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Transformation: Anthony Cascio Slashes 45 Pounds! Transformation Stats; Before: After: 05/06/2012: 08/26/2014: 238lbs: 193lbs: Bodyfat %: 40ish: Bodyfat %: 8ish: Instagram: @maccascio_fitness: What Was Your Life Like Before Your Transformation? Before I got into shape I was the typical post-college male.

I had what seemed to be a never ending. 1.45 pounds Manufacturer Flat River Group ASIN B00VTDX68A Item model number 84575 Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 75 ratings. 4.5 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank Anthony Cascio. 4.0 out of 5 stars great for displaying play sets. Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2017.

Despite research evidence that calls many of these tactics into question (Cascio, 1993(Cascio,, 2003 Cascio & Wynn, 2004 ; Cascio, Young, & Morris, 1997 ), as well as the costs associated with. Spectrum Infoz SpecDex; SpecDive Tactical, LLC SpecDog Show Fotorelacje z wystaw psów ZKwP FCI; SpecDom K.Podsiedlik SpecDriver; Spectrum Infratech India Pvt. Ltd. SpecDrum.

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List of related literature:

His weight evidently fluctuated greatly at this time, because newspaper articles on the young Hardy had him weighing 350 pounds.

“Laurel & Hardy: A Bio-bibliography” by Wes D. Gehring
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The overall weight was probably close to twenty pounds, but with the belt on some of the weight was taken off of his shoulders.

“The Choice of Magic” by Michael G. Manning
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pounds and figures he gained a few in muscle weight because his body looks so different.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
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Oxandrolone was added and Seth’s weight increased to 50.9 kg, bringing his BMI into the transplantable range.

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The weight on his 5’8″ frame mysteriously dropped to 88 pounds.

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His body, indeed, seemed to have lost half its bulk and many inches of stature and breadth, but these were compensated for by the change in his head.

“Decoding Gender in Science Fiction” by Brian Attebery
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David Bogenberger went on in his June, 1967 article to tell of yet another one of Rheo’s fantastic proverbial 99 lbs. (45.0 kg) weakling transformation stories.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
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Bray seemed to be about the same height, weight.

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During his three years of confinement in Wisconsin, PW Kurt Pechmann matured from a youngster of 120 pounds when captured to a formidable 185 pounds before he returned to Europe.

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His kit’s total weight was forty pounds.

“Philip II of Macedonia: Greater Than Alexander” by Richard A. Gabriel
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  • You kind of remind of Holly H and SSSniperwolf… which is a good thing! She was going to enroll in college at 16!?! She must be very smart… also congratulations on your progress! You should be very proud!☺

  • They are very inspirational wowwwww, all glory to God almighty. Great ���� video my dear, well done ����. God richly bless you ����������������

  • For what it’s worth, I lost 60 pounds in 90 days through a biggest loser challenge at work. It was all cardio with a disciplined diet. That was 3 years ago and I have sustained my weight and made workout my daily routine. Diet and exercise is the formula.for a healthy body and mind.

  • On 3 separate occasions in my life I have lost 35 lbs……don’t eat ANYTHING after 5 PM, drink no booze or soda while drinking plenty of water. Make lunch the big meal of the day and have a tiny dinner….

  • OMG hahaha LOL the medication they would have given you was to slow down your thyroid functions which effects all of your systems; and if you didn’t have hyperthyroidism then it probably gave you and underactive thyroid causing your metabolism to slow down and gain weight increasingly faster than your normal rate…BUT SIS SUPER PROUD OF YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY! KEEP THRIVING!!!

  • It doesn’t matter how you lose the weight, if your losing 60 pounds in 60 days you are losing weight in an extremely unhealthy way and you will likely suffer permanent damage to your health. The goal should not be lose weight as fast as possible but lose FAT at a reasonably fast constant pace, while maintaining muscle and good health.

