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Transformation: Miguel Asselbergs Builds His Dream Body! Transformation Stats; Before: After: 01/07/2014: 07/02/2015: 138lbs: 185lbs: What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? I used to not really have dedication for anything, I never really met new people and I played a lot of games.

Transformation: Miguel Asselbergs Builds His Dream Body! Tired of being skinny, Miguel overcame a poor appetite and packed on a lean 47 pounds of muscle mass. Read now.

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His incredible physique and winning attitude gave me the hope that I could make my dream of becoming a bodybuilding champion a reality.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

“What a fantasy, for your body to be changing!..1 keep a picture in my mind as I work out of what I want to look like and what’s happened to me already.”69 Dictation to nature of one’s own chosen design for the body is the central goal for the body­builder, as it is for the anorectic.

“Women, Knowledge, and Reality: Explorations in Feminist Philosophy” by Ann Garry, Marilyn Pearsall
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“Robert Cheeke is an inspiration to me, especially after beginning my own physique transformation.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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After giving up soccer in college, Tollakson, in search of a new physical outlet, entered the popular Body-for-Life physique transformation contest.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
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The key word is transform: “He will transform our present humble bodies to be like his glorious body.”

“Defending the Resurrection” by Ed James Patrick Holding
from Defending the Resurrection
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His body has been (re)crafted from a potent mix of chemicals, exercise, training, strategy, supplements, measurements of all kinds, food, and a perfect melding of his muscular frame to the technology of a super light bicycle.

“Missing Bodies: The Politics of Visibility” by Monica J. Casper, Lisa Jean Moore
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He began as a mesomorph but reached his full potential as he underwent training.

“Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero” by E. Paul Zehr
from Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero
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A Pioneer develops his physique, does physical exercises every day.

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This would offer the drug-free athlete further ammunition to build his physique without the use of growth enhancing drugs.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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For a bodybuilder like Franco, with a totally different kind of physical structure, this just wasn’t enough.

“Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding” by Franco Columbu
from Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding
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  • Him: you call it green??????

    Every comment about anyone else calling it blue: Its green!! Just a “filter.” I’m 75 without the filter.

  • you are so amazing! your energy your personality your wisdom. you definitely inspired my and when i have my dream body i am coming back here to thank you PERSONALLY! i am a work in progress so i am not judging the process! love that literally changed my life

  • It’s funny to me that so many people legitimately believe guys like this have always been natural and don’t cycle on and off anabolics. Sort of sad but funny at the same time how naive people are. Then in defense people mention how they have been working out for SO long. When in reality, they went from looking natural, to pretty much all of a sudden not natural in a short amount of time.

  • Think of yourself as a plant! Yep!! came up with that same analogy of myself a few years ago, hence the name of my channel. When you see healthy plants they look vibrant and radiant. That’s the vision I have for myself and life. To be vibrant and radiant.��

  • All these haters in the comments! You do you bruh. Not every one gonna like your style which is good, it makes you stand out. ����
    Also, how’s the stock tune with the Cobb?

  • I love the way you talk and approach things! I dig it ���� I love your videos they’ve really been helping me a lot lately! With my mind set and how I look at my body! THANK YOU!

  • You should tell your Expert engine builder friend AND your Bike builder freind that there’s a tool called a Torque wrench and they should get to know it.

  • Great video once again! I’ve watched all the other episodes of this build and I enjoy all this extra footage and the voiceover comments! Great work!And the bike is beautiful! I wish I’ll give my bike this much love to sometime!

  • Damn I’m not trying to be a Critic or anything like that ��but didn’t the host of this YouTube channel slam the door of this 16-year-old pretty hard I mean damn after he slammed the door you can tell the 16 year old was pissed off �� ��

  • lols I’m 16 and my dad has a non running 95′ e36 M3 that he has had sine 96 and I’m trying to convince him to pass it down to me, because I want to build it into the best M3 I can afford, but he is saying no. hopefully my future looks like Craig’s ��

  • what a waste of time. Can you imagine how fucking rich this dude would be if he had spent his time learning to be an entrepenuer instead of getting useless muscle

  • Damn. I love all your analogies/metaphors. I am a plant. I need water and sunlight. And I will strive to cleanse this air from negativity. And I grow however I grow.

