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My Transformation Story

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Zack Dobson Senior Season Highlights / Zaevion dobson Tribute

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Zach’s RAW Loose Skin Surgery Story (230 Pound Weight Loss)

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Zack Dobson MTSU Freshman SZH highlights 9️⃣����

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Zach’s STUNNING 236 POUND Weight Loss Story!

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Carmelo Anthony Surprises Gun Violence Survivor Whose Brother Saved Lives (B/Real)

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The Boy Who Beat Cancer Zach Zeiler Transformation

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At 23 and on his way to an early grave, Zach lost over 200 pounds! Zach was always the. Menu. Cancel View cart.

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Zach was always the “fat kid” and laziness was considered acceptable. At 23 and on his way to an early grave, Zach lost over 200 pounds!Next article Transformation: Zach Dobson Slashes 207 Pounds!

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List of related literature:

But even with his rigorous weight training, he kept getting fatter: By the time he reached 40, he had bal— looned to 220 pounds on his 5—foot— 8 frame.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

Playing a POW who has been imprisoned in a camp for two years, Davies lost 35 pounds off his already incredibly slim frame, bringing his weight down around 100 pounds.

“Finding Lost Season Four: The Unofficial Guide” by Nikki Stafford
from Finding Lost Season Four: The Unofficial Guide
by Nikki Stafford
ECW Press, 2009

His name was Josh Olsen, a young staff sergeant from Washington State, whose devastating injury had caused his body weight to drop almost in half, from a rock­solid 190 to slightly over a hundred pounds.

“Hardcore Diaries” by Mick Foley
from Hardcore Diaries
by Mick Foley
Simon & Schuster UK, 2008

Arduous strength training and running drills with the Lehigh University football team changed Nothstein’s muscular physique by the 2000 season.

“Hearts of Lions: The History of American Bicycle Racing” by Peter Joffre Nye, Eric Heiden
from Hearts of Lions: The History of American Bicycle Racing
by Peter Joffre Nye, Eric Heiden
Nebraska, 2020

His physical transformation in the school over the past twenty-three months was impressive: good food, positive living conditions, tough job training, and chore responsibilities had combined to layer twenty pounds of muscle onto his frame.

“The Road Out of Hell: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders” by Anthony Flacco, Jerry Clark
from The Road Out of Hell: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders
by Anthony Flacco, Jerry Clark
Union Square Press, 2009

pounds and figures he gained a few in muscle weight because his body looks so different.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
Rodale Books, 2012

So in the summer before his freshman year he had gone from 235 to 311 pounds in a matter of months.

“Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story” by Jeff Kinley
from Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story
by Jeff Kinley
New Leaf Publishing Group, Incorporated, 2001

In just three months of coaching, he lost 28 pounds, 11 percent body fat, and 7 inches off his waist without any muscle or strength loss.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

As a freshman, he weighed only 9 stone 3 lb, lighter even than the cox, though by the time of graduation he had gone up to 10 stone 1 lb.11 (This slight physique was also to have a bearing on his future prospects.)

“Understanding the British Empire” by Ronald Hyam
from Understanding the British Empire
by Ronald Hyam
Cambridge University Press, 2010

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  • I’m angry for you. I’m so sorry that the one who supported you during your worst is now causing you to go through yet another low. My heart goes out to you. You are strong and will get through this too.

  • I have followed you since you started, I have seen your battle with cancer and how after that you have growth your amazing psyche. You have becomes such an inspiration!!!!

  • No estoy errado diciendo que el cariño que le dió la chica fue la alluda que iso superar la enfermedad y superarse a si mismo, claro que junto a el cariño de sus padres tambien

  • Much love dude! My mother passed from breathing cancer October last year, and going thru that, I have a heart for people who are sick more now than ever. So glad you are healthy

  • In my dreams I’m always slim, and when I wake up and go to the bathroom, I see in the mirror I’m not at all the size I dream I am. I say it’s my body refusing to acknowledge how bad my weight has been lately, but now I’m thinking it’s my brain subconsciously knowing how much I should weigh, and that I can look at it as “only in my dreams” or I could see it as “make my brain happy”

  • Brother, you didnt beat cancer only!
    You knocked the shit outta of life!
    Wish you all happiness in life for this motivational video!!

