Transformation Darsen Ringling Jumps From Drugs to Weights


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Top 10 Shocking Before And After Drug Use Photos

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Skinny guy Darsen completely turned his life around by moving away from drugs and switching over to the muscle building lifestyle. Skinny guy Darsen completely turned his life around by moving away from drugs and switching over to the muscle building lifestyle. Top 10 Weight Gainers New Arrivals Supplement Stacks Free Samples.

Involuntary muscle spasms can happen anywhere in the body, including the hands. Twitching can last a few moments to hours. Some possible causes. 1882 The Ringling Brothers Alf, Al, Charles, John and Otto performed their first vaudeville-style show in Mazomanie, Wisconsin. 1884 The Ringling Brothers Circus begins as a.

Nerves run throughout the body, carrying messages to and from the brain and spinal cord. Herniated discs in the spine, tight muscles and tumors can compress nerves and lead to. Ringling Brothers circus has gone out of business, so her chance of clown employment is exceedingly low. 14.

The septum ring may be another warning sign of future degradation into vulgarity. 15. It doesn’t take much for a young girl to be pretty: simply be thin and have long hair.

G. Fox & Company Department Store 1947: Established in Hartford 1918: Eleven-story building open, replacing 5-story struct. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on CHORUS: True to Beaty we will ever Loudly sing her praise. Hail to Beaty Junior High School Hail to thee always.

After two failed referenda 1923 and 1925 the Beaty family provided the land on the north and south sides of Third Avenue along the Conewango Creek for the school. F F. B. I (Comunity) F. C “SUMPA” F A M I L Y ‘ F A M I L Y + 6 2 ^ • ^ F C E Kano Alumni 2007 N C E Students; F C E Kontagora Alumni Ilorin Page F E E L I N G S.

List of related literature:

Stretching of the capsule to gain motion should be advanced slowly over a 6-month period when there is underlying hyperlaxity of the joint.2 However, if the instability was caused by repetitive microtrauma, rehabilitation may be accelerated.

“Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 2-Volume Set E-Book: Expert Consult” by Terri M. Skirven, A. Lee Osterman, Jane Fedorczyk, Peter C. Amadio
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Others have done similar exercises with other drugs.

“Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling and Simulation” by Peter L. Bonate
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While it was hoped that this technique would decrease spasticity and improve motor function, results of this invasive procedure have been mixed.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
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If the biomechanics of the joint have been changed, part of the treatment should include exercise to try to return joint movement to a more normal form.

“Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen
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Biotechnological research and development have introduced new possibilities for producing similar muscle proliferation and enhancement, both genetic and pharmacological.

“Beyond Therapy: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness” by President's Council on Bioethics (U.S.), Leon Kass
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The studies using this model have unquestionably enhanced knowledge about the potential efficacy of a variety of drugs, but these results are not necessarily transferable to all highand low-motion joints with naturally occurring OA.

“Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse E-Book” by Michael W. Ross, Sue J. Dyson
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Other researchers, however, found no weight alteration after giving the drug to mares daily for 18 months.

“The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs” by Richard Lawrence Miller
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In the recent literature, there have been a number of reports of the use of new candidate drugs for both weakening and strengthening extraocular muscle in experimental animals.

“Encyclopedia of the Eye” by Darlene A. Dartt, Joseph Besharse, Reza Dana, Barbara Ann Battelle, David Beebe, Peter Bex, Paul Bishop, Dean Bok, Patricia D’Amore, Henry Edelhauser, Linda Mcloon, Jerry Niederkorn, Thomas A. Reh, Ernst R. Tamm
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Unexpectedly, the drug produced a muscular paralysis and a loss of voluntary movement.

“Blaming the Brain: The Truth About Drugs and Mental Health” by Elliot Valenstein
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Such compounds, and others that may reproduce effects of training, have been dubbed exercise mimetics, a rather ambitious term, since it seems highly improbable that a drug can ever duplicate the numerous effects of any kind of training on the human body.

“Exercise Biochemistry” by Vassilis Mougios
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  • reading some of the comments it begs the question why instead of blaming steroids do you not take into account that he is using insulin, although he uses it for diabetes he will still get anabolic effects from it. I have friends that train and are diabetic and are prescribed insulin, both are very strong and muscular. One has told me that he manipulates his insulin to gain muscle. Also as has been said, the guy isn’t big or vascular he is just lean.

  • The rehabs dont care unless you have insurance. And the ones that take medicaid treat people terrible. They dont detox people on a case by case basis either. They leave people in terrible withdrawals. Its terrible.

