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And the cost of a tin of baby milk has climbed from 23,000 (£11.68) to 35,000 pounds (£17.77) on average, with some brands selling for as much as 45,000 pounds (£22.85). Wheat. There is no timeframe for the committee to come up with a report or suggestions, but both the Congress high command and its state leaders believe it may take no more than 3-6 months.

At least 300 parents and children have been denied their release by a Washington, D.C., federal court judge despite a previous ruling that said three ICE facilities ‘are on fire’ due to COVID-19. Tips From a Man Who Has Lost Over 47 Pounds With Cardio. Blog post If you’re trying to lose weight, cardio exercise is just one of the things you.

Gravity Transformation Fat Loss Experts 273,228 views 12:49 Guy Tries �� CLEAN KETO DIET EVERY DAY for 7 DAYS �� No Sugar, No Carbs Weight Loss Challenge Duration: 23:53. Math is the study of abstractions. Math allows us to isolate one or a few features such as the number, shape or direction of some kind of object. Then we can study what can be learned about the.

One third of Australians believe coronavirus is no more dangerous than a typical winter flu despite Victoria’s rapidly rising death toll and high infection numbers.. Nineteen people have died from. effective, regular maintenance and testing is even more essential to continued operation when traditional “overdesign” cannot be relied on to overcome abnormal conditions. The utility engineer must be familiar with all aspects of maintenance and testing and make use of state-of-the-art tools and techniques for evaluating transformer condition.

2. Lindsay Shenk: From 400 Pounds to Healthy and Expecting! Lindsay has been overweight her whole life. By the time she reached her thirties, Lindsay was well over 400 pounds.

Ready to start a family, Lindsay and her husband met with a fertility specialist who gave her the ultimate motivation: no doctor would offer treatments until she lost weight. Back in 2001 I weighed more than 400 pounds. I tried every diet I could think of to lose weight.

I even worked face to face with the late Dr. Atkins for two months, and after charging me thousands of dollars, the best he could do was yell at me for being so fat.

List of related literature:

But under the guidance of Prowse, he quickly added twenty pounds of muscle mass.

“Superman Vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors, and Warring Writers Grounded an American Icon” by Jake Rossen, Mark Millar
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However, during the off-season Dorian gets up to well over 300 pounds, which indicates his body type tends toward the endo-mesomorphic.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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The weight on his 5’8″ frame mysteriously dropped to 88 pounds.

“The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober
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He moved up to 185 pounds, but was never given a chance to develop slowly at this new weight.

“The MMA Encyclopedia” by Jonathan Snowden, Kendall Shields
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This is not surprising because for him restoration of the body is secondary to this task of self-transformation.

“The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland” by Cheryl Mattingly
from The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland
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now he had dropped to 166 pounds, down from his normal 174. at practice, everything about the ornate Italian pool bothered him.

“Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World” by David Maraniss
from Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World
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Finally he springs back up into a better, more muscular shape than he had before.

“Stronger Than Spinach: The Secret Appeal of the Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons” by Steve R. Bierly
from Stronger Than Spinach: The Secret Appeal of the Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons
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“Givenchy started to weigh him down,” said Murray.

“Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin” by Andrew Wilson
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He was finally switched to another agent and lost about 75 pounds of the extra weight.

“Psychiatric Nursing eBook” by Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele
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Hoffman acknowledged that many of the physique stars were now training too long.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
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  • I get that this video is a couple of years old but I will say this. I was overweight by a good amount and I always felt ill. I finally decided I was going to start something to lose the weight and I did the calorie counting and was very strict about I ate in terms of calories. I didn’t always get under the number I needed but I slowly started noticing that I was not hungry all the time and I started to lose weight. That was actually funnily enough around the time this video was uploaded that I started. And 2 years later I have lost about 40 pounds and I am planning on losing 20 more and hopefully be at the weight I want. Of course I have hit a plateau for about 5 months, to where I would gain some weight and then lose it and it was like a something I couldn’t get out of. But I will say I am finally starting to lose weight again which is nice. It is kinda crazy that my journey with weight loss is also kinda tied into when I was started to be serious in my walk with Christ. Cause even though I grew up in church I wasn’t serious until about June of 2016.