  • Koliko ljubomornih i zavidnih ljudi ima koje nece ku*** da mrdnu i onda pljujete po tudjem trudu i upornosti, zato sto ste takvi cijeli zivot ce te biti nule obicne:) Od skora te pratim Laki i svaka čast na ovoj transformaciji i inspirirat ce mnoge sigurno kao što je i mene trenutno:D

  • Ovaka transformacija bez kemije prirodno u 90 dana je moguća, ako si ovo bez kemije odradio odličan posao! ako je to tvoj izgled sa kemijom u 90 onda si los ne znas trenirati i nemaš genetiku. Pozz

  • wowwww, these transformations are truly revoluntionary. Congrats to them all and thank you for sharing. I will definitely be working on my nutrition during quarantine 😉

  • You are my 4th friend that shows I am no longer subscribed. I have been a way a bit but certainly never unsubscribed. Hmmmmm not sure why. Smashed the button just to be sure!

  • Gledam komentare i zgrozio sam se koliko su ljudi ljubomornicim malo bolje izgledas odmah hemija a ne shvaćaju da si na hemiji bio 20 kila tezi a sad si se uglavnom izdefinisao plus blago povećanje mišićne mase i malo minde muscle connection i definitivno je moguće prirodno od mene imas podrsku jedino ne volim sto se previše glupiras al dobro shvatam da hoces da privuces mlađu publiku.

  • humans did not evolve for millions of years to workout at the gym. just eat less and no need to exercise. save money on food, save money at the gym save energy for something useful like sex and mowing the lawn.

  • I started going to the gym half a year ago and gained about 6kg. I have no idea why since I do a lot of cardio training and I didn’t change my diet. It’s frustrating.

  • Memorija misica, mala kilaza, tacno dozirana ishrana, trening sa tezinama i kardio trening.. Ljudi koji znaju materiju do sitnih detalja i koji poznaju svoje tijelo i uz to imaju idealne uslove i vrhunsko znanje ovo je itekako moguce.. 78kg tezinaa prirodnog covjeka u formi, da je uzimao nesto ne bi sigurno isao na tako nisku kilazu.. Hvala brate na klipuu, sto si nam ovo predstavio, a znao si da ce te neznalice prozivati,, Ziv bio!

  • nema se tu sta raspravljati,on ako nije uzeo steroide neka ode u kliniku i iznese na public rezultate krvi,i tocno ce se vidjet da li je koristio nesta ili nije i tjt,tako se jedino moze opravdati,sve ovo bez dokaza i opravdavanje rijecima pada u vodu,i da nemoje misliti da je lagano sa steroidima postici ovako nesto za 3mj,svakako se zrtvovao jako,Lp!

  • I’ve recently went from 134 to 170 and I’ve been struggling with losing weight every time I lose weight I feel like I gain 5 pounds.

  • I’m 11 I feel over weight my mom says I’m not my body fat is normal but I’ve been called fat I have a double chin I want to be healthy and maintain my weight so when I get taller I’m normal

  • I’m sorry you’ve dealt with an ED, i do too. But honestly a lot of the stuff you’ve said in the video was triggering for me so I’m a bit disappointed:(

  • Možeš li reći neke savjete kako si trenirao,čime si se hranio i to. Bio bih vam mnogo zahvalan pošto ja imam 93kg a nmg da ih skinem.Pozdrav.

  • Ko se razume zna da ovo nije prirodna transformacija,ne pogotovo za 3 meseca,gotivan lik,ali laze radi reklame,sto je pametno ali ne i lepo…

  • Really inspiring, love it! Actually… I’m not sure if I should share this but I’m bullied in school because of how curvy I am. And it isn’t very pleasant. But now I have seen this video I’m dedicated to work out, to go for a jog, to go on walks and exercise! Thank you Hatsy

  • I tried atkins too…it was in a really dark period of my life…I was not fat. I’ve never been over 49kg, and was size 4-6 (36-38 in france).
    I always HATED meat..but I did it.. regrets and I was also very obsessed with what I was eating and how many carbs and everything.. all of this for nothing, because it didn’t worked if it didn’t made me fatter.. The things is that as I was obsessed, and depressed (the diet and this obsession for being skinny was my only escape from my family problems and my depression, even if it made it deeper too); I was eating more…
    I’m better now. I started loosing weight when I stopped dieting. I also stopped exercising at the gym.. because I didn’t like it and felt really bad while doing it, because I was feeling too bad with my body…

  • He looks so much better and the weight training will help him gain muscle mass which’ll help him to lose even more weight. Well done.

