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Navy SEALs Have a ’40 Percent Rule’ And It’s the Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers | BEST OF 2015

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2 Ways to Smash Through Mental Barriers — Tiger Fitness. Improve your gym results by body composition learning to train, and by learning to be honest with ourselves. Improve your gym results by body composition learning to train, and by learning to be honest with ourselves. NEW Outright Bar ️ White Choc.

Chip Crisp is HERE!Smash Through Your Mental Barriers. These three tips may seem like a bunch of psychological mumbo-jumbo, but they’re actually good ways to break out of negative self-talk that holds you back.

That’s key to finding inspiration for writing, because only confidence and freedom lets us truly release our minds go to explore what we can create. Can you smash through these barriers? Getting Through (or Around) Barriers. Here are a few recommendations of ways to break through barriers to big ideas. Surface your biases.

We all lapse into several of the biases mentioned in this article. We also tend to have a bias toward the status quo and inaction. Identifying and diagnosing your biases.

The better your body feels, the less likely you are to have mental barriers. Drink plenty of fluids that contain electrolytes, which create better brain-to-muscle communication. Electric signals pass through nerves using electrolytes as conductors.

Staying well-hydrated will help break down mental and physical barriers while running. 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Head and Break Through Mental Barriers To turn your dreams into reality, having a positive mental outlook is imperative. But beyond “thinking positive thoughts”, you need to have the drive and determination to get ahead.

There is one way to succeed: Do what you say. Talk is cheap. Any type of stalling takes a dream and shrinks it to a “thought.” Excuses are dream-stealers that appear to have good intentions. How to Break Through Mental Barriers When Running. Whether it’s a 26.2-mile marathon or a 1-mile run around the neighborhood, tackling the miles becomes much more difficult when your brain’s not in the game.

The physical challenge of a run is obvious your muscles get fatigued and your joints are pummeled as you. You will quickly punch through this mental barrier you have about prayer. Prayer isn’t spooky.

It is merely conversation with your God. Writing a letter is sufficient to focus your prayer. Write to Him about your concerns with prayer, write about your feelings and emotions, and write to Jesus about your fears.

Obstacles help enrich your mental experience in so far as building resilience, fortitude and strength. Every time you tackle a problem, you overcome a mental hurdle. 6. The biggest gap that we have from where we are today to where we want to be is not information, it’s ourselves.

It’s the ability to break through our own mental and physical barriers.

List of related literature:

Make a list of specific physical activity barriers that confront people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice” by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
from The Psychology of Exercise: Integrating Theory and Practice
by Curt L. Lox, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Steven J. Petruzzello
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Most of these barriers are psychological (the so-called ‘inner game’: see Gallwey, 2000).

“The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning” by Ho Law
from The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning
by Ho Law
Wiley, 2013

Notice that some of these are examples involving complete escape or avoidance.

“The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear” by Martin M. Antony
from The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear
by Martin M. Antony, Limited, 2010

Anger management training and people with moderate to severe learning disabilities.

“Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Health Professionals” by Fong Chan, PhD, CRC, Norman L. Berven, PhD, Kenneth R. Thomas, DEd
from Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Health Professionals
by Fong Chan, PhD, CRC, Norman L. Berven, PhD, Kenneth R. Thomas, DEd
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Finally, Part 3 (keys 7 and 8) describes how to implement and stick with an exercise for mental health program.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Accomplished by eight coping modes (1) Escapeavoidance (a) Wishful thinking and other behavioral

“PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum E-Book: Preprocedure, Phase I and Phase II PACU Nursing” by ASPAN, Lois Schick, Pamela E Windle
from PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum E-Book: Preprocedure, Phase I and Phase II PACU Nursing
by ASPAN, Lois Schick, Pamela E Windle
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

These strategies are akin to mindfulness practices (Segal, Williams, & Teasdale, 2002) and are also very consistent with the dialectical behavior strategy of “opposite action all the way” (Linehan, 1993).

“Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual” by David H. Barlow
from Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual
by David H. Barlow
Guilford Publications, 2014

It seems possible to hinder these situations with physical barriers (e.g., fencing) and by presenting alternative options for individuals in despair or for bystanders (e.g., emergency phones).

“Designing for Health & Wellbeing: Home, City, Society” by Matthew Jones, Louis Rice, Fidel Meraz, Graham Cairns
from Designing for Health & Wellbeing: Home, City, Society
by Matthew Jones, Louis Rice, et. al.
Vernon Art and Science Incorporated, 2019

These strategies are called coping devices, and include self-control, humor, crying, swearing, weeping, boasting, talking it out, thinking through, and working off energy.

“Stress, Appraisal, and Coping” by Richard S. Lazarus, PhD, Susan Folkman, PhD
from Stress, Appraisal, and Coping
by Richard S. Lazarus, PhD, Susan Folkman, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 1984

To develop this faculty, use the Threefold Method along the lines of breaking new mental ground; striking out into new paths; breaking down barriers; overcoming restraint; holding your own ; pushing to the front, even if you do have to elbow the crowd, etc.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
from The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more
by William Walker Atkinson
Musaicum Books, 2017

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  • Interesting.
    I guess it depends on the brain, and how much do you trust the brain.
    You don’t want to go beyond brain’s comfort level aa this may cause injury.
    So one should not go out and run 20 miles of your muscles are aching like shit and can’t barely breathe because you could kill your kidneys and die.
    Pull ups, you could tear your biceps and tendons and you will never recover from that.
    Just food for thought

  • Also, I use the 5-Second Rule for ‘dry’ items like chips, cookies, M&Ms etc, but no way would I use it for ‘wet/saucy’ items like say, a bit of stew, hash or oatmeal etc. Now pizza is sort of a ‘gray area’…

  • Praise God my Arch Angels and Holy Spirit revealed this of letting go to make room for the greatness of abundance here waiting to take its place light and Gods purpose and Plan!!!! Amen

  • Instead of that 40 percent rule it would be better to say, when your mind is telling you you’re done, you can keep going but you’re going to hurt yourself.

  • Hi I don’t know if its mental blocks but my brain or my mind blocks from learning things in my classes and I get distracted or get lost in my mind

  • You can do anything, if you are willing to broke your bones in your feet and have kidney failure. I don’t think that would be the best way to achieve anything in life. Sounds more like a “tough guy” badge to me. Sure you can get one, but if you need one, you don’t deserve it.

  • what you said about a mind thinking of something and it being a blockage alot of folks yes but sme of us no im stuck in a wheelchair i want to stand up and walk with crutches i am unable to as ive got cervial stenosis nerve damage and a amputated right leg and spinabifida with very weak left leg and no balance so my body will not let me do what i desire not my mind,i worked 4 years at it just to try and get my left leg to hold up my body with a frame max time 20 seconds and that was the max after 4 years still not all my body weight as well no balance and no muscle and miss aligned hips

  • Learning to do auto suggestion is the way of self mastery. Giving yourself a command and then watching yourself do it automatically is the dream of all high achievers. But first, what gets in the way?

    We all Know what to do but we rarely do what we only know to do.

    Because, Knowing is not the answer. In order to change Behavior we must program the is the Feminine or Subconscious aspect of our mind.
    Think of the Earth, it is the Feminine aspect of Life. Whatever seed you plant in the Earth, as long as the conditions are “Right” then the seed will grow. The Earth does not reject some seeds and only grows other seeds. The Earth grows all seeds unconditionally without judgment.

    The same is for the Subconscious mind. The principle is the same. With constant spaced repetition over time we can go from trying to ride a bike to automatically riding a bike and never forgetting how to do it once the program has been internalized.

    The fastest way to program yourself for something you have never done is to be around others who are already programed, watch them and imagine yourself doing what you see, hear, feel, taste, smell. Get all your senses involved in the Visualization and begin to act the idea out.

