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��How To Sore Ingrown Toenail Salon Pedicure Transformation Third Visit ��

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Campervan Challenge | Top Gear | BBC

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Body Transformation: YouTuber Follows Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness & Diet Routine For 30 Days

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Post Malone “Goodbyes” ft. Young Thug (Rated R)

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Ninth Doctor Regenerates | Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant | Doctor Who | BBC

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SHE LOST 112 LBS | Found #ChloeTingChallenge transformations on TikTok

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Chris Hemsworth’s App “CENTR” Workouts | NO WONDER THOR GOT FAT!

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Tiger Fitness Inc. 150 Commerce Drive Loveland, OH 45140 1-877-397-3801 Email: click here. After boxing for three decades, Chris’ nose was left flat like a “pancake,” which caused him to lose confidence in himself.

In order to restore the boxer’s nose, Dr. Nassif did an open rhinoplasty. (Reuters) Gwyneth Paltrow says deciding to split with her first husband Chris Martin was painful enough, but nothing could have prepared her for the public mockery that greeted the announcement. Transformation Timeline.

Transformation start: Really started when I was diagnosed with diabetes at 19. I was weak and small, but I wanted to be a bodybuilder. Milestone: Over the course of a year, I put on about 20lbs and started to look like I lifted and people began noticing my results. Milestone: Getting up into the 170’s. I had people messaging me to be their coach, so I decided to.

The victim of the brutal assault that took place in Portland late Sunday has been identified as Adam Haner, and the blonde woman who was also assaulted appears to be his girlfriend, Tammie Martin. Haner’s older brother, Brian, has launched a Go Fund Me to help his younger brother.The older Haner says that his brother is alive and back home, resting. Dec 6, 2019 Explore Muscle & Strength’s board “Body Transformations”, followed by 134415 people on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Transformation body, Body, Transformations. Mum wows thousands with her incredible pop-up Korean barbecue feast in the backyard complete with bulgogi beef, fried chicken and kimchi. A mother has created a spectacular DIY Korean barbecue.

Joe Jackson grandbaby gets sliced & diced by Karen, Trey Songz speak out, Tokyo Jetz & Santana Dragd Chris Tucker, Donald Trump gets EXPOSED by anonymous A subscription to Centr gets you a personalised training and nutrition plan, although even if you dial down all the customisable settings to the bare minimum it still requires a lot of commitment. Body Transformation: Chris Heitman Went From Soft To Rock Hard! At 215 pounds and 26% bodyfat, Chris Heitman was muscular but carrying a lot of excess fat.

He dropped 50 pounds and 21% bodyfat, and is now shredded.

List of related literature:

This last proved to be Glendening’s “favorite FX …when [the] transformation happens and [the] spine is ‘cracking’ vertebrae …all that was was a line of socks dragged under a T-shirt and then reversed in the edit, but with a few cracks on the sound track it looked painful and brilliant.”

“The Werewolf Filmography: 300+ Movies” by Bryan Senn
from The Werewolf Filmography: 300+ Movies
by Bryan Senn
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2017

Danica flinched at the crunch of bone asthe PK’s arm bentinan unnatural angle.

“Torrent: Scars of Tomorrow Book 1” by Tom Calen
from Torrent: Scars of Tomorrow Book 1
by Tom Calen
Permuted Press, 2014

Luckily, his story had a happy ending in that Robbie eventually got over his phobia, played #1 for us, won the NCAA singles title, and as a professional, had a world-ranking high of 85 with wins over Lendl, Becker, Edberg, and Rafter at their peaks.

“Tennis: Winning the Mental Match” by Allen Fox
from Tennis: Winning the Mental Match
by Allen Fox
Allen Fox, 2010

Surfer’s biggest transformation came in 1968, after Severson hired Drew Kampion to not only edit the magazine but make it relevant to the times.

“The Encyclopedia of Surfing” by Matt Warshaw
from The Encyclopedia of Surfing
by Matt Warshaw
Harcourt, 2005

Geno flipped the knife and caught the handle in his palm, then went back to cubing vegetables.

“A Charm of Finches” by Suanne Laqueur
from A Charm of Finches
by Suanne Laqueur
Suanne Laqueur, Author, 2017

Squash was fast and full of mad scrambles and improvising, delightfully chaotic with an edge related to the element of danger and risk of injury that is ever­present.”

