Transformation Nicholas Herraiz Drops 35, Will get Shredded


My Alphalete Summer Shredding Transformation

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My 14 Week Natural 30lbs FAT LOSS Transformation | Bulked to Shredded | Aesthetics 101 Finale

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Anime Nerd to Saiyan Shredded Fat Loss Transformation!

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WEEK 5/12 TRANSFORMATION | Dropping Weight Like it is NOTHING | Summer Shredding 2017

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Transformation: Nicholas Herraiz Drops 35, Gets Shredded — Tiger Fitness An active gym rat, Nicholas dropped the ego lifting and started tracking macros and completely changed his body composition. An active gym rat, Nicholas dropped the ego lifting and started tracking macros and completely changed his body composition. Dec 6, 2019 Explore Muscle & Strength’s board “Body Transformations”, followed by 134415 people on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Transformation body, Body, Transformations. Body Transformation: Olu Ben-Shidah Drops The Fat And Gets Jacked At 285 lbs, Olu was unhappy, unhealthy and lacking energy. During his dramatic transformation, Olu cut.

Yet another Buckingham palace butler collecting and distributing yet more child pornography sent 33-year old Nicholas Greaves to prison for two years back in July 2006. After employed as a royal footman from 2002 to 2004, he moved on as servant at the private Belgravia residence of Jordanian King Abdullah. *Our Transformation Policy “I’ve learned so much about what I’m capable of. It’s re-ignited my passion for training and I’m looking to push myself even further.” Read Matt’s journey *Our Transformation Policy “Nobody can believe the body I now have.

The biggest surprise was probably me. Top 7 NEVER SEEN Judges JAW DROPS like NEVER BEFORE SHOCKING Acts on America’s Got Talent 2017 2018! 7. Kenny Thomas Daredevil Motorcyclist 6. Jokgu Chicken Plays Keyboard 5. Aaron Crow.

Marc Gets Primed and Ready for the Competition of His Life. Read Marc’s journey “I have lost over 20kg in weight and 35 cm from my stomach. In trousers, I have gone from a 36-inch to a 29-inch waist.” Arthur’s Shredded Body Transformation in Just 12 Weeks. Read Arthur’s journey *Ons Transformation.

Marc Gets Primed and Ready for the Competition of His Life. Read Marc’s journey Arthur’s Shredded Body Transformation in Just 12 Weeks. Read Arthur’s journey *Our Transformation Policy. Haroon Drops 11kg and Builds a Lean, Chiseled Body in Only 12 Weeks.

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List of related literature:

David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

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His chest was nicely rounded, but his waist was slim, his entire figure was straight as a reed.

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Maddan and his colleagues found that offenders with a mesomorph body type were significantly more likely than either ectomorphs or endomorphs to be incarcerated for a violent offense.

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It may be estimated that the second stage began when the starveling had lost one-third of his normal weight.

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Although ADAM12 appears to be required for muscle regeneration [27,28,70], prolonged high expression of ADAM12 results in muscular dystrophy [82].

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He found that there was 75–85% of original fat present 3 months after transplantation.

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  • Great video, good to see someone using same lighting on before AND after pictures/videos and also without getting a tan.
    But how the f*ck can you lose so much fat on a 2900kcal diet? You must have an insane metabolism.
    When I start at 2400 and go down to 1900 (while 40 min cardio 5 times a week).

  • How do I get u to train me Matt? So far I started working out beginning of this year and I’ve dropped 18 lbs. I was 260 now I’m 242. I’m having trouble building and toning also figuring out my macros. Hopefully I can hear from you soon. I really want to take working out serious and I feel to reach the next level u can help.

  • Great transformation and that level of leanness looks perfectly fine for a natural. However, it is nowehere near a shredded state and I think anyone should refrain from striving towards being shredded. It is extremely unhealthy and does not opt for health nor performance

  • Hi All, I have Found Amazing Method How To Lose FAT, Don’t Wait Start Right Now

  • Awsome and impressive transformation ��. So great job Iliyan with this Summer Shredding��! Your are so ready to go to the beach now haha ��.

  • Can we please get the height of these guys? They are great videos and I’m going to keep watching them but 182 lbs at 6 1 is way different than 182 lbs at 5 2. Keep up the great work!

  • Look at the elasticity of his skin, and the fact that he’s making gains while cutting, this dude is on gear, your stupid if you don’t see that.

  • I have been training 10 weeks. I was 96 kilos. now im 90 kilos. Running 6 km a day and gym 6 days a week. im doing something wrong for sure

  • He had gynocomastia surgery you forgot to mention that part. It’s obvious because of the stitches around the nipple and before that the nipples were puffy and full. Good before and after though ����

  • Hey Tristyn
    I have a question have you ever heard of becoming nauseous during workouts. I also get really hot my heart increases, kind of feel like I’m bout to pass out. This happens like everyday the first week I begin training especially if I’ve had some time off. After a week of training I’m usually good it might revisit every now an then maybe after going heavy or something. I’ve had ppl tell me it’s my blood sugar dropping. Idk really any input on what to do to combat that feeling.

