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Track Your Achievements (and Calorie Deficits) with Polar Flow. ‘Tis the season of polar vortices, true—but don’t let that stop you from getting your flow on. MyFitnessPal has joined forces with Polar Flow to help you track both your nutrition and fitness achievements. Tracking your activity is a good way to find out how active you really are in your everyday life, on top of your regular training. Polar device tracks your daily activity and provides a complete picture of all daily activity, underlining the importance of every movement made throughout the day. Polar Flow.

Free online tool for planning and following up on your training, activity and sleep. Get the most out of your Polar device with Polar Flow. If you train with a compatible heart rate sensor, Polar A300 uses the activity based calories at resting, sedentary and low intensities, and the heart rate based calories at moderate and high intensities. Your physical details filled in the Polar Flow web service are used to make the calories tracking.

Read this article about exploring the world with Polar Flow to learn more.. Tip #3: Track your Activity with Polar Flow. Activity tracking is one of those powerful features of Polar Flow whose scope you don’t necessarily comprehend the first time you see it.

It’s almost like an iceberg. At the top of that iceberg we have the daily activity goal (the bar on your watch) that is very easy to. Turn your phone into a fitness tracker with Polar Beat. Train with real-time voice guidance, use GPS to track your route and distance and share your achievements with your friends.

Choose your favorite activity from 100+ sport profiles and get real-time voice guidance while you train. Track your. The calories reading includes your basal metabolic rate as well as your activity calories burned during the day. In addition if you wear a heart rate sensor during your training sessions, heart rate based calories are also calculated in daily calories.

Sleep information at Flow web service and Flow app. Polar Loop 2 will track your sleep. If you train with a compatible heart rate sensor Polar Loop is compatible with Polar H6 and H7 heart rate sensors., Polar Loop 2 uses the activity based calories at resting, sedentary and low intensities, and the heart rate based calories at moderate and high intensities. Your physical details filled in the Polar Flow web service are used to. You can pair it to your smartphone and upload your data to your Polar Flow account, where you can share your progress with friends, comment on new achievements or even challenge people in your network with fitness-related objectives.

Sharing your data and goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and establish a routine. Ultimately, Polar heart monitors aren’t as accurate for measuring calorie expenditure as they are at tracking your heart rate. However, even if the numbers you get aren’t 100 percent accurate, they might still be useful for goal-setting purposes and tracking your relative progress and workout intensity — i.e., whether the overall amount of.

List of related literature:

In Exercise 4.4 on the next page you will find a Mood Graph.

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The second, accurate calibration charted my theta levels at 3.6; during the subsequent games, I had reduced my levels to 2.7, thus enabling me to pedal the bicycle with much success.

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Other, more interactive tools, such as FitBit and Body Bugg, can also help you track the number of steps you take daily, while serving several other functions.

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  • Hi:) loved the video:) you don’t need to apologise for not following a vegan diet. Or any other lifestyle. There will always be people who will disagree with you no matter how hard you try to argument your decisions. Keep listening to your body:)

  • gotta go by feel. that low volume shit aint for everybody. starting to lose the pump after 15 working sets? that’s enough volume for you… doesnt mean it’s enough for the next guy

  • I train 9 times a week, (running 3 times a week for 45 min, 3 upper body workouts per week, and 3 legs and core workouts a week) is this ok? I’m also cutting calories on an IF diet too.

  • Love you ladies. My question is regarding magnesium. There are so many different kinds out there. For the lack of better judgment I take magnesium glycinate 400 mg, twice a day. Which one would be more beneficial for a newbie to a keto lifestyle?

  • I totally get that fruit can be really expensive but rice, beans, oats, and pasta are the cheapest foods available! If you are really worried about protein specifically then there are plenty of vegan protein powders you could use that aren’t too expensive either.

  • If you do your research into nutrition you can easily follow a vegan diet. Also, vegan protein sources are generally much cheaper than meat, fish and eggs. Regarding a variety of fruit and veg i buy frozen mixed vegetables, frozen mixed berries and then 1 other kind of fruit and 1 other kind of veg (this varies each week). I am not criticizing your video, i just want to help you go vegan in the right way:)

  • Great video, I generally love your videos, and thank you for all the knowllege you share, I really appreciate it! I got really motivated by your approach to health. Planning for my (home version) fast in the summer when i finish school. Unfortunatelly I cannont come to Costa Rica, but I will try to make it happen in the near future:)
    I have one, probably off topic, question. I came across placentophagy. What do you think about it? And I would like if you made a video about reproductive health, and child birth in general.
    Thank you for reading, I send greetings from Serbia!

