Transformation Karol-Ann Arseneault States Goodbye to 80 Pounds


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Socially awkward and living in oversized shirts, Karol-Ann was shocked by how large she looked in a picture and lost 80 total pounds. This page contains a dump analysis for errors #552 (Template ending with }}}).. It can be generated using WPCleaner by any user. It’s possible to update this page by following the procedure below: Download the file enwiki-YYYYMMDD-pages-articles.xml.bz2 from the most recent dump.

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Title Date added; #shelfie How to Style and Display Your Collections by James, Geraldine: Jun 29, 2020: #veryfat #verybrave The Fat Girl’s Guide to Being #brave and Not a Dej. Explore Tamara Arsenault’s board “Fitness” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fitness, Excercise, Exercise. Krystle Campbell, 29, will be the first victim of the Boston Marathon bomb attacks to laid to rest.

Her funeral take place in Medford, Massachusetts, on Monday. Découvrez tout ce que Amélie Arsenault-Tremblay (AmeliieAt) a découvert sur Pinterest, la plus grande collection d’idées au monde. One of the models was Cathy Arsenault, a petite powerhouse. At a modest 5’1″, Cathy appeared absolutely regal thanks to her beaming smile and dynamic personality.

Cathy’s personal story was what made my time with her so fun – and so. PROVIDENCE — Public health experts say a key to getting a handle on the COVID-19 pandemic is stepping up testing for the highly contagious virus.

List of related literature:

According to her history, 6 months ago the client decided to lose 25 lb (11.3 kg) so others would find her more attractive and she would lookslimmer in her graduation pictures.

“Springhouse Review for NCLEX-RN.” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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pounds when she entered the class, registered 259 ]fc pounds at the close of her first month’s treatment, a loss of 32 ‘/2 pounds.”

“Martial Arts in the Modern World” by Thomas A. Green, Joseph Svinth, Joseph R. Svinth
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The complete outfit with plate box, iodising and mercury boxes, spirit-lamp, bottles of chemicals, and other paraphernalia, weighed 110 lbs. and cost 400 francs (then £16—by today’s value about £120) [M. 25].

“A Concise History of Photography” by Helmut Gernsheim
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Note that in this case the value used for ML’s usual weight is 125 pounds (57kg), as it was 6 months earlier prior to surgery (rather than her usual weight of 140 pounds prior to her husband’s death).

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
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In time, she reported that all of her symptoms had improved, and to her pleasant surprise, she lost 45 pounds (20 kg), dropping to a slim 135 pounds (61 kg).

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
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Even her body was different now, she was too thin; she had been ill and lost weight in Tunisia while filming Princesse Tam-Tam.

“Josephine Baker: The Hungry Heart” by Jean-Claude Baker, Chris Chase
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She has recently lost weight and on admission she weighs 4 stone 10 lb (30 kg).

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Since most dieters regain lost weight (Mann et al., 2007), it is likely that she will return to the same weight as in her picture but with even lower self-esteem.

“Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness” by Dawn Clifford, Laura Curtis
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She lost 20-plus pounds from her ¡25-pound frame; photographs show an almost emaciated Carole, obviously su›ering from the ill e›ects but still with a smile.

“Carole Landis: A Tragic Life in Hollywood” by E.J. Fleming
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Her recommended weight loss was 22 pounds (10 kg).

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

[email protected]

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  • I love you! Thank you for doing this video Ms Laroche! I soooo needed this especially after having my daughter. Also, as your former student I must say your the most influential teacher I’ve ever had so thank you!

  • Thumbs up for the amazing work. It is a boost for my motivation every single week. I am sure you are gonna change many lives bro. Keep it up ������������

  • Brooke! You beautiful lady and amazing artist and inspirer! I wanted to buy a print and the link doesn’t work! It’s currently 4.50 am PDT, and I’ve only just seen this, but can’t get through! Can you help?

  • big love brotha! well done! Possibly one of the most inspiring and informative videos out there. Many many people fad dieting with bounce back results. Many out there pushing their product lines. Bennett has lots of contact points that include those of us trying to lose weight it is very relatable.

