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Willpower: Why You Struggle to Meet Your Goals

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Unstoppable Willpower Achieve Any Goal Complete Any Task


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Willpower and the best way to use it

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How to Improve Your Will Power

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Willpower Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower

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Use Willpower the Right Way for Any Goal. Willpower doesn’t always have the best reputation. Many times, people use the term as shorthand for white-knuckling their way through a situation that often includes some type of deprivation.

Use Willpower the Right Way. Instead of focusing on the progress you’ve made by being “good,” focus on how committed you are to your goal, and remember the why behind it. Any time you catch the voice in your head berating yourself for being “bad,” remind yourself that you are only increasing the likelihood that you will repeat.

At the core of willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations and desires in order to achieve long-term goals. It’s the prevailing source of long-term satisfaction over instant gratification. Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear. Most individuals believe they could enhance their lives only if they had that unique quality known as self-control or willpower.

With more self-discipline, everyone would exercise regularly, save some money for retirement, avoid alcohol and drugs, eat right and achieve all. Set the right goals. One way to ensure you’ll fail before you even begin is to go after the wrong goals. Set yourself up for success by setting SMART goals — goals. Research suggests that a vegan diet has the most powerful effect, but any dietary shift toward low-glycemic and/or plant-based will help.

Willpower as a Muscle. The four tips above will go a long way toward boosting your willpower, but there are lots of other things that help, too. “Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals.” Willpower is believed to be one of the key determinants of both personal and professional success. Imagination is a powerful technique for improving willpower. The body often responds to imagined situations in the same way it responds to experienced ones. If you imagine lying on a peaceful.

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term gratification in pursuit of long-term goals or objectives. Willpower is correlated with positive life outcomes such as better grades, higher self-esteem, lower substance abuse rates, greater financial security and improved physical and mental health. Your will is simply a goal (lose weight, earn a promotion, stop drinking, meet the right woman) and your power is the force you put into accomplishing goals (a powerful bodybuilder uses force to lift, a powerful communicator uses force to influence, etc.) So willpower is the force you use to complete goals you’ve set.

List of related literature:

Where willpower comes in is when life presents challenges to that vision, like being asked by your office mates to go for a pizza just as you are leaving for your daily fitness walk.

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Willpower needs an enemy to overcome before it reaches its goal.

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There is one other strategy that can be effective in reducing temptation, sometimes referred to as ‘intermittent goal-striving’ (Coelho do Vale, Pieters and Zeelenberg, 2016).

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Since willpower does fail us sometimes, it’s better to use strategies that are effective in any willpower or motivational state.

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As I set out to impose my will against defenseless goals, I quickly discovered something discouraging: I didn’t always have willpower.

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In the first place, willpower requires goals and the determination to push towards them.

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The term willpower implies that we have a will that we can use to make ourselves do what we want, but is there really one part of our mind that forces other parts to obey its bidding?

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Willpower operates like a muscle.

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We can train our willpower (or self-control) by means of a simple exercise: every time you feel the urge to do something in a specific way, do the opposite.

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What willpower?

“Captive of My Desires” by Johanna Lindsey
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  • Huge contradiction: 1) willpower is limited so don’t overuse it resisting temptation and 2) keep a temptation in a transparant jar to exhaust your willpower.

  • I’d like to see a recap video or a follow-up video. I like ya’lls videos, but I wanna see if your feats have remained with you. I would never hold anything against you if you did not accomplish goals or kept habits you were forming, but I’d like to see you talk about the process and what worked and didn’t work. Did you accomplish most of those goals? Thanks for making such chill videos and good luck!

  • It is a nice and educational video, Thanks a lot for it
    You have points right but i was waiting on you to mention Willpower depletion and how to overcome it.
    For me personally i find it rewarding after a long working day to enjoy some Video games that will help me fill my willpower up.

  • I agree mostly but not for video games. PS4 helped me quit weed cold turkey when it came out. Emulators helped me stay sober this morning. Otherwise great video!!

  • Need to get to the point. too much waffle. NOTE People don’t have so much time to waste. People already know the problems they have, talks need to be solution focused.

  • True will power is where you’re able to sever the link between the mind and the conciousness at will and let your body do the work for you

  • I seriously love almost all your videos! It’s cool seeing videos that teach you about reading, useful skills and overall interesting things like “no internet” and this one! You guys should have way many more subscribers, likes and be everywhere! Keep it up:)

  • I don’t get it. Don’t we first need a will of our own in order to acquire more will power? I thought you said we don’t have free will.

  • Since when did building will power mean remove everything and anything fun tv, games, alcohol?

    I was hoping to come here to find a happy medium but now I just feel like shit doing anything

  • i think a good advice is to watch these types of self improvement videos instead of watching mindless entertainment, as a replacement habit

  • Aaron says look into the Koi pond and see a reflection of you, ladies drop bi taking a break during Pride for the thinkers can go into the closet and embrace self hate, rage, and fear For it is a struggle

  • It’s really weird, it feels like i’m always paralyzed and can’t do anything when the real problem is that i have kind of a weak willpower, i need to get better right now.

