Transformation Skinny Bryce Cake Piles around the Muscle


1 Year Natural Transformation From Skinny to Muscular 15-16

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6 MONTH Natural Body Transformation Skinny to Muscular

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My 2 Year Body Transformation (Calisthenics only) Motivation | Skinny to Shredded

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How I Gained 70 lbs. | My Body Transformation Story (Skinny to Muscle)

Video taken from the channel: nickkingofearth

Transformation: Skinny Bryce Pie Piles on The Muscle Transformation Stats; Before: After: 08/07/2014: 12/14/2015: 127lbs: 195lbs: Instagram: @foods4health: What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? I was very skinny and I looked up to bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wanted to look like them and be able to lift like them. The following nine players made some epic transformations during their careers—in some cases for the better (holy forearms, Bryce Harper!), and in other cases, not so much (put down the pie and. Suggested by SME Henry Mancini The Pink Panther Theme (From The Pink Panther) (Audio) Song Pink Panther Theme (Remix Version) Artist Henry Mancini.

Straight Outta Compton {HOOD WORKOUT}: Kali Muscle + CT Fletcher + Big Rob + Big Hurk | Kali Muscle Duration: 9:53. Kali Muscle 6,783,567 views. Minny’s Chocolate Chess Pie Recipe from ‘The Help’ makes for a fun movie ending but the Chocolate Chess Pie is actually one of the simplest and best pie recipes around.

When our challenge from Coleen at The Redhead Baker for this month’s Progressive Eats was to make something inspired by a movie or TV show, I have to tell you my mind. Vegetarian diets exclude meat, fish, and poultry. Some people may follow this diet for religious or ethical reasons, while others are drawn to its possible health benefits. Opening his eyes again, Brett looked over and went through the normal process of sizing up his roommate. Hmm.

Maybe a size 28 waist. His new roommate was a skinny kid. Andy had white-blonde hair and almost reeked of nerdiness. He was thin and weak looking.

Brett was on the rowing team, so he had quite the biceps. This is the definitive calisthenics diet guide to a KILLER body.. So if you want to: Gain more muscle. Get below 10% body fat.

Discover how you can maintain your results. Then you’ll love the actionable diet tips in this effective guide.. Let’s dive right in.

1. The Secret Fatloss Formula. Joey was going from hot to red hot. And beyond red hot to porky-pie molten mountain hot.

So the waiter came in through the hotel suite door, with a huge cart. It was three levels high, as big as a board room table. The waiter was a big thick muscle guy, but he was straining to bring it in. A 24-year-old woman named Callie recalled racist and fat-phobic behavior when she worked at one of the brand’s stores for three month in 2013.

Her TikTok videos have gone viral.

List of related literature:

This doesn’t mean Grimek gained nothing but muscle, it just suggests that he most likely gained a good share of muscle and stored the rest as fat dispersed amongst the musculature, as opposed to subcutaneously (under the skin).

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
AuthorHouse, 2008

These myopathic changes probably result from functional overload of weakened muscles, leading to muscle fibre hypertrophy and damage (see Schwartz et al. 1976a); it may be a factor in the deterioration observed in some patients many years after the onset of the disease.

“Neuromuscular Diseases: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Management” by Michael Swash, Martin S. Schwartz
from Neuromuscular Diseases: A Practical Approach to Diagnosis and Management
by Michael Swash, Martin S. Schwartz
Springer London, 2013

Muscle biopsies reveal prominent muscle fiber size variation, increased endmysial connective tissue, muscle fiber splitting, fiber atrophy and hypertrophy, and variable degrees of muscle fiber degeneration, phagocytosis, and regeneration.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
from Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences
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Muscles often show prolonged dimpling after percussion.

“Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease Expert Consult E-BOOK” by James F. Zachary, M. Donald McGavin
from Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease Expert Consult E-BOOK
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Myogenesis (muscle formation) of skeletal muscle (Fig. 9.3): The skeletal muscles develop from mesenchyme derived from myotomal mesoderm.

