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65 pound weight loss transformation “back fat loss”

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Transformation: Iain Crawford Shreds Off 65 Pounds! Transformation Stats; Before: After: 07/10/2013: 10/10/2016: 225lbs: 160lbs: Instagram: @iain_crawford: Twitter: @iaincrawford38: What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? Before my transformation, I was still relatively active but my dieting aspect was awful. I would eat anything.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is fabulous at age 50, flaunting her bikini body in St. Barts in February. Splash News.

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Main photo Rachel Escudier; cover image Iain Crawford. Call it a serious case of wanderlust but, this season, fashion is ready to hit the trail and put laid-back luxe on the map. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation. That is an amazing transformation: only yesterday David McLetchie was trying to curry favour with them.

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His body, indeed, seemed to have lost half its bulk and many inches of stature and breadth, but these were compensated for by the change in his head.

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Playing a POW who has been imprisoned in a camp for two years, Davies lost 35 pounds off his already incredibly slim frame, bringing his weight down around 100 pounds.

“Finding Lost Season Four: The Unofficial Guide” by Nikki Stafford
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Now he weighed only seventy­five and a half ponds, or one hundred and fifty­one pounds.

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And doubtless like all of us he found these adjustments hard to manage with a body that was getting fatter and stiffer and more resistant to change.

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He snipped both wing bones and cut the muscle.

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David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

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Dr. Walford lost 25 pounds from his already spare 145-pound frame and came out of Biosphere 2 considerably aged.

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The overall weight was probably close to twenty pounds, but with the belt on some of the weight was taken off of his shoulders.

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It was more or less the same sort of vanity—the same sort of pride in his body, the same sort of awareness of his figure tapering like a long ‘‘V’’ from shoulders to narrow hips—that was Frank’s and Ray’s.

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  • hey man im a 15 year old guy just like previous you and ive gotta say that this video is beyond inspirational. and pls whats full name of supplement

  • Great message here! It isn’t about a size or a number on the scale just about loving yourself and trying to be as healthy as possible!!

  • Keep on going! I am also having a hard time to get my protein (I am also losing weight) but I am mostly vegan/veggie due to a chronic illness. I also need protein powder to get to my recommended protein level. You can do it and you also inspire me to keep going! Thanks for that.:)

  • From reddit. Nice one cole. people will be inspired by this. Ill try to share this with as many people as i can find. I’ll leave a like too.

  • 100% know what you mean about becoming comfortable… I did the same, I dropped 11kg and then it slowed and stalled out. I realised I had slipped a little on diet (not by much) and also was not pushing enough during workouts. As soon as I tightened the food back up and attacked the workouts again I started making progress again. So easily done ����‍♂️

  • You’re doing great! Struggles are normal but you’ve proven you can do it, you can lose the weight by working out and adjusting your diet. It’s as mush mental work as it is physical work, keep pushing! ����

  • Hey Amber I totally know how you feel about the shopping when your not at your goal weight… I opted for easy flowy dresses and will save the pants and tops for when I’m there!
    And about being comfortable… I know exactly what you mean! Once I felt comfortable with my body and I started seeing progress I started cheating with my diet even though I have a long way to go!
    Hang in there and keep fighting for what your so close to. ❤️

  • Wow! Great job on this video. Very informative and honest. You have done a really good job on your lifestyle change. Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoyed watching��❤️��

  • you should be allowed to relax a bit. Taking it a bit slow is much better anyway. Also on a weight loss journey, what really helps me is walking. It is relaxing and doesn’t really feel like exercise.

  • Hi, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My cousin says it helps people lost lots of weight. Is that possible? I also read a lot of excellent review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Amber you got this, don’t focus on the weight, lots of things affect the scales, measuring yourself is better. ive stalled at 63kgs think I need to up my walking, I have to snack as I have chronic migraine so I can’t just eat breakfast lunch and dinner, if I get hungry and didn’t eat I’d get a migraine.