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind” by Peter Wayne
from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi: 12 Weeks to a Healthy Body, Strong Heart, and Sharp Mind
by Peter Wayne
Shambhala, 2013

This sends Norris on a rallying comeback of flying reverse kicks and spinning backhands in a display of raw, unbridled power.

“Classic Movie Fight Scenes: 75 Years of Bare Knuckle Brawls, 1914-1989” by Gene Freese
from Classic Movie Fight Scenes: 75 Years of Bare Knuckle Brawls, 1914-1989
by Gene Freese
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2017

Turning round he saw Guy Leet behind him, his body crouched over his sticks and his baby face raised askew to Godfrey’s.

“Memento Mori” by Muriel Spark
from Memento Mori
by Muriel Spark
New Directions, 2014

Chris wanted to get back up and keep sparring but his body felt like shattered glass.

“The Orb of Kandra (Oliver Blue and the School for Seers—Book Two)” by Morgan Rice
from The Orb of Kandra (Oliver Blue and the School for Seers—Book Two)
by Morgan Rice
Morgan Rice, 2018

His physical transformation was impressive.

“Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!” by Michele Promaulayko
from Sugar Free 3: The Simple 3-Week Plan for More Energy, Better Sleep & Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss!
by Michele Promaulayko
Galvanized Media, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • We have jeramy the comedian James the practical and Hamoend the unothedoxed complete idoit who thought to bring a shead a long when he could have made something better

  • I wish there were more meticulous nail techs like you! Both my big toes are ingrown on both sides and i’m afraid to go to a nailtech around here because they just stab me and hurt me ��
    I love your videos; they are so relaxing!

  • “NOnononono, I gotta stop you there Rich… You REPEATEDLY say Chris HeLMSworth. It´a HEMSworth”

    “I´m sorry.”

    “You… Should apologize!”

    “I´m sorry, Chris Hemsworth”

    “Apologize to the guy named Chris HeLMSworth, who constantly thinks you´re talking about him!”

  • This guy only looks at body building not what makes you physically fit all round and if he actually looked at the app he’d know there’s a lot of different types of workouts that hit different areas of fitness instead of just reviewing one short add

  • Thank you for making your programs FREE! They are very effective and I’m scared of gyms. I lost 10 pounds already. Thank you so so so much.

  • I don’t even know you. I just found you on YouTube searching a review for this app and you make yourself sound like the fitness world is yours and it’s not �� you’re not that big or famous in The fitness world. Stop acting like you know everything.. “when you start coming into my space” please stop lol you’re full of yourself. Just because of that statement I will never follow you or your workouts lol I’d rather follow athlean x

  • Maybe try the 7 day free trial if you’re gonna review the app? It’s several trainers, not just the one, and the dieting portion of the app is great.

  • “You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And do you know what, so was I”. The best regeneration line ever imo and Chris was the best Doctor of the new generation.

  • Dude, I can tell that you are very pissed off at this video because I can see the veins in your neck popping out! �� nevertheless, if I were to afford a trainer, I would want to train with you. You seem very smart about exercising, especially about proper form and weight lifting. Thanks for the great video! Antonio

  • I cant understand why the cameraman zoomed in so much making a lot of scenes less enjoyable as parts of the head were missing, including the crucial regeneration scene ��

  • This workout can be a cardio option after having lifted real weight with proper form. No muscle can build on that, no way. Great, fair critique ��

  • I’ve been watching your result videos procrastinating starting the work out I’m starting with your abs and butt and legs today. I’m 37 and my thyroid has slowed down the past year. I’m 126.2 lbs and 5’2. Which isn’t bad but I bloat alot and look thicker then I am cause of it. I just quit smoking after 25 years so if I can do that I can do at least a 2 week workout..

  • “If anyone reading this would like to see how a program with minimal equipment should be structured, check out my ALL ACCESS program MetaBurn90. ”

    Yeah, you understand well that it’s business

  • We luv U n hate U at the same time.. Hate U when U gave us 10sec break and love U for making us believe that we can do it till the every end and with d awesome results..�� luv u chole trying hard to achieve my goal n thanks for being always there 4 U with motivative smile n words

  • His app is actually not as bad as you think it is, quit judging it on just an ad, and if you want to judge it be my guest and pull $20 out and pay for one month. You will see it is not as bad as you are making your viewers think it is. I gained so much more then I thought in one month then I thought I ever would, and the meal plans are amazing. I agree with this video, the ad was not the best, but the app is a mirror image of this video, they show correct technique and how to judge what weight to start with, so my point is do a real review on this and get the app, I’m 100% sure your point of view will be completely different.

