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Skinny Blake was lacking confidence so he set aside football to attack the weight room and gained muscle mass and a solid 56 pounds. @bigburdeezy is a 22 6 foot 5 250 pound god @dominicadamiec is an absolute beast And @youngmusclestl Blake Mouyassar who was able to bulk up 70 pounds in a period of 5 months. Heres a transformation video he posted toda. bulked for 2 months, added 20 lbs, from 160 to 180. going to try to bulk to 200lbs and get shredded from there.

Kay: Growing up, I was always very athletic and trained daily as I was a member of National Karate team. That being said, today at the age of 29, I find that no matter what type of exercise I do (cardio, weight training, circuits) that my legs always bulk up. Craziest NBA BODY Transformations *PART 2* Embiid, Anthony Davis, Hayward Duration: Why Certain NBA Players Cant and Wont Bulk Up Duration: 7:56. ModernHoops 368,901 views. 7:56.

Practice holding a specific SPM for an extended period of time. At first it will be rough, but if you persist it will improve. If you are rowing to warm up for your workout, then try this ladder drill, done at an easy pace: Row for 1 minute each at 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18.

I want to bulk up a little and mainly keep lean and cut. I have enough Decca, Sustanon, primo,anavar,enanthate, clomid, arimidex, aromasin and proviron and can get hold of dianobol if needed. Luckily i have a good friend of mine who is a chemist and i get all of it from a well known Uk pharmacy brand. I am thinking of a cycle such as. Week 1-12.

Sheridan Smith’s personal trainer and friend, former Olympian Sarah Lindsay, has helped the Gavin & Stacey actress to shed pounds in just a few short weeks, leading to a dramatic transformation. Home | Idaho Transportation Department. UP TO 30% OFF Cellucor & Xtend. Hot prices on pre-workout, BCAAs and more UP TO BOGO FREE Top Brands It took years to pack on those unwanted pounds.

Losing them will go much faster if you choose one of these four programs to guide your journey. $56.98. 9.2 out of 10 (2747 ratings) Platinum 100% Creatine, 400 Grams. MuscleTech.

2 For $15.99.

List of related literature:

David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
by Randy Roach
AuthorHouse, 2008

That would be about 8 pounds— roughly 5 percent of his body weight.

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance” by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
from The Paleo Diet for Athletes: The Ancient Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance
by Loren Cordain, Joe Friel
Rodale Books, 2012

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

He wisn‘t trying to bulk up.

“Until I Find You: A Novel” by John Irving
from Until I Find You: A Novel
by John Irving
Random House Publishing Group, 2005

A 170-pound, 22-year-old ectomorph who works construction needs a lot more calories than a 200-pound, 37-year-old mesomorph who works in an office.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

The goal was for Nate to drop 20lb in one week and then gain it back in 24 hours with a starting body weight of 190.2lb.

“Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports” by Darren Yas Parr
from Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports
by Darren Yas Parr
Crowood, 2018

It will be great to see what weight his body normalizes at with his newly balanced gut.

“The Skinny Gut Diet: Balance Your Digestive System for Permanent Weight Loss” by Brenda Watson, C.N.C., Leonard Smith, M.D., Jamey Jones, B.Sc.
from The Skinny Gut Diet: Balance Your Digestive System for Permanent Weight Loss
by Brenda Watson, C.N.C., Leonard Smith, M.D., Jamey Jones, B.Sc.
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2014

5–10 pounds of muscle mass (current weight 170 pounds), but he is having a hard time gaining any weight.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

Most guys put on 5 to 10 pounds in the off-season, but I don’t think anyone fluctuates more than that.

“Ask a Pro: Deep Thoughts and Unreliable Advice from America's Foremost Cycling Sage” by Phil Gaimon
from Ask a Pro: Deep Thoughts and Unreliable Advice from America’s Foremost Cycling Sage
by Phil Gaimon
VeloPress, 2017

What is his weight in lbs?

“PTCE with Online Test: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam” by Sacha Koborsi-Tadros
from PTCE with Online Test: Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam
by Sacha Koborsi-Tadros
Barrons Educational Series, 2019

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  • I remember the first time I watched this I was under the impression that she knew it was him the whole time, the reason for that being the scene where we see Jack realize she’s in the right place, it just made me think she knew she had him

  • 2:48 the world’s worst cover, ever. She’s lucky she wasn’t right there to shoot, stab or tackle her. Practically her entire body is exposed to anyone that would be in the kitchen. In reality she would have “sliced the pie”, which is clearing a corner by moving sideways, slowly revealing the room in the direction she’s facing. It’s a tactic everyone in the military learns and it’s extremely common in law enforcement, as it’s the safest way to clear a room.

  • Why she chased him is beyond me, and maybe the one part of the movie I dislike. Why not just exit the house, and go call for backup. Chasing him into the unknown of the basement was completely irresponsible.

  • Me, an idiot: “2 pounds seems light, I dunno. I could probably use my 5 pound weights for this.”