  • Just found your channel, love your energy, enthusiasm. People have different genetics and so different needs for diff foods, so go with what works for yougood for you. No two people are the same, if you study genetics to even fairly basic level you will learn this we are like snowflakes!:O)

  • Hello! I just wanna say, kudos to you for trying out this lifestlye, and give some advices. I live in Hungary, Europe, produces can get pricey here too. You mentioned mangos being expensive. They are expensive here too, so I only buy 1 or 2 when they’re on sale. You DON’T HAVE TO buy a bunch of them for your diet, they’re not necessary. Lots of vegans eat them because they live in places where mangos are cheap. You should buy produces that are season in your country. I’m sure you can ask your mum to buy more veggies and fruits, I mean which mum would say no to their child wanting to eat healthier. And I’m sure you got some pocket money too, I always suplement my needs with buying some extra produces. I’m always looking for markets and little stores where I can buy my groceries for cheap. I just got back from a little shopping, I bought around 5 pounds of produce for 1.6 euros! Apples, oranges celery sticks. I see big stores selling tomatoes for 2-3€, but I buy them at the market for 1€

  • Eating only produce is expensive. You have to also eat grains, many are cheap such as rice or couscous and buy veggies in bulk, they’re usually cheaper than fruit.

  • A vegan diet can work for you.  Your problem was eating a rt4 diet.  Eating a very limited diet can lead to protein deficiency, but if you eat cooked vegan foods and make sure you get enough calories you will not have that problem.  Like you said, the starch based diet is working well for you.  Eat that diet as a vegan instead of rt4.

  • Doc Boz,
    I don’t sleep. I have struggled with this for years ‘m am so beyond exhaustion. I need help! I have Thyroid issues.I am 62. Id like to feel good. Is there a way you could help me?

  • I was a sugar and carb addict. I was having so many hot flashes day and night! Well, strangely enough, they went away when I went keto. What is up with that??

  • Don’t worry what vegans think, their diet is only healthy if you have access to the right balance of food. If you don’t it can lead to defencies and malnourishment. Your diet now is much healthier.

  • Girrrrrrl I’m a broke ass uni student who still lives at home and I can afford to stick to a vegan lifestyle on far less than a hundred a week so your lame ass “it’s too expensive” argument is just lazy.

    One box of vegan cereal and a carton of non-dairy milk will cost you less than five bucks. You can pick up so many varieties of vegan soups and beans and spaghetti and rice and quinoa for less than a dollar a pop, and that sorts all your lunches and dinners for the week. Edamame, carrots and hommus for snacks, plus a bunch of bananas or apples or pears for breakfasts to last a week, whatever’s on sale at the time of purchase. And if you really want to push the boat out, go to the frozen food section and buy a box of vegan pies or schnitzel for six dollars, or some marinated tofu to mix in with some hokkien noodles and mixed veggies.

    Veganism is so flipping easy when you educate yourself on your options.

  • So.. meat and dairy are cheaper than vegetables, legumes and fruit where you live.. That’s something even you can’t believe, don’t lie to us. Don’t give us bullshit excuses. Get a job, buy your own food, and stop eating what mommy puts on your plate.

  • I have a local butcher grind in liver with the ground beef. The beef is locally raised and grass fed/finished. They also have pasture raised chicken and eggs. Carnivore utopia. I started paleo but later found Dr Berg and the Keto diet. The high vegetables did not agree with me. After transitioning to carnivore as I had seen Dr Ken Berry do, the difference was amazing. My Keto-versary started on February 7th from a 200+ dad bod to a 167lb with abs for the first time in my life. I could do a handful of pull-ups when I started to 30 now and weight lifting almost every day. GERD gone, dermatitis gone, joint inflammation gone, feel great, sleep great.

  • everyone is different, even with 4 kids to support who are vegetarian and I am fully raw I do not find it expensive to eat fully raw and I am really thriving! Also I work as a nurse and in school for an advanced degree so Im super busy. I make it work bc I don’t want to be sick. much love!

  • Actually i have almost the same family situation like you but i am not vegan i just don’t eat meat but somehow i did influence on my mom she stopped eat meat too.
    Veganism is little harder for the budget (you cannot eat only pasta and rise and tomatoes and potatos etc.).
    I was amased when my mom told me she was eating only plant based food for 10 years while she was military but she ate only beans,rise and patatos.
    That is why she stopped bcs she wanted more different dishes.

  • I’d love info on the beef and butter fast. This is the 1st comment I’ve ever made on YouTube! Thanks so much for the videos! I’ve watched 95% of Dr Boz’s videos. You guys rock! I downloaded the book yesterday! I’ve been on keto for almost 18 months. I’ve lost 30 pound in the 1st 7 months. I should lose 20 more pounds. I’ve gotten lazy with my keto. I don’t track anything. I know I need to do that to get to the next level. I love your smile enthusiasm Dr Boz! We’ve had an exchange student too! Good for your family for opening up your home and your hearts for this young man!

  • What the…? I’m 15 both of my parents are broke and I live in the third most expensive country in the world, only third to Norway and Switzerland, vegan diets are so much cheaper than buying animal products, this is the perfect diet for saving money, even if you don’t care about your health, our planet, future generations or animal abuse, this girl looks way too spoiled to be talking about not being able to afford (literally the cheapest) food. You don’t have to live on mangoes or the most expensive tropical fruits out there to be HCLF vegan! Please enlighten yourself, go to the grocery store yourself it’s not only a place for adults just so you now, look at the prices of plants and then at animal products facepalm

  • Stop making it so hard for yourself, i feel you,, i thought it was expensive to when i whent vegan but as you said IT IS POSSIBLE to eat vegan on a budget! Doesn’t your mom make veggies for lunch? just add some greens and potatoes/rice to that and there you have a really proper meal? You also don’t have to eat heaps and heaps of fruit, buy in season! Never heard of someone quiting a vegan lifestyle cause it’s “hard”, stop making it about yourself and about the animals instead!:)

  • and saying not to squat? come on… yeah squating heavy brings back and joint issues but with good technique and proper weight its without a doubt one of the best exercises for everything!!

