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After losing the girl he loved, Habib took out his frustration in the gym and lost a stunning 45 pounds. After losing the girl he loved, Habib took out his frustration in the gym and lost a stunning 45 pounds. Menu.

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List of related literature:

He didn’t lose weight and he didn’t regain his health.

“A Manual for Creating Atheists” by Peter Boghossian, Michael Shermer
from A Manual for Creating Atheists
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This is not surprising because for him restoration of the body is secondary to this task of self-transformation.

“The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland” by Cheryl Mattingly
from The Paradox of Hope: Journeys through a Clinical Borderland
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So he fasted completely for several days, losing fifteen pounds and relying on raw vegetables and fruits when he did start eating again.

“Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West” by Peter N. Stearns
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Like Saleem and many ofthe others, he had lost weight during those weeks in limbo -— two stone in his case.

“Looking Through Glass” by Mukul Kesavan
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As he recovered, he was unable to eat enough to regain the weight.

“Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management, Third Edition” by Joan C. Arvedson, Linda Brodsky, Maureen A. Lefton-Greif
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He lost thirty pounds in three months, and Goncourt reported that the fellow had changed so much that he did not even recognize him.

“Dawn of the Belle Epoque: The Paris of Monet, Zola, Bernhardt, Eiffel, Debussy, Clemenceau, and Their Friends” by Mary McAuliffe
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Meanwhile, a near-death experience causes Jonathan to begin acting differently, and Habib tries to lose weight by changing his lifestyle.

“Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw” by Richard Irvin
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He has lost another 15 pounds, and there is a palpable mass in the periumbilical region.

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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Despite a normal appetite he continued to lose another 4 kg in weight over the next four months.

“Rapid Review of Clinical Medicine for MRCP Part 2” by Sanjay Sharma, Rashmi Kaushal
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Balkrishna Kundra lost 13 kilos in six weeks and also brought about a change in his lifestyle.

“The Great Indian Diet: Busting the big FAT MYTH” by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Luke Coutinho
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

[email protected]

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  • Inspiring!!! you’re awesome, truly awesome. Never give up, the reward is truly exceptional. I also decided to get back to shape, i wish I recorded my progress like you. gud luck to your journey!! Dropping by to support your channel. hope to see you around mine, would love to connect with like minded, positive people. Stay safe. Cheers!

  • I’ve lost 40 lbs in 1.5 month!!!!! Don’t believe me check my video on my channel!!!! Leave comment on my video if you have any questions

  • Very good video that I didn’t really look for, but ended up enjoyng a lot! I just have one random question. Do supplements taste nice, or is it something that you have to power through to take?

  • Your analogy of the perfect brick is as good as it gets man. Glad you are sharing this, obesity is hell of a problem and people don’t care.

  • I to spent many years on ABCP hahaha idk how I made it to 9 years in. Interestingly enough my lowest weight was when I got out. I was always 230-250. Got down to 165. To low for me. Climbed to 185 and now I’m happy physically

  • She said 360. It’s 180, not 360. 360 would mean he went full circle and gained the weight back. 180 means you turned completely around and went in the opposite direction.

  • Great transformation….

    This is how my 4 year old and Daddy Pig helped me lose weight 😉

  • nice man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is a perfect example of an asports mindset helping you in real life. having the intrisic motivation to give your best each day so that you eventually end up succeeding. not blaming external factors or being unlucky, but just doing your best and growing.

  • You should contact a plastic surgeon about getting j plasma for the loose skin. It is a skins tightening procedure that yields amazing results. From the photos, it looks like it could definitely help with the chest. No scars. Just little holes.

  • Shocking! If you stop stuffing your face, and move around a little you won’t be overweight. Damn it Youtube stop recommending me these videos. I’m already fit.

  • *Sees title *
    Me: Oh this reminds me of that guy who did this to his little brother.
    *Looks through videos *
    Me: Oh… it is THAT guy ����

  • Really happy for your progress! Keep going fit for life! We don’t let weight get the better of us. You really showed your true character from within. �� well done.

  • You wanna lose weight and keep it off for life do intermitting fasting im a nutritionist and i guarantee you if you do this for at least 3 months say bye bye to obesity for life

  • This is what life is all about. Overcoming the adversity we encounter as we grow. I think sugar is one of the most destructive things we put into our bodies. I haven’t had a sugared drink or sugared food for 25 years now, except for a small portion of dark-chocolate each day (less that two tablespoons). I do not miss the drinks. I drink unsweetened decaffeinated iced tea most of the day. This man is strong and motivated. He should be the ideal we all strive for!