    Me, now: “I sorely underestimated that and owwwwwwwww.”

  • Que felicidad poder disfrutar de estos ejercicios aun que no le entiendo lo que dice trato de hacer todo lo que el hace y me siento muy bien mucha gracia, que rico que los pudieran traducir en español

  • Why would a woman say “sorry” if a man rolls up on her out the blue with aggression? That being weak stuff will potentially get you killed. You admitted the white woman was w. Two Men the sista was ALONE & history proves black ladies are never valued & protected.

  • Soy hispana de Tampa florida no hablo perfect pero me encanta hacer ejercicio contigo hace mucho tiempo atrás lo hice y me puse bien delgada pero me lecciones yo mido 5/5 y peso 142 libras hoy en la tarde empiezo contigo q Rico me muero de los dolores pero me gusta saludos de tampa

  • Collect the mug shots of the women you’ve put in jail for stepping to you in a masculine way. Women do not put your hands on a man.

  • Back in the a guy got locked up and 3 years later this formerly buck 60 guy comes out of the joint at 225 with a 30 inch waste. No juice, a lousy diet of peanut butter and white bread and the man is a beast. The limits are in the mind and bad genetics.

  • Now hold on. Confronting a small, black, unprotected woman on her way to a job that she probably already hates is sooooo different from confronting a white woman who knows she has 2 men to back her up and is out enjoying leisure time in a public place. That’s not a fair comparison at all.

  • These modern females claim to be the mother and the father. They are literally modeling bisexuality but wonder why these dudes are going DL and BW are bisexual/lesbian at a rate of 25 percent!��

  • brilliant musical score. listen to it build the tension. howard shore composing, sound engineer tom fleischman and sound mixer chris newman nominated for an acadamy. love the way the camera leads clarice into the dining room, giving the scene tunnel vision. i can’t quite remember, the moth is a clue amiright?

  • Really stupid of her to ask to use hisphone…stupid

    Could have raised no suspicion an gone down the road to another house to use a phone…wally

  • Oh my goodness. Forgive me but I have never heard that backing a car in a space is maculine. Respectfully, please share where I can research this. Thank you in advance. BTW… I just found your show and I am loving it.��

  • Unfortunately, many young women don’t have their own identity so they copy what they called the new trend. f word is never ladylike. Having feminine energy. Good attitude and mentally sayable.

  • Only the genetically gifted one percenters can have that kind of gain naturally. The rest of us will just have to accept our fate and not to wish for unrealistic gains.

  • I don’t have to check the 5 red flags �� for my chicks ��. Because I date Asian only. And they all pass with flying colors. No reds flags here.

  • It all comes down to how you define natural, doesn’t it. Most would say that’s steroid-free. On the other hand, the pre 1940 guys might even think that whey protein shakes and mass gainers are cheating. They’d probably say, that if you can’t eat it, it’s an unnatural supplement. They didn’t have that. So it’s very possible, even with worse genetics than those guys, to look like them with contemporary supplements.

  • The camera work in this movie was simply brilliant. Many of the scenes where characters speak to Clarice are filmed from her perspective to put the audience in her shoes, especially in the more suspensful scenes.

  • Hey Jack..
    Would recommend diluting the apple cider vinegar a bit since it’s hard on your teeth and throat..Dilute it a bit since it’s very acidic…
    Just thought it’ll help..

  • How come have bacon and cheese as these are unhealthy? I know u want fat to replace carbs but surely healthy carbs is better than fatty unhealthy foods? ��many thanks love u to answer and explain

  • never boringI suggest those with shoulder injuries modify by using no weights or doing less sharing to Ashford Fitness Society (ps. it seems like we are both more comfortable teaching in classvs your newish quarantine workouts;))) stay blessed x

  • I agree with so much of this. KS is mentioned in many other relationship channels and the women are mad at him.. I don’t really understand. He is right on so many things.. harsh but true. My grandmother went to “finishing/charm school” she taught me SO MANY THINGS I loved her charm school books! My Grandmother was taking about shaving off under arm hair AND pubic hair forever she’s 90 years old now! Cleanliness was of the upmost importance……….. I have a 16 year old daughter and I am on her behind and I realize there are so many things that I know and practice but this world/ social media is giving people some very bad messaging. It is a challenge to train your child to be the highest and best they can be! when every one and everything is showing the ratchetness! I don’t care I have high standards and a moral compass. In my house the way is goes is ” THAT”S WHAT THEY DO! NOT WHAT WE DO!”

  • April Mason out here trying to give these women a “fake femininity” cheat sheet for $350.00. Chrissee also have videos on how to APPEAR feminine, ironically she bash BM for asking for feminine BW.

