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A natural ectomorph, Jason bulked up to 192 pounds and packed on muscle before starting a cutting diet to forge a new physique. The founder of the RLDS Church was Jason W. Briggs, a lit tle-known figure in Mormon history. At age twenty, Briggs was bap tized on June 6, 1841, in Petosi, Wisconsin, ordained an elder a year later, and soon began a branch in Beloit, Wisconsin.3 After Joseph Smith’s death in 1844, Briggs, unconvinced by Brigham Young’s. Jason Biggs’ wife Jenny Mollen reveals she dropped their son on his head ‘causing him to fracture his skull’ The 39-year-old actress revealed she dropped Sid, her five-year-old son, on his head.

When Jason Briggs faced the dilemma of false leadership he did just as the prophet had done in 1820, he turned to God in prayer. Just as God answered the prayer of the martyr in his need, so now he answered the prayer of Jason W. Briggs. It is not necessary to quote all of his revelation, but the following is important to our consideration. This photo is of Jason Briggs, age 2 and his father, Jim Briggs, his mom, Gerri Briggs and his caregiver, Jo Moore [SANTA] Jason died of AIDS the morning after this photo was taken.

His grandmother took the photo with an Instamatic camera.The film was not developed for a few weeks and Jason’s parents did not see it until after Jason’s funeral. Jason Briggs, Broken (8:00 min.) This film takes you on a shockingly twisted journey into the life and possible demise of one family’s struggle. Leslie Bishko, Gasping for Air (3:01 min.) an expression of the desire for harmony, within oneself and within one’s environment. Muriel Magenta and Michael Udow, Token City (4:00 min.). Jason Biggs strips naked to promote wife Jenny Mollen’s almost two weeks after showing off his impressive body transformation at Khloe’s birthday Teens break into a new.

Gerri Briggs, mother of Jason Briggs who died of AIDS at age 2 In 1989, at the height of the AIDS epidemic in Austin, Texas, we were asked to provide care and support for an entire family with AIDS. Jim and Gerri Briggs wanted to continue working in spite of their AIDS diagnosis and they needed someone to take care of their 6 month old baby. Nightlife book. Read 13 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers.

You see the attractive stranger at the bar? They may not be what you thin. Diana Coates is Valeria, Cody Robison is Don Antonio, Zach Fischer is Don Pedro, Ian Geers is Frederick, Jason Briggs is Stephano, and Kevin Tre’Von Patterson is the Officer.

Almost every male actor in The Rover is required to engage in extended swordplay, which they execute with both vicious energy and a touch of humor thanks to David Blixt.

List of related literature:

Figure 1.8 shows a body before and after deformation.

“Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis” by Nam-Ho Kim
from Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
by Nam-Ho Kim
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Change body shape After extracting the offset of the clothing layer, we can add this offset to any body shape under normalized pose and update the pose of the body with clothing using the relations of Eqs.3 and 4.

“Computer Vision – ECCV 2018: 15th European Conference, Munich, Germany, September 8–14, 2018, Proceedings, Part VII” by Vittorio Ferrari, Martial Hebert, Cristian Sminchisescu, Yair Weiss
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This is not surprising because for him restoration of the body is secondary to this task of self-transformation.

“The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland” by Cheryl Mattingly
from The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland
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Rather than more muscle, he had wanted something simple and permanent: longer legs and a shorter torso.

“The Mythic Dream” by Dominik Parisien, Navah Wolfe, John Chu, Leah Cypess, Indrapramit Das, Amal El-Mohtar, Jeffrey Ford, Sarah Gailey, Carlos Hernandez, Kat Howard, Stephen Graham Jones, T. Kingfisher, Ann Leckie, Carmen Maria Machado, Arkady Martine, Seanan McGuire, Naomi Novik, Rebecca Roanhorse, Alyssa Wong, J.Y. Yang
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The bodybuilder treats his own flesh as if it were material he can redesign, reconfigure, and reshape from the ground up, as if to liberate his own inner building.

