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Top 10 Healthy Holiday Gifts for Men 1. Dollar Shave Club. Do you know guys who forget to buy razor blades or complain about a dull shave? Make the chore of 2. GoPro® Camera. Most guys would love to have a camera with them during their activities. The 70 Best Gifts Your Dad Can Actually Use Chris Hemsworth Shares His Top Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season.

A Part of Hearst Digital Media Men’s Health participates in various affiliate. Whether for your shopping for a friend, father, or husband, Esquire picked the top gifts every man will want, from the coolest watches to the most impressive tech to the best whiskey. If he’s a Stranger Things-watchin’ kind of man, the Roku 4 makes one of the best gifts for men. Also check out our ultimate guide to cord cutting in 2018. Price: $986.00. Buying fitness gifts for health junkies and outdoor enthusiasts can be tricky because they often know the exactly what they like — and in most cases, they already own it.

With so many competing brands all boasting the latest and greatest workout gear, it’s tough to choose a gift that won’t collect dust. All Career & Money Dating Entertainment Food & Booze Health Home & Auto Style 69 Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2019 Spoil the Men on Your List With These Winning Holiday Gifts. Mackenzie Shand. Health & Fitness Health & Fitness.

Show More; Price. to. Less than $25 Less than $25. $25 $49.99 $25 $49.99. $50 $74.99 $50 $74.99. While we can show you the best gifts for men based on our expertise, you’re the one who knows the guy you’re shopping for and what will make him happy. See here the gifts you should pick up for the most important man in your life in advance of Father’s Day. Advertisement Continue Reading Below Hot Sauce Making Kit.

From affordable presents to big-ticket items he’ll cherish forever, there are ideas for dads, husbands, and brothers in this ultimate list of best gift ideas for men. We’ve got clothing, food gift ideas, and much more. But the plant-based meal service is pricey, which makes it the perfect holiday gift.

Give a standard gift card, or the 10-day reset full of snacks and supplements. 15 The Best-Ever Yoga Mat.

List of related literature:

The first great gift for a man is to be healthy and the second, maybe greater, is to fall with healthy women.

“The Sons of Maxwell Perkins: Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and Their Editor” by Maxwell Evarts Perkins Matthew Joseph Bruccoli Judith Baughman, Maxwell Evarts Perkins, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, Judith Baughman, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe
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Adsfor men’s cologne displayexplicit sexual images or ticklethe imagination.

“The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century” by Richard M. Perloff
from The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century
by Richard M. Perloff
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Men, don’t forget flowers, little gifts, candy if weight is not a problem.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

In Britain, ninety percent of men expected to receive underwear as presents at Christmas and over sixty percent of men expected their partner to buy their underwear.

“The Story of Men’s Underwear” by Shaun Cole
from The Story of Men’s Underwear
by Shaun Cole
Parkstone International, 2018

If a Watch Coat or Blanket & one Shirt could be sent for each Man it will be of great Service for them.

“Naval Documents of the American Revolution” by United States. Naval History Division, William Bell Clark, William James Morgan, Michael J. Crawford
from Naval Documents of the American Revolution
by United States. Naval History Division, William Bell Clark, et. al.
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Software: • You are a guy and only buy presents for your wife or girlfriend at the last second before a major holiday or event.

“Entrepreneurship: An Innovator's Guide to Startups and Corporate Ventures” by Marc H. Meyer, Frederick G. Crane
from Entrepreneurship: An Innovator’s Guide to Startups and Corporate Ventures
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One product for which men consistently outshop women is beer.

“Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping-Updated and Revised for the Internet, the Global Consumer, and Beyond” by Paco Underhill
from Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping-Updated and Revised for the Internet, the Global Consumer, and Beyond
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Gifts for men & boys.

“Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series: 1959: July-December” by Library of Congress. Copyright Office
from Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series: 1959: July-December
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Nice gifts for men to give other men: Tennis or golf sweater.

