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UA 411: How Has Health Changed From 20 Years Ago? by UA Record. March 10, 2016. Share it: All individuals featured in UA 411 have been paid or received other compensation from Under Armour, Inc. Tags activity fitness HealthBox nutrition sleep UA411.

About the Author. UA Record. UA 411: How Has Health Changed From 20 Years Ago? by UA Record.

March 11, 2016. 1 Comment. Share it: All individuals featured in UA 411 have been paid or received other compensation from Under Armour, Inc. Tags activity fitness HealthBox nutrition sleep UA411. About the Author.

UA Record. As of Dec. 20, 2019, the new legal age limit is 21 years old for purchasing cigarettes, cigars, or any other tobacco products in the U.S. There is a general perception among smokers that any harm caused to the lungs is irreversible, and that’s not entirely true. Employer-sponsored plans: If you were getting insurance at your job, depending on your employer and the health plans offered, you may have had a pre-existing exclusion period.However, the exclusion period was limited to 12 months (18 months if you enrolled late in the health plan) and only applied to health conditions for which you sought treatment in the 6 months before you.

Those who knew the victims their families, friends, classmates, teachers, coaches and neighbors have been forever changed by what happened during the 13-month period from February 1976 to. The workplace is a very different place to what it used to be 30 years ago or more. From the introduction of new technology and tools, to the rising trend of remote working, the modern office has adapted in a number of ways to cater for changes in employees’ needs and working styles. So just how much has the workplace changed over the years and what could it possibly look like.

Fee for not having health insurance: Anyone not covered by health insurance for more than two complete 2 months during a calendar year has to pay a fine. The fine for 2015 is 2% of the household income (up to a max of the average national Bronze plan) or $325 per adult and $162.50 per child under 18 (up to a max of $975), whichever is larger. Still, most people didn’t have readily available Internet access in their homes until well into the new millennium.

Fast forward to today. Most of our parents, if not grandparents, are now connected to the Internet via high-speed WiFi connections. Things have changed so fast, it’s hard to remember what life was like a mere 15-20 years ago.

2019: The dollar weakened as the 10-year yield peaked at 2.79% on January 18.But on March 22, 2019, the yield curve inverted.The 10-year yield fell 2.44%, below the three-month yield of 2.46%. That meant investors were more worried about the U.S. economy in three months than in 10 years. Here’s what the sediments say: From about 250 million to 34 million years ago, the region around Lambert Glacier was relatively flat, and drained by slow-moving rivers, Thomson said.

List of related literature:

The Vitality Report noted an individual’s risk for cancer, heart disease, emphy­sema, cirrhosis, and arthritis compared to that of other persons of the same gender and chronological age, and then suggested lifestyle changes to increase one’s vitality age if it was found to be lower than one’s chronological age.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

The health status among elders has improved over the years, both in terms of living longer and remaining functional.

“An Introduction to Community Health” by James F. McKenzie, R. R. Pinger, Jerome Edward Kotecki
from An Introduction to Community Health
by James F. McKenzie, R. R. Pinger, Jerome Edward Kotecki
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

After 5 years there had been significant decreases in the prevalence of hypertension, cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol consumption, an appreciable reduction in mean population cholesterol levels, and an improvement in moderate leisure physical activity.

“Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic” by World Health Organization
from Obesity: Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic
by World Health Organization
World Health Organization, 2000

With regard to physical decline, it is true that older adults are more likely than their younger peers to report poorer health and more chronic conditions (Adams & Marano, 1995; National Center for Health Statistics, 1995).

“The Lighthouse Handbook on Vision Impairment and Vision Rehabilitation: Two-volume Set” by Barbara Silverstone, Mary Ann Lang, Bruce Rosenthal, Eleanor E. Faye
from The Lighthouse Handbook on Vision Impairment and Vision Rehabilitation: Two-volume Set
by Barbara Silverstone, Mary Ann Lang, et. al.
Oxford University Press, USA, 2000

Another study performed in India showed that 98 patients out of 100 exhibited at least one change due to aging [209].

“Baran and Dawber's Diseases of the Nails and their Management” by Robert Baran, David A. R. de Berker, Mark Holzberg, Luc Thomas
from Baran and Dawber’s Diseases of the Nails and their Management
by Robert Baran, David A. R. de Berker, et. al.
Wiley, 2012

There were slight improvements in “years in good or better health,” and “expected years free of activity limitations.”

“Introduction to Public Health” by Mary-Jane Schneider
from Introduction to Public Health
by Mary-Jane Schneider
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

power and health-related quality of life also improved significantly compared with the sham group.

“Respiratory Muscle Training E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Alison McConnell
from Respiratory Muscle Training E-Book: Theory and Practice
by Alison McConnell
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

The Geriatric Patient As a result of a number of factors, including better nutrition, more physical activity, less tobacco and alcohol use, improved medical care and medical technologies, more Americans are living longer.

