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Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice


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List of related literature:

This 25 may result, in part, from the greater lengths of the 30 epaxial and hypaxial muscles compared with the CR MID shorter pectoralis muscle.

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Hespel et al. showed that 14 days of immobilization resulted in a ∼11% decrease in whole muscle size, accompanied by an 8% to 11% decrease in the area individual muscle fiber types.91 As size and strength are closely coupled, it is logical to assume that decrements in muscle size produce falls in muscle strength.

“Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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The older group had a significantly smaller quadriceps cross section (p <.001) as well as a 29% smaller type II fiber size (p<.001), with type I fibers tending toward smaller size.

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Hippocampal GR levels increase during the first 2 weeks of life and stabilize at adult-like levels during puberty (Meaney et al., 1985c,d).

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Since the GW varies during cruising, it seems necessary to prepare different versions of Figure 12.9 for each weight.

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We have shown that EGFR exon 20 insertions stabilize the active confirmation, and restrict the size of the ATP pocket; and the small, flexible TKI, poziotinib, potently inhibits EGFR exon 20 insertions.

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By controlling for meal type, body size, and body temperature, an increase in meal size, and thus in the work of digestion and assimilation, will result in a larger SDA response.

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The specific strength value of ramie is almost the same as that of E-glass fibers and shows higher elongation [37].

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If scapular control has not been achieved, these exercises should be limited to 30.

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  • depends on body type, if ure ectomorph then just go bulking first, if ure endomorph then go cut first and if ure mesomorph just do both depends on ur mood (if u feel ure too bulky then cut)

  • Bully, I’m trying to lose some weight I’m 216lbs and trying to get at 180lbs then to build my muscles mass I’m 5,11 whats your best advice to get down the weight

  • I was working out for more than a year without taking any supplements and I got good gains(I’m lucky I have decent genes), so about 3 months ago I stopped working out entirely, I was scared I’d lose most of my gains but to my surprise, I lost very little! My body still looks pretty much the same as it did before, I think the key is I didn’t let myself go, although I wasn’t working out for 3 months, I was still eating well(I’m a very light eater so I think that helped) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I reckon that’s what got me through this period without losing my gains or gaining muscles in the wrong areas. As recently as 2 days ago I started working out again, only this time i’m starting to use supplements(a friend of mine sold me some Herbalife products) so that’s what i’ll be using as my supplements and i’m fascinated to see just how much gains I get using supplements as opposed to without(I reckon it will be good gains), so yeah, Bully your videos inspire me, during my hiatus from working out I was watching your videos pretty much daily, just being inspired and i’m glad i’m back in the game.

  • Idk about skinny fat but I was pretty much just fat fat. I was 225 lbs at 5′ 7″. I am a former athlete who boxed, did some mma, played rugby, ran about 5 miles a day or more and lifted weights 4 days a week. I got fat after getting a desk job in my mid 20s on stopping exercising completely. Last year I started going back to the gym and changed my diet. I wanted to lose fat but also wanted to be muscular. I wen’t into a deficit of about 500-600 calories a day, gym 6 days a week mainly heavy powerlifting routine (push pull legs based around compound movements). I made sure to get around 175-200 grams of protien a day. I also started with terrible test levels of around 300 total free. I am now at 155lbs and about 10-12%bf. I put on at least 10lbs of lean mass but likely more judging from my physique. My arms, shoulders and chest are bigger than when I was fat and my legs are only a bit smaller but all muscle now. I didn’t think it was possible in the past but you really can add muscle on a deficit, especially if you are overweight to begin with. My strength levels are what I am most pleased with though, especially my bench progress. Bench went from 150×8 to a 1RM of 248 lbs, deadlift from an abysmal 175×6 to a 1RM of 360lbs, and squat from around the same as deadlift at around 200lbsx6 to (haven’t tested 1rm in 6 months) 320×3.

  • I’m 6ft 2in plenty of fat plenty of muscle but a have a small frame which makes me look slim but still fat although I’m strong which doesnt make sense to me.