“Stud: Architectures of Masculinity” by Joel Sanders, Mario Manieri Elia
from Stud: Architectures of Masculinity
by Joel Sanders, Mario Manieri Elia
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His recommended split was arms, chest and back as one workout, and legs, waist, and shoulders as another.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
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Muscle and fat was removed from the limbs, and from the torso by cutting, scraping, and scrubbing.

“Europe Before Rome: A Site-by-Site Tour of the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages” by T. Douglas Price
from Europe Before Rome: A Site-by-Site Tour of the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages
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He needs irnprovement, not transformation… it would be wasted effort to try to change the old.

“The Book of the Navajo” by Raymond Friday Locke
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The goal of training is not to change how the body looks, but to improve how the body moves.

“Athletic Body in Balance” by Gray Cook
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I’m not going to go into any depth on the modeling of Captain Blender’s new physique, as it was simply a matter of pushing a few verts around, as you can see in Figure 10.20.

“Introducing Character Animation with Blender” by Tony Mullen, Ton Roosendaal, Bassam Kurdali
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  • Hello. I hope you are fine. A few important articles on this topic that you have raised have been published in this blog, which has been very useful and valuable to me.
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  • It’s a simple methodology. The more you weigh, the more muscle mass you can hold onto. And in off season he utilised this, and then when cutting and to when he got shredded he had the extra muscle that he wouldn’t have had, had he not bulked up.

  • Great bodybuilder one of my favorites in the 90’s and some others too was a great generation of hardcore bodybuilders with great physiques no pregnant bellies and cut to the bone almost!

  • When I started on gym, I was 14, had 170 cm and 55 kgs and with intesive training (5 times a week 1 hour a day) I felt a STRONG difference with just 2 weeks, but I also walk 1 hour every day, and do some workout in home, eat basicly eggs and sometimes meat, if you want an extreme result in a short time I recommend you doing that, but at a first moment you’ll feel mentally weak and the feel you’re gonna pass out, but then it gets normal.

  • very nice video! I also tried to change my body in 3 weeks, only i did not have acces to a gym.i also made a video about it but yours is very thorough and very well shot, you did a fantastic job, great results in so little time. cheers from romania!

  • 2nd comment bcoz i got lots of qstn and only you can solve it
    1st qstn i have puffy nipples. Is it possible to remove without any sergery
    2 qstn i have a bit chest problem also (no bad genetics) my left chest have shape but not on my right chest:-/ will it be normal chest like others ( beginner )

  • Im 16 years old, 5’11 162, I’m roughly 14% body fat, how much do I need to drop to get lean. I’m currently at a dirty bulk, muscular but definitely not lean.

  • Best pound for pound bodybuilding monster of our time, only wish I could have met Lee 20 years ago, his work ethics and motivation would have changed my life

  • I am skinny fat. I used to be very fit and got multiple workout injuries and ate like a cow during recovery, so now working my way up from skinny fat again lol. I’m 6ft tall and weigh 180 lbs.
    At my fittest, I was 168 lbs and had a flat stomach, bulky arms and chest, and wide defined shoulders. I am also vegetarian. When I am Skinny Fat, my arms/legs/chest are slimmed down and ALL the extra fat goes to my stomach and love handles. I look like a 60 yr old skinny man with the muffin top belly waist. My advice to reshape yourself properly is to Keep Eating the way you are Now But exchange ALL of it with healthier alternatives. Love Bread? Eat Honey 7 Grain Wheat. Love Rice? Eat Brown Rice. Replace Potato chips for Skinny Pop Popcorn, Replace Ice Cream with High protein vanilla yogurt. Swap your Milk for 2% Fair life Protein Milk. Swiss Cheese instead of American cheese. Add Low Carb Whey Protein twice a day. Replace Sugars you put in coffee or food with Organic Stevia instead. And instead of Soda and Juices, DRINK ONLY WATER. About close to or A Gallon a day. If you get tired of Water, Add Stevia and Limes to make Lemonade, This ALSO helps boost metabolism while cleaning out your gut. So NO refined Carbs, Sugars and try your best to stay away from frozen foods. Add 1 Cheat day to your Week (pizza, burgers/fries). Do strength training on Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Back, Legs 4 times a Week 45 mins a session. And on your remainder 3 days off, Do 50 Burpees, (10 reps of 5 sets) or Do a 2 mile run with some Sprinting in Between. These exercises on your days off Literally ONLY take 15-20 mins of your time of a 12 hour day which can be Done and Forgotten (and MOST beneficial) if you do it Early morning on an empty stomach right before a Hearty breakfast. I run 2 miles 4 times a week right now at 180 lbs and have a 8 min per mile pace. I do this with Sprinting in between so I am DONE in 20 mins every morning and literally Forgot I even did it. It also makes my Breakfast well deserved and you have ENERGY for DAYS after, especially if you feel like shit at work, you will now feel like you drank a whole Thermos of COFFEE without the jittery/crash. I also suggest you also implement intermittent Fasting down the road if you want even better and more defined results. After All this, I promise you that you will have a nice long and slender physique with some generous bulk. It makes you look MUCH taller and better Healthy shaped than guys who are Shorter and ripped. You have EVERYTHING to gain by just swapping out your foods and throwing in 45 mins a day for 4 days a week and only 15-20 mins on other days and Chill for the rest of the day at the beach, work, clubbing, family or wherever your life is. No excuses bros.