  • i’ve been vegan for 10 weeks and I’m honestly thinking aboyt incorporating small amounts of meat. basically eating mainly plant-based but small amounts of meat. i agree with the majority of your points especially talking about expenses, raw til 4 and protein. although we can get protein from chickpeas, lentils and whatnot.

  • I lived on fruit and spinach shake for several years. I didn’t lose much weight but I did grow some huge kidney stones. I loved your fruit is evil video. I have been doing amazing on the keto lifestyle. Love you Guy’s

  • Eating only bananas is not a vegan diet. Its not that hard, there are so many foods out there you can find that don’t have animal by-products. I love eating spaghetti, thats cheap, or steel cut oats for breakfast. I love my english muffins with avocado smeared on them like butter, and then sliced tomatoes. I don’t eat 6 mangos in one meal…??? Of course your hair is falling out from eating very few varieties of food, being vegan does not mean you only eat fruit, and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

  • Well said. One of your statements reminded me of Jesus’ words which i am paraphrasing; “dont worry about what goes into the mouth…”,”if God provides for the birds, wont he provide for you?” Too bad religious people dont truly understand Jesus’ messages

  • I never comment. I am compelled to now because Jennifer is my age, my doctor also says I am not in menopause, I am strict keto, and I also wake up 3x a night sweating. I love Dr. Boz’s answer and could NOT believe Jennifer asked the exact question that has been troubling me. How incredibly helpful. I value Dr. Boz’s wisdom a great deal. I love the thought that the sweating is due to a shift in metabolisms. I do wonder if it could be more than that though. Couldn’t Jennifer (and I) be experiencing some hormonal shifts (pre menopause) PLUS the metabolism shift? I was blaming it on hormones before I heard Dr. Boz’s answer, so just thinking out loud. After giving birth three times, I had this on and off sweating until I quit nursing. That is what leads me to believe the sweating could be hormones at play as well. I am CRAZY about these sessions and learning so much. Thank YOU!!!

  • Thank you great upload. We don’t need super foods or supplements when foods are not depleted. Sorry to say US food source, as you know, is in set shape so we DO need to supplement and consume super foods because of this depleted US food source and chemical farming. Believe me I’m on your team and wish I could live where you are. Keep up the good fight. Thank you again for your teachings.

  • Excuse me i Live in Austria and have no problem being Vegan. Mangoes are expensive, but we have beautiful local produce, tomatoes, chard, apricots, plums, lettuce, sunflower seeds and the list goes on. Tropical fruit is not necessary  to be a vegan. I have been vegan for the past 8 years. It is really sad that animal products are cheaper than plant food. Surely the life of a beautiful animal is priceless. Not being vegan because animal products are cheaper is really sad.

  • Hi Greg,
    I have three questions I wanted to ask you about training concerning bodyweight training and free weights.
    1.When you apply exercises like Bridges, one arm pushups, handstand pushups, etc, do you use the same type of workout routine to build the strength neccesary for free weights?
    1. Military PressRPT4-6, 6-8
    2. Pike Pushups (Progression to Handstandpushups)4-6, 6-8

    2. Do you recommend training for strength first with weights or bodyweight? (I am just starting to get into workout to build muscle.

    3. To get better at a certain movement like pushups, would you suggest adding weight with low reps or volume in order to get better at that said movement?

    Much obliged. a fellow fan.
    P.s. I have bought the shredding program a few days ago and just started it, I have leaner and happier about training already! Thanks Greg, you are one cool dude!

  • poor girl, it seems like you care too much about what others think about you. I am a vegan, but ate a icecream with milk today and feel like a vegitarian. I probably am in others eyes right now, but i felt soo down and knew it was something missing in my body, the icecream woke up my head for now.
    But you do have to eat whats right for you, do not care what others thomk, love yourself and maby you will go vegan when you can. it is expenseve in Norway to, very hard, so it has been good for ten months, but i now reconsider whats the best diet for me.
    much love ❤

  • I’m learning nearly as much (if not more) from your answers in the comment section as I am from the videos. Man, you are such a gift!

  • Regarding the trackingThis was very helpful when I started as is showed me the total protein,fat and carbs I consumed in a day. My ideas of how much of these by myself where totally out of range! Which means I did it all wrong to start with! So I can recommend using an app in the beginning until you gat the hang of it..Thank you ladys for your motivational talk!

  • Hello Dr Boz, awesome video. I just started keto 3 days ago and wanted to know is it okay to use ketos in a can and MCT oils at the same time. snice i started I found that if I eat a lite lunch and stuff myself for dinner, I can actually go with out eating until the next day at noon. Now i am starting to feel a little run down and this is why I ask about ketos in a can and MCT oils

  • My hubby has high bp and is on keto for about 2 mo still on meds for bp how long till it drops? He gets bloody nose because it gets so high. He has chronic migraines also. He does not sleep either.