  • Loved this. It’s inspiration for this 50 year old that needs to lose about 100 pounds but usually only hears it’s not possible for people over 40.

  • Hi quest, I have a story to share and was wondering if it would be possible for me to share more on the show. Thanks for your time and inspiration!!!

  • I haven’t watched one of your videos since a long time ago and the change is astonishing. For real, congratulations! (not congratilations as in the last episode of Evangelion, I mean legit congratulations)

  • congradulations! you made it to the end game. please can someone put the three things here?
    also everything in this video will help the future, the only problem is we need a conductor a medium something to make it more pronounced.

    if I see those three things it might set me on the way of research for this health.

    please respond I am very sick and I want to get better, I need wisdom and knowledge.

  • Looking forward to my print Would be nice if you would include a printed scan of the diagram you used
    To create the image I know it is rough but would be nice to include the thought process that
    Produced it. I had to laugh at one of the first images in the video of you standing on a winding
    Path (I finally quit fighting auto caps) with a huge wad of brown hair. It looked like you
    Killed Sastuatch skinned it and put it on your head. Regards –

  • Thank you very much to share this with everyone, Sage. Really inspiring and brave, and really useful to anyone who start to think he/she needs to loose weight, especially to improve their health. And congratulations!!

  • If I could reach through the internet and hug you, I would! You are so brave, so beautiful, and so motivating! I’m proud of you and love you to bits!

  • I was also 300 pounds to I’m starting May Thai training and now I’m melting away that shit it’s a Damn good start to my goal this really spakes to me

  • I’ve only recently become a fan of Anime Abandon, and I’ve really been enjoying it. But as much as I love the channel, nothing is better than videos like this. Congratulations, Bennett. I know I’m over a year late, but I’m so happy for you.

  • I’m sure everyone’s telling you how good you look, but I think you were beautiful before and you are beautiful now. I’m happy you have achieved a healthy weight, though!

  • It wasnt as drastic but i went from 245 to 200 and ive kept the weight off for 6 months. You were an amazing inspiration for that for me Sage. Thankyou so much for being an inspiration even if that wasnt your intention.

  • I don’t know how you did it man. Emotional eating is killing every diet, and every ‘program’ I make. Every plan goes out the window after a while. I’ve been at this for two decades and i’m going in circles.

  • Bennett, I have so much empathy and respect for you right now. I was at about 340 pounds at my heaviest, and I had to really work to drop 100 pounds. Admittedly, a lot of it was going hungry due to being broke, but even after I got on stable footing I kept making the effort to eat less, to ignore hunger when I knew I had already eaten for the day. I’ve been watching your videos since the early days of Channel Awesome, and I’m encouraged by your growth as a producer and a person. Thanks for sharing, Sage.

  • One of the few upsides of this quarantine is the fact that working from home enables you to make breaks from your work and do some sets of exercise in “Grease the Groove” fashion. They can be as simple as push ups / pull ups or complex as kettle bell snatches. The one thing in common is that they don’t overtax your system (one of the reasons many can’t continue their workout routines). They require some planning and discipline but are incredibly easy to adhere to (going to the bathroom? 3 push ups after finished, done).

  • I remembered when I first found this video. I was 325 pounds and just starting my weight loss. It was really encouraging to see your progress and it made me feel like it was possible to for me too. I’ve lost over 130 pounds since then.

  • My man, i know you probably will not answer me, but i just want to show you my deep respect. ive never been as big as you (170cm high, 165 lbs), but i was always bullied and actually just hating my fat body and weak spirit.

    I get myself together after watching Batman v Superman Ban Afflecks shape just crushed my mind. If a pretty adult man can get in perfect shape, i have no excuse. So i started cardio training EVERY day (40 min), for 1 year. I made a gym for myself in old storage basement, near to working hot engines (room temperature about 35-40 C). I stopped eating and drinking any kind of sugar (which a love infinitely), start drinking only water (i am crazy for tea).

