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Track Your Progress From A New Starting Weight Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. If your current Starting Weight is still a good benchmark for the beginning of your health journey, Changing Your Starting Weight Is Easy. To change your Starting Weight, open the Goals screen.

Tap Starting Weight at the Check. The one thing that weight loss or muscle gain achievers have in common is that they keep track of their progress. If you’re ready to be serious about losing weight or gaining muscle, then you need to start tracking the changes in your body, what food. Tracking Your Weight Training Progress You may find that recording your workout details increases your motivation and helps you keep up with your workout program.

Try logging your workouts in a notebook or weight training diary to see if this method works for you. Recording information in your log. 2. Keep a journal – write down your workouts, weight, reps, rest periods, and time to complete so you can track your progress. Having a visual reminder of your journey is extremely helpful in staying consistent. 3. Making sure your nutrition stays on point – this is a crucial component to continued progress.

4. Making time for your exercise program – schedule it in every day. Make it a habit. This is. The most important reason for using a weight tracking template is to monitor your weight for a specific period of time.

It is, therefore, important to update your records each time you weigh. This enables you to identify progress in weight loss, and in case you start gaining weight, you can check on your diet or exercise more. You will add weight in the form of muscle which could make it seem like you’re not losing weight in the form of fat.

The solution to this, and a better way to track your progress, is to measure specific body parts. That 5lbs you gained on the scale could be all fat and water weight. A New Approach. Our unique Jump-Start! and Motivation+ tools focus on each phase of your diet.

Focused Tools Get you can track your weight, water intake, meals, exercise, keep a journal and more. Tracking made easy! track your diet, dozens of charts and graphs spring to life, giving you valuable feedback and motivation as you chart your. Track your gains: As a general rule, if your regimen includes progressive overload (meaning you gradually make your muscles work harder over time, by adding weight or.

Resetting your weight history will clear all previous weight tracking data and measurements; you will be starting over from the date of your new starting weight entry. Please access your Weight Tracker history in View & Edit Weights in the original Weight Tracker to copy the existing data for your records. Note: Weight Watchers® Online subscribers may choose a start date from the day they first signed up and. When you track your weight loss progress right, you’re getting a clear picture of how everything you’re doing is paying of. At first it may not be as visual, so weighting and measuring yourself will get you the progress on paper.

And there’s nothing more motivating than to see how far you’ve come and that your efforts are paying off.

List of related literature:

Use the checklist to get a snapshot of your progress every 4 weeks, and then when you reach the 12-week mark, at the beginning and end of every Weight Removal Segment.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

To keep track of your progress, you weigh yourself on the last day of every month over the course of a year.

“Critical Statistics: Seeing Beyond the Headlines” by Robert de Vries
from Critical Statistics: Seeing Beyond the Headlines
by Robert de Vries
Macmillan International Higher Education, 2018

This way you will get a better overall picture of your progress, without getting discouraged when some days the scale doesn’t change or even goes up.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

The initial graph at the top of the screen shows your weight measurements from the past 30 days, as well as your weight goal.

“Fitbit For Dummies” by Paul McFedries
from Fitbit For Dummies
by Paul McFedries
Wiley, 2019

But, weigh yourself more than once a week so that you are not basing adjustments on a single weigh-in each week, which can have a good amount of error.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Anytime you see the scale register 1.4 to 2.25 kg (3 to 5 lb) over your weight goal, go right back on your favourite Cycle, Accelerate, Activate or Achieve, on Monday.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2011

Instead of getting on the scale every day, I prefer to take my measurements, including my body fat percentage and inches lost or gained.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
Hay House, 2020

I have found it’s best to simply log your weight, and watch how your 7 day average is doing over a 2 month period.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
by Kayla Cox
Kayla Cox, 2018

Once you get beyond the weight ups and downs of Phase One, keeping an eye on the scale will let you know when you’ve reached your set point and need to make some changes to help you resume dropping pounds.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
Simon & Schuster, 2007

If your weight has been stable for a couple of weeks, this gives you a good starting point so that you can adjust as needed.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

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  • Hi Aaron, I am breastfeeding and I’ve heard that it can be hard to lose weight while breastfeeding. I’m on my 3rd week and I’ve barely lost any weight on the scale. Need some weight loss. Please advise

  • This is so helpful. Ive been left til 7 weeks to start my physio so i was super keen to get going on my own before my appointment. Your video reallly helped along with Evan Brown and Agnes S. You guys are helpung me out big time info wise and exercise wise. Love the tip about the shower cap! I also to the the adjustment on my crutches with the even up its intuitive. Hope you’re doing well with your recovery.

  • Make it so you can do it all your life sorry to say it but if you go back to the normal eating you will be even fatter than before. Every diet works if until you stop it, so make sure to find a one that suits you and you have no problem following it to the rest of your days. It doesn’t have to be keto, but keto works for me since i get hungry when i eat more fruits, potatoes and rice.

  • My motivation just stems from wanting to create a better life for myself. I am so demotivated in other areas of my life, I believe that if I can be more active then it will improve my overall outlook on life making it more positive.