  • Rick is the Bill Bryson of the Video! well presented and researched. A pleasure to watch. I was born in Lambeth London and I really enjoyed this presentation.

  • So what exactly have u been doing to lose fat? Like whats yours plan or what do u do to lose fat? If u haven’t made a vid explaining how can u make a vid of how your losing the fat?

  • That the only way Americans see Europe for a while on Youtube. All banned now for travelling due to the “great” job your president did to contain the spread of the virus.

  • We can now, do partal charge, in the time for a potty break, or while eating or shopping. It’s possible to charge 30-40% in 10-20 minutes or less, that should be plenty, we just need charge stations, maybe mobile charge stations! Capable of 100kwh, or so. Would be great. I only usually travel within 20 miles a day, and about 60 miles a week, normally, but I have done over 100, in town in a day. But my town is scattered, and covers a large area. Like near 20 miles across town, being just out of town driving into town and back, a couple times a week, so near 20 miles a day, 40-60miles a week, so ev would make sense. We need to offer ethanol, and have ethanol turbine engines, or even piston engines, for range extenders! Ethanol can make alot of power, like used the race car engines, burns clean, a engine designed to run on ethanol can make alot of power in a small engine, use that to generate power, over propelling the car, would make more sense, and the enging at a constant speed, would be more effiecent, generating power to charge the battery and power the car, something like 80+kw should be easy and with a small piston engine, possibly smaller with a turbine engine.. Basically using motorcycle engine technology, to power a generator, I don’t see why this isn’t available Now!!!

  • You stated she discharged from military due to weight but actually she was honorably discharged after performing duties and tour of duty, once her service was completed and only denied re-enlistment due to weight

  • Well it doesn’t matter what those haters had to say back then because your physique is definitely not average now. Good job and thanks for the inspiration!

  • I understand what Rick meant, but saying “28 thousand American soldiers based in Britain who gave their lives” is way off the mark. 400,000 Americans gave their lives, and they were all at one time or another “based” in Britain. To the layman, he made it sound like 28 thousand was the total number of U.S. fatalities in the war.

  • If one doesn’t already know the subject, then this talk doesn’t make any sense. Just words salad.
    If one already knows the subject, than the talk is redundant. Just a random Captain Obvious recap.

    No matter what, you lose (about an hour of your life).

  • אלוף במיל. דורון אלמוג Doron Almog, אב גאה לערן ז”ל ואיש מופת, שלח גם אלי את זה, ואני נרתם להפיץ את הבשורה. מי ייתן ונלך בדרכו ונלמד את שיעורו המאלף על צניעות, אי אנוכיות וסיוע למי שנברא עם יכולת מוגבלת להתמודד עם עולמנו. דורון, מגיבורי ישראל, שלחמו ביום כיפורים, שחררו באנטבה והביאו את אחינו האתיופים מסודן, הוא אח שכול. לערן בנו, קרא ע”ש אחיו ערן ז”ל שנהרג ביום כיפור כשהטנק שלו נפגע והוא נותר מדמם וזועק שבעה ימים, באין שומע, באין מציל. הדברים שתשמעו כאן, בהרצאה שלו בטד ת”א, באים מליבו של אדם כואב, אך נחוש להיאחז באופטימיות, ברצון לחזק את החוליה החלשה בחברה, כדי לחזק את כולנו כישראלים וכבני אדם. צפו, כי אי אפשר להוריד ממנו את העיניים. צפו, כי אי אפשר שלא לפתוח את הלב. מזמין אותכם חברי לתת כתף, כל אחד לפי רצונו.

  • When I think of Entanglement I keep coming up with something hard and massless. Waves need time hard things move all at once. Hard isn’t real anyway even though it kinda is.

  • I am not very fond of other religions, a former Buddhist, but I ran into so many Nazi sympathizers and Jews and have learned from the experience. I realized the values of Christianity and so on; then from this experience I explore the others, for truth. I can understand both views; the Muslim-no one but God is holy and so they did not believe anyone capable of doing the good things? then the Jewish view, tradition of good and advancement, from God, and thus should not yield to obvious “barbaric” civilizations? Then the bloodline issue, if it is good why mix with unknown. Not that anyone can not learn to be better/a Christian.