  • I’m actually confuse. I have a weight scale that shows my body fat is 24%. However, I manage to grow sixpack and some muscle on chest, tricep, and shoulder, which is around 15% based on your video. Can you please give me some explanation? Thanks

  • If your, real skinny. Peanut butter, Rice, Mashed potatoes, Oatmeal, Steaks, eggs, Spinach. Lots of water. These foods will stick to you. No junk food that makes you crap. DO NOT WORKOUT FOR 1 MONTH! Until you see weight gain. Then, when you do workout. You will have more of an appetite & see gains.

  • Its still surprise me just how many people do not know about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that many people with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about this. I’ve lost lots of fat.

  • It’s amazing I got so dam bored with the history lesson of bulking and leaning out. Not sure if anyone agrees with me. Here’s the thing straight to the point. If u want to get leaner try intermittent fasting and Omad. This works and u don’t need to listen to this guy for 20 mins of why and wat u should do, can’t do, how to do, and wat to not do ughhhh I rather watch paint dry on a barn door then to listen to this guy. Have a good day.hope I helped somebody out there ����

  • Looking good. You should make a video where you tell us what workouts you are doing in your routine. Like the different types of exersices

  • First of all
    Thank you for your service and fighting for our country! Hats off!!
    Nice transformation. I plan on doing it for my 50th birthday.
    This helps me out a lot. The motivation you just gave me.
    Thanks again.

  • Im skinny fat and i wanna be ripped. So should i just focus on losing weight and do cardio until im skinny and than start building the muscle or should i start building the muscle already and i will lose weight in the process. Because im not trying to be big just tryna be shredded(ripped).


  • I’m 6ft4, slender built with a damn strong posture. I have good genetics as in my body reacts well to high caloric intake but I have to consume about 3,200 calories a day. It’s still tough though.. As I said I’m not skinny at all but putting on more weight can be tough lol.

  • The deployment, the gains, the slacking off, and the knee injury I can honestly relate too it all. Glad to have came across this channel. Let’s get BullyJuice to this mil.

  • I dont get to eat enough calories when i try to eat healthy things.. i dont know what to eat, i cant eat like 2kg of chicken a day.. im always full:(

  • Damn bro, im not as strong as I would like to be but I’m making my way there, youre my inspiration bro. Love your vids because they’re honest and to the point. I can’t believe all of the info you provide is free. I would pay for a subscription to listen your advice for real. Keep it up! ����

  • once did it…doin it again… muscle memory a joke…? anyways i saw it….inspiration iis inspiration…..whatever be the form….

  • The shitty part is having a job where you literally burn 6000 calories a night and have virtually no time for your body to repair itself. I can’t seem to move a pound past 145 and have the appetite of a monster. Not to mention the gyms are closed and people are charging upwards of 6-700 dollars for DUMBBELLS online!

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  • What if you have done a dirty bulk already and gained 40pounds in a year but have a good body and even more of chubby face then you use to have and I’m trying to get rid of the chubby cheeks should I cut down a bit even thought I already like my body how it is rn?

  • I had 18% fat and I started with cutting. Start with cutting is a big mistake because now I stragle with get muscles even that I work hard and eat a lot and healthy

  • But i dont wanna gain fat at all, i am skinny fat, i got some fat on my belly, tight, and i see some results even if im still cutting, while being in the range of 15%

  • Guys don’t bother buying his workout thing. “Wait buy?” Yeah you gotta put a $97 deposit, then do the challenge and if you complete it you get all your money back. So what if we don’t finish it? Are you just gonna take the money? Yeah well no thank you, cause I don’t have $97 and will not be subscribed anymore. All your videos are nothing but 3 mins of talking, then the actual video, and then when you do get to the part we want to hear you only talk about it for not even a min, then move on to the next one and repeat. Plus, some of us don’t have the money to buy something that you claim is “FREE”

  • What am I like I’m 150 5’7 in a half I think I’m 15% body fat or lower from what I can tell from the body chart he showed us like I have a vline and abs and pecs and shit but like when I don’t flex u can’t really see my abs as much and I’m just trying to lose fat but I don’t wanna cut down so much I like my current weight if someone sees this let me know what to do and I run a mile everyday and should I run more miles a day to lose more fat or?? (Wanting to stay my weight btw)

  • I don’t look like any of these people. My gut is literally the only thing that looks bloated (it doesn’t look fat… it looks bloated) and everywhere else looks fine

  • This video embodies everything that sucks on YouTube. 6 minutes of nonsense, a few minutes of content, another couple minutes to stretch the video out. Dude looks like an NPC and he’s monotone like one too. Terrible repetitive music in the background that’s loud enough to be annoying but thankfully this guy is yelling for some reason so it balances out.

