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The Skinny Fat Fix Go From SKINNY FAT to RIPPED Fit Lean & Muscular | Transformation to bulk & cut

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Skinny Fat to Shredded 3 Year Transformation

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From Skinny Fat To JACKED! (Teenage Transformation)

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Let these celebrity weight loss transformations, from Simon Cowell to Chris Pratt, serve as all the inspiration you need to finally shed those pounds in 2020. With the help of a trainer, the London man learned about counting macros: the carbs, protein, and fat in food. Changing his diet, logging at least. Skinny to Ripped My Natural Transformation (EXPLAINED) Austin Dunham.

Loading Unsubscribe from Austin Dunham? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 889K. Jaden went from skinny-fat to ‘steal your girl’ with the help of this plan. This article gives you all the knowledge you need to build muscle and burn fat.

It includes a special diet plan for skinny-fat guys, a workout plan, and much, much more. This is how I conquered skinny-fat and it’s how you can beat skinny-fatness forever. Enjoy. 1 Year Body Transformation From Skinny To Muscular (15 years old) If you guys enjoy my videos please leave a like and If you REALLY enjoyed it and your new plz leave a big fat.

See his unbelievable transgender before and after transformation for yourself below! More info: Instagram. This is Jaimie Wilson, a 21-year-old transgender man and country musician from Florida. In 2015, Jaimie made the brave decision to transition from. FREE DOWNLOAD Bulking Routine Proven to Pack on Mass & Skyrocket Strength. This is the EXACT routine I used to build my first 20 lbs of muscle.

Body Transformation: Steven Berger Left His Skinny Teen Days Behind Him At the age of 16, Steve Berger was a skinny, athletic teenager with a soft midsection. He packed on 40 pounds of body weight in only 2 years while dropping his body fat. Box squat: Technically, it doesn’t have to be a traditional box squat per se; just open your legs more and lower the bar on your upper back in order to decrease the range of motion and fatigue on the stabilizers.

Play with your reps: I know some old-school bodybuilding folks love high-rep squatting for leg growth, and I can see why. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t cut it for us. Dan Mcdonald The Life Regenerator Transformation On A Vegan How This Skinny Fat Vegan Got Ripped In Just 12 Weeks Ultimate Plant Based Transformation Ben Raue

3 Incredible Transformation Stories From A Plant Based Diet Everything You Need To Know About Getting Plant Based Shredded.

List of related literature:

His incredible physique and winning attitude gave me the hope that I could make my dream of becoming a bodybuilding champion a reality.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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Such Adonis-like bodies are big, muscular, and strong, which, incidentally, is a physique that very few males can ever hope to achieve.

“Media and Youth: A Developmental Perspective” by Steven J. Kirsh
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He has shaved off his moustache, lost twenty-two pounds in the space of one year, and conditioned his body by exercising with dumbbells in the sport studio, “Fit on Rosenthaler Platz,” at 125 Torstrasse.

“Interview with a Cannibal: The Secret Life of the Monster of Rotenburg” by Günter Stampf, Pat Brown, Lewis Townsend
from Interview with a Cannibal: The Secret Life of the Monster of Rotenburg
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But I inspired him enough to want to be a muscleman, a champion with a beautiful physique, not just a powerlifting champion.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
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“Robert Cheeke is an inspiration to me, especially after beginning my own physique transformation.

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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But the most significant transformation: He cut his body fat from 18 to 11 percent.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
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Follow his program for three months and you’ll not only be amazed but hooked—especially if you are a hardgainer.

“Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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These individuals look normal, and some, especially those who abuse anabolic steroids or excessively work out, may be very muscular.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
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from his earliest days Todd worked with a professional trainer to help sculpt his scrawny body into an image of athletic beauty.

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However, he can change his relationship with his body over time by resisting his mirror rituals and sending accepting messages to himself, such as ‘I’d like to be more muscled but I accept my natural shape’ or ‘I’m not physically perfect but the way I look is good enough’.

