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Fitness fanatic, 35, spends a fortune making himself look TWICE his age to help win fans on social media and his glamorous wife is very happy to be seen with an older man Personal trainer Pawelw. Trainer Pawelw Ladziak Spends Small Fortune to Look Older So many individuals these days spend mini-fortunes on plastic surgery to make themselves look young, but one social media star is doing the exact opposite artificially aging himself to gain popularity. While most people dread the thought of ageing one fitness fanatic is embracing it by deliberately making himself look almost twice his age. Pawel Ladziak, 35, spends a small fortune. Pawel Ladziak is a personal trainer and could actually look older.

The fitness freak is often mistaken for an old man because of the snowy white beard and hair he spends a small fortune to. While everyone is trying to make themselves look younger. personal trainer Pawelw Ladziak spent a small fortune to make himself appear older. Personal trainer Pawel Ladziak, 35, from Warsaw, Poland, spends a small fortune on making himself look older, dying his well-groomed hair and beard the perfect shade of snowy white.

Sugar Daddy Dating Men’s Swimsuits Men’s Swimwear Social Media Stars Look Older Plank Workout Poses For. Personal trainer Pawel Ladziak, 35, from Warsaw, Poland, spends a small fortune on making himself look older, dying his well-groomed hair and beard the perfect shade of snowy white. Fitness Senior Fitness Man Muscle Fitness Muscle Men Workout Fitness Fitness Inspiration Handsome Older Men Fit Girl Fitness Journal. Personal trainer Pawel Ladziak, 35, from Warsaw, Poland, spends a small fortune on making himself look older, dying his well-groomed hair and beard the perfect shade of snowy white. Fitness SeniorFitness ManMuscle FitnessWorkout FitnessFitness InspirationHandsome Older MenMen With Grey HairFit GirlFitness Journal.

Indeed Pawel Ladziak, from Warsaw, spends a small fortune on making.. August 17, 2017, 1:13 PM Most people are trying to reverse the aging process, not dive headfirst into it, but most people are not Pawel Ladziak. Ladziak, a 35-year-old Polish fitness star, has..

Personal trainer Pawel Ladziak, 35, from Warsaw, Poland, spends a small fortune on making himself look older, dying his well-groomed hair and beard the perfect shade of snowy white. Fitness Senior Fitness Man Muscle Fitness Muscle Men Workout Fitness Transformation Du Corps Fitness Transformation Fitness Inspiration Handsome Older Men.

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By that time her handsome full brother Chateaugay was showing a similar pattern of maturity for trainer Jim Conway.

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But apart from the fact that he was already of rather advanced age, Solntsev was a man of such massive height and girth that the youthful title of kamerjunker was utterly inappropriate to his face and bulk….

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My Ghazala was taller and more grand, with a faster trot, but too old to be galloped.

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At fifteen he hired to a racing outfit at Port Sullivan when he and the saddle weighed but ninety pounds.

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  • This is a great video because many of us struggle in the workplace. When I was in my late 20s, people would ask me where I was going to college. No one wanted to sell me a car and asked me to come back with my parents. My coworkers talked over me during meetings. Looking young is a blessing, but can also be very frustrating… so thank you for these tips. Great video!

  • Great video! Thank you! Love the advice and the shoes analogy and the Matt Groening cartoon. (“Love is Hell” is one of my favorite collections of his ‘toons.)

  • he dyed his hair full gray cuz he didn’t like the salt and pepper look, you really need to take a look at your lifestyle if you’ve got the salt and pepper look in your early thirties

  • Good morning Justin. I am a new subscriber and love watching uour videos. I would need tips on haircuts that will help to not draw attention to the neck. I am just over 60, have an oval shape face and always had short haircut and I am transitioning to my naturel grey. I am very self-conscious about my neck.
    Because of the confinement I am way overdue for a cut. What would you suggest? I need your suggestions on this.
    Thank you for all your tips.

  • I am enjoying your videos tremendously. At the moment, I am wearing wigs as I need shoulder replacement surgery and cannot do my hair any longer. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it. Can’t wait until I can use some of the tips I have learned from you. Thank you for all the great information.

  • Thanks for checking out my video! Hope you gained some value from it! I’d love to hear what tips you want to see in a future video? Let me know below, what topic would you like to see covered?

  • I am curly and live in miami. Styling is not really an option when the humidity is so high. Is there a way to have a young look(56) when you have thick curly hair?

  • Great tips, sometimes you are showing dark shirt or background holding a dark item against it can’t be seen…hope this is helpful

  • Gee i was hoping for a cut and color after all of that. Cutting a good six inches off her raggedy ends would have helped immensely.

  • I work as a receptionist in a dental office and this patient came in and told my coworker how I shouldn’t be working there, and that she didn’t want me handling her account. I was right beside that coworker, also making eye contact with that patient. All of this because I “look like 12”.

  • Wow I think there were three older women in all those shots. There’s only one rule for mature women: wear whatever you want, anyway you want, and ignore 20-somethings and high-priced famous stylists who are enthralled with youth while giving you advice.

  • Recently have taken one side bit of my long hair, twisted it upwards and pinned it in place. It lifted my whole 66 year old face. Would like to get more instruction on styling this way.

  • The mistake of not doing color..haha..I absolutely LOVE my naturally white -silver hair ( started graying at 15 y.o and now at 32 y.o my hair color’s similar to Santa Claus’ beard �� ).
    People actually complimenting my hair color!

  • I dont think this is a petite problem… I’m 6’3. I’m 25 and STILL get IDd everywhere (I live in the Europe so we can buy alcohol/go to clubs at 18). I still look exactly the same as when I was 17/18 ��

  • First time viewer and at first I thought the shoes won’t work for me. I’m 57 and due to chronic health conditions, have to wear flats and Skechers. But inside me is trapped a frustrated, more feminine. woman wearing 3-inch bright cobalt pumps! I have learned, however, that I cannot maintain more complicated hairstyles, so maybe I have to match my shoes, after all.

  • Oh my gosh yes! I say this all the time and people are always like ‘you’ll be thankful when you’re older’. But would anybody say ‘wow you look 15’ to a man in a professional situation, no because they would be offended. The same goes for women.

  • Dang. I’m 5’10 and 20 years old and people think I look like a mom since I was in high school LOL so the exact opposite problem. We all queens tho:)

  • I’ve faced the same problem when I started working. What worked for me was the confidence but you’re talking about. Things fell in place then

  • First time on here very good ��
    However can you help.
    Can’t figure out how to get my picture on here so sent link
    My issue I am 70 year old personal trainer my hair is long and very dark brown how could I get it to look more youthful and change colour and would it take to long to get a different colour what are the stages please advise

  • Hi Justin,
    Ever heard of the English proverb: “Don’t judge a man by his umbrella. It might not be his.”… So just because I wear jeans and hiking boots out of practical reasons doesn’t mean I don’t want a modern, sassy and sexy haircut!!!
    Just do what the client wants and make her beautiful. This kind of semi psychological nonsense irritates me a lot. It was my first visit to this video but certainly my last, for a while. If do you like me to judge you by your tattoos???

  • Thank you for this very nice video. Long hair is the best at any age & I agree with you that certain changes are good to keep your style updated…

  • It’s impressive that you don’t want to cut my hair. I trim my split ends at home because I don’t trust most stylists if I walk in with hair down to my low hip. But braids are easy, and I look forward to being seventy and rocking the long grey braids or the silver coronet.

  • I have super thick hair medium length. My stylist has been trying to get me to do an undercut. I live in the southwest desert and thick long hair is so hot in the summer. I finally did it and it has changed my life. I can pull my hair up on the crown and nobody ever sees the undercut. I used to have to wear it up in a pony or clip which doesn’t work that great with thick hair. That’s the tip. Literally half my head is shaved, no one can see it, and I still have a ton of hair. Best of all, it’s cool to wear and no more triangle head.

