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Tired of feeling sluggish and ignored by women, George hit the gym and smashed a 105 pound weight loss. Menu. Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Transformation: George Mickles Smashes a 105 Pound Loss! Transformation Stats; Before: After: 05/01/2014: 01/08/2016: 304lbs: 199lbs: Instagram.

George Michael’s former lover has gone ‘berserk’ in the late singer’s £5million London mansion. Jobless Fadi Fawaz, 45, was pictured next to smashed windows and lights at. Transformation: George Mickles Smashes a 105 Pound Loss!

Tired of feeling sluggish and ignored by women, George hit the gym and smashed a 105 pound weight loss. Read now. George Michael’s childhood friend believes the ‘reclusive’ singer died from a cocktail of drugs and alcohol and says those who ‘dragged him back to the dark side’ need to ‘answer’.

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List of related literature:

He knew he would have to get back into the gym to rebuild strength and lose weight, but he faced the challenge of working out with a completely different body.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
Atria Books, 2010

In other words, his program is about transformation—not just losing weight.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
by Maureen Whitehouse
Axiom Pub., 2007

He lost more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of weight while training at his old gym.

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

His progressive weight loss was ominous and indicated that his muscles were wasting as they had been doing for many years.

“Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians” by Abram Hoffer, Andrew W. Saul
from Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians
by Abram Hoffer, Andrew W. Saul
Basic Health, 2008

What was even more astonishing than the transformation and his appetite was his increase.

“Ojibway Heritage” by Basil Johnston
from Ojibway Heritage
by Basil Johnston
University of Nebraska Press, 1990

In essence, however, he got quite a different type of revenge—that of really “looking good” after he had vigorously worked out and changed his skinny 97-pound weakling image to one of mass and muscle.

“The Guide to United States Popular Culture” by William Labov, Ray Broadus Browne, Pat Browne
from The Guide to United States Popular Culture
by William Labov, Ray Broadus Browne, Pat Browne
Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 2001

He was losing far more than fat: he lost significant lean weight, muscle and bone.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

The few pounds he lost only refined his incredible physique, made him even harder, more dangerous.

“Destiny Mine (Tormentor Mine #3)” by Anna Zaires, Dima Zales
from Destiny Mine (Tormentor Mine #3)
by Anna Zaires, Dima Zales
Mozaika Publications, 2018

A transformation of sorts was taking place, morphing his former frame into a 6­foot, 160­pound figure.

“Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story” by Jeff Kinley
from Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story
by Jeff Kinley
New Leaf Publishing Group, Incorporated, 2001

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  • Are lifting weights absolutely needed or can I just use bodyweight exercises such as push ups, chair dips etc to get the athletic lean physique I want?

  • Thank you so much for this video, anytime I start to feel frustrated in my weight loss journey I will look at this to motivate me!

  • Dude your channel is blowing up fast your going to be the next big thing on YouTube glad to say I been rocking with you since the beginning!

  • You are doing an amazing job!! What meal plan did you follow? I saw you eliminated dairy and gluten. Was that the only difference?

  • Im currently 15, 5’9″ and 231lbs, i have never felt less confident and unlovable. I’ve been on so many diets but i know this time i have to really go through with it, because i want to love myself and i want to feel like i can be loved by others. My goal is 135lbs. I came to a realisation after quitting my last diet, the time will pass either way, and i can either spend it finding myself and allowing myself to be happy or i can continue to mope around and hurt my mental health. I want to live a life that i can look back on and admire, not regret.

  • Hi please sharad hiw u managed to slim down your lower mid back… I have sand problem… But oblique n back exercises do not help much

  • 5 months into lockdown, working out and on a diet…havent lost a single pound. Inches keep fluctuating. No matter how much i motivate myself, the constant results have bogged me down completely

  • I’m so happy for you I can’t wait I’m doing this the same to get my body goal I only eat fruits veges tuna salmon eggs and I work out at home I’m also working and night time working out I know it takes time you have 2b mindset I wanna try to wear swimsuit that’s my goal

