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Stand-up paddleboarding means holding your own weight. To me, that’s true strength. You have to know your body in terms of reading a current or timing it when you’re coming in on a wave. You’re allowing Mother Nature to call the shots. I use my whole body — toes, neck, fingers — and balance in a way you don’t normally.

Makani is the owner and executive chef at Pono Burger in three Los Angeles locations, Green Bunnies Kitchen organic delivery service and Ultimate Burger in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. She was born and raised in Hawaii and trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. Chef Makani Carzino Visits Home & Family. The chef is in the kitchen preparing a mouth-watering burger with homemade fig jam and pairing it with a salted caramel milkshake. Share.

Makani is the chef/owner of Pono Burger. She didn’t intend to build a gourmet burger empire, but with two successful outposts-Ultimate Burger in Kona, HI and Pono Burger in Santa Monica, CA-she’s on her way. She appreciates the relaxed, casual vibe of a burger but elevates it with her technical training and reliance on local, environmentally conscious ingredients. 3 SUP RACE Fins Package: KAWA, ROTO, TERE (save 25%) $245.00 USD. $327.00 USD. The Paddling Chef was nominated for the 2009 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and is available at -The Paddling Chef..

Join the stand-up paddling craze. Check out for the latest inflatable stand-up paddle board reviews. Inflatable Pontoon Boat Reviews.

Clip the WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail to your stand up paddle board and let the power of the wind transport you to your destination. Folds compactly to store on your deck when not in use. Simply clip the WindHarness rigging clips to a bungee or deck line for rigging the sail to your SUP.

Wha’s SUP, water lovers? A stand-up paddleboard (or SUP) is one of the newest incarnations of the venerable surfboard, and we’re going to build one that has all the wonderful qualities of the old wooden longboards. In fact, this 10’5″ longboard SUP can do double duty as both a paddle craft and a wave-rider.

I grew up around boats and. Makani Carzino, Self: Food Paradise. You can add “The Baby-Sitters Club” to the list!Let’s take a look at more movies and TV shows that were so nice they made ’em twice.

Stand up paddle board: Your first time or two out, you may want to rent gear or borrow from a friend.After that, if you decide you love to SUP and want to do more of it, consider buying your own. Your board choice is determined by a combination of paddler.

List of related literature:

This type of paddleboarding is called either stand-up paddleboarding or standup paddlesurfing.

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Byrne, Allan Mustachioed surfer and surfboard shaper originally from New Zealand; an eight-time national champion in the 1960s and ’70s; later described as “the guru of the channel bottom” for his mastery of the difficult-to-make water-directing surfboard design.

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Huynh quickly stood out in the third season of Top Chef for his amazing technical skills.

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The Turkish wrestling techniques are essentially those of modern freestyle.

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Steward watched the vid, learned to cook Chinese in the Born’s wellsupplied kitchen, and exercised a lot, running through martial-arts drills and building muscle on the compact weight machine.

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Dan is a phenomenal martial artist who placed second in the world in his weight division.

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It’s hard to imagine a better training for a chef than the kitchen at Daniel.

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Lam (2006: 265) describes this phenomenon with respect tothe workof two cooks laboring in the small kitchen described above: One tapped the other onthe back andsaid, “‘Hot, behindyou,’ slip[ped] by him witha sidestep, duck[ed] intohis oven, and sp[u]n back around, pan inhand and plating theorder.”

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His professional training shows in the careful crafting of the dish.

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He stated specifically that his training consisted of the northern Shaolin tam tui (springing legs) exercise, the Yang taijiquan form, and exercises for conditioning and mastering basics (Hwang, 1995: 14).

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  • People think oh get over it surfers SUP is the “future”…..i crack up because it is so far from the future…..i mean it looks really silly when guys are doing airs on a boat with a broom in their hands and trying to charge Chopes (KAI) on a board where the rails are 4 inches thick. Thank you SUP kooks for giving real surfers a good laugh!!

  • I’m old enough to remember the conflict when short boards first became popular. And when body boards hit the scene. And when high performance long boards showed up. And the old school long board revival.
    I’m guessing sups will find their place like call the other boards.

  • After three and a half decades on a short board, one of the more alluring aspects of SUP was getting away from the crowded lineup. Outer reefs, breaks that are a mile up the coast and inaccessible from the land, and on and on. It’s been so good over the last year I’ve been on a SUP, I now feel a pang of sadness whenever I look at the popular local breaks. 30 people all battling for a wave, when in reality it’s five people catching waves, and 25 scrounging for scraps, on the inside, in the way, so no one gets a good wave without dodging around people, or just running them over. Hassling each other so deep that no one can even get around it. Angry vibe, people yelling at each other, telling beginners to get out of the water…so sad. A year and a half ago, I told a friend that SUP’s are for kooks. Now I know that what a SUP really is, is freedom from the ridiculousness and hostility of the modern lineup. I was burned out, and now at almost 50, I have the stoke of a grom again.

    Fighting over the popular spots? Nah…you can have it. I’ll be up or off the coast. Surfing 2ft mush, having the time of my life.

  • Hi, nice video!
    For the paddling setup I advise you to add a bungee cord tying the weight to the ground. This way you can apply as much force as on a real paddling stroke, without fearing to hit the upper pulley. And it stabilizes the weight. See:

  • right on Laird that’s what I told my friends on Pro BMX just to have fun does it matter what size your bike is look for the lines watch out for each other and have a good time and have fun

  • My local site in Santa Barbara Ca (Leadbetters) is so crowed now (thanks to 3 ongoing surf schools & the internet forecasts)when the word is out there is a average of 150 kids, seniors & frustrated Rincon locals out trying to catch waves, the most recent problem as with Stand up paddlers that never learned how to surf in the1st place are the fringin hydrafoils. Somebody is going to get killed out in the surf-line very soon if the site isn’t regulated.

  • It’s funny when a counterculture that strives to be free and would prefer no laws governing when and where to surf want to govern over and complain about a new version of the sport. When did surfers become the man?

  • i keep hearing how the boards are too big to be in a surf line up so by that logic no surfers should be in the line up if there are body boarders out right???  I think the  problem is that spots are often crowded people just dont like to share.

  • I agree to disagree with Steve Pezman quote. He is implementing that Stand up Paddle is dominant to surfing. Which thus creates even a more separation between surfing and Stand up Paddle.(Stand Up Paddle came from surfing!) Which makes this movie contradict itself, unless if that was true intention of movie? Most SUP guys out in the water are surfers and are chill. But there is a number of guys who have not surfed and started Sup who give off a vibe. Those are the ones I have a hard time with. Back on topic is that using big names for justification of SUP is to me, a sign of propaganda. Steve Pezman is wrong! I agree to disagree with SUP getting fined and being put in Zones (does not seem fair). But I mostly strongly agree to disagree with Steve Pezmans perspective. Waves as a food source? Survival of the fittest? It’s not a competition Steve, its surfing!


  • It’s funny, i don’t mind suppers until they try and share crowded lineups with surfers,  go find your own zone away from surfers!!!… can’t duck dive, you can’t hold your board because of the paddle in your hands, and the only way a supper feels like they can surf crowded spots is to stand outside of the pack and take the sets……not cool. Hawaii is starting to regulate and Australia too…..these guys think that the restrictions will be lifted in the future but the truth is the more suppers the more restrictions… time people trust me.