  • Nothing harder than being super skinny and joining a gym. Thank god newbie gains are a thing and after 3 months you feel big enough to be there.

  • That intro of you walking is just amazing. The camera work is really good. I also love watching bike builds and learning from them. Thank you

  • fake transformations: So, it’s been a month and a half. im starting to see some serious gains

    natty transformation: Uhhh, so it’s been about a year. There hasen’t been many changes tho

  • Yo people, thought this might be interesting for some people to look at if you have half an hour to spare haha… shout out to Freezma for the idea. His channel:

  • You are crazy, don’t ever criticise your shape, it is fabulous, sculpted you look like a GREEK GOD!!! Looking best when small and shredded! I am a woman, and most important thing is eat healthy and have kids, do gym workouts and enjoy life! Make your kids do sports! Having a good family is the best thing EVER

  • Reason why is because she eats tons of sugar even though it’s in a deficit your always gonna have a high body fat on a high processed food diet so your gonna hold onto that chub

  • Can someone explain the purpose of the rear window spacer things? I’ve seen those on multiple WRX’s and I haven’t a clue what they are for.

  • He used his pocket money to work on it? Idk about you but pocket money for me was €2-€5 a week that guy must of been getting some serious pocket money to be able to do that with it

  • wiow.. that thumbnail… I admit looks reall actually… normally a youtube thumbnail like that is supposed to be a 5-day transformation… as EVERYONE is a liar here… props.

  • My self image of myself is absolutely terrible. I hate my body and I really want to change. I long for the day that I wake up happy about myself. Thanks you for making this video it’s really giving me hope! ��

  • So….what I’m hearing is….push, pull, legs, two times a week, 1 rest day. Is that correct, anyone know if that sounds good or not?

  • You are so motivating!! I love the tough love. I’d recommend waist training to help achieve an hour glass shape, if that’s your goal!

  • Its been nothing less than a pleasure to watch you grown and build this car and life style… keep up the good work.. been there since the first FRS vid!!!!

  • I move 9 hours a day due to heavy physical work day (I’m a baker) but I don’t seem to lose weight… Is it all the bread I’m eating?? Lol

  • Bro I’m only 16 and Idk witch car I want but it’s between 3 cars and you definitely gave me hopes to get a Honda del sol your build is fireeee.

  • Assuming he worked every “weekend” full 8 hour shifts at 20$ a hour he would only make 16,640$ saving every last penny still wouldn’t build this car at 16 sorry guys:( don’t worry keep grinding you’ll get there

  • bulking and cutting is bullshit…. constantly going over the same shit. just eat clean all of the time, no need to yoyo. its not good for your overall heatlth. its easy to bulk on a calorie controlled meal plan. to put lean muscle on you only need around 350-500 cal extra per day. no cheat meals. bulking and cutting is counter productive. if you feel like a cheat meal your nutrion is not good enough. end of. no excuses.

  • Nice wrap,this makes it stand out from the rest.i got a 16 stage 3 clutch (talk about stalling from time to time haha)air aos,access port,j pipe and so on and so on.this was inspirational for my plans.nice and your girl be safe and healthy during this crazy mess bro.God bless you guys

  • Thats daddy money he may have put some but 100% his dad paid for 80% of the car and he paid the rest of the 20% between school and working on weekends no way hes got the money for half those parts

  • Canoe and Oar metaphor. That hit like never before. Seriously not trying to spit bars just gonna subscribe to yours. Thanks! Sis, for the uplift.