“Nurse Anesthesia E-Book” by John J. Nagelhout, Karen Plaus
from Nurse Anesthesia E-Book
by John J. Nagelhout, Karen Plaus
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

These changes are more marked in obese, elderly, and debilitated patients.

“Miller's Anesthesia:.... 1” by Ronald D. Miller, Lars I. Eriksson
from Miller’s Anesthesia:…. 1
by Ronald D. Miller, Lars I. Eriksson
Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier, 2009

Since the 1960s, all health indices had shown dramatic improvement.

“War and Public Health” by Barry S. Levy, Victor W. Sidel
from War and Public Health
by Barry S. Levy, Victor W. Sidel
American Public Health Association, 2000

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  • 11:51 my mom was ridiculously overprotective, and now me and my twin sister both have social anxiety and no idea how to function on our own.

  • Ok boomer

    I feel like myself and my classmates for the most part aren’t as dependent as the video implies, but some can be, and I hate getting grouped together with the people who ask 3 questions per minute and still don’t understand the lesson

  • we already know about this, instead of telling us about climate change why don’t you do something about it! i thought your gonna show us pictures of past and present but you only show us total crap!


  • “most sewage infrastructure was made before 1910”
    that is how you get rid of polio real quick. polio is a disease spread by shit and piss. treat that, you get rid of the polio.

  • City forms also shape people’s politics. Gated communities, cul de sacs, traditional down towns, town houses, 19 century apartment buildings, brutalist apartment blocks, pedestriansed central business districts all shape electorates.

  • Factory smoke stacks are nothing compared to a giant, mile-wide meteor coming down and crashing into the earth. That would be a 1500 year global freeze. And naturally occurring, too.

  • 90s elementary student, late 90s junior high and early to mid 2000s hs student. Typing was done away with in the mid to late 90s. Word processing was barely taught. Cursive was abolished before I reached the 5th grade, By the time I reached high school I couldn’t type but was forced to read and knew my way around a computer. I started college after high school in 2006 before smart phones. There was internet, but it’s not like it was now. Most of the skills I had to relearn in college took me more time and energy because the schools I went to didn’t teach and focused on test scores and drugging me because they didn’t want to teach. In the 2010s most of everything I was taught or learned came form google and was told to google it if I needed to more information. PowerPoint, Excel weren’t taught in high school and barely in college unless you went for office type careers. Now they are required for basic education in some schools. I was always told to google something if I didn’t know it or look up stuff on youtube instead of being taught. The worst is when it comes to math. Math teachers don’t teach and expect you to know it or fail. Need help, too bad. Self teach or fail.

  • To report. It does appear, utuber found on NASA footage of earth, that the earths tilt is being straightened. Is said by they say, that our whole world will be semi tropics. Meanwhile harp tech has its hold causing this badness. Will be stopped.

  • I watched about 1:58 seconds and gave up when you started lecturing us on climate change. I don’t need anymore politically driven scare tactics than what I already see on my newsfeed on a daily basis.

  • The CCP will fall from power this century. I don’t think they will be here to celebrate a hundred years. Their people will overthrow them.
    The country will suffer economic hardships. And when the peoples living standards drop to the levels seen in the early 1960’s starvation will occur. I have compassion for the Chinese people. They are heirs to a great culture. It is the CCP alone that have been irresponsible. And they alone should bare the brunt of the peoples anger. God forbid they should have an outbreak of anti biotic resistent flu virus.
    Thanks Chris. Buddha bless you.

  • A life of slavery without change in over 200 years!
    People are morons. The world has not changed. Especially in the USA in the past 150-200 plus years. Especially in the past 100 years, it’s the same. Tell me? Tell me one thing that has changed. Yes we some new Technology! However, that has not changed the life of the masses much at all. Let me put it to you like it is!!

    We wake up to go to our jobs to come home. Have hobbies work some some more them some more work: all this or an average dull life, and you end up giving most of that away for nothing of real worth #like freedom#.

    Come home have family, kids and all the fun, the drama that comes with that retire and die. This way of life has been the same for 200 years. Nothing has changed at all. There is always some group of people being oppressed, another climbing up. The only thing that has changed is our youth is stuck with there face in a phone or tablet.

    New technology has not changed our lives in any way. Maybe some better science & doctors we might live a little longer. However, as for the world and especially the USA, nothing is different at all. Life is the same born have fun as a kid, graduate if you’re lucky to go to college. Get a job slave your life away making someone or a group wealthy. Unless your one of the lucky few, sports, actor or musician or someone famous. Have kids, keep slaving away at that 85% of your life on some job for someone or something so we can afford to be in debt up to our necks to have a home. Retire and die. I honestly don’t think anything has changed in 200 plus years.