    I fought my own body, and in one year of non stop dedicated hard work i lost 30 lbs, and started to look really good, still had some fat thou.

    i just want you to know, you are a hero.

  • Man your reaction when you saw the scale below 200 was amazing. The highest I’ve seen the scale on my end was around 340. I’m down to 245. I can’t wait to see bellow 200 on my end.

  • Damn, I thought You had cancer beause You lost so much weight (C can be a shit show) in such short time.

    Nice. I hope You can re-fill this loose skin with muscles, no need to bear scars if You have heart in right place.

  • wow, BIG HUG TIME…I’m sending you a hug to you, your husband and Jude, Brooke, this story made me feel your pain and hurt of missing a child, as I too have a different situation but I miss my daughter heaps (that’s a story for another time). However, I listened to how you convert that feeling into a piece of art. Like you I too do the same as I’m still recovering from a 4-5 year long injury and unfortunately I got some bad news about the recovery or lack of recovery and it put me in a minor state of depression. I decided I wasn’t going to let this take me down that path and I started working on an image (I was a bit down the last few weeks due to isolation and this virus, however Western Australia has started to open slowly) so it’s about getting back to normal and I took took this time to work on an image and it was quite a relief to start feeling better as I did the image took on a life of it’s own and started to come together the way I wanted it too. In short emotions controls our feelings and some where inside of us there is a light that wants to get out of the dark and we just have to allow it to surface. I feel this is how I’ve been creating my art for all these years. I’m looking forward to the end of the year when all these images I’ve been working on will be put into a book.

  • Youtube recommended your fist of the north star review. I liked it so I checked your channel. Are you really the same person?
    Amazing dude. Congrats on that success and keep it up(or down?).

  • Becky Te vez super bien!!!! Genial haz hecho UN super esfuerzo para lograrlo; y se pudo viste que SI siempre haz sido hermosa!!! y te vez ahora Linda Más!!! cuidate te Mando un abrazote,, Keyla Ramirez….

  • Coming back from not watching in a while had to find this video to explain the change. Great job Sage. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta play catch up.

  • Ben, been watching since your short video game review days via TGWTG. Totally forgot about you around 2013-14 until now. I’m not going to lie, at first you looked weird to me without the “rest” of you, so to speak. But I’m just under 260lbs. now, started working out months back and recently cut out soda: it’s awesome to see someone I sort of admire having achieved results for doing roughly the same thing I’m trying to do, for the same reasons. Much respect.

  • Forgot to add It is rare for a creator of fine art to look back at their early work with
    A sense of humor. I have been doing photography for a long time and at one time
    It saved me when I was going through a difficult period. When you are first starting
    It is hard to cull a bad image you spent hours on producing.
    One of the first videos I watched you were standing in cold ocean water wet with an
    Up side down umbrella with assistants throwing water on you.. All for one of your better
    Known images. Congrats on your dedication to your craft and thanks for this opportunity
    To finally own one of your images.

  • As the old saying goes: “Your Only As Old As You Feel”.And Maureen is living proof of that quote. Like always, another GREAT show!

  • Ey that’s what’s up Ima powerlifter and I’ve changed and still want to change share your story you can and will inspire ppl keep it up you got this ������

  • I can imagine it was difficult to be so open about yourself, Sage. As I person who has had wild fluctuations in my weight due to a combination of a compulsive personality and depressive mood swings, I understand how difficult it can be to stick to a meal plan. It seems like your personality lends itself well to accomplishing a set goal like this but it can be tough to stick to a routine that involves any kind of self-denial. Anyway my point is that it is amazing to see your progress. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and being so honest about your feelings throughout. You look great. All the best, Sage. Keep up the great content!

  • Tbh i just found your channel awhile ago n i seen you were big in one of your videos and then i seen one of your recent videos honestly congrats on your change man your doin great ��and your anime abandon is great.

