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Kevin Gendreau felt embarrassed advising his patients to lose weight — until a family tragedy caused him to turn his own health around. This Doctor Took His Own Advice and Turned Around His Own Health. chevron_left PREV: This Doctor Took His Own Advice and Turned Around His Own Health. by Elizabeth Millard. August 28, 2018. Kevin turned to food for comfort as he dealt with the death of his father.

He chose a healthier path when his sister was diagnosed with cancer. What It Took for This Obese Doctor to Take His Own Health Advice. Kevin turned to food for comfort as he dealt with the death of his father.

He chose a healthier path when his sister was diagnosed with cancer. The post What It Took for This Obese Doctor to Take His Own Health Advice appeared first on Under Armour. Source link. What It Took for This Obese Doctor to Take His Own Health Advice. MyFitnessPal.

I would basically turn to chips or cookies or crackers when dealing with life’s biggest stressors, which for me was trying to study to become a doctor while at the same time dealing with my father who was terminally ill, I actually gained the freshman fifty. Tim McGraw is an hour late for our interview and apologetic, but he has a good excuse. For the last 2 hours, he’s been surfing along the coast of Monterey, CA, with his daughter Maggie’s boyfriend. Sanjay, a middle school history teacher, has assigned his class to work in groups to create a presentation on the different legal systems around the world. Each group consists of three people in the class and one person from their pen pal class in India.

The Pistorius’ son was trapped in his body, unable to die and unable to move. Once he turned 14, it became clear that he was going to survive. His parents decided then that they would do whatever they could to help keep him comfortable. It started at first as home care visits during the day. At night, Martin’s father would take over.

Harry went to his doctor on Thursday to review his test results. The Doctor told him I have good news and bad news. “Good news is you have 48 hours to live,” he said to Harry. For instance, you should feel that your doctor cares about you and your health and listens to your concerns. You should recognize that at times your doctor may have to give advice that you may not.

Come join us on your journey for better health. Ask The Doctor is committed to promoting healthy living, wellness and sport for everyone. Come join us on your journey for better health. In the United States, ovarian cancer accounts for around 3 percent of cancers in women.

On average, 11.5 in every 100,000 people in.

List of related literature:

As a consultant, he would often have left the breaking of news, good or bad, to the attending physician.

“William Osler: A Life in Medicine” by Michael Bliss
from William Osler: A Life in Medicine
by Michael Bliss
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In this chapter, we discuss this likelihood of habitually healthy physicians promoting these same habits to their patients; this “Healthy Doc = Healthy Patient” relationship (the term was first consistently used by Frank et al. [2005]) is true for many health behaviors.

“Lifestyle Psychiatry” by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
from Lifestyle Psychiatry
by Douglas L. Noordsy, M.D.
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The physician is obligated not only to exercise reasonable care but also reasonable skill in the treatment of his patient.

“Jewish Bioethics” by Fred Rosner, J. David Bleich, Menachem M. Brayer
from Jewish Bioethics
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Like most physicians, he handled the problem of what to tell his patients on a “situational” or case-by-case basis.

“Case Studies in Medical Ethics” by Robert M. Veatch
from Case Studies in Medical Ethics
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The doctor has power-over the issue even though this concerns the patient’s own body.

“Public Health: Power, Empowerment and Professional Practice” by Glenn Laverack
from Public Health: Power, Empowerment and Professional Practice
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In no better way can the physician demonstrate his care and concern for the patient.

“Family Medicine: Principles and Practice” by J. L. Buckingham, E. P. Donatelle, W. E. Jacott, M. G. Rosen, Robert B. Taylor
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This is often the first step for the doctor in gaining insight into their normal behavioural pattern.

“Understanding Medical Education: Evidence, Theory, and Practice” by Tim Swanwick, Kirsty Forrest, Bridget C. O'Brien
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The patient was also encouraged to keep in regular contact with his GP and gastroenterologist, and a referral was given to a specialist dietitian for further nutritional advice.