  • Hey man!!! First off I love your vids. You’re Killin it. Also I was just wondering what workout plan you would recommend for a week on week off work schedule. On my week on I work from 10 a.m. To 8:30 p.m. And get home around 9:20 p.m. Which doesn’t leave much time before bed which is 11 p.m. Cause I gotta get up at 7:30.any advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great videos!!!

  • Holy shit man you’re able to really cut down far bro. This requires some next level effort and dedication. Absolutely unbelievable. Man has veins on his back for god’s sake. There’s lean, and there’s IA lean. I’m sure the cheat was well enjoyed:D

  • I am not gonna lie. I am shit of these YouTubers setting up such body standards. The guy Alan doesn’t look very fat in any way. It’s also clear he got good muscles. It’s not that special. I have never seen a youtuber actually showing transformation of a average dude with very less muscles. All these dude seems to already have muscles with body fat around 20% to 24% which isn’t very fat too. Also, if this is not the case, then these youtubers show a Skinny dude who si already ripped and perfect but still pretends to be skinny for god know why.

  • The part where you body starts hating junk food I actually true, I started eating healthier and exercising more and, around my 3rd week I ate a mcgriddle from McDonalds and my stomach didnt like it at all. I have lost over 34 pounds in the last 3 months after trying aplan that highly recommended to me by a good friend who is a personal trainer and fitness nut

  • How much cardio do I need to do to get shredded? You was doing over 2 hours that’s crazy! When you say you do fast walks, do you do incline or just flat walks on treadmill

  • I admire your consistency and strong will so much! Dude, it’s amazing how you managed to stay on track despite some brief moments of stagnation and progressive calorie restriction. Truly to be applauded:)

  • I planned to cut for 6 months and bulk for the rest months of the year. I’d start the cut for four months. Is the duration too long?

  • Hey man! Im 16 been in the gym for 2 years weighing 74kg At 173cm around 16% i want to get a little leaner for summer around 10-12% (by no means contest ready. is this a good idea? I just slowly cut my cals and slowly do more cardio?

  • I see you keep your clients around 50-55g of fat. Have your clients given you feedback for negative side effects? Im at 55 fat and curious if going 50 fat will hurt

  • Let me ask, how do you intend to mantain that? At least your lifestyle and priority is the gym. Eating 1750 kcals being a male and training 5x week with 2x cardio session. Impossible to mantain. Lets just hope he will. Anyways, still good transformation.

  • You are a motivation for many people cause your realy good at soccer and youre one of the world strongest kids in the whole world i got respect for you

  • bro, when you say 4 sessions of cardio a week. how does that work? how long is each session. what do you do in cardio… sorry but i want to lose this fat.

  • How do you stay motivated when food cravings hit? I always fail after 2-3 weeks and I binge for a weekend because I lose the mentality. Love the videos man keep it up

  • Want to lose fat and go on high protein diet which is needed for muscle building and to reduce fat, but my problem is i have high bp from past 4 years (im 27 now), so should i go for high protein diet? im too scared as iv heard that high protein means kidney’s are under more workload n my bp
    Please suggests

  • Hey guys I’m kinda confused in one thing, is it necessary to keep 1 gram of protein per bw throughout your cut? Also what happens if this guy wants to star a new lean bulk to gain muscle and strength again, what would his macros look like now, does he stay at 180 grams of protein or can he lower his grams to 170 ish and increase carbs I made a huge mistake last year and I don’t wanna mess up again lol

  • 155lbs would like to get shredded but that means getting to really low weight. Should I gain then try losing weight or can i cut and stay around 155?

  • 7 weeks of 150g of carbs and less sounds so dangerous. Great transformation, but let’s me know it can be done in a longer time with healthier amounts of carb intake

  • He hit the nail on the head there is not a perfect diet. Try and do what works for you and then do a series of blood tests after about 12 weeks to make sure that what you are doing is healthy! Check interleukin inflammatory markers, TNF-Alpha, SMC-Endothelin, Lp-PLA2, OxLDL, MPO, HS-CRP, CardioIQ by Quest, Total and free testosterone, Estradiol, SHBG, fasting insulin and glucose along with A1c, Complete thyroid panel including reverse T3, 24 hour cortisol, CBC, and CMP. Then based on those results you may need more tests. Don’t eat like a mad man every single day and then wait until you have a heart attack or get cancer. Keep an eye on your blood tests and change your diet if things go south. Oh, I’ve been a health coach (exercise physiologist) for nearly 30 years with specialized training in functional medicine. Look good on the outside, but make sure you are healthy on the inside because looks can be deceiving.

