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Struggling with anxiety and depression, skinny Dillon found his grove and confidence and packed on a total of 52 pounds. This is my last weekly transformation video of 2019. I am going to break this video up into 3 parts. The first part is about my measurements, second part.

In the last 6 months, Dillon has lost 100 pounds working with Hawaii personal trainers at Fitness Ranes Training studio in Honolulu, Hawaii.. Here he is completing his first set of push ups from. Body transformation of Cedric Doyon into a competitive 225 pounds bodybuilder. Cedric Doyon won Quebec Open in 2012, becoming MR. Quebec at age 22.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

SELLING Sunset is the new Netflix reality show which has taken the world by storm. The show follows the lives of a group of glamorous realtors selling multi-million pound properties in LA – t. Body Transformation: Alex DePinto Lost 50 Pounds In 6 Months; Resistance training and smart dieting helped him to pack on over 80 pounds!

12 Comments. 17.4K Reads Body Transformation: Sam Bridgewater Body Transformation Shaun Dillon Body Transformation. Shaun was an athlete who gained weight in college due to the typical pizza and. Password requirements: 6 to 30 characters long; ASCII characters only (characters found on a standard US keyboard); must contain at least 4 different symbol. Brainly is the knowledge-sharing community where 200 million students and experts put their heads together to crack their toughest homework questions. Tallulah Willis took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her pinup bikini body for her 330K followers.

The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce.

List of related literature:

After reading the descriptions of about ten different packs, Mark looked at a chart and picked the one that was best for a person of his height and weight.

“A Week in the Woods” by Andrew Clements
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Those were the same types of packs that would deny Colton his mate.

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All of my packs weigh as much as you, but …”

“Battle Magic” by Tamora Pierce
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Another result of his dietary changes and hard efforts in the pool was a 28-pound weight loss in 6 months, dropping to a mere 140 pounds for his 5¢11≤ frame.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
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Modeled on the ideas of J.C. Hise and style of McCallum is Randall J. Strossen’s Super Squats: How to Gain Thirty Pounds of Muscle in Six Weeks (Larkspur, Calif., 1989).

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Such packs weighed about seventy pounds!

“Breakthrough!: The Bible for Young Catholics: Good News Translation” by Saint Mary's Press
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The Scales was at the bottom, where the packers weighed their packs.

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Sam said he guessed he was down to two packs a day.

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My pack had less weight in it than the previous day but somehow felt heavier.

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packs: Buy what feels best on your back with a load in it.

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  • Hey man, I used to look like you did, I grew a lot and lost about 60 pounds right now (senior year of high school) I’m 6’5 205lbs which I feel is a decent weight for me but I still feel and look fat/out of shape especially shirtless. I’m trying to convert my body fat into lean muscle because I still have too much body fat and want to get in better shape by the time summer rolls around. For me specially, what type of workouts do you recommend me doing and what foods should I be eating? Thanks and congrats on your progress

  • Would u ever consider doing a video on proper deadlift form? My friends always say I use too much of my lower back. Rlly cool transformation btw. I don’t know many people with that kind of dedication.

  • Wtf chicken wraps aren’t a bad snack tho cheese ranch chicken and tortilla is like 600 quick calorie add a smoothie and extra 300 calories that’s 900 calories under ten minutes???

  • Hello po kuya.. New youtuber din po ako na inspired ako sa inyo.. Pa subcribed back po and watch my 1 week body transformation po i lose 6kg thank you po..

  • GAling mo nmn mag coach…..Please check my channel po.Kaka start ko lang po dito sa yt world.And into fitness din po ako.Kaso sariling kayod na lang po ako sa workout ko hehe..Lage din ako nanonood sa mga vids mo Coach Jacob.Keep it up!

  • It’s a padded suit. So what. Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill had padded suits too on top of their muscular physiques. There’s no doubt that Zachary Levi put on a lot of muscle and got in tremendous shape. But the reality is a spandex suit is going to hide most of the muscle tone and definition, so the padding is necessary to display a god-like body.

