Transformation Brandon Solomon Sheds 108 Pounds


16x48 Shed to House Tour {with TWO lofts}

Video taken from the channel: Better Together Life


ep.9: THE CABIN (tiny house cabin, shed conversion)

Video taken from the channel: Randle Family Shalomstead


My Graceland Portable Building She Shed Studio Transformation!

Video taken from the channel: Thinking Outside The Box


My New Graceland She Shed Studio Arrived on My Birthday!!

Video taken from the channel: Thinking Outside The Box


Another shed Repo, Snatch-N-go

Video taken from the channel: Shedhappens


Brandon Harding 90 Day Transformation (216lbs 193lbs)

Video taken from the channel: Brandon Harding


Brandon Harding 120 Day Transformation (223lbs 191lb) Unnatural

Video taken from the channel: Brandon Harding

THE Stranger’s Brandon Fellows has revealed that he lost a staggering four and a half stone after cutting out takeaways and joining F45 classes. The 25. JACQUELINE Jossa has revealed she wears a size bigger in her jeans to help make her look slimmer. The 27-year-old recently lost a stone in weight doing I’m A. 108 Charles Dr.

Nokomis, FL 34275. 7. South Country Sheds. Sheds Self Storage Portable Storage Units (1) Brandon Sheds. Sheds.

Website (941) 723-2888. 1716 8th Ave W. Palmetto, FL 34221. 23.

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Cancel Anytime. The arrest of Michael Shane Blaylock, 40, of 108 Knob Drive, occurred earlier this month, but details regarding it were not released by the Surry County Sheriff’s Office until this week.

List of related literature:

On a 100% raw food diet he went from his tired and stressed­out physique of 167 pounds to a ripped, strong, and solid 187 pounds in about three weeks!

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
from Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness
by Robert Cheeke
Book Publishing Company, 2011

His incredible physique and winning attitude gave me the hope that I could make my dream of becoming a bodybuilding champion a reality.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
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Human Kinetics, 2005

David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
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“Bruce Lee: A Life” by Matthew Polly
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“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This extreme bodybuilding is no different to obesity or anorexia.
    Like all extremes it smacks of big personal insecurity.
    Brilliant and intelligent women admire brains not narcissism.
    Who are you trying to kid?
    You’ll be dead by 50.
    By the way, I’m 60 next year and train 4 times a week for strength and endurance.
    Never needed to take anything.

  • Hey guys i know it’s annoying
    when people post their music in the comments because when you actually take the time to listen to it it’s usually not very good. I think I’m different, way different. Honestly I don’t have the money to promote myself properly so I’m trying everything I can. Simply I would be really glad if you just gave me a little bit of your time, to listen to only one of my tracks, that’s 3 minutes of your life, and I think it’s going to be worth it if you don’t like it no biggie, i still appreciate you clicking on it snd giving me a chance…

  • I don’t get the “you gotta respect him” type of comments. I’m pretty sure my guy does not give af lol. He’s a body builder, they all take enhancements

  • If the fitness industry had your balls, courage, and attitude, it would be a much different and better place, glad to see there’s actual honest and genuine people to set a good example to people like me who aspire to some day be at a percentage of your incredible physique.

  • This is incredibly awesome. I am happy for you. Also, your paint looks exactly like the paint I have in my office. My favorite color. xx

  • Hey man just wanna say thanks for saying that this isn’t natural. I hate when people use steroids and other stuff and they lie and say it’s natural. They set a new “standard” for muscle building that involved steroids.

  • Do anybody know about Erectodom Secrets? Does it really work? I hear lots of people can last longer in bed with this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

  • I was wondering what had happened to you guys. It’s nice to know that you were able to get a friend to help y’all with the house build. Shalom and blessings.

  • Looking amazing! �� Lucky, lucky girl. Big applause for your hubby! �� I’m in Scotland, UK, so would have to swap the big air con for a massive wood burning stove!! ���� hope to see the finished studio with all your things in place!

