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Taken advantage of due to his lack of size, teen William packed on 53 pounds and completely changed his appearance. Transformation: William Porter Packs on 53 Pounds of Mass! Taken advantage of due to his lack of size, teen William packed on 53 pounds and completely changed his appearance.

William Porter combines a balanced and insightful look at end times events with a practical guide on how the certainty of Jesus’ return should impact the way Christians live now. Talking about the end times can often seem confusing with so many different interpretations held by Christians. The Forerunner Cry is a paperback book by William Porter appearing in the Theology section at

Weight loss and body transformation does not come easy and requires a lot of self-control and dedication. Anybody who is.’s investigates into some of the most controversial killings of African-Americans by cops in recent years to see what if any -justice was meted out or none at all. A 29-year-old man presented to his local orthopaedic service with a mass in the medial aspect of his left thigh, present for 1 year.

It had not changed in size, although he complained of. John Porter, son of John Porter (1560 1625) and Sybil Vessey (1561 1625), was baptized on 21 June 1594 in Holy Cross Church, Felsted, Essex, England.He died on 21 April 1648 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, at age 53, and was buried the next day. Believed to be the ancestor of three US presidents: Grant, Cleveland, and Ford. AGAR, William Watertown Probably from Nazing Essex, or vicinity.

An Agar family lived in Nazing, and the mother of Rev. John Eliot was named Lettice Aggar or Agar. William Agar was made a Freeman 18 May 1631 (M.C.R., I, 366). He died in 1684. ALCOCK, George Roxbury Probably from Leicestershire.

Applied freeman 19 Oct. 1630 (M.C.R., I, 80). G.Z.

Zhang, Lirong Liu, William Porter, pp.319-340 The hard gelatin capsules were filled with a weight of granules whereas the reference drug norfloxacin undergoes phase transformation to.

List of related literature:

These packs carry weight well but are bigger, heavier, and not nearly as agile as other packs.

“Trail Tested: A Thru-Hiker's Guide to Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking” by Justin Lichter
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They are pre-set to the required weight for individual packs and any that are below this weight are automatically removed from the production line.

“Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice, Second Edition” by P.J. Fellows
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My pack had less weight in it than the previous day but somehow felt heavier.

“Honouring High Places: The Mountain Life of Junko Tabei” by Junko Tabei, Helen Y. Rolfe, Yumiko Hiraki, Rieko Holtved
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The weight of the pack should vary with the individual.

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My pack feels heavier than it should.

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The maximal weight of these packs should be 20% of the child’s bodyweight until he or she has had significant backcountry experience and can comfortably carry more.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
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Longer-term creatine supplementation (about two months) in conjunction with resistance training has been shown to increase lean body mass by approximately 2.8 to 3.2 kg (7 pounds) (Earnest et al. 1995; Kreider et al. 1996; Stout, Eckerson, and Noonan 1999).

“NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Bill Campbell, Marie Spano
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One study of 18to 25-year-old bodybuilders and football players showed that an increase of 20 percent in body mass was possible during one year of heavy resistance training.36 And although most of the weight gain was in lean mass, individual responses were variable.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
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50 packs were weighed and variations in weights were found.

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Based on elasticity research, the company found that there was almost zero cross elasticity between pack sizes.

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  • For my point of view you were better before cause I don’t like skinny body but anyway I can see you’ve worked hard to be as you are like now so congrats!

  • Stupid people always saying its just cutting. And he had already abs etc,blabla.. So its easy then? No its a hell off a good job! Good job!

  • Excellent video, one of the best daily-pic transformation videos I’ve seen. You kept it short, didn’t blabber on for 15 minutes, you kept the camera angle consistent, you stood in the same place, and we were able to see the intended transformation. Great production and editing! And of course, you must feel great about your results, too! ��

  • This is an incredibly insightful video, what it tells me is that I need to loose fat not build anymore muscle. Thanks Nick, you are a legend ��

  • I prefer to be bigger honestly. I feel much better lifting heavy and eating big. I’ve only cut down twice but felt like such a pussy, lost too much muscle and way to much strength. Now days as long as my stomach is flat I’m good. The only reason to get shredded is for babes, but I’ve noticed that being ripped actually doesn’t help getting the ladies anyways unless you live at the beach. By the time my shirt is off I’m already in there like swim wear. What draws em in is the mass in my experience.

  • POV: You’re in bed commenting hate on a person who actually got out of bed to make a change.

    Im talking about the obese people who hate cause they think its hard, just do it.

  • It looks like he’s pushing out his belly a lot in the beginning and just gradually doing it a bit less, because if he’d really been that fat, his chest would have more fat aswell. Sure, he definitely lost some fat, but he’s also excaggerating it a bit, no?