  • His message goes way beyond religion way deeper than any written or spoken word. Those who wish to argue about religion here miss the whole point of the message being shared.

  • Beautiful message! We are not our labels. This young man lived more and loved more in his lifetime than the majority of people who live to be old. Why? He lived from who he truly was, from his beautiful heart! That will live on forever!

  • I am muslim and have much respect for this man. I don’t respect the wars and everything else involved in the story, because thats very complicated issue, but I respect him personally for this achievement.
    Religion or country doesn’t matter. Thats just politics. The ordinary people usually don’t care.
    Once you’re confronted with such a situation, you discover your humanity.
    Most of us forget our humanity, are selfish and arrogant, because we’re weak and wont pick up such a challenge.

  • Hello Monsieur Rick one of my favorite city I been there’ and I lots fun I enjoyed very much and people’s so sweet,gentleman and funny I loved everything excellent,, thanks Alleluia god bless and peace,your voice is great

  • Half the video was a bit of a long intro most people would just aboid it, is all the basic you learn on any other battery introduction.

  • It’s wonderful that this resource is online and accessible to all beyond the 400 or so lucky individuals who were in the audience at what was an extremely enjoyable event. The attendees were peppered with Faraday Institution HQ staff and researchers who work in this field, but Saiful has such a gift of making science accessible and engaging to everyone young or old whether they have a scientific background or not. Well worth a watch.

  • Once upon a time, London was the capital of the English.  Today, London is an extremely non English city.  More like a cross between Saudi Arabia, Africa, and something out of an Orwellian nightmare.

  • i like how he acknowledged our last president, not our current one: edit, guess he gave this lecture the year it all went wrong…. 2016

  • The key point is,YOU WERE STOKED ABOUT YOUR RESULTS!! Thats all that matters. You love yourself dude and that’s better than any kind of “super hero” body!!! Keep up the good work Dre!!!

  • 15 minutes in… is this guy going to actually tell us anything or just blah blah blah? Looks like he is finally about to actually tell us something. This is incredibly long winded. 23 minutes in. I can’t take this guy anymore. He isn’t really telling us anything. It’s like he was asked to give a talk and just filled an hour with random sequencial history in chemistry. Waste of time. Material science can help create a greener future. OBVIOUS! 27 minutes is basics of batteries. Maybe the last 5 minutes of his lecture might tell us something but he has wasted enough of my time. PS: Shakespeare sucks and who cares?

  • If I were you, I would bulk up first to around 165-170 getting the muscle development first. Don’t obsessive trying to be lean, you should look at the bigger pictures later. After you reach 165-170, you can start cutting to around 153-158 and be shredded. Cheers Brah

  • First Hydrogen Atom: “Good heavens, I’ve lost an electron!”
    Second Hydrogen Atom: “Are you sure?”
    First Hydrogen Atom: “I’m POSITIVE!”

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist!):-D

  • 24:42 I don’t understand that graphic…WattHour/Kilogram of material, from 265 efficient to 300 efficient and the car can doble the miles?
    I’m just going to guess he didn’t mention something else like lighter materials to build the car and more efficient engines with less wasted energy and all that.

  • Great lecture form an absoluetly top class scientist who knows his stuff and can get across the key points with a sense of humour. Thank you.

  • That kid will never live a normal life, and would have died long ago in a pre-industrial age. It may seem heartless but I will never accept that kind of child. I wouldn’t want to live as a vegetable so why would I let my child. It’s heartless to selfishly allow that child to live when they can’t even eat for their self, or think for their self. People need to stop praising brain-dead children and realize what it really is, a birth defect.

  • Be careful Britain. All those statues and monuments are going to tick off a foreign somebody and they’ll claim you hurt their feelings and make you remove the offending statue/monument and then replace it with something more ‘inclusive’. You must allow the offended party to determine what inclusive means. But if it is anything like it is in the USA it will mean anything that doesn’t look like you. They’ll demand money as well. And if British leaders are like American leaders they will cave right in along with a strong propaganda campaign by the local media.