  • At the tail end of the transformation, namely the last 3 weeks were you still calorie cycling? I know the lowest amount of cals you said you ate was 1620 and then 1230 how much lower could you have gone

  • Great physique mate!This is what working hard and being dedicated stands for.I would really like to know what your
    supplements are, your abs/obliques workout routine & frequency and your height. I would also like to know how frequent your refeeds are. I am really trying to reach my fitness goals and it would be really helpfull to get some advice by a guy with your physique. You got my respect. Love from Greece��☝��

  • My guy!! Dude, I love your videos on shedding the reserves. Totally subscribed, this is like my favorite page now. A lot of natural honesty, and a lot of observation logging. Shows the climb, and results from it. Great journey brother.

  • Dirty bulk is an amazing experience but when the cut comes, it’s one of the hardest things to do Bc it requires a lot of patience and suffering with low amounts of food, in my 7 week cut from my dirty bulk and it’s very hard to do to be honest ���� better to do a lean bulk next time

  • I hit a plateau in my weight loss and I’ve been counting my macros and I upped my cardio to 40 minutes for 4x a week. Any suggestions?

  • Ive been training for two years, and ive just been eating alot and lifting to build muscle.I know alot about weights and eating, but not so much about cardio.

    How long should the LISS sessions be, and how long should the HIIT sessions?

    Any response would be appreciated!

  • About what percentage of clients would You say usually fail to achieve their desired physique or wasn’t able to be consistent with their dieting and training?

  • Wow… I look a lot like this guy, I’m only a freshman, my chest is massive, (I look like him at week 1) I have a good muscle base, just need to cut, I don’t have massive arms like him I’m working on it tho, I’ve had big triceps but bicep and forearms were something I was lacking, I’m making fat progress tho, awesome, it’d be cool to maybe be the youngest dude this man has guided to a transformation. I would be Extremely down to do this.i have a a really good muscle base, because I’ve worked extremely hard for it, but yeah, it would be awesome to maybe be the youngest guy he has transformed. I have a great chest cuz I was bullied for having man boobs so I only did push ups, bench press, and some tricep, I’m trying to balance everything out, which I’ve already made huge progress on

  • Good stuff bro. Just started my transformation myself. Shooting for a 12 week transformation. Just wanted to look at an example. You and Gokuflex clients had some great transformations. Thanks for sharing!

  • Goku is my favorite fitness guy to watch help people because he does it the right way, and the thing I love most about him is he teaches his clients how to do it on their own. Instead of bringing you fish he teaches you how to fish. No gimmicks no fancy diet, just simple follow your macros and the weight will come off

    I’m not some super muscular fitness guy but learning about macros I’ve gone from around 240 40plus %bf to today about 175 13 or 14ish% and now my greatest joys are just teaching people about macros and how you dont have to do anything fancy to lose the fat

  • Awesome transformation! I’m attempting something similar over on my channel if you guys want to check it out. Trying to get that Gohan physique

  • You can eat once a day, 2-3 times a day, 4-6 times a day. It doesn’t matter all that much as long as you tren hard. Danny, the Hollywood hormone guru. He can turn your wife into a muscular man if you’d like. Hire him now and get first cycle for free

  • This video just telling you to eat your macro needs through out the day no matter hoe much meal you have the important here is you put it in stomach

  • That looks like u dirty bulked took an unflattering picture then did a cut and made a video. U had the waist and peck structure in the first picture with some fat on there smh!?!?

  • I didn’t understand the whole bullshit all i know that these bodybuilders use testosterone but they use the natty one to make u think that u can get on their level but in reality u can’t without taking it

  • I never dared to do a big bulk, cause im afraid i will get lazy and never lose the fat again. I have always been skinny more or less, so i have no idea how i would react when gaining weight in fat. Is it hard to keep the motivation?

  • with all do respect, this is coming from someone who has lost 25 kgs, which is about 55 pounds, in the last 14 months, as hard as it was, it was certainly doable, now i am at a bmi of 23.8, but what i find strange is, you making a video of someone COACHING someone to lose only 12-14 pounds? like isn’t that an extremely easy goal? i lose that much now after every christmas holiday for fun


  • Your lower belly fat is stubborn as hell man lol you look awesome everywhere like every week and that low belly is hanging on for dear life lol

  • Fasting is awesome. I recommend every bodybuilder try up to a 7 day water fast…you’d be surprised by the effects for weight lose.

  • Nice transformation. How long were you cardio sessions and how many calories did you burn during each session? Did you do HIIT or steady state cardio? Did you take any supplements like Creatine or BCAA while cutting?