    Channel subs approaching 2 million. Jesus Christ.

  • I was so fat 309 pounds I am doing everything right and it worked I’m naw 203 pounds and I feel great I can’t thank you enough for your help and I have to keep working on it and I’m so happy

  • That shake that you showed us, I would just like to add that you should put 100ml of double cream in it. That adds a few hundred calories alone.

  • Okay this is cool and all but i wish there were more people out there explaining that this isn’t normal. This is part of their jobs, they are getting paid to look like this for work. They have thousands of dollars spent on trainers and meals and a bunch of other shit regular people dont have the time or money for. No one should look like this in real life, it just isn’t healthy. As a girl, i totally get it, growing up seeing all these models with perfect bodies, but now days that isn’t acceptable anymore. and we understand women shouldn’t be expected to look like that. But it seems like its only gotten worse for men, which is really just sad. Yes be healthy, work out and eat clean. But you shouldn’t be expected to look like this

  • I am a 15 y/o male and I just found your channel! Love the stuff you do. I was struggling with depression and anxiety (part of being a teen) and I found your channel and now I’m participating in a full workout schedule and I hardly worry anymore. Thank you for doing this channel and thank you for your service too.

  • Yo bully, love the videos bro keep them coming. But I have a question in mind. We see the weight but how tall are you, if you don’t mind…?

  • bump for that 1 mil views haha, but on the real you’ve been super informative and helpful in all your videos and I thank you brother! Thanks for all the work you put in these videos, it has helped my journey a lot! Best wishes!

  • Sir i m from india v three friends are doing continuously your exercise from last 3 months and we have lost around 10 to 12 KG but whenever we meet friends and relatives they say that are you not well what has happened to you they all ask kindly suggest

  • I started at 270lbs in 2017, made my way to 172lbs by the end of 2019, and didn’t lose a pound up until March of this year. I then “took a break” and gained 25 pounds. Thankfully after 6 weeks of consistency I’m back down to 178lbs with the goal of reaching 165lbs (more specifically, 10% body fat). Your video just gave me so much confidence. Everything you said, I’ve addressed with my plan. I’m changing up my lifting, adding in more cardio, avoiding adaptation and eating clean. Now I’m just hoping I get to my goal this time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What’s going on bro. I’ve been scrolling youtube looking for workout videos or people to subscribe to and I came across your page. I’m motivated. My only problem is I dont know what exercises to do once I start working out. I pick random ones and I feel like I’m wasting my time. I’m not overweight bt I want my body sculpted. Especially my lower chest…it makes me self conscious. Can you help.. do you charge for tips or a workout plan?

  • Brother keep up the good work! Your back development is coming in also and yes I would appreciate it if you posted a video of your gym.

  • Brother I’ll take nothing away from you, an absolute machine, but your transformation is basically from being ripped to putting on 10kg of weight still being a tank then loosing that 10kg putting on muscle. A true transformation is going from nothing.

  • I used to have depression, and no purpose in life. There’s a hero a KING JESUS, who conquered sin and set us free. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is everlasting life through messiah Yeshua.

  • Eat a calorie surplus of minimally processed whole foods workout in hypertrophy range with a good program and get plenty of sleep that’s what helped me go from 140 to 175 but I had to eat 3800 cal a day and get about.8 per pound of bodyweight in protein don’t fall for any fad diets cuz most are designed to help people lose weight

  • You look amazing. Thank you for your service. Great job proving all those haters wrong. Just subscribed to your channel. Love the content, you’re a beast.

  • Everyone is claiming that Jake wasn’t natural but it is amazing what you can look like if you have professional trainers to guide with diet, workout, etc. It is definitely obvious when someone is using roids and supplements

  • You’re an inspiration man! I’ve got one of those obnoxiously high metabolisms and compound that with a wheat/milk allergy, its really hard. Imma definitely take into account what you’re saying.

