Transformation Keagan Richards Cuts 80 Pounds


My 80 Pound Weight Loss Transformation (Before and After)

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My 600-lb Life Stories That Ended In Tragedy

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TRANSFORMATION: Jenn’s AMAZING 80 Pound Weight Loss

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How I Lost 80lbs in 5 Months!!! (With Pictures!)

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Insane 80lbs Weightloss Transformation!

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100lb weight loss transformation!

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Video taken from the channel: RepswithRico

Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801 Email: click here. See Jenna Jameson’s post-baby body, here!

She has dropped 80 pounds since giving birth to her third child, Batel, in 2017. The former adult star, 44, shared with fans in a recent #MondayMotivation Instagram post her tips to shedding pounds while on the keto diet. Since beginning the low-carb, moderate protein, and. A number of celebrities over the years have proudly showed off their weight loss success stories, including Jennifer Hudson, Khloe Kardashian, John Goodman, Adele, and more.

Check out OK!’s. Dr. Now wanted her to lose 80 pounds over the course of two months in order to be approved for weight loss surgery.

Lacey was finally approved for the gastric bypass during a future appointment after managing to lose over 105 pounds on her own. By the end of her episode, Lacey weighed 435 pounds, having lost a total of 256 pounds. Immunity to Change is not so much a book about resisting change as it is a book of one’s identity. The authors’ claim is that the reason we are resistant to change is because change challenges one’s current identity and that going through an identity crisis part of growing in leadership. Billy Richards, 25, recorded the time-lapse footage at his home in London.

On his first entry recorded on January 1, 2019, he weighed 17 stone exactly. Rishi Sunak’s stamp duty cuts have sparked a surge in the number of home buyers and prompted an all-out bidding war as people fight to get on the. Mum-of-one Ali Richards, 34, began piling on the pounds during her pregnancy with Kirsten, now 14, and continued to gain weight over the years — until she reached 125kg in 2006.

View pictures of the hottest celebrity bodies, and keep up with the latest trends in celebrity workouts, diets, and fitness on Us Weekly.

List of related literature:

If anyone would show him how he could do better than he was doing, he should be much obliged to them, but to himself it seemed that he was doing sufficiently well; for at the end of the first week the pair found they had made a clear profit of 3 pounds.

“The Way of All Flesh” by Samuel Butler
from The Way of All Flesh
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As he talked with his wife she showed him some photographs from a few years ago of a much slimmer Graham turning out for the pub football team; he also considered how much money he could save by giving up smoking, just like his mate Roy had at work.

“Watson's Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences E-Book” by Mike Walsh, Alison Crumbie, Anna Walsh, Angela McKeane
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By the end of the holiday Osler had regained all of the 21 pounds he had lost during the war, weighed in at 154 pounds, and felt unusually fit.

“William Osler: A Life in Medicine” by Michael Bliss
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But the most significant transformation: He cut his body fat from 18 to 11 percent.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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He will feel better about himself as he takes off pounds.

“Men in Midlife Crisis” by Jim Conway
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His body, indeed, seemed to have lost half its bulk and many inches of stature and breadth, but these were compensated for by the change in his head.

“Decoding Gender in Science Fiction” by Brian Attebery
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The poor lad was only thin and very young I didn’t think it was fair to impose our combined weight on him.

“Tell Me No Lies” by Maxine-Rae Brown
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A few weeks after he turned thirty he paid around £3,000 for a course of liposuction, where around eight pounds offat from his stomach and flanks was sucked out.

“Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin” by Andrew Wilson
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His weight evidently fluctuated greatly at this time, because newspaper articles on the young Hardy had him weighing 350 pounds.

“Laurel & Hardy: A Bio-bibliography” by Wes D. Gehring
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He was better off on thirty bob a week than he had been previously on two pounds.

“Keep the Aspidistra Flying” by George Orwell
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  • I feel you bro in the beginning I lost 20lbs went from 170-150 and still I’m fat I’m just trying to get to 120 and put on some muscle

  • The parents and partners who enable these people. I often feel like they dont want them to lose weight because they feel like they will lose their purpose of taking care of someone and being the only person they have.

  • The worst thing someone can do is eating heavy foods while lying down. Fluid builds up in the lungs. Toxins build up. Lung cancer is a threat to such ones. Or a serious heart attack.

  • I came from Dr Berg’s channel. Well done. I’m starting to take long walks but you have inspired me to lift weights at home, now that my gym is closed. Keep up!

  • Saw your post on Paul Ravelas page and had to check this out. When you did one meal a day how much were you eating in calories? And what time did you eat?

  • Big ups! I was just watching Paul Revela and I’m like how’d dude lose 80 lbs so quick. It’s taking me a little longer lol. I get frustrated but it’s like you said, am I going to do something about it or complain?

  • Looking forward to more videos rico! I’ve just started my IF journey.

    Current weight was 266lbs and I weigh in tomorrow after 1 week.