“Understanding the Australian Health Care System” by Eileen Willis, Louise Reynolds, Trudy Rudge
from Understanding the Australian Health Care System
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He also had “pestered” the physician to the extent that the physician suggested that the client and son find another doctor with whom they might be happier.

“Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity” by Cynthia Cooper (CHT.)
from Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity
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Even then he followed his own opinion rather than the advice of his doctors, whom he almost hated, because they advised him to give up the roast meat to which he was accustomed, and eat boiled instead.

“The Life of Charlemagne” by Einhard
from The Life of Charlemagne
by Einhard, Limited, 2006

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  • A helpful knowledgeable community can be the greatest resource for our health, not only when it comes to recover, but also with prevention!

    Much love for this encouragement!

  • I am just now losing my doctor to concierge medicine. I don’t blame her at all. I was actually preparing to look for a new primary for myself because, thanks to insurance/Medicare’s ‘practicing medicine,’ I was not able to get what I considered adequate consideration from my doctor. I hope to find someone less busy. I think she’s a fine doctor when she has time to be, and I wish her well. Happily for me, though I am aging, I take great care of myself and am very healthy. I just hope I’ll be able to find a great replacement doctor ‘just in case.’

  • I don’t see anything wrong with Doctors giving the care they want to give to a market that can afford what they have to offer.
    when you can afford the higher endyou shop there
    When you can’t you have Walmart.

    I object to the whole market place becoming Walmart. I prefer personalized care I always pay my own way. I do it so that nobody can tell me what I can have because they pay for me.

  • If you want waiting line in the first place, then regulate the industry. Go for socialism, you will get lines that you have never seen before:D

  • Gosh we made 6 figure incomes and can barely get it to see our doctor, ina jam I have to see a PA or NP, but they were very good. Doesnt this help these doctors pay their loans alot faster and it helps them decide their own destiny. Im an RN and I have told my hubby do not take me to the ER unless Im comatose or hemorrhaging

  • The rich are so use to someone putting on a bandage that, yes they do need help with a single simple task. You don’t realize how many autistic people there are until you look into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Trust me they need extra.

  • To begin to fix this system, tighten the loop. The major cause of the problem is who is in control.??? Big pharma has to be the last factor, not the on-off switch.

  • I know you’ll never read this, but I have a story.. my grandmother was a nurse for over thirty years. About 4 years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had just retained a “concierge doctor” in FL. She’s not ultra rich, but made decent money in retirement. The first year she paid 1k for her and her husband. It increased every year since.. this year it would have been 5k. She really couldn’t afford it, so my mom offered to pay half. He declined her entire payment. He’s treating two cancer patients for free, and changed his practice to include a chest X-ray for anyone 55 or older whether they smoked or not because he felt he missed her diagnosis despite her being a lifelong non smoker. She showed no s/s until the tumor was pressing on her bronchial tree stifling her voice. He’s been with them both every step of the way. And he’s offering his services even further. She calls it a blessing, but I call it a doctor who still has compassion, and is able to use his profits to pass on great things to worthy people.

  • The thing that I find the craziest is people who work hard their whole life and do everything the way they are told, they are insured while they work but one day they stroke out or fall off a ladder or have a heart attack (etc. etc.) then they have to FIGHT for disability and get put on Medicare/Medicaid and they get sent to these over filled under staffed clinics because of the way medical gets paid out through Medicare/Medicaid and it’s like what happened, how is this literally a referral based system? How are we waiting months to complain to a Dr. just to get referred to a specialist that they then have to wait for? Why can’t a child put their parents who have now become their dependents on their private health insurance? I will literally pay the premium to put my mother on my health insurance so I can pick her Dr.’s. Huge Fan ZDOGG, I watch/read/follow you as a self education tool for someone who is not a Dr/Nurse but works for the 9th Largest VA Medical System in the US. Thank You for constantly breaking it down for the non-science based employees as well.

