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Dylan McKnight 1 Year Natural Transformation 18-19

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Recovering from an eating disorder and several major injuries, Dylan decided to do things the right way and bulked to a healthy 182. Menu. Cancel View cart. Store Shop By Brand Best Sellers Top 40 Products Top 30 Brands Top 10 BCAAs Top 10 Creatines Top 10 Fat Burners.

Body Transformation: “Skinny Guy” Dylan Granquist Added 70 Pounds Dylan was active, but always labelled the “skinny guy.” Using this as motivation he hit the. For as long as I’ve been lifting.. I’ve been bulking. I started lifting at the end of last September, which is also when I started the bulk. Although I.

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By Dylan Dethier December 3, 2019 NASSAU, Bahamas — Bryson DeChambeau is the same height as Tiger Woods, but as the two stood on the Albany driving range Monday afternoon, there was no question. Video includes a full day of eating, testing our luck at calisthenics, and an arm workout. Some super exciting news will be released next video most likely!

My Instagram These are the 17 best muscle building foods that are great for both men & women looking to gain muscle. This is also great for skinny guys to learn what kind. 20+ reps will mostly build endurance since the upper body responds best to 8-20 reps for muscle building.

In contrast, the diamond push up might be a perfect fit for you since it’s a lot harder than the regular push up and thereby fits better into the 8-20 rep range for most guys reading this. I know i have been off youtube for a bit, but ive been busy with training and getting myself prepared in the Marines. this is a well over due video but its f. ICM is a full service, single-source provider for document management services; 100% developed, implemented, and supported in-house! We empower our clients with flexible, scalable, cost-effective solutions to make their digital transformation a reality.

Below are some examples of the industries & departments where we have made the most impact.

List of related literature:

The ideal build is mesomorph with ectomorph.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
from PE to 16
by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
Oxford University Press, 2002

Not yet a shadow of what he would later become physically, Brandon’s skinny legs didn’t quite seem to fit the rest of his developing frame.

“Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story” by Jeff Kinley
from Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story
by Jeff Kinley
New Leaf Publishing Group, Incorporated, 2001

Matteo had a nice physique and obviously spent time being active outdoors because he looked fit, but he was definitely on the leaner side, not built like a brick house the way Bones was.

“Desire in Lingerie” by Penelope Sky
from Desire in Lingerie
by Penelope Sky
Penelope Sky, 2018

His build was slender and lean.

“Green River Serial Killer: Biography of an Unsuspecting Wife” by Pennie Morehead
from Green River Serial Killer: Biography of an Unsuspecting Wife
by Pennie Morehead
BrandenBooks, 2007

Glyndwr Michael had been tall and thin, ‘almost the same build’ as Cholmondeley himself.

“Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story that Changed the Course of World War II” by Ben Macintyre
from Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story that Changed the Course of World War II
by Ben Macintyre
Bloomsbury, 2010

His naturally large build is perfect, tall with broad shoulders, even though he claims that he was lanky and thin as a young teenager.

“After We Fell” by Anna Todd
from After We Fell
by Anna Todd
Gallery Books, 2014

There are a few manufacturers that go beyond the regular build to include slim and husky categories for those boys who are of slight or heavier build for their heights.

“Beyond Design: The Synergy of Apparel Product Development” by Sandra Keiser, Myrna B. Garner
from Beyond Design: The Synergy of Apparel Product Development
by Sandra Keiser, Myrna B. Garner
Bloomsbury Academic, 2012

Yes, he has a great build, but I remind you that an abdominal six-pack must be ¤ve seconds’ work for a shape-shifter.

“Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2012” by Roger Ebert
from Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2012
by Roger Ebert
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2011

Raife was two inches taller than his friend’s six feet and his build was leaner, with broader shoulders and a narrower waist.

“Savage Son: A Thriller” by Jack Carr
from Savage Son: A Thriller
by Jack Carr
Emily Bestler Books, 2020

Salvatore was big and thickly muscled, whereas Dominic stood maybe an inch taller but not as wide, his build leaner.

