smart (to Lord Sparkish): “My Lord Methinks the Sight of you Is good for sore Eyes…” (J. Swift, ‘Polite Conversation’, ‘Dialogue I’)..
    ” Carol kissed her cheek, and frisked into the lugubrious sitting-room. ‘Well, well, you’re a eight for sore eyes!’ chuckled Mr. Dawson… (S. Lewts, ‘Main Street’, ch. XI)
    I don’t say nothing against Miss Stuart, but for looks, well, it’s a sight for sore eyes to see you, Miss. (R. Aldington, ‘The Colonel’s Daughter’, part II, ch. 2)  When he got home and dipped his hands into a bowl of water, the water turned pink. Next morning his face was no sight for sore eyes. (A. Sillitoe, ‘Key to the Door’, ch. 18)


  • If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be in bed by 10 pm, then waking up at 5 isn’t going to work. I tried it for a month but I was having headaches and felt like a zombie. We need not best ourselves over this.Adjust your timing according to your schedule because not everyone goes to bed at 9

  • Because they are already billionaire so they can sleep early….the unsuccessful can never sleep early their sleeps have been stolen by failures and pain

  • I really want to hear what you are saying but your background music drowns out your voice. Closed captioning is OK but PLEASE TURN OFF THE MUSIC. Thanks!

  • “all billionaires” fucking click bait. Some good points, but bullshit. Most billionaires in silicon valley Wake up late and stay up late doing work

  • Very impressing. It is the first time I learn the anatomy and the functioning of the ear, and this in English. This video is a masterpiece.

  • I’m so sick of this crap, I’m self made and it’s about what you do with your time, the richer you become the later you stay up a d the later you rise. So many kids think you need to sleep 6 hours and work all day, this is damaging amd total nonsense. Be consistent each day that’s all and sleep for at least 8 good hours a night.

  • There is Million ways of why it’s important to wake up in the morning also a fool wake up in the morning will not make any sense. So to be mindfulness Meditation are most needed. ‘Ananapana Sathiya’ Metta Bhawana’ is most beneficial to Human…thank you for great video..

  • Dear teacher please tell us when will be issued your next best lesson number 79? I am waiting with exciting. May be you already know the topic of the lesson?

  • Wait, I was prescribed Ambien so was Elon Musk. I would say Elon cannot stop thinking about new ways of innovation every Pico second. I’m a little the same but no comment billionaire. I’m calling this bs 70/100%

  • (life before pandemic) bro I used to wake up at 3:30 AM then leave at 5:20 (cuz I’m far from school) and school starts at 6:00, then I sleep at around 9-10 pm. This is a pretty weird schedule right???

  • I might help somebody with this comment so here is my story:
    I used to go to sleep at 7-8 AM due to bad habits such as drinking, partying, etc, and my body eventually got used to it, but one day, I had to wake up at 10:30AM for a haircut appointment, so I did, and the whole day I was miserable… It was really hard to stay awake, but I powered through it. Make sure you do NOT take any naps, so by 10pm of that day, my body was ready to crash, so I fell asleep and guess what, I woke up at 4AM the next day, naturally! ever since then I wake up at 5:30AM and that is my story folks, just one day used as a sacrifice and the rest is history. Blessings

  • I’m disabled af, but getting up early to exercise gives me such a productive feeling. No matter how bad the chair feels, I’m pushing it and lifting weights. It’s my own “fu” to the disability. We’re still getting after it

  • true for me!
    I have always struggled with waking up early bz i had been a person who was used get ready at 11p.m and wander around till 4 a.m and come home,now i work when office was there it forced me to wake up,but during this pandemic period,how was i supposed to get up?
    I have myself such a person who always ticks off every task on the to do list i have given,i have been doing that since 2 years,it’s a miracle for a person like me(bz of 66 days brain implementation),but i didn’t usually dare to put waking up early on my to do list,bz i had to reluctantly wake up.
    well today is the 29th day i have been waking up early around 9 a.m,hahaha,i have to follow it till 66 days and i am gonna gift myself,i hasn’t become a habit yet,bz i am not a morning person.
    what you said i applied too after a lot of hit and trial methods,earlier when i woke up,i used to do a lot of task,i reduced to it to almost nil,
    what makes me wake up is “tea.”
    I know,but i works for me.I am a tea fancier!
    whatever works for anyone,in morning for like 1 and half hours i don’t touch my mobile,nor do i watch sth unless it is very positive.
    i anulom-vilom for mins, then meditation 10 mins….
    why am i typing this suddenly a feeling came,hahaha!Just because i wanna comment!
    but this long?wow you have to do self talk on comment?why not! My hand,my brain,any problem…jesus i am crazy! don’t you love urself for that?hehe!Pandemic hit you hard,didn’t it?you mean in childhood?yeah!

