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Vegan Gains! My Take On Him!

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Vegan Gains Is Dodging Me

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Raw Vegan Fake Crazy Liars

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Vegan Gains’s Wife Sells Her Butt

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Vegan Gains Deterioration

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Plant Based diet health and fitness. What do you think? Is he just trolling, is he being serious or is this just a VERY special sense of humor? Here are our top 10 Vegan Gains death threats & violent outbursts.

50+ videos Play all Mix Mental Vegan Gains Calls Me Out YouTube; Vegan “Booty” Calls Me OUT! Duration: 12:22. Isaac Top 5 Craziest Aussie Conspiracy Theories Duration: 10:02. The top-viewed videos from Vegan Gains’ YouTube channel.

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Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs. His YouTube channel mostly consists of vegan cooking videos “set in the zombie apocalypse – giving you tips and tricks on how to survive it AND create delicious vegan meals”. Apart from recipe videos, this fun channel also covers travel, lifestyle, shopping on a budget and reviews of vegan.

Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels Hodgetwins, Twinmusleworkout, AskHodgetwins and fastingtwins. vegan gains check him out he is a fucking phsycopath. Alexander Hamilton’s Salacious Sex Scandal (feat.

Lin-Manuel Miranda) Drunk History Duration: 6:47. Comedy Central Recommended for you. Nutrition Youtube Channels Best List. Find nutrition videos, nutrition videos for kids, vegan nutrition videos, nutritive diet, nutrition facts, protein rich diet, calorie chart, nutrition guide, weight loss diet and many more by following top nutrition youtube channels.

Long-term vegan Torre Washington started competing in bodybuilding in 2009 and got his Pro card that same year, winning his second show. Since then he has won numerous competitions and placed in the top 3 in all but one of the sixteen he entered. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

List of related literature:

Check out websites dedicated to vegan bodybuilding (see Resources on page 450), which include extraordinary examples of buff vegans.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2014

As a vegan bodybuilder, I want to show others that it is possible to gain significant muscle and strength on a vegan diet, and I want to inspire others to follow this lifestyle.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

Dean Ornish diet: low-fat vegetarian for 1 year (fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and soybean products with no animal products except egg white and 1 cup nonfat milk or yogurt daily) provides 10% fat, 15%-20% protein, and 70%-75% complex carbohydrate.

“The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray, Herb Joiner-Bey
from The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray, Herb Joiner-Bey
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2008

L E V E L 2 The next level of foods makes up 50 percent of my diet; 15 percent from nuts, seeds, and legumes (soy products, nut butters, dried beans, and lentils) and 15 percent from dairy (cheese, yogurt, and milk).

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

Vegetarian diets usually satisfy nutritional needs for growth and development if they are carefully planned with attention to the following possible limiting nutrients: energy, protein, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), and dietary fiber.

“Bratton's Family Medicine Board Review” by Robert L. Bratton
from Bratton’s Family Medicine Board Review
by Robert L. Bratton
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2012

PUSH PLANT PROTEIN Vegan diets can fall short on protein, particularly when they include only minimal legumes, nuts, and seeds.If your muscle mass is low, build it up byeating 1.2 to 1.7 gramsof protein per kilogram (2.2 lb)ofbody weight perday (g/kg/d).

“Becoming Vegan, Express Edition: The Everyday Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition” by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD
from Becoming Vegan, Express Edition: The Everyday Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition
by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD
Book Publishing Company, 2013

He focuses on eating healthy fats, whole grains, legumes, soy protein (via tempeh, tofu, miso, and fermented soy powder), nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

Intake of macroand micronutrients in Danish vegans.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine” by Leah Hechtman
from Clinical Naturopathic Medicine
by Leah Hechtman
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2018

Vegan diets are generally devoid of pre-formed DHA, and vegetarian diets that include dairy foods and eggs only provide approximately 20 mg/day (Sanders, 2009).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Joan Gandy
from Manual of Dietetic Practice
by Joan Gandy
Wiley, 2019

Yes, he could have added vegan protein shakes and bars to boost his protein intake, but real food offers a more complete nutrition package that includes all of the health-enhancing compounds, some of which we may not even know about.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • Here are the links, as promised:

    1) Vegan Gains cutting his wife’s hair badly:
    2) Here are the studies to prove he has deteriorated:

  • If the price tag is right, I wouldn’t put it past them to sell Jaz to get boinked by someone else. No strong relationship would ever have sex with others for all the money in the world. Anybody see the movie “an indecent proposal”…

  • This is the most pathetic video! Sitting there trashing talking other people so lame! You’re just a nasty vegan who thinks you’re better than everyone.

  • I admit Vegan Gains seems bonkers to a degree but I completely agree with his stand on that Furious Pete Guy. If you fail to appreciate the animals you consume, it’s still forgivable. But dare to go out of your way and even humiliate them, then you forfeit your right to be respected as a human being. I hope he gets what he deserves if not yet (I realize this vid is old. Good job, YT recommendations).

  • i’ve not seen any (serious) signs of deterioration. you pointed out not one thing showing a deterioration to his health, body, or mind. sure he doesn’t have a vibrant social personality but hes a logical thinker, obviously you wouldn’t show any clips displaying his intelligence. and oh wow he scratches the bottom of his nose, not really even picks in it, big deal. but if you’re so smart, prove him dumb and wrong about veganism and ask to debate him. i wouldn’t recommend it for your lower IQ tho.