    Our goals should be on how to live life to the fullest without the need to slave away 85 fucking percent of your life, see another part of the world once if you’re lucky. We as humans especially in the US have not worked toreds a goal that will free us from slavery In the past 200 plus years. The countries in the world have one goal. Their goal is to force the citizen into a life of slavery, forcing them to have to pay fucking taxes and make the corrupt rich. The USA is the worst of them.

    Tell me one thing that has changed. Some guy going to space, new computers or transportation, none of that kind of tech and material bullshit counts as change as it has done nothing to make this work a grander place to spend your short 75 years of life. None of that has changed human life as we know it.


  • I want to use renewable energies for our world to maintain and sustain that’s why biotechnology and environmental engineering should be emphasized and dramatically cool the heat we experiencing

  • Thank you TheRichest
    for all your amazing video, you always seems to post interesting video which i love so keep up the good work and looking forward for the next video. No need to give me a shout out.

  • The sad thing is, the same people who brought Communism to China, are about to do the same in the US.. Though some would argue, they already have.. Sidney Rittenberg, Jakob Rosenfeld, Israel Epstein, Solomon Adler, Sidney Shapiro..

  • Instead of building cities around people, they built cities around a single racial group (any racial group, not just white people—in fact, building around any demographic at the exclusion of others, it just happens to be white people in this case). Such a desire to move away from colored people and into the suburbs meant neighborhoods destroyed with freeways, as those living in the suburbs had to commute. Such a desire to drive people of color out of the city that they destroyed historical neighborhoods for modernist towers that didn’t succeed anyways.

    The result is a city of parking lots and strip malls.

    Btw, on as an aside, if POC can’t live in the city, and they can’t live in the suburbs, where are they supposed to go. There was no infrastructure built for them. And we wonder why POC are typically poorer.

  • There’s also not much research unless they’re crying about something so that they can make a point.
    This is for everyone. And honestly do you expect any teachers to think every single one of their class pupils has something disabling them unless they specifically work for a special education classroom? I would be weirded out if all my kids were acting like they had ADHD but I’m not even in a specific classroom. And some kids and ham are talking about how they don’t have any freedom yet want to call parents who allowed freedom bad. Go backwards.

  • Your mention of redlining made me think of how even the most negative aspects of human nature tend to produce great stories for the masses. 2 quick examples of Hollywood using that government sanctioned segregation as background for films: CANDYMAN and MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN. Two underrated films that utilize real world discrimination in their storytelling, worth watching both…����������

  • I’m 20, and no one ever taught us how to use the expensive calculators. They’d occasionally show us how to input the kind of equation we were working on and had us use them as regular calculators the rest of the time.

  • White coats are out. They’re going to skin those recruits and those secret service operatives live and feed their bawls and their whatever’s to the el condors of the Gobi….

  • So nothing new was invented in the last century, they just recycle old technologies and put it in shiny plastic. Electricity is still seen as top shit, so called scientists are dreaming at the fusion reactor just to make more electricity instead of trying to find different forms of energy.

  • I still think the separate pedestrian streets (walkways) from vehicular roads (streets) would be good. Put the walkways in the front of buildings/lots and the streets in the back. Residential garages would just face the other direction or be sideways like they are now, but entered through the back. Parking can be on the backside as well to keep cars out of sight and keep pedestrians safe. Maybe put bikers in centre of walkways with lines. Can narrow the walkways then and make it more liveable.

  • Yeah, let’s forget what created modern China, imperial colonisation and Japan carrying out medical experiments on the Chinese. Opium. What opium?

  • The Chinese complain the USA is interfering with their affairs…so what does it mean when Chinese hackers hack places like the NSA? ��

  • TheRichest community sponsor this shit? look at real climate change and this is another video missing facts that thousands of scientists do NOT agree to. YES the world is slightly warmer but no where near as warm as in 1500!!!! with the big industrial revolution back then and the jets everyone was flying around in. Real science need real discussion. this vid is the pinnacle of bad science and is Franky patronising to people more informed than the dorks this is aimed at in the most patronising way trying to sum up many areas of science into one goto idea. if ice sits in water and it meets, the water level goes down since the ice displaces more space as a solid than a liquid. SO if ice is meting from the land, how did it get there after the land? I agree humans have detrimental effect on the seas especially with overfishing and pollution of water BUT this vid simply wants everyone to listen to such crap as Al gore’s lies and BAD ones to sell an image that would get him rich! It’s called a bandwagon people. Real science should not need “Sponsorship” and neither should the voices od PHD climatologists who demand research based on good science and not fear as exactly sold here. Since Humans think we are so special and arrogant in that area, thinking isn’t enough to save our tiny miniscule time here because whatever the big plan is, we are as inept and incapable and justified for extension by our own approach to each other. 2018 and people STILL believe in prayer and a faith they were mentally schooled into at a young age…To those i say where IS your GOG to come and save us from being idiots… One of the biggest PROBLEMS of humanity, it’s its senseless following of an imaginary friend that will one day save them from the stupidity of their personal imaginary friend being more important than the NEXT person’s imaginary friend. I would hope any ‘designer’ could do better so perhaps bring on the thinker, the people that think to themselves ‘wait, hold on a minute. This pattern has been going on and on and on It’s those that should survive over the fools that feel good in a belief than one of 3000 imaginary entities will save them and everyone else…..I question that as a rational direction since it hasn’t been working for a few thousand years now….