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  • Okay this has like 14k views but so far the most realistic transformation because:
    1. He’s a normal dude who has normal things to do not some actor who has nothing to do but workout
    2. Takes a realistic amount of time (years) to do (not the 4 weeks 6 pack stuff)
    3. He gives tips that works for him not for people who have unlimited resource and time
    props to this man, I hope this channel grows soon

  • PLEASE HELP: Im currently 17% body fat, 78kg and 181cm tall. I have been on a bulk for around 9 months and gained a lot of weight (20kg) but now I’m skinny fat. Should I cut back down to 10% or lean bulk?

  • hey, 12:25 i’m not clear on the second last bullet point. So let’s say Monday I do shoulder press with 20 lbs dumbbell for 8 reps, 3 sets. The following (or next Monday) I do shoulder press with 25 lbs dumbbell, here i may not be able to do 8 reps so let’s say I can do 6 reps, 3 sets.. so what next? another monday hit till I get 8 reps/3 sets or go higher 30lbs?
    This is for the novice/intermediate workout. thanks!!

  • My first year was exactly like you and I still feel like I’m not adding much muscle, what actually changed for you to start adding muscle, was it all diet?

  • so the dude crash dieted and you gave him a 3.3k calorie plan and he still lost weight?? Really how tf did he get fat in the first place?? eat like 10k calories a day or what?? i gain weight if i eat 2k calories lol.

  • It’s still amaze me just how many people don’t know about Custokebon Secrets even though a lot of people using it. Thanks to my mate who told me about it. I have lost lots of fat.

  • I tried it and I’m not sure if it’s different for teens but without he pizzas alchahol etc and just lean eating calorie watching and water fasting on occasion it took me about 9 months to get a visible six pack but 14 months to get the muscle definition that I was looking for

  • Hi Niklas, that is a great video. I’ve started incorporating the novice routine with the aim of lean bulk. In the process I’m gaining some fat around my waist. It’s not much but I don’t feel good about it. As I feel like it’ll keep increasing and I won’t look good. Is there a way I can reduce this fat? (Maybe little bit of cardio?) I don’t do much cardio.. maybe once a week 20 mins run. But I’m focusing on strength training. What do you think is a good way to ‘hide’ (focus on getting big and increase in other muscle group will hide this waist) or reduce (maybe incorporate more cardio while strength training). let me know. but my overall goal is lean bulk at this point.

  • Hello Radu.I know that this is an old video,but I want to ask you: In your opinion,which is the most attractive male body? (warrior,greekgod,superhero)I know that the proportions are the most important,but what do you think about these 3 physiques?which looks best in your opinion?Btw,keep up the good work man����

  • I used to be skinny but when I tried to bulk.. I only got skinny fat. Idk if I should continue my current calorie intake along lifting weights

  • Pasta has also a lot of protein in it, if you combine it with cottage cheese, some meat, this will be a huge amount of proteins like 50 gr per meal.

  • I need some help. For the longest time I’ve been overall fat and have had a wide hipbone structure. I’m currently 14 and in the past year I have worked very hard to lose fat. I was 131lbs with a very fat and chubby face. I hated it but decided to make fun of it in order to reduce bullying. I cut alot and dedication led me to 121lbs currently. My face is still moderately chubby but my belly fat has dropped by a longshot. The problem is this, my chest still has this fat look on it almost like small tits, and obviously my big hipbone structure made my waist look very fatty and disgusting. After watching this video I don’t know I should bulk knowing that I may gain all the fat I worked my ass off to lose. Uptil watching this video, I thought on losing more fat and that eventually my muscles would show. My Calorie Intake dropped from 1600 to 600-800. Please help me in finding an alternative or if I should just say fuck it and bulk. (I’m 5’8)

    edit: I don’t have permission to go to the gym

  • As a skinny fat geeza myself i found that heavy low rep strength training and to make sure i eat enough calories. The worst thing for us skinny fats is eating too low in calories with not enough protein and the other is performing low tension high repetition exercises.

  • Those strength standards for the physiques shown are straight BS. All of those physiques can be attained naturally with consistent progression and LOW BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. The measurements you list are what a natty would peak at after years of dedicated training.