  • Wait til he realize that vegetables feel pain like animals and most of the time there eaten when there alive

    Also if this guy is a real vegan person then he should just GROW UP and accept that not everyone is a vegan and people like meat

  • When he said ‘ I wouldn’t LET Jasmine have sex with…’ DUDE she isnt you’re property, if she wants to go have some real fun with someone who appriciates her she can. She needs to leave that psycho

  • I stopped following FullyRawKristina because her pages slowly turned more into her showing off her body and basically posing nude….I mean maybe she is trying attract more male fans to her page I dunno….I do find it interesting she tells the world she is a virgin but poses as a raw vegan sex symbol at the same time……’s a free country and she can do what she wants with her social media but she shouldn’t promote it as raw vegan anymore since it’s more about her posing in thong bikinis on tropical beaches and skinny dipping in rose petaled hot tubs….

  • That would be tilapia and I tell everybody that if you want to eat fish stay away from tilapia and salmon. Tilapia are raised in pools where you can’t even see the fish in them because there’s so much shit in the water and they eat that. Salmon are not much better for you due to parasites and worms.

  • You forgot the 300 videos he did on frank tuffano. The 5 videos of him riding 90 minutes across state to pick up some vegan donuts and also his cringe vegan day of junk food eating with jazzman.

  • hey lui i dont get it why arent you vegan? you are completely aware of the fact that meat is very unhealthy, why dont go with the whole foods vegan diet?

  • Absolutely cannot understand the Vegan lifestyle or logic. Humans are not equal with animals. Starving children do not take a backseat to the feelings of animals. Honestly, how man abused children go uncared for or ignored year? You could probably tell me where your local dog pound is located but not an orphanage. Zero sense. Let’s first make sure our nations children are treated better before we start spending time and energy into making sure chickens are being treated well.

  • I just want to point out that he’s not “well educated”. I’m an engineer and was a bit surprised by the titling of a PhD program as “Biomedical Engineering Research”, “research” is automatically implied by having a PhD (in pretty much any field). Bio-Engineering or Biomedical Engineering are also some of those areas of engineering that have some legit and rigorous programs but some universities will offer those programs as fluff degrees with the word “engineering” tacked on but with no engineering background needed as a prerequisite and no real engineering work included in the curriculum. So I did some digging. It was actually worse than I expected. Rushmore University (where Jaquish earned his “PhD”) is an unaccredited online university. The guy just wanted some letters after his name, in something that sounded hard, without actually earning it. The only real degree he seems to have in a bachelor’s degree in business from CSU Sacramento. His MBA is from an online only school as well. Then he lists Stanford Medical School as “Continuing Education” with no actual degree program listed. I suspect he’s just taking some open access classes at Stanford so he can list the school on his marketing material. Most elite schools have courses that are open to the general public, that they offer as a service to the community.

  • I never went to the US and I have a better accent than yours. How can you live in the US for 20 years and not improve your accent? Just saying:P

    On topic: shit like this happens in Europe as well (I am from Europe), but not as cruel maybe. But the antibiotics and growth hormones ar here too:) Yaaay, let’s eat

  • Real talk: Vegan Gains and Freelee used to be really active with doing sports. Now they’re just sad to watch because they’re just ranting and screaming at people ☹

  • Interesting new findings on early human diets
    Might be a good comeback for people who choose to use some type of nature fallacy. We ate and cooked starch and plant matter.

  • I come from the San Joaquin valley in California and I do understand what your saying about how the US raises animals. Check out Harris Ranch, acres upon acres of cattle standing in nothing but feces and dirt. When you fly over it the ground is brown and appears to be moving because of how many cows that are crammed together, literally thousands upon thousands so what you are saying is true and I know it. That being said, the US feeds a major proportion of our world and this is the only way to raise the amount needed to feed the number of people in our world. There are just to many people and without raising animals this way a lot more people will starve then currently do, it would be good to figure out another way to feed the people of the world but until we stop making babies like stray dogs on the street we have to continue to be raise our food this way.

  • I lost it at the thumbnail. Lol
    If you actually listen with an open mind to John Rose’s arguments, before resorting to name calling, they make a lot of sense.

  • One thing I will say. Vegan gains is the only vegan who isnt using veganism to sell scam products under the umbrella of “veganism”. He is doing it for himself. I respect him for that

  • You claim what does nazis ave to do with vegansims right but what does loving someone have to do with vegans (I dont agree with nazis I’m just saying) so ur a hippocratic person

  • 2:12 4 kcal per serving, which means you’re getting ≤1 GRAM of protein per serving, as protein has 4kcal/gram. And I don’t even wanna know for how much money. Total scam.


  • I unsubscribed to Vegan Gains and his satanic cult/ideologies. I used to have respect for the kid but after reading his comments and how he supports satan I lost all respect. Kid’s a loony bin

  • I am relatively new to the anti-vegan community. I WAS SHOCKED WHEN I FIRST SAW RICHARD FROM JUST 5 YEARS AGO. It’s like he became his own father in just 5 years.
    But the scary thing is HIS VOICE IS EXACTLY THE SAME! So jolting to see that voice come from a lean fit man, the same man who now eats mountains of vegan donuts and has food comas.

  • Normally I would say that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but because this is such a controversial topic I can see his less demented and actually quite thoughtful arguments

  • you’re and idiot. variable resistance is better than free weights because you overload muscles in the strongest range that can’t be done w/ free weights. For example bands in the loose position may yield 40lb on the exercise, but 100 lbs in the strongest position. If you could only press 90lb w/ free weights, you wouldnt be able to attempt 100lbs in the strongest range until you could handle it in the weakest position (when the muscle is the longest).
    You’re also getting fat.