    Starting with 16/8 and feeling great

  • I think the diet the doctor put you on is wrong. You can’t sustain 1200 calories per day. I think you should eat small healthy meals that include “good” carbs and exercise as well as walk. You look very nice in your video don’t beat yourself up!

  • Great video! Spread the love haha.. 21kg, or 46 pounds in 9 weeks without any exercise! So true you you cant out train a bad diet. I kick started my journey with a 12 day water fast. Now keto for life and Omad 5 days a week. Just started at the gym last week, bring it ����

  • It was an absolute pleasure working with u guys and being able to talk to John! Thank u for sharing my story and all ur support on my weight loss journey ��

  • 1150 is fine because it was the number for her calorie deficit. Which means if she wanted to maintain the weight she started with she would have to intake 1650 a day. She could have a higher calorie number if she wanted but that would mean she would need to increase her workouts.

  • I think the diet itself is not sustainable and that’s where the root of issue lies! Shakes aren’t food. I myself need to chew on things and feel like I’m really eating. Maybe replace the shakes with healthy, portioned meals and you wont feel the need to binge later on. I know exactly what that’s like ����

  • Great video man! I was too a big boy pushing 300lb then something sparked an I lost 100lb in just over a year! Still pushing everyday seeing the scale under 200lb was a huge moment for me aswell. But im no where near done. Keep grinding, This video is very motivating! And you’re looking really good!

  • Good job man! Well done. I have 80 pounds to lose as well. On my 4th day water fasting….also I do keto and omad when I’m not doing full fasts. Keep going.

  • Please, please, plase, don’t go further on protein shakes and start eating food, real food, not procesed food or you’ll never get out of that gaining-looing-gaining-loosing circle.

  • You’re doctor is crazy, losing more then 10 lbs in a single month consecutively will lead to organ failure. No human should realistically ahould be eating under 1200 kcals and 20 net carbs?? This is why you go to a dietitian not a family doctor, they dont give you healthy ways to lose weight that is kept off. My mom had a dr like this and my mother ended up having a stroke. Please go talk to an actual food doctors. 80 lbs in 5 months will kill you.

  • Doing it right to. Controlling the reps is something simple that allot of people don’t do. You can do more in ten controlled reps then these Jack assess throwing weights around like Meatheads. Good job bro. Do it young because your skin don’t bounce back as easy when you’re older.

  • Watch Natacha Oceane… She teaches you how to eat sustainably and not starve yourself. I’m following her advice and have tons of energy and it’s working while I eat properly and workout hard! Keep on keeping on!

  • I think for anyone who goes to the hospital to lose weight should have a guard posted outside their room so that any visitors that comes should be searched for ANY kind of food and to stop it from going into the room since they are on a strict diet.

  • Great job! Everyone is talking about it’s not sustainable but I’m 2 weeks into OMAD Keto myself. You are so motivated that you would probably do well with weight watchers because that diet actually teaches you lifetime portion control…..supposedly. I might do WW after reaching my goal or I might find this sustainable… who knows �� either way congrats! You look great.

  • Subscribed! I’m on a weight loss journey too. Just started this channel. Looking for lots of community support from others on a weight loss journey! If you’re doing the same thing, please sub me, and I’ll sub you!

  • Did you have lose skin anywhere after your transformation? Also, how tall are you? I’m 6’2.5″ and weighed in as much as 340 at one point. I’m on my journey now. Started off a 331 2 and half weeks ago and I’m now 322 pounds.

  • This was a really good watch and it’s great to see you come so far. You have no idea how much of an inspiration you are along side Scotty and what he’s been through. Both of you a good role models and show you can do anything with dedication. It’s people like you that change my life for the better. Thank you ❤

  • I actually clicked this video randomly and the first thing I said “you look like big boy” then I looked at the channel name a second later lmao

  • So what would you recommend for people who have 10-20 mins a day to workout. I’m not really onto the gym rat thing. I’m trying to fight via diet choices and portions. 5’8 and I’m 250lbs. I have a good amount of muscle but lots of stomach bloating from sugar drinks.

  • Sorry if you already mentioned this but did you stick with the two shakes and one meal for the entire five months? I’ve been thinking about this diet but have heard it’s not sustainable. I think this would work out great for me even for few months… I need a boost ��

  • Such an inspiring story! Congratulations to you Jenn for all of your progress so far! Keep sharing your story! John, great job on this episode! Love seeing these every week, keeps my motivation & inspiration up for my weight loss journey!!

  • Hi there, I found a great website for fitness and health, copy the url to browser and replace, by. because ytube doesn’t accept links.: lite,bz/cjcQd

  • Good work, but you should work in a long term balanced diet, once you finish your diet seems like you have the tendency of coming back to old habits. PS: WORK OUT, walking and starving yourself only gets you so far.