  • BEFORE JUDGING: In Europe the fruits and vegetables are really expensive. What she says is right unfortunately. I live in Europe also and tried going vegan but it is not affordable long term and eating just pasta, rice, beans and potatoes is not a way to live. Especially during winter the prices rise unbelievably high.

  • Michael from Toronto, started Keto Jan 13, (right after a cruise ��) height 5’9, weighed in at 226, currently at 205 and my goal is 170 by June, I’m with you Dr Boz ��
    This interview and others are really educational and helpful!!! Thank You and God Bless

  • if raw till 4 is expensive buy whatever is cheap, rice and potatoes. excuses are shit! you obviously don’t care about other animals or the planet! also hair falling out isn’t protein deficiency it is not eating enough.

  • Love liverwurst. Went to the deli, bought 1 pound of board head brand. was so excited that I could have it on keto. I went on their website to get nutritional info. But it was not available. I called the company and asked about the ingredients and found out there was dextrose in it. Now what?

  • Vegan diets are not the best way to eat and there is no conclusive research proving this to be the case, your ancestors would scoff at this foolishness, there is a reason why over 75 percent of people who try veganism quit it within a year, and it isn’t because of taste, it’s because meat and fats are great for your body, vegans will decry this all the time but they cannot change the facts.

    What they will attempt to do is say meat causes cancer and all these other maladies that were virtually non-existent prior to the rise of agriculture, by linking to a bunch of observational junk studies and meta-analysis which is the hocus pocus of statistics.

    Listen to your body it won’t lead you astray, there is no reason to feel guilt over nourishing yourself, and the way you are talking in this video is a bit shocking, like someone who has was traumatized by a cult and still has problems with the brainwashing.

  • Plant based starch solution, Dr. McDougall.   No oils…Starches are healthy. My hair fell out eating a regular diet.  I have diabetes and I am healthier now.
    This program is cheap, not expensive, But whatever works for you, should be your choice, we all have different bodies. with different needs.

  • I wish that vegetarians and vegans alike would celebrate people in general being more “veggie friendly” and eating less animal products. Not everyone can or wants to be vegan or vegetarian, however bashing people and making them defend themselves will make them resent it even more. Instead it would be better just to be happy when someone eats a meatless meal and encourage small victories. Being kind and encouraging promotes change, not being rude and self righteous. Sorry you felt you had to defend yourself so much.

  • LADY
    You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. Just state you are not going vegan and move on with yourself. People here will always criticize because they have not walked in your shoes. I tried specialized diets before and people will always say “you are not doing it right” when I stop it. Listen to your body and what it wants. Don’t ever force yourself. God bless.

  • I tried the vegan diet for a month last year, and lost weight. So I returned to eating meats. I ate very little, because I knew that the animals had to sacrifice their lives so that I could maintain my weight. But about two weeks ago, I watched a video from Gary Yourofsky, well, I ended up watching all of his videos, and decided to go vegan. This time around, I knew what to do. I bought some flax seeds, and mixed it with rice. And I haven’t lost weight, which is great. I also spent many hours in the gym, because I got more energy from this diet. I’ll buy other seeds such as chia, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, pomegranate, sunflower… Anyway, it’s challenging to change our eating habit. I was extremely healthy eating non processed meats (not a lot), and of course lots of vegetables and fruits. But it took Gary Yourofsky to convince me that I can be as healthy, and possibly healthier, without having to kill innocent animals who are, by the way, smarter than humans. They never go to school, consult a health expert, but they know exactly what to eat. They have no doctor or medicine or go to the gym, but they are perfectly fit. They don’t kill others for ideas (wars, homicides). They don’t need to wear clothes, but they’re so beautiful. They don’t need to produce food, because nature provides it… I can go on…

  • I am doing Keto for 12 weeks and my weight loss is very, very slow do to my low iron…my dr put me on the birth control pill for 3 months to see if it helps with my iron. I stop losing weight for 3 weeks and I feel it’s the pills. I want to control my iron but I don’t want to leave the Keto life style, I love being in ketosis…but I pay a high price for my low Iron. My dr doesn’t know much about Keto. Can you give me an advice? Thank you for sharing all of the great info

  • If your hair is falling out after you went vegan then you know there is really something bad going on in your body when you are eating that diet. Don’t harm your body lessening to other people that won’t you to be like them.

  • thank you for acknowledging that the best way to eat is a vegan diet. I hope one day you go back to the compassionate lifestyle that is veganism:) 

    peace and love.

  • Vitamin B12 is contained only in non-vegan diets. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia, brain damages, to name a few. This means that the vegan diet is bad for humans. In fact, humans have been omnivorous since the primitive age.

  • I live off of like £20 a week for food and I’m a vegan! I’m as healthy as ever and I eat the brilliant food yep not even veg and stuff all the lmao. Vegan cheese in the UK is like £2! Haha oh good god, it’s really NOT THAT hard!