  • Dude thank you soo soo much you are the best! All of these youtubers talk about how to get ripped but they never talk about how to actually do it. And you talked about everything even how to calculate your calorie intake which i never knew how to do. This is so great ill be sharing this video to anyone wanting to get in a better shape. Thank

  • I used to take gymnastics, dance, ballet, Kung fu, and swimming lessons at the same time for 5-7 years… because of this, I used to be skinny yet supper muscular (Fit). last year I quit all of the classes because I needed a break. Just recently I saw a picture of when I took all those classes and I look nothing like that now��. All the muscle I had turned to fat and my strength has diminished to nothing. I’m still skinny but my muscle is fat… so now I’m going to start a diet and go back to dance because it’s the only class I truly loved because I made friends with everyone.. I am also going to start working out outside of dance… hopefully I’ll get back to my fit body again…wish me luck ��

  • Thanks for the good information. Is it applicable for a skinny fat person too, I am 6.0ft and 165lbs but have belly and around %19-20bf. Should i cut until reaching %15 or less?

  • Hey man, your website and articles are awesome and Im looking forward to following your advice to get the fuck out of this body type I’ve been stuck with my whole life. Thank you bro!!!!

  • Quite confusing. 400-60-200 diet is for total one week or for each day? 3x 300 calories cardio is each cardio session burn 300 calories or burn total 3×300=1200 calories per week?? Unit is important…

  • How the heck do u not eat more than 40g of carbs I’m tracking my macros and it’s so hard to not eat pass my fat grams and it’s hard to reach my protein also

  • So i have this problem that my arms and legs are skinny af. But i have a “big belly” and what some would say “man boobs”. I really dont know if i should cut or bulk first. I dont wanna risk getting any fatter in the areas that are fat, neither do i want to lose weight to look even skinnier..

  • You should do cardio lofting weights for more reps isnt gonna burn any calories you will burn more by walking to the bathroom so do cardio and weight training

  • Comeon that is crazy weighted chin ups 5 reps x 50% of body weight attached lol now if t hats achieved you will easily be super lean lol. k going to try to do a drastic cut and see:-D

  • Nice progress but he used TRT. I mean he is trying to sell some diet program which can boost your testosterone naturally, just by eating specific foods. That’s not gonna happen for sure.
    His testo initially was 297 ng/dl then suddenly after some eating jumped up to 831 ng/dl. I smell bs. Or the story about his testo levels is bs.

  • This is what i wanted to know, i’m skinny fat, i have a big belly but mostly skinny. Thanks for the info! Btw i do jog and walk for an hour about 6km after a day of workout. Monday-running, tues-gym, wed-run, thurs-gym and so on. I’m not sure if i’m doing it right. I’m 5’5 in height and weight about 140-145lbs.

  • I liked your honesty “if you train for years….” because many people surprise the viewers with their lies 6 months transformation losing 30 kg….

  • this guy constantly humiliated me throughout the video by exactly telling me the don’ts when I am doing and Dos when I’m not doing. I love him.

  • I’ve included 4 workout routines for you in the ThinkEatLift app. They work great from getting you from skinny fat to muscular. You can download the app for free using this link:

  • I’ve been lifting 4 days a week for 6 months and cut out junk food and I still look like the before picture. It makes me want to die.

  • I think this is too slow? Maybe this is for busy person. I gained 4Kg last summer(2 months) bulking up in the gym. And yeah I’m skinny fat

  • One of my biggest fucking motivations. I always come to this video from time to time and visit your website and I remember just watching this video back then and following some of your advice as well. I remember watching this as a skinny person with a little gut and no abs and then watching this when I was skinny and now I’ve improved a lot and Got bigger as well. Watching this video always motivates me. Keep up the great gains

  • Hey I have a question
    How much weight should I start lifting in the first 3 months? And about heavy lifting I heard it’s not good for joints and a such if you are a beginner is it true?
    I can’t do even 1 pull up
    So I was thinking before going to the gym should I start with body weight exercises day in day out and running every sunday morning to build the required strenght for heavy lifting?
    Also thx for the video it answered most of my questions.

  • Hi Brandon thanks for the love and inspiration that u impart in people no matter where they are or who they are. I love u so much and am trying to work out too hard to achieve the proper shape of my abs.I appreciate what I always watch in YouTube from u.