  • Yea see i can never widebody my del sol i dont wanna cut it. Im not saying yours looks bad. Your del sol is sick. I just don’t wanna cut to get that look

  • Looks pretty good bro. Did you do any engine mods or swaps or is it just a show car? If you did please lemme know cause I’m looking into getting one and some suggestions as to some things to add would be appreciated.

  • I love you and I just found your channel. I think I’m moving to fast. haha *girl crushing. I’m so happy to have found your channel though babe. I went from 215 to 139 years ago and had to train my mind to get there and learn to be dedicated. Fast forward to now, I gained it all back plus 20 pounds.. I have been trying over the past however long… to get my habits back in order. my problem I think was… I too heavily restricted. I ate like no carbs and that could only last so long. so now I’m starting from scratch and I think the mind is the best place to start. The mindset, as you said. Keep making videos! so happy i FOUND YOU! Motivated to keep making healthy weightloss style videos. God bless you luv!

  • Definitely got my sub! I got my 2016 WRX about a year ago now, so far all I’ve done is the nameless muffler delete. This video is sick and makes me wanna go all out on my car now haha, can’t wait for more content man

  • I’m 18, I’ve been working since I was 15. I’ve had 3 different jobs and none of them paid over $10 an hour. I had to pay for my own car insurance since I was 16 and could drive in the US. How the FUCK did this kid afford any of that. I worked my ass off at a restaurant working 12 hour days 4 days a week and didn’t make shit. Too many responsibilities that cost money to save for this stuff.

  • Hey thanks for posting this video this is my first time watching it, I just subscribed to your channel because this was so helpful ❤️❤️❤️ I am currently on my own weight loss journey

  • I wish i could drive and have my own bike like this someday somehow, i really love dirt bikes and the way you build your bike sir, more power to your channel, drive safe Godbless

  • Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly and that is an understatement. You ruined this car you idiot, I’m going to the bathroom to throw up hopefully the color of my throw up will not look as bad this disgusting wrap. Ugly ugly ugly

  • ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. you ruined your car. im going to the bathroom now and when i throw up i hope that it doesnt look as bad as your wrap. ugly ugly ugly

  • Seen it a few times at cars and coffee it looks sweet.. it’s a credit to him..����
    Am in the process of building a convertible pandemic.. version lol
    No it’s a pandem one finished in its OEM color of Madeira Violet..
    Has anyone got a contact number so I can annoy the shit out of him with Q&A

  • I don’t get how he was able to work for that car he’s got at least 15000 into that car it just doesn’t add up, couldn’t even get my first job until I was 16

  • Yo mad respect bro on all your videos and hard work! Your an inspiration fam I got my wrx at the end of last year! Keep up the good work! See ya at the ATB sun I hope!

  • Me as a 16 year old: Building my perfect mountain bike dreaming of the day I will build a racecar.
    This guy: living the childhood I wish I had

  • im always being criticized by my family for being “skinny” but why should i force myself to eat more and make myself ill just to gain weight to make them happy? the doctors have already told me im a healthy weight and my blood tests show my vitamins are all fine so why should i worry? it makes no sense and i love your videos <3

  • Hi, my name is Kristen and I lost 100lbs,just got into the law of attraction too and I am stuck at the body I actually want part too�� this is nuts happy asf I found the key/exactly what I was searching for

  • Your genetics are great im 15 been training for 2 years started watching calories macros fitnesspal having a food scale and i cant even see my abs you out here eating mcdonalds with a 6 pack… that doesnt unmotivate me doe i compare me to myself

  • I am obviously getting old!!! I think that looks absolutely ridiculous. The only think I like, are the wheels.

    Good for him though!!

  • thank you for not just rambling on and on. you actually made watching this video exciting with your positive energy and bright smile ❤️

  • this video just makes me happy! it feels like a one on one convo with a super close friend! I needed to hear all this, and I needed the humor, love, and just good energy from this!

    edit: OMG I am artist too! and this resonated deeply with me! thank you so much for sharing!