  • I am 185 pounds. I started a fitness journey 5 days ago I wanna do this for life. Actually my ex broke up with me two week’s ago bcoz am fat according to him he said I don’t attract him anymore. It doesn’t pain me I thank god he did

  • Great results. All your facial, lip pumps, botox looks plastic. Let it go. You are a beautiful woman without this junk. It is too dangerous!

  • I don’t know why, after loosing wt, everyone start looking handsome,
    But the thing is that, I was 95 In June
    But now I am 83 and still going ( for 70).
    Don’t think that 70 is slight less than normal wt, because my age is just 16.
    So I will rock the world, promise to me, from 41.5 ( belly size ) to abs.
    Thanks for motivation yaar

  • Amazing!!! I started my weight loss journey about a month ago I still have to take my after pictures but I’m scared not to see progress. I’ve also mixed intermittent fasting along with my journey!!! You look awesome babe!!!

  • Hey Guys,

    I Try Leptitox for 2 months and it really work, I lost 19 lbs. in me first 3 weeks and 45 Lbs. in 2 months, I can send you the link to buy it from the source. Just email me at: [email protected]

    Please for good result eat it 30 min after any meal once a day and avoid eating fast food or Junk food (oiled Food).

    Hope my comment helped you

    Stay Safe.

  • Hi Keph,

    I recently also lost around 40 pounds of weight and I wanted to share some of that. Cutting calories is very effective and it is so effective that you could essentially still eat crappy foods and lose weight. I wouldn’t recommend it for nutritional value as you would be starving your body of both calories, complex vitamins/amino acids, and getting a lot of preservatives. Diet is vital for gaining muscle, as you simple can’t without a high amount of nutrition. One thing I regret is trying to gain muscle while I was cutting calories and going for straight weight loss. This is basically a recipe for injury and I was injuring almost everything (feet, back, shoulders, neck). Your body needs to be in calorie surplus to put on muscle.

    In all, if I were to do it again I would go for straight muscle gain while you have the excess weight. It will be a lot easier to gain muscle with some weight and when you gain a good amount it will make cutting much easier, as muscles require high maintenance calories they will eat your fat during a cut. Take it all responsibly and if you don’t have a good base of muscle, start very small. You only have to work out twice a week and hit your main muscle groups once while progressing in weight to gain muscle.

  • Congrats on the weight loss. Now that you’re at your goal weight you can slowly increase your calories (reverse dieting) to come back to your maintenance caloires. At 155lbs 25 years old its somewhere between 2000-2400 calories. You’ll have to go slow since you’ve been dieting for a year already your metabolism has definitely slowed down so you want to bring it up slowly. Don’t worry, you won’t get fat again and you’ll be able to eat more and enjoy more foods like grains and even some treats as you’ll have more calories to spare and enjoy life. GO SLOW. Do not stay at 1500 calories forever now as you don’t need to be at a deficit and you’ll just end up causing issues slowing your bodys metabolism down now that you’re lean. Do not fear getting fat again.

  • Just some input for anyone who’s on a cheaper budget, in college, etc. (like myself):
    Working out to either gain muscle or lose fat is actually very easy, i’ve lifted for over 8 years now and am currently 23. I’ve maxed 295 on bench,465 deadlift, 335 squat, and 245 powerclean at 180 lbs (probably around 10% bodyfat)don’t get me wrong it’s not record breaking or extremely impressive lifts but it’s notable in my opinion.
    Some of the best tips i can offer:
    1.Meijer’s, walmart, kroger, or amazonBODY FORTRESS WHEY PROTEIN. It’s simple, cheap, 30g/scoop $16 for a bottle that will last you easily 1 month, maybe 2 depending how much you supplement protein. It doesn’t have any glucose, creatine, just simply whey protein with a few amino acids. Most importantly, it gets the job done and it’s affordable.
    2. CreatineThis shit is like the closest thing to steroids you can get. It’s literally 100% natural, your body produces it, it’s found in almost every meat, more so red meats. So you get it every day that you eat meat, and you produce it naturally.
    TLDR for creatine: It basically reenergizes your muscles, when you do an exercise, your muscles use ATP as the source which it derives from other chemicals, but basically it allows you to do more sets/more reps= more muscle growth since you’re doing more than what you did before. HCL or creatine monohydrate are fine.
    Cheap, affordable, about $25-30, i personally use “beast” creatine and always have. Most GNC creatine is trash and WAY too expensive, loaded with bits of aminos, glucose, etc. so they can use fillers to tell you it does everything. It doesn’t. Take protein for protein, take creatine for creatine, and so on. No need to multistack miniscule amounts of supplements in every one you take, get a direct supplement for each thing you want to focus on.
    3. Start SLOWpeople think that when you start exercising you need to go 4-6 days a week, morning run, evening 1 hr. gym session. And that, from experience, is what you eventually want to build up to IF you can, but don’t start there. The most important thing with either muscle building OR weight loss is consistancy.
    Start with 2 or 3 days at the gym for your first 2 weeks, let your body get used to the exercise (it hurts but eventually after months when you stop getting as sore you almost strive for the soreness again, it can be a good indicator).
    Eventually work your way up to 3-4 days, which is what i personally do, you can do more or less based upon your schedule or really motivation, but i would definitely shoot for a minimum of 3. If you can go 5 days a week then by all means, do it. Just don’t overtrain yourself and focus on getting quality lifts instead of volume, as naturals it takes longer to recover so don’t expect to hit every major body group twice a week and think you’re doing the most. Results may vary, but keep it simple. Train hard. Diet. Water. Protein. Creatine. And stay consistent