  • I thought I would come here and talk trash. But damn, after watching what they did, it’s cringey as F. You were actually fairly objective. Hope she understands she would be mocked for a long time if she puts herself out there. She needs to take a step back and think this through again. Jokes aside, they are being stupid.

  • Cringe… I support Vegan gains in his veganism activism but I hope this is a troll and she drops it as it’s not good for a relationship to have your wife doing this stuff. He’ll learn that the hard way. If u don’t have income problems don’t do this unless you really want too… People do knock Jasmine and her pixie haircut but there’s no doubt she has the body that would get some guys to donate for this and the added novelty that’s it’s Vegan Gain’s girl…. Not something i’d want to trivialise and bring strife into a marriage with on Richard’s part…

  • Ok, did John Rose say he was eating animal meat? And just FYI you sound like a little girl the way you’re talking about the chics that were lying about their veganism. Nothing wrong with proving people wrong and calling them out on it, all for it, but have a little class about yourself. Being an adult and calling people stupid is just a little immature as is your delivery. And yes I did notice you gave JR is props later in the video��.
    R Kelly likes young girls, that doesn’t change the fact that his music is great, just saying. If he was singing about trying to get young girls would be something else. In other words, JR’s thoughts about x, y and z are whatever they are. You don’t have to like the guy it even listen to anything he’s saying. But if his INFORMATION on plant based eating is on point use it. I’m not defending his views, however he is entitled to have them.

  • Its good he’s branching out. Afterall, some of his best videos have not been about vegan stuff. If i was his youtube manager i would encourage more non vegan videos to expand his appeal. His strength is his rants and strong opinions and funny skits and his sense of humour. He’s used veganism to showcase this, but he could do such videos about anything. Current events, politics, celeb gossip, youtube drama. Anything. The vegan stuff with the studies is kinda getting old. Maybe he would do better leaving the vegan stuff more to the side going forward.

  • In 5 years Vegan Gains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gains a donut around his waist.
    That nose picking is absolutely disgusting wtf!! Erhhhh yuck
    That robot chick on your channel is kinda hot too. lol

  • no one is surprised these freaks would start doing this, it will only get worse, just wait, suicide is not far down the road for for Vtard Gainzzzzz.

  • I wonder is Vagina Stains capable of smiling ☺???
    His voice yikes drives me crazy �� what a awful disaster he truly is. ����‍♂️ �� �� �� �� ��

  • Hey Lui, now that a year has passed and he’s still rising on youtube (I personally have come to like him more), you should do another video on the topic, talking about his points of view on supplements, steroids… Salute you from Madrid on a nightlyyyyy

  • If ya don’t know the penguinz situation then let me enlighten y’all**
    Ok so Penguinz made a video on a Korean lady abusing intelligent sea animals for views, and pointed out she really should have done a simple stab through the pain instead of torturing the animal, after that video Vegan Gains decided to attach to this (used to be) small channel, and made a video over how Penguinz was a hypocrite because…..he ate fried chicken (no seriously what the fuck is that argument-) and Penguinz decided to make a response saying how his video lacked a lot of solid points and how he has mercy where cotton shirts come from a place where they kill animals, and not for the product mostly, saying how his fried chicken is a product of a dead animal while Vegan Gains shirts CAUSE death of animals. Vegan Gains got salty and made another video with something along the lines of “return of the hypocrite” (wow, he really did listen to Penguinz’s video!) and continued to barf shit and still holds a grudge and has “debates” with Penguinz’s fans even though my man said “I’m going to make my response and that’s it, I don’t want to engage in this anymore.” And yeah, Vegan Gains picking from the low hanging fruit really, and trying to incriminate Penguinz’s for some reason.

  • I’m definitely not a fan of vegan gains but his nose picking might be scratching an itch. I myself have increased nostril hair recently and it is a little bit irritating ��

  • agree on all…. except… WHY did you mention her virginity.. it has nothing to do with this and it is none of our business. if she is in a relationship AND not having sex is possible maybe not to you, but i don’t understand why you feel the need to comment about that.:)

  • Doesn’t he make like 3hour long videos rambling about nothing?
    Guy doesn’t even looks like he lifts, offer to fight him maybe he take that offer.

  • I think he realizes he can’t physically intimidate you, so the whole “fiGht ME iN a CaGe bRo” Internet tough guy routine isn’t going to work here.

  • And…. look how you’re promoting your channel and making money. With hating on others. Your mom must be proud. Ps..most people have a channel bigger channel then you. What shoes to you actually wear? Not that I like her but, you better not be calling the kettle black. Pun intended.

  • Just bought Lonzo’s Big Baller Brand ZO2 and they ripped because i got too strong from using the X3 system.

    In all seriousness, who buys this shit?

  • I want to see a pic of her period blood being used as beauty cream.
    Jasmine doesn’t want a period. She’s just depressed since he is infertile, she’s been a biological virgin her whole life.

  • 8:50 Interesting, although as I’ve seen the video, it was made 2 years ago, as she mentioned in the beginning. Who is actually the liar?

  • Can’t wait to sit down and talk with you Richard. You are headed for big things, I assure you

  • Here’s my philosophy.
    If you don’t eat meat, I won’t feed you meat.
    If you don’t eat animal products, I won’t feed you animal products.
    BUT. If you make me feel bad about eating meat or animal products, I will smack you into an alternate reality.