  • First they came for the Tibetans and I did not speak out—because I was not a Tibetan!

    Then they came for the Uyghurs and I did not speak out— because I was not a Uyghur!

    Then they came for the Falun Gong and I did not speak out—because I was not a Falun Gong!

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    China’s total surveillance state!
    There are no limits to what they will do!

    From your friends in Canada!

  • I was 16 years old 1998 I have seen most of those changes. The world has changed soo much in the past 30 years. I use to be a camel herder in Somalia in 1992 I came to Untied States in 1994 as a refugee know can you imagine how much my life has changed.

  • When China rules Australia, Canada, USA and so on China will impose same system in those coutries so that they can harvest organs to sell Welthy people. After all the reason why China has become rich strong country is those Internationl Welthy rulers decided to use China to make the world to become a good place for them. They can chose good organs quickly and easily from people around the world when China rules the world. and basically for those Internationl Welthy rulers religions and countries are hiderance. They want to do whatever they want around the world with their money. when counties impose taxes to maintain order it is hiderance. When religions are above money it is hiderence. becsuse what those International welthy rulers have is only money.

  • My mom was an elementary school teacher for 45 years. She was amazed by her Boomer Kid who could work from the next room, send it off and get paid for it and still spend the week with her. She loved the laptop, was in her 80s by then and wanted to learn Word and how to email. My mother-in-law ran her Apple Support group at her church, she’d been a court reporter. I miss them both. All of us couldn’t live without ‘analogue’ books and all of us were well known for taking long hand notes while reading. I don’t think I know how to read without a notebook beside me. Make sure you never stop learning and I thank that woman everyday to forcing me to take typing in school. Knowing how to use a manual typewriter saved a lot of the “ok Boomer” generation when we went digital. So did basic grammar skills. Yeah, all the crap I hated learning, I turned into a career. I really like working with people who could be my kids, some of them have become my own “kids” and they have really wide interests and outlooks, and I’ve noticed they are way more polite than my tribe was at the same age. We’ve learned a lot from each other. But trust me, asshats come in all ages.

  • Good scare mongering worst case scenarios on a subject known since the 1070s. Yep, we could go back to global conditions during the Cretaceous Epoch. With the increased Oxygen that goes with increasing the carbon dioxide do you think we will have three foot long dragonflies again too?

  • “Global warming is a natural cycle, it’s pointless trying to stop it or slow it down.” Person who takes medicine and goes to the hospital anytime his life, a natural cycle, is in danger of ending faster.

  • I don’t like the Chinese, but if they are getting rid of religion or better still the muslim religion, then they are doing some good…

  • honestly with fallen gong i kinda get it but the Chinese Muslims i am conflicted on one side i don’t like the prosecution of people by the chinese government and on the other i don’t like the prosecution of people by islamic fundamentalists so its like comparing two evils and i honestly can’t say which is worse i am gonna stay with the devil i know will not suicide bomb me just for saying otherwise. Please do tell me if i am wrong i really do not want to sound well pedantic but that is choice we have communism or terrorism sad as it maybe.

  • As a retired planner, I can certainly relate to all of this, an excellent, comprehensive summary of U.S. urban planning history and city development. And great graphics too.

  • As a parent, we aren’t legally allowed to let our children have freedoms like we had. If any tiny thing happens we are on the hook for child endangerment and neglect. Child protective services are called on parents for anything and everything. Just google mom arrested for allowing child to play alone in park and be shocked by how much this happens.

  • The reason why earth is rotating is because if it’s night time the side of the earth cools down and if it day time the earth warms the land

  • Let’s be honest depression and mental health are talked about very often but not every single person is being truthful. Unfortunately it’s also become a fad and an excuse to be terrible as well.

  • It is a lot harder to spend as much time outside when parents are more careful (often rightfully) about who their children are with and where they are. Now that we are more aware of the dangers of allowing kids to wander alone, pull stunts, and just screw around in the neighborhood, it is much less common. Of course, increased time spent on technology has something to do with it for many kids, but others would be out goofing off with their friends and having conversations if they could do so safely with permission. It occurs to me that I would rather be camping with friends than watching youtube, but it requires more planning now and parents sometimes don’t get their kids together often as they would like because there are more rules to follow and calls to be made.

  • I don’t think HypnoToad would have a problem with Falun Gong… Of course you’d have to stop staring at him long enough to practice�� #AllGlorytotheHypnotoad!