  • I am so inspired even more! I am 57 and have been on and off of diets and my motivation is looking at my friend who is a couple of years younger than me but looks 30 yrs older due to diabetes and she isn’t trying to eat right. I realized just then and there that you know what, food isn’t that serious and shouldn’t control ones life like this. It’s sad, how I have to see her in and out, hospitals, and plus she has COPD. I am now a food preacher; I get on my adult son who is not overweight, but he takes so much for granted. I;m going to tell him does he want to end up like my friend?

    Again, this was so inspiring bec I started again on this journey and I KNOW it can be done which is why i keep trying but to see it done by someone older than me, HALLELUJAH! I KNOW I WILL SUCCEED THIS TIME! THIS LADY IS MY HERO <3

  • Sometimes it takes a young one to realize how selfish we are living only for ourselves. Family members, sons, daughters, grand kids…they love us for who we are. It hits you when you think about how quickly you can be taken away from them because of your addictions. My son is my greatest motivation throughout my weight loss journey. Love these videos.

  • I’m proud of you for sticking to what you set your mind to, especially after facing a setback and lapsing for a while. That’s the part that whips people most often.

    I dropped from 235 to 155 about a decade ago, but gained the weight back once my 30’s hit. But now that I’m trying to get back down to the weight I was when I felt the best, I know I’ve done it before, and it can be done again. Just under 220 isn’t close to my goal, but I already feel better than I did a few months prior, and I’m closer to what I want than what I was.

    Good health is a habit, and I forgot that for a while. The good news is, gaining the weight back doesn’t have to be permanent, for myself or anyone else. It sure wasn’t permanent the first time.

  • I need my exercise to be productive beyond exercises sake. I can’t just run or lift weights. One of the best things I ever did was joining a conservation corps. Spent 2 years doing work in parks and conservation sites. It didn’t make me lose a ton of weight, but it kept me active it kept me at a point I feel comfortable.

    Now that I’m done with that I’ve been worried I’m gonna fall out of any meaningful exercise. The quarantine has not helped that. The best I’ve managed is a few miles on a treadmill, but I can’t convince myself to just run for the sake of running.

    So crazy as it may be, I play animal crossing while I run. I detatch the controllers and jog (I increase the speed as I go.) I get chores done in animal crossing and while the running isnt accomplishing a task by itself the game gives me that reward and sense that I’m getting something done.

    When I started I was running distance so 1 mile to start.

    Now I do time and I’m hitting a slightly above average mile. It’s a moment that makes me think of my worst fit time is high school where the mile run was a yearly requirement and I’d end up being there for the whole period usually clocking in around 35 minutes or more (though I did have more asthma related issues at the time). Those miles literally made me an outcast because everyone who finished the mile got the rest of the period free, so youd see the jocks go first and then everybody else filters out and then there’s me… I went to a small school so I really was one of the only people in that class who was out of shape to that degree.

    Now I’ve hauled stone for a gorge staircase, moved timber for bridges, even got trained in some seriously advanced first aid so I had to carry a person my same weight for like 20 minutes.

  • I dont exercise either.. Youve been very dedicated and it paid off, its amazing. I love the way you did your goals. I made a vision board and so far I’ve painted ceramics and got new clothes. Love the progression pics. I try to do video comparisons from my channel. It helps to see the progress.

  • I know this video is 2 years old but its still super inspiring! I was always 100 pounds up until 3 years ago when I gained 50 pounds from an unhealthy lifestyle and thyroid problems. Im soon starting my own weight loss journey and its great to see success stories but also being realistic.

  • Out of curiosity, what was that wrap you were eating with the Feta? Turkey? Chicken? And was the wrap whole grain? Just asking, because I want to kick out the Gas Station Food that I have after work and be more conscience of my intake.

  • Such a great video and photo. I have been thinking of you and your husband a lot over the past few weeks because of this, you two are a light in what seems like a very dark world some days.��
    I LOVE that huge rock at the end! ��

  • I lost a great deal together with the infallible diet I’m doing. My clothing is all wide. I lost 22 pounds and my belly disappeared. The dietary plan is on this internet site here

  • Congratulations bro. That’s an amazing accomplishment, you should be very proud. I found your channel and saw the videos after you had lost weight and didn’t know you were bigger until I saw some older ones and was like “wow, he’s lost a lot of weight.”