    Yes, Practice until the unfamiliar becomes familiar.

    You will get push back from the old paradigm but ignore it. That’s the hardest part. Ignoring the strategies of the old paradigm who tries to get you back to your comfort zone.

  • Unfortunately Bob has the right idea, but he’s only using it for personal gain and for his untrained cultures to train you at $30,000 to become an associate, but Bob also mention it took him years to get it, but they say they can train you in 30 days to start making money,

  • So many hateful people on here. All of them missing the point of what he is trying to teach. That’s why so many people fail. They can’t grasp simple concepts and apply them. They would rather tear others down who shine the spotlight on their laziness and failures.
    Good job on the video!

  • I agree, what was so special about this guy? ok so I’m going camping and all i’m taking is a sleeping bag and a bag of crackers! Yeah!!! give me a break! That guy got what was coming to him for not thinking! Just saying…..:)

  • You stopped making sense at the 0:52 mark. Sorry, if that comes off rude, I just tend to get irked by claims that obviously no one can know.

  • Amen Brother I am going for everything Jesus gave me as a pastor and my marriage with my fiancée Who is a pastor too after the borders open

  • He doesnt mention the connectedness we have as a species that this race displayed. What is possible for 1 human is possible for others.

  • This is the rudimentary “no pain no gain” mentality that has created the parental “tough love” which is proven to be “ridiculous” and “void of emotional intelligence” if not “flatly counter-productive” or even “fucked up”.

  • I did something similar to that 100 pull-up exercise….When I finished, I vomited for an hour and my muscles were so swollen that I could not move for a few days.
    Pretty sure it wasn’t a mental barrier stopping me, my body was just letting me know that I was doing a very dumb thing.

  • you could say that with a little more preparation he might have avoided breaking the bones in his feet.

    He has determination but he’s missing a few other things.

  • inspiring video, but as she worried it wasn’t knowledgeable enough. I believe mental blocks mostly is based on social anxiety, as she mentioned slightly about concept of it.

  • Long-winded, no substance. How does this relate to people? A rich business man buys a Navy SEAL to live with him because he’s in a rut. There should almost be another BigThink to explain how this is useful.

  • You may also read a short text called the Present which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project.The book is about the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follw the steps of Jesus.A lifechanger!

  • I am learning to drive and it proves to be difficult. I litteraly feel like my mind blocks me, i withdraw in my mind like a cocoon and i m not focused or present, and little mistakes and fear…tried alone to overcome it but dont know how. I have desire to learn. Thank you

  • I think that the other reason people fail at this is because they let others do all the work. They show you ways that you can succeed but often these ways don’t work because it’s not your dream. You have to find your passion. Money alone doesn’t create this passion either. You have to identify what you really want.

  • I agree his body had signaled to him that its time to rest and recuperate but following the 40% rule fucked up his kidney and broken bones in his feet sounds pretty damaging and a crap rule to follow in non competitive environments

  • I see a lot of ignorance in these comments. You can’t understand these things and you think you’re superior for who knows what reason. Your stupidity only shows that you are not as smart as you think. You can only learn from people like this.

  • I just learned how to pop shuv it and now I keep getting scared and I can’t do it but I now I can do it because I’ve done it before but I just do t know

  • This was so awesome, every morning before I go to work I always listen to these affirmations, because I need that extra to be able to handle the day ahead, but this one almost had me shouting in the street, I have share it, my God, thank you

  • Thy she broke and said your will be done god take my wheel and steer i see now and kmow its your vision so im loading my car right now and i dobt know where im going to where u take me i have the courage and faith and hope and now my tools lets go. Wow im beautiful!!!!!

  • Came here after hearing about it from Joseph Rodrigues. This video took a few viewings to fully understand as I was just listening to the audio and missing out on the illustrations. Empowering stuff ����

  • Waooo am so thanksful guys. This audio Just open my eyes and heart of how to ask to God and other things. Thanks so much. God bless you guys������

  • so I tried this out. Normally I do 20 diamond pushups (I know its not impressive, Im mostly sedentary) but I decided to do 100. After 25 my mind said “arent we done dude?” but I kept at it. Strangely after 30 I could only do about 1-2 at a time but after about 75 I was doing 5 at a time. At that point my mind stopped asking me to stop and I was in a focus. TL;DR I know but this message is life changing I think.