  • I feel like the teachers in that thread are greatly exaggerating the amount of students who “can’t do anything themselves” anyone can over the age 10 should know how to send an email or at least have a general idea on how to do it. It makes me sad how little faith theses teachers have in their students, as a high schooler I’m not looking forward to the teachers I might meet in the future. Especially if they’re so unwilling to actually teach their students, even if it’s something they should know it’s your job to teach them.

  • That Mr. Tung from the ad seems like such a nice man. He just wants everyone to be happy and safe! LOL ������������. I’m glad you are getting their money to expose them. I’m enjoying your channel.

  • “kids can’t do anything today without explicitly being told.”
    If students are incredibly anxious about getting bad grades, which we are because you have to be the best of the best to get most places, students will be very anxious about doing something wrong and getting a bad grade. That’s why we will are hesitant to figure things out on our own, because teachers don’t seem to care if we tried to figure it out.
    As said by some of the teachers, it is unreasonable to give someone a good grade if they worked hard, which is absolutely true, to a certain extent. But very often we are given the same attitude if we did correct/hard work and tried to figure it out on our own but got the wrong answer.

  • My Chinese wife is convinced Falung Gung are evil, they promote self harm, they encourage suicide etc, all thanks to what she was taught in China.

  • i didnt used to be the person that couldnt figure stuff out on their own, but i feel like teachers put so much dependence on doing exactly as they say (combined with the stated over-concern about grades) that its just too much to try and figure it out, so you you just give in to what you know will get you the grade. i now classify myself as an airhead, because i dont know how to function in the real-world.

  • I’m from the north east (like closer to Toronto). I’m always interested in US history, but this whole time I’m watching this video, I was constantly wondering what was Canada doing, especially just north of the Great Lakes lol.

  • The whole missing 10 homework thing and expecting to pass. This applies to me specificaly and ppl is same situaion not everyone. I DON’T DO HOME WORK BUT IF I PASS ALL MY TEST AND QUIZES AND PARTICIPATE IN CLASS YA I EXPECT TO PASS!!! i dont expect an A or even B but i clearly leared the material that should be the most important thing

  • TF are these people, they are like: “Kids have no idea how to send an email, meanwhile back in 1999 kids were making email services.” Like no one is that stupid. I think these are those pesky Gen X people who think that they are better than everyone else.

  • Can you talk about Africa’s religious influence on China? How Africans are converting Chinese migrants who are bringing a more traditional Christianity back to China
    Reference to this article:

  • It is hard to believe how many problems the introduction of the automobile and the associated poor planning decisions and discrimination have caused. The focus should have continued on density and public transportation. Now instead we have huge amounts of land dedicated to single occupancy vehicles and continued segregation by income and race…

  • Good God! Take an interesting subject and ruin it with racialism.

    The reason banks “?red lined” certain areas is because residents had a clear history of not paying their bills or simply not having enough money.

    Jimmy Carter’s so-called Community Re-Investment Act which forced bankers to loan money to people who absolutely could not pay the money back led to the bundling of loans and Wall Street speculation championed by the Clinton administration.

    All of this nonsense led directly to the economic crash of 2007-2008…. proving once again liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Entire video was so racially loaded.

    He mentioned the word black 35 times and discusses racism under an SJW lens.

    ThIs video serves more as propaganda than actual information.

    Gotta keep pushing the progressive agenda!

  • I feel you should have named this the history of how blacks got excluded… however, you don’t actually give the whole truth do you. that poor people in general were excluded and blacks were poor. so you lie by replacing the word poor with black. and mislead the viewer.

  • Graduated in ’98 and I feel like the accounts of those teaching then are pretty much true. I remember before school started we would all be fucking around outside, goofing off, etc. Socializing. When I go into a supermarket or anywhere you may see a lot of teens/early 20s hired, their social skills are nearly non-existent and makes them weird.

  • “Students of 1999 were more likely to be able to write their own web page in raw HTML, and students in 2019 aren’t sure how to make a basic PowerPoint or attach something to an email.”
    How dependent do they think we are? My whole class made raw HTML websites a few months ago for a BEGINNER’S computer science class. It was easy. And we’re also not oblivious on how our electronics are either, we can figure things out like making a Powerpoint pretty quick. Are they talking about 5th graders or something??

  • America, don’t get fooled by these crying babies from Falun gong. They are only doing what they are doing in order to get your green cards! And then they become your problem! I personally know a few Falun gong members who live off the government welfare and has american green card, buy they still go back to China with your money to spend there! They told me if I were to do the same thing I can get a green card too! Don’t let them fool you guys! They all have some sort of family in China, and they will always be chinese, not american. Most of them can’t speak English properly but they take your social welfare!

  • “Fun” fact: I had a lot of resistance with your channel in the beginning, because I thought the name was an apology of the City Beautiful movement �� you should make a video about it!

