Transformation Kayla Branthoover Cuts an incredible 100 Pounds


How I Lost 30 Pounds In 100 Days Transformation

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Natasha’s INCREDIBLE 185 Pound Weight Loss TRANSFORMATION

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Ruzele’s INCREDIBLE 100+ Pound Weight Loss Transformation!

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Transformation: Kayla Branthoover Cuts an Amazing 100 Pounds! Transformation Stats; Before: After: 05/21/2015: 12/16/2015: 340lbs: 240lbs: Instagram @Kayla_rae26: What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? Before my transformation, my life consisted of no exercise and heavily eating junk food.

At least 2-3 times a week I would eat fast. Transformation: Kayla Branthoover Cuts an Amazing 100 Pounds! Unhappy with how she looked at 340 pounds, Kayla dumped the junk food and Mountain Dew and lost an amazing 100 pounds. Read now July 18, 2018 Steve Shaw 10 Best YouTube Fitness Channels to Watch in 2017 Tune into the best that YouTube fitness has to offer. Today I am talking all about how I lost 100 lbs!

I will be sharing my whole fitness and weight loss journey, including some hard times. Kayla Nelson 779,463 views. Later 1,891,877 views. 4:41. AMAZING 100 POUND WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION Duration: 6:36.

CCC Why I Don’t Have LOOSE SKIN After 100 Pound Weight Loss WITHOUT. After feeling unhappy with my mental and physical state, I decided to do Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout program and adapt mindful eating tools to completely change my lifestyle—and lose 42 pounds. IG:@MyAdventuretoFit I’ve lost almost 100 pounds!!!

I never “dieted” I focused on a lifestyle change. MEAL PLAN NOW AVAILABLE MY SUPPLEMENTS FOLLOW ME ON IG @. Micha thinks she’s about 55 kg (121 pounds) now, although she’s not 100 percent sure since she doesn’t own a scale. “Weight loss wasn’t my number-one priority.

Between the months of September-December 2011 I lost 4 pounds. At 184 pounds, size 12. I discovered the workout called Insanity.

In January 2012 I started the most dramatic transformation my body has ever seen. I now weigh 163 pounds and wear a size 6. I have lost a total of 93 pounds. Along with teaching Zumba I also can add teaching cycling. You don’t need weight loss surgery to lose nearly 200 pounds.

And Jose Cabrera is proof. The 33-year-old started out at over 400 pounds and is currently at 228. When he began his weight-loss journey, his “ultimate goal was to never feel helpless ever again.” After his transformation, he’s found that he “gained so more than just reshaping my body. Hi Guys!

I apologize for the quality of the footage from Day 1 to Day 90.:( My hard drive with all my files crashed a few days ago and the only footage I had was low res:(.

List of related literature:

In six months she’d lost 65 pounds and looked pretty terrific, all curves and interesting angles where once there’d been only mounds of flesh.

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In her first year nervosa (purging type) is defined by the following four of dieting JC’s weight dropped from 115 pounds to 88

“Psychology for AS Level” by Michael W. Eysenck
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She was doing beautifully and had already lost fifteen pounds when she abruptly stopped losing weight.

“Reprogram Your Subconscious: How to Use Hypnosis to Get What You Really Want” by Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C.H.
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At the start of treatment she was bingeing and purging, and her BMI was 15.1.

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On the initial continuum, she rated herself at 0%; this is not unusual for a client struggling with an eating disorder.

“Handbook of Treatment for Eating Disorders” by David M. Garner, Paul E. Garfinkel
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She had first lost weight at 14 years of age, losing for about 6 months before her parents considered treatment consisting of hospitalization aimed at weight restoration.

“The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry, Seventh Edition” by Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A.
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Even when she is at a somewhat normal weight, Marya still laments that “I have not become a noticeably less intense person.”

“A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue” by Wendy Shalit
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She gradually lost about 25 pounds, but she exercised about two hours daily to help achieve this loss.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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In her mind, if she starved herself and did a ton of cardio, she would lose the weight and achieve her ideal physique.