  • A comment on another video mentioned it but just to reiterate, it’s difficult to see what you’re doing on dark hair if you’re wearing dark clothes behind. Not that it was particularly important on this video

  • Who is this hair stylist Mitch Stone…he thinks it’s “official” that ann older woman with hair to her waist looks like a mummy? I say to him…”to h*** with you”!!����

  • He looks like that other dude.. don’t remember his name? Some fashion Dude with crazy amounts of money. they look identical except he’s more muscular

  • REQUESTplease acknowledge your models… during your sessions, rather than talk about their hair AS IF they are not there. Thanks ��

  • Love your videos. Can you talk a little more about straightening processes like keratin and others? I am Latina and have naturally curly hair. A couple of years ago I had a keratin treatment put in my hair. I was under the impression it would only last a few months, but it’s been at least two years and my hair is still not back to its natural curl, it doesn’t shine, and it feels brittle after I rinse out the shampoo. I’ve always had hair full of volume and shine and now it’s flat and dry looking. I try to do hair masks and stay away from flat irons or heating tools to protect my hair. I am wondering if keratin is supposed to last this long and what I can do to get the volume and shine back to my hair.

  • some time changes makes girls older, I have been with the same style my entire life, and people say I look younger for my age. If I cut my hair and color it with a lighter tone, I will definitively look old!

  • Ok interesting, naturally my hair is dark brown/black and I am very fair skinned.
    My hair is also currently 26 inches long and down the bottom of my back. Also currently dyed purple.
    Video says I should definitely look old. But I am gonna listen to the numerous people behind checkouts. Asking for ID when I buy alcohol, even though I am 10+ years old enough to buy it. I will pass on this advice and ignore the fact. Nearly every picture in this is of photoshopped young women with long hair. When telling us our hair should be short or bobbed ����

  • I am 53 and i am not into alot of hair styles…I am more of a natural girl…lol. But, my hair is getting more of a curl in it. I want to bring that out. But, I can’t handle my hair in my face. And I’m letting it grow long again. Any suggestions? I like how you make things seem easier to achieve.:)

  • She’s SO cute! Thanks so much for all the good tips. I’ve known about the hair spray one, but I guess I’d forgotten it. I have SUPER fine hair, which is a curse. I’m actually getting my first haircut tomorrow since the stupid virus interrupted everyone’s lives, so you can imagine how it’s looking. I have a pixie cut, because anything longer is out of the question! I can hardly wait! I’m going to do the spray technique, where you bend over and spray underneath. I subscribed!

  • Your videos are great. And your voice is nice. But that background music is jarring and distracting. Take it out completely. Your videos will be so much more professional

  • Thank you for this! People always tell me I look 12 and I get so annoyed!! Even after I tell them I’m 23 they go well you look 12 ��

  • I had short hair most of my adult life and people always thought I looked older than my age. I grew my hair out in my 50s and I personally feel it makes me look younger. Maybe I’m delusional? Who knows.

  • I have some curl to my hair, but sometimes it gets frizzy. Can you suggest a product to use to maintain curl without weighing it down and not too costly. I don’t want to straighten my hair all the time because it damages it. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Justin, I am 75 years young, My issue is hair color, I was snow white blond till 10 then it turned pretty dark, Now if I do blond I look so washed out, I am wondering should I go light brown, so I dont look older Please write me, love your shows

  • I feel like people just don’t get it, how frustrating it is. I often get asked about school (I live in a college town) when I graduated years ago or when I say I’m trying to plan now for children to be no older than 35 so I won’t be old as my parents were when kids are in high school (a personal preference and I’ve heard risks increase after that age) and people honestly laugh and say I have plenty of time saying I can’t be older than 21 when I’m 28. Also like I used to substitute teach and I’d I was at a new school I was often mistaken for a new student, talk about not being taken seriously

  • All hairdresser’s love to get you to cut your hair off that’s y i don’t like going they all say yea I’ll cut off a little bit but there little bit is A LOT ������ it doesn’t matter if you say to them don’t touch my length they still do my hair is curly but they still do and for some reason they cut it wet i walk in with long hair then walk out crying no thanks don’t trust hairdresser’s I cut my own length so that way I no really how much has been taken off

  • Yeah great tips but I don’t know about the salt n peppa hair concept, probably cuz I refuse to give in… I say if you are gonna wear it that way add some shine or something to it to give it some zing…I’ll check out your long hair link and see how I can improve on fixing up my long hair at home, I just can’t seem to get it right…thx!!

  • I wore shoes like that when I slipped in the rain and fell in New York fracturing all three bones in my right ankle tri-malleolar fracture. I din’t walk for nine months. I still have trouble walking, but tonight I decided that I need to stand tall and make every effort not to limp or slouch over. Nothing can age you more than not walking with great posture.

  • Granted, this video does not specify that “older” = over 40 yrs, however, using very young models to demonstrate thinning hair, bad cuts, bad products, and other issues that do not even happen until we are over 40 is the equivalent of using size 2 models to demo Plus size clothing.

  • I mean I feel like it’s a great marketing idea, but when someone is making themselves look older than they are (so they look like they have more wisdom than they really do) to me that’s being dishonest to your clientele, therefore opening the door for more lies. But hey, I love this channel because I know what I see is what I get. Thanks.

  • I wouldn’t go short because of my face and body shape. I have slighlty broad shoulders “swimmers shoulders”. I feel body shape/bone structure needs to be taken into account as well when cutting hair.

  • I’m nearly 23 and literally before corona I went to have an ultrassound taken and when I entered the room the doctor looked at me totally confused and I just stopped there cause I didn’t understand why he looked at me like that, then he just stared at me for a while and literally said “where’s your mom?” while he was taking my file; me totally confused said “she has to be here?… I’m 22….” then he looked at me SHOOKED and said “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I thought you were like 16” Literally this was my face: -_-

  • I always associate above the chin hair with older women because I rarely see long hair on them. I think well maintained, healthy long hair on an older woman would look amazing!

  • I’m 30 and I had short hair all my life. I’ve been rocking all type of pixies. And currently trying to let it go and take care of my natural curls. I probably won’t ever have it past my shoulder or chin. But I do admire long hair. Thou just like short hair is not for everyone that same thing happen to long hair.

  • I like your tips however her hair cut is a little on the tomboy side and I believe it does make her look older to make her look younger it should have been more in a short wedgy style Bob that it has some longer movement on the sides even on just one side. To me that would have been more on trend and less boyish.

  • I’ve had long blonde hair for years and loved it until I hit 50 and felt that it dragged my face down, I went shorter and shorter, i now have an edgy pixie with an undercut and love it ( my hair is very thick) you can do lots with short hair much more than i thought, during lockdown it has grown some as you can imagine, I quite like it but I’m unsure what style to have it in now, I have a long fringe and like it….help. I love colour too but dont want to bleach all over…any tips please? I love your videos, thankyou x

  • Just found you and appreciate your HONESTY and explanations so much that I subscribed! A few visuals would be nice as examples of what you are talking about but you explained the points very well. ��������

  • I hate Silver hair. I’ve got really thin hair and I try to color it often, its Blonde, and its down below my tits now. I really want it to grow longer and thicker some! I’m a guy too. 78 yrs old. Others can’t figure out how I can still have blonde hair naturally. With just a small amount of gray.

  • Thank you for this video and talking about this topic! I’m turning 25 in a couple months and still get told by strangers how young I look. People often think I’m still in my teen years 17-19.

