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She Sheds: Plans for How to Build & Customize

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Man Cave She Shed Garden Office

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Before-and-After Shed Makeover HGTV

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Transforming Our Shed Into A HOME GYM! Under $720 DIY

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List of related literature:

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
from Power Eating-4th Edition
by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
Human Kinetics, 2013

Before he left his former facility, his personal trainer told him that he was “gaining about 8 pounds a month of muscle with his program,” and “because some of his fat was being turned into muscle, he was probably losing more fat than the scale indicated.”

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from Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

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from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
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AuthorHouse, 2008

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from The Total Money Makeover Workbook
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Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

He easily shed over 30 pounds in around eight weeks—without any notable exercise.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Playing a POW who has been imprisoned in a camp for two years, Davies lost 35 pounds off his already incredibly slim frame, bringing his weight down around 100 pounds.

“Finding Lost Season Four: The Unofficial Guide” by Nikki Stafford
from Finding Lost Season Four: The Unofficial Guide
by Nikki Stafford
ECW Press, 2009

He lost 21 kg over 5 months, with no significant change in eating habits or food consumption, and felt more energetic, more active, and more motivated to exercise.

“Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs 15E: The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions” by Jeffrey K. Aronson
from Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs 15E: The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions
by Jeffrey K. Aronson
Elsevier Science, 2014

He gained flesh and added fifty-five pounds to his weight during the following six months, and was restored to excellent health.

“Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws” by Herbert M. Shelton
from Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws
by Herbert M. Shelton
Health Research, 1979

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  • The frustrating thing is I was in a position to build a large ‘granny flat/Garden room’ to live in 20 years ago.I wish I had known then what I know now.I could have saved tens of thousands in rent and other waste………
    oh well….you live and learn

  • Horrible. Sheds are supposed to blend into the background so you don’t see them. Eg paint green.
    This could require planning permission, and is definitely anti-social. Now occupying area at all times and weathers looking towards neighbours windows. Pushing permitted development too far.
    More thought is needed by people doing this sort of thing.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. I think many artists and crafters would like to see the transformation. I didn’t have a back shed so I am having a 10×12 room built behind my garage. I also had my art supplies in closets in the house. I am eager to get them all in one place.

  • Great build mate,done one myself heres a link for all the haters regarding planning permission

    Keep up the awesome work

  • This is so well done! We’re planning on maybe doing something like this and I’m wondering roughly how much it cost? Awesome job, looks amazing!

  • I thank God for this video, I was on the verge of giving up after losing 32pounds and gaining 5 so this just hit the nail on the head!!!!!
    I completely relate and she just spoke well!!!!!
    God bless you, please keep inspiring others!
    I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!❤❤❤❤

  • $5000?? If only my family could surprise me with something like this… This would be perfect to do my art here to distance myself from my parents… Oh well…

  • I would have torn out all of that rotten fencing so I didn’t have to look at it through the windows. Nice DIY! Like that it wasn’t just bought and assembled.

  • Did you use two different kinds of barrier on the ground before the subfloor and sleepers? What kind of
    barrier was it? Plastic? Rubber membrane?

  • You look great sis, congratulations.
    Am trying to lose baby weight, it has not been easy atal but I believe I will get there one day. Thanks for this video, very inspiring.

  • I hope my bum won’t disappear o! I need to drop at least a dress size before this lockdown is over ��. Nice one! From team N and A

  • Why the fuck even put side windows in when all you’ll have for a view is another wall 2 feet away or am I the only one that noticed that

  • This is great I’ve watched this like 6 times since it came out I’ve been wanting to build something like this. Keep up the good work

  • Good job for a DIY, I would have done a few things differently. Namely I would have not have it recessed into the ground due to moisture and the floor boards would go painted side down. Overall good job, and I’m sure you’re aware you saved thousands! $

  • Hi! ✨�� I’m Mary and I have a Drawing Channel with over 400 Art Videos, mostly Watercolor and Inkpen Art.
    It would be awesome if you could check it out ��✨

  • I’m so proud of you new sub here!! I’m still on my weight loss journey too!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! I hope we can stay connected and support one another! I just uploaded a new video lol! ❤️����✨

  • Jealous of your remodel!! Its my dream to do the same �� curious if it gets really cold in your area, I live in New Hampshire and heating/preventing freezing has been a concern for my dream space.

  • I am not looking �� to build a she shed I am looking �� building a hiding place a fortress that I can hide in on occasions one that has a large balcony deck 8 �� high one ☝️ that I can mount a large ships �� wheel on that way my wife will know she has a pirate ��‍☠️ in the backyard drinking beer �� and when I get an itch my winch can’t bring me beers �� on occasion, don’t tell her I said that because it takes the sexy out of it. That’s living the life!

