Transformation Brandon Leonard Bulks Up 65 Pounds


I Did 100 Bicep Curls Every Day For 30 Days | NUCLEI OVERLOAD TRAINING

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Why Do I Look So Lean At 15% Body Fat?

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Down 17 pounds | 30 Day Transformation | Ep.11

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Says Brandon: “I lifted every day, I did some high-intensity interval training cardio and most importantly, I ate well.” “Changing my diet was 80 percent of weight loss for me. Before I lost the. With Jim Carrey reportedly gaining 50 pounds to play Curly in the new Farrelly brothers biopic of ‘The Three Stooges’ take a look at stars who have gained and lost weight for movies. Eventually he hopes to get into body building he currently weighs 204lbs as he attempts to bulk up and is currently studying Exercise Science at.

After this year’s top overall pick Ben Simmons fractured his foot, the more telling comment came from one of the most respected voices when it comes to athletes’ training. Tim Grover, the. Webb Simpson shoots a second consecutive 65 and leads the RBC Heritage by one stroke after two rounds; Nick Watney withdraws after a positive coronavirus test. Skip navigation Sign in.

Search. SEE ALSO: Bulk Up Your Legs with GVT. There are two goals when training twice per day: 1. To promote super-compensation (more on that later). 2. To manage fatigue so that you can lift heavier weights and feel “fresh.” For example, let’s use two people, Tarkin and Finn. Tarkin’s workout program takes him 100 minutes to complete.

Load up the plates and go for 8 reps with heavy weight, maintaining good form the entire time. To keep the tension on your pecs, don’t let your elbows lock out at the top. Once you reach failure, rest for 10 seconds and then try to get a few more reps before taking your full 60-second break.

Lean Bulk. A lean bulk is generally recommended for healthy individuals at an average weight. Use the following formula to determine your daily calorie needs for a lean bulk: TDEE + 250 calories.

Aggressive Bulk. If you’re fairly new to training, underweight, or a classic. I need to kick up my workout and pay closer attention to calories.

Ive been slacking and I still have 20 pounds to go! I was just doing the recommended cutting 300 calories and burning 300 calories to burn 1 or 2 pounds a week and I think it’s time take it up a notch. My goal was and is 80 pounds in a year and I think I can still do it!

List of related literature:

But even with his rigorous weight training, he kept getting fatter: By the time he reached 40, he had bal— looned to 220 pounds on his 5—foot— 8 frame.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
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Once he hits year 2, he’s an intermediate lifter weighing in at 170

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
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He moved up to 185 pounds, but was never given a chance to develop slowly at this new weight.

“The MMA Encyclopedia” by Jonathan Snowden, Kendall Shields
from The MMA Encyclopedia
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pounds and figures he gained a few in muscle weight because his body looks so different.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
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He gained 15 pounds (7 kg) of pure muscle—with no increase in his waist measurement.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
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5–10 pounds of muscle mass (current weight 170 pounds), but he is having a hard time gaining any weight.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
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By now he was 25 per cent underweight.

“Community Development: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” by Hennie Swanepoel, Frik De Beer
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He is gaining about 5 pounds every 3 weeks.

“Crossing the River with Dogs: Problem Solving for College Students” by Ken Johnson, Ted Herr, Judy Kysh
from Crossing the River with Dogs: Problem Solving for College Students
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After thirteen weeks of basic training, he’d gained seven pounds (and converted many of his original pounds from fat to muscle) and added at least an inch to his chest.

“D-Day: June 6, 1944 The Climactic Battle of WWII” by Stephen E. Ambrose, Albano, Cornelius Ryan Collection Supplement
from D-Day: June 6, 1944 The Climactic Battle of WWII
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He began as a mesomorph but reached his full potential as he underwent training.

“Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero” by E. Paul Zehr
from Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero
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  • Allah is the Greatest❤❤❤MashaAllah! Bro, awesome transformation! I have been hitting the gym for almost two years and I am so proud of being Aesthetic!!! Let’s keep moving on, Aesthetics!!!