  • Currently in the middle of my own weight loss journey. I would say one of the biggest things for someone like myself, who had such bad habits they’re not even aware of them, is mindfully eating. It was a scary realization that I had the compulsion to check the fridge every time I was in the kitchen just because I was there. I can’t tell you how many times I was in a bad mood or just bored and realizing I’m the middle of eating something like “yo this is like 1500 calories in snacks/soda right now”. Being conscious and talking/coaching to yourself might sound corny but it WORKS. Ask yourself, when I’m sad why do I eat? How much sugar is in the candy bar? Just think about it and by raising your own self awareness about what you’re eating and why you’re eating it, is so crucial to losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Hey congratulations on your transformation. And yes, I think it inspired a lot of us. Not everyone has the inner strength and all that to go through a life changing challenge like this even if it’s for the better. It’s cool to see so much time and effort condensed into one short video. Thanks for posting. The thing I enjoyed the most was seeing how happy your progress was making you. Actually it brought tears to my eyes haha

  • I weigh 350 lbs and I’m starting to walk at least two miles a day. Wish me luck guys I’m trying to better my life and become a new me.

  • Mike, you are gorgeous, however that’s what’s puts me off as you didn’t need, to have a hair graft and don’t knock down a gorgeous boy and soul. He’s gorgeous

  • Wonderful video, thank you for sharing. Be very proud of your hard work. Your beautiful regardless but now your healthier. Your an inspiration show and prove it’s possible!

  • How anyone could dislike this video is a disgrace. This is an amazing achievement and obviously took a lot of hard work. I celebrate your success!

  • Amazing and stunning, for the first time i got tears in my eyes seing someone so happy with the change they’ve done for their lives! ❤ COURAGE ❤

  • Its Great looking at your Journey….i personally liked few lines that you mentioned….n YES ITS WORTH IT BECOMING THE PERSON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE…Thanks for sharing your journey….you would be a INSPIRATION to MANY…

  • Comment below what your goals are. Are you bulking or cutting?! Turn on you post notifications if you’re cool.

  • Omg you never say the ‘s’ in carbs �� drives me insane…but speaking or carbs, your diet is so high in them. You don’t prefer more protein?

  • Brix
    I would love if you did a video about increasing caloric intake/protein intake when we’ve been told our whole life “eat less, lose weight!” Especially when you’re a food addict like myself. I find myself feeling guilty eating more and sometimes I have to force myself to eat because I’ve been so accustom to eating a certain amount for months and now I’m having to change it because I’m not seeing much progress anymore.
    Anyway! I’d love some guidance on this, how to ease into it, what foods to add, etc!
    Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Would love to know what that bread is? All the bread we have here (Belgium) is so high i calories it’s killing my routine lol…Is it self made? bought? how many calories? cheers!

  • I JUST posted my month long jump rope challenge so I know first hand that this wasn’t easy �� love the results and keep up the good work! ����

  • Came across your Fit talk channel, truly loved it. Your tonality and work is something I really love. I loved this video and could not stop myself from contacting you.

    Now a little bit about myself, I am part of India’s largest fitness Platform Xpert which enables experts like you to monetise your content on our platform and also gives you visibility amongst top experts of the nation. Many of experts who are fitness bloggers like you, joined and all they have to say is…they have relatively higher subscribers for their channel now. Like they have got true super fans on Xpert who wish to pay them for their premium content.

    And no hassles and maintenance required. Check more at
    I would love to have you on an expert to learn from you and ask you my questions.

  • Serious inquiry: Does your training program actually give results? My goal is to lose body fat % and build lean muscle at the same time. Not trying to be big like a bodybuilder or anything of that sorts. Currently sitting at 172 lbs…

  • Any opinion/experience on going this low for your daily fat intake? I’m also finding it easier to be full/saturated with like 35-40g of fat per day since protein and carbs are simply more filling at least short term haha. Yet I don’t want to go too low with the fats so that I mess up my hormones or something. (Maintaining weight/ slow gain after my cut at the moment, but still struggling with being hungry most of day)

  • Well done girl, you are an inspiration to your children and a credit to them too. Keep on going at it to maintain the new you girl, x

  • Jesse can change people’s diet and mindset without making them unhealthy or unfull after eating. Keep up the good work jesse! Love ur videos man����

  • Just discovered you 1 weeks ago and DAMMMMMMMMMNNNNN glad i did.

    glad to be here before your 100k and i’ll be here at your 1M.