  • Your a miracle Doctor. That was some impressive healing. I love the fact that you are very gentle with your customers. ❤. Awesome job!!!!

  • With every doctor i get sad when they leave, feel i may not like the new one as much then grow to love them just the same but in every dr a brand new way to love them.

  • I realy like your videos. I have learned all from you, so I am doing pedicures at my work. But I wish that someone could do pedicures here like you so I could get my toenails fixed. You are doing great work. Thank you.

  • Why are Hollywood actors so buff and perfect?

    Because they eat massive meals while being on roids! Easy math! Big as fuck!

    Don’t buy in to the push-up shit program

  • Exercice-wise I kinda agree but the app his more holistic and offer an alternative to have some guide when you can’t go to the gym, buy materials for various reasons such as moving around wayyyyyy too much for work. The mindset wellbeing, soft exercices, food is not bad for people with issues (but I recommand seing professional nevertheless). It is not like SWEAT (starvation, boring meal and need 1000 equipments) or Freeletics (boring in the long runs and dangerous at some point, but the app is getting better though). The extra advice of the staff on food impressed me as unlike the other they don’t go for diet version of food or similar. Instead there is a real science behind the food (tested them on that thanks to medical background).
    Apps are apps and cannot replace real in-gym coaching, but the apps help to get in there. (btw half reps can be useful for people that ended up with and injury such as back hernia but that is a case by case issues). PS: they used the celebrety to get people there, but people stay not because of him. He is not that present, it is more for the visible staff and the hidden staff 😉

  • So wait, I’m not well knowledged in the regeneration process. So whenever doc regenerates, why does he seem afraid of regenerating seconds before he even regenerated? I mean the doc is still him/herself right? It’s still the same person, but just in a different body, right???

  • Chloe I am your biggest fan from india ❤️my age 13 and I love to do your workout ��pls pls reply me I am from gods own country kerala❤️❤️ where are you from pls pls reply me Chloe❤️❤️❤️❤️��������

  • NO SINGLE SEX PERSONS on that sign…:D good luck with that now
    no persons identifying as a bag of salt & vinegar crisps or the other 180 catagories

  • scott what happned man? you used to be so nice and calming to listen to while still being buff, but now you sound really pained, are you okay man?

  • Lori! I rarely comment, but her feet look so much better! Good job. I too suffer from ingrown toenails & do listen to your advice. Thank you & love you!������

  • You really just wasted my time Ben Affleck, you’re not even reviewing the app, you’re reviewing an commercial of the app?!?! I think you’ve been holding your breath too much during your workouts and caused brain damage or your are just trying to get clicks on your site…. sad

  • this must be one of the best regenerations ever just because of Eccleston’s performance and the music; the hole scene is beautiful

  • Well for me it’s kinda like, how can I trust a trainer that looks like an average joe. Or a skinny cook lol. 100% agree with this.

  • In regards to the lunges the whole purpose for doing it with waight on one side is to engage your core that bit more so in that case keeping the waight light is a good idea not some weird thing it actually makes sense.

  • I always knew that app was kind of ridiculous when I seen the upright row they were doing, not good for the shoulders and that “don’t drop the bar” had me cringing! I know it’s his business and he is trying to make money and help people but he should really let the pros stick to helping people because we have enough gahhbage in the fitness industry as is! Great video, keep up the good work!

  • it’s an australian thing. we spell it “centre”, americans spell it “center”. So to an australian selling a product to american’s just better off dropping the ‘e’

  • My main problem with Centr has been that it’s not even available on Fire TV. I have to watch it my cell.
    Which is hard to stare at while working out.

  • My mom had a bad pedicure one time and has vowed never to get one at a salon again. She and I both have sleep apnea and she finally got a new machine and her snoring is so much better so hopefully having a machine with help Bruce. Lastly POI is an amazing show and I binged all 5 seasons and loved them all.

  • Scott, I totally see where you are coming from with this video. However, I think him and his trainers collaborated on this app as a way of getting exercises that increase your heart rate and caloric burn for those looking to lose weight and get into general fitness. I doubt you will build much muscle with the app, just appear more toned since it’s catered towards weight loss. If someone wanted to actually gain, I believe they’d have to go down the old school route with hypertrophy, time under tension, caloric surplus, etc., etc.