  • Graceland sheds have massive design issues. We have a 10×20 with the same roof. The “trim” they use is 100% not exterior wood and the windows will leak like all hell. You have no overhang on the eaves and rain will rot the bottom 3 feet of your shed within a year. My money says the bottom 2-3 feet of the sides of your shed are dirty now, right? You need to use Alex caulking on ALL the trim and windows because they use clear silicone, which degrades in sun. You will need to install gutters on the eaves and our floor squeaks stopped when I used screws in the floor and had to go around and rehammer 50+ nails in the siding.
    It’s built well but the design is trash and needs fixing to not be garbage in 5 years.

  • Where is this at? I never seen it done that way that was so cool how its done. I would love one for all my quilting stuff and knitting equipments. ������❤❤❤

  • I know it’s been a year, but have you thought about doing a 1 year Anniversary Video? Show how you use her now, how you changed things up, point out anything that you learned and would have changed when you ordered her.

  • Awesome job! I noticed you have my size dog crate �� I just moved ours under the stairs, and modified the area and crate to work.

  • Count the packages…i caught my Home Depot guy stealing the remaining (extra) floor pkg.
    If the packages weren’t open HD will take them back for a refund.

  • 10:16 I’m sure it’s looking great by now since you’ve had it a year �� Mine was made into a cabin so I’d have my own getaway without leaving our property. Since our kids are grown I have a huge craft/sewing room in our house. My cabin is my domain!�� My husband and family don’t even go in there unless invited. I have two lofts so I put beds on each one, plus a little storage on the larger one. The way that my husband came up with to access them is pretty easy. He connected the 2 lofts with sturdy beams and placed an attic ladder coming from each one. They are easy to go up (more like stairs), and out of the way when not needed. There’s a kitchen and bathroom. My teen grandkids recently stayed in there and now they each want one! Lol

  • This is the best thing I’ve seen!! Me and the fam are in the process of starting our own homestead! Can’t wait to see more videos. Stay blessed guys!

  • Love this space!!! Great for you guys for making a regular old shed into a wonderful home <3 <3 And also? NO MORTGAGE! Super awesome

  • I just subbed to see it all set up, but your channel will interest me as I am an artist, filter, spinner and very jealous in France.

  • I love tiny houses. The way that people decorate them and make them look pretty big on the inside when they are tiny on the outside. I kinda think it’s magical lol

  • I can’t imagine mine without the loft it hold so much and I’m 6’ tall and can walk under the loft and still have a few inches to spare. But you know what you need. Love the porch ��

  • Congratulations on your studio… Someday, I hope to have a similar one and be able to move my studio out of the end bedroom. Blessings!

  • Illegal! Where’s the tag plate on that vehicle…citation alert..
    I thought he was going to rear end it on those trees…
    I would have wanted to stand on the porch as it moved in…and be videod
    Just need some cookies and peach pah now..

  • I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you finish it and get everything set up. I plan to do the same thing. Hopefully one day soon.

  • That moment you realize your watching tiny house videos thinking about living in one but realize your rental house from the 40’s is smaller than this tiny home �� 734sq ft ��

  • I didn’t want the extra work and expense of sheet rock, mudding and painting, so i insulated with pink panther insulation and used pre-painted faux beadboard on the walls and ceiling. For my lofts i had carpet squares i could put down myself.

  • I have always wanted to create a tiny house from a shed but after seeing how much time, and effort its taken you all…. an RV is looking better and better. Lol

  • I am not looking �� to build a she shed I am looking �� building a hiding place a fortress that I can hide in on occasions one that has a large balcony deck 8 �� high one ☝️ that I can mount a large ships �� wheel on that way my wife will know she has a pirate ��‍☠️ in the backyard drinking beer �� and when I get an itch my winch can’t bring me beers �� on occasion, don’t tell her I said that because it takes the sexy out of it. That’s living the life!

  • I love that is is Lavendar. Purple of almost any shade is my fav color. When will you do a video of the finished product? I cant wait.

  • Congratulations!!! I love all of the details you picked �� Purple is my favorite color!! Can’t wait to see the rest when you are all set up ��

  • Always be ready for a roller coaster ride when dealing with contractors! “There’s no crying in construction”. Nice Laugh-in reference in part one!