  • Love that you are adding velocity to the value of community for personal health! Man, does it make me wish for a patient-serving infrastructure that doesn’t quite yet exist, for either the newbie or vet. The closest I saw back in the day was the community around Jessie Grumman, remember that crew? We need to band together and think about how to amplify awareness and access.

  • Sure, why not?  It was bound to happen in this broken, screwed-up system.  Free market.  Doctors are providing a service.  Patients are willing to pay.  Seems like a waste of money to me, unless you have a chronic, serious illness, but I have no problem with my colleagues doing this.

  • Why not mix concierge medicine with typical care? Why not take on the expensive clients at their insane markups, and then use the excess to fund pro-bono or low-fee clients. For every one billionaire on the books, gift that fortune onto 2 people in need. It won’t fix the problem entirely but more people could reach that health 3.0 level of care.

  • Best stitches my family has ever received was by a PA in my local ER. They where in a 2 in lac in my 8 year old sons eyebrow. They were so tiny I had to get my fp remove them because I could purely not get at them. That kid is now 19 no scar….

  • I speak here for England. It’s become pretty obvious this kills mostly old people. Therefore we should let anyone under retirement age get back to normal and let old people choose for themselves. Some will want to go into hibernation others to take their chance. Why does society feel they have to shield us? It’s patronising. Most of us live too long anyway.

  • I get a red blanket whenever I am at Stanford for surgeries and I am not any sort of VIP or donor. I think they just do that with all their patients.

  • 13:40 That is a paraphrase of Matthew 21, not exactly correct but the story is in the Bible.

  • It’s not cutting if you pay for a “private” service. I would disagree if people could pay to cut in a public hospital. What these private doctors are doing is fine. In contrast, we need a viable publicly available system that everyone has access to.

  • What is said at 37:20 about 80% of millionaires being first-generation is technically true, but a perfect example of taking statistics out of context…

    First of all, “millionaire” is an arbitrary standard for being wealthy. MOST of America’s millionaires come from wealthy upper-middle class households: the sons and daughters of doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.most of whom would qualify as wealthy, but are not millionaires…

    Second, the part about families losing wealth by the 2nd generation is also misunderstood. Yes, many millionaires’ children and grandchildren do not themselves become millionaires, but they still have access to their parents’ wealth while they are still alive (making them wealthier than their net worth alone would indicateoften having similar fiscal resources to 1st gen millionaires), and most of them end up comfortably upper-middle class. In short, they end up much wealthier than what you would expect if you threw a dart at random at a map of America’s wealth distribution with areas proportional to the number of people in each category…

    So, to summarize, millionaires’ parents tend to be much richer than the average Americanthough rarerly millionaires themselvesand most of the children of millionaires end up Upper-Middle Class (with access to just as much money as actual millionairesin fact much of the reason the children of millionaires rarely are millionaires themselves is not because they don’t earn and inherit enough money to become millionaires, it’s because they SPEND much more money than their parents did, enjoying the “good life”…)

  • Politics seems to be running everything. But I hope they spread the news of the doctor in Sydney. And other countries that are using 3 things on people with the virus and having success. He saids it easier than the flu. Name professor Borody in Sydney Australia. His work was published the 15th. Of August, covexit Thomas Borody. The medication is doxycycline, zinc, ivermectin. Search know your rights. And then search vaccination page. It’s on their.

  • “If this was a situation where they were depriving somebody of necessary care…” But ZDogg, the ARE doing just that…there is already a shortage of physicians out there, and when MD’s switch to concierge care it leaves more work for the remaining, already-overworked MD’s who treat the general public. Eventually, it reaches the point where people in some poor, rural areas can’t get the medical treatment they need at all, or only from practitioners who really aren’t trained for what they are doing (i.e. NP’s going beyond their Scope of Practice) or should have lost their license years agosomething that is in fact ALREADY happening in poor parts of Appalachia…

  • It’s not just celebrities. If you’ve ever had to treat the family member of a hospital administrator you’ll see the same level of entitled behavior because “they can make just one call” to get exactly what they want.