  • They are salon owners and want us to pay them regularly for all those silly suggestions such as chop hair, color streaks, keep layers etc
    Jealous of those few gifted ones who could sustain long hair till they passed their 40s or 50s and who were NOT LAZY TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEIR HAIR TILL NOW..
    never seen a more rubbish video than this ��

  • I moved 5 years ago, and still haven’t found a hairdresser in this area who actually know what they are doing. That is the reason I am watching hair videos.

  • Hi. Your suggestions are great. I am 61. Letting my hair grow a bit longer, but keeping layers. My hair is not gray enough for salt and pepper yet. I am dark haired, and my stylist throws in lighter highlights. It brightens up my face, and I get nice feedback.

  • Hi Justin. I am enjoying your videos a lot. Your model looks very good with the short hair. However, in my opinion, she does not look younger. She looks the same or a little older and more serious. The hair looks great though. Thanks!

  • I’m 75. 15 years ago I looked at my roots and discovered my dad’s SILVER. So I let the color grow off. Then when my hubby went to heaven, I wanted pictures to put on FB and other online places, but I didn’t like them. So I looked at all my young pictures and found the ones I liked all long hair. So I started oiling my scalp and hair to increase growth (worked!), and I now have long, silver hair that my hair dresser says women pay a lot of money to match the color. If my hair is long, I can put it up and make it look short and elegant. But if it’s short, I can’t make it look naturally long.

  • Hello, Justin.
    I am a 70 years youg follower and admirer..
    I am Spanish, from Barcelona, and I wanted to tell you, that we, spanish women, never let our hair go grey.
    We always dye it, usually in a lighter colour.

  • In my old job I worked in a jewellery shop and the owner was 80. He would come in everyday and mostly sit in the back room, but sometimes he’d come onto the shop floor and talk to customers / ask me to do a specific task. I was 21/22 at the time, but he would treat my like a child and called me ‘little girl’. I needed the money to pay for my rent throughout my Masters degree so I didn’t feel like I could say anything:(

  • The nicest is either really short or really long, really dark black on pale or really white blonde, if its white enough and short damage ain’t a huge issue either. Why look like everyone else striking hair is the best and this video shits on all of it:S

  • Sorry I’m 68 years old and I don’t color my hair or cut my hair. I don’t have any gray hair. Once you start cutting on your hair you have to keep doing it over and over and over. My daughter is a hairstylist and she cut my hair 2 years ago. I told her thank you and I let my hair grow back. My hair grows fast. �� I guess I’m just an old hippie ��

  • Lol. How did your salon decide it was in the top 2% in the world? Did they alliw for cultural differences between countries? Allow for different GDPs between countries? Allow for different fashions in other countries?

    You know, people who try to big themselves up run the risk of being seen as a wank.

  • Shine video, please! When I died my hair darker it was so shiny and youthful, but now I’m rocking my summer blonde and beachy hair, which I love. Only now the shine has disappeared. Is there a way to bring it back?

  • Would love to see what to do with curly hair..mine is quite fine and not a lot of it, but long…how do I make it look fuller and healthy?

  • Honestly this is the video for me, i struggle so much with being small and looking young and having a sweet voice, especially during job interviews

  • How does one deal with the grey “wire” hair in sideburns. It wants to stick straight out like a rockhopper penguin. (Google it) And, it doesn’t hold color very long.

  • This was so insightful and really a refreshing perspective on how we can better present ourselves for the times when it “matters” to look our best! Thank you! ����

  • Man, all of it makes so much sense!!! Diamond shaped face here…I´ve always cut my hair in a rounded BOB with side-swept bangs to soften the sharpness. But now that I´m older and my face got rounder I thought of letting it grow. Then again the flatness weighs it down (thin, flat hair here…). So, thanks! You have answered a lot of my personal questions!

  • Can you help a 50+ girl that has pin curls at the neck and waves on top. Guess I should mention I have straightened my hair for years so the area around my face does not curl or wave well��

  • Hi, hairstyles for round faces, I’m 53 and like my long hair but struggling as one it’s grown so long during lockdown. I have pcos so it’s sadly thinner than it used to be..any ideas please?

  • Hej… I WAS NEW on your channel and I love your way of Humor. I am German, and we Germans have a reputation for having weird humor…

  • please could you do a video on how to my sons hair, and especially blending in the side to the top, when my son s hair grow back and it grows so quickly, it stick s out at the sides and i am for ever cutting his hair.I cut the back,sides with the machine and i cut the top with scissors but the blending in the top sides is difficult and im missing something,im sure.At the hair dressers, its the same result, thank you joanne sumpter

  • My classmates in dental school don’t want to be seen by some patients in the clinic because the patients assume they are first year and don’t have experience ��.

  • This is my first viewing, and just had to subscribe! I have a centre parting, have only ever managed side parting when hair short, it seems to ‘default’ to centre when longer.
    I have worn a fringe for as long as I remember, and a side parting feels odd with that.
    I had my hair cut into a one length bob at end of February ( I had been growing layers out from short pixi cut) I knew within a few days my hair was too thick and heavy for this style, then we went into ‘lock down’ it looks as you described like a triangle now! I am 63 years old….thankfully the hair dressers are now opening their doors and I have an apt 23rd July….so maybe, just maybe I will suggest to my stylist I try a side parting, he is amazing….so with lots of new layers and a new parting…who knows I may feel human again!

  • I have fine, thin hair chin length. I like an unfussy style. What type, not necessarily brand, of hair spray and “underneath” styling products should I be using? It’s always been a problem for me. I’m.. er.., older, but only chronologically!! ����

  • I’m 55 sick of dying my roots my hair is very very long and black its making me very pasty looking don’t want my hair cut short but a change what would you have in mind…

  • My hair is very fine and thin. I wear it long and straight. I would love to see a make over or two for my hair. I don’t know if layering is possible. I don’t want to have to “fix” it every day cuz I’m retired.

  • hey ummm sorry to burst everyones bubble here but this is and old trick done by the jackass guys, i forget his name atm. not stevo but one of the other guys did this. so why does everyone think this new guy is so cool??? lol

  • Just like Rich Piana: found a niche or a different lifestyle and he has over 1 million followers. Who’d think?? People who put these people down are crazy. Their smart and making money from being “unique”.

  • I guess being “unique” is the new word for being dishonest in the fitness industry. He should throw in some fake weights and reload ammo to enhance his uniqueness

  • I often get coments that i look much younger than i really AM and it’s so frustrating! I’m 21 and i want to be taken seriously.. I wish people would just stop assuming ones Age.. i find It very inapropriate and awkward.. They also often assume my bf Is my father, and he Is only 5 years older than me… I Wish people would just keep their own oppinion for themselves.. ������

    I wish you all reading this a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

  • Its a cool idea because he is literally not gonna age for the next 30 years, He will also look distinguished and people will underestimate him constantly also you kind of take all the social pressures off of yourself, you aren’t conforming to “how you should look” and the constant barrage of “staying young”, He is probably more sane than the rest of us.

    Would love to know how he explained away looking nothing like his photo or his age on his passport though.

  • I’m late on this video but happy I found it! I’m 23 and very petite, and I had someone mistake me for my husbands CHILD. And I was dumb founded. So I’m glad I found this video to help me to be seen as a wife and not my husbands child.

  • I recently got asked what grade I was in �� it’s frustrating to be a mature and responsible woman who doesn’t get taken seriously. This is a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

  • Hey I’m still here!! Just found your channel and subbed. I am going to bing watch for awhile. Went to Cosmetology School in the 70s. Lol. Things sure have changed ❤

  • Thanks, very helpful! The older we get the more difficult it is to create a great style. Grey hair are more stiff and have no shine, many people have less hair than in their youth etc. Same with make up and skin…

  • balayage helped me to look younger. I started doing it 5 years ago and think it was the best decision. it gives some movement and volume. also, by experimenting a bit with the length I discovered that at my current age I prefer having my hair 5-10cm shorter than I used to have earlier. it is still long hair but makes me feel younger and more stylish.