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She used purging (two to four times each week) and daily ingestion of two over-the-counter diet pills to control her weight so that it was within the normal range for her height.

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • where the he’ll are all the episodes of Inside Quest with Tom?? why were they deleted? it’s a waste of human effort and knowledge!!!

  • This is an amazing video. Thank you for sharing. I’m in the same boat in so many ways!! Good luck in all you do! I hope to be in the after club with you soon

  • This was a beautiful video with an incredible message. Thank you for making it. I had never thought about it that way. I have always struggled with weight and have done a million diets as well. I like the thought of being appreciative of what my body can do and treat it better rather than punishing it. Such a simple concept but life changing. Thank you for sharing!

  • You look gorgeous with or without the extra weight! You have definitely Inspired me though. My weight has gotten to the point to where I have just lost control of it and given up. At the point to where I just dont care because I absolutely know how to lose weight, but I have been up and down with my weight most of my life and I’m just so tired of it. I havent had the motivation to lose it because i know it’ll just come back eventually. But after seeing you in this video, it’s really encouraged me. You and I have so much in common. I had stage 4 endometriosis along with PCOS and had to have a hysterectomy before i even got married and am not able to have children and it kills me. But i still have hope of being a mommy one day. Thank you for putting yourself out there. You are amazing! (P.S. your teeth are PERFECTLY white! What’s your secret?)

  • You’re doing so well. I also have endometriosis. I’ve been able to get to my weight where I want but I do find I’m constantly bloated, like constantly have a bit of a preggo belly ( to the point where I’ve always been asked even tho I’m quite small) Have you had any issues with that?

  • I’ve always admired your beauty… you surely do look like a top model… now you look ethereal… my first thought was ‘Snow White’

  • Awesome work mate, awesome work. I’m 58 pounds into my weight loss journey and that video right there has motivated me to keep on the right path. Inspiring.

  • First of all, congratulations on 10 months of sticking to your plans and losing weight! You look wonderful! Could you please do a video about your current exercise routine and what it was 10 months ago when you started. Also, how your exercises evolved and how you decided on which exercises to do. Thank you very much! I need to lose about 60 pounds and you are my inspiration! I started restricting sweets and portion control but I am not exercising yet. It’s hard with extra weight:(

  • I wish….Gosh how I wish I could give that beautiful heart of yours everything you’ve tried so desperately to give it NOW-and yet,I still believe you WILL have the beautiful blessing of being a Mama..and oh how blessed that baby will be to have your love. You honestly are like a magnificent rainbow after a loud storm…when you smile-the world smiles. I smile.
    I can’t tell you why and I can’t tell you when but I can tell you that your journey has changed many lives-including mine. And I have faith that the God we worship has a plan for that journey you’ve travelled and it’s worth every tear..every heartache..every sleepless night and one day,you’ll know that too.
    Thank you for showing me that a real friend can be someone you’ve never met and we as women, are so damn lucky to know have that. I love you and remember EVERYTHING IS FOR SOMETHING. Hold on….the best is yet to be. ����

  • One day we will meet and I will hug you so hard!
    I feel so honored to know you. You are so beautiful inside and out. I pray every day that all my friends who are still waiting for their baby will have their heart’s desire come true.
    Love to you and Stu,

  • Thank you soo much for sharing your weight loss story!! You look AMAZING!!! I have been struggling really hard on trying to get on this journey of just being able to eat better but, I fail everyday������������ My fitness level has been great because I have been in a group of sole sisters and have been committed to complete 2019 miles in the year 2019. And I have been doing good with that but, my body still eats whatever it wants and there is just no structure and routine. I don’t know how to eat better and snack better. I mean, I know what’s good to eat and what’s bad to eat but, my body always steers to the bad foods that are not great for my body!! Every time I start my journey, I do good and then after a couple of days I deteriorate. Please if you can share any tips or make a video on what you eat in a day, that would be very helpful. I just need help, because I’m stuck and I want to feel better and not so groggy. You are such an INSPIRATIONAL woman!!!! And I look up to you!!! ❤��❤��

  • how do you stay motivated??? i want to be healthy, but sometimes i let other voices of other people get in the way, and i lose hope. i want to lose weight…but im afraid ��

  • When I was 23, I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. I lost every hair on my body. When I first seen this woman here, I said to myself, “she’s a cancer survivor” because I had her same hair-do! Lol. 4 years cancer free now, and starting my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 80 pounds through being extremely sick from chemotherapy. So, that’s a start?

