Transformation Roel Gomez Dumped an amazing 130 Pounds


Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

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Bride’s Wedding Day Inspired Her Incredible Health Transformation And Near 100-Pound Weight Loss

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Mind Over Fatter: My 130 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Video taken from the channel: Tarrynn


Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

Video taken from the channel: Weight Loss Motivation


Loose Skin After 130 Pound Weight Loss

Video taken from the channel: Felicia Keathley


my weight loss transformation: 180lbs to 129lbs at 19 years old *with photos*

Video taken from the channel: Samantha Costa

After back surgery for 3 herniated discs, Roel’s weight increased dramatically. Embarrassed about being the “fat guy,” he lost an incredible 130 pounds. Embarrassed about being the. The music mogul surprised everyone to start off 2020 with an incredible story: he has overcome his addiction troubles and lost more than 130 pounds on his way to a complete transformation. Woman, 21, achieves incredible body transformation after her ex-boyfriend dumped her for being ‘too fat’ and she is now a national bikini champion Wei Xiaoting from China said her ex.

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Flying in a C-130 delivering cargo for the Air Force. By [earning] a degree in aeronautical engineering. the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. more than 20,000 pounds of food. Tens of thousands of blacks migrated from the South seeking jobs on the assembly line and a foothold in the middle class.

In 1950, Detroit’s population peaked as a metropolis of more than 1.8 million, making it the nation’s fifth-largest city. The transformation was dramatic.

List of related literature:

At the start of treatment she was bingeing and purging, and her BMI was 15.1.

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide” by Glenn Waller, Helen Cordery, Emma Corstorphine, Hendrik Hinrichsen, Rachel Lawson, Victoria Mountford, Katie Russell
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As her weight gradually went up, she showed an interesting change in her attitude about her body.

“The Golden Cage: The Enigma of Anorexia Nervosa” by Hilde Bruch
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Now 60 pounds lighter and in a frame lined with toned muscle, she feels that her transformation has done more than just change her body—it’s changed her life.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
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Her figure was “just about where I want it to be,” and she engaged in aerobic exercise daily.A deal was struck in which outpatient treatment would be tried as long as Karen lost no more weight and showed steady gains back to at least 90 pounds.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
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She had first lost weight at 14 years of age, losing for about 6 months before her parents considered treatment consisting of hospitalization aimed at weight restoration.

“The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, Seventh Edition” by Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A.
from The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, Seventh Edition
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A transformation of sorts was taking place, morphing his former frame into a 6­foot, 160­pound figure.

“Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story” by Jeff Kinley
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She considered her fat self “unreal” and felt as soon as she had lost weight that she was cured, that she was “real” again.

“Food and Culture: A Reader” by Carole Counihan, Penny Van Esterik
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She continued to eat well and work out at the gym six days a week, but the needle on the scale wouldn’t budge until her spiritual eating plan changed.

“Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness” by Candace Cameron-Bure, Darlene Schacht
from Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness
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Her focus would then switch to changing her body, which played an important role in maintaining her eating disorder.

“Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders” by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
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Her transformation was the most dramatic I’ve seen to date, but notice the nonlinear adaptations.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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  • You are a very strong person to expose yourself mentally and physically.. much stronger than I..
    I applaud you for it and inspired..
    Way to go..
    Peace and love to you

  • Lose skin should not be a problem at all because health is all that matters. You look very beautiful. If at all I could date you now I would surely do so. All the best for your future.

  • This is a very powerful depiction of what it means to struggle with one’s self image, internal and external. Great work! This was very relatable and inspiring.

  • wow this was so helpful! i’m on my weight loss journey to lose 100 pounds and struggle with binge eating too. Thanks for your helpful tips <3 and thank you for sharing your story!

  • You look beautiful. Celebrate yourself. You have done what a lot of us wish we could. The word “gross” certainly doesn’t describe you in any way.

  • ok so ik that I already commented aha but I just wanted to jump back on and say couple of things! first of all you look AMAZING! second of all I have been struggling with my body image for a long time and this video really helped me. I am a gymnast and always in the gym. and when I’m not in the gym I love to work out! a couple of months ago I went to the doctors for a physical check up. I was not too happy with the number on the scale but my doctor said I was perfectly healthy. You are helping me so much. Your videos make me so insanely happy. <3

  • i am trying to feel more confident and comfortable in my own body because i am unable to lose weight but i am so glad you shared your journey

  • Were you prescribed medicine? I was diagnosed at 13 with PCOS and I’m 28 now, been taking meds since and weight is manageable now. Just curious what other doctors do because mine doesn’t seem to know or care since I’ve been on it for so long. Congrats on feeling better and more confident!