  • I stopped being vegan for many of the reasons you did to it just wasnt physically or mentally healthy for me now i am pescetarian:) i only eat fish occasionally for social situations which is fine:)

  • you ara a vata type of people,you metabolic fire is low this is the first thing to understand.get to learn how your body work  and then start eating kind of food you need

  • I hit my goal weight after starting keto April 2018. This year is to maintain and mainly my top goal is to consistently eat ‘real’ food. I’ve done 2 meals a day for 2 months but find I need to clean it up. Keep up the great work. Great motivation.

  • Gurl i live in Denmark…… say again that your food is exspensive. But i am still vegan even though i do live in Denmark (with my parents). I just think you did everything for the wrong reasons.

  • I used to have a list of about 10 speakers on health that I listened to regularly. Now, Loren is the only one I listen to every day. Almost every lecture teaches me to think more logically and proves that truth is usually very easy to discover if we trust our logic and trust Mother Nature.

  • As a kid, 45 years ago, I read many books on the Inuit people. And how westerners tried to live like in the West and would die. But one Western, A priest, lived in a cave and stayed alive because he ate the whole fish head and all. Not like the Westerners who like to only eat the fillet.

  • One question Greg please, why is it that we hear so many people saying that we need to change our routines often? Do you? Is it really that necessary? Thanks mate, love your channel, cheers from Australia, we’re MIRIN

  • just came back from New Orleans.. home of the muffalatta yum I had to go to central grocery just because I wanted a good muffalatta sandwich.

  • One minute jump rope… I might start a mini earthquake if I don’t trip over lol!

    But mixed with my migrainous vertigo perhaps it’s what I need to start quick daily exercise. I’m going to try it!

  • So basically you quit veganism because of money reasons. So then, how can you afford vegan based bfs and lunch? I mean, the only thing you are missing is dinner, and also, you have to understand, veganism is a philosophy, it is not only a diet, that is why people who are committed with this philosophy tend to do it for life, not just for  fashion 😉

  • Hi Greg. I have a really important question. First of all I follow you and your IF program for about a month now. My daily calorie intake is around 2300 cals. I’m 91kg (200 lbs), and around 189cm’s(so I’m pretty tall). My calories is consistently around 800 less each day BUT my weight stays the same. I have been training really hard. Could it be a little muscle weight countering a lot of “fat weight”. I look a bit leaner but my scale doesn’t say so. Please reply

  • Again, I’m astounded by how simple your logic is and yet these are ideas that have never occurred to me that make perfect sense (I majored in philosophy so this kind of stuff gets me excited). I’m particularly referring to what you said about the anti-cancer phytonutrients in broccoli. we don’t need these nutrients in the broccoli if we are not putting ourselves at risk in the first place. I don’t eat the processed junk so my risk of developing cancer is far less than others that are living on foods that don’t ideally belong in the human diet. This really is paradigm shifting for me because I had always thought broccoli was an optimal food no matter what. I have a word document on my desktop that is dedicated to documenting these kinds of profound shifts in my way of thinking and this information is going right there.

  • Fruits and vegetables are actually very cheap in the Netherlands. I’m Dutch and living in the United States. Every time I travel to the Netherlands I’m excited about the cheap produce. Also groceries in general are much cheaper in the Netherlands compared to the United States.

  • I recommend doing the 1 min of jump rope right before your meals. Ben Greenfield, well known bio hacker longevity expert talks about doing squats for 1 min before a meal (at restaurants he will sneak into the restroom to do them). He actually says you can see results doing as little as 30 seconds. Before ans after a meal seems like a winner to me.

  • The one thing I am bothered with this video is not the reason you quit rawtill4 (fresh produce can be expensive in the Netherlands depending where you look, I know) but more so that you completely quit veganism. The main reason for being vegan is for the animals. That’s why you go vegan in the first place. What you are doing, quitting veganism is literally kicking the animals (mostly), migrant workers and the environment in the face saying ”my financial situation is more important than you”. So what could you have done? Let me explain. Have you ever thought that people who live in poverty aren’t even able to afford meat because it’s expensive. They live on rice, potatoes and other starches, beans, legumes, vegetables and some fruit. There is no excuse for you to say you can’t do this because that is being lazy and erases the existence of people in poverty that eat plant based. You have to admit it for yourself. I know enough people who’re basically poor (within first world countries) and still eat plant foods and are vegan because that’s what they chose to do morally as well.

    The rawtill4 is somewhat of a privileged diet, but that is something you chose to do. And I say privileged because buying fruits in a country that are expensive in large quantities and eating it in large quantities daily for a high caloric intake is somewhat of a privilege. No one told you you HAD to eat x amount of fruits and calories per day. You chose that for yourself. You made that decision. Flowing with your current financial situation is the best. You, just like myself and heaps others are probably not in the right financial situation to go fully raw or semi-raw diets because that’s not what we can afford in this country at the moment. Is that a reason to just ditch the animals? Absolutely not. My parents aren’t vegan either nor do they have that much money. They still buy me potatoes, rice, veggies and frozen fruit and bananas. Plant foods. So that’s not an excuse. It’s also about making compromises. You can’t base your lifestyle on other people. Stick to your morals when you set them. 