  • i’m here because i gained 3 lbs since my last weigh in three days ago. i figured out it was physically impossible that i gained that in fat and i kind of laughed at myself. i haven’t even eaten enough calories to gain one lol. i’m beginning to measure myself TODAY.

  • What keto-diet do is pretty much the same as the low-calorie diet. Except that keto diet can do more harm to you especially at the long term. Just eat healthy with more fruits and vegetables, less carbs (not no carbs), less sugars, less meat. And you will be more than fine. No need to join a cult or be an advocate for a certain type.

  • Glad I found your channel.I started Keto diet 3 weeks ago and I was very excited and positive about my new life style.I followed the rules and I wasn’t mind giving up carbs and sugar.After 20 days my scale is stuck.Zero progress.So frustrating…Any advice?Thank you!!

  • I’ve been doing keto for over 2 months now but only lost 4.5kg so far.
    As for weighing myself. I only do it every 2 weeks.
    What could I be doing wrong?

  • I am 60+ and there is a guy trying to get older people to buy his book and products. Is it true that keto doesn’t work for older people unless you do some magic thing that this guy is promoting (Get Lean After 40) When I started keto about a week ago, I was dropping pounds like crazy. Now, not so much. Is it true that keto doesn’t work for you if you’re older?

  • It is known now that total cholesterol is not a good indicator of heart attack risk. The guy didn’t go in specifics if he had a heart scan score or just a total cholesterol. A lot of doctors are still saying that that it is a risk so they can sell statins.

  • I have had plateaus in weight loss on keto myself. But one day I read a story on where a guy in his middle years wondered why his weight hadn’t shifted on keto, but he went down two pant sizes in the meantime. He explained that your body composition is what’s changing, less fat more muscle. Not only is your food getting denser, so are you. Ha. So yeah, the scale is a horrible liar.

  • Ok, this is probably gonna sound dumb, but how do you do a double sided picture to see how well you’ve done? I have absolutely no idea
    Love watching your videos. I started on my keto journey this past Monday. Granite I haven’t noticed any big changes which I know is normal, but not giving up!! Went to the grocery store with my shopping list (And shopping isn’t something I enjoy doing at all), looked for the keto foods that I am allowed to eat, came home and OMGIOSH I am enjoying the different recipes. Love my bulletproof coffee in the morning drink fresh cut lemons in my water with a tiny bit of stevia for some sweetness. I have had to cut out all carbs, salt, sugars mainly because of how it makes me feel inside. I love breads, pastries, goodies but they don’t like me. Wrecks havic to my stomach and I pay for it dearly!
    Keep up with the videos for like I said, love to watch.:)

  • Hi, I am in keto around 7 weeks now, I am losing my weight very slowly, I have thyroid + I don’t do any exercise because of my back injury, but I am still happy because my health is much much better, special with the diabetes, start to be normal.

  • Lost 7kgs in a month, from 75kg to 68kg. My waisteline drop from 35″ to 32″. I started exercising last week 6x a week base on a home workout app. I can see a bit of progress to my body. I don’t own a scale, but i measure my weight in a clinic before I started keto and just last week. Will definitely measure up my body size starting next week monday. Thanks for the tips.

  • I have lost 19lbs in 4 in a half months since starting Keto. It has been a very slow but consistent process. You have to make the decision in your mind first that you are going to change your diet and lifestyle and then make the sacrifices that are required. Carbohydrates and sugar = fat. It is that simple and that complex. We live in a world that is loaded with carbohydrates, breads, pastas, rice-wheat etc.. and many of us have been eating this way for years. It has to be a conscious decision in your mind first before you see the results in your body. I have tried many diets before and have given up if I didn’t see the results within a couple of weeks to a month. I am over 40 years and my metabolism has slowed down. You have to be patient with yourself. Your body is adapting to a new way of eating from the way you have been eating for years. its a whole different way of looking at food and being conscious of what you put in your body. Its taken me years to get here and I am finally here. We have been brainwashed to think salt and fat are bad ( fried over-processed foods are still unhealthy) when it’s really the carbs and sugars that are the culprit. We have to change our mindset’s if we are going to make progress.

  • Everyone needs to put the scale away and trust the process. The scale doesn’t tell you what is going on inside of your body! This is a lifestyle and not a diet!

  • My (insert, friend, family, etc) lost ‘x’ amount of weight on exercise.���� Oh and didn’t have to pay $179 to blow in a device. Maybe use a paper bag. Happy New Year 2019��

  • With keto I became my leanest even while eating 2800 calories a day with a 2 day 4000 calorie cheat day.. but I became too exhausted of the diet a few months in. Weight training was most difficult too.

  • Just yesterday I was checking out at a supermarket and the cashier asked what diet I was on. She went on to say she had lost 6 pounds on Keto in a month, she did not cheat, it did not work for her.The wight loss was not fast enough for her. Pointed her to you on YouTube, hope she followed up.