    Another good breakfast is to take some toast 160-250 kcal, and but 2 tbsp of sunbutter/peanut butter on each. Since 2tbsps of sunbutter is 250 calories, you’re looking at about 600+ calories in a quick meal

  • So I’m about to start my journey over so ima big arms guy and I get stuck only working on my arms so I need much motivation on core and legs cause if I can stay motivated in them areas I feel like this will go well

  • I stop taking anti depressants as well. Fuck those pills. They just make you damn right drowsy and mild headed anyways. Fuck that feeling.

  • Question, what do u do for a living? Is YouTubing and working out what u do? Who realistically has the time or energy to kill it like that.

  • Ok so im on my bulking journey too and i don’t know what i did but over this summer i put on a solid 10lbs. Im tryn to slap on another 20lbs bro whats your eating routine?

  • “You should cut if you’re over 15% body fat for men” tf my bmi claims Im 30%.

    Note: Probably not even since Im student athlete (I throw shotput and discus) So I basically already bulked, but quarantine caught me lacking

  • How tall are you? I’m just trying to get a good example of what someone close to my height would look at 200 lbs or close in muscle.

  • Lol he made so much money from this cause its more than 10 min with 3 ads, monetized already, 6 or 7 million views basicly around 10 grand US dollars lmao

  • So where the fuck is the female version? The title clearly says celebrity and not male celebrity. Show the fat or scrawny actresses that got hot.


    ඔව්ඇත්ත මම කියනවාතදින් එල්ලෙනවා හොඳයිසමහර විට ඔබට මාව මරන්න අවශ්‍ය නැහැසමහර විට ඔබට මාව අල්ලා ගැනීමට අවශ්‍යයි

  • Someone said in here to eat dense food etc. It’s all about calories guys, take in how much calories versus how much you expend. Alot of guys who are very skinny, apart from health issues, usually because you’re not eating enough calories. And that can be hard, especially if you don’t like food that much AND/OR you have a high metabolism that’s what you naturally need calories wise, just to live. Go to google and type ‘caloric intake calculator’ and see what you normally take for yourself to live, plus how much you work out. Work out how much you eat when you don’t train, and then how much you eat a day during the day, and average it out over a week. If you have a high metabolism, add 500 calories MINIMUM to start to gain weight. And I say MINIMUM. If you want to grow muscle, you need 500 more on top of what you need to just live. If you arent a big eater, or need a tonne of calories and its too much work, try some protein powder with a label that says ‘BULK/BULKING POWDER’. That should help to give you the extra calories. I’m a big guy, im also 6″4 tall, I need to eat heaps of calories to NOT LOSE weight. I’m already 105kgs of muscle and lean, to get there I was on 4500 calories minimum. I hope that helps you guys, and I fight and go up and down divisions all round the year, Ive never been into stupid diets, it’s all just about calories. You can figure out what sort of calories works for you, but use logic NOT fatty McDonald types of calories, eat good food. You don’t need some bullshit diet for magic, the magic is just calories it’s not hard at all. Cheers people!

  • when you after 2 years from releasing click on link and it says “Time Limited offer”, “closed once we reach max limit of participants” and clock shows 22 minutes:D:D

  • I always wonder if an asian the yellow skin not the indian is huge like john cena/rock or even like thor or chris evan will they land a main lead in drama or movie

  • Yo that’s crazy bro My goal has always been to be 200lbs and solid. I’m 5’6” and I just recently got back on my gym shit. Doing home work outs and will keep watching more of your vids. Keep up the hard work bro

  • Awesome video and great Content as usual. Keep it up!
    We should do a Colab if you ever come to South Africa. Check out my content:

  • In the comments section witness people who have no idea about physiology or anatomy discuss how it’s “possible” to put on 40lbs of muscle in less than 3 months if you only work hard.

    This is why holly-weird is dangerous.

  • What I don’t get is why sleep early and wake up early if u could just sleep late and wake up late. It’s the same amount of sleep and the same amount of day isn’t it?

  • If someone is fat nobody will remind you of it because in general, people feel bad about it, but if you are skinny, they won’t see any problems of telling you and this is what makes me feel uncomfortable about myself.

  • I don’t think I can do this and it made me quite annoyed. My metabolism goes to quick and I have some fat but maybe just about 15 percent but I’m skinny not a lot of muscle. My metabolism won’t allow me to keep those calories. I think I’m done

  • Yoooo Bully….glad you’re on your journey to getting the weight and the gains back!! I just came back from Army Guard Officer Candidate School Phase III in PA….and I lost 7 lbs of muscle mass and fat ��. Plus I feel the difference…I felt weak on my first work out back at it.