  • Even though it’s kind of late to say this, but sorry for your loss of Zae. I saw the video of the remade gym and I even cried. Hope your family stays strong and you do too.

  • This kid is bound to fail listening to a guy who gets brought out and cut 10 games into the season and lost his wife after having a side baby.

  • Its because of what melo does off the court that, media and management don’t like him because of his outspoken ways. this is true brothers keeper. stop tarnishing his name in the media. True dude right here.

  • HAHA! The morbidly obese in their 50’s can’t eat 5,000 calories. Great job getting that off while you’re young. It gets WAY harder to lose after your older.

  • people, when you loose weight slower, your skin actually does not get so loose. it needs time to adjust. but loosing weight quickly does not give time for skin to do that. its cells does not renew themselves so quickly. ive experienced it myself. ofcourse if person is loosing a lot of weight even during long time it never be completely elastic, but its a big difference if loosing weight quickly or slowly…..

    im just thinking, it has been taking long time to gain all that weight, so why do we think we have to loose in one or two years? we should allow ourselves also take some time to loose it. maybe three or four years then… but we tend to want everything quickly. but that does not last pplz

  • A warning to anyone who is cool about gaining big weight and then thinking, it’s okay I’ll lose the weight and then have the surgery.

  • It might help to have a good surgeon I would think? and keeping off the weight. Apart from that, deep respect for the weight loss!

  • People are ignorant as fuck, this was all staged and set up to try and make his image look better. Carmelo doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone but himself.

  • i had a guy at the gym raise his shirt and show me his loose skin (like a badge of honor) -he said you can do it and smiled, it meant so much to me. i was feeling so discouraged and low, went to my car and cried with happiness -because somebody cared -i have went from 450 to 270 and have 50 more to go

  • The gastric sleeve doesn’t come with dumping syndrome. Its DEFINITELY NOT the easy way out and yes you can easily slip back into bad habits

  • im very early into my weight loss journey still,, started at 226 n im at 209 rn!! gw is around 170:^] vids like this inspire me so so much

  • These videos are so motivating! Thank you for putting your stories out there and giving other people hope and motivation. ❤

    I’m at 275lbs right now, already lost 22lbs by fasting (I know many people don’t like fasting, I do) and I’m soo happy! I have a “birthday goal”. I want to be in the normal weight range (152lbs or lower for my height) by then. I can f**king do this! ��

  • John you inspire me to be a crossfit athlete again. I grew up a bit chunky and then got really fit in HS and first part of college. I still hold record weight lifts at my CrossFit gym from 5 years ago. Since then I have gained 100 pounds and moved to a rural location with no CrossFit gym. I have finally come into a mindset to make a change and become myself again. Wanna start a CrossFit gym in Alaska?

  • So proud of both of these guys. I just started my journey last week. I have just had enough. I am currently 263 and my goal weight is 180. I took some photos of myself and I do not like what I see.

  • I’ve watched this video twice… And all I’d say to you…is that I LOVE YOU! �� You’re strong and beautiful. You’re fearfully and wonderfully made… and drastically transformed! ��

  • I’m just 17 and I’ve been suffering from thyroid for 10 years now. I don’t know why I’m writing this I have never told this to anyone (not even my best friends)

  • i only have to lose close to 100 but it feels like 300 in how some people judge the man boobies anyways awesome job both of you guys in losing that I lost and gained it back really quick and am trying to lose it and keep it off

  • So in my recent past I had lost 120 pounds. (through out high school) and i watched a lot of your videos to get to that point SO THANK YOU! I got in a bad relationship and gained all of it back, so im starting my journey over and sure enough you pop up in my suggested and the intro THROUGH IT BACK! love you man! thank you for the inspiration!