  • You need Grassfed cheese and butter. Red meat, pork and poultry needs to be organic free range, grass fed grass finished, no antibiotics and no hormones ever. Has to say ever. I’m doing super clean Keto and I have gotten off of my blood pressure most and and my diabetes medicine within 2 weeks That I have been on For 17 years. And I’m feeling great and I have lost 25 pounds.

  • Thanks so much for these videos. I found out a week ago that I have a partial rupture to my Achilles, but my ultrasound results got lost in the (UK NHS) system for a month so I had been walking around on it for a while (strangely with no real pain and still able to do heel raises on one leg). I’ve been put in an Airstep boot NWB with a large amount of heel raises and waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon. The questions that you asked and info you give is so helpful. I’m writing down all the questions I want to ask when I finally get to see the specialist and really hoping that I don’t have to go down surgery route (i.e. because it wasn’t discovered straight away I’m fearful that the tear will have already healed and will have healed long)

  • Hi SJ, after your fall did you continue doing the ROM exercises, or did you give yourself a little break. I had an identical experience where I fell off my scooter at the 2.5 week timeframe. Thanks:)

  • Checking keto with your doctor is an issue as that few of them are current on the research. Easiest fix to the world biggest health issue of metabolic diseases (diabetes, coronary, stroke, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure) is to eliminate sugar, then starches, then seed oils. You dont need to know much more than that.

  • Fact: the are no essential carbohydrates. Keto is actually 5% carbs, 60 to 75% fat, 20 to 35% protein. All you have to do to get into ketosis is cut the carbs.

  • Hi SJ, I hope you still check the responses on these excellent videos. QuestionI just ruptured my achilles and for the first 2 days my doc put me in a boot in 90 degree angle. (To his benefit, I was at that point going for surgery). It wasn’t until I discovered your videos that I took some socks and put it in my heel to give some left to get to plantar flex, and have been in that mode (having seen another doctor who put me in a cast with my toes faced downwards). My fear is now that my tendon will have stretched long because of the first 2 days. 2 days where I even walked in the 90 degree angle on/with the boot. Do you think those 2 days will have ruined recovery, or do you think i should be ok? Any response would be apprciated. Much thanks!

  • Dr. Yoni’s comments are appallingly misleading. No, NOT ALL DIETS WORK THE SAME! He makes the same mistake Jillian Michael makes, he says “lose weight” the benefit of Keto losing “more weight” than other diets, it’s that you burn a greater proportion of that “weight” in the form of FAT! Why do these people even have a platform!!!!!!!

  • Keto for two weeks isn’t keto at all. If you haven’t been on keto for at least three months, don’t even try to make any conclusions. In my experience the adaptation is much slower than people expect, but after about three months people start to “see the light”

  • Eat FAT, to be less FAT.. Makes sense. Not.

    Eat like a kenyan rice, potatoes, vegetables to look like a kenyan, and run like a kenyan, be LEAN like a kenyan.

  • I am so sick of the scale. I just pull out old clothes that no longer fit and just try it on once a week. If it fit better I’m

  • One name: Ivor Cummins. If you want to see actual data for this way of eating, then check him out. Contrary to what many keto critics claim, there is *plenty* of research to support the diet.

    Also, while it is true that you can’t usually just walk into the average store for convenience food on this diet, there are far more choices and menu items than you displayed. I have a green leafy salad (totally keto) or cruciferous veggie and avocado with nearly every meal. Add what ever protein source I want, and there it is. If it is lean meat, I add a bit more fatbutter, dressing, or drizzle olive oil.
    Plus, unlike most diets, I can have nearly any dressing I want as long as the sugars aren’t in it. No more leaving the ranch or bleu cheese behind for boring viniagretteas long as the ingredients are clean and the carb count works. So, the diet really doesn’t need to be so restrictive. Glad you had an overall good experience.

  • Motivation: I have an elbow injury that won’t quit and prevents me from enjoying my climbing as much as I could. I figured if I had less weight to haul up there, it would be easier on the elbow. I’ve never been too conscious about my weight but I could stand to loose a little. I adopted a low sugar diet (tricky when sporting) ditching useless carbs and am slowly loosing weight, climb longer sessions, feel less stress on my elbow afterwards and feel more healthy altogether. Which is awesome, because feeling healthier is probably the biggest motivator one can get. In my case it’s also directly tied to enabling me in one of my greatest interests, which makes it even easier. Like you said, keep that eye on the prize. Very easy in my case.

  • Possibly the best video I’ve seen on YouTube… ever! Really helped me out with rehabilitation, I’m on week 5 but feel I’m a week behind with it, your recovery is definitely an inspiration cheers man

  • DO NOT TAKE PART IN THIS DIET. Look, I am no MD but I am a type one diabetic. What does that have to do with this diet? Everything. Carbs are your body’s main source of energy. If you completely cut them off, your body starts to burn fat for energy. When trying to lose weight that seems great, but your body is producing keytones to burn this fat. Keytones are seriously bad for you. They dehydrate you quickly, and will cause organ disfunction. Do your homework. This is not a diet, it’s a way to make your health worse.