  • You look better at 145 lbs than 220 lbs i beleve you lost minor muscle which you are able to rebuild even on this day nick i know most likly you won’t be reading this but good luck. This is the reason why mike isreatel advices naturel people who want to compite in bodybuilding to stay us lean us possible while packing muscle because that’s your best beat like jeff nippard does

  • I know that is hard cut by natural but you pass from 99kg to 68kg, is too much. The goal would be around 80kg/85kg with 9 or not less than 8 body fat. I don’t want attack no one because as I said is hard loose fat from natural especially without loose too much muscle mass during the process. Can some one explain me why all this weight loss? I think that all this is because maybe he decide to compete in that weight class.

  • I am about 220 myself and I love powerlift. When I started lifting, I did want a sixpack and look nice for the girl until I actually fell in love with the iron and lifting itself and said: Screw cutting! Getting strong is what matters! Cutting is not a glamorous path,especially for a natural! That costs a lot of gains in strength and size! But mad props to you for actually getting through that. Getting smaller and weaker for a cut would freak me out and make me feel depressed! Both the diet itself and my actual performance in the gym! Mad respect for your dedication! It inspires me to be even more dedicated to my own pursuit of strength and power! I will never cut though! XD

  • Haha I was pretty young at the time:) Bought the car when I was 14 with money I had saved up since I was a little kid and restored it from the ground up!

  • I competed as well. Went from 190 to 165 lbs. I stopped there. Didnt wanna keep losing mass. It is kinda stressing looking at all your gains go slowly lol

  • I’m thinking about getting one for my lancer gt 2012 what should I know to about it is there a certain size and what other parts do I need I found a glass pack for 20$ plzz help

  • I’m trying to lose about 75 pounds total also from my powerlifting days at 270 to ultimately hoping to be 195 on stage in November. Have about 45 more to lose in 26 weeks.

  • Impressive but this guy obviously had a good physique before, then gained weight, then lost it. Easier that way due to muscle memory

  • Good example of why you don’t go in a calorie surplus while bulking… u gain a lot of fat and it looks like muscle from the water and then when u cut the muscle is the same amount it’s just u suffered with all the extra eating and cutting


  • I love the sock story! That is classic! Hey at least you have a good memory to last a lifetime. Congratulations on your show! I really enjoy your channel, thx for taking the time and doing it. Keep pumpin bro!

  • I’m a very similar build to you, currently at 210lbs, 17inch arms, going to lean bulk to 230lbs over 4 months. Time to get chubby. I’m obsessed with looking big rather than the usual people obsessed with getting abs. I’m not cutting until I have 2 years on my belt.

  • Thank you thank you so much brother. I’m suffering from disc prolapse and I promise you i will make abs as soon as i will recover from it. And also i started weight reducing and i reduced 4kgs in just 2 weeks and i reached on 82 kgs from 86kgs.

    Till the end of this year, no matter i recover from disc prolapse fully or not, but there will be a great transformation I bring on me.

    Thank you to motivate me.

  • Hello how are you? my name is julián and I want to contact my experience, I found some recommendations that helped me lose weight and currently I have a very happy life, I found a virtual book, that is (ebook), which is called “lost weight now” and It help me too much to lose weight and lead a healthy life, if you want it was sent to you by email just write to my email and I will send it completely free, my proposal is to help people.. this is my email:[email protected]

  • I really wish I had seen this before doing an extreme cut/diet. I started where you did @200 and now down to 170 but lost almost ALL muscle… Now your after results are my goal! I’ll use this as daily motivation. Thank you also for the follow up video explaining your diet and exercise routine.

  • Hey man 15 kgs in 3 months is way too much. You lost alot of muscle in the process, you shoudnt really be losing more than 2-3 kgs per month if you want to preserve as much muscle. Still lookin good tho but shame.

  • soooo standing for days in front of a camera makes u loose weight now ppl wont have to hurt their back to do sit ups good to know this

  • I hate when people does a shitty bulk and consider themselves as fat and overweight then make a cut and reveal all those muscles and misguide other who have no idea about how bulk and cut work,so keep it clear and honest with people guys when you wanna do these type of transformation videos

  • for people saying he did a cut after a bulk. ok…but alot of people are here for motivation to lose fat. so this is still a super helpful video

  • hey nick,
    that transformation was good. dont be asshamed of the 143. i bet id be 110 at 7% body fat and no water in my system. there must be a lot of fakes out there….

  • Nick, I had no idea you were that big at one time! To bad you lost so much muscle mass on the way to looking more defined. I hope you gain the muscle mass back.

  • Good workout. I try to lose more than 50 kg.its about 106 Ibs to until the end of this year.i was 403.4 Ibs.Im now 286.16 after 8 months.