    Almost 160 billion animals are killed annually on this planet. I think that’s reason enough to stay vegan. You eat meat and the numbers slowly increase. You, as an aware (well once aware) person of this serious number will now contribute to the continuous suffering of farm animals. Their beating, abuse, rape and slaughter. Any form of exploitation or commodification they endure is worth staying vegan for. 

    Your hair falling out is something normal. Your head sheds hair depending on the season. It also has to do much with your diet. When you switch to a new diet, it can be caused from stress, from not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sun (which I know is pretty much impossible here, in the Netherlands), etc. 

    As for the deficiency. Name 1 deficiency only vegans have. Again, name me ONE deficiency only vegans have. The protein deficiency is a myth. We can get our daily protein needs from plants everyday. Your body is smart enough to know how much protein it needs. A huge amount of proteins (from meat and more than what our bodies need) can cause serious health issues and illnesses. There is literally protein in every plant food. Any vitamin and mineral our bodies require can be found in any plant food. 

    Again, just because Rawtill4 is not what your current financial situation can support you can always switch to a starch based diet by Dr. John McDougall. 
    There are enough websites online for students who have to live on a budget and who want to eat vegan. Rice, potatoes, canned/frozen veggies/fruits and cheap bananas are enough to feed your body with minerals and vitamins. Quit the excuses, already. There’s no time for that. You know what it does to the animals, to the workers within the industry and the fatal hits the environment is suffering from everyday for decades. Deforestations, world hunger, species extinction, oceanic dead zones, water, soil and air pollution, etc., are only a few major examples of what is happening when people choose to eat meat, dairy, eggs and honey.

  • All i hear is excuses, bla bla. Hair don’t fall off animals bodies from being vegan lol. You didn’t eat a balanced vegan diet full stop no bull shit ok?

  • What made you become a vegan originally? It seems as though you attempted it for the wrong reasons, and as a result failed to find the motivation to carry it out and look for effective solutions to the problems you faced. No doubt being vegan is hard, but when it’s something you’re passionate about, you work hard to make it work so that it is possible to get everything you need whilst on a budget etc.

    When you saw a spiderweb and said ‘oh I have to get that out’ it made me wonder if you tried following veganism out of a desire to help animals… Or simply to lose weight and look good. Personally, I began seriously considering veganism after I started seeing all animals, people and insects as of equal value and importance, including spiders. I apologise if I misunderstood, I’m just offering my thoughts on your experiance.

  • Greg, in none of your workouts are there squats. Would your lower body workouts be okay to maybe have growth on my legs. Ive also researched that I should do squats until I have a satisfied leg size then move off them to avoid the bodybuilding look and have the sporty look.??

  • First of all, thank you both so very much for doing these podcasts❤️❤️ I would love to hear more in regard to exercise (especially for women over 50) and Keto in relation to menopause�� thanks

  • if you find it too expensive to buy fresh fruits, you can live off of starches and veggies (mostly frozen). that’s cheap and sustainable:)

  • I went through the exact same thing on raw til 4, I follow a starch based diet…I also lost a lot of my hair….did your hair start coming back after you included some dairy back into your diet? Thank you for the video it helped a lot!

  • one of the few who makes sense in the raw food world. Thanks for putting out the Natural Hygiene views once again Lorenbest to you.

  • veganism is not the only ans best diet to b healthy…

    i will never understand y vegans dont understand the concept of VEGANISM IS NOT 4 EVERY1! theres people who would literally die on a vegan b/c of whatever reason their body is not agreeing with it…if u dont understand that concept then people shouldnt b preaching about it like its then end all b all of diets.

  • I understand it’s difficult to be a vegan when it’s your parents doing the cooking and grocery shopping and they are footing the bill. but from what I’m hearing from this video, the problem is that you decided to go RT4 and eat mainly tropical fruit. try a basic and varied cooked vegan diet maybe you’ll feel better. And you can come back to RT4 if you wish to when you can afford to pay for the mangoes and all the rest.:)

  • From the expense point of view; just exchange fruit for high starch foods, rice potatoes and wholemeal pasta. You can still be vegan AND its cheaper.

  • Hey man I’ve almost seen all your videos but I can’t figure out if it’s okay to create a defecit thru exercise only. I’m a beginner trying to loose fat and build muscle. I’m eating at maintenance and allowing the deficit to come from work out only. And on rest days I just do thirty mins of moderate cardio but no carbs and a slight defecit of 200 thru food. I just sometimes can’t even eat my maintenance ever since I started eating healthy and clean

  • My goal be healthy lose lots weight.. also have cramps in feet to stop.. going on second year last year only lost 20 pounds.. have alot more like 50 plus pounds…

  • I read the book, really enjoyed it! Fellow South Dakotan with family in Sioux Falls, Pierre, Huron and elsewhere! (Now in North Texas, Doctor of Musical Arts)

  • I am so glad you made this video! A friend of mine once said. “Be vegan to the best of your ability”, and that is exactly what you are doing! Keep it up!