  • You’re not proving yourself by breaking your bones and destroying your organs. Seeing who can take the most pain is a game for cavemen…primitives. Why don’t you actually work on your intelligence by creating new business ideas and finding ways to make lots of money, instead of ending up in a wheel chair and digging your own grave?

  • In short: If you have a mountain in front of you..And have to move it..
    But got no explosives..
    WTF do you do?!
    Start scratching it??
    Hope for someone at the other side..not knowing you are that stuck, to find his one need to blow this mountain..That ‘s on your property, as well..?
    Woun’t happen..Not even as some miracle cauzed event.
    What if you cant even kill yourself..because food water etc, are provided..?
    And your personal choise, not even want to think about such suicide would be..
    You are persistent to stay matter what..
    You are obliged to.
    A special mission..And approaching danger..To you all.
    Which make me stuck, in some kind of supernatural crap of a life. CATCH 22.

  • I thought I was finished watching this stupid video after the first upload, but it turned out I watched only 40% of its full stupidity potential. Thank you, Big Think, for reuploading this bullshit, so I can reach my 80% limit of watching an idiot talk on youtube.

  • I am wonderfully blessed surely my cup runeth over I am walking to my highest places in the world I am an angel so beautiful and amazing loving creature choosen by God I really know who I’m a royal priesthood by the grace of God Amen.

  • I has been abuse of my marriage life for years from the man I love, I lost faith and has beento the point of sucide, I surrander my life and give up everything I got, never thoughts I come this far. Beliefs and the greatest love from my daughter bring me back again to the freedom I have ever experienced before, today I live my life purpose and with full potential, I spent daily helping and supporting others by coaching and inspiring, and healing my clients from trauma and abuseed with Tantra techniques method, while I enrished my lives xx Thank you for this videos, it’s bring me tears of gratitude for who I was and who I become. THANK YOU X

  • Thank you Bishop for this word. Today was a busy day and I need to press forward. 2020 what a wash my face so that it does not pollute my future. SUCH A blessing

  • Those are like will blocks. I’ve been working with a mental block all my life that I haven’t been able to overcome. Yesterday, I spent most of my day struggling with it. I was trying to work out the melody of a song, but unable to do it.
    I have known people who could listen to a song just once and tell what chords are being played on which position on the guitar. After almost 40 years of guitar playing, I’ve only slightly improved my ear. I’ve spent countless thousands of hours listening, working with scales and chords, studying ear training courses, and even repeatedly listening to myself play intervals over and over. Yet, something baffles me when I am trying to learn something. The change of a vowel can create the illusion that the note is changing. The change of a chord or a bass note can create the illusion that they melody note is changing. Likewise, if I am trying to work out the chord changes in a song, the change of the bass note or a melody note makes me think the chord has changed when it hasn’t.
    It involves a special kind of mental concentration that eludes me. How can It break that mental block? You could call it the mental block against musical talent or perfect pitch.

  • Bob, random question. Does alcohol affect a person’s vibration? A lot of people I know always seem to be much happier when intoxicated.i appreciate all that you do and look forward to hearing back from you!

  • It’s great to push yourself but you also have to be smart about it… If you’re untrained and after you reach muscle failure “you’re only 40% done” you’re gonna hurt yourself eventually. In gym same as in life it’s about consistency and sustainability more than short term burst of effort.

  • So many doors been open for me and I be wonderful how I been so bless. How God works in my life and my family life. I lost alot of ppl bcuz I change my life around and everything God want me to do I’ve been doing. My goals have been getting accomplish. I’m getting prepared for the biggest things God about to bless me with. I’m getting ready and be prepared for my blessing.