  • Great job can I ask you a question did you guys have flappy skin.. it doesn’t look like it but I was just wondering if you loose alot of weight fast you have loose skin.. But thank you for the video

  • Pa dobro tegovi i kardio treninzi, transformacija je moguca ali nema sanse da nisi koristio neku hemiju i tu nema rasprave… Sve u svemu svaka čast za trud ��

  • I need to know how do you get rid of thigh fat? My stomach is skinnish but my thighs are noticeable fat I really need to know how to get rid of thighs fat please tell me.

  • I don’t usually comment on videos but I relate to that running thing so much. I began my weight loss at 248lbs, I’d previously broken both my ankles so I struggled with pain and I’m asthmatic, I was wildly unhealthy. I’m now 193lbs and I can sprint for a couple minutes. It’s not much (I’m still on my journey and I plan to get much healthier and build stamina) but I truly believed I would never be able to run again

  • U weren’t even big how can u do a video like this, it just feels like you are saying being average is bad and you have to be super skinny to be accepted…

  • What a beautiful effect you used for these awesome transformations. Bought life to the pictures.
    The thumbnail guy has such gorgeous eyes. All these people are beautiful!

  • if you would like to reduce naturally and fast then this>> Fast.Secured­­­­.­­­­Kim natural scientific pill is for you. I highly recommending you because my granny is using this and getting amazing result.

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  • Same thing happened to me, I gained 50 lbs in just a couple of months after taking a thyroid medication. I stopped taking it. I had testing done again and I did not have that diagnosis. I’m glad they caught it for you too. I found it a bit hard to understand some of your words due to your accent, but I got the gist of what you were saying. I’m very happy for you!

  • I have a whole lot of respect for you girl. You kept your guards up and lost all those pounds and got fit and slayed all dem around! You’re beautiful and courageous ��

  • I would make a weight loss video if I had any weight and fat. I’m naturally fit for some reason. someone give a reason coz I’m baffed…

  • Koristio si nešto od Hemije to se vidi znači nećemo se raspravljati nismo deca… Ali svaka čast za trud i odricanje… Ja prvi nebi mogao kao ti… ������❤️

  • Hey! I am a nursing student and we discussed hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism in depth in my classes! So hyperthyroidism means that your thyroid is over producing. Hyperthyroidism makes you lose weight gives you heart palpitations and so much more. Your body is basically in hyperdrive, so the medication you recieved would be to slow it down. So if you really did not have that problem and your hormones were being suppressed it actually made you have more hypothyroidism (the opposite, making you gain weight). I hope this helps explain what happened to you! I am sorry this has happened to you it sounds horrible but I am so happy that you made the best of it and took control!

  • I am 12 years old and weigh 172lbs. I do not think I am obese, and I am not. I get bullied for this, yet I am very active. I play softball and soccer in which I am very good at both, and I like gym in school. Both my family(especially my mom) and I are confused.

    Thank you for reading this����

  • I’m not sure if you mentioned this in the video but how many months did it take you to loose 50 pounds? Usually people could loose 100 pounds in 5 months or more so imagine 50 pounds!! It probably too a little time but I mean we all have different body’s! Thanks for this video!! I actually found you by watching the sims weight loss video;) Love yah!!!!

  • More options for you all:
    The idea is to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates.
    Wishing you luck a healthy!
    Bon apetit.

  • Ljudima nije jasno što je psiha.Ja sam želio sa 102 kg doći do 66kg i dokazati svima da sam “lud totalno” to je bilo nezdravo….ali sam napravio.Ovo me ne čudi.Kad šampion nešto odluči on to napravi.Šampioni nikad ne pitaju za cijenu kad odluče oni to naprave…………

  • im on a diet currently.. losing 3lb a week.. target at 1 stone a month.. so far after a month i have lost a stone and all i have done so far is cut out sugar. add more fruits and vegetables and walking… nothing drastic as i still eat things like burgers but i don’t pack them with cheese and stuff.. just a mass of vegetables lol.. always good to keep the balance in food as well as balance in excersizes.. i hope this time next year im looking half as good as you hatsy ^^ seriously good work