  • Bogus info! I don’t see any evidence that the time of day i.e you are in Alpha, Theta… I also think that would be generalizing way too much. There is no link to being a billionaire because you wake up early as someone mentioned, Jeff Bezos wakes up late and he is the richest man in the world. I have seen other examples. Don’t read into this too much. Just act and you will get results overtime time. You just need your WHY and know exactly what you want to achieve!

  • Mr.duncan today i understand why u r not believing on stars.Thank u,there r much more information i collect,really u r geneous and very clever and kind person,thank u abundle:)

  • I use an alarm clock and sometimes leave my phone charging for like 1 hour or so before even checking for emails and texts, soooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I wake up at 5:30 every morning and don’t drink coffee cuz I’m 14. It’s cuz I’m in high school and school starts really early. Usually showering and eating pop tarts is enough to wake me up.

  • While this all sounds very nice, and perhaps may be true….this presentation does not name one single billionaire who actually gets up at 4;00am. The speaker tells us that Cook and Oprah Winfrey get up at the crack of dawn. If you want to speak science, you must be precise. Shame on all the people whose comments are too sloppy to call this guy out. ´Early hours of the day´ is not the same as 4:00 am.

  • Thank for this video! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now but I’ve always been terrible at walking up in the morning. During last summer my sleeping schedule got so out of hand, I was going to bed at 5am-7am and walking up at 4pm-6pm, at this point I basically became nocturnal �� Even now I’m back in college I often wake up 20-30 minutes before having to leave and I feel so tired and often find myself being really moody with my family because of my lack of sleep. I can never focus on my studies and I very rarely eat a nutritional breakfast (which probably doesn’t help with being anaemic either). I really want to make this change and this video has now made me even more excited to become a morning person after being a night owl for so many years. Thank you! ☺️��

  • damn bro
    stop hating on him n saying hes dramatic
    he didnt wake up at 5 before n hes just showing how it changed his life to perhaps try and motivate others who dont wake up at 5 to try and wake up at that time jeez

  • This is actually so true. Lately I’ve had to wake up at 5 am for my football practice, and I feel way better when I wake up. I feel better mentally and physically all day!

  • Mister Duncan,

    Thank you so much for your lessons! You changed my life!

    Please, keep giving us wonderful english lessons.

    God Bless you and your family!

    Hugs from Brazil!

    Antonio C.

  • This is actually a really useful strategy I can already imagine waking up to something I enjoy would make me get up and look forward to it. Thanks for this.

  • I actually had the opposite effect. I worked a job that started at 6am for 5 years. I would be so tired after work I would nap for hours after work which would drain my energy. I could never get enough sleep. Now I work evenings and don’t have to set an alarm. It’s great, I don’t get anxiety anymore.

  • It’s true that getting less than 7 hours of sleep is dangerous. This year particularly, I had 4/5 hours of sleep per day, working till midnight and sometimes 1 at the morning and woke at 6 to do one hour of train. Tiredness had bring itself with bad mood, and slowly but surely down to depression. And by being lifeless and feeling void, you eat less and you’re feeling weaker weeks by weeks. It’s an infernal circle.
    During the quarantine, I had 2 more hours of sleep and I’ve never been this focus and eager for the day. This slight difference had made such a big impact in my life. Therefore, as long as it doesn’t affect too much my grades, more sleep for me!

  • You are so similar to me. All those things you mentioned in your video is what I do to inspire myself in the morning. I also love looking at luxury houses too, it really inspires me to be successful; so I can have a home like that one day.

  • Hi Mr Duncan, you’re really great. I really like your teaching videos and those have helped me alot with my English. Thank you so much.

  • I’ve always done that too; I blame military training. Anyway, I’m far from a billionaire but I have comfortably retired since I was 48; I’m now 54. I (we) travel the world and enjoy the simple things in life……..

  • In islam u have to wake up 4.30am
    God knoes what’s good.for human
    Firsr prayer obligatory prayer
    Its so beatifull and energy
    If i do 8am
    Is like dead person

  • This is bs. Work towards your dreams every single day and never give up. It doesn’t matter what time you wake up or go to sleep as long as you’re actually doing something instead of sitting around watching billionaire “routines”

  • It took me years to realize I am a night person and I love to sleep. My life is exception and I will never! Ever compare myself to anyone else!!!!!! I hate early mornings and I don’t want not plan to change. I tried it and it does not work for me… Never ever!:-)

  • It’s mostly about utilizing your time properly. The advantage with waking up early is that most people are asleep so you get time to do things without human interference, also your competition is asleep.