“Textbook of Clinical Embryology, 2nd Updated Edition, EBook” by Vishram Singh
from Textbook of Clinical Embryology, 2nd Updated Edition, EBook
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Their computational simulations successfully reproduced clinically reported ‘crater’ shapes of DTI in muscles (Fig. 151.5) that progress to full-thickness muscle injury and then spread to more superficial tissues, until eventually penetrating the skin.

“Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease” by Victor R. Preedy
from Handbook of Anthropometry: Physical Measures of Human Form in Health and Disease
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Increased muscle bulk, early in the course of the disease, is the result of true hypertrophy, however later on is related to replacement of the muscle fibers by fat and connective tissue (pseudohypertrophy) [68].

“Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice” by Bashar Katirji, Henry J. Kaminski, Robert L. Ruff
from Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice
by Bashar Katirji, Henry J. Kaminski, Robert L. Ruff
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Asymmetric muscle atrophy is a common clinical sign of EPM that often affects the quadriceps and gluteal muscles (Fig. 11.21).

“Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Kristin J. Holtgrew-Bohling
from Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
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Muscle dysmorphia is a subtype of body dysmorphia disorder characterized by preoccupation with appearance of muscularity; manifestations include excessive and compulsive weight lifting, abnormal eating patterns designed to enhance muscularity, and use/abuse of supplements including anabolic steroids.

“Netter's Sports Medicine E-Book” by Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric McCarty, Craig Young
from Netter’s Sports Medicine E-Book
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The sources of Scott’s muscle obsessions and weightlifting compulsions are not known with absolute certainty, but most likely are threefold.

“The Adonis Complex: The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession” by Harrison Pope, Harrison G. Pope, Katharine A. Phillips, Roberto Olivardia, Free Press
from The Adonis Complex: The Secret Crisis of Male Body Obsession
by Harrison Pope, Harrison G. Pope, et. al.
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  • That’s nice that’s perfect you really motivation to me. I’m a father my kid is Ly Ann HERNANDEZ Lopez. I want to be a Marine, both I can’t be a Marine. I’m stupid to low no the ASVA exam for 2 points left but I want to be 200 pound I’m 6,2 waiting 160������ but I will get those pound I will eat better. I will change my life

  • You’ve been an immense inspiration for me and my participants that I assist daily. You’ve been a beacon of fitness and motivation throughout this quarantine process. Thanks for aiding our fitness journeys!

  • Hi buddy, work on your neck by doing some neck curls. Great body but you still have a pencil neck, its 2020 now so you might have worked on that already.

  • Bro…don’t let an idiot like that stupid bully make you alter your decisions on your looks and weight, it’s really not worth it… be YOU, aka the guy you would have been if you wouldn’t have gotten your ass handed to you and then become scared of the world….and FYI, if that situation were to happen again it doesn’t matter how big you are, at the end of the day it’s who really wants to hurt the other guy more and who is more conditioned to extreme violence. My 2 cents? Ditch the weight gain and start up combat sports. Learn,spar,then get in the ring in a controlled fighting environment. It won’t take much, and before long you will be in a position to humiliate the next bully who comes along….and rightly so…. “Despite what your momma told ya, violence does solve [email protected]

  • I’m interested in paying you to send me your detailed lifting routine from the beginning to now, as well as what kinds of foods and suppliments you ate. I just started lifting and everywhere I read it seems everyone is selling something, so they are pushing an agenda. Its hard for me to know what to believe. Can you message me directly? Thanks for the inspiration.

  • BullyJuice is so down to Earth in all his videos, he says everything how it is and is really motivational. Definitely my favorite YouTuber keep up the gains brother!!!

  • I want to hit the gym so bad because I have the determination from when I lost 66 pounds without having gone to the gym. But Coronavirus is a big obstacle…

  • Idk how I came across your channel but I love it and binged everything. I have a very skinny son and I’m going to STOP commenting on his being skinny. He’s 5 now but I would never want him to feel bad about his body. ❤️❤️❤️

  • When i stopped smoking, i’ve gained around 30 pounds of thickness,now im sober,happy,180 pounds and im 17,i have fat,but fat and muscles together makes u a STRONG rock.peace:))

  • One question bro what did you do to gain weight, im somewhat skinny and i like doing some exercise at home but idk why i cant gain weight…help????