  • This videos really motivates me a lot, I started at 280 pounds and now I’m at 219 my goal rn is to get to 200 and then 190, thanks for sharing

  • Damn zach looking amazing. Im 220 right now started at 245. I didn’t want to get any bigger because i knew it would become a problem. I didn’t want to be a “big guy”

  • so he has massive skin surgery to get rid of loose skin, but then drills gigantic holes in his good skin so he looks like a dipshit freak, excellent

  • I’m 34 I currently weigh 285 and was 325. I have a heart condition and ms. I used that as an Alex use for why I couldn’t exercise. I started watching what I eat and recently joined the gym. I use the elliptical and I feel pretty good. My left side is a little weak and numb feeling, but no more excuse. I’m going to keep with it. I’m too young to die of a heart attack.

  • Surgery is not that horrible. It is not a cure all, but it does help. It is more like a tool. It is not for everyone but please don’t discourage people from taking that route.

  • I was 5’7″, 134 pounds, in high school. Since I am female I was considered obese. None of the school uniforms fit me, and I had problems fittting behind the desks. I can’t imagine how heart breaking it must have been for you 2. Bless you. Congratulations on how you have become so healthy. I’m on my way to join you, lost 15 pounds, 55 more to get back to that obese weight of 130 pounds.

  • Thanks for posting this! Zach is awesome and his girlfriend too! I only became 50lbs overweight but am on my way to health after yo-yo dieting for 10 years. It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror when you get lazy about losing 50lbs when you guys have lost such a significant amount of weight and have just crushed it. I look up videos like this to keep me motivated. Thank you! 17lbs til goal!

  • They both lost 2 much weight 2 fast if they did it correctly there skin would have sprung back especially at there young ages. Do your research. Need to loose 2 pounds a week and fast 1 time a month and brush your skin research other people trying to loose 100 or more. lost 70lbs so far have another 50 to loose no loose skin here and I’m 2xs there age. Strength training as well.

  • Yeah, i would definitely joke about my bald head all the time, like “Wanna see me shine? put a ligh over here”, sorry but, my humor is kina dark jkk

  • You dont get the lose skin surgery for free? In germany its basically free cause you can get sores and stuff and if its not that extreme you can still go to an psychologist and tell him how you feel about it and he can justify it to health insurance that theyll pay it aswell

  • I’m 6’5”, 245 lbs. Not too overweight but I really want to slim down, and I can’t seem to stick to anything I do other than Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice & Warm water in the morning. Every diet and exercise routine I’ve ever had has fallen through

  • At my biggest i was 5’10 and 254 and now sitting at 233. My goal from the beginning has been losing 70lbs. lol im struggling just losing that much while you guys have lost more than double of what im trying for. These videos keep me on track. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • I went from being a apathetic nihilist to a narcissist in 1 year, it took longer then I like to admit to stop labeling my vanity and narcissism with “self help/improvement” before I adapted properly to a social life I never learned growing up due to isolation.

  • My son lost over 200 pounds and he has loose skin he’s 6’4″1/2 so he’s loose skin is not as bad as you would think he worked out like crazy, he is 20 and he joined the Navy which he is in boot camp right now he graduates August 9th 2019 but he does need skin removal surgery, I hope he’s able to get this done even though he’s in the Navy he turns 21 July 14th

  • For the younger generation that is watching, whatever other people are doing is the result of THEIR choices and actions. Even if you were to follow every step of what these guys are doing your results will not be the same, either for good or bad.

    I know its not easy, but start building the mindset of not caring about what others say to you or about you. As much as you think they are important, later on you will realize that they really arent all that important to your life.

    Of course Im not saying you should completely shut yourself out. Good advice from your loved ones are valuable and definitely something you should consider and listen to, but at the end of the day, you need to start learning to decide whats good for yourself.