    You’re the man, excellent content on your channel as well. I enjoy

  • I’ve never had issues with my weight, but as someone who also has a congenital problem being the source of a lot of pain, I truly feel for you man! Knowing this makes me appreciate your content even more.

  • Not gonna lie, this is insanely impressive. You should be proud of all you’ve managed to accomplish. Sticking to any diet takes a lot of willpower and being able to do that for so long is an achievement.

  • You are amazing! You are motivating and inspirational. Your personal pictures and the emotion you show when you speak illustrates just how genuine and passionate you are about helping others on their KETO journey.

  • While I was already losing weight when I watched this the first time, it did contribute to me sticking with it.
    And I can say that I share many of the experiences you had.

    But I believe the results more than make up for the hardships.

    Here’s to you, Bennett. To us. To everyone willing to improve themselfs.

    Happy new year.

  • Thank you. I’ve never been large, quite the opposite. Regardless, I’m at somewhat of a crossroads in my life. My children were taken away from me. Very close to getting them back. Your videos keep me from spiralling into a deep depression. Just like you, I’ve struggled to meet certain goals. I’m going to keep what you said about having more than one reason. That affected me more than I think I even know. So, thank you. You truly are an inspiration. Not just in weight loss, but in way of being as well.

  • Really like this series’s!! Great motivation each week. John you are great at this!!!! Look forward to watching your career grow.

  • Very well spoken in describing this important event in your life and in explaining your artistic creation to cope with this inevitable occurrence in being a foster parent.

  • i am having trouble with health maybe this video can help, because it has something that the legendary did.

    once I find out what it is, then maybe I might be able to complete my journey for this mission!

  • Thank God you were doing this because I watched some of your videos that were more recent and was thinking “oh god please don’t be cancer, oh god please don’t be cancer”. So double yay!

  • I’ve recently found your channel. I had only watched you because of your golgo 13 video and watched apocalypse zero review and other than that I hadn’t watched anything else. Your video on Jojo’s buzzard adventure came up so I checked out some of your new stuff and saw a completely different person. I thought the show was handed off to another person till I saw your, I guess, “sex character” and realized you’re the same. I’ve been struggling with my weight lately. I’m pushing past 200 and lack self control but this video has pushed to make the decision of counting my food intake and calorie intake. You, to me, are a big inspiration. You kept at it for the most part even with all the things that made you want to stop and not care. I appreciate that you shared this and hope you keep up the good work.

  • This is very motivating! I have felt like you many times especially in pictures. I even felt that way in many of my wedding photos. After I gave birth I started Keto, but my doctor told me not to while I’m breastfeeding, unfortunately. As soon as I am done breastfeeding I am going to start Keto up again. I’ve heard great things about it! You look amazing! New friend and subscriber!

  • Aw Brooke, you’ve got me crying less than a minute into the video. Your compassion never ceases to amaze me.
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your work as a young teen. Your work and your kindness has inspired me so much and shaped me into the artist (and person) I am today����

  • 17:40 The Feels ;-; Great job man.

    19:20 I sorta like weight training.
    I’ve never been a running person myself.
    More of a swimmer given the choice and with swimming I mean being under the water and saying Blubb blubb to the fishes.

    29:42 Great video But it’d been better with a better soundtrack:P

    Losing weight is not easy. It sounds really easy, but it’s not.
    Many thinks ” Just eat less and you’ll lose the weight, easy! “, except they have no idea how hard that actually is.

    Back when I was 25 and due to some issues with family, had gotten my own apartment and my economy was poor.
    The only thing I lived on for about 6+ months was around 1-2 Pan Pizzas each day and Pepsi or Water, along wtih the occassional toast. This was around 500-1000 kcal each day ( our way to count calories, it’s roughly the same number ), and I went down more than I had ever done previously in my life. From like 120 kg to 93.5 kg. But then, one month I changed my diet to some disgusting experiments of spagethi and bam, I was right back up, even though I did not have more energy, my brain wasn’t happier or anything. That just made me feel incredibly shitty.