  • hi love the video, just to let you know that with you wearing a black T-shirt and standing behind her, its difficult to see her new hair style.If you had on a white Tshirt then we could see just how great it is. I would just love to see her hair style clearly. kind regards joanne sumpter from spain

  • Justin,
    Good Morning ☕️. I turned 60 this year and have naturally curly—looks like a spiral perm long long hair. I love the ease of really not doing anything except running hair oil into it. However, I miss my crown being lifted—and having soft bangs. I know that it’s been a gift—especially with women who struggle with thinning and fine hair. I would love to know how I could get volume to the top and softer around my blue eyes. I would really appreciate it! Your model is lovely! Hugs from Pure Michigan xoxo ����—Kimberly

  • When I was in my teens and 20s, I was always mistaken for looking younger. I was short and “cute”, and being Asian, I just look younger in general. Imagine being 17, in Year 12/senior of high school and people thought I was 13! I have to admit I didn’t appreciate it and I always wanted to look older. But then in my 20 and 30s, I resented if people thought I was older! Imagine being called maam in your 20s. Now I’m in my 40s and I still look in my 30s because I’m just young looking (I don’t have lines or use botox but just good genetics and healthy lifestyle). I have to say, Nothing wrong with wanting to look older but do treasure what you have! Once you look older, you can’t go back! What I can say is that it’s about confidence, the way you present yourself and the way you dress. As Bethany said, it’s having a few key pieces, dressing elegantly and also speaking eloquently. Read up on contemporary issues even if you’re not interested, show interest and be aware of what’s happening around the world. Be interested and invest in others when you communicate and it would reflect maturity.

    There is one other tip someone once mentioned to me, only coz I did it a lot and I had to present at a medical conference of surgeons and people way more qualified than me. I was 23 at the time and didn’t realise I had a tendency to giggle until it was mentioned. Don’t giggle if you want to appear more mature. If you keep giggling, it can come across as childish. Can be perceived as cute in social situations maybe with friends or on a date, but depending on the situation, it can also be perceived as just very immature.

  • But… i know a girl that has milk white skin and jet black hair naturally…and i have Green eyes, no brown whats so ev’r (pure )thank you mom, dad, God i was truly blessed

  • Hey Justin… I am 27 yrs old.kindly share a video on some styling tips. Also let me know how to create volume in upper part of hair in case somebody loves longer hair with layers

  • Just came across your videos, I LOVE them and you’re awesome. Love your persona, love that you talk like a normal person and love how direct your videos are. You don’t know how much I wish you were in this area. I’ve had long hair my entire life but it’s like stylists just don’t know how to handle my hair which is very thick and wavy. The hair itself is light, won’t just fall silky soft, but even though each hair is light I have tons of it. Anyway, I love short Victoria Beckham kind of pixies that are longish on the side and front and short in back. I think, like you were explaining in this video that long hair just brings your face down when you get older. Unless you have that super pretty silky semi wavy hair that kind of just lays perfectly away from your face. I always wear my hair up even though it gives me headaches because I try to get that pixie look by putting it up and it makes a big difference in how my face looks. You rock, videos are awesome.

  • Sorry but the music was so irritating I did not watch till the end. By the way I am 66 and have very long hair. I have subscribed:)

  • And yes the last time at age 36…my hair was down to my waist and the first thing my mother and grandmother said to me was that I needed a hair cut my long hair was aging me… And they were right!! I just missed my big giant messy buns and high bombed out ponytail S… I’m 43 now.. But yes.. Long hair will age you… I agree. And so do real experts… Ask any hair dresser.. Cosmetologist

  • Just a suggestion, around 3 minutes in you showed a mannequin with dark hair against dark background, I really couldn’t see what you were discussing, it blended into the dark background, maybe lighten the background. Thanks for great videos!

  • It disturbs me when men who look old tell us women how to look young. Why should we, as mature women, worry about looking young when we are not? Do something with yourself to make yourself look younger before causing women to worry about remaining youthful. You could do with a better haircut, some botox, and haircolor. So too, you are too mature to wear a tight t-shirt to work in a professional atmosphere. It actually emphasizes your middle age. Women: It is not a compliment when men say you look younger because there will come a day when you are old and will feel poorly about it because of our culture’s obsession with women looking young like that is the greatest compliment that a woman could be given -‘ when it is not.

  • It happened again recently to me, people were handing this new coca cola drink at my train station (for free but basically so that you try it once and then buy it) and like the girl looked at me and said in like a whisper “I’m sorry but are you older than 16?” (Because of the caffeine in it my country has regulation and an age limitation to buy it). She was looking at me sorry and like I was so shocked by the familiar tone she had and everything, she truly thought that I was a child!! I felt so embarrassed because I do my best to look my age but still I look 15 or less and it sucks so much and I loose all the confidence I had built up

  • I’m 22. There’s an under 18 curfew in my city at 9:30pm. I keep my I’d in my car when I’m not going to drink so I don’t misplace which purse I put it in. The amount of times I’ve gotten in trouble for being out of the house past 9 is ridiculous.

  • When I saw the title of the video at first I was like ‘what?’ But watching the first few seconds I felt like this video was so needed to be made! I am 1.80, so quite tall, and people still sometimes think I’m under 18 while I am 25. I try to take it as a complement but it’s so annoying sometimes.. Like you said, it’s especially annoying when you want to look professional. Kind of happy to see I am not the only one in here and I love your tips! Thank you for making this video girl! ❤️

  • Im 60 and letting my hair grow out long. I have dark brown hair with natural silver highlights in front. I get compliments very often. Long hair live on!

  • Eat healthy! Eat lots of greens,fruits, and vegetables! Also take a fish oil supplement. This has made a huge difference in my hair being thicker and healthier. I used to eat very unhealthy when I was younger and having changed my eating habits has improved my hair as I’m getting older��

  • My guess is 16…hmm

    Edit: tf ur 19?!?!?!���� how lol ��

    It’s ok ppl call me “miss baby face” because I’m turning 13 and I still look like 8���� there’s a woman that said “hey did u see my daughter her name is (I forgot it)” I was like “no” then I said what’s her age? She said it’s 8 I was like���� I’m 12… she said “omg I’m sorry I thought u were 8” my friends kept laughing at me����

  • This has got to be the RICHEST hair video! The usual recommendations for older women is, Aflac,…pixie cut & dye.
    Key is, Volume in the right places! I was jumping off my chair, when you mentioned the profile view! YES YES YES! Her hair looked 100 times better than a pixie cut which reveals the jowls & chin.from side view. This was great!

  • There are certainly “certain textures” of hair that NATURALLY don’t move when styled. LOL. Namely Afros and highly textured hair styles. But I know what you mean though, ✨��✨

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts! What tricks do you use that you feel make you look younger?? What mistakes have you made that made you feel/look older????

  • Please Justen speak slowly I’m from Pakistan so I understand you a little bit and try to show different celebrities
    Hair styles in this way we understand easily thanks

  • Dude, when the model has dark hair, wear a light colored shirt so we can see what’s with the hair! I have wavy, sort of curly hair. Even long it still wants to curl. I’d like you to do some short styles with my type of hair. Thank you. Caucasian person.

  • My now husband, was hesitant to talk to me when he first saw me because he thought I was 16. It was only in a group conversation when I revealed that I was 21 that he was like OH GREAT! APPROACH

  • Omg!!!.. I missed this… this is awesome!.. what can be better than 2 Justin’s!!!!!.. love it!!!!!.. send one here and keep one there!������������

  • For some reason I could barely hear you with my cell volume all the way up! I stopped watching as I couldn’t hear your voice. Bummer.