  • I always felt this was an “intelligent” channel until the comment about using electrical currents to contour your body: “it’s like exercising without exercising”…

  • I’ve completed my first course in cosmetology school and we’re finally learning about nails and it’s amazing how much goes into it and how much Knowledge I already have thanks to your videos ��������

  • Watching you do these videos makes me realize there is no mess in this world that cannot be fixed. It’s like watching the pimple popper, but with feet. Soo fearless! You need a cape, you are a superhero.

  • The app has pretty good workouts though ngl, I’ve started doing them and it feels nice. Your corrections were also pretty important, thanks for them:)

  • Guys this works! my day 1 measurements: waist 28″ thighs 22″ butt 36 1/2″ bust 35″ arms 10 1/2″
    Day 12 waist 27 1/2″ thighs 21″ butt 36″ bust 34″ arms 10″

  • This dude may be right but anyone that has time to spend time trashing anyone is not worth the time!! Don’t know you but you look like a pretty legit dude! If I may suggest, keep being a beast in your own world and f**k what anyone else is doing! Do You Bro!

  • I have been doing a mix of your total body workouts and ab or butt workout before bed and I’ve lost 100 pounds �� thank you so much for sharing your workouts!!!

  • If, therefore, you confess with your mouth Jesus Christ as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.310

  • The way he implies the risks of regeneration makes me like to imagine what happens to Time Lords on Gallifrey who end up unconventionally shaped. Or he could have just been joking. Who knows? Only the Doctor.

  • Everytime you clean the build up from under the big toe, I sigh in relief like it’s me lol. I am going to make it to your chair one day!!!

  • Random thing but I saw this meme that went like this
    Me:*looking for a boyfriend just to make him break up with me so that I can have a glow up because everybody says you have a glow up after you have a break up*
    All the boys in my school: ����������������������������������������

  • dude, u live in Melbourne I live in Auckland and I can never tell what the weather will be cuz in the morning it could be the most beautiful day ever then it would get EXTREMELY hot then it would get cold and rain then there will be thunderstorms this is in like a 5 hour time period

  • As much a I love and think that Eccelston is an underrated Doctor. This is also the beginning of, in my opinion, the greatest Doctor.

  • I love Ecclestone as the Doctor, Russell T Davies grounded the series, gave some episodes a horror vibe, humour, gave his run an EastEnders vibe aswell with the interactions between the main characters

    it was something to look forward to every Saturday evening, then talking about it at school the following Monday, it was a big thing then

    it wasn’t the same when Russell T Davies left, as much as I like Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, sometimes the dialogue felt rushed, as soon as someone asked a question the answer came straight after

    I haven’t watched it since Capaldi’s Doctor died, waiting for the 13th (15th if you count John Hurt and the Tennant clone) Doctor to announce himself

  • These workouts look so easy I tried the ab one and let’s just say I am sore all over now. I couldn’t do everything yesterday but today I did everything of course with break. But yeah actually I thought I would be in pain and won’t be able to do it today but I actually did well even though I was in pain my body moved well than before. But I still can’t do the PLANKS��

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  • I watch all of your videos and I admire your work. I would love to know if you need volunteers to work on because I would be the first to volunteer and would enjoy holding a conversation with you. I have MS and neuropathy in my legs and feet which makes it difficult for me to take care of my feet the way I should.

  • I think they don’t want to have people change weights and use a static weight for all exercises because people find that much easier. 10 reps for all, same weight for all. Easy.

  • It’s something about when you get to the big toe. I always fast forward to those. Oh and the sugar scrub and massage with the water trickling in the background. I’ve fell asleep so many times watching your videos��

  • So basically you just made a video, to trash an ad of an app linked to a world famous actor that you very clearly have not used, so you have a platform to plug your sponsored videos? Noice

  • You did a wonderful job! Good luck with the Roku offer. Sounds interesting. Be very careful signing off rights to your content. There’s a lot of shady ppl out there. Take care!

  • I adore Tennant. He was my favorite doctor but 9th regeneration was the best. It was nice, good explanation and kinda sweet it wasn’t destructive like 10th and I disliked 11th regeneration and gave up on 12 fast so I didn’t even see it.