  • Just look at that…
    Working out like a beast.
    I dont give a f*ck the peolple who say shit like…ohhh stfu you’r in roids. Fuck off u dickhead.
    U know nothing stupid child.
    Just look and stfu.
    Im from Argentina,Im just another personal trainer with 19years old.
    Good video bro… You’r a real Wolf ����

  • Hes 24.7 and for someone whos on steroids it would be 25.0 plus…. so he’s 0.3 under an enhanced athlete… safe to say yes hes taken steroids lol

  • Not sure if you want to share your knowledge with us but can you make a video about what you eat in a day? Im a hardgainer myself so i would be really thankfull if you shared your dietprogram. Btw awesome transformation

  • Actually natural, I can tell by your extension and form when working out. You got great genetics but you really know how to target the right muscle groups, big props.

  • I store so much body fat on my abs, like literally the worst place possible. I can see veins in my arms and still so much fat on my abs.

  • mashallah bro, that’s an insane transformation. I’m on the last day of ramadan and i’m gonna start bulking from 52kg i’m 180cm too

  • I’m gonna try it on shoulders because if you have good shoulders it makes all of you look better. So 100 shoulder presses a day because it hits them the best

  • Really inspiring man you did it all right. Currently on my 8th month of working out and gained about 25-30 pounds from doing a clean bulk your video really motivated me to keep going

  • Fix your form on your lifts, its far from optimal and you can only get injured that way, also why do bulk and cut? That’s a stupid way to maintain a good physique if you aren’t a pro. You lost a shit ton of muscle on your second cut, your progress got cut by atleast 3 months

  • Sick ass video and transformation bro! I’m currently sitting at 107.2LBS on my Path to 120LBS, documenting it all to be able to look back. I feel like I’m also just now beginning, it’s only now two years in I’m starting to understand my body. Thanks for the motivation. ������

  • I see everyone arguing if he’s natural or not. Who cares bruh just get to work. You will know what’s possible once you give it your all. Some people gain muscle very easily. Some people are skinny fat it’s all genetics in the end.
    Even if he was that doesn’t take away from the people who look just as good as him who are natural.

  • If you workout each muscle as hard as you can, as long as you can, and as frequent as you can, you can gain a lot of muscles. Working out each muscle 3 times a week is ideal. With clean, lean bulking diet. None of dirty bulking crap which is bad for heart and liver health.

  • Yes! Keep the videos coming! So excited to see this plant based nutrition transformation!!!! Also, enjoy Canada it’s so freaking beautiful there

  • Good job, glad you went the natural way. Careful with your deadlift though, try to lower your hips more so your torso will be more upright and keep your chest out also, otherwise you put your lower back at risk, especially with those heavy weights. Keep the faith, cheers!

  • There’s no doubt this guy has worked his ass of to achieve this, so respect to his work ethics but you are a complete moron if you actually think tjis guy is a natty

  • As a straight man I can now feel comfortable being slightly attracted to Mike knowing that he has a typical female body fat distribution, knew there had to be a reason for these awkward feelings lol.

  • I feel ya on the chair. We had our new couch like a week before I snapped one of the supports in the middle of it. They certainly dont make things like they used to… or maybe us 250+ dudes shouldn’t flop onto furniture ��

  • I started doing neuclei overload on triceps and biceps today. Going to go until first week of June. If that goes good, I’ll do chest next.

  • I see so many comments naming guys that people think are natural. Guys this isn’t possible with just “hard work”. Do these guys work hard? Hell yeah they do, but don’t be a fool. This guy, along with so many others aren’t close to natural. Will he, and all those others say they are natural? Damn right they will, they’ll swear it to their graves. If you looked like this, and said “I eat 4k+ calories daily, workout 7 days a week, and after doing that for an entire year I got some Anavar, and started the cycle” people would shut you down immediately, and it would ruin your brand(in the business “brand” is your name). Hate this comment all you want, call me a hater all you want. It will not change the fact that you can’t understand it’s almost impossible to look like this naturally. Are there exceptions? Sure to some degree, but do some research on how these bodybuilders cycle, and when, etc.This comment isn’t meant as hate, it’s meant as realism. If this video motivates you to join a gym, and live a better/healthier life then by all means get to it, and don’t stop. Don’t have unrealistic expectations though. Be better because YOU want too, not because a video gave you a damn near unobtainable dream.