  • Thank you so much! I will be 27 this month and I’m an attorney and I can’t even tellll you how many times I’ve had a clients or other attorneys comment on my age

  • Thank you so much for bringing this topic to the table. I’m 28, 5’3″ with a petite/smaller build and a youthful/fuller face. I absolutely agree with what you’ve said. Personally, it definitely impacts my career the most. I do feel I get looked over as someone to take seriously for promotions etc, (despite my polished and poised appearance and personality) for a woman the same age as me, but “actually looks 28” (also, they’re usually 5’7″+). Sure being slim and looking younger than your age has its benefits, but the cons you’ve discussed really do hurt my opportunities, but also hurt my self esteem a bitsince I’m treated a little differently. Thank you for all of your advice and encouragement in this video. I just found you today, and your channel is one of my favorites!

  • first time watching your video. I loved the volume tricks. Yes, please do one on hair shine. Especially for those of us over 65 with colored hair. Thank you!

  • She definitely does look younger, her beautiful brown eyes pop. Her face actually looks slimmer. I am 37 almost 38 and my hair was pretty long, I got tired of it and did a short bob and feel so much more feminine.

  • I. Want. Her. Haircut! It’s perfection for my face shape, lifestyle, and personality!!!!! Omg I wish I could come get my hair cut by you!

  • I’ve never heard anyone talk about this and it’s so frustrating! I went to get my husbands iPhone fixed and the saleswoman asked if I was married to a 13 year old. I’m almost 29. I’ve been dressing older for years to avoid getting these comments. But colorful outfits and florals aside I STILL get them. Annoying!

  • im loving cutting his hair and want to do a good job and especially now with spain maybe going into lockdown again due to the covid 19,.

  • Good morning! I am heating up my tools now to try to create more volume. Thank you so much! I need to watch your “How to create more volume” video. But I’m too excited! I’m going to try this now! Thank you!

  • I feel like instead of people thinking im younger, they would just be confused at how old i am lol! Which, i rather u not know than guess im younger

  • Thank you for talking about that�� i look much younger,just recently a women askd a friend of mine if i am her daughter�� i‘m 35 and my friend is 32! People look at me and talk to me like i‘m a teenager and dont take me serious!

  • I found my people!! It’s not even that I’m petite, I’m quite tall but I have a baby face. People think I’m 18 still and I’m about to turn 25 ��

  • Okay I’m glad I saw this in my recommended since I get it all the time that I look younger than my age. I’m 22 and people say I look 16.

  • I am 20 years old and EVERYBODY even my younger brother says that I look like I am Fifteen, but I say at least in my 30s and when I am old I will look younger just to make myself okey with these words and even younger boys who want to be with me in relationships is the worst.

  • Looking for a great hairstyle I could do at home to make me look younger…….. Came across this and realized it’s just an ad for “Mod Pizza”. Wanna tip from an Irish woman? We’re renowned the world over as being stupid, but even we can see where you’re going wrong. “DON’T F*****G advertise anyone else when your product is good enough to sell itself!! Remarks anyone??

  • Yea…ummm seems a bit deceptive, now if he just really likes the look than its ok. Im 42 and in hurry to look older thats for sure.

  • WoW! Just found your channel and it is so refreshing to see someone who discusses having long hair and being older…thank you so much for your content!!! I am 54 yrs. old, my original hair color is black, my grays frame my face mostly, but the rest of my hair is still black, and I also have a grey streak which runs from the crown on the right side all the way down, which I’ve had since I was little and became more apparent as I grew up…I love my long hair and it is hard to find someone in my area who understands long hair, how to cut it and understands the texture change mine went from sleek straight to course and wavy. I feel if I go with a younger hairstylist they tend to want to cut shorter, and if I go with an older hairstylist they seem to be stuck in the 80’s. Thank you for the great ideas…and look forward to watching the videos you mentioned on bangs! And on how to cut your own hair! Thank you again!!!

  • This guy is definitely smart, because young dudes in sharp are common & expected. But an older guy in good condition will encourage others in their middle ages with disposable income to get in sharp & look good, not even when they were younger, a good money making strategy too.

  • Please talk about fine thin hair. It’s awful. You can see your scalp and it’s almost impossible to get lift and volume. Thank you.

  • Can you please show styling your hair with only 1 hand. I can hold the dryer or hold a round brush but I can’t do both. I can put my dryer in a stand but that doesn’t get to the hair under thebbrush. Please bro.

  • I’m 31 and people often think Im 26 or so. In private life I don’t mind it but in my work life it is shit. People assume you’re brand new in the game, just graduated, no experience. In many client meetings I won’t get any respect until they hear me talk and realize I have the knowledge they need…

  • 57 and thinking of going from medium length to short. Help it’s hot and I’ve worn long hair for most of my entire life. My mom and sis always stayed short and they looked great so do I dare

  • Hi Justin, I discovered you yesterday �� & instantly became a huge fan �� Love your videos ❤️ Watched a ton of them already & learned so many new things. A big thank you! I also have a question regarding coloring. My natural hair color used to be dark brown towards black. Now I’m like 70% grey but still coloring my hair in my natural color. But people tell me it makes me look harsh & cold, which is in total contradiction with my personality. I’ve considered going all grey but my family says it would make me look like a grandma. What would be your coloring advise to keep that youthful look? I’m also very much aware that it’s not only in the hair color that we start loosing pigmentation with age, but our skin & eye color too. Nothing is as perky & bright as it used to be.

  • I am 61 and my hair is knees length, I have already cut it in the past, now it has reached that length, I dare not to cut it, because it’s the first time that it got that Long.
    What shall I do?
    Does Aging means hair has to be cut?

  • The problem is the hairstylist wants me to pay more to make it better. Then I have a hard time to style it back at home. Why women criticize themselves for having long hair vs if a man has long hair that he looks stunning to us women?

  • I am a hairstylist, and one day I asked a fellow stylist if he would ever put a short haircut on a large woman. He said, “sure, if she wants to look like an ant-eater”. lol

  • A little too much telling rather than showing. You suggest going short enough, taking time to style, placing volume in right but not wrong place, and using colour. However, you do not demonstrate in application. You haven’t really helped your audience understand what they’re doing wrong because there aren’t enough visuals.

    Also the pizza scene was a distraction and detracts from a professional image.

    Time lapse during the haircut is a bit of a dated technique. Simpler to just segue from the before to after cut.

    Keep trying! I’m sure you can improve.

  • Im 51 and love long hair so I needed this. So tired of stylists always wanting to do the mommy hair cut on my long hair. I also don’t think that turning 50 means you have to cut all your hair off! I love his suggestions. This might be my new favorite channel.

  • I love my long hair and there are several reasons why. First the bony structure of my head doesn’t support short hair. I found that out the hard way. I just need more “fluff” to overcome that. Secondly I have a fantastic hair stylist. Actually she doesn’t style my hair in so much that she keeps my length from getting to long for my age. She respects me but advises me. She keeps it trimmed and softly layered. She’s been taking care of me for 35+ years. And she is the best colorist I know. You’d best not miss an appointment or it’ll be awhile before you get back in! She’s that good. What I’m saying is know yourself, find someone really good, and make regular appointments if you are able to afford them and be thankful you have that person. Last thought: sometimes I will come up with an idea of a new look I want. She ponders it and if she thinks it will work for me she’ll agree. If not I respect her answer. She’s never failed me. And my husband always loves my hair. That says a lot at 74 years of age. Enjoyed your presentation!

  • I’m studying in a field that’s male-dominated (engineering) and I look about 15-16 even though I’m 21You can imagine my struggle at being taken seriously

  • I’m so glad I stumbled across your video when looking for tips on correcting layered hair.