  • My mates at work have tested also this unique diet and were able to cut over 13lbs. Many people said to me to look at it too. Just after I tested the course, I have eliminated FIFTEEN pounds. Google should help you to discover it. Program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • so red bull is… fat bull eventually
    aslo BEWARE of sugar free sweet drinks!!
    Diabethis and cancer, sorry to say.
    dia because your body will try to push insuline with absent sugar.
    and sugar substitutes, at least some, are pro-cancer.
    take care of yourself.

  • Dude great work. I saw this video a little more than a year ago for the first time. It was one of the things that helped inspire me to get in shape. I have currently gone from 364lbs this time last year, to now 246 and still going at 6″2. I love seeing your progress and I hope to come back and post my own video like this when I finish.

  • This is amazing.. dude we are on the on the same its a great feeling to lose all those extra weights i still have a long but i think im in a better place right now..

  • Hey Guys,

    I Try Leptitox for 2 months and it really work, I lost 19 lbs. in me first 3 weeks and 45 Lbs. in 2 months, I can send you the link to buy it from the source. Just email me at: [email protected]

    Please for good result eat it 30 min after any meal once a day and avoid eating fast food or Junk food (oiled Food).

    Hope my comment helped you

    Stay Safe.

  • For the little I saw on the video, you are two beautiful siblings who love each other ❤️ heartwarming. And even more so is the fact that you rely on each other ❤️ beautiful transformation ��

  • The biggest flex here is being able to write so well with your mouse.

    But seriously, awesome man. Made me get out of bed and drink water on the spot. Thanks for sharing.

  • Guys just know that weight is just a number and u can be losing more fat but gaining more muscle so u can lose 50 pounds of fat gain 70 pounds of muscle just make sure your happy what you are and look like

  • DXN Mycoveggie ( A high fiber food supplement carefully prepared from the finest all-natural ingredients. It contains vegetables, various mushrooms, spirulina, green tea, mulberry leaf, ginkgo leaf, noni leaf, fruits, herbs and a selection of spices. It is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Low in fat, sugar-free, cholesterol-free and the best source of high quality fiber. * Ingredient: Psyllium Husk, Celery, Mulberry Leaf, Noni Leaf, Gingko Leaf, Ginger, Lemon Grass, Shiitake Mushroom, Lyophilium Mushroom, St. George’s Mushroom, Lion’s mane Mushroom, Elm Oyster Mushroom, Grey Oyster Mushroom, Split Gill Mushroom, Sweet Corn, Lime, Orange, Spirulina, Green Tea, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove. Discount code ( Sponsor code) 144551931 to get your discount code

  • Hey Guys,

    I Try Leptitox for 2 months and it really work, I lost 19 lbs. in me first 3 weeks and 45 Lbs. in 2 months, I can send you the link to buy it from the source. Just email me at: [email protected]

    Please for good result eat it 30 min after any meal once a day and avoid eating fast food or Junk food (oiled Food).

    Hope my comment helped you

    Stay Safe.

  • I lost about 100lbs to join the army.. after a few years in I started gaining it back and eventually got out. Since then I have spiraled out of control and im back to my army weight + like 100lbs. Last time I had the courage to weigh myself I was over 370lbs. So demotivated and I dont even know how to start again. Watching all these videos to try to find a will to start again. God bless you.