  • Man, I am just giving my honest opinion. You 1000% could’ve gained all of that size and definition without ANY PED’s. I understand that it is your life and you make your own decisions but in my opinion there is no point to using gear at all unless you plan to be an international body building champion like Mr. Olympia or a for a serious power lifting comp.. You have absolutely no idea what “could” happen to your body in the future as a result of injecting steroids, every body on the planet has different DNA. You have no idea what you have signed your self up for… but its your choice so good luck bud.

  • Lol it shows him drug fucked then nek minute it days (I started eating and training lots) then it shows a clip of him in the gym thick as a mf then in down lighting with a fucking 10 year natural physique in the mid section. Sorry did I miss the part in between him holding a beer and being fucking juice master 10,000 10 seconds later?

  • Sick transformation brotha! You’re killing it and You fed me inspiration.

    I’m a slim jim too. ��How much was your weight before and after?

  • durgs
    ps. you probably have more on your left leg to compensate the right arm when walking. so just start using your left hand and everything should even out

  • You guys are haters saying he juices you guys are just lazy fucks and have no concept or dedication to hard training and good dieting

  • Enhanced athletes Dr Tony is very knowledgeable about lifting and steroids and he said in a video that a human can’t get below 7% body fat without steroids. He said the body is completely against it. And that if anyone even tried to get sub 7% without steroids they would lose a significant amount of muscle and strength. I know 2 of the guys you’ve competed against who use steroids and sarms. So I doubt you naturally competed against them. Even if u didn’t use steroids, sarms are also likely. Not knocking ur progress tho it’s very sick indeed. Steroids and sarms are becoming the norm and a lot more ppl have the balls to admit it nowadays versus 5 years ago when everyone denied it. Even IFBB pro bodybuilders were denying steroids back then. Now they’re fine admitting it.

  • Kinda hard for me to bulk fast metabolisms I’m 15 almost 16 I usually eat stuff like frozen burritos chicken Breast chicken thigh popcorn I eat clean and dirty food but it might also be cuz I stay up late till 5am lose weight idk?

  • All of this is motivation for me to start working out…again I stopped not far into assuming I wouldn’t be able to look good or get as big as I wanted but I’m seeing all these small dudes smaller than me getting bigger than what I even wanted to be

    So thanks for the kick in the ass lol

  • starting, i had a typical male reaction, my gaurd being up and thinking who the hell is this guy….. after the video, guy is mad cool and funny. said some cool facts and made me realize a lot about body fat misconceptions that makes logical sense

  • hey rob thanks for making that black bean concoction its been my main go to since i started dieting its like day 4 of fasting 16h days done dropped some weight. i’m at my heaviest tired of being the tall fat guy so thanks for the vids an shit.

  • Mudah ja bulking.. prepare duit sjaa untuk sumbat makanan…unless kau bole dpt free food hari2..hahaahah..if hardgainer or ectomorch…lg kaw2..

  • Please keep the vlogs up! I missed watching your content! Also, along with everyone else, the end when you possibly broke the chair ����

  • Ça marche bien les anabolisants
    J ai fait du sport à un haut niveau et j en ai vu des gars faire comme lui avec des bonbon speciaux lol

  • So watch the Joe Rogan podcast with Rhonda Patrick on the benefits of sauna especially with men. So interesting! He has many great podcasts on health and diet. Also love the Post Malone I’m the background! You guys fucking rock!

  • Just watched this episode. Plz don’t stop vlogging! I understand ur going on a vacation, don’t vloging. But when u get back plz keep it up. Can’t get enough of ur videos!

