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Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice


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Should You BULK or CUT First (SKINNY FAT FIX)

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List of related literature:

This 25 may result, in part, from the greater lengths of the 30 epaxial and hypaxial muscles compared with the CR MID shorter pectoralis muscle.

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Hespel et al. showed that 14 days of immobilization resulted in a ∼11% decrease in whole muscle size, accompanied by an 8% to 11% decrease in the area individual muscle fiber types.91 As size and strength are closely coupled, it is logical to assume that decrements in muscle size produce falls in muscle strength.

“Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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The older group had a significantly smaller quadriceps cross section (p <.001) as well as a 29% smaller type II fiber size (p<.001), with type I fibers tending toward smaller size.

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This chapter addresses the challenge of developing an age invariant, sex-specific human body shape index (HBSI) as an alternative to indices based on age grouping body mass.

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Hippocampal GR levels increase during the first 2 weeks of life and stabilize at adult-like levels during puberty (Meaney et al., 1985c,d).

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Since the GW varies during cruising, it seems necessary to prepare different versions of Figure 12.9 for each weight.

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We have shown that EGFR exon 20 insertions stabilize the active confirmation, and restrict the size of the ATP pocket; and the small, flexible TKI, poziotinib, potently inhibits EGFR exon 20 insertions.

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By controlling for meal type, body size, and body temperature, an increase in meal size, and thus in the work of digestion and assimilation, will result in a larger SDA response.

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The specific strength value of ramie is almost the same as that of E-glass fibers and shows higher elongation [37].

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If scapular control has not been achieved, these exercises should be limited to 30.

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  • depends on body type, if ure ectomorph then just go bulking first, if ure endomorph then go cut first and if ure mesomorph just do both depends on ur mood (if u feel ure too bulky then cut)

  • Bully, I’m trying to lose some weight I’m 216lbs and trying to get at 180lbs then to build my muscles mass I’m 5,11 whats your best advice to get down the weight

  • I was working out for more than a year without taking any supplements and I got good gains(I’m lucky I have decent genes), so about 3 months ago I stopped working out entirely, I was scared I’d lose most of my gains but to my surprise, I lost very little! My body still looks pretty much the same as it did before, I think the key is I didn’t let myself go, although I wasn’t working out for 3 months, I was still eating well(I’m a very light eater so I think that helped) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I reckon that’s what got me through this period without losing my gains or gaining muscles in the wrong areas. As recently as 2 days ago I started working out again, only this time i’m starting to use supplements(a friend of mine sold me some Herbalife products) so that’s what i’ll be using as my supplements and i’m fascinated to see just how much gains I get using supplements as opposed to without(I reckon it will be good gains), so yeah, Bully your videos inspire me, during my hiatus from working out I was watching your videos pretty much daily, just being inspired and i’m glad i’m back in the game.

  • Idk about skinny fat but I was pretty much just fat fat. I was 225 lbs at 5′ 7″. I am a former athlete who boxed, did some mma, played rugby, ran about 5 miles a day or more and lifted weights 4 days a week. I got fat after getting a desk job in my mid 20s on stopping exercising completely. Last year I started going back to the gym and changed my diet. I wanted to lose fat but also wanted to be muscular. I wen’t into a deficit of about 500-600 calories a day, gym 6 days a week mainly heavy powerlifting routine (push pull legs based around compound movements). I made sure to get around 175-200 grams of protien a day. I also started with terrible test levels of around 300 total free. I am now at 155lbs and about 10-12%bf. I put on at least 10lbs of lean mass but likely more judging from my physique. My arms, shoulders and chest are bigger than when I was fat and my legs are only a bit smaller but all muscle now. I didn’t think it was possible in the past but you really can add muscle on a deficit, especially if you are overweight to begin with. My strength levels are what I am most pleased with though, especially my bench progress. Bench went from 150×8 to a 1RM of 248 lbs, deadlift from an abysmal 175×6 to a 1RM of 360lbs, and squat from around the same as deadlift at around 200lbsx6 to (haven’t tested 1rm in 6 months) 320×3.