“Salvatore: a Dark Mafia Romance” by Natasha Knight
from Salvatore: a Dark Mafia Romance
by Natasha Knight
Natasha Knight, 2016

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  • Steroids is a beautiful thing you still gotta work everyday to gain it just doesn’t come and nobody in bodybuilding is natty just saying and if you look this good without juice you must be a god

  • Ik I’ll probably get bashed for this but I see why everyone would think Dylan would be on steroids, it’s pretty crazy how he achieved this physique in a short time frame but let me say that his physique is achievable in 4-5 years of an intense program focusing on progressive overload, right nutrition and supplementation. I’m 16 and I started lifting when I was 14. In these two years I have made a really huge amount of gains naturally both physique and strength wise. Like I was saying don’t hate by accusing and understand that the human body is capable of more than you think, the fitness industry is all about lighting, angles, and knowing how to pose.

  • He’s 100% natty. Look at Dylan before the transformation: the guy has amazing genetics. Look at his arms and chest, he has good amount of muscle without even going to the gym. Look at him NOW. What do you see? A TON of fat. He’s NOT diced. He has a small chest and you can’t even see his abs. Also, the guy has NO gyno, another sign that he’s not on a cycle. So what did he do? He had an INSANE caloric surplus and worked HARD in the gym. Maybe people with his body type can’t gain fat and muscle as quickly as him, but ANYONE can gain a ton of fat and a bit of muscle in a short amount of time.

  • This is totally possible because being only 5’7 and never lifted before to going to the gym everyday and eating mad for 4 years. If he did steroids he would be shredded and have much bigger pecs

  • Sem dúvida, uma das melhores transformações que já vi! O Dylan é fenomenal! O que me causa raiva são os idiotas dizendo “hur dur, isso é esteroide”… Por mais que a pessoa faça um bulking sujo, os ganhos com esteroides são mais secos e mais volumosos. O Dylan ganhou muito volume, mas ganhou gordura também, o que é o esperado de um bulking natural de 1 ano: aproximadamente 12 kg de massa magra por 8-10 kg de gordura. Estamos em 2020, e ainda existe esse mito de que só ganha peso com esteroide, desmerecendo todo o trabalho que a pessoa fez.

    Sempre venho aqui assistir a esse vídeo, porque é muito fera!

  • Thank you all for the support recently and for welcoming me into the community. All my stats are in the description! Go find me on instagram and get pumped for the cutting series!
    PS since no one’s reading the description.. this video footage is from 2018 2019.. however is nearly a year and a half of training.:)

  • Dylan, you are a great exemple of training and mindset:) I follow your achievement! what do you think about my BODY TRANSFORMATION?:)

  • biggest sign of steriods that he was bigger at 18 than now lol i think he is 20 or 21 now.. All of this gang overuse steriods at the beginning then at a later age they know they need smaller doses

  • I belive him, when I was 18 I had 50-52kilos, I started working out hard and in 8 months I gained almost 30 kilos. That’s insane what your mind could do to your body!

  • On April, because of my eating disorder and depression and no more gym, I was only 107 lbs for 5,7. I’ve been starting my training again with a bulking diet and now I am 114,5 lbs. I want to gain another 7-8 lbs (clean as possible). When I feel so sad and I think everything is useless, I come here to watch this video. You inspire me, dude! Keep it up! ����

  • I feel like I’m watching a director’s cut of a movie or video game. Dude, you should be a game/movie concept designer, or teach classes about this. Fricken epic.

  • An alle Deutschen die hier vorbei kommen und dieses Video sehen… der Typ kann natürlich gestofft haben aber ich würde sagen das es trotzdem natural möglich ist in so einem langen Zeitraum diese Form zu erreichen… Ich selber trainiere seit circa 3 Jahren und sehe jetzt nicht unwesentlich schlechter aus… Ihr müsst bei solchen Tranformationen immer bedenken das die Leute sich nicht Filmen oder ein Foto machen wenn sie nicht krass aussehen bzw das Foto nicht in das Video packen würden^^ Alleine gutes Licht kann einen schnell mal 5 Kilo Massiver wirken lassen und dazu noch als hätte man deutlich weniger Körperfett… Dann noch einen Pump Booster fürs Training genommen und dann bei vollem Pump das Bild/Video machen… mit solchen kleinen Tricks sieht man deutlich krasser aus und für viele wirkt das dann nicht Natural… um das wirklich richtig beurteilen zu können müsste man ein Posing sehen wo derjenige keinen Pump hat und am besten draußen in normalen Licht steht… Leute die Stoffen haben auch ohne Pump oft sehr pralle Muskeln… Natural ohne Pump sieht man nicht mal annähernd so aus wie wenn man nach nem Training sich noch mal kurz vor dem Spiegel stellt^^

  • Why do people keep claiming they had transformation from 13-18. Dude I didn’t life any weights whatsoever from 13-18 and had a transformation, it’s called puberty.