  • Super cool. I’m in Antigonish, Nova Socita (on the way to Cape Breton) Come to the Farmers Market this Saturday and I will hook you up with some great hummus and salads…seriously

  • Just wanted to say thanks. I recieved my order pretty damn quickly for you not having as many employees. I recieved my stuff the same time Tiger Fitness got my order to me. They send out from Ohio. I live in Milwaukee WI. Lol! I appreciate it, and am looking forward to trying out the gym bro bag especially. Got some shorts too. But I know how shorts work and feel. Lol

  • I do nuecli training I do a full body workout 100 reps of everything, the only problem is I don’t do it every day as the weekends I’m so busy with work I’m up at like half 5 and not home until 9pm so by that time I’m super tired and just want to eat and sleep, so I do my full body workouts 100 reps of everything 5 days a week, I don’t no if I class that as neucli training or not with the weekends off??

  • Fuck yeah bro! Looking great! You can see the difference in the back moreso than the chest. Keep the uploads coming on your leisure. Your fanbase will be here.

  • Another good watch man. Enjoy the time away from the camera and most of all the time with the wife. We all await the return uploads and any vid series you choose to carry on. Even if it’s not this one something of the sort would totally have my view going forward. Keep it up.

  • I like this guy but carb loading isn’t gonna get you this amount size a level leanness don’t care what anyone says to me I’m not hating on the guy.

    The only way you can look that lean a full like him is if your taking stuff like Masteron (hardening compound gets you dry) an cycling Test base A.A.S.

    When you diet down an your get body that lean you lose water in your muscles that make you appear flat thin an generally skinny.

    When you put carbs in body your muscles will fill with water making you look fuller bigger an yes fat that is reality.

    Vascularity is sign that carbs are still going in however this guys got veins even body parts that are fat anabolics will increase blood pressure.

    Hence the way they pop as such with him I say I’m not hating on the chap as he seems like kind an decent bloke who am I to judge what he does.

  • Mike I’ve been doing all yr advice and training hard for like the last 2 years.
    I look good…. But no where good as u.
    How come this is so!??
    The other bros at the gym that look like you… All laugh and say tren baby u not gonna get to that level naturally…. What do u have to say about this….!? I started on a first cycle of tren 3 days ago….. I’m gonna see how it goes in 2 months from now….. I’m pretty sure this be the missing ingredient between you and most of yr followers…… Excluding the ones that don’t actually follow and do the work……

  • He’s not natural I don’t like the fact he’s lying Greg doucette even said and he’s a ifb bro body builder/steroid user but he’s arguably my favourite youtubee

  • Let’s keep it real bro, your looking ‘OK’ Rob, but you need to get to 235 if you want to stay under 250! That gives you a 15lb buffer to allow for fluctuations in your weight, but then at least you can stay under the magic 250lb mark! Otherwise if you get into the 250’s, you diet will stop because it is not sustainable and within a blink of an eye you will be back up to 270 and unhappy again. And lets be honest, you run a fitness and leisure company, you should be fit and healthy yourself, and be proud to be.
    Anymore of the, “because I’m a daily vlogger”, series coming soon? Some of the best videos you have made.
    Have fun with the family on your holidays. More Goat action needed!

  • You are motivating me bro I am going to work hard for 5 years i want to build a body like you..don’t listen to jeleousy people you look great sorry for my bad English I am from Germany ��

  • Rob I am fighting for my life. So many set backs weight problems and yes type 2 diabetes. I am 374 pounds and I am almost 45 at the end of November. Please continue your transformation cause it inspires the hell out of me to get going and to never give up and I will not die. I don’t care if you think it’s cool or not Rob Bailey but you are saving my life just by being you. Don’t change for shit and know you are worth a positive shout out too. I will kick ass and get tremendous gains too. Thank you Rob. Biggest fan James Solomon

  • You’re awesome Rob! That chair part! �� No pressure on your vlogs, I feel. Your content is always good, but it is even better when you don’t pressure yourself to be spitting it out constantly. That’s when you get burnt out, then we don’t see anything for some months. This series has been great! Just vlog whatever is comfortable for your schedule, the true peeps understand

  • Its obvious from the fluffiness that Rob knows that french fries are vegan. Lol And Brad and Aubrey do nothing but post them eating shit food 24/7 At 5:11 that chick is smokin…

  • Oh man. That chair break. That was some funny / real life shit right there. So, I break glass cups… all the time. My wife now only buys mason jars by the whole sale because it happens all too often. And she won’t let me use her special cup. I break shit all the time trying to use it as intended. Haha!