  • Your video quality, content and thumbnail are so good, I really like it. I enjoyed watching your video as the thumbnail introduces the video really well, and the video itself is well made. I can’t wait to see more from you, keep up the great work!

  • I jogged half a mile a day and in 6 months I was 8 miles a day.. I was 260 pounds at the end I was 180.. I then fell and tore my knee open then when I healed I fell in the floor knee straight down in a false alarm active shooter situation at work… now I’m 241.. so I’m doing this and running and let’s see if I can shorten 6 months into 4 lol

  • Jason Fung is all you need to know… I fasted many times including everyday I only eat one meal a day now but I went for 30 days more than once it’s fine it’s easy everyone should do it read about autophagy, how your body kills cancers and eats senescent cells when you fast. And read Dr.Jason Fung’s books and watch his videos here on youtube

  • Everyone thinks the weight gain/loss journey is a straight line…It’s not! keep it up and don’t worry too much about little things!

  • Ik heb het zelfde probleem, ik wil eigenlijk geen nieuwe kleren kopen omdat ik weet dat ik nog keer ga afvallen maar al mijn oude kleren zijn zo groot. Dus nu koop ik wel nieuwe dingen en als ik weer iets heb wat te groot is verkoop ik het op vinted. Je kan het goed verlopen omdat het nog niet oud is.

  • You didn’t mention fasting is practiced by muslims during ramadhan.. Fasting was thought to muslims long time ago.

    Ramadhan mubarak

  • Fasting was created first time by Muslims, Its one of the 5 Islam basics.. Kindly check correct history before publish videos.. I trust BRIGHT SIDE, dont let people start to hesitate in the info you publish

  • I know how you feel about plateau’ing! But don’t worry it will come around and you look so awesome! My current goal is to weight around 65-64kg at the end of september and I now weight 70kg so hope that works out ☺️

  • Girl you are doing amazing! It can be difficult to keep moving. You have motivated me to lose the annoying fat around my stomach and gain more muscle. I recommend having another goal to keep you going that has to do with fitness. For me, my top goal is to do a chin up. I also want to be able to do a roll-out without falling on my face ahaha

  • I totally feel you on the worrying about buying new clothes now, when you still have more weight to lose. Maybe just buy two basic black bottoms..and a few tops that you can mix and match for the time being. Then, after you hit goal grab more pieces! You’re doing great! Keep it up!

  • You’re doing amazing! You inspired me to start my own weight loss journey because of how fast you made progress and how incredible you look and even your mood has changed hugely. You also just have so much more confidence with your body than in the beginning of your journey. I wanted to feel that as well so I started:)

  • I’d love to hear your story about your pacemaker journey and how it affects your new lifestyle and day to day activities! I’m currently in the hospital as my new PM got infected so I’ll be getting an even newer one soon.

  • Oof, you keep motivating me to push harder everyday! I’m so glad I found out about you and your journey. ♥️ Also a questionhow did you avoid loose skin? Does losing weight slowly & strength training play a huge part in it? It’s the only thing that keeps bugging me during my journey. ��

  • Running, barely weight loss (anaeroob) and frustrated. I started with walking (aeroob), intermittent fasting (varying among 18:6, 20:4 (Warrior), OMAD) and HIIT (varying between 10-40 minutes), while practicing Krav Maga. I am now melting like an ice cream in the sun:-D!!!

  • At 2.25, a very wrong concept mentioned in the video, you said IF “promotes insulin resistance “, that essentially means it causes Type 2 Diabetes. Because Insulin resistance leads to Diabetes. Kindly correct.