  • I just wanna let you know im so proud of you!!!!!:( ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i didnt believe you at first but wow. Youre literally so inspiring ��

  • Hi, my name is Hope. I sow your video to be motivated to loss some weight. I really like your video. keep up the good work. My dear, you need Jesus to heal your soul, spiritual and mental problems. By the way, you are beautiful girl no matter what, you loss or not. I am so proud of you and your commitment. No one want you to kill yourself especially God. The only one needs you to kill yourself is devil. Please don’t try to kill yourself again. Jesus loves you and open his hand for you to give you peace. Your responsibility is to believe in him and give yourself to him. This is the only solution for your problem. Thanks!

  • You are very brave. And I really appreciate you covering this. I have a long journey but its nice to go in eyes wide open. I really appreciate your channel.

  • This has me in tears.Thank you tarrynn.Thank you for showing every little stage of losing weight.May god bless you with everything you want and may you reach all your goals.

  • You are so beautiful I go through body disfigurement most places i can hide and I ve learned to except them but it can get in your head sometimes but be proud of yourself what you have done is not easy and do what makes you feel like your best self you so inspiring best wishes and thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for sharing your story, it’s insightful. How did Kaitlyn handle your break down in Vegas? Best wishes for a healthy future.

  • My surgery is scheduled for July 9th! I’m both super excited and nervous! My doc doesn’t have me in a liquid diet, which is unusual. He said lean meat, dairy, nuts and non starchy veg only. I think the last 3 days in going to switch to liquids only.

  • Hi hun u look fantastic well done I dont no if u have tried anything but u can use cream and try dermarolling ur baggy skin I’ve seen ppl that have had success with it xxx

  • You are so beautiful you don’t even know, your hair your eyes, your skin, I’m do happy for you!! You have absolutely inspired me!!

  • You go girl! You’re so strong and independent. Keep telling yourself every morning that you ARE beautiful! You have come so so far on such a difficult journey. So happy for you!

  • This Video was so intense!! I love how you are so honest and really show all the ugly sides that come with such a jorney.
    I could relate to a lot ❤
    Thank you for showing this!

  • Except for the gastric bypass how much do you think you have spent on all of your cosmetic surgeries? I have lost almost 60 pounds and have 49 more pounds to go yo my ultimate goal weight so I am looking at multiple procedures.

  • Absolutely Amazing Transformation! So inspiring that your journey is so much more then weight loss but the weight loss lets us find our best self if we embrace the whole journey like you have! I can’t wait to meet Kimi again! Ready to embrace the whole journey! I get my surgery date Tomm! It feels like Christmas Eve!

  • Thank you for being so honest about your loose skin. I just finished watching your -145 pound weight loss video. Very inspiring. Very true to belief because you are very transparent. Not too many people share their battle scars. Thank you! Great job and much more success to you and your family!

  • Wow congratulations! It takes a lot of hard work to get to where you are now, i hope i can get there too �� I’m 33lb down, 33lb more and I’ll reach my goal �� your videos have been helping a lot since day one, thanks for taking the time to film them!

  • I really needed this!! When I’m stressed I tend to binge eat and I hate it. I also really struggle with finding the motivation to work out and pick healthy options to eat. Thanks for sharing this experience though. I find these videos really helpful! ��❤️

  • I noticed that you’re smiling but it doesn’t reach your eyes huni……. you have been on an amazing transformation and healing in the last two years and now you smile with your heart and soul…. I see it in your eyes now
    Thank you for inspiring me to start my own healing journey and being with me every step

  • So how much does this cost???? I’m so worried about this. I ended up dx with PCOS so all my weight is on my tummy ��������. Plus I have 2 babies. 14 months apart soooo I’m jus gona get some bad hangage!!!