  • My optimum caloric deficit for long term happy dieting is 350. I’ve done the mistake of trying to maintain an 800kcal deficit several times and it always ended up with me in starvation mode. Don’t make this mistake! Be patient, work with a kcal deficit of 350 and you’ll achieve your goal eventually without ageing 10 years in the process

  • In quarantine some of these exercises I can’t do without access to the gym, does anyone have any good things to do at home to put on weight?

  • Sorry about your knee man. I have one really bad shoulder and the other going. Going to have to get creative as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • It’s kinda weird i eat a lot. Healty protein food and a lot of calories but i can’t gain weight. I’m not super skinny just normal body and 1.83 cm. But i want to gain just a little weight so my workout routine actually does something for me.

  • Hey man, working on your 2nd 30day workout plan, diggin it, as I did the 1st…was wondering, bullyjuice fam, goes out to anyone, what’s the difference between a HIIT workout and dudes’ cardio workout? or is HIIT high intensity interval training a type of cardio workout, just being used to offer a wider range to the audience base? simply, HIIT = CARDIO, correct? or is it more to it

  • Losing fat is a lot easier than gaining muscle. You can lose all your fat in months even weeks. Building muscle takes years. Why is that?

  • Hello Sorry Brother Do you have a Calisthenics or Bodyweight Exercise for the Side Delt or Side Shoulders, Posterior Delt or Back Shoulders & Upper,Middle and Lower Trapezius, Thoracic and Lower Back, Forearm, Wrist and Rotator cuff and Upper Abs, Obliques or Side Abs & Lower Abs Type, Variations Workout and How to Neck Exercise?��

  • We almost hit (WELL DESERVED) 1 Milion views and my body is gettin so much better, I wanna soon make a video where I show all my body transformations until nowdays, and Yess THANKS to u BRO aswell, We have to change us, but Obviousely we need the inspiration, what can I say anymore, All the best and Good luck!

  • Thanks for the good advice. I always tried to gain some weight since I don’t want to look like a skeleton when I start going to the gym since I am kinda self conscious of how I look. I have done a bit of sport at home but noticed that it isn’t realy effective. So yea, good advice.

  • Does anyone else here have a really fast metabolism, and also overheats and sweats very easily? I’m a sweaty mofo and I’ve always speculated it’s a result of my metabolism, always working away.

  • I’ve just found your channel and it’s the first one that actually makes any sense and answers most of the questions I’ve been thinking about. Ive tried eating big meals or something every couple of hours milkshakes protein bars you name. But I’m 6 foot and still skinny as hell. I’d really appreciate any help from you guys on the best dietary requirements nutrition. gym workout cheers guys…

  • Hi Max, if the goal is to build 6 or 8 Abs, do you have to keep cutting and stay in Calorie Deficit until you see them? OR Can you build Abs while bulking? Let me know please. Thank you. This is one of my favorite videos ever I have seen from you.

  • Tbh get cha a measuring tape a measure your muscles every week so you can know where your truly gaining muscle at. If it makes sense.

  • Hey Bully, did the knee sleeves come in yet? I’ve got some pretty “toe up” knees also, was very interested on your opinion of them��������������

  • Says he will try to keep everything in the before and after the same including lighting. Proceeds to have one picture of him with tats and one without lol. Love the content, keep it up

  • Skinny fat is the worse. They don’t even have muscle, they’re pathetic looking on both sides. I’m a hard gainer, I did a dirty bulk went from 160 to 190 currently. Take weight gainers, eat wtf you want but train hard. It’s easier to cut up after you put on weight because hard gainers have a fast metabolism.

  • Actually this is not really true, indeed it is probed that is possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Why waste time gaining fat on bulking and losing it after when you can do both at the same time?

  • My Body Mass report as on 22nd June
    weight 82.3 KG,BMI 27,RM 1751 CAL.,MUSCLE MASS 28.2%,VISCERAL FAT 16%,FAT 29.4%, My age is 64 years. Am I skinny fat?