  • E ovako bavim se bodybuildingom 6 godina i mogu za sebe da kazem da poznajem dobro materiju.Sad da li je ovaj lik natty ili ne,nmgu sa sigurnoscu rec jer je tema jako diskutabilna.Ipak sam uvjeren da ljudsko prirodno tijelo MOZE ovako da izgleda ako je prehrana,trening,kardio i sve ostalo u fullu i boli me duša kad vidim ove hejtere koji uopce nisu kompetenti da za nekoga govore da je na hemiji.Laki nemoj im MOLIM TE zamjerit jer glup covjek ne zna da je glup.Tebi svaka cast na odricanju i volji i iskreno se nadam da si natty jer da si na hemiji vjeovatno bi bio na nekoj vecoj kilazi i zato ti vjerujem.Pozz

  • Covjek zna sta radi…imao je vec misice samo je masti istopio…tijelo pamti…vidi se da zna vjezbe za svaki misic na tjelu pravilno ih izvodi….svaka cast majstore����

  • Ja nista neću reći svaka čast vi koji pisete da je nešto uzimao nemate pravo komentarisati oko toga jer niste strucni za to i ne jedite govna zdrava ishrana je sve naravno i suplementi moraju odigrati ulogu
    Ja treniram ima 4 mjeseca jedem sve sto mama spremi i tjt (mamina kuhinja) još ne mogu sam krenuti oko ishrane ali neka još 2 godine i da razultati se vide trud,rad i disciplina kako će onaj što “ždere ko krmak pisati nesto nisi ti natural ovo ono trenirajte pa vidite kako je

  • Vole ljudi svasta da pisu i komentarisu bez argumenata. Cak se i pre transformacije videlo da je covek pun misica. Ledja, ruke, grudi.. Bio je ovo jedan dirty bulk pa je valjalo sve to skinuti. Kada covek zna i kada ima celicnu volju uz perfektnu ishranu i adekvatan trening ovo je skroz moguce. Samo brt umro si od gladi definitivno �� Znam da si jeo ali si bio na minimumu uh, a tada covek zna da postane jako, jako nervozan. Mene zanima ako ti nije problem da mi odgovoris koliki je deficit sa kcal bio na ovoj dijeti i koliko si proteina unosio po kg?

  • Laki po tebi koji je split bolji, push/pull/legs ili npr. grudi/biceps, ramena/ triceps, noge, ledja/trapez. Mogu i drugi komentarisati, hvala unapred!

  • Hello friend, came by to check out your amazing video? Left a Thumbs Up! And watched the whole thing! I uploaded a new video! Hopefully you can return the favor Have an amazing day, Those sure are same amazing transformations, I will be here again to see more cool transitions

  • You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. I am watching your videos oftenly but i was never curious about your appearance before, i dont know why. But now i have shocked. It is real:D you are real and its not dream you are really beautiful:D

  • Sta vam je ljudi zapeli ste kako ovo nije natural.Decko se razumije u ono što radi,zna posložiti makrose i zna kako trenirati sto je najbitnije od svega. Plus i prije je izgledao dobro a i pucao se supstancama sto je i sam rekao.Ocito je i muscle memory učinio svoje.Opsjednuti ste svi sa time je li neko natural il nije a niste digli vise od kasike

  • love a good transformation video! Just posted 2 client transformation videos today, take a look and give a sub to support these amazing people:-)

  • Sto nebi bilo natural sta pricate jeste ludi brale imo je mase radio je kardio prehranu je pratio unos kalorija
    mozda je potrebe klipa ispraznio vodu vidi se je suh al ovo se moze sve prirodno

  • Ја вјерујем да је човјек све ово природно постигао. Човјек се разумије,има знање и дисциплинован је. Изненадио ме је колико знање има. Добар је лик овај Лаки само ми се не свиђа што се свађа са људима

  • Great video……I’m in the same process of shedding lot’s weight too. I hope to back into shape. This posting gives me hopes! Thanks!