  • love jenn!!! and so happy to see her getting the recognition she deserves! shes such a great person and hardworker with a warm personality. love her youtube channel:)

  • Yesssssir! Defintely bouta be tuned in. After our trip to Miami, you had me thinking about my health. I’m detoxing now but once this over imma try the OMAD. Keep up the solid work Black man ����

  • the best advice about working out being super heavy is… dont lose weight to fast and make sure you gain muscle otherwise you will look like a rooster neck

  • So I’m 160 and I am fearful of people thinking I’m overweight (for my height I’m average) but I am just scared that one day I will look like them…

  • Please watch my videos at Martha Woodward Youtube or Tennessee Thrifter Youtube or www. marthasunsphere. blogspot. com (no spaces in address). At age 66 I found the Keto Food Plan on Youtube, put myself on it, and lost 69 pounds in 11 months. I have changed my life in so many ways I can’t even explain it. My son also lost 66 pounds. See my before and after on the above links.

  • Well done Big Boy �� I’m very impressed��. Your absolutely correct,If you want it you have to go after it. Some have a hard time finding the motivation. I speak from experience, but seeing You, Scotty and Matty working hard to get to the spot you all want to be gives me inspiration and motivation to loose this Dad bod and be a better rider. Also the most important be healthy for my family. Keep it up big Dog your a bad ass ��

  • Thank you!! I needed to hear this from someone at my age. I felt like it would be hopeless for me CSU’s wok starting at like 17/18



  • My advice would be: think lifestyle not diet. Whatever you do to lose weight does not need to be fast, needs to be sustainable for the rest of your life. Best of luck!!

  • Should never get married not knowing you love the person. And you can’t love another person when you hate yourself. Sounds like she divorced. Congrats on changing yourself to love who you are inside and out. People can learn more than just weight loss in this story.

  • I would like to know what is the protein shake your take is there a brand name? Thank you for your video it’s very motivating, lots of kudos to you for your weight loss.

  • How tall are you? You don’t look 225. I lost 70 pounds in 2017 and I kept it off for 3 years, I have gained 21 pounds this year and I’m blaming it on the Corona Virus. Being stuck indoors, not working out and eating all the wrong foods. I felt really disappointed with myself, but like you I know I can lose it. I will be following your journey hopefully we can inspire and encourage each other and I know exactly how you feel.

  • That diet is NOT healthy or sustainable. And yes, everyone in the arguments can argue how healthy/unhealthy that diet is. However, I don’t think anyone can argue that it is a sustainable diet. Nobody is going to live the rest of their lives practically starving themselves and only eating one meal a day. That leads to the periods of binges which is why she is having trouble staying “on track.” I don’t mean to beat up on her but this video has over a million views at this point, which means that A LOT of people could potentially be convinced that this is a sustainable and healthy way to lose weight when it absolutely isn’t.

  • Why didn t they gave him his painkillers? Have you never heard, of Substitution for Drug addicts in the US? That means, that an opiate addict get his drugs legally from the doctor, that he can Live a normal live on drugs.

  • Keep it up! Most of my childhood and adult life I’ve been overweight.. Everyone said my health and size was predetermined because if getetics9and social life.. Well, I said fuck it!! I tried intermittent fasting, watched my diet, and exercise. Don’t let anyone stop you. It might sound selfish, but before u can truly love others and life, u must love your body and soul first,, everything else will follow through.. Keep it up,bro. Congrats!

  • Keto Diet Menu: 14-Day Keto Meal Plan for Beginners to Lose 10 LBS! A healthy 14-day keto diet menu and meal plan to reach ketosis, lose 10 pounds in a  two week, and completely transform your body and health.


  • Ive lost 116.5lbs in 1 year and 7 months with out weight loss surgery HOW do you tighten your loose skin?, I do crunches and everything it’s still not where I think it should be.

  • James K is one of the most unlikable people I’ve ever seen, and the same with his partner Lisa, who killed him slowly according to popular opinion. And the way he eats makes me feel sick.

  • The first month, you said you only walked and ate at a calorie deficit. What about the remaining months? Did you go to the gym, do homeworkouts etc? I’m asking cause I weigh about the same and I’m starting my fitness journey

  • If Anyone looking to lose weight quickly. Then you should check this great program, just search Google “kisel body building program”

  • The intro music. Sadie. Slim Sadie. �� I also thought I had a health problem due to my weight gain. You look amazing and healthy. Starting my weight loss journey today!

  • I hit my biggest during quarantine at 236. I came back out into the world in early may and realized that none of my clothes fit well anymore. June 8th was starting day of losing weight and I’m down to 201. All I do is count calories and try to walk 8 miles everyday. My end goal is to hit 155, I hope I can keep pushing.

  • Same here im loosing weight fast, lost 10 pounds in 5 days and counting. Dieting along with 1 hour of exercise everyday really makes a difference. From 200 lbs to 190 lbs in 5 days. Right now im at 186 lbs and im barely gonna make my second week since starting this regimen.