  • I’m 6ft 2in plenty of fat plenty of muscle but a have a small frame which makes me look slim but still fat although I’m strong which doesnt make sense to me.

  • I’m actually confuse. I have a weight scale that shows my body fat is 24%. However, I manage to grow sixpack and some muscle on chest, tricep, and shoulder, which is around 15% based on your video. Can you please give me some explanation? Thanks

  • If your, real skinny. Peanut butter, Rice, Mashed potatoes, Oatmeal, Steaks, eggs, Spinach. Lots of water. These foods will stick to you. No junk food that makes you crap. DO NOT WORKOUT FOR 1 MONTH! Until you see weight gain. Then, when you do workout. You will have more of an appetite & see gains.

  • Its still surprise me just how many people do not know about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that many people with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about this. I’ve lost lots of fat.

  • It’s amazing I got so dam bored with the history lesson of bulking and leaning out. Not sure if anyone agrees with me. Here’s the thing straight to the point. If u want to get leaner try intermittent fasting and Omad. This works and u don’t need to listen to this guy for 20 mins of why and wat u should do, can’t do, how to do, and wat to not do ughhhh I rather watch paint dry on a barn door then to listen to this guy. Have a good day.hope I helped somebody out there ����

  • Looking good. You should make a video where you tell us what workouts you are doing in your routine. Like the different types of exersices

  • First of all
    Thank you for your service and fighting for our country! Hats off!!
    Nice transformation. I plan on doing it for my 50th birthday.
    This helps me out a lot. The motivation you just gave me.
    Thanks again.

  • Im skinny fat and i wanna be ripped. So should i just focus on losing weight and do cardio until im skinny and than start building the muscle or should i start building the muscle already and i will lose weight in the process. Because im not trying to be big just tryna be shredded(ripped).


  • I’m 6ft4, slender built with a damn strong posture. I have good genetics as in my body reacts well to high caloric intake but I have to consume about 3,200 calories a day. It’s still tough though.. As I said I’m not skinny at all but putting on more weight can be tough lol.

  • The deployment, the gains, the slacking off, and the knee injury I can honestly relate too it all. Glad to have came across this channel. Let’s get BullyJuice to this mil.

  • I dont get to eat enough calories when i try to eat healthy things.. i dont know what to eat, i cant eat like 2kg of chicken a day.. im always full:(

  • Damn bro, im not as strong as I would like to be but I’m making my way there, youre my inspiration bro. Love your vids because they’re honest and to the point. I can’t believe all of the info you provide is free. I would pay for a subscription to listen your advice for real. Keep it up! ����

  • once did it…doin it again… muscle memory a joke…? anyways i saw it….inspiration iis inspiration…..whatever be the form….

  • The shitty part is having a job where you literally burn 6000 calories a night and have virtually no time for your body to repair itself. I can’t seem to move a pound past 145 and have the appetite of a monster. Not to mention the gyms are closed and people are charging upwards of 6-700 dollars for DUMBBELLS online!

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  • What if you have done a dirty bulk already and gained 40pounds in a year but have a good body and even more of chubby face then you use to have and I’m trying to get rid of the chubby cheeks should I cut down a bit even thought I already like my body how it is rn?

  • I had 18% fat and I started with cutting. Start with cutting is a big mistake because now I stragle with get muscles even that I work hard and eat a lot and healthy

  • But i dont wanna gain fat at all, i am skinny fat, i got some fat on my belly, tight, and i see some results even if im still cutting, while being in the range of 15%

  • Guys don’t bother buying his workout thing. “Wait buy?” Yeah you gotta put a $97 deposit, then do the challenge and if you complete it you get all your money back. So what if we don’t finish it? Are you just gonna take the money? Yeah well no thank you, cause I don’t have $97 and will not be subscribed anymore. All your videos are nothing but 3 mins of talking, then the actual video, and then when you do get to the part we want to hear you only talk about it for not even a min, then move on to the next one and repeat. Plus, some of us don’t have the money to buy something that you claim is “FREE”