  • Your bulk is exactly where I am at right now, is it possible you could do a video on tips about cutting down from that bulk. Exercise focused mainly

  • I saw this video and ate McDonald’s. Then I realized that I was having off season from 2 years and I’m already fat. Fuk ����������

  • This is why lee defended shaun rhoden for getting off the gear and eating and getting soft… its the offseason.. if you come in shape who fucking cares..

  • but like what if i don’t want to go to the gym because i’m insecure. but i have a heavy bag that i been using doing hiit workouts tell i become fit and the go to the gym. but i want to know if i should just suck it up and go to the gym or remain doing the heavy bag workouts

  • Hey I’m also 170 rn I’m 5’7 24% body fat been bulking for 3 months eating 3,000 calories a day. I want to start cutting as well how many calories should I start with?

  • I am 19, and when I was 15 I grew to 6’4″, I was skinny, then I ate loads because I was self conscious and then I became skinny fat. I didn’t gain much muscle, I worked out every day but push-ups and crunches were not enough. Anyway I’m on that grind now, counting macros and working out at home with heavy weights.

  • Do u think i can start working out in a gym when i turn 14 this year,i started working out 2 months ago i even bought dumbells,maybe i wont get taller anymore if i start working out in a gym?my height rn is 5,9 or 6 im 13 yrs old

  • Just want to offer some feedback on doing the opposite of what he recommended because I did it myself. Was some 25% body fat and decided to bulk first. I figured whether I bulked or cut first didn’t really matter because at the end of one cycle of bulk/cut I would be in the same place. I have to admit it really put a stain on my mental well being during the time. It will make you feel pretty awful from being fat going to being even more fat, but a little stronger. I peaked at some 28% bf at my highest weight and I looked fucking awful. However, that cut was probably one of the best times of my life. I was burning through those lbs and found that my lifts were not really dropping because I was still relatively new to lifting, so my strength in comparison to what I weighed was going up as I was losing weight. This was a pretty huge confidence booster and helped me push through. I would really encourage anyone who is about to do this to really commit to one way or the other and be prepared mentally for how you are going to feel with whichever way you go. Don’t get locked in the middle ground when first starting out. I know for me, seeing the tangible strength benefits or weight benefits is what really kept me going, and locking yourself into a “recomp” where those benefits come at much more gradual pace can kill motivation.

  • Its the decision they take to put steroids in their body that do permanant damage for an outcome they might never achieve…. it is infact a commitment

  • lees best placing was 6th imean comon tf front double most muscular side tri abs and thighs were as awesome as anyone in some years his lower back was awesome to

  • first of all, we need to appreciate this channel, we respect the content that you created, you have created a great content, and I am making these kinds of videos.

  • If you eat in a slight surplus but clean in the off-season then you won’t have to do hours of cardio when you decide to cut down again ����‍♂️��

  • Haven’t worked out in 2 months from having a virus, gained 25 pounds, and I can still notice that you aren’t even close to 7% else you wouldn’t have to flex to see abs.