  • I’m not sure it’s such a great idea to apply this to your daily life-broken bones in the feet and kidney damage? Not really something you want to invoke every day.

  • But you are, totally right..Map, light, oil, fuel..
    And..of course..that wish to reach your time…
    To be aware of obstacles, and able of solution..
    Belief? Must be 100%. And to know your real abilities..for real.

  • This is SO crazy after my heartbroke when god allowed my world to be turned upside down so I could come for my husband my daughter was taken and immediately I watched a movie on repeat on the couch wkrh visitors enough with j lo and kidnapped with Halle berry and I got out my Bible I was lost broken hopeless angry helpless I got a great job it was trial and error I cried I felt so alone I didn’t trust anyone I couldn’t trust anyone I fell apart I stopped having sex I got sober for 7 months I prayed for my soulmate my husband and got out him inning life he turned my world upside down he triggered me I’ve. Not talkto him I need to I pray we make it thru I know it’s meant to be life sill be hard still but I know I’ve done my hardest work for god and I deserve so much more this video was my life to a T including the battles that brought us here the movie war room it’s insane how I ran across his months ago crying god is real. He always protects me I won’t say it’s not been hell but he akways protects me I jsur want this man to not ruin us bc it’s never too late to make it better I’ve had my blessing stolen for 5 years. I pray for everyone on here please pray for us my life is in hold I need to talk to him to heal he csnt hold me up it’s mean and god will punish him for thst I don’t want god to take me away my child only has me����

  • I’m not exaggerating when i say that sometimes you need to watch the videos 100s of times to change!! the human specie is very stubborn..I’m one of them.. keep reading and listening to these videos and it will change your life..

  • 2020 hasn’t caused most of us to “think”. I decree and declare that I am one “thought” from building a business. Owning my own business. Owning the building! Come on Lord, speak…Speak to me. ❤️

  • I agree with this, even though it’s a bit long winded. Everything I can think of that I really want requires me to do things I find very uncomfortable, terrifying, painful etc. Then I realized that I really only feel these things on goals I really want. So I’m stuck, even though consciously I want these goals. There is a terror barrier to meet your goals. You get what you always have gotten because you’re comfortable doing what you’ve been doing. You really have to be willing to do anything to get your goals. It’s very terrifying to accept this, but if you can work through that and deeply accept “Im willing to go through anything, the pain and discomfort” you do get results. It’s the ONLY way to get what you want.

  • I`ve always known I could do and be more in life, but could never get past this wall of fear. I`ve been to this wall many times before and am at it now, but this time I`m going to through the wall, not over it.

  • Bob is great, just listen to him. To show my thanks in a very, very small way, I watched the advert all the way through. I don’t need a new shower as from the advert  but that is not the point:) I watch all the adverts on his videos now, call me crazy but if I can give even just a little bit back, then i am a happy Englishman…, let’s get at those goals…..

  • In my unit we always called it “beyond suck.” Your comfort zone is 30-40%.. then there’s about 25% more in pain.. which sucks. Your body will go another 30-40% while numb. After this.. you will lose all motor control and your muscles simply won’t respond. Was always fun, on these days, to go to the mess hall and have to eat like a dog because you can’t lift a fork more than an inch or two above your plate. These days really helped build mental fortitude as much as muscle.

  • Boy those steven spielberg movies, the mental barrier telling her that there was a man who’d sleep out back of her home was impossible to cross as her boyfriend would be out back with her at 2 and 3 in the morning showing her that there was no man sleeping there even going with her to the side of the house where there was a gate to get to the back, so one day she moved out as the barrier was so insurmountable even with her boyfriends best efforts she couldn’t overcome it. Scientists say life having evolved is not debatable and that is all there is too it and almost no one is aware of this. Really ��moa gets difficult at times.

  • reminded me of the movie “lone survivor”, which when I first saw the movie, I thought it absolutely sucked. But when I realized that it was about how much you can actually push your body. I got a whole new view of the movie.:)

  • Like you always say Bob repetition repetition repetition Changes the program in your mind!!! Thanks sooo much Bob for helping people!!