“Letitia Baldrige's New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette” by Letitia Baldrige, Denise Cavalieri Fike
from Letitia Baldrige’s New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette
by Letitia Baldrige, Denise Cavalieri Fike
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MGTOW: Reduce gift purchases on special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Flower Day and Christmas.

“Mgtow Building Wealth and Power: For Single Men Only” by Tim Patten
from Mgtow Building Wealth and Power: For Single Men Only
by Tim Patten
iUniverse, 2016

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  • Right after reading through these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it), I used the ideas at the driving range. Right after making a solid impact, I achieved correct divots with my irons. The distance I can achieve with my irons has improved to 10-15 yards. Try it out yourself!

  • Why do you make 3 lists about gifts and suggest the same things on all of them??? I get it!!! You think a subscription box is a great gift idea. Enough!!!

  • You hit so many of the items that I would put on my list IF I had a Men’s Gift guide, lol. I love that you guys walked through the gifts together. Also, it’s fun seeing you teach him how to present items in the video, haha.

  • may i just say… i love your channel and i can honestly say that your my role model. The way that you just have respect for everything and just I can tell you’re just a great person from the videos you make I love the way that you like to bring God into your videos an i love your connection with the wilderness and your love for being outside. I hope you have an amazing day God bless

  • I don’t know a single dude who would want a old Nintendo system over a next gen system. not even my dad. don’t listen to this lady.

  • I just ordered the web belt. Thanks for the heads up on that Etsy store! Additionally, when looking on Amazon, your list is often seen as the “often bought together” lists. Folks are listening to you.

  • Hey Wrangler ive seen your vids for years and never seen that cobra wrench that is basically better than a crescent wrench…do you think it would do well with bicycles or do you have maybe an off hand thought for that for someone who builds them 10 hours a week as a side gig? lol btw subscribing finally after all these years

  • Used a Sawyer filter for years. One of my favorite things to do is fill up my bottle with Lake Superior water and drink it while exploring the forest. Amazing.

  • Best Allen keys I’ve ever used.
    Even in the 52nd state, they’re under $100 a set and legit are quality units.

  • Why are noise cancelling headphones, mobile charger packs and the NES classic on a list “for him”? I’d like all of those things too you know. Same goes for the Northface Etip gloves. I could’ve done with those while playing Pokemon Go this week.

    Maybe don’t make a “for him” list next year, but a “for gadget lovers” list? And a make-up lovers, readers, gamers, whatever one. Amazingly “men” isn’t a monolith category and neither is “women”. I know men who wouldn’t want any of this stuff and women who’d love the stuff on this list.

  • This is more for ppl in a very limited and specific lifestyle……not all guys…but mainly for the type that are like “men are supposed to be like this *enter in huge and inaccurate gender specific ideology*…not for the everyday man…but the info gained from observing definitely reaches all.

  • I can’t believe that you feature that leather ‘man bag’ first! I bought this gift for my partner for work and he loved it then it was stolen right before the following Christmas so I bought him another one. He was soooo happy! It’s so affordable for what it is! Really awesome gift.

  • your videos would be exponentially better if you put the product description ‘full name of product that will help you find it’ along with price point overlaid in the space to the right in a vid like this. maybe relevant details like inches length for axe etc depending on product. save having to put links cause we’ll be able to find. just a suggestion!

  • I’m a Taiwanese and I enjoys cold steel’s products for years yet I don’t even know they’re made in Taiwan until now! The quality are just so nice and the price point is just unbeatable. And yes,we are not china,we actually makes good stuffs lol

  • The best, most unique, in my opinion was the last one mentioned! Buying for my adult son is tricky, but he HATES if his shoes get creased & i didnt even know there existed such a thing to remedy that! Ty

  • It’s not for my boyfriend
    It’s not for my brother
    It’s not for my dad
    Or for my grandpa
    It’s for my uncle who is graduating and is 2 years older than me

  • Bae is going to be so happy ����❣️ I take care of mine…. Thank you for this list! He will receive that hot toothbrush, the letter opener, the cast iron skillet, and the coffee table sneaker book which he will love I’ve already bought collectors air for one’s, organic camo socks and his favorite brand of watch brand.