  • Hey everyone, Eric here. Thanks for watching and all the comments. I’ve heard the myth repeated a lot that testosterone levels were higher in this era and therefore it was like these folks were on steroids and natural athletes today can’t hope to come anywhere close. Let’s set the record straight, we have data on 1980’s men having slightly higher testosterone than today, but not on any era prior to that. Think about it, testosterone had not been identified in the early 1900’s and late 1800’s so how could people do blood draws and analyse the testosterone levels of men from this era? Also, even if they had higher levels, similar to as men did in the 1980’s, this would amount to about a pound or two of muscle mass, and less than a single FFMI point increase on average. Feel free to read the research and also check out the analysis on Weightology by James Krieger where he examined the relationship between testosterone and muscle mass showing that for every 100ng/dl increase within the normal range there is an increase of baseline LBM of.6kg. The difference between today and the 1980‘s is pretty small, maybe 15% on average (so maybe you’d see a 100ng/dl increase if you were high normal today vs then) and likely due to lifestyle changes. So if you are an active, exercising, healthy individual lifting weights, you have good reason to believe this wouldn’t apply to you. Also, don’t look back on this era with rose tinted glasses and think they were somehow special. Life expectancy was decades less, the Great Depression occurred as well as WW1, the industrial revolution, and we spent multiple hours more per day doing housework, manual labor, and poverty and malnutrition rates were much higher. Things to consider next time you hear someone make such obviously false claims before repeating them, I’d probably question their motivations as it’s like trying to find any explanation of how physiques like these aren’t possible today despite a complete lack of logic, or historical backing.

  • I am not sure that this analysis is complete and appears to make some rudimentary assumptions. If we look at the size and definition of the average muscled man (strongman, bodybuilder etc) of the so called pre steroid era, we can see that they are far smaller than the body builders of today. Far smaller. So to make a case that they are huge etc (which comes across to me that way) is not reasonable. Eugene Sandow was often touted as having 18 inch biceps, when more realistic measurements from real casts of his arms and other sources put his flexed bicep at closer to 15.5 inches to 16 inches. His weight was touted as 200 Ibs but evidence came forth of his lean weight being in the region of 160 IIbs.
    Experiments with synthetic testosterone may have been going on well before the release of the drug into the medical field.
    Also the suggestion that lifting heavy weights is the only way to get big is not supported by the evidence of history or science. Large body movement exercises of numerous types (obviously involving resistance in most cases) produces muscle growth. Even body weight exercises promote muscle growth.
    It is not necessary to go to a gym to build muscle. My most impressive physique was when I was in industry shifting a lot of materials all day long. A good proportion of us (I was naturally muscular however) had great physiques without the need for a gym. Later as a pen pusher I used the gym regularly but was never as ripped and even though I could focus on specific muscle groups I could not see much evidence of any major increase in muscle size. I was bulkier but less lean. I never used any form of PED.
    What is highly prevalent these days (and many a case, documentary and expose will reveal this) is that the black market for PEDs is enormous and the biggest market is for the casual user not competitive athletes, but of course the smaller group of competitive athletes are not out of suspicion as many an expose reveals) is Steroids and PEDs.
    Making a case more and more for the larger than life Natty being just that becomes more and more preposterous. Starting from the premise “he/she must be natty because I have no other evidence to say otherwise” is naive to say the least. Accusing all people with some decent development is also not fair, but to assume that every one is natty until busted is just not a truth based mindset.
    I could say so much more but have run out if time. Least to say that as a person who has worked as an investigator and in the science field most of my life, also having family who own gyms etc and had intimate discussions with experts in PED use and its study, it makes more sense to say “which one is truly natty” rather than take the opposite position. It is rife and making some people (the providers more so than the recipients) rich. Let’s cut out the pretence please.

  • I think you fail to take into account just where black fathers have left their daughters… IN THE HOOD. Femininity has it’s place, but black women are in survival mode. Maybe she is parking backwards so she can leave her parking space safely and monitor her surroundings? Why compare how black women react to how white women react to certain situations without taking into account how unprotected black women are in the community? Also, I found it odd that you feel it is okay to speak to women at night and then you are surprised by a black woman putting her guard up. Strange

  • 8:57 You can’t even tell if he’s really lean because the picture’s so black and white. There’s lighting and shadows that enhance the look of the muscle.

  • 5’8″ 216lbs 12-15% natural… Lol. That’s 28-29 FFMI. Higher than most Olympia competitors before the 90s. Higher than Arnold on stage. Grt a grip. 25-26 for the genetically gifted, 23-24 for everyone else.

  • I’ve met so many dudes who have a truly weak mentality, do not like training, will not eat enough, have no pain tolerance, and are chronic complainers and excuse makers. They also will not be bothered to research how to train properly. These are the first people who reach for the genetics and steroid cop-out. Absolute vaginas.

  • A limit doesn’t even make sense. So people that believe in a limit are basically saying that if I keep exposing my body to new and ever increasing physical work, and give it the fuel to grow, it just STOPS adapting at some point? Give me a fuckin’ break. Lol. If there is a limit you’d never hit it in your lifetime. People are just always looking for a reason not to train. That’s why people who train purely for the fun of it will always outlast and outperform the fucktards looking for fast gains and shortcuts.