  • Just keep it up. We all have ups and downs. Just remember where you started and how much you changed for better. Your doing amazing keep it up and get back on track.
    Im currently trying to bulk up and increase my strength ��:)

  • You seem like such an nice person. Love your videos. I wish you all the best for your journey and I have no doubt, that you gonna reach your goal.��

  • I have similar weight and fat% as you when I started. I’ve started seriously with my weight loss journey 3 weeks ago. I’ve lost 1 kg that doesn’t say much but I have lost 1% body fat and 3 cm around my waist, hips and leg in two weeks time.. Y arms sid grow a cm because I really upped my weight lifting when I go to the gym. I think that’s a good result in just two weeks especially I have two illnesses what makes me gain weight very easy and losing it is harder then a person without it. But even if it’s harder it doesn’t mean getting to a healthy weight isnt possoble. That are just excuses of people who want things done fast and easy

  • you look amazing!! 2 months ago i left a comment on ur other video telling my weightloss journey. at that time i was 59 kg and now i’m at 54 kg. my current goal is still 50 kg!! let’s achieve our goals ❤️

  • You can drink sparkling water (without sugar) during the fasting period too. That will help keep you full as well. More so than normal water.

    Who created intermittent fasting? 1:15
    Misconceptions about intermittent fasting 2:24
    How can you split your day or week into an eating period and a fasting period? 3:31
    What can you achieve with intermittent fasting? 6:39
    Other health benefits besides getting the perfect body 7:09
    Who shouldn’t try this eating pattern 7:43
    How to make it more effective 8:10

  • Hey! You are doing amazing! I know thst feeling with cardio! I usually do it in the very morning around 5 am Do it for 40 min to an hour and than go to work and lift my weights after work this way i have cardio out of the way during the week xD and on weekends i just tend to do whatever comes to my mind cardio wise even walking is fun i love to wo with my jump rope as well or go for a swim!

  • Why does it feel like I’ve lost only 1-2 kgs/2-4 pounds of weight in 28 days almost a month while every one is loosing so much weight? ����
    I also don’t eat much junk foods, no sugar at all and do Chloe ting workout.

  • They said that IF can promote insulin resistance, but actually the opposite is the case-insulin resistance occurs when you eat lots of carbs and sugary foods.

  • This is really good. You covered so many key and very important things especially God and the why and mental health. Thank you for sharing❤. Very inspiring and enlightening. Much love ace respect��������

  • Nice work brother. Truly inspiring. Im in the same path as you and started at 276 lbs. Still got a way to go. It will be a great help if you can give me some pointers bro

  • Ah love this video, thanks for sharing!! I would also love a video on your personal journey, just how you blossomed! Because I can really relate to being introvert and not answering the phone, ect. So a video on that would be great as well! And, I am so proud of you. Also for realizing you cannot live like that, on caffeine and nicotine, haha. I lived on caffeine for two years, so unhealthy and got me very depressed. And now I see you just uploaded a new video in your new series, soo looking forward to follow this journey!

  • I did intermittent fasting during the school months and it helped me keep the weight off. I also would do the 18/6 method. I would eat from 12 noon until 6p.m. I lost about 30 pounds

  • I’m not sure if I’m just fasting for 23h or I’m doing OMAD, I usually have my meal at 3pm and stop eating at 4 so basically a 1 hour window but I have my meal and then I snack like I eat some chocolate but I do count my calories so that It won’t exceed 1200, what I want to know is can I still lose weight while doing that? or I should not eat sugar at all? and have just ONE meal? a “healthy” one?

  • These all red outfits are stunning on you! It looks sporty but elegant and chic at the same time �� Amber you are an inspiration!!! Luv youuuu��

  • I think there is an error in the video at 7:20 where he says it promotes insulin resistance. I think he meant to say it prevents insulin resistance.

  • Before, while or after fasting one needs SUPER FOOD and SEA MOSS or IRISH MOSS is a THE SUPER STAR of SUPER FOOD.

    Please learn about the ENDLESS BENEFITS OF SEA MOSS or IRISH MOSS in your daily diet

    Follow us on IG @soomossy

  • Don’t skip lunch. Either skip breakfast or dinner. Because you need to eat two consecutive meals within a period of 8 hours. if you skip lunch you end up with more than 8 hours: e.g. breakfast at 8 am and dinner at 6 pm (10 hours apart). This shortens your fasting window, which is not what you want.

    That girl with the cherries lol.