  • i am saving this video for future motivation. am going to the gym now after 300 excuses. i love you so much thank you for making this video

  • i just wanted to say i know losing weight can be difficult ( believe me i know) but i found out about proVen and i gotta say, it has helped a lot. It’s basically an all-natural formula that contains only ingredients that are completely safe!! i will say, don’t rely on one thing though. exercising, eating a balanced diet and your mental health. those all count too but trust me, this supplement will make it much easier. check it out:) @t

  • Can someone give me tips for how to loose weigh cause my dad and sisters and brother are always getting mad at me for being fat and not dk how if I only eat 2 times a day

  • I was also the big kid in elementary, middle school and freshman year. Between freshman and sophomore yr I lost 50 pounds. I was 200 freshmen years. But starved myself and worked out hard core. Sophomore year I got into dance for 2 years. Senior year they didn’t have regular dance. I got back up to 183. I injured my back in 2006. I have 3 buldging discs that make it hard to work out like I use to. I had gastric bypass in 2008. Then has 3 bowel Obstructions in October 2011 and October 2014. Due to the scar tissue. If I could go back in time…I would not have gotten the bypass. Id rather have had the gastic sleeve. If u can lose without surgery do it

  • A non-invasive, no-drugs FAT LOSS technology RED LIGHT THERAPY (Specific wavelengths combination not only loss weight, but remove harmful visceral fat) -welcome for browsing (Many infos/studys/reports of light therapy)

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    Laser Treatment Watch (Diabetes, High blood pressure/sugar/fat)

    LED Phototherapy Pad (Body local pain relief), etc

    If you have interest, I would like to share with you more light therapy OR product infos.

    Or you can also check our website for browsing,

  • Nice man, i lost 15 pounds from the beginning of the quarantine till now. Was 165 now around 149. I still need to lose this little bit of a belly that i have now tho

  • and a drama from me. In 90s early 20s I was in society that adored eating and all that goes with it. I was 20
    And god, I was thin. fat free
    now all the tables turn around. Im almost 40, have some fatties. light fatties.
    And I drink water! I love my water.
    Never had muscles you have.

  • What do you do if someone comes and tells you that you can get fit in two weeks? And I am the one who tells you to use the following link.

  • want to ask is weight lifting burn more belly fat than just doing cardio alone? Assuming both activities are included but should do weight lifting a bit more than cardio to burn the belly fat?

  • I need to get back on a plan…
    I did a protein shake replacement thing a few years back and it worked wonders. I lost 40 pounds in 1 month but I had never been so absolutely miserable. I went from 280 to 240 pounds in 1 month and my the end of month 2 was 220.
    I had to stop because I was just so incredibly unhappy. I made the mistake of going back to my old way of doing things except I just drank water and tea. I’m now 250 pounds again and damn… i need to get to it

  • honestly dude your workout split is a very effective split, absolutely nothing with it and it’s amazing to see how you’re telling your story to everyone, keep it up.

  • Hi, really inspired by this video, do you have an email I could contact you on to ask you some advice, really appreciate it:) mine email is [email protected] thanks heaps:)

  • as an American, when I first saw the scale said 95 I was like �� she can’t be obese, that’s impossible, she’s underweight but she doesn’t look it?

  • i just wanted to say i know losing weight can be difficult ( believe me i know) but i found out about proVen and i gotta say, it has helped a lot. It’s basically an all-natural formula that contains only ingredients that are completely safe!! i will say, don’t rely on one thing though. exercising, eating a balanced diet and your mental health. those all count too but trust me, this supplement will make it much easier. check it out:) @t

  • Ok keep in mind I’m 11 I love to not eat food but I’m forced to eat food… but a finger and a bathroom would do right? No?….ok I’ll stop… Weight: 54 kg. target: 45 / 40 kg wish me luck..

  • Dang…you look great. Great job. Proud of you. I recently lost 55 pounds. I was 265 and starting eating better and walking. I feel so much better. I’m not done. I would like to take off about 25 more pounds. Anyways…great job, you should be so proud ��

  • I’ve always wanted to see how people worked before they lost the weight but no one on youtube shows those videos and can anyone say why

  • He didn’t loook that bad before especially on the beach! Some people like to be smothered! I myself have dabbled in the world of �� ��

  • A whole food plant based diet is the single most successful weight loss intervention without calorie restriction and exercise for men and women! Men who eat a whole food plant based diet have significantly higher testosterone levels than both vegetarians and meat eaters. Are you a male bodybuilder Wanting quicker recovery time, bigger gains, higher testosterone levels and better health? Switch to a whole foods plant based diet and get rid of Meathead pandemics for good! Stop abusing animals! Go Vegan! Buy Vegan!
    Ketogenic diets found to undermine exercise efforts and lead to muscle shrinkage and bone loss.