  • I was wondering why he didn’t apologize for the the messed up slides, but they are only in the video, the ones projected in the room are fine. So it’s the video editor’s fault. Slide presentation software often handle changing aspect ratios very poorly. Since the RI is most likely to keep projecting in 4/3 aspect ratio, and the videos are gonna stay at 16/9, you should really be more careful in the future.

  • We all must say something, when we are in these kind of situations. He said that the child has be punished. It is the parents that is being punished, for what ever reason, I do not know. It`s a big burden to any parent, who are in such situation. That is why the father became a better person, as he said

  • A well conducted lecture, charged with inspirational intellect. The current state of solar energy is amazing! Also, with all those puns, I wouldn’t be shocked if Saiful is a potential fan of Master Thereon.

  • It’s fantastic. London is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe and it’s worth to visit it. I hope one day I’ll visit England but now just watching from laptops. Thank you for this magical experience!

  • You want a “greener” future? Release more stored carbon dioxide. It’s just that simple. The more carbon dioxide that is available, the more that plants will thrive. Don’t buy into the bullshit.

  • It was extremely Nostalgic for me.
    I’ve been to all the places shown in this video except the Library.
    St. Paul’s Cathedral.
    Westminster Abbey.
    Trafalgar Square.
    Churchill’s War Rooms.
    National Maritime Museum.
    Royal Observatory.
    Canary Wharf.
    Truly a Magnificent City.
    Looking forward to visiting London again.

  • Mr Doron, you’re a very strong man with a big heart. I cried listening to your talk. I can’t imagine what you went through fighting for your country and later having a “special needs” child. The work that you continue in Alle Negev is beyond amazing. It’s even more amazing that you accept ALL “special needs” people. I hope many people hear this message and embrace and love these people throughout the world. May God bless you abundantly and enlarge your territories and keep you away from anything that can cause you pain or harm.

  • Wow how old is this video as London skyline has changed dramatically since this was filmed especially in the city and Canary Wharf. Plus no shard?

  • When studying in university I took a part-time job looking after mentally disabled teenagers/young adults. Thinking at first that I was “doing a favor” to society by undertaking this poorly payed job, I quickly realized that I was the student and that these wonderful people that I was working with were very much my teachers. When your intellect is compromised it does not mean that you are necessarily handicapped with your “emotional intelligence”. In fact for some of these good people, particularly those with Down’s Syndrome, I think the handicap in intellect allows the sharpening of their emotional skills. These were just a bunch of wonderful young people that in some ways understood what was important in life much better than I did. Working with these people was Indeed a humbling experience. I take my hat off to Doron Almog and his achievements to make the lives of these people better, and to bring them into mainstream society.

  • The problem is we want the cake, and the cookie, AND eat them too!!! Maybe if everyone has solar panels that it makes sense to have them. And wind turbines, maybe eve hydroelectric generators in storm drains! Collect the water in a resivor from storm drain system, and generate power with that water! And it will usually be generating the most when there is little sun! We can’t keep looking in to profiting money wise from it, we need to get past the profiting so much from things we must have, its like charging a spouse for groceries, when they both need it, and both pay in the end. Or charging a big price for something you will endup paying for your self! We need to be collecting energy everywhere it is to be collected! Houses, streets, building roofs, skyscraper roofs, wind turbines on the corners of skyscrapers, putting a large wind turbine on top of sky scrapers may be something else! I wouldn’t want to be putting it up!!! What feels like, 10,000 feet up!! But several smaller turbines on the roofs with rows of solar panels basically being the roofing of the building, we could get rid of the coal power plants, and maybe the gasplants, except for emergency plants, and if the higher ups, want profit, they can make it by charging for maintenance and repairs, it would be like a regular power plant. Only scattered over the city,county,state,, ppl wise, they would always be maintaining the system, and there would still be a grid! Only power would be going out from houses and buildings, as well as in to them! It would be a huge undertaking, but it is possible, the bigoil and power will not like it!!

  • Please note this is quite old now and London has some new buildings on it’s skyline. The cheese grater, the walky talky and the shard. The last two have anazing viewing platforms.
    Please I’m a Londoner so take my advice, don’t get your pockets picked. Especially at the changing of the guard and whilst watching buskers in Covent garden. Keep your valuables hidden or in your sight and don’t leave bags on the floor.
    Enjoy my beautiful home.