  • I would use that top for storage I would split a wall in the middle and have an office with a small bathroom in there and then use the other part for your gas to come to down maybe put a little wood burning fireplace in the corner just ideas love you Channel

  • it doesnt matter if you take steroids. in the end you really need to train so hard even if you take steroids.
    Your transformation is incredible props:D

  • It would have been simpler if the four-wheel-drive went into the bloody driveway in the first place instead of going on the road and that way you will get getting off safer and do not damage it you people do not think do yous you all do the f**** hard at stupid and dangerous way of doing things that’s not how you do it

  • I had that wall color in my bedroom as a teen,very soothing! I paired it with a royal purple plush carpet,still my favorite bedroom ever!

  • I love the color. I am a purple girl at heart. Like the lights and fan. Will you use the porch? I was thinking it looked nice but I would have wanted square feet inside. So I am curious what you will do with that area. The floor is great too. The heating unit right in the middle of your shortage wall I would have personally been bummed about. That sign is fabulous. It seem so exciting. I live in Maine so with the dramatic freeze and snow I could not have this i do not think. But I am really excited to see the finished tour. Thanks for sharing.

  • I so want a she shed now, what size did you get and what is the color of the walls. I can’t wait to see it all done on the inside.

  • Can u do a video on how to gain weight especially on the arms I’m rlly skinny and I try eating and workout out but it doesn’t rlly help

  • Not only do I love the space you have, I love the area surrounding your she space. It’s awesome to have a peacefully setting. What state do you live in?

  • I’m really excited to see what you do with this space. Are you going to take us along step by step or just show us the end results? And, what is your anticipated completion date?

  • 2:15 That was definitely a great birthday! My husband bought me one of those but a slightly smaller and little different model. I was away visiting family and he sent me a video. I was so surprised! Then he finished out the entire inside by himself! It’s nice enough to live in! I’m sure you have been enjoying it a lot. ��

  • So in a few years when your kids get to be teenagers they wont be able to stand in their own bed rooms? Guess your gonna have to build a new building then.

  • Congratulations on having your own haven! That didn’t look like a concrete slab that it was placed on. Was that leveled ground?

  • Jealous!!! Love your she shed, especially the lavender (same color as my bedroom). Can’t wait for the tour and wish you the best in your new digs!

  • Drywall Primmer is a gimmick! All you need is some good flat paint tinted the same color as your finish color! Flat paint is cheaper than primmer and does the same job!

  • Just too many problems with Home Depot. I stay away from them altogether now. Lowe’s in any given city that I am in has never been a bad choice, so far.
    The shed looks awesome!

  • AWESOME. Very nice. I also have a shed for my eBay business and love it. You can see my videos of the build. I have a ductless air conditioner like yours as well. Started out with a portable a/c init but just could not do the job. You will love your new space. Looks great. Congrats and belated happy birthday.

  • I love the flooring! I bought a portable building that my husband added windows to afterwards. It is still a work in progress, but I love it.

  • What was the “hard coat” supposed to be? I agree with you over the tears and texture, but it really is so very beautiful. I’ve been dreaming about, saving, planning to do something like this for years. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice. I didn’t think I would like the color of the paint. Yet, I forgot is was a she shed, so, it looks very nice. Great job. Any plans to get the old decking moved closer to the deck on the she shed? So you have the side with decking?

  • Wow that turned out really cool. The spray foam insulation should really make that comfortable along with your ductless air system. Great job.

  • The metal roof will give off a gas with foam insulation. Be careful with which type is used.

  • Lowes has the same pay up front, no phone calls returned attitude. I still have problems with my stair carpet expensive installation.

  • God willing, a very, very beautiful house, and you are more beautiful than that. I congratulate you with this test. This is such a choice and quality house designed from all sides. Greetings to all of you, my love.May God bless you all.

  • It is nice to have good friends, especially the ones the know how to get things done. It looks like your going to have a very nice home. Great video.

  • I’m sooooo happy and proud to see black people like myself homesteading. I search from 2000 till now for such with out a lot of restrictions, religious requirements and drama, didn’t find it. May you and yours continue to be blessed and bless others with your video & progress. Thank you all!

  • You guys are doing exactly what I’m planning to do, a 16×40 cabin, so I’m very excited to see what you do with it! I’ve got about 3/4th of an acre cleared in the middle of 26 acres in South GA and intend to do just what you’ve done here. Live small, live simple. Looking forward to more videos!