  • You are beautiful. Great job! �� This is really inspiring. I am also on a weight loss journey and I use , it helped me not only lose weight but keep it off. Hope it helps some others

  • I have had a hard time with my body recently I have been really sad and been overeating and gaining pound and pounds of weight! I look in the mirror everyday and I am not happy at All. This video really helped me and motivated me to work out and eat healthy and try to loose weight! Thank you!! ❤️

  • Thank you so so much for sharing so much of your journey. I am 51 years old �� and consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but you have just taught me a LOT about why I have spent my whole life battling my weight!! Someone so young, yet so wise!! I truly hope this video gets the attention it deserves and that you beat your demons once and for all �� (p.s. is there a follow up video??)

  • This girl has said many times in this video that she almost killed herself multiple times and how come no one stepped in back then and helped her????!!!! Hello what if she really ended up doing it and no one tried to help this poor girl!!!

  • OMG this was so good! (Minus the ‘scares’; no offense intended). I agree with the other comment, this should be a Netflix documentary. I think this might be the like the 3rd time I’ve ever commented on something. I’m so late. I just ran across this, but thank you so much for sharing. So heartfelt; so needed. I wish you all the best!

  • Did you have surgery yet? If not, please watch this:

    The video isn’t mine, and I am not getting anything from this doctor, don’t even know him. Bit it’s good info and you’re young. You can recover without surgery. You can also look up Dr. Eric Berg here on YT for similar info.

    Good luck! ����

  • Um ok so I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’m in the 180 range & I haven’t been on my period for a year now & I am just now hearing abt PCOS & im afraid I might have it �� I am so scared

  • Thank you for posting this. The loose skin is my biggest fear about loosing my weight. But like you said, it’s not harder to hide then being fat. Plus health is obviously very important. So again thank you, very inspirational.

  • You keep it up, and many ways to get rid without surgery. I don’t know you but proud of your progress. May God bless you to be comfortable in your skin because it’s about the beauty on the inside.

  • wow you are a brave girl, l hope your story helps other young girls and lads as well. l am a older woman, l wanted to reach out and kiss your hair (in a motherly way) my daughter is older but still in the hole of despair. l cant help her, l have tried so much.

  • Really needed to see this. My mom is going in July and she’s having so many second thoughts. I’m trying to find videos for her to watch.

  • I know this is now an old video, but watching it and hearing you describe yourself as gross made me sad. You are a beautiful woman and a strong one at that. Take care.

  • Admiro ha las personas que se superan y tu eres in gran ejemplo y que ser humano se mide por lo que hay afuera es que seamos humanos lleno de amor y de grandeza. Cuando reconozcamos que todo ser humano somo iguales habra paz en la faz de la tierra joven
    Siéntete orgollosa de ti ama respeta.y feliz no dañe tu corazon porque de el sale tu vida. Consigues tu metas y olvida lo demás TRIUNFA por tus logros. Te felcito.

  • Wow… I went through the same thing when I dropped a few kg’s when I was 28. I took longer to get to where you got at 21, but I’ve always been a slow bloomer. I could not handle the sudden male sexual attention thing. I screwed up, had a lot of casual flings and then, after I realized that I did not like myself as I was at that point in time, I decided that I was just going to have casual friends till I found someone who would take the time to hang out with me for fun not for sexual gratification. Thank goodness I did not get any horrible diseases, but I did stuff I am still mortally ashamed of. I did end up finding him online, after stalking him on various forums and platforms lol. He’s shy, and sweet and dependable and he can make me laugh and we finish each other’s sentences. I knew what I wanted and what I did not want and what I was willing to compromise on, and he fit the bill. We’ll be together for 12 years this month and he’s my person and my best friend.
    You had to go through this a lot younger and with a lot more resources at your disposal. Money, a car, etc etc… I hope you feel more in love with yourself than you did at the end of this video. I would’ve loved to have known you and given you a hug. You did sooo much you should be so damned proud.

  • Cheers to you!
    I understand how you feel. I lost over 100 lbs over a year of hard work in the gym and a clean diet.
    I had the stomach skin and I too was Terribly upset. I was very muscular but I had gone as far as possible with diet and bodybuilding.
    I took me about ten years to get the money for skin removal surgery.
    After the surgery I had the six pack I had worked so hard for.
    You’ll be happy with the skin removal when you are ready.
    Cheers and congratulations again.