  • is it true that Israel is terrorizing Palestinian people? I am from Europe and heard some things, but I don’t know what is the truth..

  • Nope. Calories in / calories out is NOT the reason why IF works. It’s only a question of insulin levels being kept down for long enough amounts of time.

  • JUST A HEADS UP TO Ri. your intro is very tortuous to the sensory systems of us highly sensitive people. it almost drives me away from the channel.

  • whats up dre, after i watched this video, i started fasting and man its awesome. Burning fat is super easy now. thanks for the video

  • Now I am not a Catholic or anything, but Henry the VIII did not leave the Catholic church because of the church “meddling”in his business or decisions. I am surprised you said this Rick Steves, since the entire world knows better. He left Catholicism because they would not allow him to divorce Kathryn of Aragon so he could marry Ann Bolyn.

  • I do congratulate you on the weight loss but the only reason you lost weight ‘easily’ was because you are young. The fact you were eating burgers and chips is hardly any recipe for losing weight. You only contributed to inflammation in your body which will not be seen until you reach your 40’s. Young people can lose weight and pack on muscles overnight but it all slows down.

  • Ur a teacher of life, we need more like,more humble and less selfish, so thank u,
    I know so many family are heading at home they never taking also sun shying. Our God bless you.

  • Thank you Mr. Steeves! This video was a delight to watch. I like your gentle style. I just came back from London and what I liked most was the Londoners: super nice and friendly people. I already miss you London!♥️

  • I have a family friend with the same name so I got excited haha. Unfortunately, it wasn’t him, but it was a great talk regardless!

  • 9:10 St Paul’s Cathedral my god, St Paul’s is a nightmare workout! LOL. So I was there at 3:45pm and there was already a queue to enter. And they don’t let you in all at once, cos of crowd control. And I managed to enter at exactly 4. Next come the downer the cathedral closes 4:30!! So I was rushing and walking fast thru the ground floor checking out whatever is to be seen. Next come the challenge the ascend to the dome. There is only 1 (small) lift up and it’s full and obviously, you have to wait. The only other alternative is to walk up the (dizzy) circular stairway up. My goodness, I think I must have ran up 20 storeys!!!!! And there is another queue again! The queue to enter the narrow stairways to go up to the very stop the dome which offers you the spectacular view of half the city. By now it’s about 4:20pm. And I managed to reach the pinnacle and was rewarded with the WOW view of half of London! London Pass should include a warning of the workout that maybe be required if you wish to ascend to the dome of the cathedral!

  • Why are Americans are not able to pronounce tube the right way? That’s the reason why I hate it to speak with Americans since they’re not able to speak the proper English.

  • lol im 17 years old 188 cm and weigh 75 kg/165 lb but im skinnny as hell xD i cant gain muscle for shit i tried eating routines with training and everything i just stay between 74-77 kg X(

  • Electric cars and short journeys are all well and good.
    But nobody can afford more than renting a crappy flat with no parking or less parking spaces than how many flats there are.
    I own my flat, we have 15 parking spaces and 50 flats and the housing association will never install charging points unless it’s at gunpoint.

    They won’t even fund our hospitals, police and firemen anymore.

    When are they ever going to spend the umpty billion pounds on digging up all the pavements and car parks, both public and private, for anybody but those who can afford to live in a house with a garage in a village or suburb.

    You know, almost all the people born after 1980.

    A token handful of barely standardized, usually broken, charging points at a Welcome Break aren’t going to cut it.

    Oh and unless we’re lucky our economy is about to be sacrificed in the name of some angry Brexiteers. Can’t see the surviving corporations buying me a charging point.

  • hey dre im 19 and my weight is 70 kg i want to get rid of at least 15 kg,what kind of workout i should do and what kind of diet i should follow (im pure veg.)

  • I too had the privilege of mothering a special needs child. I feel so blessed to have my precious Tara visit me for two years. A life-changing and growth filled experience for sure.