  • He shows you fools in the video the installation of a supercharger. And idk why yall are complaining about what seems to be pretty standard nowadays in terms of cosmetics for a show car.

  • Hey I’ve been looking at mods for my frs and was wondering the total cost for all this. Would love to hear some feedback. Your vid definitely inspired me to get heavy into my car. Maybe make a few vids along the way. It’s always cool to see how someone’s vision changes and what someone likes on their car. Great video man. Would like to see more.

  • im 16 but i dont have the money to do this sadly… my parents wont let me work because they’re always busy so they wont be able to drive me to places so yeah
    i love to see this, i just wish i could do it too

  • I love this❤️. I had an epiphany the other day how these beautiful fit people treat their body as their own work of art������. thank you

  • Its weird because i lost like 20 pounds in 2017.. i was 127 at one point and i actually think i was subconsciously doing all of this… but now i’m 153 and i think i’ve lost touch but i’m gonna try again!

  • Ok..sympathetically. Your tools are junk…real tools should have at least 240ft lbs resilience. Most Chinese, Spansih, Mexican Taiwanese, Indian tools are just junk. Buy genuine British, American, Australian but require their breaking strain in writing. Never use pipe extensions on them. it seems Sugaru coil overs are generally put on by dills…they have over-powerful settings on rattle guns or not a clue about what torques should be….Using new nyloc nuts, the bolt heads should face towards front of car (to protect threads) and be just ‘nipped-up’ plus a quarter turn not ‘muscled’.

    What is that craphanging off the rear vision mirror oh no that and the beard, don’t tell me we have mohammedans driving Subarus now….is there no escape!! LOL! Idiotic thing should be banned by local police. What is it with these bearded introverts….does it make them feel grown up?..or a place to hide? Phew!!

    The green one has about the right suspension rake. Nice colour too. Did I miss the girlfriend some one else commented upon?

  • I love the look of the car but its ireland lad it will get scratched the fuck out of and the speed bumps in ireland if you dont take em right in a low car u will be left like a seesaw

  • This is why I started all this shit Thanks mate much changed for the better obviously really enjoy your journey and can find myself in it helps a ton to get to be the best version of yourself love your content and your absolute hilarious self ironic Humor keep it up much love from good ol Germany

  • this is my second time watching this video and the first time didn’t click for me as much, but this time it reeeally connected. I’m not done so wtf am i waaaah-ing about.

  • Hi, this is not possible. As someone who’s 25 and been training hard for 10 years, this is easily achieved w/ some cycles, and cycles only.

  • Listen, I’m 16 and I had a pretty decent job all summer long working 38 hours a week making 10 dollars an hour and I baled some hay here and there making 14 dollars an hour. I spent almost all of my money on my car and all I was able to afford was some Raceland coilovers and some rep wheels so can somebody please tell me where in the hell this kid is getting his “Pocket Money” from because I wanna work there. I worked my ass off and I’m sitting over here broke af and this kid is spending pocket change on a Pandem kit and work wheels.

  • If you tried opening your mouth when you talk you wouldn’t sound like you have a 10 IQ and smoked a bowl before you turned the camera on.

  • You must be looking at someone else when you see yourself in the mirror. Smaller or bigger, doesn’t matter, you look very nice no matter 5 kg up or down. Good video, I enjoyed watching it, learned a lot from it, thank You ��������

  • I feel like every couple of months I need to watch this video and center myself again. This video is extremely helpful and your personality just adds the cherry on top. I’ve sent it to some of my friends because it just hits home that much. Thank you so so much for this

  • can a physique similar to this (not exactly the same but slightly near) be achieved naturally if you have bad genetics? with proper nutrition and training

  • ok so i started taking the advice of literally eating what it is that i want, when i want it instead of restricting myself, because of i was at my dream physique i wouldn’t worry about that bc i would have a fast metabolism. so i’ve been eating exactly what i want, when my stomach is telling me i’m hungry, and i’m stopping when i’m full and my body is already changing. i haven’t changed my diet i just changed my eating habits. i also say positive affirmations and tell my body that although i appreciate it for keeping me healthy and functioning, now’s the time to start glowing up. acting as if seriously makes a difference in not only ur looks, but ur mood.