  • You can listen to as many “smart talks” you want. But if you don’t change anything in your life… all of that is useless(unless you just want to study the knowledge)

  • I knew all that, and framing it so consciously was very helpful, after 2 minutes I could feel myself wanting to check other videos of funny cats or sports bloopers but managed to stay to the end.
    I’m off to tidy my house. Cheers

  • You have some amazing stuff on this channel. I recently got broken up with after 5 years and had to completely readjust my life at an age where I should be expected to be somewhat stable. And you are giving me some really good ideas and motivation on how to restart my life and what I should model it after.

  • Thanks for the advise.
    Greetings everyone,if you have time check out the scifi book:The thirteenth Child on The UnNamed Lands of Mount-Helleager.
    It’s free to read on

  • There is more info to take in if you watch the video. Feel bad for those who just read the comments for a quick summary and went off.

  • That looks like a boring way to make cash though do you not think lol? Effortless Money Machine is unique, and it makes it easy. Google the term Effortless Money Machine and you’ll see for yourself…

  • Thank you so much leo the rrason why i watching you evrytime its because you are ringht we have the same psychology in life,you have different kind point of views abot spiritual life from your videos feminine psychology versus masculinity psychology this viddeos shock me because all you said here bout myself is true,the line that if you arr a woman you treated man not like a man but a woman and yes i feels like i am a man with a very feminine looks and how i care the people that i love…your videos what is the devil,what is GOD,what is love,this is all true we have the same points of view in life so thats wgy i always watching you

  • 2:30.
    1. Fitness
    2. Learn to longboard really well
    3. Move to toronto
    4. Read 25 books
    5. 500 words a night
    6. Go on more dates
    7. Pay off student loans
    8. 2 plays, 2 movies
    9. Be awake before 8 am
    10. Travel more
    He chose # 7, 1, 4, & 9 as his most important personal goals in that order. If he knows how to speed read then he can add another thing to his list as his most important thing to do. Fitness seems to be difficult for most people unless they’re already really into it for bodybuilding or something like that because they are really serious about it. But, regular people that aren’t really into it seem to have a hard time making it into a regular part of their life. Interesting choices for your goals. I wonder what he’ll have on his list after accomplishing those 10 goals.

  • How can i use my will power to build my dreams i must to be alone leo away from people i dont want to be in many people and i hate social lifeand i dont like people in even i have meditation dialy the only things i can do to build my dreams is magic like to buy a lotto tickets

  • “Don’t hit that snooze button”…a very easy thing to say. So easy, that I’ve been saying it to myself practically every night for years. And yet, in the morning, it still happens 99% of the time. Literally. I could count the number of times per year I get up without hitting snooze on my fingers with one hand in my pocket…and the other one giving a peace sign.


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    Then how to be all ways like Sherlock holmes that tips explain
    and scientific name, normal name

  • Great, wonderful demonstration. Thanks for contributing creatively and setting a positive example for those of us who wish to follow suit.

  • Good vid! Explains a concept of core improvement that is commonly taught but needs to be constantly retaught. THanks for the reminder!

  • This is exactly what I was looking for!! Some way to build my willpower in a way that may not be easy, but is very simple and either cheap or free to do. Thank you SO much��

  • Feel like I can’t cut out video games entirely even though I have in the past, but that was due to a lack of money.

    Gaming is such a big part of my life, been gaming as far back as my memory goes. At least I’d have to start by practicing control and build a routine, limit oneself from time to time and treat it like a reward for doing the things I need to be doing.

    Like housework for example.

  • Well, sounds like I am good to go on the stuff I need to cut out. I HATE social media, the news, and cable TV. I just need to do the things that build my willpower. I even have a great meditation to help with my low willpower with sugar.

  • Please have a look at this, the theory of ego depletion and tied to that “limited willpower” has come under large amounts of scrutiny.

  • I almost never comment on YouTube videos. This might be the first if I’m not wrong. Very good content, people trust you with your research now, please never stop working hard on it. This channel deserves to be big. You’ve my best wishes. Keep doing the good work and if needed I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Thanks

  • I wish you never told us about white bears, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and failed to focus on your video lol I’ll keep watching this tomorrow

  • Leo i am waiting for fiscussion about feeling like a robot,because as yinyang although i am energetic powerful but my mind is always in control examole when i have a lot of words to say to you and then that words quickly out of my mind orfeeling that i am in control of what the words that i wanted to say totally block in this is my problem since in my awakening time

  • Im confused, if “resisting a temptation will weaken my ability to others temptation and make me more likely to procrastinate, why would we do such a thing as you recommended at the end of your video? Im so so confused

  • You’re doing great stuf.
    And the video hits exactly the problem.
    In the end it is so important that everybody builds routines up on the abilities they have.
    10 minutes spend on several things a day would keep you away from struggling in the long term!:)

    stop #procrastinating🙂