  • i’m less than 15 min in but have to say u are so beautiful…. u break my heart. you are so beautiful but are so hard on yourself. God bless u…. i feel ur struggle more than u know.

  • This is not a weight loss video..this is a gaining personality and LIVE FOR BEING ALIVE video..being strong and the amount of determination to keep fit! Amazing! Keeping up with life and struggles, facing society and your choices being embraced, facing adventure and being courageous ( I could never imagine quitting a job before I had the next one in paper) �� you’re amazing cz you don’t keep down! And btw love the background music ���� also you have a great voice!! Never give up… I think you haven’t realized who you are because you mentioned it…but you are an amazing person so stay in truck and keep exploring the world based in your gut feeling ����

  • Hi! I would like to make you know that you have all my support, thank you for sharing this side of a weight loss journey. It is more powerfull (almost cried… ) than just pictures and it takes some guts to show your mental break downs or binging moments to people. I wish you the best for what is coming and I hope you are doing well! You can be pround of yourself, you came from far. Love you!:)

  • I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching this, but when we hit around the 12 minute mark I was like, “OMG, girl! SAME! Hang in there!” I lost 30ish pounds awhile back and I felt like I was another person. I literally freaked out because my body had changed so much that I was going to have to order specialty bras online. I also didn’t know what to do with all the male attention I was receiving.

  • You are still very young and you have lost a lot of weight, I bet in five years everything will have tightened up, If the truth be known, you don’t look too bad at all. The main thing is you are now healthier and fitter, and being a little bit sexist, I wouldn’t kick you out of bed. Enjoy the new lighter, fitter, healthier you, the hard work has paid off.

  • Every time you said you look terrible or “im so fucking ugly” I fr went “dude stop I wish I was as stunning as you are. You are BEAUTIFUL.” And istg I wanted to give you a whole ass lecture dude a beauty lecture

  • This is real and raw and in truth in your face.. you are talented beautiful in and out… I’m so proud of you and I thank you for the inspiration on my journey now.. I’ve only been this heavy 1x before after I had my daughter 13 years ago but I lost it… 100lbs.. but now thru my “war” I gained it back and now I’m. Fighting for my life.. I’m older and it’s harder but when u can mentally figure it out piece by piece like you did.. the weight comes off.. your spirit comes back.. it’s a beautiful process. We all have days we slip… The important part of that is don’t give up completely.. just get right back at it the next day!!! Once I heard that from another video I said yes I got this. I use to just quit but I tell myself no bitch.. u wanna look like Megan the stallion then put the work in.. get those knees higher… Put that 2nd portion down and go walk!!! I got this now!! Wishing I all success in the world!!

  • Thank you for this video… it’s so real and I relate so much to it and I cried so much… you help keep me motivated and I just really appreciate all the realness❤

  • I do a variety of fasting. It isn’t as bad as the general population believes. I do not have an eating disorder. I love eating healthy foods.

    I am pretty new to the fasting lifestyle, so I am still learning. It looks like you have worked very hard.

    Fasting has helped a lot of people decrease loose skin.

    Regardless, you look great and have worked hard! Keep it up! Fasting has helped me in so many ways.

  • i cried so much in this because i can relate to this so much and this was really insperational because i have cried so much over my wieght and im started to try and loose it but it so hard im a teen and when u have all these friends wanting to hangout meaning wanting to get a bunch of junkfood and eat it all in one sitting is hard when ur on a “diet” it hurts to see that, anyways i thankyou so much for this video this one is very powerful and explained every good and bad part of it:)

  • No please don’t call your loose skin gross because it is beautiful you worked so hard to get where you are now. I found your weight loss video yesterday and I have been trying to get motion because I am a 15 year old and I am obese but your video as soon as a saw it literally everything about your old body that is exactly mine it scares me at times because I never could get motivated and now thx to you I’m finally motivated. That skin that is a battle scar and it is beautiful xx

  • You are very brave and I admire you as I totally understand your insecurities as I have a bid belly too which with losing weight it is hanging especially under my bellybutton also my arms but as you said it is way better than being unhealthy and we shouldn’t let it stop us. You may not know how such videos inspire others and let them know they are not they only ones with such problems. Thank you so much