  • Defeating the Lower Manhattan Expressway as well as the formerly proposed Williamsburg Expressway, and keeping the Nassau Expressway as a half-ass job only served to bring more traffic jams and disconnect interstate highway spurs and loops from their parent routes. The same goes for other proposed roads in New York City.

  • When I was in school, we were taught to sit still and be quiet. The more quiet and still you sat, the higher your grades. I eventually evolved the ability to sleep with my eyes open, thereby being the stillest and most quiet. High school became very, very easy after that point. The trick to school is to never, ever use your brain.

  • I’m not a teacher, but I have two teenage nephews and I’ve noticed the kids look younger than their actual ages and it freaks me out

  • you know parking in boston is terrible. I live in boston. I think making sure everywhere is somewhat car accessible, is absolutely necessary. and you to say that such car-related planning is bad, is insane.

  • Why are girls and boys self-segregating? OR is it that in the past boys and girls were just forcing themselves to have relationships they weren’t ready for to be “cool”? Opinions? ��

  • As someone with a learning disability I find it hard to work without someone helping me learn whats in front of me I cannot just look at a math sheet and know exactly what i’m supposed to do. So teachers who complain about the fact that a lot of kids just seem to need more help is just bull. That’s your job to help I get kids might need more help than they did back in 1999 but learn to adapt to how times are now. I don’t know proper grammar because a teacher decided I needed to “figure it out on my own” after missing a weeks worth of the lesson to go to another class to get help with my learning disabilities. So again maybe some of these teachers just need to take a step back and evaluate how they’re teaching these kids.

  • I also see a lot of kids trying to justify themselves on here like At the end of the day employers are still not going to employ you if you can’t do the fucking tasks. I don’t care if you googled how to do it just figure it out. Certain things should not have to be handed to you. We’re fucking paying you. If I wanted to do the task myself I wouldn’t pay someone else. People forgot that in this generation.

  • I’ve seen Falun Gong practitioners protesting with banners around Hong Kong since I am a child. During my teens the CCP started deploying “youth groups” to set up banners next to the Falun Gong banners, protesting the “cult” and “misinformation”. It is crazy how hongkongers, including myself, walked by these banners igonoring them as part of daily life, never realizing the true horrors you outlined. Thank you for making this video.

  • “These kids NEED to read. And they need to read BOOKS.” This is book-snob arrogance. Ultimately if you’re reading something and enlightening yourself, it doesn’t bloody matter if it’s written in a book or it’s written on a computer or tablet or anything. There’s nothing superior about reading an actual physical book of Shakespeare vs. reading documents on a computer about orbital mechanics. As long as you’re reading, it’s all good. Don’t conflate the medium with the content.

  • isnt being online technically always reading
    i mean most of the words i learnt was because i saw it in a game, got curious and googled it

  • 0:48 My relatives used to be victims of Falun Gong, and you guys are lying.
    You deceive students that learning Falun Gong can cure all diseases. You swindle money from cancer patients, and encourage young people to launch terrorist attacks in China. You are a group of garbage to go to hell sooner or later.

  • While all fronts against totalitarian arbritariness is a legitmate struggle, I would urge the understanding that world communism (a politcal cadre that the elite communist of China belong nicely) was masterminded and solventized by the traditional US intelligence operations no different than todays nouveaux riches-ie Google, Silicon Valley Conglomerates, etc-and demands the utmost activity and attention to the point of no return. Chris et al Marchons, Marchons…..

  • im planning not to get married i might only bring my babies to hell like even when i see toddlers i feel worried do they even have future. the earth is changing i can feel it those unusual typhons n the way spring has gotten shorter even without giving it a big thought i cann feel the change

  • Not a teacher, but can vouch for kids age 2-10 having, for the most part, AWFUL attention spans. It makes me think, “They can’t ALL have ADHD, can they?” I work at a Build-A-Bear. I only ask for their attention for maybe 1-2 minutes for very simple, fast tasks, but they just can’t do it. I mostly have to give up and the “magic” of the bear-building routine is rushed because the kid is squirming, grabbing, and running out of the store.

  • Over a decade ago, I was so disappointed to realize computers and the internet didn’t lead to more imaginative projects. Students largely became passive consumers, not creators. It made teaching art a good bit more difficult.
    As for keyboarding, my mom taught it in middle school. In the high school where I taught, I could tell which kids had been hers, by their typing on reports, etc.
    They had one less hurdle to jump, simply because they could communicate more efficiently.

  • I graduated high school in 2015, I’m amazed to see that many students apparently don’t know how to use e-mail or use computers in general now. I guess it makes sense with phones being common but if I’m at my house, I would rather be using a computer with a big screen and also have a proper keyboard if I’m going to be doing a lot of typing. I think some don’t know how to type URLs now as many just do everything on a handful of apps like Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube Instagram etc and probably don’t go to less popular websites. I miss back when you had to visit more unique websites.