  • Im 14 yrs old and weigh 96.4 lbs. I became anorexic bc i hated the way i looked and becoming anorexic has thrown my body all over the place. Ive overcome anorexia and started eating pretty healthy no sweets not to many carbs and a pretty low amount of fat per day. So besides eating healthy and working out i cant get my lower abs to show im stuck with a four pack and ive tried lower ab workouts for a couple months and just cant get them defined anyone wanna help a brudda out?!!

  • Bro this video is amazing.. at least you are the one saying truth…
    Otherwise other are saying that we make body in only 3 months.. bulshit
    Keep it up bro.. you are awesome��

  • When I was a freshman in high school I was what they call skinny fat I was 6 feet tall 178 pounds and I looked pretty slim but I had a high body fat percentage and i was not muscular at all I could only bench 145 pound for 1 rep. Now here we are 9 months later after working out consistently 6 days a week. I’m 6 ft 2in tall 197 pounds and I haven’t lost much fat but I’ve made up for it with muscle as my max benchpress is now 245 pounds. I want to get to 405 before I graduate high school.

  • Thank you for the content. Really simplified and easy to follow. One of the aspects I have always struggled with is balancing cardio and weights. The reason for this is because I prefer running to weight training but it makes me look skinny fat. Prioritising weights to a good ratio to cardio makes much more sense. I’ve since implemented 4 hours of weights and brought my cardio down to 3 x 25 minute sessions.

  • I am about 14% bodyfat year around… and I look like your cut pictures.
    so…. sorry but there is more room in your transformation

  • I had to go back to the beginning to check whether you are same guy….still i have doubt…but still if u guys are same… really nice work

  • Solid info here man. I wondered about a prolonged surplus and if you need to cut right back eventually for a proper cut. Made sense when you said you could cut on higher calories because you bulked for so long. I’m eating 3400 a day and feels like if i cut back below around 2800 i’m gonna lose muscle along with the fat

  • Well atleast skinny fat people arent actually fat. People might see on the beach or in bed but thats about it. There are worse things in life. Obesity being on of them

  • holy shit my body is really like the first one with red short. when i was gr 7 i was really skinny until i realize on gr10 that i was turning into skinny fat and now i am gr12 my body is like on the first one. i want to be skinny and bulk:(

  • Finally someone told the truth.
    Okay I am sticking at 1500 calories and focusing on lifting and cutting cardio to two days a week only now. I am over 30 so I will just cut then bulk.

  • obviously he had muscular memory, a beginner shouldn’t have a dirty bulking, I have a year training and I was 108 lbs now im 125 but with muscle, was hard but im gaining lean muscle however I admire this guy

  • Skinny fat read! I was skinny fat 180cm 79kg, age 30. Big belly, skinny arms and legs and no muscles. I was untrained with 0 cardio and started working out 5-6 times a week for 5 months. My belly just got bigger and didnt see any muscles, only minor strenght gains. I listened to all these people saying go bulk or maintenance and I said fuck it. 2 months later I am now 72kg and my belly is almost gone. My arms and back look more defined. I look fit for the first time ever with good posture. I started cutting eating 2g/kg protein working out 6 times a week, no cardio first month(just lazy). Lose around 0,5kg each week and focus on eating a lot of FAT aside from your protein goal. I eat 1tbs walnut butter and maybe 60g avocado everyday, add olive oil to salad. Compound lifts(Push, Legs, Pull), squats, deadlift etc. I started adding low impact cardio after my workout, cycling for 25min and this has improved my cardio and performance. I ate basically similar things everyday and started removing rice(i ate alot of it before). I dont count calories but when you eat similar everyday then you have control. Train with good form and you can get gains on a caloric deficit. Your welcome!

  • Debatably one of the best videos to teach skinny fat people how to reconstruct their physique in the most healthiest way possible! Great job!

  • What’s your goal for cutting? Do u have a set BF% you want to drop by the end of the 8 weeks or are you maintaining a consistent cut and accept wherever you’re at by the end of the 8 weeks?