    What these guys are doing is trying to provide you with different perspectives and share THEIR experiences to help you guide you through YOUR journey. You’ll never be able to find the same happiness as these people following the exact footsteps of THEIR journey.

    Just remember whatever path you choose, thats your story.

    In whatever you choose to be, be loving, be healthy and lastly


  • Everytime that I tell myself “I’m gonna work out today” and I end up not working out, I feel worse and worse about myself. I am currently at 250. I lost a significant amount of weight a few years ago (320 to 180) but then gained a lot back. I have now 84lbs to lose to get to my goal weight of 160. But what I loved about your story is that you did it and failed. You did it again, failed again and then eventually you got your stride. Thank you so much for posting your story. It give me hope to actually try and not think that I am going to fail (which then stops me from trying)

  • I’ve lost 70 lbs and plan to lose about 10 more. Loose skin is an issue for me. I wanted to see my abs some day but thanks to loose skin, I doubt that will ever happen. I strove for a beach body but that will forever remain hidden lol. Still better than having all that weight.

  • Good 4 you young guys. US Food factories made from you, young obese pigs, being ready for the slaughterhouse! You piggies save yourselves, and became again human beings. Congratulations MEN��

  • Hero’s of the body positivity community!
    Stan Efferding is an amazing well of knowledge and suggests taking multiple 10-minute walks for cardio.

  • I really want to lose weight I’ve played football my whole life I’m 18 after I stopped playing I gained weight I’m 210 used to be really fit but I’m just lazy and not motivated how can I train my mind to be more active?

  • My biggest was 251 at 6’1 I was disgusted I’m currently 225 and my lowest was 151 when I was in the marines my goal is to be 150 again thanks for the inspiration I loved the video!!!

  • The loose skin is the scariest thing for me. Most days i feel like i will look better if i stay big. Trying to get motivated to drop weight. I had lost 50 pounds and then my daughter was born a year ago we where in the Hospital a lot with her eating fast food almost every meal and have gained back 100 pounds. 300 now and the heaviest i have been but videos like this are very motivating Thank you both for the motivation.

  • Congratulations man you definitely are a motivation to many and your story is a spark of motivation itself love ❤️ the channel bro keep pushing forward ��‼️‼️‼️‼️����������������������������������������������

  • Thanks for this video! I recently went to a bariatric surgery course to learn about the surgery. Safe to say after that I said no to surgery too. I struggle with anxiety and depression so I am having a hard time finding motivation to start this journey. I agree with your statement “It’s not that I can’t it is that I’m choosing not to.” Serious hit to the homefront there. I think I’m going to start logging calories tomorrow as a first step! Amazing job you have done!

  • And I’m feeling bad, sad and even wanting to commit suicide being only around 20 to 30 lbs overweight, I really admire you guys, I just tried doing your exercises at home, but the push ups take me down, I can’t even do 2 of them. In 2 days I’m starting going to the gym but I can only go Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By the way I’m only 14 years old so I hope I can make a change

  • Don’t drink your calories is a huge thing. I lost about 60lbs essentially by cutting calories from drinks. I also did intermittent fasting but I definitely didn’t starve myself.
    The loose skin is something I never really thought about, I’d imagine most people hide that and aren’t so open about it. I was around 255 at my highest so I didn’t really have a ton of extra skin and I’m still struggling with my gut so maybe if I lost a few more pounds I’d see some there.

  • Interesting that Zach hadn’t accepted dying because of his weight. Normally obese people learn and accept quite quickly that they will die early.

  • Stuff they don’t wanna show about Melo. Things that is positive, that encourages, motivates, and shows how much he cares about others. I can only respect Melo on and off the court.
    Don’t let the media fool you just because of his career (even tho he is a hall of famer). Great man who does a lot for his community.

  • Have you heard of dry fasting for tightening skin? There are people at The Snake Diet who have had serious results following that protocol.