  • Question why is that when body builders get to the peak of there fitness and have all these trophies and achievements from the fitness world that they have to do drugs in order to stay at the top? It was a question that I thought of and I like how you (Rob) and DLB don’t seem to stress about any of that and I like that you’ve showed your true self and use things around you to adapt to change and don’t care what anyone else thinks. To that’s what life’s all about not caring what anybody else thinks hell l yeah

  • Scott.. maybe you were on roids some years ago while you were trying to grow your channel? That 2013 video looks fishy.. as so did your transformation in late 2017/early 2018 for a photoshoot…
    If you were natural take this as a cumpliment.

  • Is your last name really Bridgman because that’s my last name I’m not even joking my dad is Timothy Bridgman on Facebook it’s Tim Bridgman

  • If you need some recommendations of spots to hit in Halifax, Nova Scotia (all maritimes really) just ask! A really awesome drive is the southern shore from Halifax to Peggys Cove to Mahone Bay to Lunenburg. Your mom would absolutely love this. An amazing beach is Martinique Beach, an hour drive from Halifax, 5km of sandy beach with waves and stunning views. Downtown is a little tore up with construction, but the market on waterfront is great. Argyle street has some great restaurants and night life. A drive to the Annapolis Valley to some local vineyard (Try Luckett Vineyards) is only 45 min away. Thursday nights at the A&W in Woodside Ferry Dartmouth is the weekly car show.

    I am just finishing a month vacation back “home” and leaving this week to drive back to Lethbridge, AB (3 hrs north of Kalispell). Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, you are in for some great weather enjoy!

  • So funny seeing this lad giving advices. Guys, nothing of what he might say applies to natural people and being non natural is not recommended at all.

  • Esta mas que claro que estas tomando quemadores y drogas para secarte por el simple hecho de que eres un gordito sin ellos y es imposible ese nivel de definición de forma natural con tu genética.

  • I’m not hating on the guy for whatever he may put into his body but the point is, if you workout and put some mass on muscle), you can look good at higher body fat %’s. I’m shooting for 15% as we speak. You can look good, be muscular, and keep power/strength.

  • Man, you are such a beast, love everything you stand for and I hope you will do regular vlogs because I love watching your journey and it brings me such joy and inspiration to see you progress in achieving your goals, makes me strive for greater heights more and more, I thank you RB!

  • So as long as you eat a lot and a lot of protein, you can train everyday, right? Everyone is saying you should rest for 2 whole days, but that’s a whole 2 days of doing nothing, i’ve been training arms for about a month almost everyday and there is definitively progress. So is this “rest for 48hrs” just what people say because they don’t have the motivation to pull through yesterdays pain?


  • He’s a LIF-TA from NEW HAMP-SHA! He lives close to the HAR-BA! I’m just kidding. I miss the accent. I’m from Texas but I lived in Maine for a few years of my childhood and experienced that accent on a daily basis. Great people up in Cape Elizabeth, arguably nicer than the people here in Dallas where I now live.

  • I’m a female and my genetics allow me to gain muscle quickly. My baby sister had abs when she was a 3 year old, she also has ton of muscle mass in her legs and arms without any exercise. If I out myself on steroids, I’d look disgusting.

  • Thanks for the video Mike. I’m currently cutting and with skinfold calipers I’m 8% bf but don’t look 8 but rather look 10%. I also need to mention that I’m 183ch and 75kg. In this video you mention that the more muscle you’ve, the leaner you’ll appear and I think I need more mass to look leaner. I think a lot of people have the same issue as me as i see a lot of lean people but with low muscle mass, so they don’t look as lean as they should. I’m a good example myself lol. I’ll start bulking sooner than I was planning to (100cal surplus as I weight my food and fitnesspal also use Fitbit calorie counter which I have been using for months and believeto be quite accurate). I think you should do a video on this topic

  • The most accurate is your eyes, if humain eyes are more accurate than a machine than the machine is not accurate. Trust me it is methodologie. And i’m mechanical deseinger engineer experienced in methodologie. And yeah you are not 15% you are at most 13%… and bodyfat distribution doesn’t matter. If 2 people have same bodyfat they will look the same no matter what. It will be very small difference… i agree on having big abs chest forearms kneck they make you look massive and have less bodyfat since thry creat an illusion but nah you are way less than 15% bf. The machine is wrong it is not calibrated… and your back and legs are lean compared to people in your same bf your low back will still be fat at 7% bf if your a men, the low back get very trully shreded at 4% bf.

