Transformation Sonny Guingab Drops 84 and Will get Shredded


Insane Natural Fitness Transformation | Bulky to Shredded Ft. Mike Diamonds

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Video taken from the channel: Ram Ghuman


Body Transformation 1 Year Fat to Shredded Devon Palombo

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Bodyweight Circuit WORKOUT �� Shredded Body

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My 30 Day Body Transformation To SHREDDED | Whatever It Takes (Documentary)

Video taken from the channel: Browney

Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801 Email: click here. So in this episode I run through my TOP 10 TIPS to make the most of your transformation program! To hear all of the tips listen to the episode to the end and have a pen ready! Here is an idea of some of the topics I cover: · What to eat and when · How to optimise your sleep · When you should train · What’s sabotaging your diet · The importance of supplementation · When you should do.

UPDATE: 07/01/17 Cardio At Anytime Fitness (84 Days To Go) Today was my day off of weight training so I took a cardio session and jumped on the cross trainer. It’s been a while since I’ve worked my lungs and I love keeping up a pace whilst maintaining my breathing. Banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant people, and defend your stuff, your spirit and your space with this spellbook focused specifically on protection. 20219 W 93rd Street Falcon Ridge $575,000. 221 W 48th Street #1008 Regency House Condominiums $550,000.

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Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbol. The shredded tissue and blood have nowhere to exit the body and can develop into cysts, adhesions and scar tissues over time rendering a woman PERMANENTLY INFERTILE. Retrograde menstrual flow, where some of the menstrual tissue flows back into the abdomen and gets implanted there. Echoing Doktor Zed from the start of the previous thread: Please consider MeFi chat for hot-takes and live-blogging breaking news and the MetaTalk venting thread for catharsis and sympathizing.

And please bear in mind the MetaTalk on expectations about U.S. political discussion on MetaFilter. posted by Barack Spinoza at 8:26 AM on April 27, 2018 [6 favorites].

List of related literature:

After the first week, nonmuscle proteins make up an increasing percentage of protein losses.9 The hypercatabolic response peaks approximately 10 days after injury and then gradually decreases as medical status improves.15 By day 21 after blunt trauma, patients have lost an average of 6.4 kg of skeletal muscle.

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At age seventeen Valle turned professional, compiling a record of 46 and 1 over the next four years, losing only to future lightweight champion Sammy Angott.

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85 runs, thereby increasing his average by 3 runs.

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After just three months on 2B Mindset, he not only dropped over 38 pounds—but also ended up with some impressively chiseled abs.

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
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Gehrig said he feltas if his legs had gotten no worse since November, but his hands and armshad continued to lose strength.

“Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig” by Jonathan Eig
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His weight evidently fluctuated greatly at this time, because newspaper articles on the young Hardy had him weighing 350 pounds.

“Laurel & Hardy: A Bio-bibliography” by Wes D. Gehring
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As Dykstra stepped up his steroid use, his January­to­April sidekick watched him explode to cartoonlike proportions.

“Macho Row: The 1993 Phillies and Baseball's Unwritten Code” by William C. Kashatus
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Notice that the training loss went down nicely during both runs, but the second run went down much faster.

“Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems” by Aurélien Géron
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The weight on his 5’8″ frame mysteriously dropped to 88 pounds.

“The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober
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He consumes one gel packet every 30 minutes during the run.

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  • Tbh I wanna work out but I can because of my right hand I can’t carry anything with it but if y’all. Guys can come out with some type of thing I. Can strap to my right hand so I can carry them pls I’ll much Appreciate it if you guys can help me pls If y’all Interested I’ll sent you guys a photo of my hand? If not it’s okay I’ll just keep watching your guys videos and just wish n pretend I can do it which I can’t ����

  • impossible to change that dramatiquely within only 2 months, but if you use tremendous amount of steroids both for muscles growing and fat burning. The transformation shown here is really impressive, but why fooling people by saying it to be possible in 60 days?

  • Holy crap, Gibson, you did the dam thing! You look great, bro. Way to go! Had to give your vid a ‘like’. Very nice transformation

  • been following you since the beginning brah. this is it… this is that one motivational vid that i’m going to watch time and time again as inspiration. you’re a monster, man. keep it up!