  • The title of the video says natural but really most people like and what size the word natural so basically like that’s like saying don’t go in there but basically you’re saying go in there because he said that you’re not too but this till I can be 50% chance that you’re on steroids

  • He really built a series of partially dismantled towers with scaffolding just for a really cool 3 second transition ( 1:55). The attention to detail on this channel is incredible.

  • Natty using the natural techniques by our natty lord and savior Mike o tren. Stop fooling people. That size is maxed out natural ( at lower body fat) you don’t do an that on a year. Unless you are like 4 ft 5 and seems that way lol

  • amazing work, amazing video! may you share with us your meal plan? can you make a video about this topic? keep up the great job tho!

  • I really hope you guys enjoyed this! took FOREVER! was trying out some new editing tricks hope its not too crazy & I Hope you all have a great weekend <3 SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ONE!!!

    P.S. New stock: =]

  • Wow this is awesome! It shows that when one door in our life is closed another one is opened and when a person is destined for success they will obtain it no matter what life has thrown at them! This certainly earned a “subscribe” from me cause I cant wait to see more inspiration from you!

  • Guys, don’t accuse Dylan of steroids, he has been working his ass off for 7 years, he may just have great genetics, but 7 years is a long ass time, and to accuse someone of steroids that’s been working on their physique for more than half a decade is just wrong. Imagine how he feels, he acquired a great physique through years of stress and agony, and people on the internet that haven’t put in the work that he’s put in say he’s on steroids? That’s just wrong.

  • what if you were to combine a bunch of your maps that you’ve created over the years into one single adventure map with a story behind it and maybe some lore?

  • Just wanted to share my entire fitness and lifting journey with you guys, so you could all get a better idea of where I came from, and the progress I have made over these last 4 years! Thank you guys for all the support over these years, so make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and share this video to everyone, to share my story!!

  • I have been working on an adventure map for like… a year. I wish i could submit it to you because i would love to see what you would do with some of what i have built but alas its on ps4

  • It’s hard to tell if this guy is natural or not I wanna see him cut. Cause you gotta remember he is In a very high body fat percentage shit tone of glycogen stored.

  • لاحول ولاقوه إلا بالله العلي العظيم اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه أجمعين ويارب اغفر لنا ولجميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات والمسلمين والمسلمات الأحياء منهم والأموات

  • Congratulations Ryan, you look really awesome. Ryan never give up, Don’t stop BELEIVING. LOL RYAN.����❤️����������✋����✋����������✋��������☺️

  • 3:37 bro this mansion IS INSIDE A BIGGER MANSION, whats next? A BIGGER MANSION? wait thats a cool idea, how about you make a: Mansion inside of a mansion inside of a bigger mansion inside of a giant mansion inside of a colossal mansion?

  • Well, I see he had a broken leg, this excuses him. Hopefully next year he won’t neglect them; if he was skinny his whole life his knees might leave the chat soon.

  • Great transformation bro. I’ll be in jersey for the whole summer a month from now and I’m stopping at rock bottom to see James for new pre, let me know if you wanna meet up!

  • Not gunna lie but you lie to your fans about being natural.. you talk about being natural like it’s something you promote as a healthy life style… once a skinny kid always a skinny kid.. philionfit is the real deal ��������.. fucking roider

  • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””natural”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  • I believe he’s natural, he put in the work. Secondly, he emphasizes his natural status a lot because the majority of people in the fitness industry uses anabolic drugs/juice.

  • Respect for the body, but as an advanced lifter ( and steroid user) myself, its really hard to believe this is naturel at such a young age. I’ve been lifting 5 yrs natural myself aswell.

  • i like these type of videos
    i thought i would be a redstone engineer
    turned a second chicken room into a sience room
    evoker was in there made in look even perfect
    sorry for commenting too much

  • Compounds used:test ran as trt/bulking:deca and dbol as a kickstarter /anavar and winstrol for shredding/maybe some clen btw this kid is on trt for life he fried his hpta system he started juicing at 15 and Will keep pinning weekly test e till the day he dies. Anyone Who buys into his natty claim is absolutely stupid and deserves to be robbed of his money buying his stupid programs

  • This is a great transformation. You are 5’8″ and 180 lbs. I’m 5’9″ but only 159 pounds. You are huge. I stayed light and lean for gymnastics and don’t have the years of adding muscle you did. I’m now age 18 and starting.