    I can relate to that guy with the helicopter parents that didn’t let him go anywhere, mine weren’t that bad but they were still very choosy with where I could go, I hated it, parents like that are definitely part of the reason teens are so depressed now.

    It is nice how bigotry and bullying overall seems to be down though, I barely saw any of that while in school compared to how I always heard it described, granted what I had heard described to me happened in like the 90’s and sometimes even longer ago. My parents were bullied some in school back in the mid 70’s, I saw almost none of this in the early 2010’s.

  • I’ve been experiencing a problem said in this. I can’t really solve problems wothout a source of reference. Also l do not know how to do stuff without detailed instructions. Also my mom never did teach me how to do certain stuff, she just expected me to observe and learn like she did.


  • I love the landscape of America and the country itself but the US city structures are just sickening they’re just too uniform and suburban with too many freeways and wide roads, the contrast between the suburbs and city just makes me feel nauseous and how wide apart the houses are too

  • I imagine bulldozing Los Angeles and starting over, making the most desirable layout in the world. Incredible demand drives up prices beyond rational affordability. What’s the solution? Is it better to be less-than-perfect to ensure people can afford to live there? That’s a shame if it’s the only way to handle it.

  • What? He said there are only 150 factories on this planet that produce smart phones… imagine if ww 3 comes, they will be bombed in minutes and in five years we don’t have any phones left except some random banana phone in the closet

  • Most of today’s cities should be buried as toxic wasteland. What is left could be transformed into vertical gardens, underground factories, huge parks, & neighborhoods that no one would want to leave. Yes, I’m dreaming. No, I don’t believe I’ll live long enough to see this materialize. In fact, I think catastrophe looms in the very near future. After all, cynicism is but aged idealism.
    Overall, this is a very good overview given the amount of time in which it unfolds (14.5′). Wish you’d comment on Kunstler’s gems. And God bless your blossoming family! God be w/ you all!

  • Falun gong is a cult fyi. Look into their beliefs and you’ll see it’s a cult. They don’t preach tolerance either, they rail against gay people. It’s not okay to violently crack down on them but falun gong isn’t okay just because they’re persecuted.

  • If the earth exists like 3000 years or smth why is technology invented so late then? Why was technology like iphone smart tvs ipads and all that crap not invented like 500 years ago? But now? Did something happend to the world that maybe all the technology and people were vanished so we had to start all over again? This is so confusing.

  • 5:18, in behalf of the americans (since i am from argentina) the fact that some students have to work a part time job to pay for the college fee YOU or the generation before You ruined, maybe we don’t have the passion to learn because You don’t make any effort that makes that math class better than the 5 minutes YouTube Video of an Indian guy, maybe we are most of the time in social media is because school isnt an environment to show your feelings or stuff You like since You guys Made it that way, You don’t try to motivate us or try to make us reach our best potential, we are always told that we are Gonna end being a trashman if we don’t study when the trashman makes more than y’all, some of us have anxiety since Even if You guys think there is less bullying there’s more than ever and You guys can’t do anything more than Say “don’t do that” since most of the time You don’t actually care and your mind is like “i hope i get a raise” for being such a good teacher that inspires students which is NOT happening, and if it was happening You wouldnt be commenting in this thread, the only reason i learned English is:

    1 great teacher that always motivated me (there is not a lot of teachers that inspire me and others to learn

    2 YouTube

    Y’all think we don’t want to learn but WE WANT TO LEARN but we are stuck with your shitty system that would make the Hammurabi code seem new

    We rely on social media because You fucked up our world and we have to deal with it, so for this Two guys, fuck off, seriously, it’s not always what You think, and it’s not always easier for us just because we have technology, one of the things technology has Made us learn is how the school system and teachers have failed to us and Will expect us to pay their hospital bills when they get a terminal disease, so You, we don’t have it easier than You BOOMERS.

  • Yet another important video demonetized! Please help us spread this video! Share with your family and friends! Because YouTube is not helping.

  • The native races lived here for 10s of thousends of years along with plants and animals they wher humans who did not fuck the earth either.. only since greedy land grabbing humans came along it started.. so the point is industrialization in nations fucked it and still they wont give up all for the mighty dollar and ther gold handled coffins dumbarses.. and to the brain dead scientists who say its always been here, yeh your right but to what extent was it then.

  • Would be interested in a video learning about euclidean zoning and if there is any shift in a newer zoning practice for our modern century

  • Next time I see my father in law I will have to ask him this question. I’m just at the beginning of my teaching career and he started teaching in the late 70s/early 80s, retired in 1996, then went back to teaching a few years ago.

  • Soo I live in Maryland…. if you live in Maryland in the winter of 2018… there was no snow, but also it was as WARM as fall….

  • Ah yes, planning and regulation against the free market is a tool of capitalists. Just goes to show how little Marxist understand actual free market capitalism.

    Make no mistake, I hate right-wing parties that are blindly pro-business. Pro-business is NOT the same as pro-capitalism.

