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Jeff Jevnikar posing 14 weeks out

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6 Week KETO Transformation | KETO SUMMER SHREDDING Ep. 9

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Shredded vs Lean Muscle

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Skinny to Ripped My Natural Transformation (EXPLAINED)

Video taken from the channel: Austin Dunham

Living a life filled with poor food choices and inactivity, Jeff attacked the iron, built muscle and got shredded. See how training like an athlete can get you to start dropping fat, building muscle and getting ripped year round. I will coach you through every one of. If you enjoyed my video and would like to see more content from me just subscribe to my channel and leave a thumbs up.

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253. A ‘read’ is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. [Prokaryotic expression systems].

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For overproduction of. High-wafer-yield, high-performance vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Li, Gabriel S.; Yuen, Wupen; Lim, Sui F.; Chang. [Successful treatment with rituximab in a patient with splenic marginal zone B-cell lymphoma accompanied by cold agglutinin disease].

PubMed. Yasuyama, Masako; Kawauchi, Kiyotak. This proposal has 3 integrated parts: (1) To delineate the contribution of mpc and other muscle progenitor cells to growth of atrophied muscle (Aims 1 and 2). We will define the timing of mpc proliferation and fusion with myofibers during growth.

Subsequently, we will analyze growth in muscles lacking mpc due to local irradiation.

List of related literature:

In bodybuilding lingo, he trains and diets in such a way as to “shred” his muscles in order to “tear

“Stud: Architectures of Masculinity” by Joel Sanders, Mario Manieri Elia
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As I watched his posing on the monitor backstage I was amazed to see muscles suddenly

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NMES has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (Wall et al 2012) and, following disuse atrophy, to stimulate the recovery of muscle mass and function following disuse/immobilization (Snyder-Mackler et al 1994, 1995; Vanderthommen & Duchateau 2007)

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This doesn’t mean Grimek gained nothing but muscle, it just suggests that he most likely gained a good share of muscle and stored the rest as fat dispersed amongst the musculature, as opposed to subcutaneously (under the skin).

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This contrasts with the remodeling of the jaw musculature during metamorphosis, which entails the loss of larval muscle fibers and their simultaneous replacement by new fibers that form the adult muscles (Alley and Cameron, 1983).

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These muscles atrophy or lose integrity and more waste accumulates.

“The Detox Book, 3rd Edition: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging” by Bruce Fife
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Randy’s body fat % went into a healthy range and his skin started to look even younger and more radiant.

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His progressive weight loss was ominous and indicated that his muscles were wasting as they had been doing for many years.

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The most obvious muscular change that occurs after denervation is muscle “atrophy.”

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It takes years of hard work and dedication to build muscle, so no bodybuilder wants to diet incorrectly and lose valuable mass right before he displays his physique onstage.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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  • Bro you helped me alot. Not only the tips and explanations, but also motivation and dedication. I’ve reached goal 1☆ and now focussing on goal 2☆. Thanks alot for everything! Keep it up.

  • His muscles are already there but just covered in fat. So when we lost weight he became shredded too. However for a normal guy he would also have to build muscle along with weight loss.

  • I can’t believe you’re 2 years younger than me. I’ve been missing out on gains. Glad I’m getting real results now though.
    I’ve been doing calisthenics for around 1 year and a half.
    Better late than never.
    I mean, I probably still look better than average for someone my age, but I don’t wanna look just “better than average”. I wanna look remarkable.
    Calisthenics is the shit.

  • Regarding calves, black people don’t have big calves naturally.
    A lot of black bodybuilders lose competitions because of small calve muscles

  • Clearly you have genetics on your side man, if I don’t workout, I gain a ton of weight very fast. You already had abs before you started

  • Stop scrolling throught the comments
    And eat at least less then 1600 calories from 2pm-7pm healthy shit tho like oatmeal and eggs and fruits, and workout atleast 6 days a week..

  • I appreciate that u identify the qualifications for this method to work. I didn’t even bother watching the rest after 55 seconds.
    When I can lower my body fat I hope to revisit this video.

  • Austin, thanks for this brother. I just started my calisthenics journey about 7 weeks ago and this video just gave me loads more motivation to keep up the consistency. Thanks and God bless you man.