  • you look healthy and happy! Awesome Job I know it’s not easy. I’ve only ever had to loose weight 1 time and that was after my 70 lb pregnancy gain. I lost the weight the same way eating good foods and hitting the gym. I’ve only been doing yoga for 6 years now it’s amazing.

  • You are beautiful…inside and out. This video and you are such an inspiration to me. I haven’t been through what you’ve been through but I feel like i’ve been going through some sort of depression because of the things I’ve gone through in the last 10 years. I think I’ve been using food to make myself feel better and I want…and NEED to make a change. Thank you for sharing your story ❤

  • I was petite my whole life and was always insecure so I ate my way up to 220 pounds. You are so bomb sis and you and some other beautiful women on YouTube have given me that push to tone up and lose some of this weight. God bless you ��

  • This was so great to watch!! Thank you for sharing. I noticed that I have been cold too… I used to never be cold. Does this mean I’m losing fat?

  • I hardly ever comment on videos but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what your lipstick is!!!!! You look great! I’m moving out with my boyfriend and going to try to lose 40 pounds.

  • Lexi my Super Star. I am beyoind proud of your accomplishments. I am so grateful to God for you. I look forward to see what else God has for you. Beautiful inside out. To God be the Glory. ������ You did it. ���� Carter

  • I’m so proud of you! In the face of incredible pain, you were brave and strong and you didn’t give up. You’ve done so much work and accomplished so much all by making small decisions one day at a time. I am so inspired! For real, you have a calling to be a real health coach. Not the ones who just try to sling shakes, but actual transformations for people who are living with things that aren’t always perfect circumstances. I would for sure hire you! Congratulations on all of your hard work! It’s been amazing to watch you win at this over and over!

  • Thanks so much for sharing Ruzele’s story on your channel! I’ve been watching her for a couple of months now and she just amazes me. She’s such an inspiration.

  • Thing about weight loss is, you find out who your real friends are and who was just there around you to make themselves look better. Once you’re no longer the “fat and ugly “ friend all of a sudden the accusations of “you think you’re all that “ “ you actin different “ “you think you better than somebody “ start showing up from your ‘friends ‘ ����‍♀️

  • You look absolutely beautiful and I love your philosophy of being kind to your body and mind. In a sense, I think you are thanking your former self every day by treating yourself with kindness and respect.

  • You are so beautiful inside and out. I love your perspective about being kind to your body instead of “punishing” yourself with different diets. I am 54 years old, and NEED and want to make changes. I have tried everything…I have 50 pounds to lose. Thank you for sharing your story! ♥️

  • Did you get caught off guard with DST starting? Went to bed at what I thought was 12 and was rudely woken up 4 hours later for my 7 am rehearsal with my church \m/

  • Thank you thank you thank you. This vlog has made me rethink how I’m doing this whole weight loss. You always look amazing and well done. I’m going to lisen to my body now. Love your vlogs and how open and honest you are x

  • What a beautiful video❤️ I loved the way you talked to your body because it’s so true! Our bodies do the most amazing things! I am currently 6 months pregnant with a baby girl after almost 15 yrs of infertility ���� I know you will one day too get your miracle ����You are such a beautiful person and I’m not just talking about physically. SO INSPIRATIONAL!! God bless ����

  • This is so inspiring. My Grandma has diabetes and takes about 10 to 12 medications for it and other problems. I scored a 6 on a lab test where 6.5 indicates diabetes. I am losing weight slowly, but I am hoping I never become diabetic.

  • Girl these photos told a whole story without you having to say a single word. This journey is full of ups and downs gains and losses. I love the transparency here. I’m currently working on documenting my journey as well. Photos are everything! This is amazing! Great job.