  • Why not just use a bit of test? Omar is at the top end of the natty scale and he doesn’t look that good compared to enhanced guys and fair enough. Just use test reasonably and get the proper tests done and you’ll be fine. Don’t touch anything that’s not test and be conservative with your dosages

  • Natural Limit. Really. Like no one can bench natty over 200 kg. Stupid people make stupid statements. STFU and try it out. Over 20 years plus. Then make a statement.

  • I am natural and look like that so…idk, tired of being attacked for being natural, I call them out for lying about using steroids, and they always turn around and basically say it takes one to know one…makes me wanna slap a bitch, United States Marines don’t need steroids

  • Hey. Thank you for making this. I don’t do any steroids. But my FFMI says 28. I’m 5’ 10”, 255 lbs, and at 17-19% BF. How am I supposed to tell people I’m natural?

  • so lets say l am 70 kg 9% bf can l build still like 15kg muscle? and not be fat at 174cm? l dont get it how it works, l dont get it how they they are 170cm for example and weight 90kg and looking lean

  • So are you guys going to give us an answer or just play the same internet game?

    If there are any nattys out there that want specifics on getting big, strong, or cut I’ll tell you how w/out the youtujbe drama.

  • What if the picture you showede were time travelers and they actually took steroids. They just went back in time to prove to the old world that theyre natural ��


  • 02:03 ” You can follow a pig. you can be NEAR a pig. You can eat with the pig..DON’T EAT the pig, but you can EAT with THE PIG” <<< Can SOMEONE PLEASE SEND THIS TO MELANIE, I MEAN MELANIA TRUMP. i bet she will be thrilled with advice.. Especially, of not having to eat the PIG nor the tiny mushroom<<<<<<= Ask C ORN star Stormy Daniels, she will tell you all about MUSHROOM...

  • From what I just saw was not intentional. People need to take their tampon out and leave him alone. PETA and other organizations should stay the fuck out of his life. If Ceaser was abusing these dogs and other animals the show would have been pulled after the first episode. Like I had said fuck all of these other pussies

  • Hi, Omar and Eric, I really enjoyed your video like many others before. I think that a lot of people misinterpret what was actually postulated in the original article, so I just made my own scientific review of FFMI and how we can interpret the data. Check it out, it’s the real science:)

  • Ffmi does not account for bone weight, fat free mass index means bones and muscle so you might have heavy bones and thus a high ffmi number but not much muscle,

  • I can tell you first hand women DO honest believe they can beat certain men simply because the man doesn’t want to crush them, they honestly think they can take a guy 1 on 1. As a 5’8 man trust me Ive heard several girls try to tell me they believe they could take me in a fight. Ive had to fight off 2 women at once before Both my height and weighed more (of course) and I easily Manhandled them without trying. Its a joke

  • I understand the point of ripped Body Building for Natty’s, but I always believed that we look better with a bit higher body fat % with the higher amount of muscle that it comes with too ripped means you lose muscle in the weight cut. Just my Opinion that a bit of a extra beefier look is better for us Natty’s, for both the look, plus if we have to “bar bounce’ haha.

  • Eating low carb for an athlete is idiotic. Stop promoting products that “burn fat”. They don’t! Being in an energy deficit creates induces fat loss. You don’t need bunk products to burn fat, save your money.

  • Lamento no haber descubierto estos vídeos y este profesor…….me parecen sencillamente INCREÍBLES Y muy profesional. Desde que lo descubrí no dejo de hacerlos casi a diarios-

  • Great, great example of rising tension and portrayal of realization by Jodie Foster. When he walks away and she doesn’t fire, that’s her training holding her back.

  • I have been doing your workout excercise for about a week now and love them all. This is the only excercise that is doable and kept me sweating all the way through. Most other videos are either too hard to do and made me very unmotivated to finish or is doable but I’m not sweating enough. Yours workout videos are just perfect for me to get in my best shape. Thank you.

    P.s. was wondering if you can add calories burned in your future videos. I have a fit watch but would like to compare and estimate my burned calories so that I can manage my fitness better.

  • I spoke to my father who worked out a lot his whole life. He was a massive guy in his prime. I got his stats today and from the info i gathered his ffmi at one point was 28…so ya.. maybe he was just a genetic freak or maybe its not a set fact for the natty limit of 25

  • I mean…. You missed by FAR ALL of the bodyfat percentages… Even so, there are ALWAYS genrtic freaks, 25 is an AVERAGE idiots….

  • Thats a weird looking fench bulldog. His hind legs are really buff and he looks pretty high off the ground. Must have gotten a lot of the boston terrier in his blood.

  • Me gustan tus clases. Me choca mucho que la mayoría sean mujeres y además son mucho mejor que los hombres. ¡Aúpa las mujeres! Un saludo desde España.

  • If you met me, I’d seem scary… I’m a very intense looking guy and so I act extra nice. My face is not how I feel inside, but I do try to be a good dude.