  • I lost 55 pounds in a month on the snake diet. Staying motivated over long periods of time is hard especially with slow results. Would you be willing to be hungry for a month while you shred weight or stick to a diet and restricted eating for a year?

  • Hey, consider reading either on audible or whatever… How not to diet… it’s al about evidence based weight loss. More sustainable and maintainable. I’m currently losing the 70 lbs I gained from having a baby so I feel you

  • Looking good! �� subbed. I’ve been on keto and omad for years coz it makes me feel good! How many calories did you consume at 6’6?

  • Listen following this plan starting today and they didn’t have the pre mixed protein and i so hope it taste better than this powder ������. Boy this shit nasty but I’m giving myself 6 weeks to lose at least 20 lbs

  • It is insane how losing weight changes our face shape. I could not believe how much more attractive losing weight made me appear just by my face alone.

  • Thats great…..u have found
    Something that works for u
    I started vegan August 1
    Yesterday I had a burger and noticed a big difference
    In how I felt……back on the
    Wagon!!!….for me

  • Omg, my body right now looks EXACTLY like your ‘before’. EXACTLY. Same stomach, some shape and everything. This is so motivating to see how far you’ve come; it gives me hope that I can look this good as well. Thanks for sharing xx.

  • Seriously though, idk how lifting weights using your literal back 3:40 ish or so helps at all. In any practical situation where you’re lifting heavy things like that in that position you are squatting down with your legs and lifting with your legs and keeping your back straight as support for the object. Not using the muscles in your back to lift the object while keep your legs slightly bent at the knee. Idk jack shit about weight lifting but I know in real life situations you’ll fuck your back up doing that.

  • The more you move, the more you can eat. I walked as fast as I could (killer playlist that had a tempo of super fast walking) for 2.5 miles a day 4 days a week. Didn’t pay attention to calories after a couple months, was in the rhythm, knew when it was time to quit eating. I drank like a fish but danced until I was dripping sweat on weekends. The dancing strengthened my muscles, gave me stamina. The drinking gave me a break + got to wear heels & my long jeans; feel good also 5’8″, so long jeans + heels = long legs.
    I also worked 7 days a week (liquor store 12-8pm on weekends, went out at 10…) so it paid for the partying. DO NOT allow men to buy you drinks, unless you WANT to be stuck there talking to them for 1/2 an hour. A $6 glass of wine is not worth my time if I am not into him, & we are only out for? 4 hours? Make every minute of fun count.
    Enjoy your looks while you’re young.
    & YES. KEEP AT IT. Things I told myself:

    >> (Self) DISCIPLINE IS EASIER THAN REGRET. [Put that on your wall, along with:]
    >> Do not give up! Do not give in!
    >> I can eat that (? doughnut?) EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. I do not need it TODAY.
    >> (hold your hands out, palms up. Imagine the food you want vs the?? hot guy? cool clothes? Abandoned, Un self-concious sex? The confident feeling at work? whatev. in the other hand.) DO I WANT THIS? OR THIS?

  • Im eating rn and when i saw this i was like “ okay get away food imma give u to my dog i know im SUPER skinny but i dont wanna end up like this”p “ at least my dog enjoyed the food����

  • How did you get rid of love handles and lower back fat. I’ve been dieting for about 5 months and lifting weights for 3. Got a slightly visible 6 pack, broad chest, bigger arms/shoulders, legs aren’t bad either, upper back is good. But that little area just above the hips is so hard to burn off


  • Bad diet. Restrictive diets dont work!!! You will gain weight back. WAKE UP!!! YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR BODY THE WRONG FOODS!!!! Go plant based!!! You eat REAL whole food which are nutritious dense not calorie dense and you can eat until you are satisfied!!! Im sorry, but your diet is bad and not healthy.

  • Giving a person like that fast food is like giving drugs to a drug addict…
    Just feed them healthy! They can’t move anyway. That’s a biggest help u can ever give.

    ..will be here soon….if he
    does NOT make changes
    Damn….Robert 800 pounds
    Has a girlfriend…..but i am
    a 101 pound,42 year old
    Woman..not married &
    SINGLE..what am i doing
    Wrong with my life?!

  • for me it is not love to support people to reach 600 lbs or more….they want get no food if others did not bring it to them….the wind will not blow fat on your body…

  • Since we are into this together, try to walk outside at least 6 k everyday or inside the room back and forth.
    This way even if you gain weight, it won’t be too much.. I know I am saying this and today and yesterday didn’t walk outside because I have exam. but still, if you don’t have exam or anything, walk outside start 6 k and increase until it reaches 15 k a day or more..
    I also think your doctor is not good.
    First, you have issues, not everything is normal, no normal people gain that much weight every time.
    We have issues, either genetic or hormonal.
    Second you should aim to eat around 1500 calories each day and make calories deficit of 500 calories
    anything less than 1200 calories is unhealthy!
    have a balanced diet that you continue as a life style.