  • I’m just gonna say it.. everyone should eat what they prefer without giving a shit to anyone else, whether it is meat, chicken, veggies.

  • so you basically admit that you know the effects the animal agriculture industry has on the animals, the planet, human health, etc. but you still have the desire to eat and support that shit. if you really cared you’d be vegan

  • God he’s so bright red and so shiny. Granted, that could be the lighting that makes him look that shiny but it looks like actual meat sweats from here. And that inflammation! OMG he looks like the top red thing on an old mercury thermometer yeah, like the 212 degrees Fahrenheit point, like right before the thing pops and implodes!! Yikes!

    You know it always has to be something with these meet only people. With this guy is his plantbased supplement powder and I’m sure Baker sneaks in the fruit or some source of vitamin C. even sparage eats melon and cucumber juice so they really are ‘cheat-ers’

  • Jasmine’s stepping up her game, Richard.
    #gynecomastia isn’t pretty on a young ‘male’ your age.
    Aren’t you worried she’s checking out of a soyboy relationship,
    Edit… I take it she’s looking elsewhere for meat injections.

  • Vegan Gains is a complete degenerate and the Karma bus has well and truly caught up with him. A friend of mine is claiming that when vegan gains now goes to the gym to buy his protein powder he goes in disguise because he is so hated in his local area. Strange thing was that despite the disguise he still wears a vegan gains tshirt,really weird kid.

  • I think the problem is he doesnt seem to like friendly and nuanced conversations with room for constructive criticism and self-reflection. Its all DEBATE DEBATE DEBATE and BLUDGEON YOU WITH ANGRY FACTS IN YOUR FACE and I HAVE NEVER MADE A MISTAKE AND WILL NEVER CONSIDER CORRECTING MY WAYS. Which in return just pisses most people off.

  • Many players in the Keto and carnivore crowd have no creds getting a titled accreditation form aunaccredited institutional. Some have a good crasp of the Science and appear authoritative because they can speak the lingo. Whilst most have few hours of training in Nutrition at best and actually are qualified in other fields like acupuncture ect. Others sell shit products and supplements, have no peer reviewed literature and no runs on the board. Compare them to all the Plant based physicians who are real doctors with decades of experience.
    If you who think a title like PhD actually means that person is qualified just do some digging and who will find bullshit isnt usually far.

  • Vegan Gains is a priggish, brashly confident young man with indomitable conscience to support rectitude of his image. And his mechanical delivery makes him repulsive. His adherence to Singer’s postulates on animal ethics and preeminent pubmed erudition buttressed his probity on YouTube. But can’t he be any more condescending. He takes all this ebullient energy and smears it with sophomoric attitude and a parochial outlook on human nature. Be more open minded dude

  • I liked the video except for the part when you say promoting raw veganism is unhealthy. I eat a lot of raw and I feel great. Indeed, I am feeling progressively more and more inclined to it raw and when I eat cooked or processed food, I get very heavy digestions. You should have a look at the phenomenon of digestive leucocitosis and think too that primates and animals eat uncooked food and they are fine. Also, heat alters enzimes and nutrients natural molecular estructures. Prolongued heat alters original nutrients.

  • I got banned after years of watching just the other day. I think its because i laughed at NTT, or said that Daphne was actually pretty clever. Jasmin trying her best to ruin the channel with her moderation i guess. VG literally used to have the best most funny comment section ever back in the day.

  • kristina’s boyfriend is black, i wonder what john rose thinks about it��he said she is like a daughter for him, so….oh god, i hope he doesn’t kill him��john rose should buy some shirts��

  • I don’t even get out of breath anymore

    Thats fucking ironic considering i just watched alittle of his video where he roller skates and he’s nothing but breathing breathing breathing between every 5 words

  • so sick how so many ppl in the comments are pointing out that hes a carnivore, that has nothing to do with what this guy is doing and the actual problems… you guys are such brainwashed sheeps, its insane…. i didnt know ppl still listen to youtubers like vegan gains in 2020. holy fuck, get a brain and start using it.

  • The cows are fed corn so that they can easily fatten up. This is done to make the meat taste good. Most cattle is killed within a year.

  • Wow, I am so pleasantly surprised by your video. Most guys like Joe Rogan go hard against the vegan message without even looking into it. I appreciate that you acknowledge the suffering of animals. However, being an American I disagree it’s only in America because we know for a fact it occurs in other countries as well. Pigs are treated horribly in the UK. And there have been a lot of protests against the cruelty placed upon them. Pigs are almost like a dog, very intelligent and sensitive creatures and they can smell fear a mile away. Veganism is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. I wish more carnivores would just look at the way these animals are treated. Thank you for being objective in your video. Peace, xo

  • The cotton shirt ur wearing is very unethical to srilankan farmers also the chair ur sitting on is made in China by someone who eats pork how dare u support such items in ur house.

  • So whats a vegan that wears leather? I EAT vegan. But otherwise I do not practice it. I have leather seats, have a leather jacket. Probably leather in my shoes.

  • Pro bodybuilders use bands to pump blood into the muscles not to build muscle, like in the old days when they would use 5 pound dumbbells and do the same movements they would with heavy barbells to pump blood into the muscles

  • I don’t think John Rose is insane, in fact he is very sane just have some controversial ideas, and his political beliefs are not related with his health or sanity. You may not agree with him and that is fine.

  • I am surprised how negative and veganism unrelated this video is. What has virginity and political beliefs have to do with being vegan?