  • Interesting video Joe! I have to say I’m much more 80% cardio and 20% muscle (if that) as it’s really the running I enjoy. I’ve been lucky though I look probably a lot stronger than I am, maybe that’s to do with muscle memory as I was all upper body in my youth, so ah well muscle now isn’t important, so long as I look lean and strong, sorry a bit off track but there you go.

  • Ive always liked the shorter guys physical appearance. Only Dorian to me was a Mr. O. Ronnie was way to out of proportion. Shawn Ray. Lee labrada Gaspari.

  • Hey just subscribed! During your bulk you never seemed to put on that much fat even though your bulk was over 1 year? Did you just slowly increase your calorie intake to minimize fat gain?

  • I believe everyone should go through a fitness fuckup atleast once and get Outta it and get back on track so ya know what it’s all about.

  • Knowledgable people, How do you feel about the person dropping BF by dieting first, starting from around 15-18% BF, and then keeping a slow surplus during training while monitoring bodyfat, and adjust macros and training around that?
    I gain belly fat easy AF, I found it easier to sacrifice a bit of muscle and a whole lot of fat by losing the fat first, (26% down to 16%) in order to better monitor my fat gain while coming up. Call it a clean bulk? Like 300+ Cal’s over maintenance. I’ve had decent result doing this, but to each their own. Just wondering if anyone else has taken this approach.

  • Thanks so much. Been trying ALL my life to get rid of a tummy. NOW I feel I have the knowledge! Been lifting 10 months. I have some muscle tone now. Still got a gut though! haha. I must stick to a deficit.

  • Hey man, I just wanted to say, I’m going to start making better life decisions from today on, and working out on a daily basis. I am choosing to do this now, because of you. Thank you.

  • I’m skinny fat I train constantly 5 times a day for 5 years and I eat healthy white rice and chicken and I try to eat alot cause it’s for me to gain muscle and I ended up with a bloated belly & I don’t eat junk food or drink
    I’m 5 foot 10 and 75 kilo what should I do

  • always clean bulk. And tbh you probably should now that the cut is done, you need more muscle mass up top because of your bone structure. Also, id take my next cut a litte further

  • people dont realise how great lee priest actually was for someone his height to have that much conditioned muscle on a frame so small was actually insane, if he was taller then he would have been an absolute monster that nobody could beat and that is just facts if the guy was 5″10 he would be unbeatable as he would have easily walked in 250-260. he literally could not fit any more size on himself.

  • I’m went from 158 to 147 in the first month but now I find myself stuck, my height is 5’5 with decent lean muscle. Any advice for better progression

  • I thought I was just thin but someone told me about skinny fat body type and I was like ok now I know how to identify myself:P But I would say that you need to cut beer and Burger King if you want to start loosing fat and that’s something I CAN’T DO. Also I swear I was about to start going to the gym but due to confinement measures all stores were closed!

  • Just to confirm, when he says 80/20 resistance to cardio, and says cut… does that mean shift calories into deficit only, and not do far more cardio? I mean, to cut to me means deficit plus switch to 80/20 cardio to resistance. Asking for a fat/strong friend…

  • The simple way to explain skinny fat is a person that looks skinny clothed, and ‘fat’/’soft’ naked. Skinny people can actually see the muscles when naked, they are just small/flat muscles

  • Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about “fat to skinny” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Monamilla Zoylena Smasher (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • bro I weigh like 50 I try to fit in and have fun but I get bullied well I used to I still kinda do but I wanna weigh 35 by 2020 or 2021

  • Lee Priest would destroy today era’s of bodybuilders. Mass with proportions and extreme aesthetics with zero bubble guts. ������️��️

  • FINALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY a video about skinny-fat that is actually helpful… Thank you so much for this, very informative and explains why I’ve been struggling to change my physique. Sub’d

  • Yo i have the EXACT SAME body composition as he had initially. Will weightt training get me leaner? Or is it just cardio/eating less? I have quite some muscle already

  • Patience is so crucial. I’ve realized that I lost a lot and now things have slowed down. I’m 5’8 155lbs now. Doing keto, IF and about 1600 calories max per day. Usually less. I know sleep and stress have kept things from speeding up to where they should get to. Going to work on these!! I also need to realize that I may not lose 10 pounds in a month because I am pretty lean now. It’s not fun but if it takes months more, so be it. I just need patience. Thanks friend!