  • I thought 1 years equals 365 days. And also, nice legs over there, would be nice to see more complex exercises, not just bench out of the 3 main. But whatever, I bet you inspired some skinny guys that don’t know how it goes.

  • To be honest. All these comments are all jealous people cause like bruh. He just hastop tier genetics and for god sake 14-18, he went through puberty thts all.

  • the monologue sounds like an essay written the night before and the word count was 800 and you only have 600 so u add random shit in

  • This is really impressive wish I had the time to do this lol and even if I had the time probably would look so bad compared to this

  • Ok. When I saw the thumbnail I thought this wasn’t possible being natural
    But he just bulked up pretty hard. But good effort. Really nice transformation

  • props to u man, great transformation. don’t let the negative comments saying you’re not natty get to u, they’re just mad that they don’t have the drive in them to do what you’ve done through a lot of hard work. keep grinding

  • Fucking bullshit. Natural my ass. In one video you couldn’t even bench 315 and then couple months later after 6 years of training you get 375? The fuck come on man!

  • All you ignorant people saying he has done it for 4 years which means, it’s attainable. Just fuck off, i have been training for over 10 years without breaks and that guy looks like he’s from another planet. And yes, i have put in a lot of dedication, blood, tears and hard work. I got 95% of my muscle mass in 5 years which is basically the natural limit. Now im just maintaining my phisique while maybe adding a couple of grams of muscle per year. (yes, he’s genetics may be better than mine but that doesent mean he will look like an alien from another planet compared to me)

  • used to go to the gym 5 days a week. havent gone in 2 years. weakest ive been since i was 12. wish i was different. guess only i can change what i have become… thats the worst part sometimes lol

  • I can not believe how many people actually believe that this guy is under the use of steroids… so many people have became gullable and jealous of so many others that they start resorting to believing that maybe this guy is not natural or maybe he cheated and etc. All of those people in this comment section and they know who they are, you’re all a sad case because rather than respect the efforts and hard work Ryan has accumulated in his journey you all rather bash your own beliefs that he used steroids rather than took the natural route, he is natural none of his numbers are far out there to say otherwise, and his vascularity is not tremendous either, furthermore he has no bacne. Ryan is a big and masculine dude with some pretty good vascularity, but nothing far out there that should give anyone the interpretation of “oh, just another fake natty.” NO! Ryan is natural and has came far and worked hard and above all else he has overcame many obstacles just like many of us will along the fitness journey, so respect the fact that he is natural and don’t knock him unless you know him. Respect his hardwork and furthermore respect that he took no shortcuts because as far as I see he took the route not many people would, the natural route and for that I truly and deeply respect him. I love this guy Ryan, I may not know him, but he has my respect and my full gratitude for being himself and for that nothing could be better. I know this video was 4 months ago, but I truly hope that Ryan see’s this message. Because this is my message of respect and love for this man, please keep inspiring people, because you have indeed inspired me. I will continue to follow your fitness journey with a subscribe, I apologize for being a longtime viewer and not subscribing, but I am happy to see your future videos. Once again respect him and don’t knock him, unless you know him.:)

  • Es mas que obvio que se inyecto esteroides un cambio así toma años de entrenamiento, como mínimo 5 y nisiquiera tiene la fuerza que deberia tener

  • I know itd be impossible due to time constraints, but id love a tutorial on something like this…this is the most detailed transformation of a mansion ive seen and im just blown by the amount of detail…im a very new builder in minecraft and i just cant comprehend how u did these things, hence why i wish there was a tutorial…i want to be a god like this…

  • Hey Guys DOWNLOAD LINKS are now in the description! The Empty mansion and the final version are both available for download! go get em!

  • I’m astounded by your level of creativity, surely this took a long time to make and edit. Kudos to you dude. Would be amazing if the woodland mansion looked more like this, oh boy what an exploration.

  • The ones hating on the comments are the ones that think just cause they go to the gym they’ll get big. It’s called hard work almost anyone can do it!

  • I need motivation keep working out and not stopping… I suffer from body dismorphia and I get very depressed about how my body looks.. I want to bulk but living with my family makes it hard because I can’t really choose what we eat

  • Bro this video is amazing! These dislikes are from all the trees that were replaced in this video lol. You should really be an Architect, like me!