    That was about 5-6 years ago, give or take. And I still weigh around the same size unfortunately.
    So I still struggle. Would probably improve if I just could care about taking walks more often.
    My dream weight would be 75-85 kg But I’m also 6 ft tall.

  • First of all, sending a huge care hug to you, your husband & Jude…happiness in the future is hoped for all. Trees are extremely meaningful to me as well, so this image resonates, as do your words and both are very inspirational!

  • Bennett, I’ve periodically watched reviews and have seen your transformation. I do not struggle with excessive weight. Although I would prefer to improve myself none the less. Your progress is incredible. And I hope you’ve continued to best your problems.
    As scary as it is to produce a genuine insight to your life. I, among thousands enjoy seeing your success. I hope we will continue to see such positive content.

  • You are the best. This video has inspired me more than any other video on this subject. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched your videos over the years and so this touches me on a more personal level, maybe its because you’re a handsome devil and have progressively gotten moreso with your training, maybe its because you’re a fantastic narrative artist. Whatever the reason, thank you for the inspiration.

  • I got to your channel pretty “late”, so to speak, i only knew the skinny you. When I started watching older videos i even thought you were someone else lmao. Good work!

  • i love these videos. im from iceland and when i was 7-10 years old i started to get heavier because i lived on a farm and when i whent to school in 1-4 grade i was bullied because i was different from every body else they where lighter because they where running around. the summer when i got 10 years old i moved to a small town named patreksfjörður and i lived there at first when i was 1-5 years old whit out my father then my mother met another man and she moved to the farm whit him. and then my mother and stepfather got a job at my old home town and we moved over there and i got in touch whit my old friends some of them where playing football(soccer) and i got in to football and basketball and then i broke my arm in basketball and dint play for 4 weeks and i stoped playing sports for some time then about 1 1/2 years ago i started powerlifting and i got rely in to that and started to play football again at my heviest i was 90KG im now 114kg after i lost about 40kg i dint whant to lose anymore wheigt because i wasent happy about my self when i was “skinny” and then i started to byeld more muscles and im not fat and not skinny i hope u see this

  • I have been using this for half a year now and with confidence I can admit that Weight loss green store tea has been life changing product. Rarely does anyone get to say that about something they bought online but I mean this sincerely. My health condition has never been better. From a whomping 240lbs, I managed to get my weight down to 170 which is a miracle by anyone’s standards. This truly is a wonder.

  • I dropped 95 in a year gotta admit the feeling of being out of place in your own body was that thing about weight loss I couldn’t explain to people before. If your worried about gaining the weight back try roller blading. It burns alot of calories and is a more fun work out.

  • Best video by far. Good advice. I was an overweight person for a long time. I still “technically am” but it’s mostly from muscle mass. It’s easy to find motivation when your health is the issue. We love in a “body positive” society that unintentionally influences self-destruction methods of self-acceptance. Good work! Inspiring! Your new discipline can be seen in your more recent videos.

  • This video encouraged me to start Keto. Since then I have lost 90 lbs. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the inspiration you gave me and I wish you continued success on your journey.

  • Thank you for sharing your feelings, and insights into your images, and especially this one, which was obviously a sad and important part of your life. Very touching, and I wish you the best.

  • Becky Te vez super bien!!!! Genial haz hecho UN super esfuerzo para lograrlo; y se pudo viste que SI siempre haz sido hermosa!!! y te vez ahora Linda Más!!! cuidate te Mando un abrazote,, Keyla Ramirez….

  • This is so inspiring! I am currently going through the same process. I have seen your posts and they have helped me stay motivated. Keep it up!!! Thanks for sharing. ☺️��

  • very good way to channel your grief. blessings on Jude and you and his new caregivers. thank you for the awareness to the needs in foster care. I pray you continue to heal in the most peaceful way possible.