  • I’m 5’10, I weight 158 but I feel skinny I always complain about my weight I need to gain at least 15 pounds. Sometimes I’m not even hungry and I feel the need to eat cause I’m not okay with my body.

  • I really really miss this Cardinals team. One hell of a team we built. It felt so good as a cardinals fan after those terrible years to finally have a winning season. If only we could’ve kept winning.

  • New subscriber sa channel mo bro, I accidentally clicked your video about skin routine. Then I don’t know, I continously watch your vlog about gym excercise’s and fitness. So far 2 weeks na ako na eencourage mag exercise din. Looking forward for more content about meal plan, skin care routine, exercise w/o equipment and fashion sana. Godbless sir and more subs.

  • Wow inspiration kayo mga kuys

    Lagi akong nnanunuod sa video mo kuya kaya gumawa ako ng vlog din kasi nainspired talaga ako hope to notice me
    Small youtuber here this week palang po nagsimula kasi nainspired talaga ko sainyo kuys thank you thank you powerrrrr
    God bless

  • Anyone tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? I’ve noticed many amazing things about this popular weight loss system.

  • That is what I still do not understand, make the actors gain muscle and then put them in a suit with padding that even increases the actor’s frame. I know that even if the suit were made of thin cloth, the actor’s true musculature would not be appreciate in detail, and I know they are trying to emulate the comic draw of the muscle but I think a padded suit is counterproductive.

  • Will Arizona make the playoffs this year in YOUR eyes??? UNFORTUNATELY, I think YES(Seahawks fan lol)

  • The minion from Men’s Health magazine can say whatever he wants, but the truth is Zachary worked very hard to achieve his superhero physique! I believe Zachary.

  • Good stuff! I hit that StairMaster this morning after my lift session… that machine isn’t a joke. Definitely going to burn more calories because of that thing! Thanks bro!

  • Leading ladies have it so much easier (in most cases) they only need to lose weight to be in movies. The male leads have to be ripped and toned even if they’re not playing super-heroes.

  • Big fan here sir jacob. hope you notice me. i’ve been skinny my entire life. tho nakapg gym nuon natigil dhl s work. tas papayat ult tas vices pa. but last yr i made a commitment, enrolled at anytime fitness nung August 2019, and ngaun mag 1yr nako. home workout and nagpurchase lng ng dumbbell. i want to gain for myself ma boost dn selfesteem ko. I hope you can help me. very inspiring every videos. Salamat!

  • Good job man! Congrats with the transformation! Thanks to keto I succeeded losing 35 lbs of fat! Great contents and inspiring videos!

  • Hi Guys pls watch the entire thing I’m sure marami kayo matutunan and ma aapply! Paki LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!
    0:00 Intro
    0:52 Workout
    3:19 Background / Before Pictures
    7:41 How Long Did It Take? 2018 Transformation
    9:03 How Long Did It Take? 2020 Transformation
    10:22 Supplements Used
    12:00 Lifting Weights? OR Cardio? / Weight Loss Plateau
    14:08 Equipment
    14:27 What Did You Eat? Ano Dapat Kainin? / Dealing with Cravings
    16:00 Do You Count Macros? / Nag Bilang Ka Ba Ng Macros / Calories? / FAMILY SUPPORT
    17:52 Workout Split? Ano Workout Split Mo?
    19:07 How To Resist Temptation? Outside Food? Processed Food?
    20:06 Focus / Mentality
    20:54 Do You Eat Home Cooked Meals? Lutong Bahay?
    21:39 Height / Weight / IG
    23:59 Final Words / Personal Tips mo?

  • This is nice i can totally relate to some of the experience ni sir brandon. Yung first week is really hard but when you got used with it naman magiging madali nalang yung pagdiet. Still in progress pa lang din naman ako achieve the body goal you desire. #ImproveYourself

  • pray always to jesus na pinakahari sa lahat may problema man o wala para kung sakaling may dadating na problema sa buhay natin ay hindi na ito matuloy

  • I really appreciate ur tips man and am proud of your achievement. Im turning 17 5’8 167lbs, I’ve been dieting for like 3 months but finals came up and winter break and it all crashed… I’m not giving up though Imma use almost all ur really helpful tips and try my best!!!