  • Do you have like a diet or you just eat whatever you want? Pls answer im afraid to go to the gym cause i feel like i wont get any gains if i don’t eat right.

  • I don’t know what your goal is but I reckon the before-you looks better, just add a bit more size. You can tell theres a high % body fat with the after pics and maybe that’s the look you’re going for…

  • Dude! Could you share your workout routine? I am working out now 6 days a week, one body part each day, and 5 sets for each muscle group. Is that enough to gain muscle or should I push myself more? ��

  • You were hot….. I don’t know why you want to look bloated like Shrek…. it’s not a good look…… it Dosent look muscular just fat

  • Ah now I see why you bully people. You used to look good and now you’re a shallow, stupid, fat, valley girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that well except for the shallow stupid part.

  • Yeh bohot serious baat hai
    Jo ki patle log hi samajh sakte hain
    Aur yakeen maano…. Tumhare aankhon me aansu aa jayenge jis din tum apne target ko haasil kar loge….
    All the best to all my skinny bros❤����������

  • Secret of this massive transformation is at 1:06. Skinny guys don’t need gym everyday. Everyday gym will help in loosing more calories. no tons of machine. No need of asthetics. Just plain simple barbell a excercise. Deadlifts, squats, bench press, OH press, Rowing. That’s it 3 times a week. On rest day keep eating. This Guy workout is near to 5*5 program.. Amazing job mate you just did what every skinny guy dream of. Well done. Bravo

  • Just kinda trip over your channel and started watching your “I’m eating like (fill in the blank).” Found your site entertaining and refreshingly honest! I agree with your interpretation of your body build. Beefy is better! Even though I’m a straight female, my sister is lesbian and just lost 100# and looks fantastic! Kudos to your determination and fortitude to achieve your goal! I wonder what the bully in your story is doing now? What I wouldn’t give for him to run into you on the beach! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! Lord, let me be there to see him swallow his tongue!

  • Hey nick, I wanted to ask you about something
    I am a male 18.5 years old and I am 78.1 kg
    I am confused right now. And it is about, should I do bulking or cutting
    I mean I have extra fat in my body what if I ate food as I want and went to gym am I going to be muscly and beefy of I am just going to be fat
    I am just asking cause I am Soooo Confused about dat please tell me what to do??
    Edit: I am 170 cm and my parents tell me that I should cutt to lose the extra fat

  • ‘m 5’7 and 115, you can see some of my ribcage and im very skinny compared to kids the same height as me. I’ve started eating A LOT more (healthy) food and I’ve been doing a guided workout routine for muscle gain every day for the past two weeks. I hope I can keep up my motivation like him

  • I would honestly LOVE to be bigger. I’m 19, 5’4, and I weigh maybe 120-125 ish? I cant eat much either which also SUCKS. I hate fruits and veggies with the exception of corn, potatoes, and apples lmao. I also have a high metabolism. I can eat (maybe) a bowl of ramen. I dont wanna force feed myself because I dont wanna make myself throw up, but I’ve been really thinking about it.

  • Yo great video man! This really motivated me to keep on my grind.. I’ve been slacking this past month due to going to school and working, but I do enjoy working out! I will definitely use this as motivation and keep working hard. Thanks man! And keep u the great work!! ����✌️

  • Merry Christmas, I appreciate everything you do for your fan base and all enthusiasts for that matter. Need some guidance if it’s okay…. I’ve been on the classic bro split for sometime now just maintaining. I’m looking at a complete overhaul, another level of intensity and I want to go to a six day split. My biggest question is, would I be repeating the exact same workout twice a week? The split seems like such an incredible opportunity to change things up for the second push, second pull and second leg workout if not for reasons to perhaps iso something a bit differently but maybe just to keep things interesting, different and non-repetitive. What are your thoughts? Would you mind throwing some examples my way or pointing me in the right direction? Thank you so very much, I’m grateful for any feedback. Respectfully, Josh

    P.S. would appreciate feedback from anyone. Humbly thankful to hear from anyone. Always looking to learn.