  • they’re not all bad people i learned this from my best friend who was in a halfway program trying to beat his demons. he relapsed for the last time last may. it’s heartbreaking seeing good people get caught up in a world so dark.

  • The Jump Manual is the culmination of 15+ years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and techniques. Thousands of average athletes have used it to consistently increase their vertical leap. Now it’s your turn.

  • If the drugs wasn’t out there no 1 could buy them. Corrupt cops is the main reason illegal drugs are on the streets… even the elite about 12 of the elite dea agents have been arrested for planted and stealing drugs and selling drugs in 2 states…. the non corrupt cops that’s most of of the cops. The corrupt law enforcement make the job for non corrupt law enforcement where they can’t stop the manufacturers and dealers……..

  • My parents told me don’t take drugs because they’re bad for you, so did my school, why do so many think it’s ok to do crystal, heroin and crack, everyone knows these are end of the road solutions, what happened to the world where people can’t say no, total break down in society, in the end it could lead to a mass clean up… Another world war maybe, always good for population control

  • Hey terron I know you want to play in the NFL but I’m sure the AAF could use a player of your athletic ability and maybe that can lead to an NFL roster down the line. You definitely belong in the league somewhere. Just food for thought my G

  • how long do i have to do jump rope in day,i mean in a session to have real effect on losing fat,is 20 to 30 min without taking a break will do it?,
    thank’s in advance for your answer

  • Man that’s the rough road we all walk… there is something out there which we all get addicted to. Finding the purpose and getting addicted to good things are best way to shape our mind.

  • Really good video. No one should take drugs, but you forgot about one drug that is one of the most dangerous and it is Flaka, the photos before and after would be even more shocking

  • Knew a young girl that had died a day after her 24th birthday. She was a heroin addict. When I seen her in her casket she kinda looked like a somewhat mummified resemblance of the former beauty she once had. It tore me apart, not just to know how young and beautiful she was, but to see what heroin and other poison drugs can do to someone’s body. I don’t enjoy funerals much to begin with

  • Take this video into public schools about grade 4-5 and start relaying the truth about drug progression from cigs, to pot and for some to this… stop them before they start!

  • I always wondered what happened to u Jay.. u did some of my tattoos.. saved on my wrist and a Jesus piece on my bicep.. irony is I was struggling same as u then and bodybuilding now.. that’s crazy.. glad u are doing good brother

  • Hey Zen Dudes!
    Is it necessary to jump rope in the mornings empty stomach for the desired results or can I do it in the evenings as well?
    And thanks a ton for the amazing videos!

  • Real zombies aren’t dead, they’re people that are dying faster, aging faster Hard to believe I’m looking at something that makes aging of skin from smoking look much slower This is why we need to punish drug dealers with capital punishment… jail time is a waste of state money. End the problem at the source.

  • I don’t understand why there using drugs when they know it can kill you and in kindergarten they tell you never do drugs and school activities no drug use. I hope you guys have a nice day and please don’t smoke

  • You would have to be a fool tryin any type of drugs someone is selling! Their job is to make money and could give a rats ass about you. With so many problems in this day and age, some people just don’t care anymore and it’s truly sad! My main goal is to stay close to family and prayer up for them cause we have went through hell with some of my family members!!! You have to trust in GOD and be a very close knitted family!!!!!!������

  • Good job dude I was into Alcohol at 13 too and I good help with people and I wanted to die too but now I am 14 black belt in karate and love working out so keep doing what your doing we all have a reason to live and be on this earth

  • Wowwwww this is the most touching relatable story I’ve ever heard and this comming from a black man from
    The street of Philadelphia

  • Yo Terron, something for your community, can you please do a challenge video to your subscribers/merch supporters only on bench/squat/deadlift/dunk/whatever you choose. Give your supporters a chance to try take on the goku master. It doesent have to be to beat your max PR’s, maybe just a fair but hard regime. Maybe we do it wearing your merch to qualify. Submissions through tube & insta. Then you upload your favourite submissions. Motivates us and in turn Motivates you. I reckon I got you on bench homie. Winner gets some free salts/merch?