  • Keto has supressed my appetite to the point that I eat one meal every other day. Some days I just drink water, herbal teas. No Sugar! Eating food makes me nauseous now ��. I have insulin resistance and even though I’ve been exercising for three months I haven’t lost any fat, ����

  • For a major global “reporting” outlet, this is not a very thorough and credible report on the subject matter here. This is akin to showing the non-alcoholic who’s just going to drink less. So many more credible reporters and sources they could have chosen for this info-mmercial.

  • Last year 2019 I lost 28lbs doing keto I felt great this year 2020 I’ve put most of it back due to ill health and bereavement,I am trying to start again but don’t have the will, I’m 82

  • This is why breathalyzers used to give false positives for diabetics in the process of going into crisis. Maybe they added the ability to screen out false positives from alcohol.

  • The doctor at 5:24: Fat hardly gives an insulin response when eaten. Carbs give a high insulin response. What could this mean for health? Hmmm….

  • Doing No Sugar, No Grains. Fruits are fine, potatoes are still bad. The Keto flu she describes is caused from salt loss (not eating junk food will do that).

  • Love the flex shot ��, this video was so helpful, my scale has been like a ball and chain around my ankle and it disappoints me all the time. So time to put it away, maybe………..I hope I can, I’ll try, lol.

  • Lot of people hating on Keto here. Just seems like many are confused and instantly turn down the idea because they’re been taught otherwise all their lives.
    Pretty sad.

  • The Keto diet, as with all other diet fads such as Atkins in the 2000s, is a fad. Eat healthier, lower your calorie intake, and you’ll lose weight. I lost 80lbs and didn’t have to restrict myself to certain foods.

    And to everyone who is stating that exercise doesn’t help lose weight, and reference Buzzfeed or Vox as their sources, just stop. You sound just as ridiculous as our President.

    Exercise and weight lifting helps grow your muscles and strengthen them. You become faster, have more endurance, and helps posture. All of you who diet, but don’t exercise will regret it.

  • Im so happy you’re back, I only found your channel yesterday but I love your energy and how professional and to the point your videos are!

  • The problem with being in ketosis for too long is that there is a likely hood of your blood being too acidic, which will cause a whole slue of other issues.
    Also, prolong non-exposure to gluten can express as an allergy of gluten i.e. ciliac disease.
    For cholesterol, it is produced and used by the body for 2 main purposes; 1 to temp seal cracks in arteries (they are hard and prone to cracking, due to it being the high pressure side of the system. Veins are soft and pliable for the most part, and build up is rarely found in veins), 2 to be broken down and used to produce hormones. Hormone production is less required when the body is in a sedentary state, other words exercise is needed to ramp up production. Also… FIBER people FIBER FIBER FIBER
    Most people will find more benefit in at least having 1 or 2 days of normal eating (without going crazy with calorie intake)

  • Keto is amazing for me!! It’s been the best diet I’ve ever tried.. My husband and his business partner are starting a meal prep and grocery store that is keto diet and actually no processed foods called Foods of Life.. Unfortunately she didn’t really look into the many foods to eat.. What the guy was eating is wrong.. He just said about the coffee and cheese, cheese, cheese, that’s just too much for your heart… I don’t eat ANY dairy at all.. I love vegan cheese and almond milk..

  • Could you have made this anymore one-sided? You interviewed one doctor who clearly had a personal bias, and offered nothing in the form of science, which was supposedly why you interviewed him in the first place. As for the interview wth the guy giving his bad luck story, not a single worthy detail did he have to offer. Both interviewees came across as blundering attention seekers with a severe case of dry humour. I am all for looking at both sides, but that would require actual journalism. You are far better suited to a PR career in the sugar industry.

  • The breath acetone reader is reading spillage. The blood tester is much more reliable. Also, you can have chocolate, just not chocolate with sugar.

  • I had to quit keto and go back to low carb…I went from 12.9 bodyfat…to 15.3…lost 2lbs of muscle and gained 2lbs of fat according to INBODY test….needless to say I was very disappointed. I guess my body did not like that high fat content. I dont know if keto is good for someone who is already at a low bodyfat? I did it to see if I could get to the 10% marker. Im at 50 to 100 carb count now and I hope I can gain my muscle back…I have to say I regret I tried it…however I can see it working for some people.

  • Once you get keto adapted, which is in 1-2 months, you wont see accurate measurements in this or urine test strips, simply because you become efficient in utilizing ketons as fuel and you will only have traces of them in urine and/or breath. Get a keton/glucose blood monitor or better yet just learn to identify how it feels to be in ketoses. After all the feeling of being in ketoses must be unmistakable by definition!

  • What’s funny is her test results are not once shown except at start… indicating a probably lying(4 score comes in the second day itself so that’s the best she got), Neither does that guy goes into specifics of what his doctor said(could have interviewed the doctor)…. This video is faker than Kim Kardashians ass…

  • Yes, oil, cheese and saturated fats are great for your arteries!.. OMFG people will do anything to avoid fruits and vegetables. Thinning out the herd I guess.