  • All of the feels watching this. Love John as the host! All of these people telling their stories are beautiful inside and out. This is so encouraging for me on my own journey, 84 lbs down and counting!!

  • Awesome transformation. I didn’t notice any, but I wondered if he had any loose skin in chest and belly. Also from the looks of it it seems he wasn’t going for any muscular gains so it was probably all unwanted fat

  • To anyone wanting to loose weight please understand you CAN do it and it IS possible! Slowly make your lifestyle change and be happy��

  • I know you’ve had the weight off you for a while now but congratulations on the weight lose, body transformation. You look so sic! I just subscribed to your channel today. I’ve been watching you, Scotty, Matty & Cory on Scottys channel for a little over a year. You guys are hella entertaining and it’s been cool to see your progression on your bike. Enough saidPeace bro

  • Mate! You’re a legend! That’s some impressive transformation. I’m of similar build to you and weigh 182 atm, so hard trying to gain that extra weight. Anyway well done mate, I gota go eat ha

  • Oh man i felt that “looking in the mirror and asking myself: do i change it or do i complain?” 2 years later still keto, still IF best lifestyle and its sooo freeing not eating all the time, goddang i even started to save money��

  • Please share your meals you ate during the starting period then the two month and near the end also you workouts you did!! Did you just do the same meals protein drink everyday for five months? Did you change your workouts?

  • Thanks to your video I’m losing weight.! I was 19 year old at 220 after a full year of negative thoughts I started cutting back and walking and walking I cut down to 198 I am hitting the gym and weighting at 195 it’s very hard but after seeing results you want to keep going!

  • Wow great transformation you wasn’t bad in the beginning.
    But dedication and hard work made you better.
    Blessings and more Blessings

  • Hey there! I am wondering if anyone has seen or heard this program before: I am looking to lose weight before the holidays arrive and I will appreciate anyone”s opinion. Thank you very much I appreciate it.

  • Great video and good job. Im currently in the process of getting below 200 again, so this is great motivation to keep on going. Thanks man

  • Girl no, 1100 calories is starvation. That’s why you keep going back and forth. 1500 is more like a safe caloric deficit. I’m happy you’re going for this but please do it safely.

  • Great content. Awesome channel, we to have a weight loss journey and we will definitely be showing some support hopefully you have chance to check us out. On the road to 100 subs

  • I have lost 40 kg and now after quarantine and too much chocolate I gained 20 kg back but I’m back on track. You got this girl, you didn’t come this far to only come this far <3

  • We need an update ❤

    So I’ve been in the same situation as you multiple times… its yoyo dieting and you will always gain it back and some bc it’s not a sustainable diet.. You need to set your macros, dont worry about the calories, hit your macros. Everyone has their own macro setting. It goes based off activity, age, gender, height. Just Google macros calculators and use the free ones. And try to eat your food. I do half of a primier shake once a day but I eat the rest of my protien. And try to eat clean �� instead of getting your carbs from bread get them from veggies. Sounds boring but you will find ways to enjoy those veggies.

    I’m rooting for you!!!!!!

  • This has been really helpful. Thank you! My weight lost is moving so slow right now. I only lost 5 pounds and I’ve been trying for four week. My potion size is my problem.

  • If you have absolutely no underlying health conditions, how can you let yourself get as far as this and not think there’s something wrong?

  • You re so beautiful and carry a little extra weight really well so don’t bear yourself up if your not at the “ideal” weight. In order for it to be permanent it has to be a lifestyle and if you find that it’s too restrictive you’ll “fall off the wagon” all the time….so allow yourself some flexibility. And remember keep those insulin spikes in check. Insulin is the ENEMY. ��

  • Yo i saw ur comment on dr bergs last video about aging in the face so i decided to see what u were about. Im diggin it and u seem like a cool dude!
    #KeepDoingYourThing #Perfect ��

    Ps. That lighting is cool as hell ��

  • Hello
    I’m 15 and I’m 94 kg, I really hate being fat cause many people just hurt me by saying you are fat.
    I started to loss weight a few weeks ago and I’m trying to keep going and never give up, it’s really very hard but I will just keep going and be the person who I want to be.
    I want to be healthy and happy, I want to love myself and my body.

    this kind of videos give people like me motivation to complete what they started.

  • Please explain to me how these super obese people can afford to grow this fat. None of them seems rich and wealthy, yet they can easily eat 6000 to 7000 calories each day.
    That amount of food must be quite expensive.

  • Great work my dude. I am back up to a extremely high weight. This time I cannot seem to get it together to take it off but lookn st you gived me hope.