  • Best wishes to all on their weight loss journey. Moringa powder is great for PMS and menopause and weight loss. It is all natural and packed with minerals. Such as iron and zinc and calcium. Place the moringa powder in a bottle of water and drink through out the day. Try the moringa seeds for cleaning up the organs. Best wishes again.

  • I have a similar body type so i been looking around to see who i can compare so when i loose weight, i don’t want loose skin, you give me hope, because most of my weight is mostly on my bottom half… so it is possible to lose the weight i have without much damage. �� I have been so paranoid about having loose skin and trying to figure out how to avoid it when I do go down. Great video!

  • You said many of the things I have said also about thinking you were fat when you weren’t, yo-yo, the vicious cycle of dieting and eating/binging, and the many different diets. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • GIRL!!!! This hit me hardin a good way. You are so initiative, thank you for making these videos. You know you hear ” I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT” But until you hear it at the right time with the first person your not gonna do it. You are that person i needed to hear at this right time! SO THANK YOU!!!!

  • Any video with the words weight loss instantly gets a thumbs up before it even starts. I know and hate the struggle but love the reward!

  • Listening your body! It’s a skill that we as society have thrown in the trash and forgotten how to do, with all these diets and weight loss programs! Re-learning how to listen to your body can be so hard, because many of us haven’t done that since we were babies. Congrats to you and I hope you continue to inspire and educate on this subject!

  • These fatty vids are all the same. Start with some wanky guy singing a shit tune then fade in the pics. Look, you still look terrible! Ok better than before but I wouldn’t be seen dead if my body looked like yours. Cover it up until it’s ready bro ffs.

  • This is exactly (almost)…how I lost my 70 pounds almost two years ago. When people ask me how I did it, they don’t really like my answer either…I guess it’s not exciting enough…lol. Basically I listened to my body and stopped giving it more than it needed.

  • Who ever put thumbs down is a giant @$$hole because you never see people working out like this too lose weight. Seriously you worked your @$$ off to get insane unlike other people how just lift weights because that is how you really work out.

  • A great motivational video, but what has helped me the most is this amazing training system, wow, I developed very fast following what you say in this course, I’m very happy with the results, be happy you too and get great results, you don’t will regret

  • Hi John. I think you put the wrong channel link for Ruzele. An old channel with only a few liked videos from 8 years ago is what comes up

  • You are the strongest woman I know, oh my goodness what a journey. I love that you chose to give your body a joyful transformation, that must make a tremendous difference to almost punishing it into shape. And wooow, your eyes are so amazing girl I think they are more radiant now than ever! PS) would you consider a hair tutorial? Because those are curls to perfection!


  • I have been following your journey for a while and it is wonderful to see your confidence really shining through in this video. Your hard work has really paid off and you (and Stu) look FANTASTIC! It is so amazing to see your journey, I can only imagine how it must feel for you to look back and see far you have come. Wishing you all the best as you continue on your journey to grow your family!

  • Congrats on almost reaching your goal…….Despite everything you were able to pick yourself up dust yourself off and embark on this journey of spiritual, mental and physical health. You both were really cute when you were first married…….Straight out of one of those 90’s Rom Coms ������

  • Ah you made me all teary when you started getting teary eyed! You’ve been through SO much and should be so incredibly proud of how far you’ve come, in more ways than one!! I swear you should be a motivational speaker! I love your advice and outlook the way you trained your mind to focus on nourishing your body & giving it the care it needs. So true, for everyone to keep in mind! We often forget how precious and amazing our bodies are. I’m going to show this video to Tim when he gets homeI think it’ll really benefit him hearing your words of wisdom! Congratulations beautiful lady you are looking radiant ✨✨✨

  • Your a beautiful person inside and out and even when you were a little huggable still a beautiful person you’ve been through so so so much but you’ve come out the other side a stronger and more confident woman much much respect to both of yous and hopefully yous both get your end goal a child

  • Am so proud of u. it so hard to lose weight…an easy to enjoy fryed chicken,corn bread,burgers, and other foods that’s so good we dnt want to let go…u really showed the world u dnt have to have all those tummy tucks,booty objection,to look beatuiful…just working out an cut n back…Am very proud of u..keep up the good work an u always been beatiful…now u more beatiful inside an out….