    Thank you for uploading keep it up you’re amazing ❤️

  • It took me far longer than it should have to realize how amazing David was as The Doctor. I was so mad that Chris only did one series. He really was fantastic….

  • Don’t judge a book by the cover, sorry to say but the app is fantastic and i use it pretty much everyday and seeing great results..

  • Love these videos, where you call out bullshit, got a few notes worth considering though…

    “If you’re gonna do an upright row…”
    Yeah, well you’re not… TERRIBLE exercise, the way you’ll position your joints during this, is really just asking for an injury!

    Holding the bar on the side during the lunge, could have somthing to do with engaging your core in order to stabilize, not saying they thought that far but it could be.

  • I enjoyed every Dr Who they contributed a lot to each episode of the Dr so I want to thank the actors who portrayed the Dr Who marvilosly.

  • Grüß Gott! interessantes Video! Echt nice.. ��
    zufällig schon mal vielleicht das basische Aktivwasser aus einem solchen Wasserstoffanreicherer schon mal ausprobiert?
    Dieses Wasser ist richtig lecker!:D
    Hilft es bei der Krankheit? Naja das kannst du nur selbst sehen?
    & Wasserstoff schützt vor DNA Zerstörung
    Nur soviel: Ist viel besser als einfaches Wasser.. ��

  • “You were fantastic. And ya know what?…so was I!:)”

    Yes you were Chris… Yes you were.
    If he had just one more season he’d be my favourite by far…

  • I wouldn’t take any advice from actors since they their work-out routine depends on their next role.  Mark Walberg probably really does know how to work out responsibly since he’s almost always in good shape.  He probably did “Juice-up” for Pain and Gain but the person he played originally used Steroids.

  • Such disrespect and twist of words. Start by calling the person by their real name. Then drop the “no wonder he got fat” he’s working out still. It might not be perfect in your eyes but clearly it is working for people.

  • I like all the doctors but Nine was just… different. There was something about him that made him better than the others, it may have been his positivity and how he had more back bone

  • The app is solid. The app itself not the workout that we’re shown on the ad. But the bodybuilding program they made is pretty solid. Heavy simple lifts and all that. And honestly it did end up helping tons of people get motivated. I only did bodybuilding but their meditations are also hella good for the mental health. Overall it’s great. Just haven’t tried the “functional training” sections, don’t think I will tho.

  • I am about to start your 2 week challenge with my 12 year old son. We will post our before and after photo. We’re nervous lol, can’t wait though.

  • Thank you Chloe ting. 3 months work out every day get my tummy flat…..i love you Chloe ting……. 34 first….now 27….thank you so much…..

  • I loved his regeneration, but it didn’t make me cry, the first time I ever cried in doctor who was when the great matt Smith regenerated, I’m probably gonna cry when jodie regenerates because overall she’s a good doctor as well

  • Not a fan of these standing regenerations. The classic series at least had the doctor weakening, looking close to death, and lying down.

  • I love Person of Interest!! I watched all of them a couple years ago and just started binging them again.

    And if you had your own channel, I would totally watch it all the time!!

  • “Before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic.:)”
    “Absolutely fantastic!:D”
    “And do you know what?:\”
    “So was I! >:D”

  • I have a question about nails.. I have a regular client with gel nails. A few days ago she came for an infill and when I filed her nails they had a yellow/brown color. Since she has fungus on her toe nails I guessed we now had an issue even on her fingernails. I removed all the gel but now to my question: the infill before I didnt see anything on her nails just th being very weak, so now im very afraid that the primer and gel I applied on her nails in that infill can spread the fungus to my other clients. Is it possible for the fungus to survive in primer and gels?? I have desinfected my other tools and brushes and replaced all my files. Thank you✨

  • For a bit there is Eccleston’s hair and Tennant’s face but then Tennant’s hair seems to grow and then the energy escapes into the air

  • Used to enjoy watching you’re videos. The app is actually pretty good, very nice change of pace to fitness. You sound a tad jelly before you really even get started man. What you should do is worry about the reviews on your own app. Fix that before talking shit.