  • It’s hard to watch these videos where the parent acts so oblivious and doesn’t realize or don’t want to understand how their (the parents) issues have affected their children in negative ways.

  • Hey guys check out legit source I have been dealing with this source for 3 years and never had any problems with my package and this is the source with gave me a full transformation check link below

  • As specialist, I do think Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • Hey guys,

    Would You Like to Know Exactly What to Eat to Lose Fat and Get Healthy Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods or Starving Yourself?

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  • oh my gosh i wish i could find someone who willing to pay me to lose weight so i can get motivation on my diet TT
    and also get famous instead coz they record all fo my journey from obese to my body goals

  • Ok but his face look so different???i understand that he lost a lot of weight but he looks like an different person to me…
    he looks younger

  • It was probably the protein pancakes, it maybe was water retention from the carbs, I had them and it gave me the same effect on me

    She is pretty & did a great job, normal reaction though

  • Your inspired me and I did workout every day, since April 02, 2020. Now on August 02, 2020, I lost almost 40 lbs in 4 months!!! Please check:

  • Congratulations on the weight loss and the transformation. I appreciate your candor. I’ve been looking forward to this video. Thanks again for sharing this with your viewers.

  • I’ve lost 40 lbs in 1.5 month!!!!! Don’t believe me check my video on my channel!!!! Leave comment on my video if you have any questions

  • I don’t even know you, and I’m so proud of you!! Congrats on your AWESOME accomplishment!!! You are truly an inspiration!! I need to lose 80 pounds, and this video will surely help me.

  • Ive tried to teach my daughter the exact thing you learned in the gym. WEIGHTS and RESISTANCE training are the way to go, along with proper diet. Build greedy muscle onto your bones. Those greedy muscles demand energy. What’s fat? Stored energy.

  • Doing CrossFit at 5:00 am is stupid and unhealthy. It breaks all nature laws of body metabolism.

    Also you still eat too much and you will get fat again when you stop your excessive and emotional journey.

  • No miraculous diet and unnecessary supplements. Just eat normal and train right with faith and consistency.
    You deserve all GOOD things!!

  • Also, it should be said to some people, who want to lose weight, but probably have hormones failure. If you are unsure, address your doctor, and do all needed analysis.
    Also animal fat is not enemy its a friend. The hydrocarbons are an enemy.
    Also if you drink water 2l a day then replenish micronutrients, especially potassium and mg. When keph is mentioning red and green bottles you can see that they have potassium. Also 4% 27:07 mean he needs 25 scoops a day of this. Calcium, d3, etc. Also so called dietary fiber which is hydrocarbones that slowly consumed by the body. Also, 10gr of supplement has 7 gr of hydrocarbones, of which 4gr are sugars(which is high to my opinion), and in my opinion with low budget a person can have 10gr of cornflakes with zero sugar added.

  • Your video is being used for an ad for a weight loss product on words with friends. Theyre crediting your weight loss to their product, which is obviously bullshit, but you should know.

  • Bro i was so exited for this vid until i saw what the prices are for these supplements and bars. You can buy a new playstation for the same money lmao

  • I admire him and his weights his weight loss because sometimes when you know you’re sitting at home and you get a good minute and you like let me see what I can eat right now but majority of the time you’re not eating because you’re hungry you’re eating do to it greediness or boredom is something wrong with that everybody looks food but your health comes first for me for example I was 200 and 25 lb by the age of 20 and I was like oh no this has got to go and now with a little exercise and eating right I am one 179 Ibs and I feel healthy and exihilared

  • 6 years ago i went from 300 lbs to 165 lbs. and even kept at it gaining muscle for a few months after and slowly got up to 175.then things spiraled outta control and i got to where i am today having to start this journey again.
    and it was all because i couldn’t look how i felt i deserved to look (because of the loose skin) i still felt fat, even tho i was 9% body fat and i just couldn’t shake that feeling.

    right now i am 300 lbs but 2 months ago i was up to 330. and this time is different. screw looking good i just want to be healthy again.