  • Fresh warm buns… My enemy! For I am the crustiest of the crunchy crispy buns. This upsets me greatly. I would cast a spell rendering her infertile but she’s made this steamy fluffy choice herself. I shall indulge within the realms of meat beating to proclaim my hatred for her fresh warm buns. How much did you say it was bro?

  • Harry Serpanos referred to chimps sticking a finger in another one’s butt. Another theory was the search for some B12. Or maybe putting in in there? Could be a line from Eddie Murphy Boogie In Your Butt: “put some B12 in your butt”.

  • I like how when vegan gains threatens to kill his viewers if they don’t go vegan with sai’s and here I am sitting at home with a father who is a retired cop who owns 2-3 assault rifles 2-3 shot guns and a few handguns so I think I won’t go vegan anytime soon

  • Ew only fans is normalizing prostitution. Ewwwwwwwww these ppl have no morals. And ew nobody wants to see him fuck his mannish wife.

  • Soooo, you can’t have a “very large black man” for a boy friend at 32, and be virgin? Does that not sound racist? First you have to point out the fact he is a large BLACK man and then assume she couldnt be with him without sex? You are a joke. You are the typical vegan that looks around the world and criticizes everyone else that is not to your standards.

  • “I’m sure that every single person watching this video right now knows at least one YouTuber that seems to jump into any controversy they can find.”
    Yes, I know one.


  • Instead of verbally scraping it out with an admitted sociopath and get nowhere. Get in touch with another Marine ( so such thing as ex Marines once a Marine always a Marine) Korin Sutton and discuss your life changes to the vegan lifestyle that made you both stronger.

  • You should update your thumbnail of Jizzman’s pic…. Jizzman has a full blown, man haircut now. And walks around dressed and looking like a full blown man.

  • that fish is called Cobbler….and fucksakes I ate some like 2 months ago…luckily it was smoked though….then again being a chef I know that prawns also eat shit…they are basically ocean cockroaches…and eat other fishes shit. We all eat prawns….I don’t like em

  • I love how you call out other Vegans after what you turned into, no graduated into a full on soy boy. Body, mind and soul. It is sad, you need to come to your senses and at least go plant based so your brain can heal. Eat some eggs or chicken, something, anything because the state you are in is sickly for a body builder like you.

  • I bought the X3 due to the pandemic keeping gyms shut and not having space for a proper barbell rack. If not for gym closures, would never have bought this, and I don’t buy his BS, but this product is a bit nicer than its competition and USA made so I went for it. Don’t plan to replace their bands with branded ones, I’ll be using EliteFTS for more bands.

  • It’s ok that each vegan uses his way of activism and using it’s time to make activism instead of fighting eachother the activists.

  • I watch about 5-10% of VG’s videos. Strangely enough, none of my comments don’t post on his channel, I can’t figure that out, so I have to use another account when I comment.

  • Im unsubscribing. Instead of accusing a man of being anti this and pro that look into history and study for your self the history of the one’s calling themselves jewish and how they got to the land and became in control of the oil,diamonds,gold worlds currency.

  • Salient to the point, all it took to get me to seriously consider plant based nutrition and for my wife and I to shift to that approach was a simple question from NH, “why aren’t you?”. It’s almost like there IS an effective way to reach people on the subject.

  • All these people don’t look healthy. Him, Rogan, that other “Doctor”. Why are they so shiny and red? They look weird. Plus he’s clearly on roids.

  • Irrespective of whether the carnivore diet is healthy, the criticism of his protein powder is weak. Think how much plant material in pounds a gorilla requires to eat to get the protein it needs? Roughly 30 pounds and think how much volume that takes up. That is why their muscular gut is so big. Jaquish has separated all the extra material and isolated the protein. If part of his reasoning for the carnivore diet is protein per calorie, that isn’t necessarily inconsistent with using plant protein in for his protein powder. If he said plant protien is bad, that would be different.

    Agreed that the X3 is over way-priced and how he pitches it is shady.

  • Apart from the obvious, his �� (brain), being allergic to VG’s screen presence hasn’t allowed me to get to know about his old self so can’t really compare it to his newer self tbh. From what little has come to my attention I can unequivocally. confirm, my desire to annihilate his smug, pock marked face and bouncy castle body in a variety of ways has increased immensely! Exactly which ways, I will keep to myself as the element of surprise is an important part of my winning strategy…. hehe…one of them might involve a method to return his �� to its former physical size, however its workings will likely be even more compromised. Afterward he’ll be able to hire himself out to be Freelee’s new bouncy ball!! ��

  • It’s subtle, but notice how he belches and never says “excuse me” he just works it into his conversation. He is rude. I wonder if he farts and thinks it is roses.

  • Dammit there is that eggplant picture again making VeganGains look kinda hot�� but I remember last time you said it was more of a catfish pic. He isn’t fooling me! Well, maybe for a second when I see that pic..��

  • VG is probably already showing his and more on a secret account. They must feel empty inside and want to fill the hole with ho cash. Eww.

  • What a miserable existence. Must get tiresome getting in your own way for so long, guess that explains why he’s so exhausted just living now lol

  • Hahahahaha I’ve been following VG since 2013 or so. Bit of a funny guy. I don’t hate vegans, they can do what they want, but what I have a problem with is a bunch of self-righteous idiots who want to look superior because they don’t eat certain foods.
    Remember when he talked about his grandpa dying and made it about veganism?