  • Brandon Carter Important question that will help me tremendously: What is the best book to convince and discipline myself to endure pain and discomfort to become the best version of myself. Please give me various titles in order of the best. Thank you a lot I love your content.

  • Bro i relate to this so much. I’m also a skinny fat i went to the gym for about 2 months but i can’t nowadays because the gym i used to go which was close to where i live is closed. I also look a lot like you btw:D I felt happy to see someone like me made it to their goals and desired body. Nowadays i just do bodyweight exercises at home. I also have small health conditions of surgery so weight training doesn’t seem to be the best for me. At least that’s what doctors say. Do you have any other suggestions than weight training? I want to be like you too,but its kinda impossible for me since i don’t have a gym membership. So i just want to lose the fat at least and have some sort of toned body. Is it possible for someone like me?

  • I have the skinny fat body type. Wouldn’t say it’s the worst tbh. I’ll focus on losing weight and doing the 3 month beginner routine

  • My body has been early 2018 you ever since middle school and now my junior year I hope by time I get to college I have my diet fixed and can get the aesthetic

  • I’m more muscular, but otherwise feel similar to this guy, would love tips on weight training, calories and macros to maintain mm to help me achieve a similar fat cut? I am very physically able and can easily run half marathon distance in 1hr 45 or faster by 10 minutes when I train specifically.

  • Can you do a video about HIIT running and HIIT workouts(like you do on your videos). What are the main difference and which on them are best?

  • So what do you do if you have s slightly bad knee? So is Elipitical ok? Also I like Salmon and shrimp. Also sh saw protein Shakes is that ok?

  • What kind of macro split is this? From some of the research I’ve seen, usually people suggest u take in 1 gram of protein per pound but the client was taking in 200 at 160

  • You can’t lose weight eating 3k calories a day, stop deceiving obese people (you shouldn’t be telling them they have to eat more to lose more, they already have food issues). If you eat 3k calories a day and you lose weight, then your height is around 13 feet 1.5 inches and you weigh 177 pounds, or you have to be 5′ 10″ and weigh around 440 pounds.

  • I’ve been on this for about 2 months now. I’m enjoying it and making progress on my lifts, I think the only misstep in the routine is including weighted chins (let alone chin-ups in general). A majority of beginners are not able to do chin-ups, I’ve had to replace them with reverse lat-pulldowns.

  • You’r awsome dude.
    But why did you late all those years. I’m Skinn Fat too and pretty fatter as you was.
    I’m on my transformation already but im wondering if i will late all that time too…¿?

  • This is by far the best video I’ve seen regarding this topic: great content, visuals, very well explained and in a very realistic way. Just what I was looking for. Keep it up!!:)

  • This video is so much relative to me. I have started working out since April 19th and still continuing. I do hiit workout Monday to Friday. I have planned a diet using YouTube and from 69 kgs I am 61 kgs now. For the people out there remember “Progress not Perfection.”������

  • I dont know but eating just under maintainance while on a 16-8 intermittent fast helped me skip the whole skinny fat stage while i lost 60 lbs which is interesting. I didnt do a whole lot of resistance training and was sick for a long time. I did long hikes for cardio, not much more. On the other hand i have always been strong from a young age so i dont know if i had enough muscle under the layers to prevent skinny fatness

  • What if I’m a fucking teenager and my mom and sister don’t support me.Now a days I kinda doubt myself,and believe I need to suffer more before I get what I want.Help me.

  • Hey what if I do my own workout will it be fine and not interrupt the outcome of my goal? Or does it have to be exactly these excersices

  • I will follow the advice but i just hope the spelling mistakes are intentional. Although, i cant seem to spot a pattern that makes them unintentional. However, thank you the amazing info.:)

  • 1:16 he’s not skinny fat he just has wide hip bones, even if he lost weight his hip bones would still stick out. It’s his bone structure not fat

  • i have wide shoulders and a narrow waist which is a good frame. but i have wide hips also, almost the same width as my chest. so it looks like i have an hour glass body. upper half already looks good but the pelvic area accumulates fat and i just can loose it. i have abs on upper half but fat on lower half. its just annoying.

  • I am on ketogenic and also Intermittent fasting.
    I would like to bulk, I am at 19% BF and would like to go down further to 17% and increase my muscle mass.
    Do you have any recommendations on my daily macronutrition intake?