  • that giggle when the lights turned on was so cute!! So proud of you fam for starting this journey and for being a source of inspiration as some of us venture to even consider leaving the city life. It’s been a pleasure watching your vids, cant wait to see how this little home looks in a couple of months. Thanks for sharing your journey. <3

  • Sadly here in Britain planning rules would not allow that in anyone’s garden….
    You would be lucky if you could our electric in your shed. Even that might get the jelous neighbour reporting you to the authorities if you spend a night in there…
    Sadly there are too many jelous busy bodies in Britain….
    Well done and good luck to you guys.

  • I’m a new subscriber to your channel I love what y’all doing I’m going to try to catch up I’ve been looking around for more content like what y’all are showing the world

  • Missed you alls videos. Glad to see you all are back. Just purchased my land out in AZ YAH willing I will be on my land within a year or two. APDTTMH! ����✡️����

  • Much respect to intelligent men who know how to work with their hands & Respect to this family for choosing to live a life outside this materialistic society ✊��

  • Sweet! I had a she shed at our last house but this house, manufactured home, hubby let me put three stretches through it. They have to be equal either side so I made sure two went through to my studio room. It was great for my mosaics. Since hubby died 3 1/2 years ago I turned my studio into a nice guest room and sewing room and moved my studio to my living room. OH YES!!! Now my whole house is a she shed. Miss my hubby but I am having a blast in y huge to me She Shed.

  • You do realize that some people, because of our current political climate are forced to live in a structure like this 24/7 do you not?

  • Love how you showed the stuff that you had hid. Keep it real. We are in the middle of building a tiny home and appreciated your video!

  • Your use of space is so creative.Love your layout and it looks so much bigger,roomier then the house allows.You walk in and bam it just looks twice as big and it’s so great where everything has its place.You should sell your layout cause it’s very original and very practical even with how you had them raise your exterior walls a foot giving you more headroom up in the lofts.Most people including myself wouldn’t have thought of it till after it was done.The kids rooms are fantastic as everything else.You 2 have built one beautiful house and you should be proud of how it came out!!You might wanna wrap a curtain around your kitchen shelves to keep it hidden and keep dust from building up!!Please show us it again when its done.Like to know who built your shed and how much!!Good luck and enjoy your hard work,your creativity has paid off immensely and you should be proud of what you all have achieved!!������������������������������

  • Incredible video loved all of it the ending…dont judge….lol….loved the place wow….great home…God bless yall…texas lady

  • I love all that you guys have done. I think you could have made the island longer so the family could sit together for a meal. All and all I think you did a great job.

  • Ok so I want a shed when I’m older & I would like to know if you have to get someone to put a plug in into the wall or does it come with the shed itself?

  • Man, can’t tell you how much I love what you’ve done with the home. It’s the same aesthetic/project my wife and I are attempting to do now! We’re still in the planning/saving stages. can’t wait!

  • Nice!!! I would love that set up for my sewing and crocheting studio. Hope you come back with finished product so that we can see how you fixed it up. That was a nice way to spend your birthday.

  • Too funny. I am not big on leaving comments and I never “click subscribe “… but when you admitted to moving stuff from one room to another to make the video I died laughing and knew instantly you were my kind of people. Lol.

  • Hello from Texas…hope yall are doing good and safe there…since the hurricane is out there, praying for you and your family to be Safe and Healthy just saw the weather like 2 days ago and thought about yall, such a special family.Praying for You continually.

  • I would use epoxy on the counter tops that will give you the granite look or pretty much whatever color you want to go with look up Stone coat countertops and watch one of their tutorials and you will come out cheap doing all of your countertops with what you have

  • I love love this!!! My fiance sent me your channel because he wants to do this and I have 3 boys and want more kiddos with my soon to be husband and I home school! Seeing this inspires me!!

  • Hi. You guys have been an inspiration to me!!!! My husband and I are going to do this! I have a question, how tall are both the lofts? You mentioned one was taller. Could you please tell me the height of both? I am working on some designs and wanted definitely use that space if possible. Thanks so much.