  • Maintenance for a while is actually really good! Restricting calories for too much time may be too stressful for your body. Don’t stress about it; plateaus are normal. I have lost over 100lbs and before every substantial dip in my weight, I tend to gain a bit. Don’t feel discouraged because you are doing really great!

  • I’m doing this method.. and this is my record
    18/5 ( 17:22) 100kg 16:8 below 1500kcal
    19/5 ( 00:04) 99kg 18:6 below 1200kcal
    19/5 ( 20:14) 99kg
    20/5 18:6 below 1200kcal
    21/5 18:6 below 1200kcal
    22/5 omad below 600kcal
    23/5 ( 01:41) 95kg time glitch
    23/5 ( 04:59) 98kg omad below 600kcal
    23/5 ( 19:08) 97kg
    23/5 ( 23:52) 97kg
    24/5 ( 11:14) 97kg omad below1500kcal
    25/5 ( 00:51) 96.6kg
    25/5 ( 12:41) 96kg omad below 1200kcal

  • I lost 20lbs in 3 months doing IF and low carb ( not keto). It’s not as easy as it sounds you get pretty hungry. I just drank coffeewhich helped a lot. But I would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.

  • No one realised he said you’d he fasting for 14-16 hours, and the remaining 6-8h you can eat… but the day has 24h. There are two hours missing. I dont know what to do in that time ��

  • It is unnatural to be eating all the time, but Big Food wanted to make money, so they got FDA officials to lie to us about what we need. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Yeah. Right. Sure.

  • each one says their own theory about health and weight loss, well ur best doctor for ur own body. so follow what ur body tells you. some feel very hungry in the morning, then eat in the morning have healthy food. some feel hungry at 11am and 6pm so eat at that time healthy guilt free food. and excessive regularly.

  • In Islam we fast for a month every year and we do it all our life and all Muslims should do it and it’s been a thing from thousands of years.. soo don’t say that doctor made this diet when you Use our religion things to say that u create it whyyy��

  • It’s my 32nd day doing IF/snake diet or whatever you name it. 32 meals in 32 days. I feel much energized, no dizziness, no weak feelings.

  • Hi, have you thought about this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My mate says it helps people lost tons of weight. Is that possible? I also heard numerous great review relating to this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Actual video with reference to title, starts at 6.39…. ������ That is about 3 minutes. Just wanted to come up the 10 min mark huh? Nasty.

  • I really enjoy and love your videos. I watched every video in your channel and it gives me each time more and more motivation. Thank you for your videos and the motivation that you give. Thank you ��

  • Dress to fit yer ‘now’ body. Future you can always donate to a closet type charity that helps get outfits to those who need them(job interviews, work…)��Oooor, look forward to a clothing swap with friends. Get some key pieces. A wrap-style dress would be cute and adjustable.

  • Started IF in 2017. Lost 10kgs in 3 months

    And im still doing it up till today. And i have to say that my energy levels have gone up.

    When i eat a lot,i get tired and unproductive. So i do IF almost everyday.

    Started to jog regularly 5 months back and ive lost 5kgs more. A total of 15kgs.

  • Wow babe, just got to know you on a whole other level. What a journey!! And I LOVE how honest you are about it that it’s not always easy to lose weight. You’re beautiful and thank you for sharing, it must have been so nerve wreaking ❤️

  • I’ve been watching your brother’s channel and I’m so happy for you �� Your transformation is so inspiring and motivational haha �� I’ve set a target to lose 3 kilos this week and hopefully I’m able to reach it �� Keep up the good work!!! ✌️��

  • Most of this is correct. Apart from eating fruit during the fast. Fruit = sugar and your fatburning will come to a 0 as soon as sugar hits your tongue

  • My current weight is 72 kg and I am trying to lose a bit of weight but I dont know anything about working out and what kind of exercise should I do. Could you give me an advice.You are amazing

  • Just why you didnt explain that we muslims we fast for 30 days every year �� its just that easy it was before your micheal mosley or kouzley or who ever! Just go research about Ramadan benefits for muslims

  • I’ve lost around 50 lbs through diet and exercise, I have the last 30-40 to lose, so let’s say I lost that weight through IF, in order to maintain my goal weight would I start eating a normal balanced diet or would I have to continue fasting in order to maintain?