    I am 162cm height, 48.5 kg female. I work out Hiit once a week and 3 days of resistance training.

  • I assume you keep your macros the same on a cut so long as you are losing weight, rather than constantly updating your weight. When you switch from cutting to bulking, that is when you update your weight in the calculator, correct? It seems obvious but I just want to make sure. Thanks! Great video.

  • Hi, what if i start this plan suggested by you (it looks good), but with a slightly higher bmi (overweight now for about 5kg)…is it better if lose that 5kg first,or it doesnt matter?whats your advice

  • thats all from cardio and macros? no power training?

    i can’t manage to lose my last belly fat somehow, always wearing loose tshirt to hide it but i wanna wear normal tshirt etc…

  • I’m definitely not skinny fat I’m decently muscular but I’ve been trying to get more built but I’ve been stuck looking the same forever. From time to time I start looking softer and then I gain everything back but I never improve

  • Hey man can I email you a couple of photos of my body type, so u can help me get started. I am starting to get frustrated because I don’t know where to start, hope u reply thanks.

  • Not sure if I feel motivated or demoralised lol I’m in month 3 of fat loss and month 2 of exercise.. ok ok 3 and half years to go ������

    Wish me luck.. we can all do it

  • This is a great share! I can’t wait to create a video similar to this one of these days! Hope you have a fantastic day! I’m a fan now!
    I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

  • Your chest grew before your arms,,, I’m the same way.. Chest and back easy to be nice size… Shoulders and arms lag and legs hahhahahahahahahahahaha…. I tell u this… I rather have a chest that’s easy to grow than arms,, cause arms are fun every 2 days lol…. Every pump shows u how nice u can be if it just stayed that way,, but having nice arms and baby chest isn’t manly at all… Hahaha when a woman lays on u all she cares about is that chest and from debt and the size of your manhood… So a nice chest is 90 percent the struggle

  • question. when i do the beginners workout do i have to start lifting weights at the strenght standards you gave or at a lowe standard?

  • I’m skinny fat. I’ve lost 30lbs since covid started by not eating junk and walking a couple miles a day aswell as pushups. I’m 6’2 205 now and still skinny fat. How can I change that without a gym or dumbbells?

  • I don’t believe this. Shedding that much weight on 3000 calories while eating ice cream at nights?! He didn’t need a re-feed because he was stuffing himself every day… but this doesn’t make sense.

  • Can u help me too?i wanted to go to gym this vacation im 14 and 75kg but cuz of the covid virus i cant so im only going to do home exercises and i dont know what diet i should do cuz i cant have dairy and soy and stuffs that causes acne cuz i wanna lose it too,so when i get back to school i wanna look better and be more confident but i cant also get what i need for a diet cuz of the covid i cant go outside for shopping

  • I’m way skinnier than fat, but I’m too afraid to bulk? I feel like if I gain too much I’ll be demotivated. How bad is it to intake very less calories while still working out heavy?

  • yo he wasnt skinny fat though…. good vid still but yeah can u make specific video on being skinny fat and overcoming the plateaus. like i lost some fat and gained some muscle but still that layer of fat..

  • BBC you are the fucking man, changing peoples lifes for the better. Be in the look out for my transformation, im almost super ripped just a few more months. Won’t you stop by at chicago?

  • what are yalls opinions of intermittent fasting and attending school.. it doesnt make sense to me to go through school during the day on empty stomach… i do it but idk if its healthy when going to school. brain function isnt on point… cant be sipping coffee and green tea during the day at school thats just wack imo idk

  • Oscar help me out please man im skinny fat aswell and 19 i mean i go gym and i do bodybuilding you can see gains on me but my love handles and stuff are my biggest problem what exersies did you do help me out please

  • Not making any physical progress in the gym is one of the most depressing things ever. I’ve been there first hand and it’s a dark place to be. However, it really turns out that body fat is absolutely key to looking good. If you’re getting stronger but don’t look much better, it’s definitely time to start cutting. When I read your article, I saw that your deadlift got a lot stronger (in the higher end of the 300 lb range). There’s no way that a person with low body fat percentage wouldn’t look good (at least) with a 350-400 deadlift, so cutting was a pretty good course of action for you to do.