  • That’s a shame.I was looking forward to that discussion.
    Vegan Gains should prioritize vegan content. The animals don’t care about flat earth or video games.
    I don’t think he’s comfortable to have this discussion ; Rich is getting a bit older now and I reckon, maybe, it’s starting to niggle at his subconscious that forcing people to be unable to name the trait isn’t good activism. Change is painful, that’s why he’s dodging.
    I’m not saying that Rich isn’t a good activist just that he needs to undergo a little personal growth.
    Also, I know VG is a badass and all but he’s not a psychopath, what he describes sounds more like a touch of autism to me.

  • Vegan gains is amazing and I’m not remotely vegan. The videos are to highlight bullshit put out on the internet by “gurus”. Watch the worst of the fitness videos. Pure class. He destroys them.

  • It’s so disgusting that just because you have a questionable Ph.D attached to your name you can peddle/misrepresent any kind of research you want.

    Don’t take these facts lying down. By building a personal brand, you can sell products at higher prices than the market would otherwise allow. Make money, but make money honestly.

  • Is something wrong with you?

    Why did you purposely leave out the beginning of her video where it says IT TOOK ME ONE YEAR TO UPLOAD THIS VIDEO.

    You’re so desperate for views you’re pretending she made the virginity video while being with her boyfriend Cash?

  • You’re unhinged. John Rose is great. The fact you’re butt hurt about his success speaks more about your hang ups than his accurate revisionism.

  • Some pigs die of decease and after a day of rotting outside in the sun they convert the carcasses to crumbs and feed it back to the pigs. Enjoy your meals.

  • Go check that wil change your mind.. Facts are there.. YOU ARE NOT A CARNIVORE WANT to be a Carnivore
    Good Luck man

  • Can pesticides cause cancer in humans?

    Pesticides are poisons and, unfortunately, they can harm more than just the “pests” at which they are targeted. They are toxic, and exposure to pesticides can cause a number of health effects. They are linked to a range of serious illnesses and diseases from respiratory problems to cancer.

  • I don’t look at the muscles on people when they talk about diet, really. I look at their faces. Your face for example clean skin, no blemishes, no bags under your eyes… but him? He looks like somebody has spliced the DNA of Donald Trump and a Raisin

  • I always wonder if vegan gains is a paid puppet by big pharma and meat industry:D:D:D
    Come on bro you can’t be that mentally disabled yet simultaneously have a successful channel.

  • Pay $10 (exaggerating) a chicken breast if you want your chickens to be raised like a 1930’s little French egg farm. Otherwise, deal with it.

  • Oh I remember seeing this X3 product as a facebook ad.
    Then I realized it’s totally shit, until now, I see the price.
    Now I’m in total shock of what’s this idiot is selling this item for.
    650 American Dollars is about the same price for a 1 year of gym membership, I’ll take the membership over this, thanks.

  • Please don’t use the word raw as a bad thing, yes it’s harder to get enough calories from fruit but really it actually isn’t not hard. And freelee is a very good example that raw, or mostly raw, is healthy and she is an ethical vegan talks about aimals in almost every video. Loved the video btw.

  • Rawvanas own friend exposed thst video lol. Jons views I think are misunderstood there is truth to what he says, its not antisemitism much as the elite and people in power have corrupted the Jewish Religion along with religions likes scientology. I suggest you see the documentaries of Fall cabal*.

  • Why am I the ONLY one at my work who does laundry? Jesus…I hope they don’t view me as the company “wife”

    Just leave all the laundry for our sole night shifter…..assholes. Haha.

  • There’s a reason why more people like Jordan Roses’ videos on exposing the Zionist Jews over Vaginal gains videos attempting to expose Mr. Rose. It’s because Rose is preaching the truth while Vegan Gains is just being an SJW and calling him names. Vegan gains just goes with what mainstream media and indoctrination tells him about history while Rose did real research on the topic. Vaginal Gains ignorance is no excuse.

  • “We shouldn’t be promoting eating disorders in the vegan community”

    -Man whose entire ‘life identity’ is based on an eating disorder.

  • I don’t get being vegan. If you buy a dead animal from a store its still dead. Its not like not buying it saves animals lives there still dead

  • I think people don’t have a right to tel others what is ok and not ok. If she is consenting then there shouldn’t be an issue. If people dont want to join her onlyfans then they shouldn’t have to.

  • Bro…. John Rose is a legend. Changed more life’s than you ever will. You should be ashamed of yourself for speaking about things you don’t know about.

  • I don’t follow any of his diet advice, or even the workout programming… but I will say, being a dad of an infant, the X3 bar has made resistance training super easy. It is a solid product. Yeah, the price is definitely NOT for everyone… but if you can afford it, it’s at least a good quality product.

  • Wow ur assumptions about her virginity because she’s with a “big black guy” as u put it is just crazy. And because she makes artistic pics that show her body it means she’s wanting sexual attention??? You do understand as long as u put hate out like u do you will get it all back right? You will never be happy in life as long as you point the finger at everyone but yourself. Be the damn change u want to see and then your world around u will change. As long as u only see ppls faults you will also experience yours in spades.

  • Looks like he took down his twitter account lol His facebook is still up. Someone asked him about his supplement and he said it’s because he only eats one meal a day and it’s difficult to get all the protein in in one sitting.

  • Oh my God, this is just straight up some millenial/gen-z shit that’s gone totally haywire. A radical vegan youtuber who’s partner has an onlyfans.

  • There’s is little to no scientific proof that meat itself causes cancer. It’s so messed up that he would make a video like that about a man that is dealing with his SECOND round of cancer. He had cancer once which means he was at risk of getting again. Plus EVERYONE can have cancer including vegans!!!