  • Nice dude! I did check this vid out (;, im just putting some clips in my channel for friends but this shit good man, alot of views! Where u from man? U kinda look german��

  • “Mr connor what flavor is that?!”
    “Its corona! Its good because its bad!!”
    “Blaaghh it tastes like wuhan pangolins and bats!!”������������

  • incredible transformation Bro I loved!!:D
    I did a transformation video too would you be cool to watch it on my Chanel and write your point of view
    thanks a lot your Bro NM. ✌❤

  • holy shit dude your so young and you have made so much progress. im 21 turning 22 this year and i still live at home with my mum not working out saving for a house.

  • Inspiring video, cellular muscle memory/ incredible amount of work pays off Congrats Devon! ��❤️
    can you tell me your thoughts about my transfo on my channel,
    Take Care!
    Your channel is awesome by the way.

  • Bro legit after I watched this I was so motivated that I started out a 30 day fitness challenge for myself, started at may 11 it has been 17 days so far and I am feeling as healthy as I was during my sporting days, thanks man for motivating me keep doing what you are doing.. ��

  • Wow, awesome to see something like this in the modern fitness industry. Thanks for representing natural bodybuilding and congratulations on the long journey. I’m as big of a fan for the professionals like Cutler and Heath than anyone else, but love to see naturals truly grow and develop

  • Thanks for the link on my page Llew, Great Hard work, keep it up and hope u become a great fitness motivator and expert, SUBSCRIBED:)

  • so i’m guessing after a month and a half a phone call and an honest moment revealed he’d quit and given up so this was made as some sort of compensation?

  • for real though why even bother cutting when you ain’t got nothing to show for it. Could’ve kept bulking up to 100kg then go for a hard cut down to 10%.

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  • Colossus Fitness, Mike Diamonds, Scott Herman and Sean Thompson were like my first sorta main channels I subbed to!
    Taught me so much and dragged me out the bro science madness of a routine I was in lmao

  • Here’s a little gag reel if you want to check it out:
    I broke a lot, Milton broke some and Tom broke once haha!

  • you are obvioulsy cutting after a bulk. you have a great physique, but fat people are gonna come here thinking that they can do this in a year. they will ultimately get discouraged and quit.

  • Coffee skyrockets your heart rate and to combine it with heavy cardio excercise is just a big mistake. This is the reason why many get cardiac arrest in the gym. 9:41

  • Hahahahahah from to point where you started from til the point you reached in 90 day is too long i could reach there in one month time cause you were not having body fat that much it was water weight your chest was already fine it was not like man boob.

  • Wouldnt lose any respect for you if you’re on /supplement’s/, but are you actually natty? Im sure a lot of people would like to know. You seem pretty honest.

  • Happy bday.. i workout really bad and control my eating with protein and veg but my weight is not changing but definitely seeing result physically. I just kept on going

  • I swear theres like a trillion fitness motivation videos on social media…and all of them suck compared to this. this is from the aesthetics heaven brahhh. hyperbolic time chamber training ftw

  • Got to agree with people. Since your muscularity was higher already that’s just gonna increase calorie burn/ speed up your metabolism. The body fat loss is achievable though so there I agree. It’s just some one with less muscle mass will not look that good at that body fat percentage. They actually might even look skinny fat or sickly if they lose too much fat with no muscle mass.

  • I DONT FUCKING GET WHY POEPLE ARE HATING ON THE FAT GAIN. They dont have the balls to sacrifice like you did, they suffer the consuqences of not becoming as big as you

  • Girls on youtube being healthy: eats yummy fruit and yogurt for breakfast, maybe banana pancakes, then does some yoga

    Men on YouTube being healthy: pops some pills, angrily bikes, eats nasty greasy ass eggs and bacon

  • Honestly your body was pretty damn good even before you started the change, but ofc it got even better congrats man, btw your home equipment is more than awesome, i wish i had it, i just a small machine where you can do “everything” ( not really honestly) and 2 pairs of dumbbells lol:/

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  • So I am literally starting my weight lose journey tonight. I just got done pooring through old photos and am mad at myself for stopping myself in the MIDDLE of my last body transformation challenge. I was doing so well for awhile, eating right, tracking macros, working out daily. But at some point I guess I got burnt out and just quit, thought I had achieved enough losing 80 pounds. I got attractive enough to get a few dates, felt good and as time went on I just got lazy and undisciplined and I just let myself go again. This channel, has inspired me to get my fatass moving again. Cheers! I pray this is the last and final body transformation I will ever do.

  • I m 11 yrs old em i too small for watching his videos and thinking this all about weight and all should i take tension or should i say caring about my health

  • Without suppliment! Impossibl buddy… its totally impossible.. he has muscle but he loss his muscles so i dont like this… this isn’t happening