  • Yo Austin I can totally relate to u with the beginning of your 4 year transformation! And I want to say that u have been inspiring me to keep pushing and bc rn I’m in like the sophomore to junior stage that u were at and I’m still trying to learn more about all of this and I hope that u can help me out a little with the programs so that I can learn more.plz if u can call me at +12162052717 or contact me on my instagram @youngdavo2.raw lol thank u so much bro������

  • I’m doing the same thing brother thanks for the motivation and to anyone that needs this you can do it to just be patient and never give up

  • Hi Austin, do u think, literal races have improve your shoulders? I think, u can shoulders build only by hand stand push ups. Have u isolate your arms? Whats your frequency by push pull legs?

  • not to hate or anything but this dude already looked built it only seemed like he was bulking lol, the muscle mass was already there thus making it easier to lose fat but regardless good work from a exercise scientist

  • Brugh made some great leaps forward doing Calisthenics.. I’m still trying to get better at them. Especially with my gym being shut down ����

  • I switched video the time i saw his height was 5″10. It’s really MUCH easier to look ripped and Buff if you are short. I am 6″2 and its a nightmare the amount i need to eat for 1 kg even.

  • This is sooo inspirational to me in sooo many ways. I’m currently on my weight loss journey and I lost 24 pounds in 1 month. My goal is 180-160 and I’m trying to get there before school start back. Wish me luck!!!

  • Just thinking, if he did this in reverse and recorded himself getting fatter and started off as though he finished his diet in a shredded state and then ate himself to a video finish, scripting the whole thing up ��. That would be some legendary meta shit

  • Austins genetics are just good and thats it tbh. Even his physique before he started calisthenics or weights was amazing and already lean and v-taper ish. So personally its like he had elite top tier genetics

  • you like to eat I can tell you prob on a lot of supplements. lower your body fat and you can be a way better athlete. meals shouldn’t be any more than 8 ounces per meal and you also shouldnt eat more than 2 pounds of food a day (32oz) everyone on the post thank me later.

  • I don’t care what girl thinks I’m looking for one which can make me health and live longer life without hitting in wheel chair in my later 60 to 70’s… That’s all.

  • Lean looks stronger and bulkier. Way better than shredded. You’ll have more athleticism. Plus you won’t look like a holocaust survivor.

  • Yo.. I need help with a problem that usual dudes don’t have… I have a really crazy scapular movement ability, for real, i can move them up, outside, inside, down… like crazy and no one of the people I know can do it like that… This has brought me a lot of problems cause when I workout at high intensities or power requirements I lose this control and they end up moving how they want, so I always end up with one side of my body in different positions of scapula than the other one… That makes my body get asymmetry, makes me my pumps feel really uncomfortable and bad in different zones in each side of my body… It affects me crazily for everything I do, pull ups, push ups, dips… The same happens when I do weights at the gym with bench press, chest exercises, back and shoulder exercises… I’m getting damn mad cause this is making my body get built really asymmetrically… IDK if it can get solved or if anyone has a solution to make it better, but at least I feel released talking about this problem…

  • All of you don’t make sense lmao. He looks exactly the same. There is no such thing as lean vs shredded. Dumbasses lol. Lean means you’re abs can show and you’re fit, shredded means you’ve shredded and are under 10% bodyfat. Basically the same thing.

  • Shredded is better it shows your scars and your hard work where as lean is for pussies its easy to get lean shredded more difficult

  • not to take away from the video, but your 4 month progression is like an unrealistic expectation for a lot of people IMO. god damn

  • I’m not even do intermittent fasting and my bodyfat is only 8% all I do is stength endurance calisthanic and some hiit I eat only three meal with sometimes no snack or non I think it is consider as intermittent fasting because I will have nothing for between meal

  • you have way too much body fat 5’10 160+ is too much body fat people need to learn the skeletal system low body fat even at higher weight is still not good low weight is the best bruce lee had a BMI of 20

  • Great video. I did my workout every day, since April 02, 2020. Now on August 02, 2020, I lost almost 40 lbs in 4 months!!! Please check:

  • When I was 12 I weighed 120 pounds. My uncle started taking me to the gym at this time and we did free weight and machine lifting. It’s been 2 years, I’m 14, and I now weigh 160 pounds. I gained 40 pounds in 2 years and I went from skinny to 6 pack. Very thankful to my uncle

  • Hi Mr. Ghuman, I am Dr. Magesh T, I am so impressed with your body shape transformation.. I will share it with my patients.. Thanks!!

  • All tips we know… they work to cut down fat and weight but there is no way to get shredded in 2 weeks. Please let’s be realistic

  • Wtf work out is he doing cause I been busting my ass doing cardio for like a month and even at day 15 I was no where near that I feel like I am just gaining more weight. Also what is his diet. Cause I’m working hard but barley loosing a few pounds.