  • How do u do sir.. I wanted to know how long did it take to reach your goal, To as far as massive size now compare how you used to look; also what style of martial arts did you study

  • You inspired me rn I seen a girl a month ago and she said how skinny I got from highschool I hate to loose everything I worked for I’m 23 I’m not sure if I’ve lost my job yet but I’m realizing how much it’s taking away I’m glad to finally see someone relate and brake free gives me hope

  • Watched the original video a couple years ago when i got out of rehab at 22. Needed this vid badly. This guy has a great vibe hope all the best for him

  • Very inspirational story we all have things about us that make or break us its just whether you let it or not everything in each individuals life is predicated on how you perceive things and view things from your own Windows of your soul which is your eyes…… ������

  • I am 11 months clean from heroin. I was 157lbs, homeless, had hep c from sharing and using dirty needles, had a lot of legal issues, suicidal, and fucked up from ptsd. Today I am 212lbs, stronger than I have ever been, cured from hep c, legal issues fixed, and my family talks to me again. My financial situation sucks but thats my only complaint today. I look at how my life turned out and feel like a loser when I compare it to others. I realize I should not do that and i have come a long way but feel lost and that I have so much more to improve before i will be happy.p

  • My pseudo is and I’m an addict.
    I believe that it is possible to recover from addiction, to stop consuming any product modifying the behavior (alcohol, drugs…) and to be happy in living clean.
    I share my recovery experience in twelve steps on my blog:

  • Oh no wonder why some people in their early-30s looks 55 and in their early-40s looks 65-70.
    It is because of drug abuse.
    All of them looked 20s in their 20s.

  • Powerful man, I’m thirteen when I was younger I said I would never do Marijuana, yet now I’m thinking about it, I figured at this rate I’d do worse drugs when I’m older.. I don’t want that so I’m going to not smoke marijuana.. Thank you, for this story you shared with me today, I’ve also been working out a lot lately (Past 4 or so months) and, I’m noticeably stronger than the average 13 year-old.

  • great going brah!!! really motivational!!!!! if the haters in the comments would change their life like u have they could do something fabulous also!!! keep lifting brah!!!

  • I’m ten years old but I watch these videos just to see what these drugs do so that I don’t do them when I grow up. They should show this in school because kids who have a school that say don’t do drugs that won’t do anything you need to show kids videos like this Just saying I’m just a ten year old girl like if I’m right pls don’t do drugs thus all from my heart yes yes I know I’m ten pls like I’m just asking

  • Am now 17. Started taking ice pills at early 16 and ended in late 16. And from early 16 to early 17 had a massive adderall, weed, mdma, and cigarette addiction that took over my life. I have been clean for 8 months now thanks to some amazing people that really helped me see myself for how bad i was addicted and helped me get out. At early 17 i had scabs in my face all over. I looked like a after picture of meth. 8 months clean i have now gained back at least 95% of my good looks (glad) and have gone through a serious but great mental change. Not over yet though. Still have alot of recovering to do. But thank god i got stopped before it was too late

  • +OfficialBarstarzz Bro you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing that story. I was having a lot of trouble with drugs and just laziness and decided to get back into the gym and start moving and eating right. Not nearly the come back story like yours but all im gunna say is just to keep it up dude. Now that you are where you want to be it’s easy to slip back into complacency. I hope you find the motivation and the social network to keep your mind occupied and happy man. Just thought I’d throw out some advice cuz you decided to share your story and help others so hopefully this can help you

  • Addicts, we chase that first high forever, but you will never have that first time again, never, only a hell filled life awaits.
    To watch someone you love killing their selves is heartbreaking.
    It seems hard to imagine life without the drugs, alcohol, gambling etc. but there is a life, waiting for you.
    Don’t let your past steal your life, know that you are a victim but you and only you have the power to say NO MORE.
    Please, please ask someone, a doctor or family for help and accept that help
    I promise you the high you will get from a clean life is so, so, so much better than the hell you are existing in.
    If you know someone who is on that road, don’t turn away.
    Eventually if you stay on that path folk will detach with love because they can’t watch you killing yourself.
    You die and your dealer gets another customer and so it goes on.
    My love, thoughts and courage to each and every one of you.
    Again I promise life does get better when you ask for help

  • I’m like the opposite was a clean athlete until age 22 done boxing and bodybuilding since the age of 13, ended up becoming a ketamine addict for the past 3-4 years and now my body is fucked I don’t think I can return to how I was, I’ve damaged the vains in my lower body

  • i cannot believe im writing this, but i have lost 60lb in 6 months!!!! im currently at my ideal body weight. i had so many breaking points similar to his, and even though losing weight was the hardest thing ive done, i did it!

  • Y’alls is my heroes fah reals…y’all is…yer…you guys are the best though, really. You have the perfect blend of humour, and knowledge, and the sincere desire to wanna help and inspire people to be better. Mad respect to you…mad daps. Plus your soundtracks are dope. More full workouts to follow along to PLEASE! I don’t wanna hit repeat once I’m already in a zone. Then again, who am I to complain? I’m just happy this channel exists.