  • Louis is the embodiment of all of us average men. I used to do long distance runs just so I could go the pub and get bladdered faster.

  • check my transformation from 83 kgs to 59kgs no crash diet, no diet at all only surya namaskar.. watch my video and subscribe my channel for more details

  • Hello everybody nice video!!! But, my question is: that’s changes was just with jump everyday with the diet???? Or with more exercises please answer me

  • My goal is to do steroids and tell people it was all hard work and dedication. Then I’ll sell them worthless routines and make videos about how I got down to 6-8%bf by “dieting”. Do you believe I have what it takes Jesse!?

  • I love the energy this channel is spreading. I’m always down for such positivity!!!!!!!
    Glad to have discover this channel
    P.S better late than never.��

  • Great results! I’m thinking about trying this. Have y’all had any women nearing menopause or menopausal do this with success? I’m 47 so menopause is sneaking up on me and I need to lose weight and prevent myself from gaining more weight. I don’t have a rope so I’d have to get that first obviously. Keep up the great work! I’m gonna subscribe and check out more videos!

  • Bruhh, you are the same height and weight as me and I believe we have a very similar body type. I look almost the exact same as your before photo just leaner. I’m happy to have your current body as a good indication of what I’ll look like when I get shredded��

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  • Hi JRD!

    Thank you for your videos! it really helps me a lot. Jumping Rope and with Right Diet, I was able to lose 20lbs in one month. I recently had my Blood Chem Test and all my Cholesterol Levels are normal.

  • I lost around 92 pound in just under a year is that bad? Im 17 183 pound now, i still do intermittent fasting but i eat more carbs now, i was previously on a keto mindset what do you think about the weight loss?

  • I just started watching all you videos and now you are like for me a inspirational person and a great trainer!!! I also saw your store and please make a giveaway to earn one of your sweaters that says last bite best bite. I just live in Guatemala and I just wanted to say you that you are person that can that can raise spirits in these times, since many times due to this quarantine in my country you cannot do many things and you cannot go anywhere

  • I’ve been watching you for like 2 weeks but never subscribed,but every single video i was watching was slow making me wanna subscribe to you and the day came i subscribed ����.
    Now i love your videos!��

  • Great video Jesse! I just subscribed. Question, how long did it take before you started to really see progress with social media and YouTube? I’m a 16 year old aspiring fitness entrepreneur and I’m curious what I can expect to see

  • I just wanna make this clear! The reason that i am watching your videos is because that you are NATTY! Your personality is kinda corny but in the best way bro… Don’t change!
    So because i’m 100% sure that you are not or ever have been on a cycle, i listen to every single thing you say. The industry is so fake and bothers me a lot. It’s just so refreshing watching a guy like you. Your content is raw, you are funny, you are natty and you are just a jokester. I really appreciate you and your content. Keep pushing bro.

    Much respect from Michael, Denmark 😉

  • Woahh…������ me as malaysian so proud with syazwan results! ����
    When watching this video, it has given me a positive spirit to start the steps to be healthy skinny. Maybe i will share each process with the coach ��

  • I’m new to this channel. I started walking/running around an hour everyday and I’m down from 103 kgs to 98 kgs. I’m 16 years old and I cant wait to try out the rope jumping/skipping method.

  • Heyy! I came across this channel just today and I really want to try this routine. But before I start, I want to ask if this will help in losing the lower body fat. I am ok with my upper body but my hips and thighs are HUGE and I really want to get rid of the fat in these areas.