  • Really dude, dollar general cleaning products, cleanser is cleanser, bleach is bleach. That’s the only thing I have ever disagreed with. Everything else was on point.

  • Taking a lot from your dieting/nutrition information you give us and applying the info to where I feel it can help me ���� great outlet for up and coming players. Keep up the content man, gonna try to be active on my channel as well.

  • Thanks for this. I’ve been asked if I was on steroids since 15 years of age. Most of the questions were from pseudo lifters who didn’t know hard work.

  • Great video Jack!!!Can’t wait for the full week training program!
    Every single video is full of information and really well made!Keep going same way!

  • Men. PRior to our chemistry era, athletes were already on the juice by eating sheeps, pig and horses testicles! All on the juice in the Roman empire.

  • And if we’re being real, I think if there were more Nigerians doing circus acts we would see some approach an ffmi of 30 I think.
    I know a Nigerian kid who looks better (having done nothing but push-ups and pull ups a few times a week with track) than the vast majority of high school gym rats.
    Russel Orhii is a perfect example of someone who is almost definitely not using but is a ridiculous 190, 5’5” and sub 10% bf. He’s passed random testing (they showed up to his gym unannounced)

  • Cesar how much wud u charge me to come to the bronx & help me & my legally blind wife with our puppy who has major anxieties if my wife &;I dnt walk her together

  • Great video, glad you address this topic.
    I used to get picked on or teased from women in my family and some friends because I was polite and proper. They used to call me stuck-up or thought I was better than them because I didn’t cuss and act rachet. I agree too many of our women too quick to fly off the handle. Why not assess the situation first before going off.

  • Truth is there is a natural limit because naturally you will never look like Phil Heath or Kai or Ronnie Coleman with out help. So it’s now WRONG.

  • Those guys lived before the “chemical era” Modern day living destroys testosterone: plastics, computers, chem trails, pollution and stress. I bet there were guys even bigger before the days of cameras. Men used to be men modern men would have been used as little fuck dolls for the monsters of the past. Women used to me more manly than today’s men.

  • Great video bro! Very informative! If anyones interested in helping me out, I’m trying to reach my first 100 subscribers by June 1st! Right now I’m at 40 so I have 60 to go:)

  • She could’ve shot him as he’s going for the gun and there still would’ve been protestors rioting and looting
    Oh wait, he’s white. Nvm

  • Great thoughts….. a woman willing to take men on in fights is literally gambling with her life. I have skills and training in certain combatives, keep myself at a high level (fight ready), and I look to avoid confrontations CONSTANTLY… Yet the ‘strong and independent ‘ women, who I NEVER see in the gym training, are looking to scrap��

  • A couple of things here, 1st 100 years ago men had an estimated 50% higher testosterone level then now. 2nd they hardly ever had the opportunity to over eat. No McDonalds on every corner. Our great grandfathers would have kicked the shit out of us. They were the best examples of what the human species should be

  • Eat with the pig.Don’t eat the pig. Ahhahahha xD
    This sounds like me and the relationship with my enemies,I eat with them not actually EATING THEM,lmao.

  • I BRING WAR ON CARBS!!! well, not for others, even with my beliefs I don’t really think it wrong for someone to eat carbohydrates, but Hell no will I eat any more than I have to, given my own experience of them being more counterproductive for me than productive, but there’s some inseparable things one really should consume.

  • Why does it matter? Why do we have a steroids debate in sports? Because it is easier to achieve progress with steroids, so your own work is less using them. People do care about steroids in sports. They are right about it. So they are also right to care about steroids when it comes to non professionals. So simple. It just matters, how someone achieves things. The meaning of the amount of work someone puts on the table matters. Always and everywhere. Everyone should always care about someone being natural or not. Funny thing people seem to forget this. This is purely unethical.

  • It comes down to truth, a lie can be different every time, but the truth can only be the truth. And if they are using their lies to benefit, or influence people than that my friend Carries no honor.

  • “She has on Chanel and Louis Vuitton but at home she cleaning products from the Dollar General”

  • Why do you go for low carb as an athlete? I thought they were our primary energy source and extremely beneficial for sports people.

  • That’s so funny you said women pull in. �� my husband always backs in all the vehicles. You can tell who drove what car that day by the direction it’s facing in the driveway.

  • Hey jack can you do a video/talk about about how to become captain pmd or your team or how you became captain for your team? Thanks!

  • Thank you brother for these tidbits. They’re very relevant and true! I’m 48 but I’m still learning from your channel!! Keep it going blackman! Peace and love from Chicago!

  • How many calories would you go for if you’re trying to burn fat, but still have a training that day? Would you go for 2000kcal as an example, but with high carb? Keep up with the content!

  • Ay, I just jumped back on the Taebo train. I used to do the VHS tapes back in the day! �� Mannnn fat has no choice but to burn with Taebo!!!! ����

  • You can only get big naturally if you have NATURAL good testosterone levels…. if your levels are under 600 your prob not gonna look the way you want…… science debunks all this talk

  • Comes to tphcm fc ( a team in vietnam 1st division ) we are playing in afc cup ( asian europa leauge ) this year and probably the afc champions leauge next year. We have a lot of high quality player and a rich owner. Therefore, we can pay you a high amount of money.