  • just picked up two of those hoodies for myself…gonna send this list to a few people who might need it! i appreciate the great suggestions sir

  • @Wranglerstar I would try the inserts Sole makes. You put them in the oven and stand in your shoes/boots with them and they mould to your feet. I use the ones they make for Red Wing in all my footwear. Used to have chronic shin splints and they are gone. They take a day or two to break in once moulded but well worth it. They also last quite a long time.

  • To anyone looking for an awesome gift for themselves or a loved one, Home Depot has the Dewalt 1000 pound capacity folding workbench for $69.

  • Flash light. If some one EDCs a leatherman, Browning makes a nice little light that will fit in the loop on the side of the case of a leatherman. They are about $18. I have carried one for a couple years and really like it. It will clip on the bill of a hat as well.

  • All the cars I ever bought came with much better tires than I ever bought when I had to change them… So that comparison simply doesn’t stick.. For example my Isuzu truck came with Goodyear Wrangler tires. Now I have some Chinese brand tires on, I don’t even know which ones.. But they are new cheap brand and new tire is better then an old plasticky brand name.

  • The streamlight is also explosion proof…I work with reactors and these are the only flashlights we use…I have had the same one for about 6 years

  • Hey man! Merry (early) Christmas!

    About the surefire light and mounting it to AR’s: I’ve never used surefire on my rifles or shotguns, but streamlight makes one that has the ten tap feature that mounts on the side of the gun as well. Super easy to switch on since your hand is on the barrel anyway. It comes with a mount, but honestly, the mount is junk and I use haley strategic mounts instead, but the flashlight is fantastic. The model for the one I’m talking about is 88066, and it should pull right up with streamlight on Amazon.

    Check it out sometime, and if you ever get one, mention it in a vid. I watch all your videos anyway so I’ll keep an eye out: )

  • You know what is the best thing to get for Xmas

    HOT WHEELS AND THEN CUSTOMISING THEM TO LOOK LIKE DRIFT DEM0NS!!! YEAH!! and then giving them to other children

  • Hey, what about the KORE belt??? I thought it was the BEST Belt EVER???? Also, looked up the $20 compass you recommended, NOT, check the reviews, it’s JUNK! Numerous people reporting the compass fell out of it’s clip mount within a month and was lost, they DO NOT hold up! Not finding your reviews to be helpful, sorry!

  • Love this video! I had ordered my husband the wallet after watching your video and we got it in the mail yesterday. He absolutely loves it and so do his friends at work. Some of them are also ordering it!! Thank you so much for the gift idea! ❤️

  • Awesome video. We really enjoy your reviews. What type of watch are you are wearing? Also-I cannot get the link to the belt you recommend to work…

  • One of the toughest things I found when there is a need to gift to the males. Most of the time don’t gift them just because I don’t know what to gift. Your ideas are really helpful. Thankyou.

  • More vids with Josh! He is so handsome. You two make the perfect couple and seem genuinely happy and in love. This was a great video and he’s a natural.

  • Wow, really like the last one the wallet! Super Genius �� idea! Actually the cedar shoe stretcher is pretty cool �� too…. one of those thing that you never new you need to you had one! Thank for helping Josh ��

  • I don’t want to offend but he is SO FINE. You too. Fine ass couple! I feel like I am watching a delightful rom com that focuses on shopping when you guys do videos together.

  • Chrisfix knows the ultimate definition of good charity. That hummer of his is basically a tow truck to all those diesel trucks you see everyday on the road or freeway. It’s like only the hummer is sure way to get those gifts to the children. Chrisfix you have a great heart.

  • I waited for Best Buy to open for hours to get one of the NES Classic Edition’s. It sold out instantly at release, Nintendo also only released a limited amount of them and no one has restocked. I gave it to him early, which he loved. It is a good gift to give, good luck if you are trying to find one.