  • Could hormones affect the weight loss. I usually fast until around 2pm until 8pm. I have been doing this for a while…four months. No weight loss. What am i doing wrong? I eat well, sometimes i have junk food but always stick to the fasting

  • And then he said it promotes insuline resistance. Which is totally wrong. It promotes insulin sensitivity, and decreases insulin resistance….

  • yeah girl you look great at 209. ive been back and forth around that number for ages and im 5’6. you did so good girl. you can get back there and do even better. im about ready girl i really am and maybe we can support each other.

  • h&m has some some similar workout tops with the crossed design in the front (if I saw it correctly haha), I have 2 of them and they are cheaaaap but nice

  • Karolina, you did great, don’t worry what other people say about you, people that bad mouth other people to feel good about themselves is the bad people and the people we should feel sorry for. I must say i also went down the sigaret way when i gained weight, helped me drop the kg’s very fast, not the good way to go, best way is lifestyle changes what works for your body. You look good tho, Im proud of you

    14:52 -AMEN!!! start with loving yourself

  • I agree with you about what you eat, matters. I hardly go to the gym anymore, but still stay fit in other ways. I also recommend drinking detox teas that help aid digestion and will “eliminate” your intestines. The teas with senna as the active ingredient will be optimal, especially from the Asian markets. Be prepared to run to the bathroom many times! ��

  • This video, was the motivation I needed, I can lose the weight (I want to shed maybe 30-40lbs) it’s just pure laziness and SWEETS that has me at a stand still. But now I’m feeling motivated to get back at it, I have a small “gym” in my garage so why not?

  • You are an inspiration by talking so candidly about what could be considered a very personal thing. It inspires me to perhaps discuss something a little more personal on my channel. xox

  • I love that you added how you had an eating disorder and insecurities in the beginning. A lot of people struggle with that today and it helps to see someone be able to open up about it

  • Congratulations on all your weight loss. I’ve struggled with mine for many years like a yo-yo but am now keeping it under control. You look amazing! I can totally relate to everything you’re going through. Keep at it! You’re doing great! ☘️

  • what a journey, well done�� loosing weight is good for a lot reasons, im glad u did it���� just subbed, i hope u can visit me as well����

  • Omg I’m so proud of you ���� Thats an amazing progress and you’re really motivating me to start my weight loss journey! Hope I can make this step Monday, just need to find the motivation �� Keep pushing you re almost there omg I’m really amazed ��

  • Very proud of you, this is hard and not easy! Always remember “do what makes you happy” this is a great thing you did for yourself and others. ❤️

  • Congrats on the weight loss. Always gorgeous. Before and after, but proud of you for sticking with it. I know it can be hard. I love 80 pounds as well ❤️

  • So brave of you to fight through it and share your journey with everyone. Its really inspirational.
    You look beautiful �� Stay motivated and keep on going girl.

  • Oh, great. Awesome video.�� I had a great time.�� 완전좋아요������ Stay connected. (��1,027/33)���� Let’s support each other.�� Have a nice day.^^

  • You are a beautiful person from what i see and hear! Please dont ever think that something is wrong with you! You are beautiful! You dont need confirmation from anyone on that! Keep going and working it out it may take a while but you will get through it if you keep the motivation! Thank you for opening up and sharing your sorry it will help someone!

  • Muslims been fast for more than 1000 years..according to Muslims fasting was Bestowed by goods to all his prophets since he created Adam. And eve.

  • You have come a long way! I don’t know you… but I am so proud of you! Despite all your struggles, you are putting yourself out there and successfully making content! You are doing great! And are beautiful inside and out:)! Keep going! I have had similar struggles in my life and for me, nothing has helped but giving back to myself and taking care of my mental health and then the weight loss followed in time. Non-scale victories are so important to keep us going and our minds healthy in our weight loss journey! Much love from Canada!