  • You are amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️This is the real weight loss struggle story i have ever seen on YouTube…As a girl having PCOD and struggling to loss weight for the last 10 years i know what it really is…..First time i lost almost 26 kgs and gained 16kgs back..then i tried hard again and lost 19 kgs again but i regained all that back…then i tried again and lose 15 kgs and gained it all back…. from 2010 to 2020 i was really struggling with my weight and self confidence….I restarted my workout routine and portion control of food from may 1st 2020 and i have already lost 7 kgs…Now i realised its not about losing the weight, its all about loosing your negativity…The way you look to your inner self is the one that ONLY matters….In the past weight loss journeys i struggled alot only because I forgot to enjoy the journey and I forgot to love myself….But thats ok!!!! Even though i struggled alot the past made me who i am now������ And i love myself whatever happens…Now after watching this video i felt like seeing another self������ You are really wonderful ��������

  • Fuck this is hard to watch. I feel empathy for you and sad. So far into 15 mins. I dont have your problem but i have others. Like i ended up in hospital three times from almost drinking myself to death. Most people dont know why im.not happy and think i have everything. I have family a house a car. A job well i did until today. But i also have a broken mind and pass sadness and some shit i can never get over. I also unhappy about the current state of the world and all the evil fucked up evil people in it. I try hard to stay positive like now its harder as i got fired. I got bullied and even smashed up by two girls when i was 10. And gang bashed when i was 15. Taken advantage of my criminals and molested by a 40 year old when i was 15. The list goes on. Anyways fuck all that. Dont let this bad pass shit fuck us up. Im better then that. I also gone Vegan now for 60 days. And been into exercise for like 24 years. I can only help unfuck this world if i unfuck myself that was fucked by other people in the pass. Im still wathing im half way through. Now you seem to getting happier. Quieting job, cool do what make you happy!!! You getting happier. Nice. Good luck and go hard.

  • My first time seeing this video I don’t think you should waste the money on surgery I’ve been on keto and was at 250 and now I weigh 165 my sister just started Keto and she was at 300-plus pounds and now she is losing weight it is slower for women then men keto works better for men but it does work for women to you shouldn’t worry about what everybody else thinks your health is more important and I’m sure your husband loves you Just the Way You Are try fasting and the keto diet if you ain’t already doing it

  • I saw this video of a lady with loose skin that dramatically reduced it with a derma roller

    Maybe it can help you

  • The vegan diet is actually the least healthy one. All those vegan documentaries don’t tell you that plant proteins are low-quality ones which don’t give all of the amino acids your body needs. Bullshit…beans, lentils, and all those other plant proteins aren’t the healthiest. I usually get my protein from seafood because it gives me all of the amino acids and it’s healthy. No vegan has anything on seafood…

  • I have used Cocoa Butter 2X a day and it worked. I get it at Walgreens or Target. I use the Queen Helen brand and it shrunk my skin a lot. I got surgery in 2005.

  • Watching this had me in my feelings. I can relate to you on so many levels. Thank you for sharing this very personal raw journey to weighloss and all the things and mental health issues along the way. I was right there with you crying I felt your feelings and Your pain I just wanted to hug you throughout the video. Weighloss really does start from within and the mind is a really big factor. I can’t wait to see your next video.

  • girl, u look soooooo gorgeous. Like that hair, those curls are stunning. And when u started crying and telling how u feel in the situation, I want u to know, I love you. Everything about u. Your looks as well. u are still beautiful no matter what u look like. That inner beauty is umm more than pretty or gorgeous.

  • im an young girl over 170 lbs and very bad depression i have to take pills and different things for it. this has gotten in the way of many things in my journey. i am very young tbh but i still cant look in the mirror and say i love myself. i lost my mother when i was 10, i have been bullied to a point of a failed suicide attempt. i still cant find myself but im trying my hardest.

  • You are soooo brave to share your most vulnerable moments on camera like that. You are beautiful, brave, sweetheart ❤. You also show signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

  • So inspiring. This was so incredibly moving. I felt happy, sad, powerful, drained, motivated, inspired, in awe, the list goes on.
    I have liked and subscribed. Can I take this journey with you?