  • So good job on the build they should add a new biom to Minecraft Cald a springling biom were you can find a villager mansion witch is like a woodland mansion just there are more chest one good chest room a boss room with spawned and traps and has villegers in it

  • all the comments on here claiming he’s not natty which that could be but you have to keep in mind his physique is borderline attainable naturally. I say this because he is 5’8 and obviously has good genetics, with very strict eating and a solid lifting routine (in which he obviously knows what he’s doing, those compound lifts are very important to building lean mass) he could have done this without roids. Having been on high school sports teams and having close friends that I know FORSURE didnt juice and seeing a select few put on crazier physiques to this guy just due to being athletes and having discipline, as well as and being into lifting/dieting myself for my whole life I can tell you I have a physique similar to this, with less mass but leaner (5’7, 157lb) this physique isn’t out of the realm of being natural. All it takes is hard work and the mindset of really wanting it. But again, not completely ruling out roids, but give the guy the benefit of the doubt

  • Spike: can make a freakin mansion larger then Rhode island

    Me: builds a 3 block deep hole in the ground and covers the top back up home

  • this is not a hate comment, i swear. i actually like what you’re doing, it’s just your voice is a little monotone and robotic. i’m being completely honest when i say that it is hard to get excited and interested in what you’re doing when your voice is boring. otherwise, this is a great channel, run by someone who is a really good builder!:)

  • So it says this is an ad?

    Where you get your steroids from young lad?

    Is that what we’re selling?

    Right on YouTube, I love the tactics. Do you mail them?

  • I honestly wanna know what drove this entire neighborhood to hop on the juice, like im the same age as these guys, been lifting for roughly the same time but neither me or anyone i know have ever even considered taking roids. It just seems so obvious to me that u should not take steroids the gym is supposed to supplement the rest of your life and to me the moment you take steroids ur basically saying that the gym is my life. Just seems like a dumb decision to me.

  • I felt satisfied and motivated after watching this video. U r awesome Bro. I am same of your age and I also started doing workout when I was 18 and I always get motivated when I see your videos. Love u bro, train hard and best of luck…

  • Perhaps there will be a day when Jeracraft has a project so enormous, so epic, that he cannot build it: but today is not that day.

    5:28 dude, not cool.

  • What happened?

    Bro I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong with your appearance but there’s something odd going on. Be looking like a marshmallow on roids.

  • I’m surprised on how many people think this kid is on gear lmao, it’s sad to see the hate, this is why most of you won’t ever achieve the results you want, you put limitations on yourself, saying what you can and can’t achieve, and scream steroids at someone who clearly isn’t on gear to make your whiny ass feel better about your poor ass work ethic.

    this is what happens when you consistently bulk, and workout at a young age, dude doesn’t even have the look of a roider, this transformation is pure consistency and hard work, put two and two together then you’ll see the results.

  • This tool should be added to minecraft and give every version to build with it it would make the game better and increase the longevity of minecraft

  • It could be natural. Because umm he actually gained fat as well. Not like all these gymshark athleres who just came leaner at the same time as building muscle

  • hey Jera Craft I’m a huge fan of you and I want to start a YouTube channel with Minecraft and gaming stuff also and I was wondering what is your editing software

  • This is NOT transformation video. Fuck this guy. He is a clown. Talks like hes got a mouth full of marbles. You showed up pictures before you hit puberty and then bideos after youce been working on. NOWHERE in this video was thsre a transformation on display. Just 2 seperate lifestylrs you lived. “Hey, heres a pic when i was 3yrs old. Look how big my muscles got!”

  • Smh he is natural, his physique can be achieved with eating clean and being consistent, people who are saying he ain’t natural are just ignorant

  • the video was pretty good till the speech at about 5:30…than it became truly E P I C (lol) but seriously i loved the addition of Varian’s speech there, felt so damn satisfying

  • I just started watching ur vids and I loved them u r very creative and u Base ur builds on world of warcraft sometimes which just fills me with joy and I also like the theme where at the end u add a scene from wow like in this episode where varian goes yolo and effectively kills himself

  • Where’s the in-between tho? You didn’t just go from scrawny 11 inch biceps freshman to 14 inch biceps beefcake-in-the-making with the snap of a finger

  • I have a tough time believing this is natty bro. If you truly did this transformation natty you have easily the best shoulder genetics/overall genetics I’ve maybe ever seen. If this is natty I can’t even IMAGINE what your shoulders would look like on juice.