  • Why is he suddenly shady about being at the “upper limit of whats possible naturally” and “leaving it up to us in the comment section”? Didn’t he make video before this one already openly talking about taking gear, and that honesty is what made people love him?

  • I haven’t been this excited to release a video in a long time! I hope you all really enjoy it! I think figuring out new ways to incorporate Nuclei Overload Training into my future workout programs is a HUGE step in the right direction for my channel. But until then, I still want to test it out a bit more. So if you want to take on 30 DAYS of TRAPS and CALVES with me be sure to check out this link!

    ( 2:23) BSN SYNTHA-6 GIVEAWAY!
    ( 7:17) SBSPOD
    ( 9:07) 2 Reasons Why Your Biceps Won’t Grow! | Get Bigger Arms!
    ( 12:16)
    ( 12:28)
    ( 12:45)

  • On steroids or not he looks absolutely fantastic. Many people in the gym including me heavy on the juice may have the size but the shape is not there.

  • Very interesting and informative Scot. Just goes to show learn something new every day..I love over training..does shows results..from the republic of Ireland

  • I dont believe in overtraining. Some people like farmers do the same thing INTENSE every day all day and get huge. I did forearms (lacking) the other day for the whole day and didnt feel it at all the next day, starting tomorrow Im gonna beat the shit out of my forearms everyday all day for a month. See what happens

  • Hey man I just got to let you know that ever Since I’ve started watching your videos and listening to your music it has helped me get myself in check over the past few years I have gone from 330 to 205 and just keep it up man love the videos keep them coming

  • You look great and are making awesome progress. Does Danna ever contemplate competing again. You both should compete together. That would be awesome to see

  • Hey Rob what’s up my brother loving the videos please keep it up! Especially if you can your dieting and show more like how to prepare it and definitely loving the workouts from detail to detail it’s an awesome experience and motivational

  • Huge respects for this guy, however for those ppl who think he is natural because it’s possible too gain that weight in 2.5 years, it is. Butt! Look at his body towards the end. He is shredded with abs and veins popping. He’s not that big but the way his body looks is like it’s never looked before. His genetics r not good there is no way he could of achieved that natural

  • Anavar Winstrol or Tren mate. just own up and admit you juice it is blatantly obvious to anyone who is NATTY> I love these you tube guys that talk about diet yet forget to mention the needles they stick in their ass twice a week.

  • Did 600 pushups everyday for five years different variations.. I did other workouts to but my chest is hands down the most developed part of my body…I think your right scott.

  • why you so honest haha, you tell us u on steroids, and you tell us you pose or workout before your instagram pictures i really like the way you talk you honest and not trying to lie ❤️��

  • A more feminine distribution of body fat is just really healthy too, much less prone to getting it in your abdominal area where it can cause issues that way. Granted, unlikely in any case with how you eat and workout…

  • Awesome call out leading up to 5:00! Always ALWAYS great to watch your vids. Thanks for taking the time to compile this and share!

  • 1:50 just because you’re under the limit where no one can be natural any longer doesn’t mean you’re natural.

    Let’s face it (as many retired bodybuilders admit nowadays): everyone that goes on stage is on something. You obviously stop doing these stuff a few days / weeks (depending on what was taken) before the contest so that you’re test will be negative. During the off-season there are no tests at all (not like in other sports) that’s when everyone is starting using them again.

    Even in the men’s physique class (that isn’t so much about pure mass) stuff is taken regularly.