  • He is the worst thing to happen to veganism ever! Some of us choose not to eat animal products and that’s okay if you choose to eat animal products. Nobody is trying to talk you into being vegan and if anybody is then they are the really bad Fringe of veganism! I choose to eat the way I do and others choose to eat the way they do and if someone has meatless Monday I applaud that but I don’t spit in the face of those who don’t have meatless Monday and eat meat everyday. It’s not my place to judge what you eat it is my place to make sure I eat what I want to eat.

  • I didn’t know these vegan wars can be very messy and damaging. It’s also very entertaining to watch for us non vegans. I’m just curious, why would they attacked each other? They were supposed to be buddies ��

  • The only thing i would be cover your ass on is if he happens to say some bullshit of doxing,etc. i have observe two instances of where does this

  • Thanks for wasting 11 minutes of my life, moron.  If you have been in North America for 20 years,  why haven’t you learned to speak English without that worthless Albanian muslim accent.

  • We fed our dog seafood city chicken for like 10 years and it now has tumors compared to our other dogs that got Costco chicken no tumors. I ate a bunch of steak like fancy shit cause I thought that was what it took right tons of beef but just got fat strong asf but fat. Now I’m vegetarian and still keep eggs and dairy at a minimum better to be healthy than fat and strong

  • In Europe they kill animals by telling them stories about european values and diversity…animals get tired of the retarded shit and kill themselves. US is evil,it kills animals by killing them. Wtf is next to complain?

  • You are truly the cutest anti-vegan.

    But man, Vegan Gains started his entire channel on “vegan bodybuilding” and he literally doesn’t work out anymore.
    You’d think eating such an incredibly healthy and pure diet would give a man vigor.

    Also strange that I’m eating the worst diet (uncooked meat) every day, getting parasites and scurvy, but I’m getting stronger and lighter.
    Truly, nature holds many mysteries.

  • There was a ‘bro’ who only ate red lean meat to get muscle growth. He told us that he couldn’t shit without Miralax and had to see the doctor’s…

  • he made me go vegan and i feel way better without diary or meat in my body i also started instantly hitting new pr’s weekly which might sound insane but try it just 1 week and compare how much you lift on day 1 and your last day

  • So exploiting animals is bad but exploiting women is ok? Literally everything this so called “vegan” stands for can be disregarded as a money grab. If he is willing to put his partner’s pictures online for cash, then ne is willing to do anything that he thinks will make him money online, ie pretend to be a vegan. Hilarious.

  • you are wrong about our fish from vietnam, true they eat shit but only them wild fish on river where they eat wtf they want including dead animal shit plant etc… but the thing we export is come from farm and we raise them and to export to EU or SA NA we have to pass the quatify of quality of them, true tons of fishs got return for failed quality and they sell them back to our vietnamese peopls yeah that sad same of fruit if you want to know

  • John Rose looks AMAZING for his age. The proof is in the pudding. I take my advice from the ones who look great and are vibrant for many years after practicing what they preach.

  • Who TF cares… They probably didn’t want to share what changed for them, because of bully bloggers and judgmental people who condemns another as if we are not all trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work for us. I’m sure have something to expose too…

  • When I saw her boyfriend I was like ‘virgin where? girl shut up, you know damn well he fucks you’ like maybe I’m jealous cos he’s fine as hell, but I mean that sounds like bullshit 2 me

  • I am not vegan I am not a vegetarian and not a flextearian I don’t know what to call myself I don’t eat meat but eat cheese and drink milk and eat fish always vegetables but never meat

  • He literally got bigger and stronger. How is that deterioration? He also managed his anger issues. His content is way better than this garbage

  • I’ve watched a lot of Vegan Gains vids. I believe the reason he’s calling out ‘roid users is because such a large portion of the general public genuinely believe those huge guys (and girls) are natural.
    He knows, I know, and you know, the huge, ripped bodybuilders, are taking steroids. That’s the reality, that’s the truth. I’m far from the only person in the world who, on getting into weights 40 years ago, genuinely believed all those huge guys in the competitions were natural, and felt inadequate when my training produced such relatively low results. Now I know they were all on steroids, that it’s impossible to be that big and ripped without steroids, and, having got a realistic understanding of what’s feasible without steroids, am, at 50 yrs old, happy with my training, happy with my results, and, especially happy that my training and lifestyle are actually good for my health.
    To cut to the chasehe’s publicly pointing out that they’re steroid users, because they are.
    Incidentlygreat video, fantastic to see a carnivore who acknowledges how abusive the meat industry is, and that the meat is contaminated with antibiotics, steroids and toxis chemicals (eg arsenic),

  • I’ve been wrestling with should I get a PhD for years. I thought I might not have what it takes, but if this idiot can do it, so can I.

  • I popped into a live stream recently just to see what he talks about and every question given through super chat seemed to be as a joke usually referencing sex.. he spent a lengthy amount of time answering a hypothetical question about dying by being burned to death.

  • Help! I just had a terrifying experience., Just checked out Michelle Lowe’s latest video. She’s dressed in black and showing off her rotting teeth. Shortly after I fell asleep and dreamed I’d been ordered to see this woman for psychological treatment. It was like being trapped in Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses.