  • If people spent half as much time being active rather than looking down at a phone, we’d have half as many obese. Life is not an app. Get off, get out, get moving.

  • Let’s see…. Mr. Robbie Cap, testified that this, keto diet, is not healthy,….. and you, Chrissy Farr, you feel like, crap….. Well, girl…. it’s because this diet is really a crap!…… Go, Plant Based Food, and you will be healthy forever!

    I started 20 years ago.

  • The keto diet is just another example of Americans looking for an easy way out. By the way, our prehistoric ancestors did not eat mostly meat and they were generally not in ketosis. Newer data shows that they ate a mostly plant-based diet. Do you want to be healthy and lose weight eat mostly plants. Dont let that quack from bulletproof tell you otherwise

  • Tried keto for a month and a half almost. I did see results but I basically hated my life. So I transitioned into low carb yesterday and I feel better already.

  • How could you possibly consume a ton of fat without protein or carbs? Eating shortening doesn’t sound yummy. Even chocolate is full of carbs even though it’s also full of fat.

  • Great video! I learned so much just from this video than all my monthly visits combined with my KP provider Dr. Wish my provider wasn’t as lazy or trying to rush us out every visit.  btw, we never knew there’s a weight gain chart as mentioned from the video.

  • A well done advice article!  I didn’t get such good advice when I was pregnant, but appreciate that this is so important now that so many Americans have become overweight.  For women especially, pregnancy can lead them over the edge to health problems.  “Eating for Two” as an excuse to eat LESS healthy foods… when MORE healthy is MORE important than ever!

  • Comment below and let me know where you’d like to be in terms of weight! Also, implement the 8 steps and tell me how it worked for you:)

  • I hav disc bulge and muscle spasm in right shoulder… Am taking lyrica 150mg… I hav gain 7 kg can u guide which video of your i follow

  • I ruptured my Achilles and they had me in a walking boot with full weight bearing within 24 hours of the tear. If you google it there are a number of studies that show this has no drawbacks and can lead to better outcomes, and certainly higher quality of life.

    I’m on week 3 now and have had no pain at all walking around with a moon boot. Even the day after the injury I was walking around with essentially no pain.

    No injections, no medication, no surgery seems like the way to go. Not sure why it isn’t more common.

  • I think I’ll try this but keeping a moderate protein intake may be a problem for me since I love Ribeye steaks. However I might be ok to reduce my protein intake if I can see results fairly soon.

  • I ordered this product months ago from indiegogo. Never received it. No longer on the keto diet && the solution was they could refund me the money minus 20%. They want me to lose 20% of my money because they never sent me my product. I told them I was going to start leaving reviews on wherever I could find them so I am here. Be wary of buying from these guys because you might not get your stuff at all.

  • This is a form of dirty / lazy keto. You’ll still lose weight but it can’t be that healthy. You should be pounding down 7-10 cups of spinach, kale, asparagus, broccoli, or brussel sprouts and getting fats from Olive oil, avocados and the fats that naturally come from proteins. Dairy is fine, but moderation. Go check out Dr Berg

  • When you started partial weight bearing how where you able to get leverage to fully extend your leg? I have been working at it for about 4 days now. I have the Evenup but still a big difference in height and unable to fully extend knee as a result. Just teting to determine how to get my weight down on it. Any suggestions? Tou have any issue with this?

  • Great videos! Thanks for sharing your experience. I had surgery 4 days ago, full rupture. My protocol is with a public hospital in Syd 4 weeks NWB and then 4 week partial weight bearing with a boot. Haven’t had my first clinic appointment at the hospital yet, but wondering if you could share the name of the surgeon you visited privately to look him up in case I decide to go privately. Thanks!

  • SJ, what about tingling and numbness? That has been my biggest issue here into my second week. I don’t here people talking about that much, did you have that problem? If so, how long?

  • Great videos! How much upward pull do you have on the towel as you push your foot down? Are you just letting the towel slip thru your fingers or are you providing resistance? Thanks!

  • I like how he doesn’t explain his bloodwork in depth. The common conception that cholesterol is the devil, coupled with the fact that he was losing weight therefore had more free cholesterol in his blood, and over reaction from the doctor all led him to abandon keto instead of realizing it’s not just what we are told to eat daily that’s wrong it’s what our blood chemistry does and should look like that drives people away.

    Learn about cholesterol more. It’s a necessary building block in your body and cutting it out the way we’re tricked into doing and the levels we’re advised to go to actually creates more health problems. So much poor information out there against Keto and it’s because it’s starting to encroach on ways of eating, living, and being healthy that have been established for decades. Of course no one wants you to know you can cure type 2 diabetes by simply changing what you’re eating every day, then who would they sell their overpriced insulin to?

  • Hi I’m at week 7 and only at 1/4 weight bearing, nhs say no physio yet which I’m confused about as you say should be doing that by now?