  • What am I like I’m 150 5’7 in a half I think I’m 15% body fat or lower from what I can tell from the body chart he showed us like I have a vline and abs and pecs and shit but like when I don’t flex u can’t really see my abs as much and I’m just trying to lose fat but I don’t wanna cut down so much I like my current weight if someone sees this let me know what to do and I run a mile everyday and should I run more miles a day to lose more fat or?? (Wanting to stay my weight btw)

  • I don’t look like any of these people. My gut is literally the only thing that looks bloated (it doesn’t look fat… it looks bloated) and everywhere else looks fine

  • This video embodies everything that sucks on YouTube. 6 minutes of nonsense, a few minutes of content, another couple minutes to stretch the video out. Dude looks like an NPC and he’s monotone like one too. Terrible repetitive music in the background that’s loud enough to be annoying but thankfully this guy is yelling for some reason so it balances out.

    Channel subs approaching 2 million. Jesus Christ.

  • I was so fat 309 pounds I am doing everything right and it worked I’m naw 203 pounds and I feel great I can’t thank you enough for your help and I have to keep working on it and I’m so happy

  • That shake that you showed us, I would just like to add that you should put 100ml of double cream in it. That adds a few hundred calories alone.

  • Okay this is cool and all but i wish there were more people out there explaining that this isn’t normal. This is part of their jobs, they are getting paid to look like this for work. They have thousands of dollars spent on trainers and meals and a bunch of other shit regular people dont have the time or money for. No one should look like this in real life, it just isn’t healthy. As a girl, i totally get it, growing up seeing all these models with perfect bodies, but now days that isn’t acceptable anymore. and we understand women shouldn’t be expected to look like that. But it seems like its only gotten worse for men, which is really just sad. Yes be healthy, work out and eat clean. But you shouldn’t be expected to look like this

  • I am a 15 y/o male and I just found your channel! Love the stuff you do. I was struggling with depression and anxiety (part of being a teen) and I found your channel and now I’m participating in a full workout schedule and I hardly worry anymore. Thank you for doing this channel and thank you for your service too.

  • Yo bully, love the videos bro keep them coming. But I have a question in mind. We see the weight but how tall are you, if you don’t mind…?

  • bump for that 1 mil views haha, but on the real you’ve been super informative and helpful in all your videos and I thank you brother! Thanks for all the work you put in these videos, it has helped my journey a lot! Best wishes!

  • Sir i m from india v three friends are doing continuously your exercise from last 3 months and we have lost around 10 to 12 KG but whenever we meet friends and relatives they say that are you not well what has happened to you they all ask kindly suggest

  • I started at 270lbs in 2017, made my way to 172lbs by the end of 2019, and didn’t lose a pound up until March of this year. I then “took a break” and gained 25 pounds. Thankfully after 6 weeks of consistency I’m back down to 178lbs with the goal of reaching 165lbs (more specifically, 10% body fat). Your video just gave me so much confidence. Everything you said, I’ve addressed with my plan. I’m changing up my lifting, adding in more cardio, avoiding adaptation and eating clean. Now I’m just hoping I get to my goal this time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What’s going on bro. I’ve been scrolling youtube looking for workout videos or people to subscribe to and I came across your page. I’m motivated. My only problem is I dont know what exercises to do once I start working out. I pick random ones and I feel like I’m wasting my time. I’m not overweight bt I want my body sculpted. Especially my lower chest…it makes me self conscious. Can you help.. do you charge for tips or a workout plan?

  • Brother keep up the good work! Your back development is coming in also and yes I would appreciate it if you posted a video of your gym.

  • Brother I’ll take nothing away from you, an absolute machine, but your transformation is basically from being ripped to putting on 10kg of weight still being a tank then loosing that 10kg putting on muscle. A true transformation is going from nothing.

  • I used to have depression, and no purpose in life. There’s a hero a KING JESUS, who conquered sin and set us free. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is everlasting life through messiah Yeshua.