  • I love, love the ending too funny. Yep, you guys are true parents. We do the same thing. All jokes aside I LOVE YOUR HOME…BEAUTIFUL

  • I see the large wire dog kennel. I would use the space under the stairs of the playroom as a custom dog room and remove the wire kennel. Love mostly everything, but would definitely have more cabinets in the kitchen for me.

  • Y’all are just too cute. Your floorplan is amazing and has inspired me and my family to use the same floor plan and company to deliver. You did an awesome job with the amount of space!

  • Much love from uganda, am in the process of building the same at my family farm and escape expensive rent in the suburbs.. Thank you guys, I’m inspired. Much love to the little ones

  • Your excitement for electricity made me tear up hearing the emotion in your voice. So blessed. We are about to have our shed cabin delivered in August and the whole process will begin for us. So excited for our homestead to start.

  • I have heard that you never pay up front. always pay for the work after it is finished. it seems like if you pay upfront then they will take as long as they want because they already have your money.

  • My first time seeing this!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m just starting to get my new craft room together! I make things to throw at Mardi Gras! I’m in LOVE with your techniques… they will make beautiful throws that will make many people VERY happy! ������

  • You’ve done a good job! And obviously your whole family is involved! Nothing better than a home built with love! God bless you all! ����❤️����

  • Actually, this is beautiful. this so raw that I can imagine how to build a house. Not every house can complete at one time. The messiness is very realistic and I can relate to that haha.

  • I love your home, you’ve both done such an amazing job!!! I’ve watched a few of your videos. The thing that has struck me the most re essentials if you’re going to do a project like this……..have the same dream, love each other very much and be best friends, like you two obviously are. The stability of your relationship is so very important, when making major life changes like this. I hope you two, and your whole family, stay as happy as you are right now.:-)

  • , I think you two have done a great job in planning and prepping! Congrats to you. Please share where you found affordable land or what state please! Most people can’t find land or ordinances that are “user-friendly” to this type of foot print. Thanks

  • honestly cant imagine living every single day in a home with so many other people. seems like a prison. no personal time whatsoever

  • These guys used to work on the local car wash and bought this house and land with the tips. Just your ordinary home and land. NO I AM NOT JEALOUS, envious yes I am.

  • It looks Great guys! Be proud of yourselves. People work a lifetime and don’t have this type of freedom on 7 acres. Consider it a work in progress. When you are old and grey, it will still be in progress and the kids and grandkids can progress from there. 7 acres is a large palette to work on. When you see yourselves getting to the edge, buy up the adjoining acreage. Great Work!!!

  • You guys did such an amazing job!!!! I love the fact that you showed the reality of what you have in your house at the end of the video that was my favorite part and no one should judge you have 4 kids and actually live in your house and are still completing it! Wonderful ideas and tips!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing!!!! I subscribed to your channel and cannot wait to see more updates!

  • I JUST found your channel and I’m in awe, you both are so humble and seem like amazing people. My boyfriend and I are looking into doing this and your videos are the ONLY ones I can find with actual information!!! You guys are awesome! Keep it up ❤️

  • Thank Allah for giving your family such a beautiful home. I love every bit of it. May Allah bless and increase.
    What’s the total price to have something exactly like that done and how long will it take to get done?
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks so much for the interesting video

  • I’m obsessed. By no means is this house “tiny” the rent for that here in SoCal would be like 3000 hahah. Beautiful! Hope I can do it one day

  • Did you not show your finished She She’d? Just wondering, everything turned out so nice. Would like to see it with all your crafting things set up.

  • New subscriber here and I’m also in Texas! Weatherford, to be specific, near Fort Worth. Where are yall located? My husband and I (and our two munchkins) are looking to do something very similar to y’all! Your house is GORGEOUS!!!! I’m currently bringing your videos and it’s so cool to see it come together.

  • Beautiful home, amazing work, a labour of love,
    But what about when the kids become teenagers? Maybe the guest home will become their room? I am curious

  • I LOVE it!!! I have 4 kids, but there are 7 years between the first two(15 and 14) and (8 and 6 1/2), they fight like cats and dogs so not sure the lofts would work, but now I have so many ideas! Thanks for sharing