Transformation Sydnee Freeze States Goodbye to 112 Pounds


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Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801 Email: click here. Previous article Transformation: Sydnee Freeze Says Goodbye to 112 Pounds! Comments karim October 17, 2019 Steve Reeves the best for all time. Charles Fontenot August 7, 2019 Steve Reeves favorite bodybuilder Also liked Gordon Scott, Mark Forrest, Jack Dillinger(committed suicide, blond, curly hair, about 5ft 6 ins built nice).

Transformation: Sydnee Freeze Says Goodbye to 112 Pounds! Very active but unsure how to eat properly, Sydney was shocked to find out she was 50 pounds heavier than she had thought. Previous article Transformation: Sydnee Freeze Says Goodbye to 112 Pounds! Comments jeff gray January 11, 2019 glad I missed most of these fashions.

Leave a comment Comments must be approved before appearing. Your name * Email * Message *. What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? I was very shy, didn’t want people to know I was there.

Always wearing oversized shirts and pants, always wearing black, head down, socially awkward. Sydnee Freeze Says Goodbye to 112 Pounds! Comments jeff gray January 11, 2019 great job putting in work and making a change. Leave a.

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Now she goes every week and considers therapy, along with losing forty pounds, the most impactful thing she’s done for her overall heath and wellness.

“Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” by Charlamagne Tha God
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Bailey is done, at least for the moment, with standard treatment and has turned her energies to doing everything she can, most notably exercising and losing weight, to increase her chances for survival.

“Exercise Is Medicine: How Physical Activity Boosts Health and Slows Aging” by Judy Foreman
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She was notably thinner than when we’d said goodbye in April, unhealthily so.

“Agent 6” by Tom Rob Smith
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pounds when she entered the class, registered 259 ]fc pounds at the close of her first month’s treatment, a loss of 32 ‘/2 pounds.”

“Martial Arts in the Modern World” by Thomas A. Green, Joseph Svinth, Joseph R. Svinth
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She had begun to gain back some of the weight that she had lost during her illness, and her energy was returning.

“Project Day Lily: An American Biological Warfare Tragedy” by Garth L. Nicolson Ph.D., Nancy L. N
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For another, her stay at Stillman probably broke a destructive cycle of drinking, freeing her and allowing her body to recover.

“Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It” by Brett C. Millier
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Because studio executives believed that she looked too heavy at over a hundred and fifty pounds, given her height (five feet three inches), she began a regime of strict dieting, during which she lost twenty-eight pounds in a few months and forty pounds by the end of the year.

“Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America” by Matthew Avery Sutton
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At the soonest possible time after surgery, she returned to working out, exercising 8–10 hours per day, and reduced her weight to 93 pounds (BMI 14.2).

“Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications” by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
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Nor can she forgive Holly—even though she initially agrees to participate in Calloway’s plan so that she will not be transported back to the Russian section.

“Encyclopedia of Film Noir” by Geoff Mayer, Brian McDonnell, Brian P. McDonnell
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She explains that her friend wore a plastic suit in a sauna, lost almost 5 pounds in just a few hours, and looked a lot thinner.

“Wellness and Physical Therapy” by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
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  • This is one of the best motivational videos I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing and I took a lot of notes because I’m starting a weight loss journey. I saw your link from the Facebook OMAD group. I feel motivated.
    I just subscribed. God bless you.

  • So so happy for her.i have been in her shoes so i know how it feels before and after as well. I documented my own weightloss journey to help and motivate others

  • Dude I gotta tell you the way you talked about wearing a hoodie in the hot weather… I feel you. That spoke to me HUGE. I am the same, except I was 400lbs (now 330lbs). Still I have to wear hoodies when going out, no matter the heat. The passion in your voice when you spoke about how you feel now… Dude it was really cool. Subbed!

  • Amazing. Can i ask how tall you are? Did you take anything other than water? Like electolytes etc? Im on day 20 of 30 day waterfast wish me luck. I feel very weak but motivated

  • After the weight loss will you continue eating only vegetables and the fruit; what is your plan!? I am definitely following your great journey!! Thank you for the video.

  • I’m so proud of you. This is so inspiring. Coincidentally, I started journey today. Juicing in the day and salad in the evening. I’m not eating plain salad though I have mine with Mayonnaise��. I have attempted 21 day water fast but only managed three full days. I hope this time around I’ll be able to push through.