  • Anyone else having trouble with finding the belt? The hyperlink is bringing me to a page that says it doesn’t exist and Im interested in buying it. I’ve been looking for a belt like this for a while now, and really like this piece.

  • Shea, What style is your push-button wallet? I am wanting to purchase one for myself but but every time I find one I like, low and behold there is yet another style. Thanks, Kim

  • This is just what i needed! My fathers birthday is coming soon and its my fist time giving a physical gift instead of letters!������

  • Great ideas. I think earbuds and signature fragrance are a must. Easy Skincare Routine & Beard Care Set are always important. Happy Holidays my brother

  • I found it funny that you point out how 350$ over ears are pricey but include so much more expensive clothing and go without mentioning it

    You can really see what you are normally spending your money on:)

    No offense just wanted to mention it

    Great video tbh

    Happy holidays!

  • When you’re giving your outro I’m always like “shit man keep talking I wish this class was longer” �� I see you family. I can’t wait to surpass you. ����

  • Strange, I went to Amazon following the link to the Mora (all the knives are fantastic for the price but the chisel is out of stock again) and under it in the “Customers also viewed..) spot is everything on your list. How about that!

  • You two together are perfect. Soul Mates right here..�� Happy for you both.. plus you’re both so good looking. ����☺ I hope I someday have a beautiful relationship like you both..

  • The problem for me is, my hubby’s taste are super booshie. He likes expensive cologne, expensive gaming consoles, expensive watches and sporting goods. He knows that I don’t make half what he makes, but I still try to surprise him with things maybe he doesn’t think about… like items to put his trinkets in like change, his watch, wallet, pens and flashlights. I also do the whole hair care and skin care too.

  • Here are the links guys.
    Knipex set
    Screwdriver set
    Mora Chissel
    Surefire X300
    Key ring
    Water Filter
    Salamon boots

  • Of if your last resort get him the shirt that says he enrolled in the Jelly of the Month Club. Great for around the house and comes in many sizes.

  • Love your video, it’s fun to see some unique ideas. I’d like to note though for anyone ordering items online, be aware of WHERE it is shipping from. I really liked the idea of the ties, my husband wears one most days for work and I thought he’d like to try the ones mentioned here from the Dark Knot. I placed an order yesterday, I got the shipment notification email this morning and it’s coming from Hong Kong! Estimated arrival is 12/27 so not in time for Christmas at this point, even though its 13 days to go until Christmas. Kind of bummed. Maybe I’m just too used to Amazon Prime shipping �� Reading the companies story and commitment though it sounds like a quality tie and business so hopefully they are as good as it seems.

  • Love the gift guide Alex! A nice pen is a great gift idea, especially if they’re always writing! It’s something that people typically don’t buy for themselves and won’t break the bank! We’ve just added this video to our “Top Gift Guides for Him” playlist! Have a nice day

  • What do you do with the things you don’t like from Lootcrate? You can’t possibly like every single thing in each box. You’ll soon have drawers full of useless stuff you don’t like

  • Just a cool factoid. When i ordered the belt from Etsy 3 days ago, he had 576 in stock. Now he’s down to 357. That’s 219 sales in 3 days. My workshop is full of tools and gear recommended by W*

  • Funny enough, I actually already own most of the things in this video, or at least something like them. I guess that just shows how good of gifts they are!

  • But do you wear the belt in this video or that kore EDC belt from your other video? You said both are the best belts you’ve ever used lol

  • I love your videos, so good energy! I would like to wish for a video. I´d like to see a video with outfit suggestions for Christmas. Many thanks. Love from Sweden.

  • This is my first time watching a video of yours and when I saw your husband, I figured this is just a pretty boy show off video but I WAS WRONG!! He has so much personality and fun to the video. Thank you for having him on

  • I ordered the belt and love! $25 for the 60” which is about the same or cheaper than some of those cardboard filled leather “work” belts.