  • You may enjoy this article about overcoming barriers of the mind:

  • A link was sent To my phone and below it was this. This is for me. God is soo amazing. The names spoken here, “Jimmy…Fred…Willie”; those are all names of my ex’s. A man has come to me saying he is my husband. I knew who he was for I felt the “spiritual energy” when first seeing him. But yes my past with the names spoken here; kept me from washing my face. God knew that He had to work hard with me to move forward. He has done just that by speaking to me through this. Please forgive me Father…for being soo hard-headed. Thank you for always showing up and guiding me. You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Now…I will accept my “BOAZ” ring. Amen…��

  • Thanks John,

    This is what I needed to confirm that what I believe to be possible is possible.

    Thanks for starting my day in a such positive way.

  • I can’t talk to this chick. I can’t it’s stupid I know. I can do anything else I can talk to any other chick but not this one….I like her…that’s why.. I can talk in front of a crowd without breaking a sweat but when it comes to her. I can’t even start up a convo. I know this is stupid but I don’t know how to break this mental barrier.

  • anytime I interract people that i barely know or don’t know at all i get mentally blocked that I can’t answer even the simplest questions asked, I try to force myself I could barely talk and anyone can barely understand what I’ve tried to say

  • I can get started doing something i truly want to do full force ahead until something happens that i can’t or don’t know how to do i give up and it dont matter what it is.Once a obstacle show up I stop dead in my tracks and walk away from it!! I dont know how to move pat that thought process smh any opionions?

  • This is stupid! I don’t care how much you weigh or how far you run, you will NEVER break bones in your feet!!! Running does not cause broken bones under ANY circumstances!!! “Big Think”? This channel should be named “Big Joke”!

  • May I say Wow! Yes! Always believe it is possible no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you Mr. Bob Proctor you are amazing and I love your work ��

  • An Acronym of fear is:FAITH EDUCATION ACTION RESULTS.with the right education and having faith in my self and others in putting in action the results we want by changing old paradigms,we are capable of great achievments

  • I think this only works for people how already have some money.  Not the people like me who have a minimum wage job, debt up the you know what, 3 kids, and a ton of bills you can’t pay.

  • Seal did not ask the man to hurt himself he showed him how to push… Do not try to think like a SEAL just listen to the motivational thought behind the process. You will understand this if you open up your mind. If you have a closed mind you will have a closed life. If you watched this video you are looking for more.. let it sink in.

  • At least these blocks taught us lessons,we shouldn’t be blamimg ourselves for them.We all do mistakes and it’s normal but what’s not normal is keep setting them as an excuse for why we can’t succeed

  • Say to yourselves confidently ‘NOBODY messed up my day’ until you say it with pure confidence. Will change that mood right around

  • Repetition of bobs videos and/or seminars and mastering the “terror Barrier” and life will be so much better! This guy is amazing!

  • This was my fave video that bigthink ever posted, but this is a repost.. is this a repost because people voted for it? I know ive been sharing it on facebook to runner and OCR people

  • Don’t keep it too real. Put it on. Philippians 14:2 serve the Lord with gladness. Singing not moaning.
    Lightness not heaviness.
    Good credit rate ��
    Yes steps:
    ✍ it down
    anoint your face
    cleanse your eyes ( Bausch and lamb)
    cucumber or avocado face mask
    clean teeth
    Wash hair
    Condition hair perimeter
    Greese scalp
    Clean ears
    Clean nose

  • Early man hunted for food chasing animals in the jungles. These men were able to run bare footed at great speeds not normally expected by men on a regular basis, chase animals until they were caught. The only thing is, their running times were never recorded. I think men still exist today in nature chasing their food. Just a thought! I love and respect you, John Assaraf. My Gratitude to you.

  • Yesterday I practice one of your exercises for the very first time. I was delivered in less than 24 hours what I asked and prayed for. Thanks for what you teach!