  • Well now I’m scared. I bulked from 63 kg to 89 kg during 2019. I got much bigger but I inevitably put on a lot of fat. I’ve been cutting for the past 7 weeks and I’m now at 80.2 kg. So it looks like I have to drop another 7 kgs to be shredded? Can you help me bro? I’m in the boat you used to be in.

  • I play football and my legs are proper thicc and muscly and my bottom too, but when it comes to the upper body it’s a mess… My arms are skinny (especially my wrists) and I’ve got a pop belly and noobs so I look like those guys in the pictures, I’d like to leave my body fat as it is (maybe a tiny bit less) but mainly gain muscle as I wanna be bulky (maybe bulky muscly fat) but I find it really difficult, I have been training for ages and regularly and I have improved my muscles a little but just a tiny bit. I will try to improve on exercises that use the main muscles of your body as you said and I’ll see how it goes, hopefully I’ll get thicc in less than two years ��

  • Being skinny fat sucks big time. You look thin in clothes but as soon as the shirt comes off you’re not lean either like skinny shredded people.

  • Friend:said I look muscular
    Alsohim: are you
    Me: no answer
    Comes back 3 moth later me: no I trying to go to gym and say yea but stoped 10m later

  • I’m 16 years old, 6ft tall, and I weigh 65kg. I originally weighed 62kg but I am bulking. I want to get to 72kg, then cut down to 68kg. I’ve dirty bulked some and cleaned bulk some, like 50/50. When I reach 72kg, how do i wanna go about this cut? I’ve never cut like this before so I need some tips please. As a noobie asking an ex-noobie, please help or anyone else help.

  • This is why modern physiques can’t compete, they try to look good all year because of YouTube and instagram and they don’t train for hours and hours a day. Something about Lee’s era that was just the epitome of super human everything was on point and mfs weren’t tanning like idiots

  • I’m somewhere around 14 % bodyfat, my body looks similar with the guy at 2:49 but with better muscle mass. but i have a thick lower belly fat. so should i bulk or cut?

  • I gave your video a goddamn like cause u gave a goddamn opinion. a breathe of fresh fucking air. for once someone isnt vanilla asf lol

  • Hey guys,

    currently I’m working on project “gym journey”, it’s going to be my first YouTube video ever. I’ve designed a 4 week intensive program including-boxing, cycling, crossfit and gym workouts.

    please keep in mind that I’m just a begginer who wants to prove which kind of changes you can achive in just 4 weeks. Stay tuned and will meet you soon!

    presubscription to my YT channel link below.

  • This is what a true natty looks like, anyone you see bigger than this guy on the internet or anywhere els, is definitely juiced up.

  • Yes yes the people! I got a bit carried away and rambled on with this video need to learn to keep shit succinct. Hope it’s helpful anyway. Shouts again to all the people who provided me with their pictures. Have a good new year and I’ll see you all in 2020. Big year incoming! ��������

  • Hey man I need your advice, so I’m around 9 weeks into my lean bulk, I’ve gained around 0.6 pounds per week starting from 142 lbs to 147.6 lbs and I’m wondering you think would be a good weight to stop the bulk and cut, I want to look muscular and not super skinny with abs.

  • Aye Mahd Sani I have a question bro

    Did u experience any bloating while u were cutting from all that fat way back and I’m a month in and not seeing any real results and my weight seems stagnant. Any tips on how to stay patient. Thx bro and I love ur channel. ��������

  • Been reading a lot, and I’ve found out that as a skinny-fat person, I should be focusing on lifting heavy weights of low reps per set. How many reps and sets would you suggest per exercise, say for example, overhead barbell press?

  • An alle deutschen hier findet ihr nicht auch das der linke auf dem thumbnail aussieht wie dner und der rechte wie Vic in der massephase? ��

  • You are so lucky man your body is so even, I wish I had not my mild scoliosis which fucks everyone of my efforts up lol.. Nice work btw.

  • Thanks for the advice. But can body weight workouts give the same to similar results for a skinny fat person instead of resistance or weight training?