  • It would be awesome if you could provide a non-animal based alternative for the leathers, wools, etc. for us vegan folks! You’re my favourite fashion channel so it’d make it even better!

  • I have both the lightweight and bladehq G-10 Para 3 and there’s no comparison to the 940. The 940 is better. Paramilitary 2 vs 940 is a different story. That said, all great knives

  • 15:15: “Around the house cutting branches, cutting limbs…”” haha Mr W you are scaring me!

    Love the show by the way, who knew my favourite youtube channel would be about a guy like you and his tools!

  • When I was still a beginner, I was able to attain a slice and 150 yards by doing a normal drive. Right after learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) I now hit drives between 200 and 220 yards and occasionally longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Search the guide and try using it these days.

  • Hey i just wanna say thank you for donating to toys for tots, me being in the marine corps reserves it means a lot honestly i just wanna thank you for all your hard work and talent, keep it up!!

  • Just received my axe looks good, BUT the ‘Style N Craft 94-027 Camper’s Axe Head Sheath’ sold with it DOES NOT fit the axe, the strap is to short to snap the snaps.
    Cheers, Mark * * *

  • What a great list. The only thing I might throw in would be a pocket carbide knife sharpener. One of the pull through types like a Smiths. Cheap and easy to put an edge onto something in the field when you need it.

  • I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and if you dont celebrate either, have an amazing New Year!!!

    Here are links to all of the gift ideas:

    Meguiars Liquid Ceramic Wax:

    Meguiars Ceramic Detailing Spray:

    Mequiars Ceramic Clay Kit:

    Microfiber Wash Mit:

    Microfiber Drying Towel:

    Microfiber Glass Towel:

    Microfiber Polishing Pads:

    Pressure Washer:

    Nut/Bolt Extractor Socket Set:

    Universal Socket:

    Nut Breakers:


    Smart Rear View Mirror:

    Safety Hammer:

    Foldable Shovel:

    Battery Air Pump:

    BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner:

    LED Hood Light:

    LED Headlamp:

    The Other Christmas Gift Idea videos I did:

    1st year:

    2nd year:

    3rd year:

  • I was just going to watch the video to get ideas then leave, but scrolling through the comments and seeing all of the ones you replied to is definitely worth the subscribe.

  • I got great gifts last year because of your list…sending this list to all of my loved ones. All smiles for my birthday, Christmas, and anniversary

  • Another good recommendation for some tools that can make maintenance life a little easier are vampliers. They have a very nice bite and can help remove sheared screws and bolts.

  • I would say I was surprised when he cut the seatbelt, but this is the same man who cut a hole in the exhaust of his daily just so he can show in how to fix it


    These are pretty common, Cody. I’ve rappelled 5 stories with both. They are refereed to as a Riggers belt or Instructor harness. The wilderness has one with extra stitching so it holds up better with a holster. I like the blackhawk version, it’s less expensive.

  • In terms of minimalist sneakers, I personally recommend the Baubax Travel Shoes! They’re nearly the best sneakers I’ve ever put on, true

  • Item 2. Not affiliated with the belt maker, still endorses them and attaches a link. With over a million subscribers it would be super easy to get another belt maker to pay to get the endorsement of a channel this size. Always honest. Class act.

  • I hope my girlfriend doesn’t watch this video for ideas. The only gift on this list for me was the cologne. To each their own, but it seems like you just listed things you wanted.

  • Wow those forearms hair. I usually shave down my forearms or use a clipper to minimize the length. I wear a Rolex Submariner and it cuts down on the bracelet grabbing the hair.

  • If anyone is in these comments and sees this: Help, need a gift for 27y.o architect smart guy who likes nice things. Everything in this video is so good��

  • This video is just for me we are doing a secret Santa thing and tomorrow is the day I need to buy the present for the person I have so thanks ��

  • The Australian NES also has Final fantasy so it’s not really exclusive. Watchmojo and MsMojo should do more research before doing these lists. Lots of errors lately with their information

  • That briefcase looks a lot like the Mountainsmith I’ve had for many years. I had a commercial airline pilot stop me to ask where I got it.