  • Love the channel bro. Really support the grind for YT and in the Gym from ����.Quick question though. I’m trying to lean bulk and my maintainence calories are around 2700-2800, so would around 3500 calories daily be good or too much? Also considering I’m doing 10 mins runs at 12mph on a treadmill daily as cardio aswell as strength/muscle training 5 days a week. Thanks

  • Keep it up bully juice u gotta stay strong and become more stronger, but please when are you going to make a workout vid it’s been a while?

  • Saludos
    Súper agradecido pueden haber otros pero usted está a otro nivel, me encanta las rutinas 10,20 y 30 minutos cuerpo completo…mi cuerpo a cambiado estoy en 170 aproximadamente y quiero bajar más grasa abdominal, que me recomiendas en comidas por las noches…gracias. ��

  • Big time transformation there. This is what I plan to do starting next week after this long layoff from the pandemic. Instead of doing at home workouts, I let my body rest for 3 months and heal all the aches and pains from this 40+ year old body. I know I’m still young but 20 years in the army and sports put a beating on me. Hopefully in 6 months I’ll be strong as ever. Thanks for the motivation

  • My wife and I just completed both 30 day workouts, 2 week shred and we saw a great body transition. We have enjoyed the workouts and looking forward to what’s next

  • Only thing that changed is the lighting. Your complexion looks darker in your follow up video. When white bodybuilder compete they tan and stuff to look stronger so basically you look stronger a little because of the darker lighting. Anyway great videos thank you

  • I’m just recovering from a shoulder dislocation (cycling crash) and I’m also going to the gym and this video made me continue because giving up is not a choice.

  • AGGIE PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My current weight is 110 kg with 36% fat 28% mussel I want to get in shape like you I want lin body please help if you can anyone ��

  • Do I really need to eat that much calories? I get that the body needs enough food so it doesn’t activate starvation model but 1,700 calories is just a bit much.

  • Since I’m skinny fat would it be smart to just intake a maintenance level of calories and focus on progressive overload and building muscle?

  • man, this was a great intro video..
    I almost went to NC A&T. Its a great school…and knowing what I know now, if I could’ve done it all over again, I would have gone there for undergrad. Ended up going to NC State (still a great school as well).
    I also understand that grind more than you know. Being told what you cannot do, or having the world try to define what it thinks is best for you….
    You did right man, break from the norm, and do you…and be the best version of what you’re doing. Shoot, I’m doing the same, even after having so many tell me I wasn’t good enough. You know what I say to all those “HATERS”….I say THANK YOU, because it gave me the drive and grinding motivation to make a damn point!

    I never really put much thought into calisthenics, but after seeing you do them, I think I want to incorporate those daily….
    I want to be able to do a hand stand on one of the red target steel globes as well

    Thanks for simplifying the meals that you ate to tone down…I’m trying to build weight, but I see that if I eat a high protein/veggie meals, low carbs, then I’m good.

  • Why do you want to weigh 200? I’m 6’3″ 184 and 200 is the max I care to see. I’d be fine at 195. Just wondering if it’s your preference or if there is another reason.

  • Who else notice that this video was uploaded un August 25TH its the day Ksi,Logan Paul and Deji and Jake Paul had their boxing match������

  • Age 20 from London been dieting and following the video routines! Stopped smoking and drinking.. never felt better! Sharing with friends who workout with me.. Thanks for the videos, keep it up man!

  • I think your videos are worth $100 to watch them, the best out their, I’ll subscribe as I need your help and I’ll try to copy u, not all of course but parts. I can’t run ��‍♂️ further than a few yards as it always hurts my chest but I can walk miles, can’t u call Netflix or Disney and do shows on this for women too u can do and fitness without weights, u are told u can’t do it so u drive other people to not listen and to push yourself to do it, my building I get stopped by lying councilors and corrupt heads of deportment that all not want to step on each other’s toes and stick together lying to stop the good ones and help their mates, who always get. Anyways I’ll try to get sister to join and mum dad even they 80, u can go a long way if u know the right people. Wish I was the right person as u talk about injury training too how to train if shoulder or arm hurt as lifted too much and it can’t lift for 2 month.

  • I also am super inconsistent whether it’s traveling, school, life shit, motivation, or injuries. But each time I come back into the grind, I’m better than I was last time, it’s like waves going up, then you have a retrace but even at the bottom of that retrace I’ve still reached a net gain, then work hard to come back, and then make new gains I never had before. Repeat.
    Edit: I also got off my SSRIs.