  • Got me excited about Jump Ropes,i will by one today,i’m allergic to gym i’m training at home and i lost more in one week at home than one month at he gym,i’m hitting plateau right now so i’m using fasting,home training and walking,i could use this ����

  • Everyone, if the crossrope is too expensive check out the RX rope. I’ve had both jump ropes but I prefer the RX rope. Its cheaper and I think it has a more balanced weight. Just my two cents…

  • Great

    Struggling to lose weight? Losing weight is a concern on a lot of people’s minds in today’s time. What’s more, is that sticking to any weight loss program can be difficult.I will be reviewing one such weight loss pill and the best way

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    [email protected]

  • JRD im a superfan of you guys, been doing you’re other 20 minute jumprope workout for the past 5 weeks, is it okay to switch the routine and do others or I should stick with the current one im doing? Thank you for the videos����

  • If i can’t do jump rope and do only jump for 2000 times per day instead of using jump rope, is it equally beneficial for losing weight? Plz tell me. Plz plz plz.

  • I’ve lost 100 pounds in the past 9+ months finally and that’s without having a wife and kid. So i think others have different motivating factors, i still have several and i’m not even halfway to my goal. Seeing you’re videos has definitely helped me out a lot.

  • Hi. I started my jump rope journey today and I am very very excited. I wanted to order the crossrope from your website but it doesn’t show delivery in india:( is there a way to order and get it delivered here?? Please do reply.. love from India ♥️

  • I’m crying that I’m gagging on bland chicken breast and broccoli everyday while he’s eating ice cream and french toast. The world is not worth living anymore.

  • I (ht. 5′ 2.5″), weigh 74kg (163 lbs) in feb 2020 then i started gym and lost 2kg ( 4.4lbs ) in 20 days but due to lockdown i was forced to do workout at home with 1-3 minutes of jump rope in the starting days then slowly slowly i reached 15 minutes a day with rest in between. Along with jump rope i have been doing 4550 minutes of other exercises with few pranayaam ( yoga ) i have also incorporated intermittent fasting in my schedule but i am not following any strict diet i am eating typical indian food ( with very less amt of sugar intake ) of course with following calorie defecit. I have lost 8.5kg ( 18.7lbs ) in 4 months ( apriljuly )
    Jump rope is really an effective exercise. # dothething

  • Started my Journey
    27 July 69.4
    2 Aug -68.8
    8 Aug –
    14 Aug-68.8 (weight is still same not much..though the m feeling good after doing it but dont see visible changes)
    20 Aug –
    28 Aug-

  • Lol i am filipino and yes its true we eat rice everyday, now i follow the Intermittent fasting then i start using my new crossrope from amazon, new sub here im glad i found this channel

  • Hello! I have just started jumping rope, my only concern is that I have bulky calves(fat mainly). Will jumping rope make them bulkier or tone them down? I would really appreciate genuine answers..
    Thank you!

  • Fasting is HUGE, you can’t out work a bad diet

    I starte fasting back in 2017, and I got so used to it and felt better, so ideally my “Normal” diet to this day is what any of you would call fasting…

    I no longer eat the whole cow for dinner, I just eat the baby:)

  • Jump roping seriously is a HUGE thing..I see videos like this a lot and most the time its fake,shit…out of date photos compared to decade old ones etc..

    I have been a runner, gym guy, and even biking here and there…my weight has always been a solid 80kg….which I think is great I can eat what eve rand im fine..

    But I got lazy, during CV and started to jump rope, I got a 5 lb one just to push it early…10 minutes a day at MOST, doing none of what I did before…and cut the drinking back err a little…like 1 can less ha ha

    But anyways 2.5 months later I am at a SOLID 71kg…

    Jump roping really is a magic trick to weight lose
    I don’t even do anything special, I don’t trick it up go ham on it..just 1 minute go go go, stop for however do another minute, and do that 5 to 10 times a day…

    Jump roping really is one of the best ways to casually lose weight like a professional that goes ham 4 hours a day.

  • new to this channel, I wanted to see transformation of people�� I dont jump rope much but I’m looking forward to buying a cross rope to build some muscles. I just run. lol���� like 6 to 7 miles (twice per day) but that can be boring. I’m looking for new workouts

  • I came across your channel a week ago and started jumping rope 3 days ago!! Idk why but I have lower back pain and my foot hurts [could be navicular stress fracture) ( maybe bcoz I used to jump rope with my barefoot )…today I’m gonna rest and tomorrow imma #Dothething

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and finally figured out that’s why I’ve had a harder time losing weight. I’m 5”4 and right now 136 which I don’t consider bad but it’s more fat than muscle. Ultimately I’d like to lose 20 pounds of fat and gain it back in muscle! I just bought the program and I’m so excited! I’m hoping to reach my goals by the time I see my family and boyfriend once I go back home to Cali after being in the navy in Japan for 4 years. Plus I haven’t seen them since January!!