  • Feel like shopping? Here are the links to all your favorite gifts!

    #10: Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones:
    #9: Mobile Charging Pack For Phone:
    #7: The Amazon Echo:
    #6: Kindle:
    #5: The North Face Etip Gloves:
    #3: NES Classic Edition:
    #2: FitBit Alta:
    HM: Spicebomb:
    HM: The Corkcicle Ice Whiskey Wedge:
    HM: Metro XS Umbrella:

  • Hey Alex, have been watching you for more than two years, you really inspire me, not only in style but professionally, I have a job travel tomorrow and your tips really help me out, thanks man.

  • Small leather goods are a great presents ��. Love bags ��. Wow expensive gloves ��. I love scarves ��. I love boots �� especially when you promote your brand. My favorite sneakers �� are the Cole Hann they feel light. Watches are awesome. I love accessories especially bracelets and Rose Gold & Black is a good brand. Yay shoutout to Adam Gallagher. The gift of music is a great gift. I love the message in the last video

  • “Car Scanner” OBD2 app (Free Android) / $4 for Pro version: It’s an amazing car scanner app that has so much, monitors ALL you sensor modules, scan the whole car for every error including shadow codes (BMW owners you know what I’m talking about), clear all codes, Live Data, select the modules you want to monitor, Freeze Frame, and so much more and that’s just the FREE version…. The $4 Pro is more like a THANK YOU for and support for such a great app and it also unlocks special BMW F series monitor modules and unlimited sensor monitoring in the LIVE DATA tab! and it works with ANY original blue color “ELM327 OBD2” Bluetooth mini adapter ($3 $7)…. Dose WAY MORE THAN that overpriced “Blue Driver” scanner!

    BimmerLink app $20 for BMW’s is also a must have, amazing light app that has some cool options to monitor as well “registering a new BMW battery”….. Oh and a kick ass I discovered, an original ELM327 OBD2 scanner adapter will work with BimmerLink app as a “Vgate iCar OBD2” Bluetooth adapter! So it’s a win win….

  • I liked this video and think you’re a cute couple just didn’t like how you kept talking over him and interrupting him. Made it kinda uncomfortable to watch.

  • A question about Overcoats Is a Camel colored too dressy for everyday use? And how can you dress it down?
    Love your channel.. Really helped me bring up my own clothing style over the past 2 months

  • Great video Devan, I just subscribed. Where can I get the coat in the first idea (with the overshirt?). Brand? Store? Online? Thanks!

  • Love your show, you have so much info. I’m in Canada and envy you being able as law abiding citizen to pack a side arm. Thanks again have a great Christmas…your friend from the North.

  • ALEX! I’d love to see a video on your watch collection. I’m a big watch guy, and from the videos i’ve seen so far you and I happen to have a very similar taste in watches. Happy holidays, bro! Stay awesome ��

  • Honey!

    Wife: Yes John

    Me: Delores we need to update the present list

    Wife: Why John?

    Me: Um ThUh for the kids you know um youm for more presents they deserve it right?

    Wife: Its for your car a agin huh?

    Me: “disappearing intensifies”

  • Hands down best men’s gift guide I’ve EVER seen. Affordable, practical, stuff that men will actually use every day‼️ love everything… thought I knew what I was getting my husband but now I can’t decide lol and you were both hilarious‼️

  • What a useful video! I always give the men around me gift cards because I never know what they would like. Now I can give them a gift card and a little stylish gift with it. Great content!

    I actually want to buy some stuff for me now lol!