  • Lol it is irresponsible of you for suggesting running in the night as almost all countries have stray dogs which rule the streets at night.

  • Man Austin not gonna lie I’m jealous you have the perfect hairline the percent,jawline a good head of hair, a nice beard and then your ripped what’s there more to ask for in male appeal��

  • 8:26 I like how proud and confident this guy is about his gains, and then at 8:45 90 day total transformation got him looking like the Indian Justin Beiber! This fool made a Beleiber out of me! 90 day transformation FTW!

  • Been working out like crazy this year.. And his start.. Is better than me… It seems fat. But I guess he’s around 16% I’m 19% I guess I’m fatter..

  • He is already having lots of muscles so its easy to get in shape…a normal person will require much more time(strength training will take time).

  • some are saying he was never out of shape. However  he was totally out of shape in comparison to where he finished. It’s a lot of hard work to get back. He doesn’t have to slip and fall off and become obese just to show you progress. Start where you are at and everyday improve and in 90 days see where you end up on your personal journey.

  • Well, he started the project january 1st and uploaded it in july 16th there is 7 months going in that period not 3 months as he said.

  • Amazing work! I lost 31 LBS in 90 days myself! My goal is to reach 13% body fat by July 23rd started on March 8th so that’s about 137 days of consistency. I uploaded a video of my 90 Day transformation on my page. Overall insane work transformation my dude!

  • So I am going to tell my story
    So my name is Tonmoy and I am in 8th grade and i am 16 years old!
    So I all of my life I was fat…Everyone Use to call me by names..Like Fat ass, Fat boy, My Family, friends, even my teachers used to make fun of me. I used to Very depressed… So In January 2020 At new Years eve, I thought to do something I just didn’t want to be like that anymore. So at January 7th i watched a looot of videos on youtube… everything like diet, nutrition, workout, body recomp,weight loss, fat loss, muscle building,pre-workout meal,post-workout meal everything, then i started calisthenics and I did have a pair of dumbells I couldn’t afford to go to a gym but I still had Dedication, i worked out for 45 mins and I had cardio sessions for 15-30 mins long so at this process only my dad supported me by financially for my diet then what was bad is that my family really interrupted while on this process like they scolded me a lot for like working out like they thought i was cute being fat but i didn’t like being fat…Whenever I used to work out they would just poke their nose and everythingPeople quit their journey just because they can’t keep themselves from eating fast food but in my story, it’s not just the food every fucking person just poked their nose in my journey that couldn’t stop me people said things like ooh your damaging your body, its very bad and many things but i still had the dedication and that crazy spirit so I still didn’t quit and the main thing is I loved the process I did not ever think of quitting I really loved the workout even how hard and how to struggle i had to do…My family members would make of me like oh diet boy, muscle man and many more still I didn’t quit I still worked out… After a time i just couldn’t believe it the hassle, the hard work i put everything didn’t go to vain…after 3 months of hard struggle I was able to lose 17 kg weight and I was 75 and in march, I was 58 Every freakin person praised me for my transformation people was so surprised and mostly quarantine didn’t affect me cuz I was already on calisthenics and I did had a pair of 5 pounds dumbells now in June I am on building muscle and strength and yes it feels so good to be praised by everyone and mostly to be so respected of my dedication and yeah to be most of the girl’s crush:) and yeah guys so a quote from would be like if you want to climb a mountain don’t look at the top just look at the steps you have to do & that’s it hope you can have the dedication of mine…If You want proof then you cant contact me on FB: Tonmoy Khan Insta: Tonmoykhan143 Peace out;)…

  • why is there no clear way to start calisthenics? why is everyone telling me different stuff on yt? it’s as if every fitness youtuber wants to capitalize on my emotions with their overpriced fitness programs(atleast for where i live). I’m not pointing my finger at Austin or anything I just feel lost and want some help with this.

  • I lost 31 lbs in 90 days myself, and made a video on it too, but my end goal is to get to 13% body fat in 137 days so l have 37 days left. I think the last couple of weeks is where you get the biggest transformation, but l have to stay consistent and exercise almost everyday!

  • Wait but how do they keep there stomach flat, even at 15 percent body fat or even at 12% body fat. So even if your at 9% you’ll still have lower belly fat that you need to get rid of, so that left over fat, has nothing to do with your body fat percentage you have to burn that off to right.