  • Be wary of “destination dieting,” which is “When I lose X many pounds, I’ll be done!” Whether it is for a very noble goal as Ms. May has, or a wedding, cruise, or what have you, any eating plan that has an ending to it will ultimately fail. I do like how there are lessons on portion control and a support system, but not everyone can afford a membership with food delivery. So here’s some free info you can use: Up your fruit and veg, eat on a schedule that fits you, don’t go back for seconds, focus on fiber, park in Egypt, take the stairs, take quality supplements, eat when you’re hungry, don’t starve yourself (that includes intermittent fasting), always eat breakfast (even if it’s just a tiny little something), allow for “treats” every once in a while, have a Nutribullet (or other high-speed blender) smoothie each day (if you like smoothies), and if you feel “off,” see your doctor. There could be a medical explanation. [Note to those with hypothyroidism: Take meds on empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes before drinking your coffee (heat destroys thyroid hormone)! Wait 4 hours before having a high iron or calcium meal. Be sure to take the RDA of iodine daily, and avoid raw cruciferous veggies especially.]

  • Brittany is an inspiration for all teachers because we often do bury everything in food. We devote 90% of our lives to our profession. We love our students and teaching. Brittany is all around beautiful and brilliant with a grand personality.


  • Good news you could be fretting for no reason or not. Read an article that as muscle is growing a body will be heavier progress. Not all scales and body fat systems are created equal -calipers, tape, water fat tubs etc. -forgot the name. Knowing your micronutrients is key. Everything mentioned in this video is key. It’s better to lose and tghtening muscles and skin slowly so you don’t have loose sagging skin. Be kind to yourself.

  • Ive been doing so many fast, i dont find it challenging physically but mentally. I always say to myself “just do one meal a day” and when i break the fast i instantly regret eating. Any tips on the mental toughness when doing fasts

  • She’s beautiful. Just wished her weight loss was without a product so it would be more help for us who can’t afford it. Hope for continued success.

  • I found you from 500 lb Fasting Lady. You are an inspiration! ������. Will you be using Snake Juice on your fasts now? Hi from Canada ����

  • Congratulations on your weight. One thing I can’t get my head around is the time line and the weight lost. In the video we see a weighing scale which states 93kg and you mentioned that you were 79kg after your second fast. So is this time line correct:

    Start weight: 120KG
    4 weeks of vegan salad
    20 day water fast
    3 days eating fruit
    Weight: 93KG
    20 days water fast
    3 days eating fruit
    Weight: 78KG
    Is that right?

  • I lost 20kg doing intermittent fasting and Keto! I just uploaded a video on my channel if you need some helpful tips definitely check it out!

  • As a big THANK YOU for your support Jon and I have decided for a limited time to give you a FREE E-book here Hope this helps:)

  • If you want something so bad go do it. Don’t wait for it to be handed to you, we are owed nothing in this life. Work for your success.

  • Must loose alot of muscle first though??
    What kind of work do you do?
    I have a hard physical job… can i make it through that only on water???

  • *No junk foods
    *Vegan for 4 weeks
    *20days water fast
    *Fruits only 3days
    *20 more days of water fast
    *5 more days of only fruits

    Thank you for sharing your tips & advice ��

  • I’m scared because I’m 233 and I have grave disease hyperthyroidism and now I’m on a keto diet pills there not working and I eat after 10pm dinner pluse I trying work out and kick boxer but doesn’t stay off I’m 55 now is the keto diet pills ok let me no im putting on weight what the fff

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  • Make sure you have money when you do this. Its hard like me when I didn’t have the money. My husband was so kind about him buying this for me but I knew it was too expensive. God bless and love to all.

  • Appreciate this will love to fine a support group in New York City and place where I can really perchase these products to start my journey ����

  • She had to have surgery to remove the extra skin. She’s healthy and that’s important, especially at her age. People who cannot afford the cost of skin removal need to have realistic expectations!

  • Wow Brittany may she is a teacher who could not take her students anymore losing 330 lbs what an incredible transformation mom’s daughter looks like a new person congratulations ����

  • Is there a scale that ONLY displays fat % not actual body weight? All the ones I find have weight, fat, bone density, water weight. Having a scale that only has fat % I’d be fine with.

  • I don’t understand how you went 20 days without food? Is that healthy? I’m overweight and am trying to find some tips. Thank you!!!