  • Thank you, just thank you!
    I’m 5’3″ and 170 pounds
    I’m a senior in high school and am back exactly where I was freshman year in my fitness journey. It sucks that I’m at this point again after 4 years. I was almost always an overweight kid and have struggled with binge eating on and off all my life. I remember when I was in elementary school my parents would be out of the house for the day and by the end of a 5 hour span I would be so nauseous and sick from all the food I had consumed. And the large round coffie table in the center of the living room would be coated in empty food containers and wrappers. In 7th grade was probably the healthiest I had ever been in my entire life. I looked good, was in athletics, and did cross country, running 3 miles every day. I probably weighed around 110 pounds in 7th grade. By mid to late 8th grade I weighed 140-150 pounds. By the beginning of freshman year I weighed 170-175. After losing around 20 pounds over the course of freshman year, starting that summer I gained 13 or 15 pound in 9 months. By almost the end of junior year it was all back and I was 170 again. During junior year I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my doctor told me that I was overweight, borderline obese. I started working out with my boyfriend’s mom over summer and by the beginning of senior year I was back to 150. But with starting a new school year I got busy and stopped working out with her. Now here I am back where I was 4 years ago and yes it sucks but I still have to try. Thank you for reminding me of that. It’s amazing to see someone that started where I am and feelt how I feel turn it all around! Ever since 8th grade it has been a dream of mine to weigh 130 pounds. Thank you for giving me hope that it is possible!

  • Now that ur so skinny how do u maintain?! I lost 56 pounds in a year and I’m happy with my weight now, but I feel like I’m gonna have to be on a diet for the rest of my life!

  • I don’t know how to loose my fat i am 15 and i wheight 68 kilos but the normal wheight for 15 years is 40 kilos.all the local gyms say that i need to be 16 to go to the gym what can i do?

  • Za 3 meseca ovako prirodno hahahahahaha������
    Pa bre neki ljudi treniraju po 3 godine i vise da bi ovako izgledali hahahahaha price za malu decu

  • Youtube i Instagram su prepuni ovakvih fake natural transformacija. Svakom ko je vežbao ili vežba je sve jasno kao dan i takve ne možeš levatiti mili!

  • Pa kada tek kreneš da treniraš ne možeš ovakvu transformaciju da imaš za 3 meseca,uzmite u obzir da je Laki u treningu već 15 godina i brže će se razviti za tih 3 meseca kao sada nego neko koji je juče počeo da trenira,Laki je 100% natural i stojim iz toga,IDEMOOO SVILAJNAAAACCCC

  • Can I ask what kind of food you ate when you did eat? I find I was eating too much (counter acting the fast) and being in a weekly surplus/maintenance.

  • Great work so what are you sure of now to continue with gains and staying lean? Video on that? Still bodybuilders split with combination of 48hr fasts & 3hr eating windows or?

  • Keep going, even though you are not having that much follower yet. Just do your thing. In my opinion you deserve more followers. We’ll see in the future:)

  • OMG thats so great, I was just searching keto result and I came across your video!
    Im 230 pound, and I want to be 185Lb…
    Lets do it!

  • Good job guys! Almost a year on Keto and I’m down 80lbs. For the ice cream problem… Chapman’s does a no sugar added one (I find it at Walmart, Maxi and Euro Marché here in Québec). The vanilla one tastes just as any other vanilla ice-cream. For people in Canada, the store brand Compliments also makes one and I find it tastes even better than the Chapman’s one.

  • dude. fantastic work to you both! I recently also lost 34 pounds. not by keto, but lots of exercise and dieting. It was hard but I feel so much better about myself. It’s not about how you look, its about how you feel!

  • Hey fam it’s been so long since I’ve seen you your in Australia right? I’m in Texas how’s everything where your at it’s not bad here yet

  • remember everyone, you don’t have to be skinny or muscular to be worthy of love! if you want to work on your body, that’s awesome! And if you don’t, that’s A-okay too! You can be healthy at different sizes:)

  • im a 17 yr old girl. a 175 pounds and im 5’1…im having trouble losing birthday is coming up in march and i really need to look fit for my 18th birthday..can u help me

  • Have to say. Congrats go both of you! Jealous of the space you have ��. You can see how happy you both are after the weigh in. Keep it up!