  • Ohh���� she has such a good brother which I wish I had…he is an over weighted man! Am also fat but not like the girl in the video…. But all in all Girl, you’re blessed always love your brother ��❣️❣️ I love you keep going ����

  • Wow! That is so amazing Kudos to you! I will tell you that I use a shower filter and only organic products (including just baking soda for my teeth) and my health is going up, my acne is almost gone and my cellulite and loose skin is gone…

  • No busco molestar ignoren el comentario si quieren. Pero les voy a compartir un “ritual” sencillo que puede ser útil para muchos.

    La dieta de los granos de arroz. ��
    ¿La conoces? Es una antigua dieta que debe iniciarse un miércoles, es imprescindible seguir esta regla. Consta de únicamente tres días, este es el procedimiento:

    Miércoles: debes poner en medio vaso, o si bien, media taza de agua la cantidad de granos de arroz correspondiente a los kilos que anhelas perder no coloques más granos de lo necesario, porque estos kilos JAMÁS los vas a recuperar en la noche, toma toda el agua dejando únicamente los granos y luego vuelve a llenar la taza / vaso hasta la mitad.

    Jueves: En la mañana (y en ayunas) nuevamente bebe toda el agua, para otra vez dejar sólo los granos

    Viernes: En la mañana (y en ayunas) nuevamente bebe toda el agua, pero esta vez junto a los granos

    Qué debes saber: mantén la taza / vaso tapado durante toda tu dieta debes compartir la dieta de acuerdo a la cantidad de kilos que anhelas perder recuerda, que sólo puede empezar el día Miércoles y no antes de haber compartido la dieta puedes compartirlo con cualquier persona coloca un número de granos lógico, preferencialmente que no pase de 7 o 10. Tu organismo va a empezar a perder esos kilos sin que lo notes.


  • Ignore the supplements. They’re optional, not essential. Track your calories, enter a deficit/ surplus depending on your goal. Get a gym program, stick to it and increase your volume each week.

  • How To Lose Bodyfat And Build Muscle get in a caloric deficit(lower your calorie intake per day) and do your exercise. Now if you want to build muscle obviously you need to lift weights or do exercise intense enough to really engage your muscles, but don’t start off too hard and dont ego lift. You can infact build muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time. The way you do it is you get in a caloric deficit and you eat foods rich in protein. There has always been a myth that you need to bulk or you need to eat a ton of food to get. Also do your cardio and dont skip leg day.

    How To Get Into A Caloric Deficit Calculate your calories from each meal, then weigh yourself every week and see if you lose any weight. If you are not losing weight it means you need to lower your calories even more. You most likely will be off with your calories since you cant accurately calculate them a 100%, so do it the best you can. Weighing your food REALLY helps, since companies lie about their products in terms of how much calories there are,about the macros and the servings. Also eat low-calorie dense foods. Again if you are not losing weight just eat less

    Also a great youtuber to educate you on Fitness and Diet is Greg Doucette(Greg Doucette on Youtube)

  • Ill admit iv’e only watched you on twitch a few times as i generally watch other streamers but you just motivated me to carry on my journey too get back into shape and be healthy. Thanks dude!

  • I’ve lost 40 lbs in 1.5 month!!!!! Don’t believe me check my video on my channel!!!! Leave comment on my video if you have any questions

  • Man this video is really inspiring keph. For me, I’ve been trying to lose a tiny bit of weight and I have lost around 6 kilos. But after I watched this video I might work harder because I am still overweight unfortunately. Either way, this is an incredibly good video, especially when it’s coming from a person that isn’t a nutritionist or anything like that.

  • I lost 5 pounds in 1 day and have been losing weight
    Not because I suddenly decided to not eat, but I coudlnt. I didn’t have enough energy to eat a week or so ago cause I didn’t sleep for a day, and I’ve consistently been losing weight cause I rarely eat snacks anymore.

  • i just wanted to say i know losing weight can be difficult ( believe me i know) but i found out about proVen and i gotta say, it has helped a lot. It’s basically an all-natural formula that contains only ingredients that are completely safe!! i will say, don’t rely on one thing though. exercising, eating a balanced diet and your mental health. those all count too but trust me, this supplement will make it much easier. check it out:) @t

  • amazing what she achieved! I truly admire her strength and will power but I must say her face looked prettier before. Not so artificial… But thats just my opinion. If she feels happy with how she looks, great!

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • I can’t Say How proud I am, I know I don’t know u but that’s no reason to not instore faith in humanity. Your No joke A gorg woman, and this is proof that anyone, anywhere can lose weight.

  • Wow he started his diet on August 22nd 2016 and I just happen to be watching it August 22nd 2020. Exactly 4 years. Or 4,000,000 years in Trump cult dystopian times.