  • I don’t agree with T.D. on, “Keeping it real will keep you broke,” unless he’s referring to a different connotation. However, if he’s referring to the universal meaning, then he might as well be a sellout. Had Colin Kaepernick not kept it real, there wouldn’t be much of a change in sports and race, today.

    1 Peter 3:17
    For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.

    Additionally, God tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. So, if we remain mute to protect our finances when it’s necessary to speak against injustice and unrighteousness, then we can’t call ourselves faithful. Faith is believing that no matter what happens after keeping it real, God will fulfill our needs.

  • Mind.s are in shit here but mines is the one that my city city Fall River Massachusetts pick for some one i do not know but need help here t.l.c. my personal mental personal boundaries they have been Crossing for the last 7 years it’s ruined my life it’s ruined this town values its role in the economy is causing that democracy and I need help here in this town they say it started cyberstalking help my friend Kevin said

  • Relentless being 100% commited
    Awareness being conscious
    Clarity clearing the mental viruses
    Emotional Mastery overwriting the old mental programs and ‘manage the generation, experience, or expression of emotion’

  • My mental blockness really feels weird. Before presenting something in front of the class, my heart races faster than the horse. I repeatedly communicated my mind to calm down, then later, when presenting, my brain is in the depth of mental blockness as i force myself to be confident

  • Seals are not ordinary men. You can’t expect a civilian to understand the shit that special ops community personal needs to endure to get there. That’s why many of you would never understand the anecdote.

  • I always Loved GOD
    I always Loved Jezus.
    Ever Since I whace a litle girl.
    End I Chell Always Iternaly Dho.
    AMEN ������♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Fear always be, but you can control her with courage, if you fear and dont have courage you always suffer be afraid of everything… Get courage to stand for yourself and you will do anything…

  • perfect!!i did that 4 years,, i do travelled around the planet,just working around a litle and with alot of confidence,, then 4some reason i start complining about thing!! and almost everything nice stop to come in my life..Now you remember me what i used to achive just with feith and trust on me..but now i really learn the proces of my learning and my actual failing!!!YES,,ILEARN ALOT!!traveling,studying,repeating, and listening to you!!CLEAR ALL UP!!!TKS;; a by the way, ido learn 4 lenguages and all with repetitions, pasion, truth,and knowing thwt iwas doing JUST COME WITH LOVE to me to LOVE it ALL

  • Great telling of this story. Its one of my favorites.
    But 100s of thousands of years? Lol we didn’t know miles then and we dont have records of races from half a million years ago bro. Lol maybe a couple thousand years.

  • Thank you Lord Jesus I have wash my face because I have a glorious future the past is past I am no longer there any more I am moving forward no more looking back my face is washed thank you Jesus Amen.

  • I think the problem with that approach is that it might work as a one-off or in the short -term but the more you do that the more you sabotage your body and mind in the long term. You will break your body down and burn your mind out.

  • Yeah! I confirm the rule; I once planned a 60km roller blade ride and ended up pushing one minute at a time up to 148km in 10 hours. I was not an athlete at the time and still aren’t. But after I thought I was about to die… yes, there was still 60% more. Thanks for the great motivation speech!

  • I love this. I truly do. I am glad this is being implemented. This is how we grow. With one thought. That is all it takes. We must be prepared to receive. WE MUST GROW. we must. I am grateful for this video.

  • I’ve been many times to this barrier, and backed down always for the same reasons: Opinions of others, and fear to lose their love and respect if I would make the wrong choice. But I always feel deep inside that I was right, and I still wanna go there, because I think a normal life is boring

  • I’ve decided to step out and bet on myself! I no longer have the thought that hold me from living my BEST LIFE I’ve manifested many great things and after listening to this video now everyday for the last 30 days straight I can hear this mans voice in my head GO GO GO have that job you want GO buy that house you want!

  • its very inspiring this speech; and I have learned a lot. you said your husband said your last mistake is probably the best lesson, I’m always saying those words, thank you.