  • I do healthy keto but…. I just can’t get off creamer!!! What is keto friendly to put in my coffee to help me get off creamer? I’m still losing weight but so slowly Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you ��

  • I’m going to admit to you Dr. Boz that I am addicted to snorting Wellbutrin. I’ve never told anyone. I’ve told you now and flushed all my Wellbutrin two minutes ago. I was bulimic for 25 years. I’ve had ADHD, BPD, bipolar,
    I’m two weeks into ketosis. I’ve had headaches, forehead headaches and I’m sure I damaged my sinuses. I need some support (I have a practitioner but he doesn’t know what I’m doing.) I’m finally ready to fix all of me with food. I’ve been trying to fix my body and mind for over 50 YEARS!
    You are the first person to speak to me where I understood. I’m following you closely, stuck to you for life!!

    My fasting sugars have been 103 ÷ 1
    Ketones. 1.5
    Flu sticks consistent in pink to dark pink.
    BTW. I’m 65 years old!

  • Another insightful and helpful video.  I am starting to think I have wasted too much money on supplements over the past few years (and have not been eating enough fruit)….

  • Intervals and high intensity will not make you cut? So then why are sprinters and so many other olympian athletes so ripped? this does not make sense

  • Iron. I was shocked.. my iron is so high the blood bank wont let me donate. I cook 3 meals a day in nothing but cast Iron It works

  • I’ve been eating strict keto for 9 months and have watched most of your videos. So much of your info has been valuable even though I don’t believe I need to buy keto products. Please get rid of the hat.

  • I suggest you follow Unnatural Vegan on YouTube. She debunks RT4 and other vegan diet nonsense and offers sensible nutrition advice.

  • Your HAIR started falling out?????
    What crazy fucking shit are you spreading???
    Raw till 4 makes your hair STRONGER you fucking loon.
    I’m in disbelief that you’re spreading such lies!

  • @***** Paraphrasing: “The foods were eat do not contain what we need them to contain.”

    This is the reason I choose to use supplements (green powders) currently.  Although I buy fresh, “organic”, non-GMO produce whenever possible, I’ve learned and know that the soil from which our produce is grown has been depleted of its nutrients and trace elements by 80 percent or more in most cases.  Yes, the produce I buy is more nutrient dense but not nearly as dense as it should be, can be, or once was 50-100 years ago.  By including supplements, I am attempting to avoid a deficiency or insufficiency that may be present in the foods I currently consume.

    Now that we nearing a season where a larger variety and quantity of fresh fruits are available, I may be reducing my supplement intake.  With a larger quantity available, the cost usually goes down which allows my dollars to stretch further.

    In order for my body to function more efficiently, I am also planning to complete another 3-day water fast when I reach a weigh of 150 lbs.  I may extend it depending on how I feel after the third day.  When I reach 160 lbs., I will fast again.  Although these are short fasts in comparison to a 10-day or 3-week water fast, I currently believe I do not have the support, supervision, or reserves I need to fast for a longer period of time and I don’t really want to drop back down to below 130 lbs. again (I’m 6′ 6″).

    Thanks, Loren.  I appreciate the information you have provided through these videos.

  • If you eat tuna you are not a vegetarian. Beans are so cheap! If raw till 4 doesn’t work for you try including vegetables and beans, lentils, etc into your diet..

  • The reason why people think high reps and big volume is better for “definition” is because it burns more calories. It just makes you lose fat quicker, so it seems like you are “defining” your muscles through hundreds of reps.

  • First time here. I’m so sad to see you so worried about what people are going to think of you and how they might judge you just because you left pure veganism. Well, I am a full vegan for several months following the “Starch Solution” diet, as best as I can, from Dr. McDougall. If it makes you feel any better, I’m not going to judge you at all. What I felt is bad for you that you seemed to be going to confession throughout this video. You really don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself in the end.

    As for what I believe, I’m wondering if you really gave all forms of vegan protein a chance? If you were really following Dr. McDougall, I’m curious as to how you could possibly be protein deficient following it? For example, even when I can’t get legumes, I always can count on my protein from my soy milk with my morning oatmeal, or tofu with rice. According to the “Starch Solution,” which you say you believe in, if you truly follow it there is no way to be protein deficient. Remember that a whole potato has enough protein if that’s all you ate. You spoke a lot about the shortage of fruit, but fruit is only a small part of this particular form of vegan diet. How about protein from nuts and seeds? Protein is all over the place in a vegan diet, but you didn’t mention a lot of the foods where it is found, and if you also had difficulty obtaining these foods as well?

    Whatever, I wish you the best of luck in your diet choices. I’m sure you know full well that eating eggs is just trading off a huge amount of protein for clogging your arteries. But again, I’m not going to judge you, and I hope you calm down worrying about what people think. I sure don’t care what meat eaters think of me:-) Take care.