  • also, from anathomy POV, Im rather amazed about one thing.
    Your biceps-to-elbow gap says that… that… drums… youre asthenic (?)
    i can only imagine how asthenic can go so-to-say “fatty”. but at least now you re gorgeously fit.

  • I’m so happy for you and you have such an amazing journey mama!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!! Moms are truly amazing ��!!! I’m so motivated to do my own weight loss journey. I’m so proud of you Lady!!!

  • Hello, Can you please tell me how you got rid of chest fat? I have a similar chest fat as you had before. Some people are saying that it won’t go with exercise and I would have to go through surgery. Can you please share some advice on this

  • I recently caught covid, and I’ve lost 11 pounds since. I’m recovering, grateful to have never had to go to the hospital. I guess it was both a blessing and a curse! Covid may actually change my life for the better! Aiming to lose more weight. Wish me luck!

  • 20:30 For everyone here (I’m also not a major fuckin scientist) but i know a little about them. There are 9 essential amino acids, they’re like the building block for protein and you can get some of them from certain protein. However I think the powder is the best thing to use for working out (never used it) because it stimulates muscle growth and increases something called collagen which is the major protein in your skin, connective tissues and blood vessels.. Which is probably the reason for the muscles getting repaired and getting stronger after working out and taking this.
    (again not a scientist, got very bad grades in Biology so yk some of this is probs wrong but that’s what I know)

  • It’s great when people realize they have a problem and change for the better instead of making excuses for not doing it. Very inspirational

  • One of the biggest tips is working on getting every unhealthy food out of your house (or at least most of them)

    If they’re not in immediate access to you, your fat lazy ass won’t go to the store just to get them. That simple.

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  • Ngl I stopped playing ow and that means watching my favorite ow streamers, I haven’t kept up with his channel but he damn near looks like a different person

  • Superb effort! Shame that it seems as though your nipples sort of sag below your pectorals though:/ Will the skin tighten back up over time?

  • They both look great ����������lovely couple,,congrats,,good job���� I wonder how old she was when she decided to go to gym to exercise..��

  • Felicitaciones Hermosa �� por este logro enorme!! Quedaste aún más hermosa.. yo estoy así como estabas tú y empezé a tratarme hace poco. Y ver esto me da más ánimo a seguir luchando el cada día. Gracias por compartir tu historia ♥️����

  • Awesome vid Brother. I dropped 100lbs of fat as well. It’s always a journey, but you’re 100% right. Laws of thermodynamics absolutely apply to fatloss. Your body doesn’t make/store more matter out of the air. You have to put it there, or take it out of your body. 80% of the weight loss game starts with the fork. /bravo

  • She is still fat wtf shouldn’t it be like fat to six pack. Oh wait this one is actually real unlike the vid with his brother that was almost a year.

  • I started losing weight thankyou kephrii not only u motivated me to get better at fps but to also have a good body and to be healthy

  • I am struggling to loose just 10kg from last 1year. Lot of respect for you bro. I know how difficult was your weight loss journey.

  • I think one thing a lot of people don’t realize is there’s plenty of really good-tasting options that don’t suck. Sure, you’re not eating pizza or ice cream-level food, but you’re never going to stick with a diet if it isn’t a lifestyle. you can’t change your habits for a period then fall back, it just won’t work!

  • I have advice.From my own experience with weight loss, I can say that “ProVen” is a perfect supplement for those who are struggling to lose fat. I have tried a lot of diets, most of them were based only on cutting down the calories but I can tell you for sure that is not the answer. I was in despair until I discovered PrVen. This is the only supplement that targets the route cause of fat, elevated hormone levels due to toxic pollutants from the modern world. I have not only lost a LOT of weight but I feel healthier, my blood sugar levels are returning to normal ranges and I feel like a new person. For anyone sitting on the fence I would highly recommend giving ProVen a try for yourself.

  • Inspirational video.. Congrats for the huge effort.. I just began my weightloss journey, hopefully it will be successful as yours.. Keep up the good work!!

  • One question does come to mind though: why did you wait to so long to make that change? Nonetheless, you’ve made the change and you’re killin it!

  • I am helping my wife to go through this type of transformation too. I can’t wait for her to feel happy about herself. Breaks my heart ❤ because I know she is not happy about her body. I put her on very healthy keto diet hopefully one day she will like to wear swimming suits and stuff. It’s her dream, so is mine.