  • I’m so proud of both of you. You started something very hard from a very hard time in your life and you didn’t stop even when life got in the way. Congrats!

  • It’s not your inabilities that matter most,it’s your abilities.
    Believe to Achieve.
    The only person holding you back from success, is the one staring back at you from the mirror.

    Much Love and Appreciation to you both. ❤❤��

  • You are such an inspiration! You look amazing! Ive always thought you were so beautiful. Im with you on the painful emotions with miscarriages. Ive had 3 in 3 years. Ive lost 35 lbs on keto in the past few months and Im losing focus. Depression does that. Food comforts me. Im not proud of that but its the truth. I havent been this low in weight in 12 years so I dont want to gain it back. I hope this year is better. I hope we get our babies!! Much love!

  • Thanks Lexi! Your Testimony is my motivation I so needed this Today and I’m so excited to start my journey. Can you do me a favor and upload videos on what exactly you eat in a typical day.

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  • I know you don’t know me, but I’m so proud of you. I cried throughout this whole video and I teared up yesterday watching you and Stu cross the finish line of your 10K also. You guys are my biggest inspiration ♥️ what you just said about not punishing your body any further really resonated with me. Thank you for always showing realness and being such a great role model

  • First I want to thank our father God creator of heaven and earth For allowing us to breath and keep reminding us that every day is a new beginning!!!Thank you for being such an inspiration there is never a beginning to the everlasting happiness in our own skin❤️ it Not by coincidence I visited and subscribed to your channel Yes God gets all the glory every second of it!!!!your are such a beautiful testimony Lord it is life changing blessings to you and your family you’ve change many lives and including mine I know you feel it!!!! Wow You look amazing rock it beautiful woman �������� Thank you sister I’m just loving �� my journey the Best is yet to come I will continue to surf the web for Beautiful inspiring souls like you!!!! Look forward to watching more of your beautiful videos ��

  • Hey. Amazing vid. But is shows you working out hard… how important is your diet? Especially if your working out hard? I see lots of training clips but nothing on their diet?

  • This is pure motivation!! I’m currently on my Weight Loss journey and just started my channel. Watching this gives me more inspiration, and a closer realization to the fact that it can be done and will! Thank you for this ����

  • This video has inspired me so much, I recently started my weight loss journey again, it would mean the world if y’all could leave some encouragement on my first video!

  • The joy in your face, in the progression of weight loss photos…breathtaking! Your smile got brighter! “I decided to treat my body like a friend.” You can tell you are a fantastic friend! That is a priceless quote! Loves!!!

  • Hey Man Just wanted to Say thanks for the extra motivation to transform my body into what i want it to be! i recently started my own channel to record my journey from beginning to end and im also trying to motivate people to do the same. Love watching you at Darkside by the way, the Awesome Combo of star wars and a gym is mindblowing, wish i had one where i live. anyways thanks again and keep the content comin!

  • can’t wait to lose my weight and unleash the pear �� shape curves that i am blessed with. thanks for the motivation and the inspiration ♥️��

  • I stay watching your videos for motivation. IM 10LBS FROM 100LBS LOST now..ill post my transformation soon I hope you watch!! You are pure motivation��

  • hi this is a great informative video this has helped me a great deal with my weight loss however also with this help i have also forun this weight loss product and together with the exercise and healthy eating because i find it difficult to walk at this time so i tried this helping me to get past the weight loss plato i have placed a link below for you people like me who find just doing exercise alone is not working fast enough hope you try it and you can get back to me and have a chat as i am finding it very difficult to lose the weight on my own please check out you will be very happy with these results thanks for your time jimmy
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  • What a beautiful journey!!
    I’m documenting mine as well!!
    I love the photo of you siting in the gym with your ankles crossed.
    It looked like you were accepting the lifestyle change and realizing yes I’m doing this thang right!
    Way to go!!