  • The study never said 25 was the absolute limit, 25 was the average limit of the group that was being studied.
    26-29 was considered suspicious but attainable naturally and 30+ is definatley steroid use.
    I don’t know where the myth that the study said 25 is the absolute natty limit came from.
    My ffmi is 26.8 and my two nephews are 25.8 and 27.4 we are Samoan and my nephew at 27.4 is constantly asked about steroid advice at the gym i’ve also been called out for steroid use which i take as a compliment.
    I think a lot of people don’t realize that genetic heritage plays a big part and that the ffmi study did not factor this in.
    A pygmy will never develop as much muscle as a Tongan or Samoan naturally

  • Great video as always! You released by Forest in 2015 and you sign for Minnesota in 2016. How was the being free agent? How did you train during that time?

  • With genetic modification, it’s possible to increase mice’s muscle mass by 400% compared to wild fenotype. Applied to humans, that would make about 300 lbs of muscle which is definitely more than the FFMI “limit” which is just an arbitrary cutoff point.

  • Can you do a video where you explain when and how to do gym work and weightlifting during the season, with one to two games a week? Like how to be able to train hard and still be recovered to play regularly.

  • Very nice video as always. I love those „full day of eating“ vlogs �� Even though I would prefer to seeing you turn vegan/vegetarian ��since you often use scientific arguments (intermittent fasting, apple cider vinegar, etc) More and more professional footballers in Germany eat vegan/vegetarian, especially regarding the digestion and regeneration. Would be interesting to see your arguments for an omnivore diet as a professional footballer (or a person who wants to be healthy) ��

  • one of the reasons the ffmi is inaccurate is because it’s a bunch of idiot fake natty hunters on the internet looking at photoshopped pictures, guessing body fat % by eye and then using the stats these fitness models lie about to calculate it. I.e. their entire idea of what s possible is based on inaccuracies in the first place.

  • Can I know what food can I eat so that I lose weight…and I’m so inspired of ur Zumba video I start it now with my friends.. thanks for this video

  • 1900 calories? i feel bad on 2300-2400. Body needs energy when we train. Why calorie intake is so low? someone can explain me this?

  • Great video bro! Interesting to see footballer diets during this time. It’s Ramadan and I’m fasting so my diet is so much harder to keep up with aha!

  • Definitely want a full week of training, coz I wanna know the pattern of rest days and yeah thanks for the insights. Always helpful

  • Hey Jack, loving the content. Just wondering if you drink the protein shake all at once, or do you drink one half first and the other half after a couple hours? One of my professors mentioned the body can only digest 25-30g of protein per meal and therefore the excess isn’t all that useful. Is this something you’re familiar with? Thanks man!

  • All the historical muscle men before steroids were “real” muscle men they were huge by comparison to today’s “natural” muscle men making natural Bodybuilders look like a joke by comparison the ONLY WAY to be a real bodybuilder is to lift heavy weights for your entire life eat tons of meat and posses great genetics, now days all the muscle you see on men and women come from a little vial of hormones

  • Fear does not equal femininity. This is the act of some ‘Becky’s. That aside…reacting to an aggressive man day or night is never wise.

  • Well, 100 years ago they probably had much higher T-levels naturally. Their hormone balance were probably not attacked daily like it is today with modern life.

  • Greeting Jack, i am fitness trainer and i have a tip for you, i think it is not healty for you eathing such a little number of calories 1900 and low carb days too because you pump and stress the body all the time through year and body is just adapt and it is matter of time when it quit belive me i see that on my body i was playing too football and futsal but lower leagues and probllem with tyroid catch me and now i can play and all that but not on level i was before. That is just my tip. I see you now something about nutrition but dont play with this it can be too serious,now is time when you need rest body and give him energy to recover and not to dietinig. Greeting

  • Bear in mind that most natural guys on youtube who have been training for close to or more than a decade rigorously (vitruvianphysique, omar, etc…) all seem to have FFMIs under 23 and nowhere near the “genetic limit”. My FFMI right now is estimated at 21.7 and I’ve been training for years (since October 2014) using strict science based protocols. I wouldn’t say my genetics are terrible either considering I look more muscular than most of my lifting buddies especially in my upper body despite very similar total time training and approaches. Here’s a pic of me as an example:

    I refuse to believe such a brutally massive disparity in FFMI is due to genetics either, since if we compare muscle potential to other things such as height, IQ, dick size, etc… there is a very clear correlation in terms of percentage above the mean extreme outliers are comparatively. In this case 10% above the average in all regards is considered a genetic freak encompassing the top 98th-99.999th percentile. Take for instance my height of 6’4 (76 inches). The average height for men where I live is roughly 5’9 (69 inches). I am 7 inches above the average height of 69 inches which is just a little over 10%. That makes me approximately 2.41 standard deviations above the average which means I’m taller than 99.2% of men here. That means for every 1000 dudes you will meet, 8 will be my height or taller.