    I liked my hair long (as I love pulling up), but as I’ve gotten older and gained some weight I noticed layering my hair to give shape and movement was more flattering on me. Otherwise, the long, uniform length would pull down my face (accentuating what gravity was already doing to my face) and making me look tired. The layers made me appear fresh & alert and gave me a more youthful appearance. There is definitly an ideal flattering length on me that I won’t go past.

  • Squeeze some lemon into a bowl and pull out sections of your hair and coat them. Then, go out and sit in the sun. Instant, natural looking highlights!

  • Your video is good, but with the black t-shirt I can’t see the haircut and style very well. Do a lighter t-shirt when someone has dark hair. Thanks!!

  • What about tips for us baby fine haired ladies? �� Trying to grow out my hair after years of chin length bob. My hair gets to a certain length and just looks scraggly. �� Any advice? Help!

  • i am watching this video because i wanna do the exact opposite of what they say. its hard being a 23 year old that is setting off into a career and looking like a 15 year old.

  • I love my hair cut short with a razor…. gives it texture.. thins it out… definition… but not everybody knows how to use a razor…

  • He is smart, when I saw him for the first time on social media, more specifically on instagram, I was like damn I wanna be still in that shape when I get older like him. I figured he’s maybe in his 50’s
    And then the shock when I found out that he’s only 35, I couldn’t fkn beleive it, I mean I’m 39 and I look like I could be his son…lmfao

  • Having the tips and tricks that you use in the salon for styling and volume etc would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you could do a video on haircuts n styles for older women with fine thin hair would be even more appreciated. Thank you for your help and time from your videos. PS I would really like your help with the haircuts and styles for the thin fine hair. I am 63yrs young and had very long hair. Then cut to below shoulder length but, am wanting to maybe go shorter. You can see my face shape in my profile pic. Would really like your input as what I can do to help look younger.

  • Great to see so many women telling the hair and fashion industry what they can do with their “advice.” Also, I love how they call women with really long hair “crazy cat ladies”! GFY

  • can you imagine what he’s gonna look like when he really turns 65? man you think you look like a wrinkled ball sack! no, he’s gonna look like a real wrinkled ball sack! lol. what bad move that was.��

  • As long as he isn’t marketing himself as older than he really is, I think it’s a smart move to get himself noticed by the general public.

  • First uh said long hair makes luk older n the other hand you said use extension to luk younger looking hair how people keep this kind of double standard in this world ��
    Well do whatever makes you happy only that’s imp☺

  • Its really smart if you want to get customers as a personal trainer. I allways say I want to look like the swedish bodybuilder Nico Lundholm when im 60-70 years old, since he has been training for 50+ years and has the physique of a 20 year old mens physique competitor. Guys like him and Andreas Cahling is attracting alot of customers, and this guy can fool people to buy his products or to use his services because of the way he looks:D

  • Could u talk about dry shampoo and other products and how to correctly scrub the products out for scalp health? I feel I’ve had some hair loss at the top of my head by for forehead…due to this and my thyroid issue that I’ve had for years.

  • Not smarter, just more disingenuous insta-lies. He has put himself up there with the Photoshop guru’s and is portraying a fake image by portraying himself as being something he is not. He not a cool old dude who has kept in shape. He’s a young lying twat pretending to be old to look ‘cool’.

  • Your nineteen! Girl tell me your secret. PLEASE!!!!

    Adelala: Saying she nineteen.

    Me: starting to question my intelligence. ��️����️

  • So funny, cause short hair is often a sign of being older, and all older women tend to go very light… When people see an older woman with long kept hair everyone always goes wow! She is beautiful! And have a hard time guessing there age. Less makeup is always a good option, try getting natural color to your skin and make it healthy, then add a little makeup to make you look like you were outside and kissed by the sun, not hit by it. Get actual rest, sunshine, fresh air, eat your greens, drink more warm and cold water… aloe up! And stop fearing age, be healthy, be happy, and Christ centered!

  • If you ask your salon stylist, they will tell you to drench yourself in chemicals, paving your way to cancer hospitals. You want to look beautiful then feel beautiful. Hard it may sound to believe; one can only believe when tried personally.

  • Marc, why the hell would you allow this article to be posted on your website?
    Not a single reference, full of misinformation, and the author appears to have no credentials. I think you should realize there is a responsibility of someone in your position to make sure the information your website promotes is factual. There are hundreds of kids and people who do not study nutrition who will read this article.

  • Had to laugh! This is my first look at you’re channel & yes, you definitely had me thinking should I stay and watch!? So glad I did, I will be tuning in more often for sure. Thank you!!

  • I’m 57 with shoulder length, (lightly layered) hair and I’m sorry but I will not be bullied or pressured into covering my greys. I love them, they are who I am!

  • I’m keeping my hair bottom rib length with some Ariel style fringe and super side part until I’m old and grey thank you very much I love long hair and refuse to give it up no matter how much people try and persuade me to. I’ve always dreamed of having long grey and white hair when the time comes and no one has ever guessed I’m more than 2 or 3 years younger than my actual age (which is still pretty young). I get complements on my hair all the time. Havent been to a stylist for over 15 years and dont plan on spending money on that ever.

  • The pizza bit was strange, especially now we know what pizza is a codeword for. I really didn’t comment to be negative, I’m sure it was quite innocent but if I was her, I’d have gone home and cried. I know because I’ve been there. Usually, you are amazing

  • My comment is simple. Why does it matter what shape your hair is how long it is. Why does it matter how do you fix your hair or your face? I can tell you the answer to my own questions it isn’t about what you see yourself as it’s about what the world sees you at. I’m a redhead is I’m a 60 got wrinkles don’t care I’m happy with the way I look informate that’s all that matters that I could care less what some Hollywood brain dead person thinks I don’t care. God made me look the way I look so be it. I wear makeup because that’s how I feel comfortable. being a natural redhead I have no eyebrows or eyelashes I have to kind of make them. a woman is beautiful no matter how she chooses to wear her hair or her makeup. ladies be happy with yourself these people don’t matter

  • Can you please help us understand is warm or cold hair color best for us? I know, tip about looking at color of veins, but not always is easy to determine that. Is there anything else? I’m a forever brunette feeling like going light finally and cannot decide, whether cold or warm

  • I’m not even petite….i’m 5″ 7 and 20 and have these issues because of the kind of clothes I have (mini skirts and hairstyles)…..also 16 n 17 yr olds boys more flirt with me than guys in their 20’s so this vid was def helpful for me

  • I’m Malaysian but I have a Natural Light Chocolate hair colour ��…. but for me it’s doesn’t fit me…. cuz my country only a few people have an Natural Light Chocolate hair colour….. sometimes they said that I’m dyed my hair ��…. but any ways I still LOVE MYSELF…. My self my own life ☺️��

  • stylists love short “exciting” cuts. I don’t really care that my hair is long and grey. My hair is thicker. I think hair falls out because of all these styling and chemicals. It also falls out from taking medications and eating poorly. Go look at Native Americans from a long time ago. They had beautiful hair. They didn’t eat junk and they didn’t do anything to their hair with chemicals.

  • I think a good style icon for petites is the character Jane from the show The Bold Type. She is super petite but dresses very sophisticated and chic! (Free to watch on Hulu)

  • I think older women shouldn’t wear ”short hair ” or ”Fat” ones. it makes them look more.. just saying.. do what works for you.

  • Great tips about long hair, but the “salt and…” look requires some brutal honesty from hairdressers and friends. I was unlucky enough to get natural salt and paprika and wish someone had spoken up way earlier about how bad it looked. Gingers spend their whole young lives getting comments on the color, but not enough people have the guts to tell us that red hair rarely greys with grace. Redheads over 40, please seriously consider some color work! It took off 10 years for me.