  • wow the faux brick wall is one of the most creative ideas I’ve seen. This is a lovely space. Question: why did you have to remove the paneling for drywall?

  • Sis you’re really funny. Respect yourself and the waist!���� Love your personality and congratulations on the weight loss! You look amazing!���� #Subscribed!����

  • Your studio turned out beautifully but please reinforce the support for your chair. That 2×4 is not going to support body weight for long without bracing.

  • Wow you look amazing!! Well done you are glowing all over!! Im a newbie here, would you like to genuinely su pp or t each other?xx

  • You are very encouraging. Thanks for sharing. By the way drinking tea everyday isn’t bad. Chinese people drink tea like 20 times a day.

  • love your personality and how this turned into a motivational video! Thank you so much! I definitely want to get fitter not necessarily lose weight. I love walking so I need to do that more. My portion size is what I need to work on.

  • Do you live in a warm climate? How do you deal with air flow? Thinking about making one of these but not sure if to make it open air or use air conditioner/ fans since ours does have electricity. Any input?

  • Congratulations Girl!!!! Thanks for Sharing ur Journey!!! Super Inspiring. Ur right there is also a mental component to losing weight.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey<3
    you were very motivational!!
    I weigh about 70kg (154lbs) and I’m a petite girl of 150cm (4’11ft), planing to lose about 20kg (44lbs) to be at a healthy weight! and I’ve just started doing intermittent fasting (16:8) & clean eating few days ago +trying to walk around 10,000 steps everyday!
    hoping that I’d actually stick to it this time and reach my goal and just be healthy

  • I finally came back to finish the video. Sis intermittent fasting helped me shed of 12kg of baby fat.. And of course I cheat alot too.. Your results are amazing ������Team N&A

  • Did you need planning permission and what is the max external height from the outside and what is your internal height from floor to ceiling, love what you built inspired me to start my own.

  • Hi Angus. I’m following your design and I’m about to build the roof. What was the depth of the OSB you used on the roof? And did you put in air vents?

  • That seem typical in your country to not have a real foundation. That floor will be infested in your damp yard. How would you make any repairs to it or the wall surrounding it? Poor decisions

  • Anybody new…..?
    I just clicked on this video and was about to click off when she said Brianna….my name is Bryanna… But I like the video any way!

  • So stunning! Love everything about this, especially the little water ball thingies, what are they? Also, does anyone know what sings wee used. I love the aesthetic vibe <3

  • I did keto and lost 15kg in 3months but i didnt look good…extreme weightloss makes me look sick…after keto i went back to normal eating and added all the weight back. Now im back again just OMAD IF

  • Hey ever though about doing a blog about the build. Helping out those of issue who are trying to replicate something like this. Hats off by the way it really is something to be proud of

  • Oh my goodness $5,000! That is a lot of money for something so small. I helped my Dad make one from scratch and it was less than $4,000 and is 24″ long by 18″ wide. Now that is not all decorated up on the inside but it does have flooring and is finished with dry wall. I just wish I could live in it rather than store “precious junk!”

  • Great amazing job at changing your health and life also this is the very first video I’ve ever came across with zero dislikes being a month or so old

  • Love the transformation!! Just a heads up: Depending on what climate you are located in, you will most likely get problems with moisture and mold in the future. You need an airtight wrapping like plastic inbetween the isolation. And the roof needs the same treatment +insulation:) (from a constructional engineering student:D) looking forward to you channel however:D <3

  • I stop eating bread, rice and pasta. I loose 14 pounds in 5 weeks. Now I introduce all the carbs back, but I only have 1 each week. If I have rice this week (ones) I have pasta next week, etc

  • Brilliant garden room and workmanship. The roof should have been pitched to the front and the guttering could have gone into water butts on either side of the building, rather then a soak away.

  • Funky Instrumental by Angus
    What a masterpiece!
    Google didn’t let me use the link provided so I manually searched you. ��% worth it.

  • When I first clicked on the vid you seemed so natural and good at blogging I thought you would have millions of subscribers but then was surprised you didn’t I think you filmed the vid really well and I think you have a good youtube career ahead of you ����

  • While I love the idea of a She Shed, a man cave is just as important. We all need to have that special place to call our own where we can go to relax or do that favorite thing (hobby) we are passionate about.