  • Confused. You started at 185 bench and like 200 squat and you look to be about 150. I know when I started I couldn’t squat or bench even my bodyweight so that’s a bit odd. Maybe just great strength and physique genetics. Nonetheless, great transformation

  • What do i think about the mansion, imma gonna keep it real for ya, it looks like a hotel that u build at my country, i live at brunei country, which the hotel is called “mariott hotel”, but a great transformation u did

  • The majority of retards in the comment section don’t know how to eat properly, resulting in the majority of the retards in the comment section claiming Dylon is on steroids

  • As a 16 year old who has been training for a year I can 100% guarantee he is natural. All the others who think otherwise are lazy fat cunts who are delusional.

  • Realistically, i dont think that there are many 15/16/17 or 18 year olds actually taking steroids…so imma just say congrats to you Ryan on your natural transformation!

  • Omg I’m so sick of people saying fake natty, HAVE U GUYS EVER SEEN PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN ON STEROIDS AND LIFTIG FOR OVER 5 YEARS. Jesus Christ it’s so different, he’s natural just been lifting for 6 years

  • Doesn’t matter at all if he’s natty or not. People on cycles work extremely hard to reach their goals, in some cases more than people who are natural. 100% Respect

  • 315 lbs bench at your weight, height age plus body fat combined is not obtainable naturally. You have achieved this with Sarms or a small dose of test for the bulk then clen/winstrol for the cut. Another 1 trying to reinvent the wheel

  • This is not natural. Not hating, it just really annoys me how some dumb people who have not been lifting for more than a year pop up out of nowhere and seem to know everything there is about genetics and natural potential. How the fuck can a kid with 4 years of lifting be bigger and stronger than christian guzman who is a true lifetime natty? I am losing brain cells…

  • For anyone wondering if he’s natural: I’d say more than likely yes.

    Look at him on the videos of him playing basketball etc. it’s clear that his physique isnt really over the top impressive

    All of his pictures are pretty heavily edited and obviously in good lighting and most likely with a pump. Those three things combined can make a mere mortal man look 30+ lbs heavier and bigger.

    Concerning never getting fat, I would assume he bulks in the off season and out of summer. Most of the progress photos seem to be taken during summer. And you don’t have to get fat I’m order too bulk. Granted you won’t stay super lean… but getting fat will actually cause your body to produce a chemical that works against muscle growth

    And my last point being the jump in strength. Those videos Imo are years apart.

    The bench seems as his form had improved a bit, being heavier, older and more matured will have played a part in the strength gain.

    The squat was like 6” too high in my opinion so let’s call that what it is, an embarrassment.

    And the deadlift imo is the easiest lift. However it is the most CNS taxing lift. 480 isn’t that impressive taking Into consideration his weight. A google search says he weights 225. So definitely not all that impressive.

    In conclusion, all of these observations I’ve made are my opinion that I have based on what I have learned over the 5 years that I’ve been lifting and studying the body/how to gain the most amount of muscle and strength. I believe in this transformation video he was natural.

    For anyone who may have any other ideas to add into why you may think he is or is not natural I’d love to hear it! I like to look at both sides of the coin, and potentially have a friendly debate so we can both learn a thing or two

  • If u say this guy is in steroids you’re a fucking idiot. This guy trained during his optimum years and bulked during puberty. The dude plays two sports, eats well and trains well. Obviously he does have really good genetics, even though he is American he does look a bit russian. Hard work plus good genes

  • Could you make a video showing what mods and methods you use to build so fast and large? Placing every block by hand is sooo time consuming ^^´

  • People actually think this guy is natty lmao! Dude didn’t even bulk and he automatically got extremely huge outta nowhere. He still works his ass off in the gym though. He’s just not natural.

  • You are probaly never gonna see this but a few days ago it was my bday and the next day i was on my bike and fell into a thornbush and broke my ankle and i hope u could help me in my world

  • Every body who is saying he’s using steroids basically saying that its impossible to be ripped and shredded when it clerealy not if you got a low body weight

  • Fake natty, ask any established natural bodybuilding channel (eg Nick Strength and Power), anyone in the game can tell he’s on roids. You can achieve greatness without taking drugs, but it’s hard work and it doesn’t come fast like his ‘gains’ did!