  • I just ruptured my Achilles. Crazy part is the way you described what and how it happened brought tears to my eyes. I’m a 33 year old athlete that plays basketball and that’s my passion. Your injury described mined to the T. Felt like someone kicked the crap out me in my calf. I cried past week until I ran across your testimony! It’s truly a blessing to see you walking again and living life. This video has really helped me tremendously due to non surgical route. I need yo document my journey as well. Maybe I can’t help someone like you truly helped me. Thanks for your thoughtfulness to others. True blessing!

  • Question I feel and put all my weight on my injured boot as well. I had my wedges and all all. But I’m scared I may have hurt it. It was only 2.5 weeks though. It got sore and swollen but I don’t think anything else happened. I do have a ball in my tendon. Did that happen to you?

  • Do you think because you had your leg in that 130 degree bend partial cast, that made a huge progress with the healing because the tendon ends we’re brought so close.

  • This is well timed:) I’ve been trying to decide whether to get a gym membership to combat the sedentary nature of my job. I’ve never been to the gym and my only regular exercise is yoga.

    How did you start going to the gym? How did you learn what everything is for/techniques?

  • You don’t need to get rid of Carbs. Eat Healthy Carbs. Many of the high profile youtube keto experts are not even Doctors. The Keto diet is represented by quacks with claims of Cancer cures and so on. I lost over 100 pounds and I eat Carbs all the time. Eating Keto long term is very very dangerous. Go see a nutritionist.

  • I am coming up for 5 weeks post rupture non surgical. Your videos have been a great source of Info for me, thank you for taking the time to post

  • Hi SJ! I know this whole recovery was over a year ago but I’m a young athlete and I just ruptured my tendon a week ago. I’ve been really stressed about the whole process and whether or not I’ll be able to play my favourite sports again but your videos have made me feel a lot better by being able to get an idea of what the whole process looks like and all the tips from someone who had the experience. Thanks!

  • Hello,
    I’m here at week 3 after a 50% tear. I was wondering how often you went to see your physio as you progressed in your recovery? I have a friends wedding coming up after week 8 for about 5 days and then leave after week 2 for 2 weeks. I’m wondering if I should cancel my leave if seeing a physiotherapist is absolutely necessary or if I can just keep doing everything that I need on my own during the time away? Thanks for your videos and hope to hear fro you.

  • Hi SJ, thanks a lot for your videos. Very informative! I tore my Achilles on October 13th and they have been a great resource as to what to expect in the following months. I have begun my early weight bearing and feeling alright so far. What were some key signs that your Achilles was getting better in the early stages? Looking forward to the big milestone when I can finally walk in 2 shoes again.

  • HI SJ, I completely tore my Achilles on October 27th and I decided to go non-op. I was casted for two weeks and I got into the boot with the heel lifts a few days ago. How often did you take out each heel lift? Also, I’m beginning to partially weight bear but I was wondering, do you think it’s possible to rerupture my Achilles by just PWB/trying to walk? Thank you so much for your videos!! They give me a lot of hope

  • Hi, I fully ruptured my Tendon 3 weeks ago. My doctor will have me in a cast for 8 weeks. 2 weeks pointing downwards at 45 degrees,
    2 weeks at 22.25 degrees and another 2 weeks at 0 (I.e how the foot would be at standing position).

    What do you think?

    He then mentioned I’ll be in a boot for another 6-8 weeks when I’m out of the cast.

  • I am beginning partial weight bearing but wasnt told how to. Did your boot have a pump that tightens the boot and deels like a ball in the sole of the foot? Mine does and i find it difficult to walk on and which foot to begin with. So scared of doing things wrong.

  • I guarantee the blood work problem is with LDL, which it always is with KETO. There are lots of videos and some newer research that shows LDL is not the problem, There are two kinds of LDL and the good is what goes up on a low carb diet.

  • U need surgery my friend the non surgical way is for people that don’t want to ever walk the correct way again or never plan to play sports again. Only a moron wouldn’t get surgery on a torn Achilles

  • Hi, i‘m writing you from Germany and just wanna say that your videos are absolutly helpfull, thank you!
    My question, wehre can i find this study from U W R? Could you please send me the Link or put him in the discription? Thanks again

  • Hey SJ, did your Doc advise you how severe your rupture was?

    The Doc i saw said mine was more than 50% (per the Ultrasound), and he is using that as a reason why the protocol you have followed with early weight bearing and ROM is possibly to risky for me. He says 4-6 weeks in cast. Do you think that is over caution or good sense?

  • Hi SJ, I am at 7 weeks. Non surgery, right achilles. I have been out of the boot for the last week or so at home. And the absolute worst thing happened today. I was going up the stairs without the boot a little too fast and slipped and fell and re-ruptured. It was a partial re rupture to begin with and now I can feel a hole in the tendon, albeit not as big as the original hole or dent. What are your thoughts? Thanks for the awesome in-debth information.

  • Jeeez… I came home tonight and my one crutch slipped in the kitchen and i fell down in my boot and hit my foot as well.. I went into panic mode 100000% and then realize it happened to you and thank god, my 2 week mark (today) means its still in the infant stage and can’t re-rupture when it has not mend the two loose ends yet!