    I’m so glad you posted this video. No one ever talks about how they went to the gym for a time period and made no progress in these videos. They always talk about how they literally went from “zero to hero” with no roadblocks. What no one ever talks about is that this journey is the reality for most people. Most people who go to the gym don’t even make that much progress and quit because they’re depressed about how they didn’t make the same gains as some guy on the internet. It’s those who persevere and harden their game plan who go far and make the progress that they sought in the first place. And that’s exactly what you’ve done here.

  • I’m just about to start going to the gym. Is this a good workout plan for a beginner like myself.
    Back bies
    Chest tris
    All in one session with a 4 day split and cardio twice a week after a session.
    Any thoughts or advice on this.

  • I can’t tell if I should cut or lean bulk first, I have broad shoulders but either then that I’m pretty skinny with a slight amount of body fat, any advice?

  • What I have noticed about your videos, you never give the calories that you set for your clients. That is a very important factor to losing weight under your method. Because you have to be in a calorie deficit.

  • Can eliminate carbs and switch fuel to fats… force the body into ketosis… and will burn fat faster… I live in Japan though… can’t practice what i preach

  • 350g carbs = 1400 kcal
    50g fat = 400 kcal
    200g protein = 800 kcal.

    Total 2600 kcal per day.

    With 3 cardio workouts per week x 350 kcal this does not make sense. Maybe I got something wrong here??

  • For skinny fat, without been technical and measuring everything…just make sure you eat plenty and have 40-50g of protein with every meal, just eat meat with everything. Gaining muscle is all that matters, even if you eat to much and gain some fat the muscle will fill you out and you will look way less fat then you used to regardless. Also, as you gain more muscle you burn more fat anyway since having muscle burns calories itself. That aside though if you’re eating healthy you ain’t gonna end up fat to begin with. Just gain the muscle that’s all that really matters for a skinny fat build who ain’t “super serious” about tracking and doing everything properly.

  • i am skinny fat to. did good muscle progress in the gym the last 2 years but the belly just wont go away…. i’m struggling very hard right now thanks for the inspiration ^^ good to see what body i can get if i train hard enough

  • Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google)? I’ve heard several awesome things about this popular weight loss system.

  • Bruh if I gained 40ib of Muscle I would be a ifbb pro body builder, but I haven’t. Man you did. Not gain 40ib of muscle, maybe 20-25ib at most unless you are roided up. But, I enjoyed the video. Don’t click bait.

  • I have exactly the same body as you had in the begining. I started going to the gym for the first time in my life 4 weeks ago, lifting weights but cutting to drop the body fat. Should i bulk instead? My plan was to cut until i can see my abs.

  • That’s an awesome transformation and thanks for posting this BBC because this will definitely help others. Now I just wish someone would tell me how I could be a personal trainer? I know a lot of about lifting and have patience to teach but I don’t know how to get there

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) I’ve noticed many amazing things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • This is what i needed. Thank you!
    I have a query. Hope you reply.
    1. youve mentioned working out 3 times per week. So that is workout A in Mon, B In wed, again A in Fri, then again B in Mon? So that is a,b,a in first week and then b,a,b in second?
    2. You said 30-35% fat. Lets say my lean bulk caloric goal is 2700kcal. So that means i should have 810kcal(30%) from fat?
    Keep the content coming!

  • What if you don’t like cardio and primarily strength train? Could you cut some of the calories from carbs to make up for the 300kcal deficit?

  • This looks great. Guys checkout my skinny to Muscular transformation on my channel here.�� I have shared my journey, mistakes and loads of tips for beginners. Watch now, you won’t regret.

  • This is so motivating because I am a fellow skinny-fat and I’m on my 8th month an I still have some fat but I built some muscle and gained weight. No excuses but a gym partner also has a huge role at first I had a friend who wasn’t motivated a lot he was on phone all the time and he wasn’t hyping me he even was saying should we call it a day and it kills your mood it’s better to train than alone, but later my girlfriend joined gym and we both work hard af. She does her exercises I do mine, we help each other, we are legit dying together, she would just lay day on the ground and I’m sitting on a bench we would look at each other dying and smile and start our set again.
    Don’t give up, keep working out trust me results will come and motivate you to continue ����

  • I’m a little bit confused as to how to compute my macros. What do you mean by fat should be 30-35% of calories and the carbs should be the rest?