  • Hey guys. You inspired me to start jump rope training. I train 6 days a week with proper nutrition and calorie deficit. I lost 5kgs in 30 days and gained significant muscle mass. Hope to be in your transformation videos soon.

  • The greg doucette, will tennyson, remington james,jesse diet is legit. Went from 216 pounds to 170 pounds and a 6 pack abs and around 15% body fat ��

  • Big congrats to Nick!! Also, @Brixfitness shout out to you I bought your starting nutrition and I’m down 20lbs in a month I also just started to go to the gym 4 days a week. Thanks now I need to get my workout plan together.

  • Hey guys
    I’m from israel
    I wanted to buy the crossrope jump ropes
    But unfortunately the shipping is too much expensive!!
    Is there any cheap way to ship it?
    Because It’s 45$ just for the shipping

  • Is it bad to jump rope 10 mins every hour in intervals until I reach 60 mins in total(2,000 jumps) throughout the day, or is better to do 1 hour of jump rope all at once? Which one is more effective & better?

  • Damn…I didn’t know there was a competition ��I’m proud to say that I have jumproped for over 100+ days now (without rest days) AND have lost a total of 15kgs (33lbs) since I started HAHA..Jumprope really works (especially with the right diet)!

  • I became so enthusiastic to use the eating weight. I did not change my very own diet weight and also did not improve my exercise level. More than a period of 30 days, I dropped about 6 pounds. When using this procedure, I did observe that I consumed food less and filled up faster. Google can help you to discover it. Program’s name is below.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Am from india started jumping rope am good at regular bounce with high intensity..but am unable to push ups and crunches due to low strength…also started having good diet…is it still works only jumping

  • Congrats to all the amazing people in this video! I just ordered my complete set and I am beyond excited…. soon to be beyond tired haha.

  • Started my weight loss journey with skipping and proper diet. Willl update this section every week. My goal is to reduce 12kgs by 3 months/90 days. 2000 jumps per day.

    June 986.6kgs
    June 1286 kgs
    June 1983.60 kgs
    26 June= 82.50 kgs
    3 July= 82.20kgs ( Had my periods this week)
    10 July= 82.20kgs
    17 July= 80.15kgs
    24 July= 79.95 kgs
    31 July= 79.15 kgs
    7 Aug=
    14 Aug=
    21 Aug =
    27 Aug=
    3 sep=
    10 sep=

  • i am the struggler.. and i want to share my transformation with you guys.. how i could send you my pics and videos of mine?? from Bangladesh ❤��

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! 1 million views in a month! OMG, seriously insane! Love you guys so much! If you want to follow my little reality show I share my daily life on IG at @myadventuretofit see you there <3

  • I’m trying to get shredded, will jump rope help? I’m not trynna lose any muscle since I’m already kinda lean and don’t want to risk losing any muscle by doing cardio? I do strength training 4 times a week can I add jump rope to it? 5 times a week? Should I replace it for my ab work our day?

  • hey guys i have a question.. does a heavier rope necessarily mean that the workout will burn more calories? i know it sounds kinda dumb but it never hurts to ask.

  • Firstly congratulations on an outstanding achievement! Sometimes it takes grit to make the changes you need. Goes to show how dietary choices can make all the difference. Well done to your family joining you and supporting you on your journey ��

  • You put all that work into your weight training, then don’t have follow on protein…. doesn’t that mean no gains in muscle? (Beginner at this…)

  • Typical, misleading personal fitness video on YouTube. Shoot steroids up their holes and then try and convince the rest of us we can look like them, without the steroids. The fitness industry is predicated on bullshite and gimmicks.

  • If you’re going to go to the gym after a lot of time off for the first couple of days just use low weights concentrate on your form and repetitions, to get your muscles used to doing the movements again

  • Congratulations ��.
    I eat and drink once every 23hrs most days.
    Best move i ever made.
    No craving or hunger.
    I get a good night’s sleep and exercise regularly. My skin is soft and glowing.
    Blessings from England.