  • If post malone dies I die also post malone I have a shirt with your face all over it and a poster of you. You are the best dancer #1. And ones we have enough money I’m going to go to go to won of your conserts. I also took a barbie Ken and used sharpie to make tattoos of yours. Sorry this is long but please respond

  • Wow, great Work!������ I’m a zertificated Nail Tech, but Pedicure i know not much! I want ask you, if you shipping to Austria/Vienna too!? Thank’s, good night and much greetings from Vienna!❤����‍♀️����

  • So this entire video was judging the app based on an advertisement for the app, and not the app itself? Yes, they use flashy and cool looking exercises for the advertisements to draw people in to buying the app. That is not rocket science. However, that’s not to say this is how the app itself works. Now you could call it false advertising, sure, but that’s a separate debate for the marketing team and less for the app itself.

  • I love TikTok and Im 47. Im also doing your workouts and feel too old for that. I have a lot of pain issues, so some i cant do like some jumping. But I like your alternatives. But My abs hurt under my belly fat�� its been 3 days and Im still sore but determined.

  • Best regeneration ever. Eccleston is my least favorite Doctor. He just didn’t hit the comedic side of the Doctor for me. Tennant is my favorite.

  • Every time we see the doctor regenerate, his speech is the actors way of saying goodbye to the roll. “So was I,” “I don’t want to go,” and 11 and 12 had whole speeches, like “I won’t forget one line of this,” from 11 and “Doctor, I let you go,” from 12. All such heartbreaking moments��

  • Probably the best regeneration scene of the new series, cause you actually get to see his face morph into David Tennant’s and I much rather see the cool special effects where their faces morph from one actor to the other. Plus all the other regenerations get sappier and more melodramatic and it gets a bit much. This was played perfectly, you really feel like there’s limited time and that he’s about to change any moment and then it’s abrupt and suddenly there’s a new Doctor. No offense but End of Time dragged it out for way too long and made it waaayyyy too emotional and Matt Smith’s regeneration was too quick and you don’t even see his face change to Capaldi.

  • I like to think this regeneration from 9 to 10 somehow “subconsciously” chose 10’s face because Rose had already met the 10th Doctor on New years day 2005 when he says “I bet you’re gonna have a great year”, even though Rose sees him as a random bloke and hasn’t even met the 9th Doctor yet (Series 4 End of Time).
    Even though the Doctor does not know he will visit Rose one last time before he regenerates into 11, but at this moment in time, this Rose has already met 10 without knowing about the Doctor’s existence.
    Like in some “Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey” way, the regeneration process knew this, and given the strong connection and love between Rose and the Doctor, it just works.

    I know this wasn’t the approach when writing considering this Ep is before End of Time, but just a little head canon I like to think about. And sort of fits with 12 “chosing” Caecilius’ face (Series 9 A Girl Who Died).

  • That’s inspiring! I did also a 30 day body transformation on my channel. At first it was really contemplating but it is so amazing to see the progress!

  • In my area, there is NO nail tech that educates their clients, you have inspired me to want to help people, and be that person that people can count on to help them and do it correctly

  • You give me confidence to do my own feet. I cannot afford a pedicure, and intuitively have been doing some of the same things you do. I have a few tools, I love that skinny rasp you use. I’ve learned a lot from you.

  • She lives in Melbourne…
    omg we can meet up girl and you can train me and then I will get abs and finally you will pinch me and I wake up.

  • most asian people got a gene (ABCC11), they almost don’t sweat and never smell, no need for deodorant. best gene ever. buuuuut they also got one (ALDH2)
    with bad alcool tolerance lol balance!

  • I always got chills everytime I watch this music video, especially when his eyes rolling up at the end

    Edit: I would like to watch the film if they make a film about the storyline on this video

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better!

  • I wish my tail techs were as gentle and savvy as you are. I’m always in painnnnn when I get pedicures and I always wonder if they’re even doing it right

  • gawd damn this is giving hard nostalgia. This was the first regeneration I ever saw, and I was beginning to learn about the universe. Watching in 2014 gave me a mystical feeling. Sorry English is not my first language

    It is but I’d rather type that and this than fix grammar

  • im assuming going by the most popular vids, that im here for the same reason as most, to see the three stooges, not the replacements