  • You’re right. We couldn’t imagine you without glasses, but your vast intelligence has no connection with your glasses. Thank you for your wonderful lesson.

  • I Totally fucked up situation.I have my ex that i cheated on with another girl,and we are friends now,and last night i was too Emotionally supressed
    to think clearly so i sent a looong text that i feel bed,i hate myself and that shit.she laughed the shit outta herself,so i did too.I am genius for Love stuff,but
    now when my mind is in a soup i could get some feedback guys:(

  • This is a perfect challenge during quarantine. I haven’t left the house in 2 months. My parents are always nagging me for sleeping and waking up late. Hopefully I make it to day 30.

  • I found a misstake in the note of this lession
    at 09:48 “The human ear is made up of three seperate(separate) parts.”
    I hope Misterduncan will give me 10 mark for this! LOL

  • Waw, It is fun to learn English with you, you are not only teaching it, but also sharing your experience with us. That is really cool.

  • I am actually watching this after waking up at 5am I have a lot of will power and I hate coffee but the rest of my family doesn’t have to wake up early and makes dinner at like 10 and if I try to get something they tell me we are about to have dinner and then dinners done at like 11 still I can force myself to wake up in the morning since it is my favorite time of the day mostly because I am antisocial

  • So go to sleep between 10pm and 2am yet after 2am you lack the sleep quality that you need…..so if I go to bed at 2am as suggested, but after 2am lacks the quality of sleep needed, what the bloody hell am I supposed to do to get any decent sleep…….������

  • I once woke up at 4 am, went for a run (another hour) and then still had time to wash my dishes and clean the apartment before heading off to work. �� In conclusion: I hated it, I simply don’t like being ahead of everyone else

  • you are very beautiful i will be living in lonfon after 10 day do you want to practice with me
    through skype or facebook? or here i dont know

  • And the other three senses manipulate me to stay in bed…


    8 senses
    Infinitely more sense

  • If your a billionaire,your the chairman of the board,leveraging other people’s time and other people’s money,you ain’t getting up at 4.00 that’s for sure,….unless it’s to worry about how your going to pay back other people’s money

  • Oh my gosh thank you Jordan for sharing this with all of us. I relate 100% to what you are describing, and honestly last night I hit rock bottom because ever since 5 years ago, I have felt like there was no way out of my electronics addiction. I honestly felt so hopeless, and for the first time ever, I realized that I could not continue this lifestyle for even one more day. I was very unsure of what I could do to change my lifestyle, but I knew I had do to something, I just didn’t know what. So as I fell asleep feeling really desperate, all I could do was pray to God and ask Him for help. But then today I was watching some messyges videos (which were all awesome btw) and then I happened to come across your channel. Then I saw this video and I heard God say “This is what you need to do. This is your answer. This is how you will be able to change your life for the better.” Can I get an AMEN, because God heard my prayer and answered me through this video!!!! Thank you for making this video Jordan, I am so excited to (as of today) start improving my lifestyle! God bless you, Sarah and the rest of your family:)

  • What helps me….get in bed around 830….watch tv or read a book….at 9 close your eyes..make sure room is cold…wake up 530 no problem

  • jeff bezos wakes up at 8am…. you don’t have to wake up at 4am to be successful but you have to make the most out of every waking hour

  • My Morning Routine:

    Wake up 4 AM
    Make my bed
    Wash my face

    Do some exercises:
    • 50 push ups
    • 30 sit ups
    • 50 squats

    Take a shower
    Make my coffee
    Review for my 8:30 AM class

    I’ve been doing this for years hahaha but as of now it’s quarantine, I am advance studying for thr upcoming online class

  • waking up at 5:30 and be excited good lucky. there are mainly 3 types of people 1) those that call fall asleep as soon as they get into bed the very same people who can easily wake up early. 2) those that like to think more spend a little time thinking before they finally goto sleep these types can usually wake up early but prefer to wake up anywhere from 8am-10 am. but if need can also get out of bed at 6 am but wont have any look of excitment on their faces. 3) These types of people literally stay up all night. and sleep all day and wake up at 4 pm. also the types that are extreamly lazy sorry to say it.

  • Thank you Misterduncan for a new pretty and useful lesson number 78. Excelent video, sound and teaching. I’ve really enjoyed and I’ll watch again tomorrow and other days. It’s the first time, I guess, that I comment something by this way and I think it’s a good time to thank again Mister Duncan for all your lessons. We’re always in touch, i hope so. A great hug my dear friend

  • But Jeff Bazos said that he wakes up around 10am everyday. Doesnt matter when you wake up. Only matters what you do with your time.