  • This is very inspiring, especially since i am just starting out myself. Wish i know how to get a buddy to help like she has her boyfriend. Goal 1 Im admitting i need help and now i am going to just do it

  • You are truly inspiring and I just love your perspective. I am going to work on getting this mindset I’m so sick of feeling like I’m either on a diet or out of control.

  • Amazing job. Im on my journey now. This is very motivating. Im curious tho? What were the exercises you did? And did you have to deal with loose skin after losing so much weight? Thats what im scared of is going to happen to me…

  • You look amazing! Your weight loss journey is so inspiring. I have been following you for over a year and came across your channel while I was struggling with infertility. I wish you guys all the best you guys deserve it!!

  • You did a great job and look amazing… I’m starting my journey today and this popped up in my recommendations ���������� thanks for the inspiration

  • I loved the interview! Thank you for linking her channel because she’s at the exact same weight I am now and I’m still only a couple months in. Thanks for great content John, Keep up the great work!

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  • Can I just say you were gorgeous then and you’re gorgeous now! I do love seeing your face light up with pure happiness it looks good on you. Keep making yourself happy! ������

  • I finally took the initiative last year and I’m down 13kgs since and today morning I’ve hit my lowest weight in a whileeeee 74.9kgs now 12 more kgs to go

  • Optifast tastes like cardboard, but it’s a part of the weight loss surgery program here in Ontario, they have us use Optifast to help shrink our liver so that when they are in there altering the stomach they won’t have to deal with an enlarged fatty liver as well. Ruzele’s story is inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s great when you see the numbers on scale drop, but after weeks of not seeing it drop, you get dissolutionized and un motivated. I went from 320 to 270 in 6 months, then hit a Plato there for about 4 weeks, i lost motivation and interest and gave up, went backbto 300….. i always tell myself, only if i would have kept going….. I’m determined to start once again, let’s see how it goes.

  • good on you fella
    starting my own journey in 3 days
    think i will do a video to inspire others and give everyone in doubt some hope
    i have probably watched 100 videos plus in 5 days and only 2 have hit me hard
    you are 1 of them
    all the best for the future

  • Girl u had a body while heavy! I’ve lost 70lbs so far I have tons to go! Thank you for the inspiration. U look amazingly beautiful

  • My ex and I found a GREAT weight loss foundation. She lost 30 pounds in 5 weeks. This has helped so many people and will help many more!
    If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me! Thank you

  • So inspiring, I’m Starting my weight loss journey alone. I wish that I had someone to start with. But, after watching this, I KNOW i can do it alone. thanks.

  • @Olivia Patrice girl I am glad I ran across this video I remember you wrote me back I asked were you way bigger because I could see much to lose maybe a little belly but who don’t…. phenomenal job ���� you are so freaking pretty both ways Sis I am about to BINGE watch all your videos this is amazing….. Baby them hips are for keeps ���� you’re perfect ����

  • Inspiring. I need to lose at least 100 pounds or else one of these days I’m not going to be able to get out of bed. I look and feel terrible I need to do something.

  • Wow, that’s great. Good for you? Just have a question about extra skin. Did you have issues losing it and did you do certain exercises for that?

  • Thank you so much for sharing! It would be really interesting to hear more about what you’re doing to boost your energy and motivation and fight those more intense cravings during the lower parts of your cycle. I experience the same slump after ovulation and I have a really hard time getting motivated again..

  • Super important and one of they key tips: “figure out what the emotional trigger is and work towards satisfying that”.
    I have been under extra stress this past week and have to keep reminding myself to not look to food for the answer, because it is not there.
    This is a great video. I have found as well, that you need to work on understanding yourself and your habits to learn to be healthier. You are right! Just listen to your body because nutrition gives you energy for your body and your mind. Processed garbage sugar will just make you feel depressed and sluggish.