    This whole thing is terrible! Ps. I dont mean to be a pest on your videos, lad!

  • I’m struggling pretty bad on this diet. Been on it for a week and have been doing great, but I’m really confused about what I can and can’t eat. It’s been hard.

  • This keto is a freaking science… i am about to give up before i even start… how the hell are you supposed to calculate all the stuff you need to eat every day…

  • Hello I’m trying to drop 35 pounds by December that gives me five months to do so. I’d like to know if you can help me out with a meal prep breakfast and dinner meal I can eat please?

  • Having done keto and wanting to do it again to cut, it’s tough. I wish I had the willpower to just not eat unhealthy carbs but that’s hard to avoid for me when I don’t cook myself. However, if I do keto, I am constantly just eating a bunch of fatty foods and I still lose weight. It’s amazing, but there’s no way I can maintain it for more than a few months.

  • Robbie Cape’s comment is even worse than Dr. Yoni’s ridiculous misrepresentation(see comment below)! So Robbie pounds down coffee (sorry coffee addicts, the stuff is horrific on your body and brain) and woofs a bunch of dairy (a well known inflammatory and allergen) and then claims that keto is not a good diet for him?! Are you serious? No, gorging on coffee and dairy is not good for you!
    Sadly, Chrissy Farr is too ignorant of diet let alone Keto to even be aware of any of the many misrepresentations in this video. THUMBS DOWN!!!

  • the hardest to find nowhere grocery is chocolate & bacon because they both have sugar, there’s no way to find anything sugar free.

  • started my Keto journey today. I am carrying some extra 40 kgs with me all the time and it hurts my knee and legs. The weight gain came after appendicitis operation in 2008. I’ll try to keep sharing my progress.

  • So i’ve been in keto diet for about 20days n i only lose 3kg. N now i dun lose weight or gain weight but i’m still in keto diet. Idk if i alr have ketosis or not. So i look for this video, i think may be bcs i dun hv enough fat. Bcs mostly i eat fish or chicken

  • Appreciate this videoI am 3 weeks into my recovery from rupture, gone the non-op route, Out of cast and now in boot from this week and hoping to start partially weight baring from next weekthese videos have helped me so muchmore so than the Doctors.

  • I’ve used various low carb diets so many times over the years that I’m pretty sure my body is resistant to them at this point. I’ve had success with keto before, I know what I’m supposed to eat, I’m eating all of it and I haven’t lost an ounce in over a week.

  • Really excellent overview of Keto. I couldn’t really find much I disagree with. My only suggestion is the audio could be improved with a good lapel microphone. It’s a bit tinny and not clearly picking up the speakers voice. The video, graphics and background music are great.

  • I’m getting ready to start the keto diet and the olny thing that stuck in my head is avoid beer chose hard liquor�� I’m already liking this diet

  • What meats do you suggest because I do not like seafood so… does it matter what type of meat? I like chicken so I guess I can have that?

  • i know i didn’t just send this to my parents when i wasn’t even finished watching it and she wants to mention drinking hard liquor ��

  • I’m so confused on this video she said to avoid things like tomato and I went to her website and like every recipe had tomato. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

  • I am having some confusion with keto because stuff people say to completely avoid are sometimes in keto approved recipes to fit macros. Like I made a “keto compliant” banana muffin. 5g overall carbs. Obviously i do not eat those a lot but am I wrong in thinking that as long as you are in an acceptable range of overall carbs per day you can have even “avoid” foods? Will I go out of ketosis from having my “keto banana muffin” for dessert?

  • This whole video makes me see I can’t afford a Keto diet. All the stuff mentioned is so expensive, especially when you have a low-income family of 5.

  • Every one in our family are overweight,but they bully me for it even my mother, so i have started to diet, me and my cousin are doing it together, its good to know I’d not alone he helps me alot with what to eat and what to not

  • I got a calculation of 30 grams or 1.06 oz of carbs; 63 grams or 2.22 oz of protein, and 99 grams or 3.49 oz of fat. Does that sound right? That is not a lot of food. But I have found that eating too much protein takes me out of ketosis. I really need to get on a proper macros ration to help me recover. Thanks!

  • Ayyyeee it’s been a while! Missed you guys! Just wanted to let you know that everything I mention can be found in the description bar of this video. Also, I have a few more videos in the works that I think you guys might like to see. BUT if there is a specific video that you’re most looking forward to seeing on this channel, respond to this comment and let me know! I have my notebook at the ready and I can’t wait to write down these amazing ideas from you guys. Happy New Year! ��

  • Hi Caty. I need help with something. I wont to lose weight but I live with my parents. They like to eat unhealthy and I dont wanna tell them im trying to lose weight because then they will pep talk me and tell me im beautiful and dont need to lose weight. So I dont know how to get the healthy food because they do the food shopping.