  • Would you be will to do some videos on dietary information? Like what are great sources to replace meat for a protein source for men who workout, I know there are suppliments, but I’d like to know more about food sources. There is a huge whole in information for guys who may not know much about plant based protein sources, complete sources anyway, for guys who would like to change their diet who are already very muscler who may not want to lose that. If there is a simplified source would you let me know? I do have health issues that a change in diet would help greatly, my dietary knowledge is limited when it comes to plant based proteins and I’d like somewhere to start. I spoke to my doctor and he says I’d just have to give up my muscle if I went �� plant based, I could keep some but he doubts all, and I’m dead set to prove him wrong. I have trained for decades for my muscle and strength, I do not believe there is not away without meat, may be it’s harder but that’s what we do, we evolve in bodybuilding

  • There is an X3 bar member page on facebook, with thousands of people on it. There are actually quite a few vegans who use the X3 system, but just don’t subscribe to the carnivore diet.
    I am on that page, and Dr Jaquish comes on the page many times and answers questions. I have spoken to him a time or two myself, and unlike many others, Dr Jaquish will actually cite the specific source/study to verify what he says. He will cite the name of the study and the people involved so that any one can verify whether or not what he is saying is true. If you actually care about knowing the facts, feel free to take the time to look at his sources, whether in his videos, his book, or on the page. You don’t have be a person who has bought the X3 system to be a member of the page.
    As for the first objection in this video pertaining to Fortagen, yes, it is a vegan product. Vegans ought to appreciate that, but don’t? Think about it.
    The fact that it is a vegan product doesn’t mean the product is all plant based. Fortagen uses amino acids and bacterial fermentation to give the protein to the person taking it. It is vegan because it is not meat based.
    There is plenty of information online that you find to read up on how Fortagen works. Saying Dr Jaquish is contradicting himself because he doesn’t eat plants but takes a vegan product is a sign someone isn’t doing their research.

  • Stop misrepresenting this man. PhD in the online fitness community has a different meaning than the conventional phD. PhD here = professional horse-shit dealer. Let the man do his job… he’s a professional.

  • Man I make fun him for dying all animals need be treated the same doom game wall paper in the background of his video what that nothing

  • Hahahahahaha that last tweet hahahahahaha exactly how I felt. But jokes aside if this is actually real I really feel sorry for jasmine.

  • I have a strong feeling that Jasmin is not doing ok. Between her very short haircut that does not fit her at all and letting herself being pimped, she is blinded by a mistreating husband. He basically said that no one found Jasmin pretty when she really was before this awful haircut. But hair grow back. I am always for fixing marriages, but in this case, I hope she will run away. It feels like she wants to kill all of her womanhood, and then she would publicly expose herself wearing lingerie? Something smells fishy and it does not come from her.

  • hehe… look at you trying to stir up controversy.. lmao. My take is he finds the topic BORING and not controversial enough and feels it won’t add anything to his channel/bottom line. I personally find a debate between you and him totally pointless and not worth watching. Sorry for being blunt cabrón. ❤️

  • You two have similar beliefs, it wouldn’t make for an interesting debate. Maybe he thinks you are wanting to hitch your wagon to his star?

  • I am serious when I said that I can understand one being a vegan, I understand the cruelty to animals part and if I saw someone abusing an animal someone would have to hold me back despite the fact that I am the weakest human being of my age currently walking without any ailment

  • When someone tries to push you and force you into something, making you feel guilty for not doing it or not following those ideas, it’s never a really good sign. Works for politics and religion too…

  • Wouldn’t a little of both meat and veggies be the best maybe a month of more then the other than vise versa but both?
    Why does it have to be strictly 1 or the other?

  • The avatar of Jasmin, yikes, I thought it was a guy, and Richard is such a gurl, what a weird immoral couple. Primal Edge audience really tore into him, I was so glad.

  • First time I’ve ever thumps upped a video of yours. �� I am so sick of seeing these X3 Ads freaking everywhere. This guys a quack.

  • No mate he’s not a moron your just a idiotic narcissist who thinks he’s never wrong (to the crazy vegan not thegamerfrommars, you are a lengend)

  • Calling you a sociopath is not an idle insult, it’s a fact, just you making fun of another human being because he’s dying automatically classes you as a sociopath, the fact that you then use this in the most douchbag-like, conniving and duplicitous way makes me sick, I understand Veganism, not that I am one mind you, but I understand why someone would abstain from animal products, but is you laughing at a man because he has cancer and using him for an argument any better that what you claim to be against, the use and death of livestock, PLEASE RESPOND I would love to report you to the hate crimes unit in whichever state/country you live in

  • His views Have been dropping steadily and he’s been at the same subscriber count for several months now. Maybe he needs the additional income streams.

  • Recently, I’ve been pondering Dr Melanie Joy’s invented word; now all over the V world, “carnism”.
    The anti-V movement needs to invent a counter-term & you seem to be the perfect person to launch the poll. I suggest:
    1. Kalamitism
    2. Tofuggery
    just to get the ball rolling. Just an idea. If you think it’s dumb, then ignore it.

  • I’m sorry but that crazy people with a superiority complex that constantly have to tap out there vegan isn’t far from the truth I was friends with this one on Facebook until he made a post comparing eating meat to racism as respectful as I always tried to be to him I finally snapped told him how stupid he was and blocked him

  • U gotta chill a bit man
    In my opinion different kinds of activism are good, not just one kind
    Maybe Richard fucked up with the pungu douche, but would u like it if some fuckwit on youtube made ad hominem attacks to you instead of real arguments:D

  • Lol so all the smart people were vegans, and they cared so much you can research their diets hundreds and thousands of years after haha fuck me though. You’ll study Einstein and say he is smart but ignore what he thought helped make him that way. Sure he is the only vegan who didn’t think it helps.