  • Love the build bro! Car looks amazing, and definitely makes me wanna spend some more money lol! But are your fenders rolled or pulled? and do you have any rubbing issues with the 35 offset?

  • Him: So I took it to Adam at Fortune Wraps. If you are ever in the DFW area and need a wrap for anything, he’s your guy.

    Me laying in my bed across the country at 2 AM: thank you Adam. Will stop by in my shopping cart.

  • So Husaberg parted ways with KTM for a couple of years then Husqvarna bought them then KTM bought Husqvarna? Also BMW for a short while owned Husqvarna during this orgy??

    Awesome build guys.

  • Omg…ive lost weight and gained it back so many times and I never thought anyone felt that same. Guilty for losing weight. I was like embaressed for succeeding and was worried inwas making my sisters feel insecure. It like subconsciously sabatoged me

  • In your early days with your curly hair you look like the main character from the old movie “invasion of the body snatchers.” The resemblance is uncanny….

  • You bodied this video. I did not expect all this realness and value you brought with your words. This video really made me feel more confident and appreciate the process of achieving my dream body. Thank you you’re awesome ����

  • Even though he has a lot of accessories a lot of us wouldn’t do, but he does have one of the most memorable and recognizable cars. You see a green frs you know thats him, I think that’s pretty cool tbh

  • Love the video man I just bought a 2019 BRZ. And had to have my dad drive it home for me so I could drive around later in the day to learn.

  • I think his intent was it to be a show car not a race car, if he wanted a race car I don’t think he would’ve gone with the slow frs/brz/86 fam

  • nice colour, but honestly I think it’s way overboard. when your older you will think god was I that stupid thinking this looks good??

  • I personally prefer the stock wing style but it isn’t my car and most people swap it so I assume most agree with your style option with that but sick car

  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful bike! So Good to see an amazing bike rebuild! Amazing work brother! Your boys gotta be stoked with that!

  • Is a shet your chanel i don’t want to see your dance i want to see your work you speek a lot please if you want to be a bloger be that bit no in this chanel.

  • I have so many grammar errors in my blue screen transitions. I’m just now catching it, but I think ya’ll get the point! This is my first time trying this style of video that is just me going off the dome in the middle of the night lol








  • In India if you drive this car.. you’ll comeback home without bumper.. back and front.. even the skirts.. and the chasis will shiny as fuck..

  • “his family have some of the finest modified cars” “he spent all his pocket money” OK. Can you be real here? He has the means and money to do what hes done and thats great…if everyone were in the same situation as him im sure people would love to go ham on their cars.

  • What a throwback! Lol. Car culture really is all about the community, friends, and family you create during the process. All of my best memories revolves around it and you honestly can’t get that same feeling anywhere else.

  • Wow! great job as always Bro…really amazing bike, built with perfect technical contents! It’s always a real pleasure to see your video, full of clear explanations….well done! Alex

  • Great natural body man especially your back muscles! You motivated me to start working out again! Thanks stay safe, healthy and most of all stay flyyy ��✌️��

  • Wow. Never have I ever witnessed a better YouTube video. As a teen who’s on the bridge to overweight, I’ve been struggling so much with the mindset, working out and just trying to wrap my head around life, and I feel like this helped a lot. I’m starting slowly with the intuitive eating even before watching this, but oh does it feel like I’m actually getting a hang on this process. Still got 4 minutes to watch and let me tell you that I’m excited. Anyways, thanks for rubbing some truth in our faces❤

  • These are so awesome to watch, as someone who is getting back into riding these videos make me want to buy a project bike. I just have a pit bike right now but I want a yz250f next!