    If we then come back and compare my current weight (190lbs at 6’4 at about 10% BF) to what I would need to weigh to achieve an FFMI of about 25 ([email protected] 8.7% BF), that is a solid 30lbs of lean tissue. That would be adding about 16% of my current bodyweight in pure muscle onto my frame. 30lbs of pure muscle is the difference between what most of you looked like before lifting and what you look like now after training rigorously for 3-5 years naturally. Now take all of that and slap it on my frame. For me to hit the natural limit of 25 alone at my current bodyfat level seems extremely
    unlikely. Going to something like 26-27 is just laughable.

  • I had a Dr warned me that I was borderline obese. LOL
    The idiot measured my chest to waist difference and STILL ignored the muscle mass and went with height:weight.
    Then she qualified it saying my belly measurement was well under threshold… SHE was obese BTW.

  • I can’t seem to find anymore of his DVDs I love this man. His work out videos have given me good energy and wake up happier in the mornings, love to work out with his videos in my garage with the TV and DVD I’m old school like that. Does anyone know where I can find more of his DVDs?

  • working from home. But this a real fact that if you learn this art, you can make more than 100,000 Rupees.


  • The fact that we’re eating foods with higher trans fats and preservatives and have more sedentary lifestyles in the U.S. nowadays than back then (cars weren’t as widely used and more people walked), all that has to do with testosterone production. People were leaner and lower fat percentages have positive correlation to testosterone increase.

  • Seeing Omar looking intensely at him intensely and nodding emphatically reminds me of that kid in high school that did this mockingly to the teachers talking: 1:50

  • Being vegan…That is so true! I can smell a man and tell he is a heavy fast food/junk food eater. That all actually comes through the pores.

  • I thought it was 25 along with under 10 percent body fat. A lot of the old timers are not that low. Sandow is an exception… Possibly he use something to burn fat… And not sure of his weight… But i think he is close to 25.

  • Hello, I’m just wondering if women aren’t allowed to curse, why aren’t the men taking the lead to not curse! Men are the head and leader of the home or relationship why is it the you can and not the woman can not?

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  • My dad would always tell me not to curse. He really doesn’t like when women speak that way. I understand why. It’s so masculine. My friends would make fun of my for using alternative words lol.

  • I honestly don’t believe Eugene Sandow was 202 lbs in these pics. Maybe at his heaviest bulking. But cut like that noway. If you don’t believe me look at what 175lb fighters in mma look like, i rest my case

  • I wanting to eat a lot of calories so even on my test day should I be eating still good portion of carbs as I eat to gain muscle and eat a lots of calories

  • Dude I am feminine don’t like to argue and I love to drive a manual transmission and whip it, because it is fun. I can’t fight though lol.

  • You can been feminine without a lot of money or expensive items. Poor behavior is unacceptable. Don’t knock people who cannot spend thousands on a purse.

  • Then why are you two guys so far away from even being 24 FFMI (let alone 25)? Is it because you have terrible genetics? Or is it because you don’t know how to train?

  • Anybody remember the bus driver and the women, who spit on him after talking miles of ish? She learned what you are talking about that day!

  • This one LTR I was in…the femininity was fake..I just didn’t see until it was too late and I was in deep. She actually railed on me for taking care of myself. She also cursed like a sailor.

  • Shout out to you Kevin, after working on myself i learned how to avoid toxic woman. I finally found my FBI and as of today we are on the way to Bali for vacation ����

  • When you realize Chris from Family Guy was based on Buffalo Bill… you can kinda hear it when he says “Was she a great big fat person?”

  • I wish that my crazy French Bulldog Pierre was be able to follow anyones directions. He was well educated when first arrived. But now, after age of 2, he is a free spirite like Red Kit..

  • Hey Jack, do you take creatine? I was a bit surprised to see some mls players get creatine delivered to their house during quarantine. What are your thoughts on taking creatine specifically for the soccer physique. Maybe you can comment on this in your next full day of eating vid. Thanks for your great content.

  • Just FYI, there are differences between cursing, cussing, and swearing! Cursing, witchcraft sort of thing, were someone putting a curse on you via roots, cussing is profanity, and swearing, someone who makes promises by a name, (i.e I swear by… I am gonna)! Information can be taken with a grain of salt.

  • The main characters house for the movie “The Lovely Bones” is on our street. It WAS for sale but because of the COVID-19 pandemic they took it off the market. Naturally the realtor played up they homes ‘movie’ notoriety. Can you imagine if THAT home goes up for sale!