  • Beautiful dialogue love your conversation, the generosity, the caring, sharing and mutual encouragement. Bravo to both of you and keep going! Big hugs, Anouche.

  • Welcome to Mountaineer Nation! This guy is the utility knife that our offense needs. Glad to have you here Zack! See you in the old gold n’ blue!

    Let’s Go!

  • Hey bro you too are such an inspiration! Im starting to lose weight i just started “dieting” a little over a week ago. I am really just starting to cut everything i eat in half and i only eat 3 times a day no snacks at all. I do eat a big breakfast though is that okay?? I could really use some tips man i hope you can help me, im 369 right now by the way. Please any help how many calories should i eat a day??

  • Recovery may be 2 months but I bet it felt like YEARS. I shattered my wrist in February and I was fully healed by the end of April but it truly felt like I was healing for a year. I can’t even imagine a full upper body healing process

  • I watched this video about two years ago. It really motivated me to start working out. And I have been working out and loving it ever since! Stay well, everybody:)

  • I would without a doubt get the skin removal. I know it’s a rlly tough recovery but after changing my body/life that much from losing all that weight, I would 100% want that skin off.

  • I am surprised that no one ever talks about skin infections with all that loose skin doubled over on itself. It gets moist, hot, and airless…so many people with skin overlaps get yeast infections all the time.

  • another thing being out that long….is very dangerous….8 to 10 hrs…..they did my heart valve replacement in 3 hrs….still i would have rather died on the table, than looking like stretch armstrong….for you youngins.. it was a doll that arms, and legs would stretch way out
    sure you are healthy now….but if you are young you wont be happy…god bless

  • i feel your pain zach….i had gastric by pass surgery in 2001…..i was 44 yrs old, and5 ft 7 385lbs
    a walking talking corpse….any way i made it down to 185lbs….and at 44 a load of ugly loose skin i was left depressing. i started lifting, and was building muscle. than i had to look in the mirror
    wow….my panus,which is the lower skin hung way below my crotch……needless to say i borrowed 7grand from good friends, and had the surgery,,,,,i was out for 8hrs..they removed 35lbs of skin, which by the way was donated to skin burn victims…at least something good came out of it…and your right the pain is morphine worthy for sure….a few years later i had my chest done 12 more lbs of skin….painful as well, but no where as bad as the lower skin……the only caveat, and you mentioned it was my nipples are way lower than where they should be….really looks stupid, and they have been that way for 18yrs…not the surgeons fault…with all that skin, removed
    and swelling…i’m 65 now, and the nipple problem is a minor blip in the over all picture….anyway good luck, it gets bettter, and better…..your still a young guy…..god bless…. mr. basney

  • Your video was very informative. I lost 70+ and have a out 70+ to go and I put on lots of muscle on. So plus I have heavy skins sagging under my arm pits from taking meds. Most of the front bottom and top chest are going away. Thank you for the video makes me more confident if I had to get that in the future.

  • I got FTM top surgery and just realized that the experience is quite similar. I mean sure his surgery was waaay rougher than mine. but the whole drain stuff, not showering, nipples replacement, not having any feeling, and the compression shirt. I mean like man I can relate.

  • Follow me on my journey and join me❤️
    Ayúdenme con mi reto y acompáñenme a perder peso juntos��❤️�� thank you!

  • Idk what your doctor has you on as far as scar care but my sister had to get stitches on her face and her doctor recommended Mederma to heal her scars a little more and they almost disappeared, so anyone that that might help that’s something to ask your doctor about

  • Having had the same surgery if someone said to me if they were thinking about it is tell them to do its the best thing I’ve done for myself post weight loss

  • I lost so much weight I’m into body building but I can’t take my top off of if I do I put my boxers over the bottom of my stomach I’m so self conscious everyone always gives me compliments how good my physique is because I’m into body building been training hard but they don’t know about my loose skin I feel like my life’s a lie and I have no confidence when it comes to meeting up with girls Cos I don’t know what to tel them I’m not normal I’m different to everyone else

  • This is definitely something to not take lightly. I cant imagine not having feeling. I dont know if looking good after weight loss would be worth it. Ive lost over 100 pounds after having my son and even though i have a decent amount of loose skin. I couldnt trade confidence for feeling.