  • This was amazing, thank you for posting it!! I had a similar experience in my mid-20’s in that I had always been the chubby tall girl growing up and then ballooned when I hit 20. When I was 25, after trying every diet and researching everything I also found that going vegan was the best way for me to go, I called it the eat anything you want diet lol I remember going into it, something had snapped in my head recently that I needed to do this for me, to make me happy, because I was always so unhappy with how I looked and felt all the -time. Funnily enough my work out consisted of working on my feet 12 hours a day followed by an hour of extreme DDR video game play lol (which turned out to be burning more calories then I realized!!) and quickly the weight came off. I remember hitting the first goal and also wasn’t sure of my place in the world any more, I wasn’t a chubby tall girl anymore, I was just tall! Sadly a few years later I let a guy kind of rule my life in a way, he ate nothing but meat and take out and always complained about “what are you going to eat” and I eventually fell away from veganism simply to make things easier (was then vegetarian and hooked on cheese again lol). Broke with him a couple years after that, realizing I was changing too much for someone that wasn’t willing to change for me (and by him change I mean just except me for me). And here we are again, 8 years later, heavy then I was the first time, but I’m ready. I’m ready to feel better in my skin. I’m ready to not beat myself up anymore. I’m ready for that “sense of well-being” feeling that comes with eating vegan and eating clean. And after watching this and seeing your emotional roller coaster (which I too rode) I know I can push through. You should be super proud of yourself, for every pound gained and lost along the way got you closer to finding out who you really are an awesome and beautiful human that truly deserves love!! Funny that we can convince ourselves otherwise and I’m glad your epic journey got you closer to being there. Keep smiling girl, you got this!! Sending love, hope, and peace from Canada xoxo

  • Awesome! Love seeing your transformation. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful family too. I’m so glad your husband has been and is so spportive. Thanks for sharing. You were beautiful before and even more so now. Congratulations! I know you work at it everyday and it shows!

  • I am sickened by the extent people will go to draw attention on themselves absolutely ridiculous… I was always told by my amazing father, not to share your problems because it just makes other people feel better about themselves..

  • I know it’s hard to love loose skin. I was 240lbs and lost 100lbs in about 1year, maybe 1 1/2 years;) but my boobs looked like prunes!! And my stomach was exactly like yours. I kept reminding myself that my stretch marks, and loose skin are a representation of my hard work, and journey of being a mother of 4 children!! I have since gained all my weight back, over the last 10years, however I have recently joined Weight Watchers blue plan!!! Thank you so much for your encouragement;) I look at you and think I can do this!! I did it before, it just takes discipline, and commitment;) Thanks again����

  • Umm didn’t look too bad I’ve seen worst but even then who cares your health comes first I love to see anyone lose weight so touching and such a blessing I be so happy for them

  • Favorite part was her singing with her friend that had the mask on. It takes big balls to sing into a microphone and have it sound that good and be at ease.

  • It sounds to me like you have had brain chemistry imbalance of some kind that you were previously self-medicating with food and then when you stopped getting endorphins and other feel-good chemicals from your unhealthy food, your real imbalance that caused you to not feel happiness and pleasure was more evident. The real miracle is that you were able to keep eating healthy with such a chemical deficiency. Just a theory. You did a hard thing.

  • I know its been a long time since this was posted but I’m only 11 minutes in and you are so beautiful. Like wow. You are so strong and inspiring and real. On top of it you are BEAUTIFUL ON THE OUTSIDE. hair, eyes, lashes, smile. I’m taken aback. if i was gay…

  • Hello I don’t know if you know… This but I’m have bin following something called Fascia blaster…. It helps with the loss skin….

  • I absolutely loved watching this. It was so raw, and so brave…so daring. Most ppl could never be so vunerable. I related so much to your journey. I sent this to my daughter. I hope she is inspired as much as I was. Keep going. Keep pushing. This life is hard but I can tell your one of the strong ones. You really are. ❤️

  • I haven’t been on YouTube in a few months so I’m about to catch up / binge watch all of your videos I’ve missed to be prepared for a ton of comments and a huge spike in watch time lol!! I’ve missed your videos so much and can’t wait to watch all the ones I’ve missed!

  • Love it. I have not had surgery insurance declined me. I have a question. What changed after surgery that made you not behave like you did before? Was it that you couldn’t eat and lost a lot of weight fast and was motivated, the pre diet, believing it would work?

  • You look beautiful, and with your charming personality, be happy, be proud of yourself, and let none be critical!!
    Enjoy your little one, and have a wonderful life!!!:-))

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