  • Holy shit, you’ve been like every single body type and even personality seems to change throughout your journey. Be a Jamaican rastafarian marathon runner next!

  • To be honest. You look like a cool guy on day 1. On day 90. You look like a scrony and kinda wimpy. I would hang out and have a beer with day 1 guy. And just laugh at day 90 guy.

  • You should have stopped at day 40. Too low body fat causes physical weakness, prone to bruising, illness and injury. That’s why, in exemple, militairy men, boxers and rugby players al have 7-15% body fat. Only bodybuilders want to go below 6. Take it from a very fit size 4 lady who excersizes a lot: we women like athleticly built men with a healthy apetite and thus bodyfat, no pecs & abs with a tiny neck and skinny face. And gosh….I hope my 11 year old son doesn’t get to see these kinds of videos. Son, enjoy life..

  • It’s called CUTTING, he did bulking to gain muscle, bulking effect=great muscle gain, side effect=fat, bulking=fat loss, low muscle loss

  • Good video as usual thanks. I have got another source that inspired me alot. The mindset is not far different but something there could help

  • You would have been better off going in at 165. You lost so much in your legs it just didn’t look good between upper and lower body.

  • The pec striations are killer man. Do you have your workouts posted somewhere? I just found your channel earlier this month, and haven’t had a chance to peruse everything yet. Great channel, Nick!

  • Awesome work brother! Shame on the people who had the guts to dislike even something like this, all it proves is that no matter what you do haters gonna hate!

  • Did you just lose the weight with diet + lifting strictly or was there cardio involved? If so, what type of cardio did you do thanks:).

  • I have advice.From my own experience with weight loss, I can say that “ProVen” is a perfect supplement for those who are struggling to lose fat. I have tried a lot of diets, most of them were based only on cutting down the calories but I can tell you for sure that is not the answer. I was in despair until I discovered PrVen. This is the only supplement that targets the route cause of fat, elevated hormone levels due to toxic pollutants from the modern world. I have not only lost a LOT of weight but I feel healthier, my blood sugar levels are returning to normal ranges and I feel like a new person. For anyone sitting on the fence I would highly recommend giving ProVen a try for yourself.

  • This guy was really bulk and under the fat his muscle was formed all he had to do was lean down you can tell he was fit before this is unrelistic for a rookie guys just a heads up

  • Damn no doubt. Keep up the grind man. Respect. I was eating very well & working out consistently, even was taking the same mass gainer. Then I got hit with a blood clot.. kept me out of the gym & I never really bounced back to working out as consistently as I was prior.. few months later. Car accident.. so Yeah.. been a long recovery & ive lost all my gains.. I was 160-165 & im currently 140-145.. I gotta clean it up. But with the gyms closed now it sucks.

  • This is my third week in and my leg weights have increased by 100lbs. My abs are starting to show and my booty is popping ���� im so excited.

  • how do people cut? is it a lot of cardio? Is it a lot of reps on light weights? Is it a low cal diet? which is the best way?

    Do you lose strenght on a cut? How much?

  • Hi Host pa moment po

    Try niyo din panuorin to guys promise mag eenjoy kayo.

    Sa mga newbie diyan iwan lang bakas!


  • so isolation exercise can make you more ripped?i started powerlifting to lose weight but so far nothing..i was thinking barbells are better than dumbells

  • You won’t lose anything if you admit to having used anabolic steroids. I’m not saying you have done, but you should just say it if you really have used them. It’s not a big deal to me whether you’ve done or not, btw. Even I myself have been thinking of using testosterone, lol.

  • YOOOOO PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS IS YOUR EXHAUST PIPE 2 1/4 AND YOU BOUGHT A 2 1/4 GLASS PACK????!? MY car has a 2 1/4 pipe if i buy a 2 1/4 glass pack will it just slide right over the pipe like yours did please lmk as soon as possible Im trying to get my glass packs asap but need to figure this out first lol

  • This isn’t a normal 3 month body change….Most people already said it in the commentsection.You were already muscular and went to the gym for a long time before making this video.The only thing you did during them 3 months was burning fat after bulking for a long period of time….So to fat people dreaming their body’s can change in a 3 month time period like this.IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!! This result can be achieved after going to the gym regularly for at least more than 2 years.And that’s the truth!!!

  • I have your “problem” in my case it was becouse of playing tennis for a lot of years, my body has one side more developed then the other, so I have one pec and the abs higher from one side then the other… What do you suggest me to do??

  • I’m already lean but I’ve been wanting to cut my body fat % This gave me great motivation to not postpone it and start right away.
    You look great with the low body fat % very aesthetic! Do u have tips on how to lose fat and maintain muscle? thanks!

  • I do 100 pushups and 200 leg ups eveyday but late night…I know this is a stupid question but will i get abs from just doing that?