  • After the death of his brother he “swore to never leave a wounded soldier behind.” Not to fight anymore wars, which is what he shouldve done instead…

  • great vid dre! you should be super proud of your progress! for those of you looking to get your diet in check for weight loss or toning up check out the app myfitness pal. i swear im not one of those spam commenters lol i really use this app and it changed the way i look at food completely, it doesnt just keep track of your calories but it also tells you how much fat, sugars, carbs, etc you should (or shouldnt be) eating a day and takes into account the calories you burn in exercise. it basically gives you a custom meal plan for whatever goal you are trying to accomplish and its completely free! just trying to help out people on their journey:)

  • This is actually very interesting because I have a very similar built to you. Could you give more details about your meal routine and what you eat? Also do you take any pre-work out or post workout supplements? Thanks! keep up the good work!

  • Fantastic lecture it achieved it’s purpose of appealing to a wide audience. You didn’t need any knowledge of the subject before watching as there was enough introductory material to put in context. I watched this with my 91 year old mother in law, my teenage son and my non-scientist husband. I myself am a scientist working in a different field. All of us took something from the lecture and were interested throughout. I recommend this as a good watch.

  • What a wonderful item about London. I did, slightly, laugh at the bit about the Royal Naval College that used to be ‘a hospital’. Back in the 1980s the only bit of it that was still a ‘hospital’ was a sexually transmitted disease clinic at the Western end. The only way I know this was, erm, because I thought I had a problem (I didn’t I got the all-clear phew!).

  • Moltex Energy’s SSR salt cooled reactor can vary it’s output between 150MW and a few GW by melting a sodium vat.
    It uses the heat from the reactor and/or hot salt to run its turbine.
    High temp gas turbines too.
    And it’s hot fast neutrons too, great for directly making hydrogen and desalinating water (important here in the UK)

  • 4:35 Churchill War Rooms I was there mid May ’19. There was a newly created museum which, imho, more interesting than the bunker itself.

  • Hey! It’d be Great if you could explain the Intermittent fasting type that you applied…coz when I checked it out, everyone gave different ways to do it.
    Like, Fast the first 3-4hrs of the day… Some say stay away from food for 16-20hrs etc…
    Keep Up the Good Work Bro!:)

  • Men, It’s almost 1am today, I was just looking on Tedx to look to a presentation, but now if you could be in front of me I should just say to you “thank you”, thank you for being so kind for all these people considered as ” non-normal”… we should all be as you are… Thank you…

  • Love your productions I really do but you knew you were not allowed to film inside St Pauls, very disrespectful. I’ve never seen a you tuber that has filmed so much of its interior and don`t want to see it on film again. It has to be seen in person and this video takes away so much of that first engagement.