  • Congratulations on your transformation!!! That’s an incredible success story! Very few people are able to do something like that, you should be extremely proud of yourself! You look great now, a truly amazing turn-around! Although, it would be extremely interesting to know exactly what you did to achieve such phenomenal results… living a “healthier lifestyle” could mean very different things to different people. Some people think that eating a vegan diet is the way to go, others think they should eat like the carnivore diet, some people think you need to eat six small meals every few hours throughout day, others believe in an intermittent fasting style where you only eat 1-2 times a day within a very short feeding window… others follow ketogenic high-fat diets, and SO MANY others!!! It’s hard for people to live a “healthier lifestyle” when we don’t really know what that even means to people anymore?! Especially with so many people offering advice, and then others offering the polar OPPOSITE advise?! Since you have been one of the most impressive weight loss transformations it would be very interesting to know what you did!

  • Looking at all this junk food make me sick. I might not be slim but i sure as hell will keep myself healthy. Honestly this is no way to deal with depression or any emotional stuff like that

  • Ive been obsessed with losing weight.. I’ve always done it in a unhealthy way so now i’m trying to eat good and exercise and altho food is a big thing in my family. We are also Italian, i do ok.. I have a problem with late night snacking. I do good all day then night comes and i’m “starving”… And when i ate good and exercised for months and only lost 5 lbs i gave up. I’m back at it again and hopefully i start seeing a change bcuz its very hard to carry on when u see no results…

  • I feel bad for them that they could not get help they need died so sad and depressing was there any people the Dr actually helped.

  • I really love these videos and I love this one even more because it’s Jenn! She was one of the first people I started to follow and helped push me into my life change. Started 5 months ago and I’m already down 53 lbs. She’s such an inspiration, just like these videos! XO!

  • I think becoming fat is not just about it being a physical issue the mental part is interesting.

    Many people keep on lying to themselves about it and finding excuses. They do not understand
    that their own brain keeps trying to play tricks against them. This is similar to how addiction
    works, like drug addiction you take heroine, it isn’t making you really better, yet you keep on
    chasing for the rush, and keep on going, having a hard time breaking that cycle. Or alcohol.

    It’s the same with obesity. People don’t seem to always recognize that their own brain
    tries to “reason” in favour of obesity, e. g. all the making excuses part is their own brain
    tricking them. It’s how the brain works. People need to find strategies to cope with that.

    For me what worked best was to not eat early on (yup I tend to skip breakfast), have
    only one regular meal at the middle of the day or a bit later, and then not eat anything,
    excluding a VERY few off-the-book meals here and there if I am too hungry. Drink but
    don’t drink too much (water is by FAR best, but tea may be ok too) and do exercise too,
    regularly. Doing that, keeping at a good weight then suddenly becomes really trivial,
    including occasional overeating parts (it may happen for some people but if you
    know how you can deal with it then it is not a big deal really).

    When you are at 600 lb evidently you have had made MANY mistakes BEFORE that,
    so try to not end up becoming too heavy.


  •! Not affiliated, but the book is free and helped me a lot. Also, a very low carb food plan is imperative for me.

  • Even elite athletes have setbacks… just keep taking care of yourself, continue walking and if you feel like it, try Coach Kel’s barre videos here on youtube

  • So James’s girlfriend was sneaking in food for him when he was having organ failure.?

    So does that mean she wanted him to flat out die or be in pain or something-

    And Henry did everything right, but he was unfortunately taken ;-;

  • OMFG! Ive been watching y’all recently and had no idea. Dude.. BIG boy… You’re absolutely completely fuggin incredible! Fudge! I’m stunned! You’re awesome, man. For real. <-tearing up and shit.. My god/blah... Wow man... Wow! Youre inspiring

  • Where, oh where, does this person get all those chicken wings and fries to chomp on? Someone buys them for him and feeds them to him. Why?

  • I hope whomever is reading the comments sees the people warning against this restrictive ED inducing diet. Yes this diet might make you loose weight but you will also gain a toxic relationship with food that takes WAY longer to shake out of your mind.

    What is commonly known as the ‘Yo-yo diet effect’ is when people restrict themselves to low calorie intake but what you don’t realise is the body will soon naturally crave everything you’ve restricted think of it like an elastic band you keep pulling further and further back, all of a sudden SNAP you will find yourself unable to satiate any hunger aka binge eat (like what this Youtuber has displayed) and put all the weight back on. This is where the self deprecation and blaming yourself for this ‘failure’ but honestly don’t blame yourself if you’ve binged because this is your body forcing you to feed it something, anything!

    1100 is SO below the minimum on what you should be allowing yourself and I use the word allowing as I understand you’ve probably found yourself on this side of Youtube searching for control of yourself in some capacity. My recommendation: focus on eating for health vs eating for weight-loss. As someone who was addicted and lived this lifestyle for the better part of my twenties it’s when I started viewing food as nourishment everything changed. Take the time to research what you put into your body, try move yourself each day in a way that brings joy (I love all the free Youtube dance fitness videos!) and most of all, be kind to yourself x

  • That doctor is freaking terrible. She prescribed you to eat incredibly low calories, and cutting out all carbs is unnecessary. It’s fantastic you lost weight if you’re happy about it, but that speed of weight loss is way too fast.