  • It’s quite clear this guy made this video for views and publicity. Nothing gets more publicity than trashing someone famous. First, when you make a commercial, you want to make it look more flashy and cool, that’s how you draw people in. It’s a basic marketing strategy. Second, it’s unfair for you to judge something so harshly and even go as far as saying they will hurt people, before you actually try the app for yourself. This shows that you have no interest in making an educated argument. Third, the app does in fact work. They’re been multiple people online who have done the app, and shown that it has worked. I personally also use the app, and I’ve started seeing results faster than I ever have. Within a month, I put on 12 lbs of muscle, and my endurance has increased significantly. The app works. Fourth, you criticize Chris hemsworth’s lead trainer (Luke) heavily. Luke oversees hemsworth’s overall fitness, while he has multiple trainers that specialize in different areas of fitness. I don’t think Chris would be nearly had big, strong, in shape, or shredded as he is, if he and his trainers had been using improper form. Do your research…

  • This is still my favorite segment from top gear. So outrageous and stupid, yet so funny. Especially the last scene where JC’s car got pushed off the cliff. On that note, I want to know how much BBC/Amazon spends on recovering destroyed cars down a cliff each year.

  • See, this is what happens when your entertainment is not PC and the people are genuine, having a black female wouldn’t improve this, it would only make it forced and awkward.

  • Christopher Eccleston was my first ever Doctor, the first one I saw. He inspired my love for this show, the synergy displayed between him and Billie Piper is flawless. Such a perfect duo. I remember when he changed into David Tennant I was heartbroken, dumbfounded even. Would have loved to see more of Christopher… One season wasn’t enough!

  • I can’t believe those are the same feet!!! Laying here curled up in bed with my vodka and cranberry plus my doggy!! Lol Lori I’m just as excited for you to get to that big toe, but I do wanted you to cut them nails shorter!!! I think you could of gotten more stuff out.. sipping away and saying, dig Lori!!! Dig!!!

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  • ⭐ Online Store
    ⭐ Pedicure Contest Entry
    ⭐ My Nail Channel

  • The reason why the baby video had ur hashtag on it is because people do that try to get more views. They put the most popular hashtags at the time on their tik tok

  • Where are you based out of? I’m a traveling ICU nurse, and I’m in NY. My poor feet gave malformed toenails from my parents cutting down the sides and being casted. When social distancing is over, I would travel pretty much anywhere to pay to have my poor feet taken care of. For now, thank you so very much for giving me content that allows me to relax.

  • I’m so thankful YouTube exists. As a kid I had to figure out how to do stuff myself. My parents didn’t teach me a thing about how to take care of my nails, shave my legs, take care of my hair or even style it. Now I watch these kinds of videos on how to do things myself so I can take care of myself. I’ve come a long way over the years

  • I been watching your channel for a while and I was excited to hear you have a pharmacist. I’ve been following her updates and so happy to see her awesome nail transformation. I’m a pharmacist too so I was like woo hoo!



  • my video is coming on tik tok and youtube soon, i mean results i would love u checking it out. This is my youtube and..coconut.x..bliss is my tik tok ♡︎♡︎♡︎

  • Thank you for your wealth of knowledge!! Because of you I’ve gotten so much more advanced in my career! I cannot wait to see you in April at the conference! I am more than excited to learn even more from you! Thank you so much!

  • How much rest between each sets and rounds? Are you really going to lift 10 x 315lb deadlift after not letting go of the bar going through 5 rounds 7 exercises 10 reps?

  • Hi Scott! this is an awesome series (celebrity trainer review series)! Thank you for spotting out not only fake nattys but now also fake trainers! lol keep up the GREAT WORKL!!! liked subbed and shared your vid! I particularly liked the one you did on Henry Cavill’s trainer!

  • I understand it’s business. But Chris, you’ve already made a fortune off your Role as THOR and have more movies coming out very soon that I am very excited to see like everyone else here watching this video.

    But these workouts? I could even let some of the exercise combination slide if the FORM was correct. But it’s not people like me, an educated trainer, who is going to get hurt from your app. It’s my community members… and I’m very protective of the information be forced onto them. Especially when your ads play across my videos.

    If anyone reading this would like to see how a program with minimal equipment should be structured, check out my ALL ACCESS program MetaBurn90. I guarantee you will get stronger and leaner by the week.

    MetaBurn90 Link!

  • Disagree with you, bud.
    Love this app, lost 40 pounds on it and have kept it off. The trainer Chris is with here is Luke…. and he is specifically a HIIT trainer. Secondly, the workout you were watching was just a fun little side workout they were doin for a week.

  • All the tiktoks she’s watching are non famous people and people with small accounts i wonder if they know that it’s the real Chloe Ting that liked their videos

  • his ‘starting point’ is my ultimate goal lol. i hate when people stick their stomachs out in before pics to make it more dramatic. and the difference in lighting, c’mon now, but good on you buddy.