  • 8:50… so all i have to do is cut off a leg and ill shed some pounds! Thanks Kephrii! In all serious man you’re killing it. Keep it up.

  • While im not a fan of your streams, much respect for doing what you did and losing weight, saying this might not be healthy but this is what i did and what i got. Thats realness and should always be respected

  • I think everyone was expecting what you were gonna say, I think everyone’s just too lazy to get fit �� (thinking of myself) also vegetables are great, dunno why everyone hates them

  • For the people who wanna know how to get a fairly accurate translation from KG, is just multiply 2.2 by the amount of KG.

    The sister started off at 94.4 kilos, and 94.4 x 2.2 is roughly 207, 208 pounds, for the fellow Americans out there

    For the British (or who else uses Kilos) just divide 207.6 (or whatever amount of pounds) and divide it by 2.2, pretty much just the reverse.

  • To b honest, I expected lot more loose skin! It’s not bad at all. I noticed that folks that go really down in weight tend to have more loosely skin. He did it right to stay at 199.

  • Thank you so much for making this video. The big picture calorie deficit chart was really helpful and it was nice to see that someone can lose weight without having to starve or push a bunch of “You gotta use this” supplements that no non-celebrity normal person can afford.

  • Dude doesn’t even know the name for half the shit he does in the gym yet still gets fucking shredded. Shows there’s no substitute for hard work

  • I cried watching this. Well done. Wish I had this much motivation.. Well done gurlll ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� �� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ����

  • “Do more of what makes you happy” may seem like a over-simplistic explanation, and to some may feel like a disappointing message in light of his transformation. You may feel like you want to know what the “secret” was. I think as simple as the message may first appear, there is some layered depth to it. So often we don’t do what makes us happy…we do what gives us short-term gratification (food, booze, sex, drugs, etc.), and we deny ourselves the real substantive things in life that ultimately provide the longer term growth and peace of mind. “Do more of what makes you happy” is an affirmation, and a reminder to treat yourself well, be good to yourself, give yourself permission to live your life to it’s fullest.

  • I’ve been wanting to lose weight for the longest time I feel like the diet is what screws me over I am a very picky eater I dont like fruits or veggies I feel like because of that I will never lose weight

  • Keph dude you did an amazing job on turning your life around, that’s an insane amount of weight in that short timeframe. You’re a beast idgaf what anyone says

  • Consider a low-fat, high-carb diet ( plant based diet and fasting )
    Although there’s no firm evidence that any specific foods or nutrients can activate brown fat, it’s interesting to note that radiologists—who want to decrease brown fat activity when doing scans of cancer patients, because the heat generated by activated brown fat

    makes it harder to see tumor-related activity—routinely recommend that patients eat a high-fat, low-carb diet before scans, on the grounds that this reduces brown fat activation. This suggests that a low-fat, high-carb diet will boost brown fat activity.

  • She is pretty and it is good she tried to be more fit and healthy, losing weight is a plus.
    This video motivate me to be patient, i am working out 3 times now and feel sad that i only lose 1 lb. But, after seeing videos about work out, i need to be patient, motivated and committed to it. No pain, no gain.

  • Great Video with good info. I also came across which got me to my desired body goals much faster and safe as well. I would never try anything else:) this was less money btw haha

  • I have read many times that exhaling is where most of where your weight loss exits your meat bag. what protein bar did you find that you like? Question fucking answered lol.

  • Well you are an amazing woman and also you husband is also a good man
    He disserves you love and hardship because he really wants to be with you..
    So lovley
    Both keep smiling

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  • Excelent transformation Alex ‘ keep up the great work
    in bettering your life and showing others that anything is possible when you put your mind to it! ��

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  • Wow u both look so amazing well done. I believe when ur in a bad place you always have a guardian angel out their that comes to ur rescue so thats why u found each other. Stay blessed and keep smiling tcxx

  • Also, Keph, im not 100% sure, but probably you should check/take doctor advice and pay attention to eye blood pressure, and retina. Again, wishing u best

  • Hi, top job you did. I had the same problem over and over again. In the end my solution was/is; low carb diet, intermitted fasting 16/8, exercise every day before eating, avoid stress, sleep more. Lost 2 pnd a week. Very happy with my new way of life, moving and eating. Learned a lot from Dr Michel Mosley The Clever Guts Diet, Fasting and Blood sugar diet. And from Arnold Scharzeneger exercise with a minimum of 200 repetitions in a exercise. I do 300 in steps of 50. Drink only water no alcohol or drugs. It is all built in my routine now and i think forever.