  • Keep the growth. The mental is only part of it family and faith will take you there and help keep you there..stay strong for the bully nation.

  • Fuck why u make videos if u don’t say anything about diet or exercise….what u r sharing of…only showing off or what….no diet plan in comments…nothing…fuck off

  • Wtf, superhuman.!! Hey my question is, do I have to eat that food military provide?? I’ve heard is not that healthy. And another question, can you eat your own food? Like have to buy or what let us know please make a video about

  • Bruh ive watched a lot of youtube videos but I like this guy. You can tell he’s pure like this is really how he lives I love that shit.

  • Subscribed to this channel about 3 wks ago, been going through all your videos. Everything is inspirational with the messages you put out there. For 2020 I plan to start my fitness journey, cutting out all the negative things and replacing it with the positive. Taking all the gems you’ve given and will apply them to where they fit best. Keep doing your thing bro ������

  • I’m really inspired by your journey! I’m starting my fitness journey towards a more positive path. Thank you for the inspiration! #bullynation

  • Thank you for the motivation, i am going to be pushing myself this coming new year 2020 and it will start today!!!! thank you so much.

  • Yo I see you almost every day in the gym and did not know you had this going on. You are the most laid back Cat and I really enjoy watching and following your journeys in this world of fitness. Keep grinding and remember your hard work and progress is a testimonial to all that where the blue and defend this country. Bully Up my young friend get at you in the gym.

  • I believe you because I did the same and even more keep going and enjoy the journey but be careful heavyweight is good but also dangerous I’m 52 years young I started at 28 the first 2 years were just crazy from 60 kg to 100 kg yeah i was reborn now I’m a personal trainer and still enjoying lifting weights..

  • Good inspirational video, I’m 191.8 I know that because I just got off the scale 40 mins ago but I don’t look anything like you, I’m trying to get there but it’s a slow process

  • did you consumed any kind of protein (whey, creatine…) if yes, did you get any side effects, since my friends are saying that protein supplements are dangerous and i need to avoid them

  • your bully was highly insecure, obviously and he too was probably bullied. Bullies bully others.. but glad to see you turn that energy from your bully to make you feel better.

  • Awesome video and great motivation my self have recently join the airforce and I’ll be leaving in 2 months for basic and tech school for security forces and love watching your videos for tips and good eating habits

  • Yo, this is sick. I graduated BMT July 15’ we both have been to that deployment and we both left from the same airports lol Good luck on your fitness journey man! You’ve come a long way.

  • 2:22 you just have that facial expression of success and “who’s cool now” look �� amazing job man. Im starting my journey recently really excited to see the gains in the next few months.

  • It’s alright., being gay is kind of hot honestly. I like women too and been back and forth between being buff and thin but my voice and personality shows women that I go straight when I tell them I swing

  • Brother I know the feeling from Airman to another…knew injury and all. When I was deployed at Bagram all I did was lift, smoke stogies, play Spades, and squeeze out the tip (pause). Once I got home the lifting literally took the back burner because as a family man I placed them first but one thing that helped me get back into the groove was the book “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.

  • My man I’m 160 right now we had the same body type. I’m going to follow your channel closely tell everyone I know to follow you and get in the best shape of my life following your channel! Much love

  • awesome transformation, always nice to see natty transformation videos. Tired of so many people lying about their time progression (3 month transformation) or juicing and lying about it.

  • Hey Bully! I watched this video and I am inspired by your journey. I am currently 145lbs. Just like you were. I want to do the same thing you did and change my life. I have been working out a bit, but not how I would like to. I’m trying to keep the motivation and you have helped me with that. I want to continue to grow and become stronger. My goal is to hit 180lbs and work up a little from there. I just want to say thank you! For doing all your videos and showing me that ANYTHING is possible����

  • Yeah dude you still need another 2 years before you can get big. Your arms and wrists are looking good but you SERIOUSLY need to work on your chest, legs and shoulders. Keep up the hard work man and you’ll get there. It just takes time and effort ��

  • Hey bully juice I have always wanted to become stronger and more defined and after watching a few videos of yours I have been following your workouts I currently weight 165 and I am skinny as hell I hope by following your channel and workouts that I can regain some muscle and confidence. Anyways just wanted to say thank you bro and keep up the great work ��

  • I m 35 years old.. Never gone to gym. Even not exercised for 10 years. I feel weakness in bones. Get tired after walking for 5 minutes. Height 5″8. Weight 57 kg.. Can i do gym for 6 months and reach around 70 kg? Will there be increased strength in my body?? Plz reply??