  • What about shoulder length, very thin hair! I am new to your channel! My hair is evolving into gray which I really like but I need some advice on what to do with it. I’m 77 (soon to be 78) and I like a full bang and stability behind my bangs. Any ideas?

  • Found your video because my “Covid” hair has gotten too long, but I’m kinda liking it! It’s thinner than it used to be but I always have them do long layers to give it more volume. I’m certainly making the mistake of being too long right now, but have a cut scheduled for this week to see if we can give it back some shape! Great tips!

  • Im 22 and ive been told i look younger my entire life. My baby face will never go away so i might as well use it to get out of situations i dont want to be in haha. When i tell people my age and they do this thing of no way i dont believe you i just tell them i was kidding and they are right. Found out its actually much less time consuming.

  • Also, Justin, hair color has so much to do with looking youthful or looking older. If you’re beyond your natural hair color by 2 shades over or under, you can start to look older, definitely, or more fake. No one wants to look fake, but they do and don’t know it. Skin tone and eye color should be considered, big time. Very important. Then when you have that down, the color and style of your clothes matter too. Many people fight to go blond, when really they simply don’t suit it. It may not at all look offensive, but then, you’d start to look like cookie cutters,…not yourself.

  • I am young myself and from my point of view this haircut made this lady look 20 years younger!Don’t understand why there are so many negative comments!Your other videos are very useful and informative too!Thank you from London ☺

  • It’s awesome I’m 44 lost my hair my face hair turned white and I’m still in great shape six pack love looking like an old man my wife’s 13 years younger

  • I would love to see long hair updos that’s simple but pretty, maybe use a hair pad.dont like teasing.thank you for this video…..i love president Donald Trump’s 1st wife updo I am short in height that style is what I need.please give me some tips…..Thank you woohoo much….

  • I finally grew out my gray hair..I had it cut very short and it’s very easy to manage. I do however missed long hair, which I hope doesn’t make me look older..It’snot completely gray, but have several variations of gray color. It differently complements my flawless olive complexion..

  • My hair was pretty damaged and down to my elbows and I parted it in the middle all was the same length and people still thought I looked 17 now my hair is short a little past my ears and people still think I’m 17 even though I’m 29…so I don’t think this is true. People just seem to look way too deeply into certain thing’s. If you look older than you are it’s more likely from genetics not because of your hair style. Also wearing makeup ages your skin faster not saying not to wear it but it will start aging the skin around your eyes much faster. I use to wear make up all the time haven’t worn any the past year after learning about that. So screw what other’s think if you like your hairstyle and your makeup wear it how you like it.

  • I am 59, still blonde with just a few grey hairs. Below shoulder length hair. I live in a hot climate so I don’t use any sprays or any leave in products because my head gets too itchy!! I am a tall woman so I think I look better with long hair. I have been so tempted recently to cut it all off!! My husband says please don’t, he has very short hair and partially bald and he says his head also itches when it is hot and the sweat runs into his eyes which it didn’t do when he had hair. so I still have long hair…

  • Medium glam makeup is the only thing that helps me look close to my actual age (not my actual age) but I don’t like heavy makeup…. It’s really bad; my younger brother is 16 and everyone thinks I’m younger than him despite the fact that I’m nearly 5 years older than him.

  • As a teenager who could pass for 30, my reasoning for watching this was “oh, I’ll see what I could potentially do the opposite of”. This video didn’t really help me, but it was very interesting to watch and eye opening on the experience of other women. Good luck to you all!

  • I have nerve damage in my left shoulder which means I cannot lift my arm any higher than shoulder height. This limits the style I can have. I have found that long is the best option. Do you have any suggestions on style?

  • I think the tips in the video probably fit the western.. coz v asian (majority of us) have natural long straight shiny black hair.. n it doesnt make us look old.. so i guess im in the wrong channel… I used to have hair longer to almost my waist length.. long n straight n center parted.. i dun look old bt my dad make me cut it shorter coz i look like a ghost to him

  • Listening to this video as an older women the quotes from the hairstylists are depressing as heck. Even if I did have the money to go to one of these high end hairstylists I’m not sure if I would want to. Damian Santiago had one of the nicest quotes.

    I think women do need to think of their skin if they are dying their hair because if you are white skin tones changes with time. I went gray so I don’t have to worry about that any more. Dying my hair actually made me look older. Now I don’t have to worry about split ends and breakage.

    It would have been nice if they had shown more than one woman who was at least 40.

  • Hi Justin, I have round Face, Side path. My hair is coarse/ bit Frizzy/ Shoulder length/ Salt and pepper No Colour/ stopped blonde highlights 5 years ago due to Many Chemical Allergies. I’m have very fine/ balding on sides of head and Top/ typical Male pattern Baldness.. Cannot layer hair/ It’s all one length… Do you recommend a Wig..???????? Live in Climate with 9 months of a Summer, 3 cold months of winter.. So it’s very hot, Would shaving my head and trying to get/ thinnest Wig be Best? And are the inside of the wigs made from Cotton for less heat???? Would be So grateful for your input. I’m age 56.. Jenny

  • Great tip re volume at roots using hairspray. I’ve fine hair I used to tip head upside down and spray all over. Lifted head up and looked like I’d put a wet finger in an electrical socket. Then spend a couple of minutes trying to flat it down with my fingers. Definitely going with this method now. Thanks ����

  • Even the people who know I’m 18 like my own dentist treat me like a baby and ask me who I came with so I hope this helps �� I don’t mind my small size but people treat me different a lot.

  • I’m 28 and I still get told “you’re a baby” at the office by older women �� I don’t dress particularly young either. I feel like just because you don’t kids yet, you are still considered a youngin with no life experience, even if you are nearly 30.

  • I had to update my wardrobe (most clothes are tailored). I only wear high quality clothes with clean lines. I have long hair but trim it every 6 weeks to keep it looking fresh. Last week, Someone called me “Mam” for the first time. Damn straight. �� I also speak sophisticated. And I can tell you almost every time when I open my mouth, people take me seriously. But when I am quiet, I’m always told I look so young. I am in my 30’s.

  • Great ideas for older women with long hair. Highlights and layers made a huge difference in my thick hair. I’d love to see a video on how to style long side swept bangs, especially for those with heavier hair.

  • Love your cuts but……if you were to wear a lighter color t-shirt when you are cutting the red headed model, it would be So much easier to see how you are cutting, how you are styling the hair, I cannot see every thing you are how you

  • I’d like to see a video about real hair health (not by product illusion), also a video on the best hair cuts for face shapes. Thanks!

  • I am 18, 5’1” with a low BMI and I have been told I look and sound 12. A previous boss of mine almost didn’t hire me and accused me of lying about my age. I want to be seen as an adult. Thank you for this video, I feel validated. ��

  • I have a long wavy unmanageable hair, so I straighten it everyday b4 going to work to look and feel confident but you should see my hair after every shower it’s a disaster����but unfortunately I don’t have any other options��‍♀️

  • Good tip but how about showing us some older people as examples. Most of your models are young and certainly they will look younger. Young models tend to o that.

  • Your presentation is less than it could be because your background and your shirt is black. Your client’s profile gets lost in the shadows.

  • You forgot the biggest mistake of all: Insisting on wearing long hair when it’s thin and/or damages. No one should wear long hair unless it’s healthy with reasonable thickness.

  • I think is the total oposite! Old women ‘uniform hair’ is always short and light colored. So actually having longer hair with a darker colour will look more youthful. This video is just to brainwash you to become a hairdresser slave.