  • The possibility of having 1% damaged people like your son will come soon to reality I bet that this number will be much more higher, it is simple the poisoning of the air, water and food has increased. Elite that has the possibility to change the influence of poisoning is washing the hands, producing weapons, selling all kind of shit and manipulating as hell societies aroud the world. I take my hat off you have done enormous job but I please answear this question What is the source of the situation? What is the source of this damage that your son had? What is the source of all this social damage in humans that they are not able to feel but are able to kill for money or for opinion or phylosophy? What is the source of world view that allows somebody to produce and sell weapons? What is the source of ignorance that allows to poison the air, water and food to produce artificial food without nutrients? Could it be money? Could it be forced education and upbringing that is setting the understanding of people and producing the damaged societies? Could it be competitive and exclusive world view? Could it be psychological manipulation of societies and denied whisdom exchanged for informations? You found strenght in your Live inside your self in the part that is connected to the very Live. I do not believe in any religion but I believe in Live it self that it is inside of every body. I do not believe in good or bad but there are principles of high and low efficiency according to Live giving it´s healthy fruits First is principle of High efficiency (we can call it principle of goodness) = Achieving the highest effectivity by the lowest influence on the natural course of events. Second principle of low efficiency (could be called principle of evilness) = Achieving the lowest efficiency by the highest influence on the natural course of events. I see that it depends highly about understanding, will to understand and acting according to once understanding. The understanding is based on the definitions of principles for example Rightesness = fight inside of a man between his weeknesses and his life, between his personality and individuality, between love and fear, between respect and outrage. And by truthful understanding could come clear distinction between right principles used at the right time on the right space that have constructive influence on Live producing Live sustainable processes but by miserable understanding comes discrimination and misty distinction or better said impotency with destructive influence on Live producing Live damaging processes. Who wants people to be damaged? Do people by them self to be damaged or to be mentaly or emotionaly impotent? For me are soldiers emotionaly impotent psychopats. I do not have right now better definition for somebody that is able to kill a member of his own kind the neerest kind a Human for money or anything. May be I am wrong May be that are all good people. Patriots. But who is patriot? I define for my self a word Patriot with big letter P somebody who acts by the principle of goodness against the member of his own kind with Respect against all Live. So there are three kind of people actively involved in the homicide game ( true definition of war) in this madness 1. the Patriots with damaged understanding and inability to clearly distict 2. patriots that are fighting for faith that could be defined like ignorance to the wisdom 3. businessmen 4. paid forces that are realy powerless according to definition of power as true Love and Compation. So I wonder if you can give me answears? I see you could realy make something only because you forget about your self with little s and by the way were able to search for the Self with the big S. I bet you used your contacts from your military carrier. But I have last question Will you be able to shoot somebody face to face according to your experiences you gained with your son? Look in the Syria, Iraq, Palestine…. What a mass and for what? Because somebody thinks that knows everything and knows better what people need than them? This is just a pain and illness of the so called elite. The true Elite is you and people like you that can forget about their personality and search for thier individuality, forget about their exclusiveness and working on building inclusiveness in the hearts of human beings. Mother Teresa, Gandhi,…. Forget about the bloody past that boils your blood and pushes you to revange and motivats you to kill. Forgive Your Self so you can Give Forgivness, Love Your Self so you can Give Love, Respect Your Self so You can Teach the Once that are lost in their personality and smallness and live for their revenge. Teach them that We are ALL ONE, That all Universe is One Organism. Teach them that it is everybodies responsibility to build their own Heaven inside of them. GIVE LIVE A CHANCE. Forget about your false rightesness, hatre, fears from unknown, discrimination, pride, heal your pain. YOU are not ALONE We are ALL ONE. See hove are the words similar? Forget about definitions you have been told and make up your own, make as much on one subject as mach you can till you have wisdom, till you make decision to use only principles of High efficiency in your day to day Live in every breath you take. I am not a christian, not a jew not moslim…. I do not belong to any nation, to any phylosophy, to any party. I AM. A HUMAN this live. I Am a being that can freely choose and freely respect EXISTENTION a LIVE but also respect necesserily leave the body when time comes. BLESS YOU ALL BY WISDOM, COMPATION, JOY, EXTASY AND PLEASURE.

  • xin chào mình là long Dang you tu be com LS VN Thủ đồ LONDON là Thành phố cổ kính tuyet đẹp là sứ sở xương mù nổi. tiếng phong cảnh tuyệt vời du khách đến đây là niềm ước ao được ngắm thành phố cổ kinh nổi tiếng của những câu chuyện huyền thoại chính câu chuyên của tôi cũng đã nắm và mỏ thấy 1 cô gái ngươi Anh tóc vàng trong câu chuyên kéo dai hàng tháng cô đấy rất xinh đẹp và diu dàng tôi đã gọi cô gái đó là Hê Lô xin chào buổi sáng xin chúc một ngày an lành tuyệt vời đến bây giờ tôi vẫn nhớ hình ảnh của cô gái Hê Lô và vẫn nhớ cô gái đó cô gái Hè Lô thật tuyệt vời xin chào cô gái Hê Lô người Anh xinh đẹp duyên dáng nói năng nhẹ nhàng cô gái là một cô gái tuyệt vời trong câu chuyên của tôi xin chân thành cảm ơn vương quốc Anh và tất cả mọi ngươi dân Anh tuyệt vời và cảm kích nhất một đất nước hiện đại văn Mình nhất Thế giới chỉ có vương quốc Anh Tuyet vời nhất và đẹp nhất với những cố xe ngựa và dòng sông Nin tuyết đẹp xin chúc mừng thành phổ cổ kính Lon Don vương quốc Anh sứ sở xương Mũ và các Đội bóng giải ngoai Hang Anh

  • I hoped Justin would do well. Unlike so many of Dr. Nows patients, Justin was appreciative, dedicated and just an all around nice guy.
    I hope he’s flying airplanes now. �� ✈️