  • Sir Jacob may I ask lang po kung okay lang magstart kahit na mag -18 years old palang ako this year?
    And another po is galing po kasi ako sa taba and nag-lose din po ako recently, tanong ko lang po kung paano po matatanggal yung mga stretch marks sa katawan ko. Thanks po for all your quality vids.

  • GB in hindsight probably have just gone for 2 at the end. Two Hail Marys in a matter of plays. Getting that would of been nothing. Oh well

  • 3:50 Yeah that “bodybuilding standard” is COMPLETELY flaud: The REAL standard is to multiply your body weight in kg (kilograms) by 1.6-1.7 kg. Not whatever he said lmao

  • New subscriber here! Q lang, do you follow ung body type diet like endo, meso and exomorph. and then what tips could u give if after lifting may super pain sa mga bones and the physician just say, wag ka nlng kasi magbuhat ng mabigat(very supportive.. Haha!)

  • Coach question po. Bakit po sabi ng iba garbage daw po ang athleane nutrition whey protein? Nakita ko po kasi sa past video nyo. Yun ang ginagamit nyo.

  • Looking at the cardinals SuperBowl lost now I can see it was by bad time management especially when Larry Fitzgerald got that touchdown with 2:37 minutes left could of got a first time or just ran to the 25 yard line to get the clock to 2 minutes and then get a touchdown

  • pray always to jesus na pinakahari sa lahat may problema man o wala para kung sakaling may dadating na problema sa buhay natin ay hindi na ito matuloy

  • Para dun sa naka white. Keep it up bro!
    cant wait to see your body transformation
    Pogi pa naman to mga pre laglag panty girls pag na achieve nya goal nyan

  • Will Arizona make the playoffs this year in YOUR eyes??? UNFORTUNATELY, I think YES(Seahawks fan lol)

  • Have you guys checked out Natalie Portman’s ( new Thor )
    work out routine?
    Omg she is huge. I think it might be HGH growth hormone
    lol marvel is doomed. Disney will coffin it.

  • I’ve been in a diet for around 3 weeks and also counting calories, so if I can consume anything that is out of my diet. That’s ok I don’t need to be super restricted. That has been working for me and I plan to do it for around 6 months until 15% BF.

  • When he says 2500 is maintenance calories I’m like not for me buddy. I maintien at 1500 and loose under 1200. Once I discovered that I started eating about 800 calories a day and In 2 months lost 30 pounds. Then, I switched to 1200 and after 2 months lost five I still want to loose 15 more and my plan is to keep going on 1200 so by summer I’m ready. And just for reference, I’m 5’10 and I weigh 195 lbs… my goal is 180… and I also have broad shoulders and work out often so there’s some muscle weight.

    PS: I gain at 2000 or more

  • It’s been a year both NFC teams who battle each other twice in the playoffs and the Cardinals beat the Packers in overtime 2009-10 playoffs and 2015-16 playoffs.

  • Tingin one of the reasons kaya mabilis ung build up niya is na detrained siya for few months kaya medyo lumiit ung muscle niya then focusing ulit sa workout this quarantine which is good kasi makakaranas siya ng body recomposition na d nararanasan ng mga matagal nang nag wworkout.

  • I still to this day don’t understand why Mike McCarthy did not go for 2 after that hail Mary the cards was completely shook on defense and he could have just ran any play at that point and it would have worked that was dumb to trust your defense instead of trusting Aaron Rodgers to get 2 yards wow

  • coach is it true na yung creatine nakakalbo daw? planning to try it sana pero i have a thinning hairline.:D thanks coach and more power to you!

  • well it was all constume in shazam the movie just mind blowing and everything but i really think that they should create something that looks realistic well even a 2 year old can spot that thqt it was all costime

  • Thank you, thanks a lot man. You’re the only person who gave us skinny guys some real advice. I have been looking for a method to gain weight for years, but I have never found a person who has given real advice like you.
    Thanks again for this video.