  • You have good videos but the thumbnail the first pic the light it shining directly at you and your bloating on purpose the second pic the light is shining down to show shadows and there’s no natural light

  • i lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks using a diet plan and a natural grape extract i have been taking every day with half glass of water. I am doing no exercise at all and i can eat as much as i want just have to avoid certain foods. Visit the link below for more information.


  • I think this has been the most genuine, intelligent weight loss and body cutting video I’ve seen thus far. Nice job!! Very true about the stress and sleep. Cortisol is such a terrible hormone when it’s working against us!! Thank you.

  • I’ve got big arms shoulder chest….. and fat round my belly…. however I’m 6ft and have got my weight down from 13 stone 8… to 12 stone 9, however I STILL have a belly and I’m a bit fleshy… I used to box at 11 stone 10 years ago….. but I’ve put on muscle since then… Im actually starting to think ill have to get down too 12 stone to lose this gut… my scales say I have 14.9 % body fat (bulky fat)

  • He worked so hard but it just doesn’t matter when you are only a dwarf at 5’4″. That explains his muscle bellies. He should have been in gymnastics.

  • Damm how much bullshit more can you get?!?!?!? Dude you claim to be an advance lifter.. and you dropped over 5 pounds in 1 week looking like you dropped about 2 to 3 % in just a week!!!! Anyone knows this video is not the correct length you claim

  • Good work mate, 100 times better than the fake natural / steroids body transformation on YouTube… Congratulation, keep working hard the whole body…. and Fuck Fake-Natural moron bodybuilders!

  • Crazy how we had the same problem. I started dirty bulking and lost my physique and now here I am trying to workout before I go back to school in America.

  • I undertood everything now but would a dumbells be enough for this resistance training cause thats the thing I have atm, I mean some gyms are still close with this pandemic so I dunno If I have to buy one or a dumbells would be enought for the meantime?

  • Dude, what is the name of that first song? Also, you look great. I’m in the process of building now. I need to be on your level. Be safe and enjoy life, bro.

  • Coming from a person that use to be skinny fat, I literally just went to a pescatarian diet for about 3 months and did nothing but swim. I swam for 1 hour every day. Not relaxing in the pool but doing back to back laps switching between legs and arms ONLY. The entire point isn’t to lose weight per se, but to lose the excess fat build up. I went from a 180 skinny fat, to a relatively fit 165. After I got to my desired weight, I hit the gym. Dropped swimming altogether, kept the pescatarian diet and added 1 day of eating anything minus sugar. No sugar. It shaved off a lot of fat and definitely saw definition night and day.

    In short, I didn’t immediately hit the gym. I went 3 months just swimming and dieting. That’s it. Its amazing what your body will do for you if you get your heart pumping and target muscle groups swimming.

  • Great content. But there is no “fix” that will fix it. It all comes down to consistency and pure willpower and ofc that you perform all at as good form as possible.and as they say 80% of the gains is the diet

  • How are you able to count calories from home meals? It seemed a little hard for me because home cooked stuff doesn’t really have labels and when you take into account spices and stuff it just complicates it.

  • Hi Joe. I’m doing P90x series.
    Would I be better off just doing simple strength training?
    eg. Military press, chest press, dead lift, squat, barbell row, pull up.
    Do these workout programs which claim ‘functional strength’ overegg the cake?

  • Hey Mahd I have another question not to be a bother
    But did u focus on the scale while losing a bunch of fat the first time or no? And if so what did u focus on instead of the scale numbers dropping

  • Cheers mate glad to see a video explaining how to sort my soft body and not some American geezer trying to shift some protein powder

  • Great video, just a little advice if you read this, some words/jargon you say like ohp and things like that is it general knowledge so maybe just explain what it means! Nice one

  • Man, you’re videos have really motivated me to start working out and getting in shape, I’m already losing pounds and I’m starting to do calisthenics, keep up the videos man I’m excitied for any new ones to come out!

  • Hey been on your channel for a while and been meaning to ask, what keeps you so motivated? Like seriously man I find it real easy to get lazy and stop for a few days lmao