  • Shit the heaviest ive been was 245 and was able to lift a 5 gal with just my thumb, index and middle finger and walk around with it. Now im 195 and can barley carry it on my shoulder from the laundrymat where i fill it and back home without my bones aching

  • For anyone who doesn’t know it’s much easier to build muscle you already had after loosing it, imagine a ballon after blowing it up it stretches out and becomes easier to blow up again.

  • Tom Hardy, Michael B Jordan and Mark Wahlberg are basically the only ones who put on muscle naturally
    Everybody else took steroids

  • Hey, I was wondering if you would help me out with my own fitness??, I am Really trying to Gain Weight and Muscle mass but the thing is that I’m unable to run, walk, stand I haven’t got much of a physique I’m currently 5ft, 11″ and 7st, 5lb could you be able to help me out??

  • I’m hella skinny, but I can eat ALOT but I guess it’s my diet cuz at the start of the day I will be 51 kg and then by the end of the day I’ll also be 51kg…

  • Go to a chiropractor and always warm ur body up with heavy clothing before work out. fish is a big options as far as pain, and do a stretch day with heat

  • It’s important to note that actors get paid to do this. Don’t compare yourself to these people because it’s ultimately unrealistic to get their physique and maintain it for extended periods of time. This “athlete, warrior” mindset is complete bullshit when they get all the training and a nice paycheck provided for them, so just be careful of expectations

  • Watching this for the first time now. Ive always known joe was in good shape recently. But this video is great. Its such a good general brief as to what improving yourself physically will entail. Especially now since ive started working out daily. A video like this only motivates you to keep going and build on where you are at the time of watching it. Seriously great job on the vid tho. Props to my man weller

  • last year i was overweight watching this thinking that i was fine with it but in the back of my mind i always knew i was unhappy with the way i looked and after this watching this video it really did inspire me to get in shape and now coming back a year later i honestly am so much happier with my life so thank you

  • I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • Dude I’m definitely going to try this thanks man. I go daily hate being skinny but after watching this video hopefully I can bulk up some

  • Good luck brother im trying to get back to about 225 230 I’m 340 now at 6ft2. Pizza is my weakness and just overall activity. Been thinking of starting a youtube channel to show the journey. Its hard not to make excuses but your a beast for pushing. Thanks for the video

  • For a second I was like “why are you calling soccer football?”

    Then I realized America is the only country that calls kicking around a white and black ball ‘soccer’.

  • Really liked your video has inspired me to get back fit AGAIN!! I’m 31 and feel lately with work and kids that I have lost time for myself feel selfish even saying that.

  • I clean bulk eating every 2 hours and it works a bit.. but idk is that bad or not anyone got advice on how to change this or am I bulking wrong?

  • I think you should always start with bulking first.
    If you already have big muscle, cutting becomes so much easier because your body will need so much calories (because of big muscles).
    So you can cut with not too little food.

    If you start with cutting first with little muscle, you will end up with so little food intake. It’s very uncomfortable and very hard.

  • You don’t want to lose weight, you want to lose fat. By following stupid diet plans, I was primarily losing muscle mass. Oh god, how dumb I was? You only need correct diet and some kind of training, and the best thing is that you can find both (and much more) on website called NextLevelDiet.

  • And just wanted to say Joe, congratulations on your progress on your physique and going up on the bench. Good work, proud of you and keep it up!

  • You wanne get jacked eat thousands and thousands of calories a day you wanne get shredded eat less calories than you burn off simple as that or just use steroids

  • No apologies! It takes time to do get everything together. Your doing great on your journey. Thanks for the motivation to continue grinding. Have a great weekend.

  • This great stuff. Thanks man. My group and I are doing our own 75 Hard Challenge. 6 Days down! For anyone whose curious its;
    1. Exercise twice each day for 45 minutes one of these workouts must be outdoors
    2. Drink a gallon of water a day
    3. Pick a diet or eating plan and stick to it with absolutely NO CHEAT MEALS and NO ALCOHOL
    4. Read a minimum of 10 pages every day of self development or business book. Stick to real life material that works on your mindset and can give you skills.
    5. Take one progress photo each day

  • Sad part is I can’t take too much sugar. Makes me dizzy and later sugar crash. I’m still making banana smoothies with whey etc but ice cream or anything too sweet isn’t an option.