  • I just wanted to thank you for telling us what worked for you. Thank you for simply giving us facts! I’ve done so much research and you answered all of my questions in this 23-minute video. Thank you!! Subscribed! Keep up the amazing work!

  • I sent an email for online coaching but I havent received any replies yet. I hope you can take your time to reply on my email. Thanks

  • Hayyy super bad connection here. Can’t wait to watch this video. I always hauling my phone to watch this but I can’t. Super bad internet this time. Even sending comments taking long. I am Super excited to finish this video. ��❤

  • 13:56 David Johnson Coverts 4th and one

    16:06 Carson Palmer 8-yard TD Pass to M. Floyd on 3rd and goal

    39:14 Mason Crosby 28-yard Field Goal

    57:26 Mason Crosby 34-yard Field Goal

    1:05:15 Aaron Rodgers Picked Off by R. Johnson

    1:07:54 Palmer Picked Intercepted by Clinton-Dix

    1:11:32 Eddie Lacy 61-yard Run

    1:15:09 Rodgers 8-yard TD Pass to Janis on 3rd and Goal

    1:18:27 Larry Fitzgerald 32-yard Catch from Palmer

    1:26:49 C. Catanzaro 28-yard Field Goal

    1:39:50 Palmer Intercepted in the End Zone by D. Randall

    1:58:13 Palmer Pass Deflected and caught by Floyd for 9-yard TD

    2:02:54 Cardinals Stop Packers on 4th Down

    2:06:20 Catanzaro 36-yard Field Goal

    2:08:20 Start of Rodgers Final Drive

    2:11:52 Rodgers Converts 4th and 20 on 60-yard Pass to Janis

    2:16:25 Rodgers 41-yard Hail Mary TD to Janis

    2:20:18 Start of Overtime

    2:22:16 Fitzgerald 75-yard Catch and Run from Palmer

    2:25:11 Fitzgerald 5-yard TD Catch from Palmer

  • That catch rule is so stupid. If the player has possession of the ball then why does it matter if he holds it steady? Such a stupid rule.

  • 2:18:02 if you can look at this throw and tell me he’s not the most physically talented quarterback to ever play football, you’re just wrong.

  • Really don’t believe that we need this massive amount of protein to build muscle. You just need a moderate amount and get enough calories. Don’t do the 1lb per pound of body weight

  • I was at that game and i went crazy when larry did the ending 2 plays with my dad and watching it now feels like what if bruce ariens never left would we be diffrent but rise up red sea and wants the nfl returns we goin to good good sense tht playoff game lets go!

  • Blatant block in back on interception the Cardinals and Darnell dockett outplayed Pittsburgh so much I still can’t believe refs gave Steelers game again after 05 its just a joke of NFL because arizona was team of year with warner it’s awful they say steelers won I know cardinals still won game if had better refs

  • Supported AZ on this one just because of the honey badger, if he was able to play this game they would of won, it’s impressive how much a player would of made a difference.

  • Natutuwa ako para sa inyo coach jacob unti unti na dumadami subs mo, parang kelan lang 12k 13k lang nakikita ko haha congratss! To more informative fitness videos as always!!

  • Mass gainer solved my issues on top of a clean diet and lifting. Do that and you other skinny guys can be shredded in a year. Or you can dirty bulk…to each their own…

  • Nakakatuwa po na nakikita ng mga viewers yung results talaga nung mga ini-coach mo idol. Napakalaking factor talaga ng discipline para makamit ang goals. More power po! More videos and more subscribers. Ingat po palagi! ������

  • Good day Coach, hoping for the next content is about Creatine. What is Creatine, which brand is good, when it will take, side effects, etc. ����

  • The Hail Mary to tie the game is the best throw ever made. And even as a Packer fan, this is one of the best football games I’ve ever seen.

  • one of the great playoff games in the league’s history. that throw by Rodgers. 56 yards to the end zone line, plus another 7 yards into the end zone. all while falling away momentum wise. Unreal.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers,
    1st team to win 4 Super Bowls
    3rd team to win 5 Super Bowls
    1st team to win 6 Super Bowls, in the end, it all worked out for them.