  • Louis is logic is typical. His biggest problem is his diet. He likes,as do many of us, carbs in his diet. I’m probably the words person to say this but, carbs are necessary but you cannot have a high amount in every meal. When I was young I did a ton of cardio and ate lots of carbs. As I got older I love strength training so much better, it builds muscle which burns the calories.

  • Amazing accomplishments! I am on my own weight loss journey (profile picture is very outdated) so seeing those like Christa drive me to succeed even more. I’m down 58lbs now and am excited to at least try to get to the 100lb mark.

  • Your fat macro is probably about half of what you need for proper metabolic function. You could get by with what you have posted for maybe a week or two but after that your endocrine system will start to be effected.

  • Lifting weights is much more important than cardio in terms of overall aesthetics and generating a faster metabolism. If you want to do cardio, your better off doing hiit after your workout instead of long jogs or being on a treadmill for over 30 minutes.

  • honestly i just hear a lot of excuses for not working out during corona. you can absolutely gain strength and size while being in lockdown especially upper body, buy a pair of rings and dbs and o weighted dips pushups pullups and for legs do jumps box jumps sprints. its really not that easy. don’t be hard on urself but don’t be easy on urself either.

  • Try this:
    -20% VEGETABLES.
    Lean 365 per years!

  • Sir/mem jo bi apna Wight kam kerna chahte he ek bar jerur call kare 1 month me 5 se 7 kg wight kam hoga 100% aap ek bar call kariye no.9079222454

  • My goals are that my parents start to respect and accept my diet and training, I love bodybuilding but they think I am to obcessed with it… fighting every day but not having any support from your family is tuff

  • What if u eat unhealthy a day or some like that is it ok if u push ur self way harder when working out to burn that snickers bar away is that a okay mind set

  • I’m currently trying to cut and build lean muscle at the same time with a low-carb diet, though I have no idea if it works well or not. I’m 16 years old, 5’7.5, down to about 168-169 pounds now (water weight mostly): 1500-1600 calories (Caloric Deficit), 170-190 grams of protein, >100 grams of fat, >30 grams of carbs a day. Since you’re more experienced could you give me some pointer or your opinion about it, I’d appreciate it!!! (Subscribed Already)

  • Yo my man, your a big inspiration and I have tried my best to somewhat show people how fitness can be a lifestyle and escape for people, would mean so much to me if you could check it out ����❤️

  • I’m trying to cut fat but maintain muscle as I’m playing rugby competitively but I don’t have access to a dietary plan nor do I have the funding. I was just wondering what kinda of dietary approach I’d need to take and should I focus my gym exercises on my core where I want to lose the most fat

  • Just found this video today. Very inspiring. I was thinking of getting a rope and using it along with the recumbent bike I have. Need to lose about 40 pounds so my Dr can take me off the HB meds. Just want to get fit and toned some. Was wondering what kind of rope to get because I have seen the jumbo ropes. Looking forward to trying this.

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    You can really tell when you have your team back together Mike, the polished finished products that you upload now speak for them self.

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  • i lost about 25 pound for the moment in 2 monts and i’m not doing enithing special just started walking alot more using sweatsuet working out whit resistance trainer in mi own house for now couse i dont have the cash to go to the gim, i’m doing it for miself just becouse i want to live longer and have fun longer, i’m 54 never had a good looking body not even had some kind of a figure yes i had a figure i look like a pear not the figure i want i want a upside down pear slender waist brouther sholders, i look at you’r video’s on you tube and love it. sorry for bad english.

  • I will say in my experience (everyone is different) I’ve lost 50 pounds and I was on adipex which is not exactly a fat burner it more curves Ur appetite and gives U energy so I personally would recommend them but they are not for everyone and if Brix sees this I would like to know Ur opinion on them

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  • After 3 and a half weeks doing jump rope.. I manage to do running jump rope.. I just able to do it.. wow! But I still have a heavy breathing after the 10 mins.. I doing 15 mins everyday