  • James girlfriend Lisa really pissed me off bc she knew what she was doin. I think �� she was tired of dealing with him. Such a sad situation. Dr Now is the best dr. I jus luv him.

  • The worse ones health, self reliance and appearance, the lower the self esteem. It’s a downward spiral beyond the point of no return.

  • Dude you Scotty, and Trey gotta check this video out. It’s like flatland bmx except on a Fixie in Germany. It’s crazy to watch how talented they are.

  • Congrats on your weight loss! I’m working on losing weight right now and I just posted my weight loss update on my channel! You look great!

  • Keep up the great work. You deserve way more subscribers. Did you ever look into using smzeus?? If I was you I’d use it to help grow your channel!!!

  • When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.
    George Carlin
    More true than ever… and the scariest part is… the shows not over..

  • That’s awesome man. Congrats on your progress. Subscribed. I’m from CHicago as well lol. I’m starting keto and IF tomorrow and gonna work up from 16:8 to warrior diet to eventually OMAD. ��

  • Thank you for being honest about how hard it is to forgo things you love forever and how easy it is to “let yourself go” as society used to put it. I, like mostly everyone, have also wavered on my fitness journey and I also lose my focus amid social opportunities and changes in lifestyle. And don’t listen to any “fatter asses” (Kevin Hart) on the shakes listen to your doctor with only like 12 years of training.

    Besides, because of the workouts and your “health reserve” (Dr. Eric Berg) from eating well for months, even when you put weight back on, it was more flattering and a better distribution over your body.

    Quitting anything food, cigarettes, sugar is more than mind over matter. We now know that willpower is not an infinite resource and when you use it up throughout the day, there can be little left for fitness (that’s why like 90% of nurses are very overweight; you try cleaning up blood and poop for 10 or 12 hour shifts and see how much willpower you have left for cooking and food shopping). It takes a person, on average, several partially successful attempts before being able to fully change. Every attempt is getting you closer to finally sticking it out so good for you for keeping going!!! Failing and trying again can be the hardest task of all.

  • Go see another dietitian. This is not a sustainable diet. You’re on the diet yoyo. NO ONE can eat 2 shakes a day plus a small dinner. 1100 calories are far too little. Please, be safe and don’t feel bad. This diet is designed to fail.

  • To some the show might be very hurtfull for their mental health (gaining some kind of celebrity and so much justement from so many people…)

  • Bless these people who fought and kept going before passing. They are examples that anything is possible and to keep moving forward. Our lives can be cut short anytime and we need to care for our bodies. We only get on shot at life.

  • You’re story’s pretty inspirational overall, but might I suggest a slight calorie adjustment? If you eat too low for too long, your body will adjust and as soon as you begin to eat more “normally”, you’ll gain the weight back. I’m currently doing intermittent fasting with a 1500 calorie limit which allows me to eat about 2 meals and a snack or three full meals a day. I never feel like I’m missing out and it’s actually helping with my relationship with food. I walk as well and primarily focus on burning more calories than I eat, rather than just trying to eat less calories.

  • They just need to do write offs. After you refuse help they write that down do doctors across the country know. Stop helping those who don’t want it and help those who genuinely need AND want it

  • Man you made me think it’s more possible than I thought I’ve made it half way there sittin a 55 pounds lost, I’m at 244 and I’m noticing the difference riding has done as well and I’m glad I drifted back into bmx and seen this super inspirational bro frfr.

  • Quest thank you so much for sharing this video and thank you Jenn for sharing your inspiring story! I can relate to how others influence our habits. I am thankful to be reminded that we all have our success stories and that it is important to remind ourselves how hard we work to go through a transformation journey!


  • I can’t relate to food addiction but I can relate to addiction as a smoker. It is so so difficult and if you can’t fix whats beneath the addiction you’ll likely fall apart all over again. Food is so tricky because you can’t live without it. You can live without smokes, booze & drugs but not food.

  • How sad that James Bonner took his life. He did so well losing weight, but he couldn’t starve off the demons that were haunting him. Hope he found peace.

  • I’m confused tho, what’s your trick to get your skin to tighten up, I’m 17 I went from 280 to 205 in 5 months because of football and then wrestling season along with going on a strict diet. After losing almost 80 lbs I still looked like the 280lb me because of how much loose skin I had. I could get away with wearing tighter compression clothing and look much slimmer, but shirtless I still looked the same. It’s been another 4 months since my lowest and I still have lots of loose skin and I’ve built up to 220lb with lots of muscle but it doesn’t show.. you look lean as hell but I don’t see how you do it. My bench is max is 300 squat is 315×6 and my clean pr is 225 for 2 but I still look fat as hell. Any ideas

  • Wow! It seems like you have no loose skin (as I’m worrying about in my journey) I started at 5’8 230lbs and have a goal of 160. How old are you? I’m very relieved from seeing your success with the skin bouncing right back!