  • Wow what an inspiration,Im 6’3 and 405lb it’s the heaviest I’ve ever been and it’s starting to effect my health. She’s given me hope to really start pushing myself.

  • Hey Fit Taku… saw your comment on my channel but I had to take that video down and reupload it with some changes. So the comments obviously didn’t carry over. So I had to come over to your channel and check it out! We are quite different in our approaches but the same in other ways. Well done bro on your weight loss. Great presentation. Great Channel Art!

  • It’s crazy how much weight someone can lose and change their entire feature drastically. It makes you look so much more younger and youthful.

  • She is so inspiring, Im going throug a weight loss program, its hard but I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. I still have a long way to go. Im taking apple cider vinegar and intermittend fasting its working Im loosing weight. thank you for that video!its inspiring! I want to loose another 80 pounds, Im very motivated and that story gave me hope thanks!

  • Nobody ever talks about extra skin that comes along with these big losses. I know someone who lost weight, was unable to afford skin surgery, had infections and so on. She gained some of the weight back I think just to minimize that problem. Obesity is so prevalent, how does the health system address that?

  • Thanks a lot, witching your video brings me motivation, presently my weight is 96.6 kg and it has been making me fall sick and I am tired of it. thanks and God bless you. From Nigeria

  • i love the story very touching im just trying to share what helped me which was I shed many pounds with this trick and im still lossing pounds help this help someone

  • Girl I got belly fat and the gym is just 5 min walking from my house and I am here watching Netflix /YouTube with Fanta and pizza on my side. ��

  • I feel you.. I just started at 99.9kg on Thursday 6th August, did 2.5 (60 hrs) fast, then OMAD with protein. Will repeat 3 days from tomorrow. I am down to 94.8kg in less than a week and I do eat a lot of grilled chicken during my OMAD, so not water weight. Fasting is the key

  • she is not that much beautiful,she is just normal? Watch her after some years her weight will come slowly back or??? if she had been under many surgery by removing her fat skin that is different story which they will not tell you? do not be so naif? it is commercial? propagate the “” OPTIVIA “” -diet?

  • I’m on my 3rd day of fast, and been looking for some inspiration and I’m telling you this video did it for me!! Congratulations �� and thank you for making this video!! God bless you! ❤️

  • I love it! She always had trouble with her weight! I’ll bet she didn’t have a problem controlling them. If you can carry that weight, you are going to be a very strong woman.

  • Casey, congratulation. I was turning fifty five and was concerned that I have not taken care of my body and worked out. So I started doing Insanity at work in January, now I am in week 8 of BodyBeast, I started at 189 and very weak, smoker, so quit that too. Now 17 lbs lighter and I got muscles, I can now work in the yard all day and keep going. The best time of day is when I push play on my DVD player and workout. I too will enter my results, who know, I can win some money too.

  • I don’t like a diet that has its own proportioned meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I had a friend who had the breakfast then would go out for another breakfast. Lunch would consist of eating lunch and dinner in one sitting. A months worth of food would be gone in about 12 days.
    My weight loss journey was different. First, I learned proportions & fatty foods. How little it took for foods to reach a certain caloric intake. Second, getting up and moving your body. At over 300 lbs, I started walking around the block then every other day I’d add a little more until I was up to 2 miles. Also, not only being overweight, I had rheumatoid arthritis so I had to deal w pain and stiff joints. This didn’t happen in one or two years, but today, I weigh 180.

  • Didn’t realize this would be a huge ad. �� good for her though. But that plans expensive and really doesn’t work for everyone. Look it up before you decide it’s amazing

  • Great determination!!! Great speaker. Articulates well. Would be a great spokesperson for any product. It’s a lot of work to take off 20 lbs., but 350 lbs. Is insane. More power to you. You are truly a dedicated lady.

  • Wow wow wow! That must of been a tough journey to get to where you are now, but it’s worth it, can’t wait for what more you can do! ��

  • Inspiring story man, brilliant! My wife has a thyroid condition, and her parents always just had take out. She’s been doing IF with me for the last 2 months. She’s 32 pounds down ��

  • There’s so many people saying this or that. So many different diets, plans and ideas…yours is so simple. It just takes time, patience and dedication. Thanks for all of your information, suggestions and videos. You helped me get started and keep me going. ����������