  • The belt looks like a great value but have you checked out more heavy duty gun type edc belts with the small cobra buckle? Blue alpha gear edc belt is fantastic also kore essentials has some awesome ratchet buckle belts that are very high quality for under 70$ Just another route someone could go for a thicker belt��

  • I have Vibergs which are the canadian version of Nick’s. I wear them at work in the winter but at 5lb each, when I switch into my runners for an interior trim job I feel like i might float away. I will try Solomon boots i like their shoes and timberlands only last me 8 months

  • Cody I’m a Floor Technician at a Factory and I bought the ones you’re talking about. They are very handy and the pouch is nice to. U don’t even have to take ur belt off to get it on. It’s similar to the clips on some Gun holsters. ONE TIP: REPLACE THE PLIERS U GET IN THE SET WITH A 6IN COBRA! The one it comes with is a hair to small in most cases. But it’s still handy to have. FYI the pouch is big enough to put a Allen wrench pack in as well. It’s literally 95% of what I need in a pouch. VERY HANDY AND I APPROVE THIS GIFT IDEA!

  • I’m looking for gift ideas for my male friends and stumbled here. You are awesome. I’m a new subscriber and now I’m so excited to go out and find an electric toothbrush and an oversized scarf for my friends!!!! Thank you!!

  • I feel like marriage is where you’re just taking turns interrupting each other and then apologizing for it mid-conversation. Haha, me and my guy to a T! I love the travel kit for a gift idea, the different compartments would be so handy!

  • And I gave myself a gift. On a super sale bought the Chinese Uhans H5000 for 109USD 3GB of RAM+32GB ROM,4500 mAh, 8MP. I don’t wait for other gifts

  • When I started, my normal drive was about One hundred fifty yards and a slice. Right after learning these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) I now hit drives between 200 and 220 yards and sometimes longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. You should search it and learn now.

  • Chris: demonstration a tool to help u escape during a emergence
    neighbors: what is that guy doing his yanking on the set belt then he cuts it what a idiot u can just push the button and it will release

  • I bought the Cold Steel Trailboss but had some difficulty in finding a leather sheath that fits. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Devan, your channel is very impressive.  I’m pretty sure it turned up in my recommendations because I’ve had the same delima for the past several years which is searching for “gift ideas for teenage boys”. I’m buying for newphews (13-19 yrs old).  My budget has a $60. limit per kid. 

    Im beyond tired of giving H&M gift cards…  I’d rather find a unique $50 teeshirt.

    There seems to be a huge void on YouTube when it comes to content for young men.  Would you consider sharing some budget friendly clothing/asssesories ideas for teens?

  • I ordered the A & F hoodie while your video was still going-and got an additional 25% off, so awesome! Thank you for the suggestion. I am subscribing to your channel now.

  • Love the part about the Knipex Cobra set…..”If you have a husband or boyfriend….” No PC bullsh1t!! Cause you know damn well it’s “GUYS” that want this stuff!
    BTW, I think it’s pronounced “Vera”….I’m forwarding this video to the wife with the caption “What I want for Christmas”, without specifying any one item……Lmao Cheers

  • I feel like Chris is one of the most genuine people, he seems so down to earth and just that kindness and work ethic is something I strive for.

  • i personally take a ps4 over the Nintendo classic other wise games and movies are more my thing then this stuff and i find it funny i bet if we price checked all the stuff here most would be over 80 to 100 dollars or more i am thinking they expect the partners to be made of money (since odds are their other family members on both sides and kids in about 90 percent of the homes) you all girls are rich didn’t you know lolololol

  • My gift idea is anything came from your HearT ♥️♥️♥️ like ��️L��️��️D, Arteries, Atriums, Ventricles and Valves Something like that

  • I came from a bad family life, homelessness and alcoholism, I came to Christ got sober and found your videos. Your videos have taught me so much about being a real man, they are a true gift to me. Peace be with you my brother in Christ. May you have a blessed holiday.

  • The real gift you should give your man from this list is the classic NES. Most guys are gamers and older ones tend to like classic games. Plus it’s actually one of the cheapest products on this list! Everything else here looks too expensive. They are acting like everyone is rich…