  • I mean I’m not 600lb but I was sick of eating like shit so I decided to start doing something about it. I started exceeding and eating better and I’ve lost 14 pounds and I’m not anytime soon lol❤️

  • I love it when Dr. Now calls his patients out on their victimhood and lies. It’s difficult watching them shove an entire large pizza into their mouths while washing it down with a soda and listening to them narrate that they have been working really hard and following the diet. But like all addicts, their lives aren’t going to change without first weathering the storm. Wishing them all the best and cheering them on their journeys

  • Sadie, I think you’re gorgeous and I hate to see you in pain over “failing.” You did not fail, you did not “do bad.” Please know that you can aim to lose weight, but having gains does NOT make you a bad or an inadequate person.

  • I use to be in very good shape. Worked out all the time. Now I’ve gained 40 pounds and overweight ��. How did u stop the sugar withdrawals?

  • They should make thèm work on mental health first. That’s why it doesn’t work for all of their patients. It’s not about wieight or even eating first. It’s about coping with dépression and probably abuse.

  • These people need large amounts of veggies and fruits…forget the 1200 calories. They clearly need regular hypnosis to make them feel ill after one plate full of food. Forget the stomach reduction surgery.

  • I love this series! I’ve been on my weight loss journey for about 6 months now and I have lost 60lbs! I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring. I have found a new light and I have so many goals for my future now, I plan to continue losing weight and my personal training certificate, specializing in weight loss!

  • How the hell do people do this to themselves. Stop saying “they eat for comfort”……they are eating to punish themselves for what others have done to them and that is EFFING RIDICULOUS.
    Stop self hating and start respecting yourself. Shovelling all that food in does NOT make you calm or ease the pain or numb the infliction or erase the memories. IT JUST MAKES YOU UGLY FAT.

  • I’m so happy! I finally found someone with the same body shape as me. I’m 13 and 220. It’s always been a struggle for me but I’ve made changes so many times but I really need to try harder. Thank you

  • Have you tried losing the weight just with a reduction in calories without changing your diet. The protein shakes does not sound sustainable long term.

  • I don’t think it is your fault that you have gained weight back at times. I think that your body is honestly telling you that you need to eat alittle more. 1150cals makes your body think it is in starvation mode and it will cling onto any fat that you have for dear life. This is just something to consider:) I did the same exact thing in attempts to loose weight and I noticed a big difference when I actually increased my cals (scary I know!) but still was in a small defect and my body began to trust me again and it let go of the weight

  • Hey there again. Got back to the gym a day after Christmas. It has been two months since I last went. I got a good solid week on of workingout. My diet has improved. I need to count calories or food journal but one step at a time. You vid really gave me some motivation. I am tired of being fat. I work hard in the gym but then get derailed. Do you got more vids?

  • I originally lost 35 lbs. on strict keto & maintained it for years. I am doing lazy keto right now & am actually gaining weight. No exercise over this winter, but I need to reverse this right now! I gave away all my larger clothes & I am not going to buy a new wardrobe. Time to get disciplined. I have been thinking about going OMAD, but was worried about hunger pangs. Thanks for the inspiration Rico!

  • THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! ❤️❤️❤️This was my first YouTube video & there will be more to come EVERY WEEK✅ Also please drop video ideas & questions about fat loss or muscle gaining in the comment section below!✨We all are just ONE STEP CLOSER to our goals, so let’s achieve them together! TRUST THE PROCESS��

  • I started my weight loss journey in 27th June 2016 and lost 85 pounds since then I have both hypothyroidism and PCOS it is possible if you have will.

  • Im exactly 248 Pounds and have failed miserably to shed the weight, my Goal is to lose 60 pounds. How did you start your Journey and keep the weight off

  • I’m on this journey now man… 44 y.o. always had a ‘beer belly’ and always ate and drank all the foods I shouldn’t… Started low carb and OMAD 3 weeks ago and joined the gym for the first time in my life and have gone from 94kg (209lb) to 89.5kg (197lb)… Already looking better than I have my whole life. Keep up the good work brother. Peace from Australia.

  • Oh yeah. I remember the Assanti brothers!!! As I remember watching. Steven wanted attention, he wanted his dad to out right take care of him like a little kid!!

  • I use to weigh 310 lbs and I’m down to 190 now after 2 years. This video really motivated me to get rid of the last of my belly fat. The journey has been very difficult mentally aswell as physical but it’s good to know I’m not all alone

  • Found you from dr. Berg!! I’m excited to follow your journey I lost 70 pounds myself looking to lose 10 more!! Extremely motivational ��������

  • I identify alot with you, i am 5’8 weighted 273 when i started at the beginning of this year today i am 213, my goal was 180 before years end but ill be happy if i get close, it will just take a little longer to get there. Thank you for making this video