  • Your vlogs are always so touching, I’ve cried on so many vlogs for that girl and given so many hugs and sent so many prayers and here you are like a phoenix, Im so beyond proud of you. You look amazing, your skin looks amazing and those aren’t called wrinkles they are laughter lines, wrinkles are there without screwing up your face!! You are looking so young, wow 70lbs down thats 5 stone thats what I have to lose. Congratulations you’re both amazing ❤️

  • Okay you are a freaking rock star! You’ve fought through so much pain and heart ache and allowed it to make you a stronger and better person!!! Also, I hear you on the wrinkles! I’m seeing them too!! ����‍♀️

  • “I have collarbones” Haha.. i felt that way too even though i didn’t loose as much as you did, you see yourself differently:D you look soo pretty:) and healthy too

  • now try doing all that out door activity in the UK and see how far you get. Anyone can lose weight if you have a team of people telling you what to do and when to do it.

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  • Now is when the Steroids should be used. Just some Test E or C and you will have the true full transformation. All that loose skin will be gone when is full of rippling muscles.

  • John went into shock when she said she only ate 800 calories. He did everything he could not to judge her but he was clearly stunned ��

  • More sunshine in the park…just watched Jules new vid: ) I can so relate! I was over 300 lbs due to Lithium & dated a feeder but at that weight I gave up on weight loss in 2005-6. Am 170 now still losing but at plateau. Discovered HIIT workouts so will rock that. Any Rx meds can cause massive weight gain. Great progress both of you! Staying positive about your journey & mindful of food is key to maintaining weight loss.

  • You look so beautiful and healthy!! I too have noticed such big changes in my energy level and cravings depending on where I am in my cycle. It’s so much harder for me to resist snacking on the couch following ovulation. I would love to hear what you have learned in your research!!

  • I started my weight loss journey 9 months ago and today I reached 50 pounds lost. I hope to loose 180 pounds in total! A lot of the time I feel frustrated because I’m not loosing it as fast as other people have, but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing it at my own pace, learning how to deal with my binge eating disorder and it’s not a race! It’s a lifestyle! I’m going to reach my goal!! I know it! And hopefully i will get to meet you and share my story too �� You helped me start my journey, so thank you John!

  • I can see allowing yourself unlimited vegetables, but not unlimited beans. It’s great that she lost weight but she has done it in an unhealthy way. Restricting to 800 calories a day is never a good idea. I didn’t hear her mention an exercise plan. Hopefully she will continue to follow your channel and learn better eating habits and establish an exercise plan. Kudos to het for sticking with it despite some obstacles.

  • Hey John I want to lose weight and I started counting calories and going the the gym but I’m a little confused how much my daily intake should be

  • You are so motivating! I am 57 and have to yo dieted all my life. I take medication that causes weight gain and physical issues that keep me from exercising hard. I hit my top weight and needed to lose 40 lbs. It has been slow going and discouraging. I’ve lost 8 lbs in 2 months. Your perspective and journey over 10 months has me motivated to keep going. I followed you when you were on your infertility journey but would love to see more weight loss videos. Thank you. Heading to my treadmill now.

  • That is so awesome the way you look at and describe the weight loss journey. Healing your body is such an amazing way to look at it. You are helping so many with sharing this journey!

  • I also tried a diet of shakes, bars and soup but ended it because my body craved real food.But if it works for you then go for it:o)

  • I just did my first workout in my weight loss starting today! I weigh 300lb and I lost weight before but I got too comfortable and began eating again, now I’ve gained back more than twice what I lost before. You’ve really motivated me to start up again and do this for life!

  • Girl if I could take the fat u lost,I would put it on me.U look amazing.U did then and u do sure u did it for u and thatsxwhat counts.kerp up the good work.

  • Will check out her channel for sure, I struggled with those shakes etc as it works but I felt so awful after 6 months every time I ate whole food it made me sick! She’s done a great job though and happy she is eating more food now:) looking amazing!!!

  • I need help i think i’m hurting my metabolism…my tdee is 2900 kcal per day and i eat as much as i can and i still eat around 1500kcals at max… is it bad and if it is should i eat more for 2 weeks then eat less and less or what?Btw it’s been 4 weeks sincr i started i always feel good and not bad sometimes with low energy but that’s when i train a little more and i already went from 90.3Kg to 87.7Kg if that can help…

  • Of all the things that could make me cry…
    …would you believe it was a stack of pancakes?…
    Because when I was at my lowest…
    …a single sentence from my husband as we walked out of church made me burst into inconsolable sobs…
    Read all here…Amazing!!!