  • 3:21 That’s a shame. She is really pretty. I hope she and all of the others got off the addiction. It’s scary how real drugs can get you hooked.

  • What an amazing story. What an inspiration, thank you for sharing your story. People like you are the ones that make a difference in this world. I’ve learned to see things from a different perspective in life… your story is proof to me that trials and blessings we go through life are the same exact thing. That’s how we become passionate and we are able to help others. May God continue to bless you on your amazing journey.

  • God had a plan all along for your life…once you realized what it was his grace and mercy was dispalyed through you!! WOW!! love your message. praise Jesus!!

  • I’ve never smoked cigarettes, done drugs, got high, drunk alcohol or anything like that. I don’t even Vape. I feel very sorry for these people but like they say “You can’t help someone who doesn’t wanna help themselves”.

  • poeple who say that his physique is ‘easily attainable’ with hard work and dedication are wrong. it is not EASILY attained. maintaining this level of fitness without drug abuse is next to impossible not because of lack of dedication, but because of the bodies susceptibility to fatigue. i am not jealous, i applaud these people. I just wish they were honest.

  • How do people get addicted so easy I litterly have smoked I have smoked weed and vaped with nicotine and I’m still not addicted

    Edit:for years not just once or twice years

  • My brother has T1D and you were a big inspiration to him he went from being an amazing wrestler to not being able to wrestle. He stopped working out and sports for awhile until he found your Instagram. From there watched your videos and now he is built like a rock and you look at him and think there is no way he could ever be a diabetic.

  • This video is uplifting and inspiring for most people. It’s sad and pathetic how seeing someone excell turns some people into such jealous haters. A person who would downvote this needs therapy or rehab.

  • Our Jump Rope Transformation Story We share the story of why we started jumping rope and how it impacted our lives.

    WATCH NEXT: How To Jump Rope For Beginners:

  • i can absolutely relate to this. I started getting into drugs and alcohol at age 12 (got severe alcohol poisoning at 12). I was hooked on oxy contin by age 15… eventually leading into heroin and meth by 19. long story short, ended up doing 2 years jail time and 2 years prison and got out at 22 years old. I was given a second chance at life! I was able to find my passion in makeup artistry and fitness and have developed a business out of it all on my own. I always say Addicts are the strongest people. it’s incredible ones capability to turn your life around. Great testimony, Jay! I love your videos so much!

  • You guys gave me the best motivation ever!
    Can’t wait to get rid of my shin splints, fix them and start jumping without limits! (From baby steps)
    Keep riding hard! ��

  • It’s hard to tell whether this is an actual voice or a think that reads text. This wasn’t meant as an insult, by the way. It’s actually nice to hear.

  • Awesome story man, from age 20 to 28 (6 months ago) I was shooting heroin and meth. I almost died twice of a heart infection, and blood clots from shooting up in my pic line. The doctors were in tears because they didn’t understand why I didn’t value my life. I went to jail for ten days and detoxed from heroin. My parents gave me one last chance. In high school I was obsessed with the gym. So they got me a gym membership. It was a struggle at first, younger kids out lifting me, I almost gave up. I pushed myself, now I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m six four 220 lbs and 12% body fat. The muscle memory is insane. Growing up I always wanted to bench press 300 lbs I just did that last week. My squats deadlifts everything are at records I’ve never dreamed I could do. All those kids I was afraid to be around now ask me for advice. To all the idiots thinking him or I (I get that a lot too) are on steroids your wrong. When we did drugs for so long our testosterone levels were near non existent. If you factor in years of shutdown to suddenly. Working out proper dietary nutritional intake the testosterone numbers soared off the charts. Even while leaning out, I’m getting new stretch marks, my muscles are still growing loosing fat. Good luck to you sir. Thankyou for the motivation!

  • I love you guys! I decided to use a jump rope for fitness and then I magically found you guys! Your videos resonate with me on another level, I am also a fellow traveler and love the simplicity, portability, efficiency and freedom of a jump rope. I am in the process of transforming my body and you guys are very inspirational and helpful with all your video workouts and sharing your knowledge. A Massive Thank You!! Bless up #DOTHETHING

  • Perhaps they should have focused on the effects of drugs on the inside, the stolen soul and the deadness of the eyes.
    That’s the tragedy of it all.

  • I’m a recovering heroin addict and I just managed to do my first push ups �� I’m still working out �� so I can do a pull up. Sadly the play grounds in my area are more modern and don’t have many bars such as this. I’m a woman and thought maybe I’d never be good at pull-ups but this gives me hope.