  • At what point do you realize more exercise and diet won’t get the rest of it? My wife has lost 55 pounds and is about 140 now. She still has a loose belly. Is surgery needed or just more working out? I’m proud of her but, she has gotten discouraged after so much good work.

  • Man this has helped me!! I have lost 201 lbs. So far. I have excess skin obviously. I want to get it removed SO BAD!!! I believe it is developing into a body dismorphia issue with me! BUT! Surgery is expensive, and there is a roadblock in front of me due to mine and my husband’s finances at the moment. Hopefully it won’t take as long as we are anticipating. This video made me realize that maybe it is God’s way of telling me it’s just not time. Cause I have a nearly two year old that is VERY clingy. (And a 6 yr. Old, but she’s pretty self sufficient lol) I don’t see myself not wanting to lift or not being able to hold my youngest child and leaving her dad to do everything by himself at the moment. So thank you, this has eased my mind for the moment and everything happens when the time is right lol

  • I remember when Fox first showed his younger brother and they tried to paint him as a criminal before they even knew what happened smh

  • It’s crazy how this is coming up on my suggested… I’m down 140 lbs and my loose skin is soooo bad but I’m scared to get the surgery.

  • I need skin loss surgery myself. I’m claudia and I used to weigh 300. And now I’m 120. But I have so much skin. Please read my message. I hope someone responds back to me. Thansk

  • Zach is hugely inspirational and of course so is the main man. Both are very grounded positive influences on thousands of you tube viewer’s lives.

  • This description reminds me a lot of c-section surgery. Having the ab muscles sewn together, all the blood, having rules about how and when you can shower. It’s painful. I can’t imagine having several of those incisions and not being allowed to shower for a month.

  • I feel like this video has really prepared me for my surgery I’m getting in February. I have my consultation next Friday and I’m so excited for my hard work to finally be rewarded but also nervous

  • I find it so disheartening to see videos like this. I wanna see someone who has a genetic disposition to gain weight. Also I was sporty since I was a kid in sports teams competitions but I was always chubbier. So I was fit but chubby. N I wish I could meet someone like tht so I’m not alone

  • The nba needs to stop blackballing Melo. Dudes a great dude and glad to see this guy push thru. Unfortunately mom was cutting onions so I was a little distracted.

  • I feel that I have a weird body in that my BMI is 24 but my weight is 185. I eat very healthy and I carb cycle. Occasionally, ( once a week if that,) I’ll eat something sweet like a cookie but not really candy, etc as I have found that eating healthy had curbed my attraction to eating sweets. I feel proportionally overweight if that makes sense meaning I have excess weight everywhere but not too much in certain areas. I work in the operating room as I am surgical tech. I spend my days lifting heavy pans of instruments, pulling and pushing, standing for incredibly long hours, upwards of 12, sometimes more, and I find that at the end of the day, I have absolutely no desire to workout besides doing push ups and sit ups, squats, once I get home. Other than that, I have no exercise routine. I was in the service for almost 10 years. After rigorous bouts of training, I now have diagnosed chronic bilateral ankle sprains in both ankles. So needless to say that when I run or even try to power walk, if feels as if someone is holding my feet and ankles in fire and I am stiff for a week or more and in horrible pain. So, I’m like, what in hell am I supposed do to? I am healthy. My bloodwork is phenomenal. I can climb stairs like a champ. But I hate that weigh 185.

  • Zack you are probably the best high school football player I’ve ever seen u keep playing for your brother and that will make you great you probably have the most inspiring story I’ve ever heard keep ballin bro your amazing!

  • Much respect man. Way to stay strong.
    Ive heard your brothers story numerous times and watched the videos.
    What an inspiration he is and you also.

