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After failing his Air Force PT test, MTS Street Warrior Josiah Dorton knew it was time for a chance. He lost a total of 111 pounds and competed in bodybuilding. Menu. Cancel View cart.

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The weight on his 5’8″ frame mysteriously dropped to 88 pounds.

“The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived” by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober
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But even with his rigorous weight training, he kept getting fatter: By the time he reached 40, he had bal— looned to 220 pounds on his 5—foot— 8 frame.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
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David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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Another result of his dietary changes and hard efforts in the pool was a 28pound weight loss in 6 months, dropping to a mere 140 pounds for his 5’11” frame.

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He stunned the overflow crowd by pressing 456Vi and cleaning and jerking 486V2 for two world records at only 247 bodyweight.

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At the time of his admission he weighed but 98 pounds, his weight previous to the injury being 145.

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Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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His physical transformation was impressive.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
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Proud of his physique, he thinks nothing of working out with a heavy speed bag, sparring for several rounds, skipping rope, then doing as many as a hundred or more pushups and situps.

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His body, indeed, seemed to have lost half its bulk and many inches of stature and breadth, but these were compensated for by the change in his head.

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  • What should a beginner do for a workout? then when he progresses what intermediate workout should he do? And same goes with advanced

  • All I can say to you your love for anything in this world including cutting hair will disappoint you, Jesus Christ is what your void is looking for.

  • Learning how to cut hair and this make me wanna go cut some random people hair just cuz this guy explain it easier than a $3000 semester at a local barber college ���� gmfu ima stick to trial and error Goodlookin my boy ��

  • I can not freakin’ wait to see you after you bulk for a while. Its even more awesome because I just finished the first part of my transformation (60 lbs down in 8 months) and I’m starting my bulk at the same time as you:D

  • Dude i have to take my hat off to you. It’s no way i would of attempted to take on a client like that. You have to feel very confident in your ability to assume all responsibility that come with that. Hell he even shaking his head in disbelief-Lmao. Great job soldier!

  • LMFAO, 16:16 that smile is priceless when it comes to customer satisfaction! You gave dat man some “points” back and now he thinkin bout all that “yummy” waiting 10 hours back the way he came!

  • We been asking for ya boy contact. You right beats don’t miss. Germbooming must do a whooooooole lot of acid.������������j/k KEEP IT G!������������

  • You’re really the truth! This is wtf I expect when my man go to the barber shop. I’m studying the guards and techniques so I can hook my baby up.

  • I have goosebumps ALL over my body! My eyes are leaking. And my heart is full. I am so so proud of you!! This was such a powerful video! And as soon as it got to the end I was thinking, DAMN!!! This is like a trailer!! THEN BAM!!!!! IT TOTALLY WAS!! So so so so sooo rad! I cannot wait!

  • Get beam got them hitters…bro drove 10 hrs for that cut which shows how dedicated beam is to his craft…keep doing your thing big Bro

  • You are very very good at what you do but what’s really impressive to me is how dedicated and passionate you are. I’m not even a barber but get inspired by your passion to be the best at what I do. With your mentality, you will be successful in any industry you enter! Much respect!

  • Amazing video! Thanks so much for sharing brother. You were already a lot more muscular than I’ve ever been at 15 when you first started, but I’m determined to rise. In fact, my goal is to be as fit as I possibly can, not just because I love it, even though that’s what made me start and keeps me going, but also because I wasn’t to shift the paradigm for vegans and show that no matter how weak or averse you are to fitness, you can totally transform that for yourself with a whole foods vegan diet and exercise. I just recently increased the intensity of my routine and am super excited to see where this takes me (:

  • I weigh 125 I have abs showing but can’t gain weight I’m 43 what do I need to do to gain weight how many calories do I need I’m on my feet for 9 hours working

  • This gave me chills; so awesome! I loved how you mentioned being our own motivation and about that things won’t be perfect when all the weight is lost! So true. You inspire me to reach for more in life here in maintenance…

  • You were effing hot at 135. That’s the weight fashion runway scouts target when hiring models for shows. Basically a surfer’s body. EVERYTHING about you was top shelf. Beautiful face, complexion, hair, and we all know you’ve always had a fantastic personality. You can be whatever size you want and pull it off. I both love and hate (envy) you for that.

  • Steroids are just an amazing group of drugs, be careful though some of the side effects will show in your poses especially to some who have a trained eye for them.

  • Perfect video! Made me tear up! So much respect and love for you. You are such an inspiration in my journey. Thank you so much for sharing! I am extremely excited for what you’ll be accomplishing this year to come!!

  • Client went in looking like O.G. BOBBY JOHNSON FROM SOUTH CENTRAL! But came out looking like Glenn Palmer l��������������������‍♂️��

  • Hahaha can someone say cycles lololo like bro you aren’t fooling anyone. Even straight up test cip or sustanon would give you those initial gains

  • ive been trying to bulk. im 15 and 130 but ive got a decent amt. of muscle. but it seems like i cant gain weight even with my 3000 calories intake so im like wtf

  • Brian, great video we have so much in common my friend. Same weight and I’ve been on tame twice. The gym at times is the only place where I truly feel comfortable with myself and my appearance. Just found your channel I’m going back now and watching all of your videos. Great story and what an inspiration you are.

  • You should really consider remaking this video now that you appear to be substantially bigger than you were back in 2013. Plus, it seems like your switch to being vegan brought on a ton of new fans (that is the main reason why I started to watch your videos).

  • you’re one of my favorite vegan YouTube channels because of the variation of content as well as motivation. This video definitely inspired me to workout right now! I’m a 17 year old girl and am not sure as to how to start lifting. My idea was to lose about 10-15 pounds before starting to lift, but I’m unsure if I can start right away.

  • I’ve been following your accutane videos from the beginning, i started with moderate acne (I’m 15) and I’m on my 3rd month now and its finally slowly starting to get better, watching your videos is what makes me motivated and have more self esteem… i appreciate you and your videos! keep grinding and btw remake this video, you’ve gotten bigger… ow and state that your on a vegan diet and your not taking any supplements!!!

  • you inspired me to change my diet plan and actually start counting macros, I’ve bulked on 44 pounds since 9 months ago and its now starting to add more fat, so now I need to watch my diet:D

  • So was it 5 years of constant lifting? I have been lifting since I was 15 and it has been 5 years as well for me but you look 10 times better lol. I weighted 135 lbs back then as well but I am only 180 lbs. 275 lbs, 315 dead, 300 squat. I never truly started bodybuilding until my senior year in high school so maybe that’s why? Any tips?

  • Hey Brian, I know you’re really busy and might not see this. But I’m 17, 5’9″ or so, and 135 pounds. I’m not exactly as lean as you were at my weight, but I have a small amount of visible muscle bc I barely have any fat. I really want to bulk up to like 185-200. I average around 2,500 calories and constantly drop down to 125, even 120 if I’m not careful. How many calories would you suggest, and is there any workout regime that you’d suggest? And how many days of the week going to the gym would you recommend? Sorry for all the questions, it’s just seeing this video and this crazy transformation I’d like to achieve, I figured you’d be the best to ask.

  • Watch my video on my channel pls I gained 8lbs in 4 weeks I’m going to upload a video at the end of each month with progress pictures showing all you ectomorph pencil neck guys how to gain weight!

  • This is probably the most helpful video I have seen on transformation and how to handle it all at the beginning. Thanks Brian! I wouldn’t mind an update video and what exactly you did in that first year to help those of us that are just starting as super light weights.