  • For what it’s worth since I’m an effing stranger. I’m proud of you for simply being committed to self improvement. I’m 34 myself and recently as in just the past year have really stepped up my efforts where I knew I could do more but just didn’t in the past. My Mother past away August 13th 2017 and so did the Me who just didn’t try hard enough. Thank You for Your transparency, honesty about yourself and most importantly not giving a single [email protected] #K about what anyone else wants for You except for Rob! FYI The chair broke because Greatness is heavy! haha

  • This guy shouldn’t be allowed to work out, no homo, but he making unfair on the rest of us lool, pick one, anyway good shit as usual.

  • Thanks for being so honest with your explanation. It seems that we all have differences in body fat distribution, in addition to just percentage body fat. Good video!

  • Guys i am 16 year old football player and a bodybuilder i want to make a transformation video would you guys support me at this video?

  • The important thing here is that he looks amazing and has given us so much information. Those people judging about steroid use are just bitches. First of all even if dude was on steroids he still has to kick ass at the gym to look the way he does. One word he is fucking georgeus!

  • Love the music you play at the Gym, some are my favourites and others I don’t know… could you please put together a spotify playlist if you have not already, that would be dope. Also you look awesome, don’t let doubt seep into your mind, another day living is a blessing and you are living it to the fullest.

  • I just laughed my ass off at you breaking the chair, your facial expression was priceless and her gasp in the back ground. You two crack my shit up and are too cute together. Down 17 lbs, looks good on you, hard work always pays off, as you very much know.

  • Very good points when referring to athletes who train the same muscles daily. I appreciate your research and thoroughness on the topic. I will definately implement!

  • This is very interesting especially for me that is a complete new beginner. I started exercising some time ago but wanted to do as heavy as possible every time I trained result… I injured my body to a degree where I am now seeing a physiotherapist and biokineticist etc. and have to start all over again. This time however (after rehab) I will first start build a good and strong base and then gradually work my way up. Thanks for these awesome vids!

  • da der Mensch tagein tagaus verschiedenste körperliche Arbeiten zu verrichten hat, ist wohl auch der Körper darauf konditioniert auf verschiedenste Reize zu reagieren. Deshalb gibt es vielleicht nicht den einen richtigen Weg. Jeder muss wohl Aufgrund Genetik, Veranlagung und Vorlieben seinen für sich besten Weg finden.

  • Bro I’m the same height and weight as you started. Please brother I want to get to 90kg I’m 45kg at 180cm. How did you gain weight and how long did it take. Also how many calories a day did you take and how many times did you go to the gym per week.

  • taking a break and reacquainting is good but you could do something better. Reacquainting is basically what Arnold talked about, except instead of stopping and waiting for your body to forget the exercise and then return and get max gains, he “shaacks dze maascil”(shocks the muscle) and does a completely different set of exercises that his body doesn’t remember so that he can get maximum gains again without stopping and he then does these new exercises until his body starts to catch up, then by this time his body has had a break and has forgotten the old exercises so he switches back and “shaacks dze maascil” again. by doing this you get the benefit of the break without actually stopping your training so you can get continuous high quality gains.

  • During your rest period after the 30days, how long did you take out from training? Did you stop training everything or just that muscle?

  • Keep it up Rob! Don’t be too hard on yourself! You’re doing great! Try not to compare yourself to dieting from Dana’s preps. That’s a whole different level of dieting that’s just not sustainable for health. What you’re doing now is sustainable and healthy! This is inspiring to me too as I am going through a life transformation so keep it! You’re motivating those around you and people all over as you always have!

  • Its actually healthier to carry that fat in your lower body rather than having it on your torso and having excess body fat around your vital areas which can increase heart attack and stroke risk which men typically have more off.. along with other problems.

  • Should have used chicken breast than potatoes. Different density. Potatoes will have larger volume than chicken or beef with same mass.

  • you started workin out because your friends told you seemed to be sick? we are free people and we don’t care what our friends say…

  • I used to be chubby and I’ve been working out for 2 years now and now people say that im too skinny..knowing that you begin at the age of 16 (like I am right now) motivates me a lot!

  • Dude, when you talked about your Brazilians parents, and I saw the Flamengo shirt, I was: “yeah, guy definitely Brazilian”. Br fan here!