  • Could you do an update video on your henna-dyed hair? I’ve been seriously considering dying my hair with henna but I’m curious about the upkeep(roots) ��

  • Dr Yoni… not sure he is clear about Keto. it’s not really about calorie reduction. Rather more about macro control, at least for me. Additionally, there is heaps of evidence. including the insulin stuff, but also the science on cholesterol, fibre, epigenetics etc. He basically chalks it up to a placebo

  • Please post more work out videos!! you do a great job and i was able to follow along with the HITT one you did for abs and butt. I like how you also added one for those who cant do the full work out. Thanks again but please post more work out videos. Ive seen a lot of videos but yours are the best and easy to follow. Thanks:)

  • I can definitely feel 10-15 extra pounds when I start working out again and my limbs feel so heavy. I’m a new subscriber and the beginner tips and vegan recipes are motivating.

  • I really loved this video. Not only did it help me with my fitness but also made me realise the distractions that I have in my life which helped me focus on my studies too. If you read this, thank you. Really.

  • Now that you are back, please consider this:

    Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

    Workouts are great and all but PLEASE supplement them with the required nutrition.

    It is true: abs are made in the kitchen.

    P.S. Also, could you consider doing celebrity workouts and diets a la Jordan Shaloub and Michelle Khare.

  • hey mtf here thanks for this vidieo Im 330 and I am so trying to loose weight, the big thing for me is HORMONES! they make me so much happier but the cravings omg the cravings! anyways Im seeing my dietian soon so I can get that straighened out.

    sorry was totally unrelated but this video gets me excited!:)

  • Are you including veges as carbs in this? I’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks now. To be honest, I love it. Only had a little little pasta 2 days ago. If 8 start craving, I just eat more protein or a full plate of veges in soy sauce or cheese. It’s more than I need, but I would hate myself more if I had carbs.

    Is soy sauce bad?

  • One thing that helps me in getting back on trap is looking at my whole life instead of just fitness. I do quarterly reviews of my goals and progress in life and it helped me to think back over the last semester and see every time i fell off, and also look at what other goals in my life (trying to find a girlfriend, holding 2 positions on my frat exec board, working 2 jobs, studying, partying, eating shittier to save money) got in the way. I realized that some of these things need to go, some are still super important to me and i need to balance. This may mot help others but i spend a few weeks in my hometown over christmas which meant daily work out with my buddy ftom gradeschool who’s studying to be personal trainer. Here’s hoping i can achieve my goals.

  • Take my Word ��

    When you aim to start your fitness workout, bear in mind that the FIRST 10 Minutes will be very tedious and heavy since your muscular tissues are still stiff. But once you keep on you gonna enjoy it ��So never ever be TRICKED or TACKLED down by such a pseudo-lazy feeling ��������

  • Two weeks is not enough it took me two weeks to get out of the keto flu, you should at minimum try 6 weeks. After that you can say if it it healthier or not!

  • Also the best thing I’ve found to get me back on track is how good I feel at the gym. It helps my anxiety and the resulting tension from that and it just feels super good.

  • Awesome tips! I am with you it is to continue to workout. I will admit I have gained weight since Summer. I know we both can continue to workout consistently. My motivation is to get stronger inside and out. My second motivation is to not be super strict where workouts become a chore, and remember I want to get fit for pregnancy in the future.

  • Workout buddy can do wonders. Just someone to be motivated for helps me big time. The want to help them achieve makes it easier for me to achieve. I’ve been sick for two weeks but I’m almost over it. Itching to get off the bench. You can do it though keep at it!

  • This is exactly what I needed to watch. I lost track after I ran a marathon last August and I’m ready to get back on it ���� you’re the best on fitness motivation ��

  • Finally you uploaded:) Totally keen to watch more of your videos. And we have similar goals this year, so that’s will be pretty cool

  • It is actually very dangerous to not have people in your life who continuosly question your choices or your belifs.Surrounding yourself with yes man is one of the worst things you can do.

  • Hi SJ, I’ve been in the process for 4 weeks now and was wondering if you have any research on how long it can take for the tendon to reattach. I’ve been facing insurance issues here in the states and haven’t even had a chance to get my MRI yet due to approval. I’ve left my foot in plantar flexion, occasionally taking off my boot to let my leg breath when I’m not mobile.

  • Happy New Year! I’m ready to get back on track as well. I spent all of last night getting my planner ready and writing down all of my goals! The planner really helps me keep track of my short term and long term goals. Also if you write down your goals you’re more likely to achieve them. Thanks for the app recommendations!

  • Awesome video, and thank you for sharing this. I can so relate to you, as that happened to me 2 1/2 years ago. I ballooned up to the heaviest I’ve ever been, and I’ve made some positive changes, and now, I’m back to my weight before I started high school. This is very important and inspirational for all.

  • I follow your example of working out in the morning almost to a tee. I learned quite a ways in during my weight loss journey that morning workouts feel the best and it’s nice to get it over with. I’m going to check out the two apps you suggested because I would love to see my own progress with the workout app and I’m not the greatest at waking up in the mornings (I LOVE to snooze lol!)
    Thanks for the video!