  • Power supply from the house…………………………bit vague mate! IP66 external? MCB inside? Lighting 2.5mm cables circuit OR 13A mains supply? Armoured cable? Lots of ifs and buts

  • Ur a real one for still commenting and liking posts 4 years later

    Also 1 question, you built this in a foresty type area out of wood so don’t you have any concerns for like bugs and insects getting in? Or did you do something to prevent that b/c I’m planning on building something just like this
    Plz reply

  • Any DYI project will always be cheaper if you do it yourself. However, you have to know what your doing, otherwise it could take forever to build one. The skylights are lovely. I would want them in mine along with insulation and electricity.

  • Yes weight loss is a journey… I have been overweight for 2 decades… And now I have made little changes which is like huge changes…… This is so good..

  • Lovely art shed, excellent to be the first video. You have a lovely voice, voice-over is definitely encouraged from time to time in the videos:)

  • Omgg well done this is amazing. You must be so proud. You’re literally the sweetest and i cant wait to watch more of your videos �� ��

  • What did you use for the walls? I am currently in the process of turning my shed into an art studio as well, but it needs some wall like fixture other than dry wall. What material did you use?

  • You are the first girl i know in the world that even doesnt try to look beautiful, but already beautiful from inside and (im pretty sure) outside also talented

  • I always read the comments knowing full well that I’m going to be annoyed. Clearly, I am the nosiest sort of masochist lmao.

    I love this and would totally live in it.

  • Well done on your journey! I literally just came across your channel. Your sincerity in this video is so real, inspiring and motivating that I had to like and subscribe <3

  • Great job on the cave bud. Could you tell me types of membranes you used throughout? Im starting to build a log cabin and cant seem to find good advice on what I should be using as membranes.

  • You look incredible! So inspirational! I recently lost 48 pounds & I’m watching transformation videos to get motivated to keep going! Thanks for sharing!:)

  • a small Ac unit for less than $100.00 would work fine. run an extension cord if you can’t afford having electrical installed. Trust me I live in Texas. I know about the heat. you usually have to plan outdoor activities accordingly or even seasonally.

  • I’m am currently doing planning and ordering for summer house. When looking on line to order damp proof membrane, I’m struggling to find any detailed as breathable, planning mainly for under floor and roof, do you think most is breathable or would this matter?

  • Should have put a layer of plastic moisture barrier up, used drywall mesh tape over your board seams and run your electrical outlets before putting the boards up. Or surface mounted conduits and outlets.

  • This project looks nice, although the price tag is seeming to detour people from building this, it still leaves room for improvements. Adding renewable energy source such as PV panels on top while having battery packs to store that gathered energy will have an increase cost but also has the benefit of not driving up your power bill, not to mention you would have somewhere to go if your power goes out. Even if you don’t do PV, you can still put a mini fridge and an AC unit would give you the ability to make this into a nice game room for the kids or yourselves when you don’t want to deal with things going on inside the home (like when your wife throws a girls only party in the house). People that grow all sorts of plants could use this as a grow room too due to the ability to control temps inside. I know I’m rambling on at this point but overall it is a good project to do if you have the yard space for, my only thing is to see if there would be a more cost efficient way to achieve the same or similar result.

  • this is great foe me i will do this when i move and redo my Artist being i am…………………..this is great…………….marvelous

  • Ramdom friend: What are you doing this afternoon?
    Angus: Building a small house, I’ll be done by 9, you can call me then.

    This was inspiring and great!!!

  • I love how sincere you spoke about your weight loss journey and challenges in a Nigerian perspective which is quite uncommon unlike Instagram fitness and motivational speakers “lost 100kg in 15days”. I’m proud of you babe.

  • 66 pounds. Wow! Gonna try the tips and document it for my subscribers as well. Keep it up girl. From Ada&Nelo
    Mental preparation is key

  • As if the entire rest of the house wasn’t already “her space”… tools once more being relegated to the garage, which will most likely have them evicted once that space is needed too for more of “her stuff”.

  • Nice job. Tight space to work in too. How did you cover the roof?(Permitted development rules are for planning permission only though. Building reg rules are different, and that may have been on the councils radar due to its floor area. But if it’s been in place for 5 years they can’t take you to task now anyway.)

  • Hi Angus, loved the work you did. i also want to follow your design, i have backyard all paved. my question is do i need foundation or i can just build it on pavers? thanks in advance

  • You had me mapping out my building plans until the 5K part. C’mon I know you’re a hardware store but no one is paying 5K for a she-shed

  • Loved the round wall vases. Are they hard to keep watered? What changes have u made? Do you use the space as much/more than you thought u would? �� Will ck out ur art! ��

  • You Can buy this exact shed at Lowes. It is called the “MetropolitanLean to shed ” by Heartland. It cost roughly $1899 if you just have it delivered by Lowes and you DIY. For roughly $2600 you can have Lowes build it on site at your home in your backyard. In person it looks much bigger than the video. It is 8ft 12ft.