  • well, in my case i decided to do a bulking first, then cut, but i just did 1 month of bulking yet, but i already can see some difference in my body, i just wanna get muscle fast enough to cut and get the body i want

  • Hi there! Can someone help? On the Macro calculator should i change the weight on there whenever i go up in wheight?? And also should i train Cardio too?

  • Guys, burn fat does not need to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a diet plan called Custokebon Secrets. Seriously, that program has transformed my life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it because I do not want a bunch of other folks out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

  • It’s so fucking annoying I can do 20 pull-up but if someone saw me they’d think I’ve never done sports or was chubby because of my goddamn stomach

  • Why does EVERYONE always forget to mention that diet plays an even bigger role than the actual workout lmao especially if u want abs which obviously u do

  • Guys, that is obviously a scam. No one can get a perfect body in 3 months due to a magic pill or a magic diet or a magic coach. What they show you as a 3 months progress usually is a 6 months or a 12 months progress. So please don’t waste your money to anyone or anything that promises you something that seems too good to be real, because it probably is. People believe in these scams because they want to believe in them as they give them hope that they can have a perfect body in a short period of time with little effort. There are a ton of people who have achieved a great physique without taking any supplements or pills, or following special diets or having talented coaches. So if others could, you can as well. The best coach you could ever have is yourself.

  • supp me en lean mass vieuww love u all fitness ppl love this video im lean en clean crzayyyyy folow me for motiv

  • Skinny fat is such a weird body type classification. Not to mention nonsense. Either you’re fat or your not. What normal skinny supposed to be then? Malnourished? Skin and bones?

  • I am very quad-dominant and need to gain more muscle as i play semi pro football ⚽️

    But i have this skinny-fat that i need to get rid of. It’s been hard but while im feeling my strength increase, i still have this annoying wall of fat on my core that wont seem to go away.

  • What i do is keep my calories consumption at 1700 and spend 2300 calories a day with a 15-20 min jog every morning and atm its actuslly going well, its been 1 week and I feel srly amazing! Lost a lot of fat, my upper abs are starting to pop out! And from what I see I didnt loose any muscle, its a bit early to tell tough, but I feel like my legs are bigger.

  • Oh great man I’m shocked i have a skinney fat body but not to much fat and i gained some muscle after 6 months but i m stuck with my fat plz tell how to cut that.

  • please sir give me a diet I’m skinny fat person what can i do i go gym i Leave in india what can i do increase my testosterone what do exercise and diet

  • Damn it, I was fat at 250lbs but now im just skinny fat T-T building muscle and losing fat are both essential to change and so im following your phases. I have a wrist surgery coming up in the summer and so I want to be able to do 3 chinups by then

  • For those who are skinny everywhere except your belly, basically eat healthier foods and more protein. They are less likely to get stored as belly fat.

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “diet plan for skinny fat” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Monamilla Zoylena Smasher (just google it )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • Too much bs. 10 min of vid says 1g per 1 pount of bf and work harder then the last time, you could of make this vid 10 sec long instead of 10 mins… Mordon.

  • Great info,Do you advice a skinny fat guy a whey protein with less carb or something like muscle tech 2000 which ghastly carb and fat along with creatine

  • I was fat, lifted weights, then I decided to focus intensely on cardio and dieting. Now I’m healthy weight but kinda skinny fat. Now here I am watching this vid cuz I wasn’t able to maintain my muscle after losing 65 pounds. Guess I did all of it in the wrong order.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people burn their weight with this popular fat burn secrets.

  • Hi, great video on such a confusing issue. I’m approx 64kg (10st 3lb) nearly always been this weight with a bit of belly fat, and 5ft 5”. Last check was on the high level of normal for bf about 21% but I’m thin everywhere else!! What would you recommend. Also the workout you recommend, is that worked out in kg? ie: Deadlift 1.6 x 64kg = 102.4kg?
    Sorry it’s a bit long. ��

  • Please make a video on beginner s workout for skinny fat…..and please make it with proper exercise including sets and total rips…

  • Hey Iron Built Fitness, even 2 years to reach your goal (if you didnt make mistakes along the way as you mentioned) seems like a very long time. Is there a way you can get this done in less time?