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  • Only 1 I disagree with is going to dollar store for my cleaning productsI’m a professional but I also value my dollar & some of these dollar places have Clorox, Ajax ect

  • This girl I was with thought cause she was dressed in church clothes thought she could just go in burger King and sing at the top of lungs yea of course she was drugs and couldn’t sing either ������‍♂️


    LUKE 14:12-14





  • All that protection sound good.. but I’ve seen times were women need help and clearly are defensiveless only to have men around just on looking… black women have to protect them selves because no one else will… I get what Kevin is saying however it’s not that cut and dry in most cases!! The protection piece

  • I wish I learned this earlier in life. I turned 25 yesterday so I still have time to make finding feminine women a habit. The thing is if you are a naturally aggressive man you cannot deal with a woman who is always confrontational. You already have to deal with the bs of the world. Why would a man with his life together want to come home to chaos? Great video!

  • When I first heard the unfortunate story I didn’t understand why she didn’t tell the Circle K people about what happened when she entered the store. I also didn’t understand why she didn’t immediately call 911. All that being said the report April Mason gave regarding several men’s reactions to her cousin’s unfortunate experience was very sad. Collectively, it doesn’t make men look good either.

  • Bro something to bear in mind if you aren’t already aware is that your basal metabolic rate doesn’t take into account the thermal effect of food which is the calories that your body burns from processing the food. This is often estimated at about 10% of your calories but protein has a higher thermal effect so it could be even higher. There’s more info here if you’re interested

    So your actual maintenance when doing no activity is probably close to 2200 calories rather than 1950

  • the first anabolic steroid a synthetic testosterone was invented in the 1930s and was actually used on soldiers in WW2. Please learn history before you speak on a subject
    “The winner of the marathon at the 1904 Olympic Games, Thomas Hicks, was given strychnine and brandy by his coach, even during the race.”

  • I feel like I’m the only bodybuilder in my town, I really have to change gyms, no one can keep up or wants to, I kinda want a training partner, as a tool, to help us both push eachother to get more out of training, Vegeta would have never gotten as strong as he did if not for kakarot…am I right?

  • Is how you bring them up check out (kevin ray banks ) on you tube support will show you in depth information on french bulldogs ��❤️

  • This is why men need fathers. Fathers teach men not to mess with these types of masculine women. Nonfeminine women should have no value to a heterosexual man.

  • My Frenchie still won’t walk on leash, trying for 6 months. I’ve tried treats, walking with other dogs, major praise…. no success. Any ideas???

  • I like lifting cuz I just happen to like hard work, the personal challenges and the ability to change my body in a way that I choose

  • The thing to remember about these photos is there’s no context; Sandow may look buff but he was also 5’7…
    As for the ‘fake naturals’ well if these guys are so natural, and so legit, why don’t they just enter a drug tested body building show and take the easy win? They’re clearly bigger than anyone in those shows so why don’t any of them want free money…

  • Good on you Cesar stick it to the haters that just want their 2 minutes of fame and can’t do it without trying to bring someone famous down mega fail, Cesar unlike them knows what he’s doing and helped this dog and it’s owner, who by the way is very happy with Simon and at the end of the day she’s the one that matters as she has to live with the dog..10 out of 10 to Cesar for sticking it to them.YAY!!

  • ► Hi friеnds. If уou оr а lovеd onе nеeeeеds helр with drugs oоr alcohol аddictiоn CALL ►►► 1-888-966-2616 (Toll-Free)
    Dоn’t wаit until its too lаte wherее there is life there is hoррe peaаaаcе and blessings!

  • why would he invite her in? she doesn’t suspect he’s the killer, so he should’ve turned her away and retreated before more police arrive

  • Holy smokes… you just described my own mother..69 years old and she is still so quick to defend herself.. ready to fight! My dad got so tired of it.

  • Take that any haters watching this thinking that Cesar doesn’t know what he is doing. We see the successful results of his socialization/training methods. Man..some people are ready to just jump up and make a big deal out of nothing. A dog nips a pig during a socialization exercise meant to help the dog and its owner, and some people are ready to call abuse and get authorities involved. Yeah, I read that authorities were called and did an investigation because some moron. I say arrest whoever called that in for wasting people’s time. This man helped an owner with her dog’s animal aggression and possibly saved the dog’s life since there was a possibility that she would have gotten rid of the dog for if it kept on attacking her other pets. And this is the thanks Cesar Millan gets for helping out? An investigation? Plus that dog was part French Bulldog and Boston Terrier and those dogs are Bully/Bulldog breeds that come from American Pit Bulls..people that know American Pit Bulls know they were bred as all-around farm dogs to be cattle/hog dogs to catch, hold, and control livestock like bulls and big game like wild pigs. So Bully/Bulldog breeds are very likely to have a tendency to be high prey driven/aggressive towards other animals. Also, pigs are much..MUCH tougher than some people give them credit for. They have pretty thick hides and it will take much more than that to seriously affect one. Seriously, out of all the Pit Bull wild pig hunting videos I have seen..not one pig was killed by a dog. Pit Bulls..being as powerful as they are..were only bred to catch and hold down those animals. A part French Bulldog/part Boston Terrier dog will not affect a pig that much.