    Keep lookin around, he always gonna be with you. Everywhere.
    Best of luck moving forward in life, keep doin your thing.

  • If only i can have a gift of you. Your complete jersey and a sneakers MELO for Christmas. That’s all i want. So everybody gonna show love for you GOAT.I’m Haitian nd i follow you B-R in Haiti.

  • Not only is he an amazing player or good looking nice kid, he is a hero. There are very few people who would do what he did for those girls. I hope I will be as good as a kid as he is. I just wish he survived the whole event like everyone does. I did not even know him. I live in a suberb of Chicago. And I don’t care if you are White,Black,Mexican or Asian you have to give this kid respect. I am white and I am literly crying while i am whiting this because he is so amazing. #doitforzea

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  • Wow, you’re totally awesome and I’m at that juncture today.
    I’ve signed up for a program, 6 months of hard diet and exercise which I’m dreading… but I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of being the “big girl”. I’m tired of going to the fat end of clothes racks. I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired of quitting and I’m tired of excuses, my excuses. I’ve heard them all and I’m lying to myself. I don’t have thyroid problems, I don’t have silly illnesses or injuries I’ve made up. I knock off work at 2.30pm, so I have time to do what needs to be done and if I achieve anything at all…I just hope that come February, I’m no longer tired and full of excuses.
    Thank you for your video.

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  • I love the part where you just don’t give up.Alot of people have a bad day and beat themselves up.Then they give up.I do the same thing.I have a few bad days and then I start up again,the secret is not to give up just keep on going.Your son is adorable.Good luck to you.

  • It’s the same way right after you have a child through c-section you’re in so much pain but they want you to stand up the next day

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  • Hey Amber, thank you so much for posting this video! It’s truly inspiring. I’ve been on a body transformation journey for almost a year now and I’ve never felt better before. Corona sucks and it makes me having a hard time sticking to my workouts but my family motivates me. As you (and many other people too) put it, I never thought I could like exercising. But now I can’t go without it and not feel depressed because I got a glance of what it feels like. People like you posting these videos keep me believing that I can do this, too! So thanks a lot xxx
    Btw you look great;)

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  • im 51 almost 52 and born without a thyroid..its not easy,so dont assume people have it easy,or lose weight or gain because of thyroid disease. im overweight and hate it. its hard to lose weight. i dont care what people think of me,cause i cant control it. i think its great you lost weight,and i want to say congratulations!

  • Second time I’ve run across this video. As someone who has a legitimate thyroid problem, I promise that is the last thing you wish you had. I was an athlete, I was fit, I still don’t look awful but it is so hard to keep my weight in check. Please understand there are people that bust their ass every day and still can’t go lower than a size 8. Thyroid autoimmune diseases suck.

  • It’s crazy how weight loss might seem so easy to some people. I had a friend tell me once, “well it’s not that hard.”
    It is when you have had childhood trauma. Unhealthy family life growing up and a ton of other shit life threw at you, it’s almost like you just can’t do it ��

    But here I am 30+ years old. Kids and an awesome supportive spouse and I lost 35 pounds and still going �������� sometimes letting go of the past and running (literally) is the greatest healing there is. As soon as I let me hurt and pain fade I started to actually enjoy working out ����

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  • In 1966 Angus Barbieri lost 276 pounds His starting weight was 456lbs. He did it by fasting for 382 days.The best thing about this is he didn’t have any hanging skin at all afterwards. Maybe a fast might help you guys out, don’t know just sayin.

  • I’m so happy for your progress, I’m 21 and I’ve been obese my whole life,I hate it but right now I’m in my second week of quitting sugar and processed food because I realized I actually have a sugar addiction, I’ve lost about 4 lbs so far and I just wish I could’ve done it sooner because I’m scared I’ll get excess skin after weight loss since I do have to lose about 80lbs,I’m so excited for this lifestyle change

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