  • i recently started using an app called lifesum Which i use to track all my calories,meals, every glass or bottle of water, and registrering my workouts. i am currently 17 and 63kg and my goal is to hit 70kg. Just a quick tip to my fellow skinny brothers as the app is really useful to keep urself on the right track:)

  • This doesnt answer what to do when youre skinny fat. Skinny fat looks like 15-20% body fat in the mirror, because you’re skinny. You can’t cut because if you lose that fat without muscle you will become extremely underweight. You cant bulk because you may gain more fat. So what do?

  • Looking good bro! Please upload more 30 minute full body workouts. I’ve been doing your current ones for months with great results thank you ����

  • lmao must be nice to win the genetic lottery out here. this dude said he was chubby at the beginning hahahah. If that’s chubby then jesus christ I’m beyond morbirdly obese. Your “chubby” is more fit than most people will ever be even if they work out.

  • Not taking away the work they put in.. but we all know they did crazy amounts of ‘mexican supplements’…. lord knows the director ain’t bringing in USADA prior to filming

  • I go in random spurts where I’ll eat like 6 meals probably around 4K calories and then the next day I’ll only eat like a bag of chips and be full the whole day

  • I’m sorry skinny guys there is no such thing as a “fast metabolism” it’s a lie all you need it a calorie surplus and you’ll gain weight watch Greg Doucette he can tell you more

  • I used to be over 200 pounds at ages 13-15 then I did a thing where i lived in the wilderness 100 days and lived off the land mostly(boiled lake and stream water is the best and the more floaties in it the better just saying a tadpole or two never hurt anyone… i think lol) but after i got out i was 150 and i have never been able to gain any weight back so thank you! All us skinny guys have been saved!!!!

    Im 23 now so its been a long road lmfao

  • Very inspiring story. What advice can you give someone who is a beginner in excersising with weights to build muscle and experiencing some back pain

  • All this is NOTHING compared to Aamir Khan’s transformation.

    He was all muscular.

    So, he gained alot of weight, instead of wearing a body suit, and lost it all and got muscular, for the same movie.

    Also considering that he was 52 years old that time. He’s 55 right now.

  • But I’m fairly insulin SENSITIVE and still have the problem with cutting or bulking…
    Nor do I have high estrogen production. I have a naturally high test. SHBG, of course, is through the roof.
    I am naturally below 20/around 18% but with all the work in the universe I get stuck at 14%.
    There’s no way for me to “bulk” the right way since my body goes store the calories I’m tired/hungry store for famine stages/energy bursts. Ditto with “cutting”, as I will end up losing muscle and only muscle. Why? Because at 14-15% my body goes “screw you” and ends up just saying go die.

    And I don’t look the same as the normal “photos” of such. Cutting is “miserable” for me because calorie underages are miserable and I WILL end up crashing/binging at some point in time in the week/couple of days in the week. Going at even 1400-1500 cals a day, if I make it that far, as many days I might hit 1k? Dreadful. I have no energy to do anything, no oomph. I’m just there. It doesn’t matter how brown (and thus, disgusting) the carbs are or how lean the protein is (the only way to eat such being protein powder anyway) as it’s nigh impossible to have the energy, will, discipline, and effort left at the end of a day to forcefeed myself tasteless, dry, annoying chicken breasts with no fat, no skin, no breading, no anything and more expensive lean things, well, are more expensive. Ditto for tuna, and tuna is pricey if it’s albacore, and has its downsides in the flatulence department. So, I don’t know, that was just my struggle for years on end…

  • Who got time to eat when they have to rush their assignments 24 hours? Girlfriend you must wait, I’ll get you after i become a successful accountant! Like the saying goes: education over ladies or similar like that

  • but you did not tell us how did you or what did you do to build the strength up in your knees. What kind of workouts did you do to build your knee strength??

  • As a skinny guy You are perfectly right. I did this and I gained about 16 kg during the last year. At 180cm I was all my life at 58-60kg, but not anymore. The most important thing is commintment though, you need to stick to the plan. Gym, eat, sleep and the results will blow your mind…and your body. Still want to gain another 10 kg in the next year