  • Congrats man, truly inspirational. Im 6 foot 1 and I used to weigh 148lbs about 2 months ago and now I’m 168lbs my goal is to hit 210lbs. Have a goal in mind, but most importantly do it for yourself and no one else.

  • Looking good bro. Keep getting biiiiiiig! I doesnt matter to me if you are gay or not. I’m not gay but I dont give a f*ck. Great body achievement. Lets get BIIIIIIIIGG!!!! ��������

  • I never got bigger cause i was too humiliated to go to the gym watching bulky people lifting hard while me trying to lift a stick!
    I just kept eating and still never changed

  • Nice transformation. I’ve been doing this for half an year also, didn’t got as much gains as you but you’re inspiring dude! Keep going

  • Hello,,”””””….. where are you, you amazing fellow?? Give us an update please. And even if you let things slide, it is ok. Just come back and stay in touch, we are your fans bro!!!

  • What was your average diet/calorie intake, my man? Congrats on the progress. I know the feeling of being that skinny. Best of luck.

  • Bhai ur transformation is amazing..this is as same as my story..plz also share ur diet plan..if possible make video over it..nice to watch ur videos..iam subscribing ur channel…

  • Id be happy if people always told me I’m skinny, people actually tell me instead that I’m fat and to take care of myself, that became truly annoying

  • Good stuff. The chest development those last two months significantly improved your physique. It looks like we have the same body type but I’m more at the beginning of the vid, how many calories were you eating? How y’all are you?

  • Sorta on the same boat as you, I weigh like 154ish standing at 5’11 wanna put on some mass for mma but I wanna still aim to compete at 145 or 155 in the future. Sacrificing gains wouldn’t be viable

  • First I want to say congratulations,my dude! This is perfect example of what skinny dudes should do in order to put on muscle. Get stronger,add volume over tine,eat more,eat better,get rest and be patient. You did it great. Also there are far too many negative and dumb comments coming from the people who have little to no understanding of lifting

  • Your body looked perfect from 2012 to 2014 and really brought out your facial features, but it’s nice to see someone reach the body type they prefer and are happy with.

  • I’ve run into knee issues and unproductive moderations that I have had to make because of them. Do you have any suggestions as far as productive workouts (cardio) for those with limitations?

  • Super inspiring man. I’ve joined the Bullyverse about 6 months ago or so and have changed my diet and can honestly say that my life and physical condition/appearance has done a 180. Yes, i put in the work but i owe you a ton of the credit. I appreciate you and your videos tremendously and consider you my personal trainer lol. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  • Definitely didn’t use steroids, if he lifted hard and ate enough his gains would have been much much higher on juice. This is completely believable over 6 months. He didn’t even add that much

  • Oh yeah seems legit. From anorexic 0% muscle mass to Men’s Health mag in 6 months naturally because of “working out really hard!” and “clean diet!”. Newbie lifters like everyone in the comments section is fucking RETARDED and should fuck off.

  • Im trying this now. 3 weeks in and it seems like a far way off but im going to keep at it and see how it ends up.

    Im also sick of hearing how skinny i am. All my life.

  • This is the Best transformation till now, among those which I have seen.
    Lot of hard work and dedication.
    Respect + bro
    Since u have done ur own research so If possible pls tell ur weekly excersise plan.

  • Really appreciate you and fitness people like you that don’t charge people money to get in to shape you motivate me brother and appreciate you giving me the tools to move forward

  • Nice transformation for 1 year bro!
    Keep going, we are all gonna make it!
    Big Respect from france
    Check also my Transformation story 😉