  • I am so happy I clicked on this video. The part where you talked about treating your body like a friend made me incredibly emotional. I’ve been dealing with PCOS for years and my husband and I are on year five of trying for a baby. This year, I decided that instead of being angry with and punishing my body as I had been for years with poor diet, etc, I was going to forgive it for all of its faults. I started a diet that didn’t make me miserable, a workout regime that didn’t make me miserable, and I am down thirty pounds and counting. And I am finally seeing positive changes in my body where being able to get pregnant does not seem like such an unreachable goal anymore.

    You look amazing! And as always, your strength and grace in some of the darkest times a person can go through is so inspirational. I know I will come back to this video when I need a little boost to keep going. Thank you again!

  • Incredibly inspirational. Documenting achievements like this can have a real snowball effect on people who want to change their life. Like Jake, in our new channel ‘For Jake’s Sake’. Check it out to follow a life changing journey from day 1!

  • hi have you been thinking of adoption? im a 16 year old girl who is pregnant and is looking for a family to give my baby too plz reach out to me! you seem amazing

  • Yay! Omg Ruzele I am so excited you are in John’s video! Love you both! John you picked such an awesome person to share their story. So many of us have already been following Ruzele and I’m glad that many more will get to meet her now thanks to you!

  • That is so awesome that she lost all that weight! I hope you plan on interviewing more people that succeeded in losing weight. It really motivates me! I’m stuck on a plateau after losing almost 30 lbs and it’s really frustrating sometimes.. I still have another 50-60 lbs to lose! I made my YouTube account for accountability and motivation, it’s really helping me for that and watching other peoples stories.

  • I don’t have a twitter, so I’m just going to ask here haha. Anyone feel free to offer advice.

    Okay so, I just started losing weight three weeks ago. I’m now down 8 pounds and feeling great. HOWEVER my brother is the type to hit the gym daily and he frequently demeans my efforts. Every day I get asked “did you go to the gym today”, every meal I get demeaned for eating things I have already accounted into my diet. He constantly tries to explain to me things I already know, and gets mad when I inform him that. All of his “encouragement” is negative. He harps on me to watch my sugars when my sugars are fine and I AM watching them. He tells me I can’t put sour cream in my turkey chili because of saturated fat when I have had 5 grams of saturated fat today, and have already accounted for the calories in a spoon of light sour cream. I made the decision to lose the weight on my own and am doing so with no incentive other than my own health, but he is under the impression that I need someone to push me. When I ask him to stop, he says “what are you going to do about it?” He seriously won’t let up. We’re both young adults now, with him being 21 and me being 19. How do I deal with him being childish and frustrating about my endeavors? It’s at the point where I want to pretend that I gave up just so he’ll leave me alone. I’ve asked him multiple times to stop and he just antagonizes me because he enjoys my frustration.

  • Born without a thyroid gland! It’s completely unfair to compare her to anyone else fighting for fat loss. The thyroid is responsible for coordinating your body’s metabolic rate. Ruzele, congratulations on your struggles. You have it MUCH WORSE than 99.9% of the world, and you are still fighting the good fight. Keep it up! ������

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  • I am so proud of you! I have learned myself, that you cannot care for yourself physically and not mentally, and vice versa. Your life is just beginning!

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  • Starts excerising 5 mins later let me just look at people who lost weight…. ok great*eats pizza and prays the weight will go away* lol ��

  • My heart too goes out to that girl and all sides of kateka Good. You’re so inspiring and beautiful no matter you size, Stu too!
    I still pray for you, I love watching you and hearing your voice. You’ve come such a long way, I’m so happy for y’all and how you didn’t throw in the towel, except maybe for working out first and ditching the towel to get it laundered.
    Stu should do some more beauty tutorials with you, he had my rotf. Peace love and hope ��