  • It’s super cool to see how our body can adapt and how fast one can recover, but someone who’s starting now shouldn’t expect the same, he clearly kept working out before that cutting period, he also had a strong muscle structure (remember muscles consume more calories than fat).
    So nobody should feel frustrated by not having the same results this fast, it’s a good motivation, but don’t expect the same, always look for professional help and makes yourself your main inspiration. Every body deserves respect:)
    For someone who’s seating all day and never do sports to lose that much fat, quite some months on the gymfloor and dieting will be necessary. Everything from the very beginning and the very first step.

  • Yes I messed up the KG part �� I was just trying to help my international people!! Transformation Package:

  • Shredded in two weeks. Ok guys yall cant, unless yall are already shredded like him and want to be a very very little bit more shredded. Anyway he is on juice so yall in two weeks cant do nothing. This videos are so dumb

  • Me: Oh cool, a new workout vid.
    Ad: HeY gUyS VaNcE fRoM vShReD hERe to tElL yOu wHy yoUre noT shReddEd liKe mEeee.

    So sick of that guy, if u wanna lose weight or get “shredded”, all it actually takes is hard work and healthy food lol

  • Here are the tips
    1. Track your calories
    2. Weigh yourself every single morning( after you went potty)
    3. HIIT Cardio( 3 times a week)
    4. Intermittent fasting( Ex: 12pm-8pm is when you eat)

    Your welcome

  • Started going gym about October time in 2019, then covid-19 happened and got demotivated. Started getting back into training at home. My diet is very clean at and Im very lean. Just tryna put on muscle now. I only weigh 60Kg. My goal is 70Kg by the end of the year but I don’t know if that’s possible. Gonna keep grinding!

  • This guy should be named AWESOME Dunham. Great training strategies. Been doing his five minute home chest workout and it’s great!

  • I don’t agree on everything on this channel (for example Jawline exercises) but still your make some really good content. Awesome video.

  • wth only 166lb? hes either really short, or its a sign of drugs (AAS) because they make you look a lot bigger than you are. no hate though, good advice in this video.

  • I am training I lost weight but I want to do the process faster, I want to have only fiber and define my muscles. I am 1.78 weight 99 kilos. What foods do you suggest to eliminate liquids, salt and sugar yes or no? I am a mesomorphic man. Thank you very much

  • Congrats man!!! That’s epic. All the best on your trip and keep making progress. Unfortunately I stopped keto for now. I might revisit it someday but living with relatives who don’t share those principles is… complicated.

  • Hey Austin, This is Dustin Ray from high school! Just wanted to say that its awesome to see your success! You’re a true inspiration and I still remember how you taught me to solve the rubix cube xD keep up the good work bro!

  • I really hate these idiots who point out the delt and trap development but can’t do handstand push ups and probably don’t even do calisthenics in general, yet they talk about the limits of calisthenics as if it’s the same as weight lifting.

  • I would rather start off fat but I am fairly skinny and would let get gain weight and get a little muscle just don’t know proper lifting technique and what workouts to do.

  • Hey Austin, can you make a short video/segment on how YOU personally use the myfitness pal app? Do you enter in your specific exercises as well in order to estimate the most accurate results via the app?

  • Thanks Austin!
    It’s very helpful and I am very interested in buying that scale, but i live in Europe and i don’t know whether you know the shipping tax or not?
    Does your discount code work here as well?

  • This dude is too afraid to have any fat that’s why he isn’t very big. You don’t have to bulk and become a ducking bear but you’re gonna gain some fat over time then cut later on if you wanna have a more optimal progression as a natural.

  • I feel my biggest problem is figuring out what my macro’s are. And getting that necessary protein. 1 gram per pound of body weight. So that’s 160 grams in a day, without breakfast. Unless I’m eating pure protein only how would I reach that goal

  • The electrical scale uses impedance, pronounced (em-pee-dance ), as the changing mass and composition of your body impedes the electrical signal differently.

    The scale sends low-voltage electricity through your bare foot, and measures the amount of electrical signal it gets returned through the other foot.

    Different body compositions impede this electrical signal differently, can be measured, then compared to known attenuation values for specific body-part densities, and converted to percentages of your body’s overall composition.

  • High protein is not keto. Keto is high fat, moderate protein (or low) and super low/zero carbs. If this guy has protein shakes or so, he triggers insulin. On real Keto he would lose 2-3 kg of body mass in one week only (from water).

  • I would like to know how to measure how much calories i spend during a regular workout/cardio, because there’s no point on knowing how much calories i gain of i dunno what i spend