  • Wow so you just proved that you are a moron. You reviewed an app without bothering to download it. You literally took a promo video and pretended they were giving people their routines. What is sad is how many people follow you that may actual take your advice. Clearly you were never taught to not judge a book by the cover. I’ve tried tons of different fitness programs from Tae Bo to many of the different Beach Body workouts and never have the promo videos provided you with the actual instructions and actual routines, so to pretend that you have an eagle eye that caught his whole routine, I’m sorry but you need to get over yourself. I’d urge anyone watching this to look at the other youtube reviewers who actually downloaded the app and walk through its features, and/or download the 7 day free trial.

  • Soy el único latino que escucha este tipo de músicas………………….Goodbyes Goodbyes Goodbyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m glad for your videos. I have to do my husbands feet now. Als took his muscles and now he can’t anything. Not much he can enjoy so I try to make him feel good for the things I do for him. Your tutorials have taught me to be gentle and a more pleasurable experience for him. Thank you

  • Does lori work in a salon still or do you have to contact her individually to see if she is still accepting clients? bc i’m from michigan and had no idea she might not be too difficult to travel to until she talked about buddy’s pizza lol

  • I got my fiance to finally watch Doctor Who, and we started with series one. She thought it was great, absolutely loved the Doctor. And she kinda knew about regeneration, but didn’t really completely understand it. So we get to this scene, and she watches the Doctor change. And when he says “That’s right. Barcelona.” She loudly sighed in relief, because she thought the Doctor would completely forget everything from before. She was so happy. Then the next thing she said was “Ooh, he’s hot…” Lol.

  • Always watch your videos in bed before falling asleep. So relaxing and satisfying to see you clean out all that goo�� I went to nail tech school, so this is quite familiar to me. I love this type of client. Always asking questions, and keeping the conversation going. I just love how she says: «yeah yeah»����‍♂️��

  • She still has that one tender spot on her big toe but she is so much better!!!! You are her angel on earth!!!!! Now if you would just start traveling around the globe and make a pitstop in Lincoln, Nebraska please please!!!!

  • Ten and Eleven are my favourites because I grew up with them, but because I never saw Nine I never realised how perfect he was. Eccleston is a legendary Doctor. This scene is phenomenal

  • Might get a lot of negative response but i do feel like this is just a subjective bash of the app. I presume the ad was a mashup,random exercises thrown together or made as a mean to burn calories.
    About the form it is a subject you would have better left untouched. Biceps half reps they are done in plenty of workouts, even group fitness ones to get the blood pumping to the muscles. Not eff ective alone but they exist, are legit. Up-right row,lol. He May have a grip a bit too narrow but showing the close grip as a wrong exercise you should take notice that the narrow grip upright row focuses more on the delts (
    I don’t have their program nor yours but finding this video and seeing you using some guys image to promote how you do things better and providing old school and limited knowledge based explanations as universal truths instead of an opinion, paired with a vigorous attitude convinced me that you are nowhere near the fitness expert you claim but nothing else than a gymbro type of talker.
    I can counter more things you said there but these ones felt critical. Please rethink of doing some researches before claiming something or state that this is a personal opinion.
    Agree on the part that this might not feel the best exercise selection nor the best intensity but the context of the workout is still unknown and it seems more like a commercial made vid for that app.
    Peace out

  • I find the app really useful. The workouts are great and are geared for different levels. None of the actual workouts are that fast or basic, and there are tons of trainers with different workouts. Fitness is meant to be a community, not somewhere that you can bash other trainers and then plug your own app. The lack of research here really shows.

  • I had bilateral ingrown toenails & my Chiropodist put cotton wool under each side of the nail. I had to keep it in for over 12 months to grow it out. Now I cannot cut my toenails shorter than the end of my toe or I’d have to start again.

  • To be honest it’s not really like he was gonna say the app was good. After all he has his app this video was literally to self promote

  • Man, I’m sick of people speaking about each other �������� they all are fitness experts and “only them” are right(see what I did there?), don’t buy his program, buy MY program.

  • I finally watched enough videos to be confident enough to do my memaws toes. She has neuropathy and ingrown nails. She normally goes somewhere but likes them done more often than she can go. I’ve been learning and she said I did a great job!