  • I get it why you make exceptions but I think you just don’t care I’m sorry just my opinion but if you really care about the animals and know what it does to your body you shouldn’t care about how expensive the products are… I’m only 13 years old I live in a family where we just eat meat everyday and eggs but I’m vegan for like 3 years and its going good, the products are not that expensive (I live in the Netherlands too) No hate or something but pls don’t call yourself a vegan if you don’t go 100% for it (your hair started falling out because you didn’t eat enough, when your vegan you have to eat more because everything is low in calories so that’s why) xx Elena❤

  • what do you recommend for hashimoto (hopefully reversing)… how long to fast, frequency of fasting, anything special to pay attention to and/or do?

  • I would like to know more about the sleep protocol. I used to take Tylenol pm to help with sleep but my physician warned about stopping this. I now try just straight Tylenol for knee pain but get up at least once during night to void. When you stop eating at 6 or 7 pm and drink water, or black tea, I find that catches up during night.

  • This guy, by far talks the most sense I’ve seen on youtube. There’s so much bullshit out there, I do exactly what this guy says and I’ve only just discovered his channel, thats because its taken me years to sift through the bollox that is bodybuilding. Listen to Greg, nice one mate

  • he speaks the truth all about nutrition and if you do a program like insanity make sure you eat at least 1.5 gram of protein or more per body weight and remember to lift heavy weights to maintain muscle and strength. otherwise you will loose inches muscle and try not to stay on a low calorie diet for more than 2 months.. I’d personally recommend a month because it’s a lot easier to retain all your muscle with out increasing protein a significant amount.

  • This thumbnail is very depressing, Brother. It’s time you changed it. Just look at the views you’ve been getting since you started using this one.

  • 13:40 2 tea-spoons of bicarbonate soda in 3/4 liter of water 30 45 mins before any eating; however preforably when waking up, has given me no cold like symptoms last 6 years.

  • I moved straight to vegan at 13. Didn’t go from vegetarian, to eventually cutting off everything, straight to the vegan lifestyle.
    I completely disagree with you about expensive produce. Because that’s simply a myth. If you compare the price of meat and dairy to the price of a kilo of fruit, vegetables, it’s much lower (In Australia anyway, and the cost of living here is pretty high). Plus, you can easily make the same dishes and substitute for vegan equivalent. I don’t understand the concern here, it sounds like from the beginning this was a hassle for you, and you never went veg in the mindset for the ethical reasons, as i can see from your much deodorant sprays and perfumes on your shelves (animal testing). This is a lousy excuse to quit being a compassionate and logical human and turn back to funding rape, torture and slaughter, you should be disgraced.

  • Also Netherlands, also fed up eating banana / apple / orange. There are shops that sell mango for 0.79 a piece, 0.50 per avocado, so it’s possible. But the sheer volume you have to eat and still have low protein (brain fog) and high AGE’s (advanced glycation end products). You can also buy cheap rice cooker for your room and cook rice and beans in secrecy

  • I know you know now that you were probably not eating enough greens and that’s possibly why your hair was falling out. (check out Tannyraw).  You were not eating a well balanced vegan diet (not by choice of course) and it wasn’t sustainable. No one can tell you how to eat and we all need to find what works for each of us individually, so good for you.

  • I really appreciated what you had to say. I have been trying to be vegan but don’t have control over the way money is spent in my family and I can’t afford it myself being a student. I make the best choices I can with what we have but I think it would be a while till I can really go vegan. xx

  • Love that you are supportive and in fact practice the carnivore way of eating!!!!!!! I have been Carnivore for 3 months after doing Keto for 6 and consider Carnivore as the natural progression:) Love your videos Dr. Boz!!!! Cheers! from Nova Scotia, Canada:)

  • no thats wrong bro each person is different you cant generalize like that…if someone feels good training 5 times a week with proper nutrition, how can you say 3 times better? no way man maybe in your case but not necessarily for everybody

  • Houston, Texas. I believe that cooking with cast iron replaces iron in the body. I cook meat and eggs in cast iron. I’m glad that you said to eat liver and sardines on a carnivore diet. I must be one of the few who actually like both. I think that lots of vitamin C will help your mothers eyes, along with all the other vitamins and minerals.

  • i was killing myself that what i understand i got some definition and i look like i lift but wasnt enough training for about 8 months should have been better position

  • Im in the same position you are people dont understand not everyone can afford this vegan lifestyle if i had the money i would be making changes but all you vegans that wanna verbally assault us meat eaters go burn in hell pricks

  • Go south! Way to cold in Churchill. Oh, watch out for Polar Bears. ❤️����
    Inuits are what everyone outside Canada calls Eskimo. Inuit is the correct word.

  • you cannot call yourself a vegan or a vegetarian if you make “exceptions”. No hate, I totally get it, somethimes it can get expensive but im 16 and live with a single mom, and i make it work. either you are or you arent. tuna is fish, a fish is an animal. so yoh aren’t a vegetarian. good luck with trying to be healthy there is nothing wrong with what you are doing but i just wanted to point that out. im not a vegan who pushes it onto others and i do believe we all can make our own decisions.

  • I’ve been diabetic for years and have recently switched to a keto diet. My blood sugars have been dropping to 162 or so—still high but FAR better than 599, all without insulin and metformin. However, today I checked my glucose and it was 233. And I hadn’t eaten anything in carbs. Why?