    Is this because you indulged in pizza and other bad food along the way?

    The reason I ask is because I’m skinny fat and I want to get ripped in the shortest time possible and prepared to eat as healthy as possible. Please help

  • Amazing transformation. i have joined your newsletter and i have a doubt that during these 3 years, your protein intake was 70-120 gms of protein?? Thank you very much. You have been a great source of inspiration.

  • Body weight training, aka calisthenics, allows for progressive overload once you learn the progressions (see Convict Conditioning progression for eg) and is way healthier than weight training. It conditions the joints, makes the core strong, etc etc.

  • Amazing video, it’s like u were ready the story of my life. Def trying to change. Been doing weight lifting, full body work out 30 min 5x a week ( monday to friday ) and abs work out 5 x a week to… hope that will sort it:/

    Oo oo ooooo also doing Internment fasting. 20/4

    Please give advice if u got some:)

    It’s been 2 months now

  • So cool to see this vid again, I watched this 4yrs ago when I started training for the first time with 10″ arm and now 4yrs later, I’m bigger more confident and got dem 16″ arms! And this vid used to motivate the shit out of me and help me realise it’s possible… So thank you!

  • Im not sure if im skinny fat or skinny. When i push my stomach out it looks very bloated, but when i dont do anything i look very skinny so idk ��

  • what the fuck man if i get 190 g of protein, a healthy amount of fat and then additionally get SIXTY PERCENT my calories from carbs? do you have any idea how many calories id be eating in a day and how fat i would get this is some of the worst advice ive ever seen on youtube

  • Hey amazing video thank you. Got a few questions for you:
    10:33 if we are cutting for 4-8 weeks first, should we still follow this plan (for cut and bulk)?
    Also, I don’t see much emphasis on abs can we add a fourth day for abs or something (or perhaps add some exercises and spread it out so abs is hit twice a week)? I’m 5’9 140 lbs and on fatter side of skinny fat btw
    Thank you so much! Learned alot.

  • The thumbnail does NOT portray a skinny fat. To be skinny fat you must have a considerable amount of fat on your belly, having a little/pinch of fat is actually very common and normal for non athletes and average people, especially men, which are genetically expected to have fat in those areas. Portraying a pic of a fit guy with normal amount of fat and calling it skinny fat is irresponsible. Body dismorphia is a thing and its dangerous buddy

  • I did a clean bulk & tried to get as strong as possible. Now my bench is at 155 lbs, squats are 175 lbs. I still don’t have that much muscle mass, but I’m currently cutting, I was at around 23% bf & right now I’m at 16% going down to 12-13% bf. I’ll still be skinny, which you guys have to take into consideration. Building mass naturally takes a long time, you should have REALISTIC aims. This keeps you motivated! I will have abs & overall a defined body with a ripped face for the first time of my life when I’m done cutting, but I’ll not look huge! Skinny fat people have to understand that you begin with incredibly low muscle mass and high bodyfat. Don’t expect to look big after 1 or 2 years.

  • was reading your thing about gyno and just thought about how much retarded shit was in there. “yeah train your upper chest” nah mate, try getting down to a point where your abs are visible yet you still have gyno/puffy nipples, you never had gyno in the first place lol.

  • Low-intensity training over large periods of time is far better than 10 minutes of hit cardio that you can’t even handle in most cases. Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about

  • I been working out of 3 months but haven’t really been in a diet I’ve gotten stronger but I haven’t gotten much results so I’m thinking it’s the diet right?

  • Awesome explanation breh. Im 43 and 31% body fat..super muffin top skinny arms and legs.. didnt know what way to go but watching these videos really give me some direction especially yours. Only thing I might ad from learning a lot lately is Adding a little HITT in there for cardiovascular health… Not marathon running but HITT can be very beneficial heart and fat loss of not overdone. Thanks for a great thorough explanation.. I bet you will help many peoples lives including mine.