  • You could go outside and there wasn’t a single person with their head staring into their phones. Everyone now has been zombified thanks to the smartphone and social media. Quite depressing.

  • Come to China and do some research, your imagination is not the truth. We Chinese people support CCP right now, because they do make us rich. And you guys, only know how to criticize, and cannot provide any smart solution, shame on your! And also, you guys as foreigners, just shut up and fuck off! That’s our country’s business, not yours! I am sure most Chinese people don’t like you guys.

  • Funny how everyone persecute Nazis for what they did during WW2 to people yet this is how Communist treat their own people today during a time of peace.

  • If people would only pay attention to this, we could give our kids, kids at least half a chance to have a life and a family and most of all a future.

  • @ 9:50 Do you think the “disconnect” might come from the fact that grades in school don’t actually mean anything until you’re in college? At best, being a straight A student (plus extra work ) MIGHT get you a grant/scholarship that will pay for ONE book. Colleges aren’t about quality education anymore, they’re about money.

  • Glad you exposed just how racist this country is, even down to the way the cities were planned and sick racist mortgage lending practices that prevented blacks from getting their piece of the “American Dream” that they worked for (staying from nothing). Yet some whites will swear that “we all had the same opportunities” Ha! ��

  • “Students in special ed are no longer openly mocked”

    Such discrimination against people with disabilities still exists. Most people are concerned about racism and sexism but less so with ableism.

  • YouTube-stop being a censorship apparatus of the oppressive Chinese government. Oh wait, when your Sr. Execs visit China it’s a lovefest and red carpet event.

    Lift the demonetization of this channel, you are turning into censoring thugs.

  • People are not meant to be concentrated in cities. People need to be spaced out. I promise if you lived in the sticks you’d be a lot happier. Cities are depressing and terrible places to be.

  • You show a picture of Sound Transit LINK Light Rail in the year 2000, but the image shows a train bound for University of Washington station, which wasn’t completed until 2016.

  • Thank you for mentioning how city planning worked against poor and non-white communities and placing it alongside the year. Many people do not realize how close this history is to the present and how it still influences our racial structures today. City planning would further go on to disparage these communities by way of education, and access to healthcare through color-lining. Any neighborhood given a red-line would not receive federal funding, while those areas receiving a green-line were. I’m sure we can guess which neighborhoods got which colors.

  • All these reasons proved to me that the Second Amendment in the US is a smart idea… and depending on the UN has proven to be useless as hell

  • Natural human compassion is the greatest enemy to the Communist, as it clearly proves that wanting and working to do good is possible without central planning, making their oppressive state apparatus wholly unnecessary

  • Your map lost all credibility to me with the obvious absence of major urban cities including Kansas City or St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, etc… As if LA and the east coast cities are all that matter. No Ph.D. granted to you!

  • My daughter has a friend who’s mother refused to allow her to do everything. I’ve been hearing the stories for years. Even after she was of age and out of high school. She refused to support the girl during college unless the girl did everything the mom said. One rule was that she must live at home and attend the local university. She wasn’t allowed to take a job because She has a 10pm curfew! She’s 23 and wants her own life when she graduates but she has literally has had no life experiences. I worry about her because she’s a sweet, nice girl and the world will chew her up. I also wonder what manipulation her mother will use to keep her close. Some parents smdh

  • Omfg the teachers being assholes and never admitting being wrong is why I hated them. My favorite teacher taught my least favorite subject and I excelled in his class and he would admit being wrong when being called out and would treat us less like peons and more like young humans.
    My least favorite teacher taught my favorite subject, she was a holier-than-thou psycho bitch who made learning suck and blatantly graded by favoritism and frequently had break downs in class that were always everyone else’s fault and she was never wrong. Still hate her, obviously.

  • I have a friend who told me the amount of students who can’t figure out what to do to get their grades up is astounding. Somehow they can’t seem to realise if an assignment/quiz/test is a 0 they should probably make that up.
    She also told me she had a student tell them they didn’t know what ‘maximum height’ meant in a question.
    Another asked for help and several resources were sent and my friend said the student just gave up because they didn’t understand the resources at all. They got one on one help on questions, did well on the assignment and the next day asked how to do the exact thing the entire previous assignment was on…
    There’s a lack of caring about cheating as well.
    My friend also had several experiences
    My friend agrees, the focus is completely on the grade and not at all on the learning. And there is a huge disconnect between understanding if they do the work (and try/get extra help if needed) they’ll get a good grade, AND understand the concept.

  • We may have already passed the Tipping Point solution large amounts of sulfur dioxide in the upper atmosphere would reduce the amount of sunlight penetrating to the surface Ice Age

  • “Now-a-days, smartphones are basically miniaturized computers in our pockets” but then shows iPhones (Which can’t even handle an SD Card)
    Like if you’re not an iSheep.