  • Man I have really some nagging questions,
    1-how many calories was your set goal to burn for each cardio session?
    2-I heard on another video that you were on transmitting fasting, did You do cardio on rest days before eating anything? or did you combine it with weight training on the same day?
    3was your cardio training slow paced or HIIT? or a combination of both?
    I’d be really grateful if You answer me these questions because now I’m at more or less a stagnation period.

  • So, week 1 he ate 2215 calories a day, and week 10 he ate 1625 calories a day (not counting the refeeds). He decreased his daily caloric intake with a bit less than 100 calories a week.

    (1 gram of protein and 1 gram of carbs both contains 4 calories each, and 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories).

  • Good vid but cant help but feel like your coach had you adding in too much cardio and dropping calories far too quickly and unnecessarily. You probably would have lost weight with less cardio and more calories at least in the beginning of your cut rather than throwing so much at your body and running into a roadblock early on forcing you to keep adding more and more while eating less and less.

  • I lost 18 lbs in a month. I was 173 now I am 155. I stoped eating  a lot of fast food like wingstop( I would eat that like every other day lol) and another thing is that I would eat a lot of Takis which has a lot of sodium. What I would do is cardio everyday run for 30 minutes. And then work on any muscle for that day. The major factor is me not eating a lot of fast food I would just eat stuff form home like a banana or so. Ive just bought myself  creatine so hopefully it helps me out.

  • iv bean doing what you sead for 1 month now and i realy like to thank you man mij belly fat has decreased a lot. thank you so much man

  • started at 193 dropped down to 169 but I still have some fat left don’t feel as cut as I should be. Don’t get me wrong I look FANTASTIC compared to where I started just wondering Why I’m not looking as “cut” as I should I’m 6″0 can I still lose weight and get more cut??

  • how in the world am i going to get 180 protein a day?! i don’t want to use any powders and bullshit
    and i cant get 180 proteins every day how the hell is it possible

  • Hey Tristyn, I’m a subscriber to your YouTube channel and I watch you frequently. There’s a question I have about the state of ketosis. I’ve been looking into the ins and outs of the ketogenic diet and I’m looking forward to start. However I have an issue. One day of the week I am not allowed to work out or cook because of my religion, so I won’t be able to reach the optimal calorie intake to be able to gain muscle while on this diet. My question is, is not Eating enough fat, protein and calories that day, going to mess with my state of ketosis?

  • If I’m doing my math correctly, you were losing almost 2 lbs (1.8lbs) a week as opposed to the 0.5lb you mentioned in the beginning! Amazing job and video though, not sure I could have my calories that low. My cutting calories are over 2,000!! I can’t imagine how you went under 2,000…crazy determination…

  • All about that 4 day split routine. Hopefully it doesn’t include any super-sets with multiple machines. Those type of routines just don’t work in public gyms.

  • Tristyn is actually very knowledgeable and well spoken, it’s a shame that he gets a bad rep from some people when he seems like a genuinely good kid

  • You mentioned in Week 13 you increased cardio by +5 minutes but I don’t think you mentioned how long your cardio sessions were before that?

  • Can you please put the total calories as well instead of just the macros for your next transformation video? Helps a lot more to visualize how much food a person would need to cut back.

  • The inflammation risk mostly comes with animal based products rather than carbs because of the hours of consumption. It causes inflamation as the endotoxyns contained in animal products triggers an inflamatory response from the body. Why with a « less meals a day » diet you’ve got less inflamation is only because the consumption time your body takes to ingest those products will be shorter than if you had a meal every 6 hours so as it takes in less endotoxyns it will less spread an inflamatory response.

  • READ!
    I know that the Summer Shredding date to make and send the videos is 03.06.2017, but I from a long time know that I can’t make it on that date so I planned my, cut of ending it earlier. I will still send it on the 3rd and I know that we should show a certain video that CG will upload, but I won’t have it in mine. I’ll explain my reasons and hope for the best and that he doest disqualify me. After all he finished his cut earlier too, because stuff came up:)

  • Really inspiring mate! Big thumbs up…..I am about 88 kilos…same body type as yours and looking to transform my body too. Your story is really gonna change things for me! Thank you!!

  • 150 carbs, 50 fat and 180 protein. That’s not a lot of food, plus 4x lifting and cardio… mmm he either has super slow metabolism or something is off here.

  • It just looks like a normal bulk phase to a cut phase?? He had muscle to begin with. Most people that don’t do heavy lifting won’t have muscle underneath when they cut. They will have abs but won’t be built with muscle like these pics.

  • Love this video brother! This is so inspirational, all the best for your future endeavours, gained yourself another subscriber! Love seeing brown people getting into fitness, We’re all in this together ♥

  • This video was deep man! Just earned a thumbs up and sub from me. I had the pleasure of competing in the Summer Shredding Classic and it’s transformations like yours that make me want to do it again next year!

  • Brother.. This is motivational and inspirational! Absolute champion! You killed it man! Look forward to watching you grow in the future!