  • Get layers, ummm no, I have naturally curly and frizzy hair, years ago I got layers never again, made the frizz much worse.
    Avoid long hair, yeah no, short hair means more frizz and more curls.
    I should mention too the frizz in my hair is not due to damage, my hair is actually rather healthy. At least according to my hairdresser

  • These styles is perfect for womens with careers, oldo it’s not that high fashion coz it’s just a simple outfits but still attractive and classy..

  • Oh my gosh.. Just stop.. Have any hair you want, who cares what people think. The way you look isn’t as important as these people say it is..

  • Im 23 yrs old and during my college days, the mall guard did not allow me to go inside the mall cause he thought i was in high school amd that was me wearing my college uniform

  • Thank you for these great tips and I love the style of your video ⭐️. I find that using the curling iron to put waves near my face after I’ve straightened my hair makes it look softer and more natural.

  • My first time here….and the shoes didn’t scare me off. They helped drive home a sobering point I’ve never considered. Thanks. Great video!

  • I stopped watching at the shoes. The insight you would get from my shoes is that I have no arches, I have bunions, and because I wear a size 11, the only shoes that I can get my custom orthotics in are plain, black, and functional. If my hairdresser decided there was some other “insight” to be gained by my shoes, I’d be finding another hairdresser pdq.

  • Please make a video for hair health and hormones if you happen to know anything about that. I am 36 years old and I just found out I am menopausal. I am really starting to see how it is affecting my hair. It is sooo dry and it falls out like crazy where it has drastically thinned out this past year. I am nervous to see what it will look like in ten years. Please give advice on this and also how to express these concerns to my hairstylist or to find a stylist that can address these concerns.

  • I was getting on a plane with my friend and the ticket man watched me go by then stopped her and asked “Are you an unaccompanied minor?”

  • Hi I have really curly long hair which I have coloured and I straighten as leaving it curly looks so frizzy and have to put so much product in that it feels hard and horrible….any suggestions??

  • I found you’re videos this morning, and subscribed right after watching tips on styles that don’t age and use of hairspray. I would very much like to learn hair health. Thank you for sharing.

  • THIS x1000. Realtors, TSA agents, medical professionals, and of course a huge variety of Creepy Old Men have taken it upon themselves to tell me i look like a child. it’s demeaning, dejecting, the opposite of empowerment. even when i was 18 i would do makeup, pierce my own ears to look older and I still got comments from EVERY f****** TSA agenti literally cried at the airport once. I CAN’T CONTROL HOW I LOOK. it’s actually made me reject a professional career and want to not have one because i feel i will NEVER be valued as much as a 6′ regular looking man….

  • My hair doesn’t have layers and is the same length all over, a few inches long, with wispy bangs, fairer skin with jet black hair (think Pulp Fiction)
    I’m no Uma Thurman but I don’t think I look horribly old either, in fact I’m told I can still pass for a minor

  • Great tips but it would be more relatable if you put older women ( starting at least in their 40’s) as exemples. Most the ladies showned in the video are in their 20’s. They’re going to look young in any hairstyle.
    The woman with gray/black hair was a good exemple for the demographic your adressing. Show us more of that!!! I can’t wait to see it

  • I’m 52 and have long hair. The bane of my existence is the curly/frizzy. The thing is, it’s just the hair from the crown that is frizzy. My hair suffers from multiple personality disorder. Some hair is wavy, some is curly and the very first layer is frizzy. I have tried every oil, mask and product to control frizz. Sigh.

  • There is no number accredited to his actual cost of the transformation for those asking about it. It just consistently references “small fortune”.

  • Good tips thanks!! A couple of suggestions though: 1) Don’t worry about people being offended, many people are literally offended by everything. 2) There’s a typo in your presentation, it’s “open to change”, not “open to chage”. Other than that, well done! I’ll keep these tips in mind when styling my own long hair:)

  • in my opinion it looks really youthful if you go for your natural hair color and its undertones (if you want to hide grey hair like me..I have a baby face and already grey hair it looks weird if I don’t cover it) the more you go against your natural hair color and undertone the older you can look in my opinion. Go for an undone, relaxed look if it looks like work and to much color effects it makes you older and looks like you’ve tried too hard to look younger…

  • I’m 25 and have the tiniest voice. I also look very young and I’m so happy that I started using these sort of tips when I turned 19. I have to say, it’s really paying off. I’m glad that this video basically told me I’m on the right track ��

  • Your videos remind me of Peter McKinnon. He’s a photographer and videographer. You should definitely check out his YouTube channel!

  • I love updos. I have clips, ponytail holders, bobby-pins and more.

    I’d like to see a video on fast easy updos and what tools you use to get hair to stay up and on place all day. ��

    Thank you!!

  • Some styling tips and how to use products would be helpful. I just got a short haircut and this humidity is killing me! I have naturally wavy hair. Help

  • I was asked at a pub if my passport is a forgery as I don’t look 29 and I look more like a 17 YO. It is so annoying, and everyone is like you should feel blessed that you look younger than your age, but the thing is that I DON’T ��

  • So what happens to that lovely volume when she goes to the gym or takes a walk on a hot and humid day? My hair immediately goes completely flat to my head…

  • Hello, my name is Yuliya. Am close to 40 and I have med-long hair. Color being dirty(dead) blond. I have been struggling to figure out how to have a functional/lively which I can use for work/outings. Thank you for your vids))

  • i’m 6 ft and was always thought to be older when i was a teen. now that i’m 26 and finished uni i’m getting more of these “but you’re a baby” vibes haha. it’s a struggle because young women often don’t get respected but also we’re told that we’re expired over 30… >:(

  • I’m a teacher and I started at 22. The first years I felt really out of place because I felt like parents wouldn’t trust me with teaching their kids because I was too young. Now four years later I realized it’s all about self confidence. I know I’m where I belong and I feel like families can tell.

  • It is even worse when you become a mom! I am married and 24 and I have a one year old. I always get weird looks when I am with my son. People always asume I am 16.

  • I looked 16 when i was 11 and now, at 23 my face still the same. I got my baby fat removed and somehow, i still look young.
    Is so stressfull for me when i want to even buy something and everyone thinks im a teen. I get such a different amount of respect depending on my looks that this is just what i needed.

  • I am not petite but quite skinny and I just have a babyface and last week I had to show my ID to buy a redbull (you have to be 16) and I’m 21:)))))

  • I’m not petite at all but I have a baby face and I definitely want to be taken more seriously. I’m in engineering and being able to take the lead in difficult situations is a big part of it. And I really want to look as mature/serious as my decisions.

  • I would like to hear about blow drying at home. It always looks so good after a stylist does it, but hard to recreate it at home. Thank you!

  • I was laughing at some of the critical comments you get. ‘I want all the amazing youthful hair tips from a pro buuuuut…. I don’t really want to change anything’. I appreciate all the suggestions, some are for me, some are not. Thank you for being direct. I wear long hair in a hime cut with 2 level bangs and I struggle with the perfect length for each level but I enjoy playing with it as a hairstyle.

  • I’m tired of young guys (minors!) Flirting with me. This could get me in serious trouble if I say the wrong thing. I also have doctors who really don’t take me seriously and always equate my problems to stress/I’m making a big deal

  • I can relate. First day of Law School I was disallowed entry coz the guard thought I was a High School student. Had to show my admission/registration form.

  • “Long hair makes you look older?” No. No, it doesn’t. Methinks someone just resents mature women who hold on to their sexual allure by not cutting their hair in a short, jerky bob.

  • I may be late to the game but I am 32 years old and yesterday I went to purchase a purse from Louis Vuitton and the my CA said that I should go for the smaller purse variant because it was more for “younger girls” and the one I was looking at was for older women. Meanwhile, it was just the Alma PM versus the Alma BB lol (I got the BB).