  • This is a very sensitive subject to talk about and so important to acknowledge at medical school. A year ago i was finishing med school and Im happy that Ive made the right choices so far but its so easy to change the ideals for money excusing youself as to give better medical care. Its scary. anyway im not judging. I think that its not the way to improve medical care even when it looks like it is for some

  • Before this podcast, I didn’t even know something like this, this VIP medical care service, existed. Ignorance of the commoner, I guess, lol. Thanks for the education

  • Kind of off topic, but how do you and Tom manage to work together with such different healthcare ideologies? I mean this is where your heart lies; where it seems that he doesn’t believe everyone should have healthcare. Just asking.

  • The meal picture is definitely a meal provided to new parents in the OB unit. All new parents in my facility receive a special meal before they discharge to home. I don’t see a problem with this.

  • We had a patient once who had fallen and injured herself at a very expensive and nice nursing home.. Not seriously but it did require the attention of a hospital. Because my private ambulance company had been called privately and she was not seriously injured we had no issue taking her to the hospital of her choice 20 minutes away. Her POA is a local attorney who is very well known and very wealthy. He asked to speak to one of the EMTs. He introduced himself as “I am soandso of XY&Z Law Firm.” My partner said “Ok and I’m Scott I’m an EMT.” People like that annoy me because you HAVE to cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s or it will come back to haunt you. Not because you should but because of the repercussions if you don’t.

  • It is an OB room. That doesn’t change anything. Would people rather have surf and turf or better care? As a post partum nurse Mother/Baby for 14 years, I can say that we do not feed anyone but the registered patient. Back in the day, or so I’m told when asked by grandparents “when do they get the steak and lobster dinner?” That that meal for mom and dad were in hospitals that shared a city with a military base and wanted to draw business away from the military base hospital. My hospital does over $6,000 a year and the spouse/significant other of the delivering parent has to provide their own food. Sometimes moms get mad, “why doesn’t my husband get food? He had a baby too!”

    Our answer is, “I’m sorry, he’s not a patient.”

    Patients want hotel rooms. I hate my job as a concierge. I love saving lives.

  • This style of medicine has degrees….we are considered middle class, but my husband had a host of medical problems that we couldn’t seem to coordinate across specialists. And if he had an appointment with a list of more than 2 items to talk to the doctor about, was told to make another appointment. Seeing 8 patients per hour = 7 1/2 minute limit per patient! Joined an MDVIP practice and got coordination. Executive annual physical that helped guide care…Physician cell phone number…fewer ED visits…. and referral to specialists that talked to each other. The $2k annual cost can be afforded by almost anyone who makes it a priority. The people saying it is too expensive still buy those new cars! Most just don’t want to sacrifice, and may not need to if medical landscape is not complex.

    Interestingly, we dropped out of MDVIP after my husband’s multiyear battle with AML (in remission!) as the medical complexity of treatment side effects got too great (and too rare) for any primary care doctor to effectively coordinate. Now I coordinate based on real life education I’ve received…..every new doctor asks if I’m a physician…

  • it’s only “wrong” because everyone else is getting screwed, if we fix healthcare for everyone, who cares what rich people do

    and I don’t buy the myth that all these rich people are great innovators, today too many people get rich by legally stealing from the poor overdraft/late fees are a billion dollar business, payday loans/check cashing/etc are theft, tax prep services are so corrupt, hell people overcharging medicare/medicaid this isn’t everyone, but these stats are too blanketed and don’t show our true economic system. Yes, there are some great innovators, but many of them hit a wall because the large corporations lobby to keep things difficult for the new guy, they pay to keep the scale tilted really the same way insurance/pharmaceuticals pay to keep the status quo so they can keep making their money with as little competition as possible they use the government as their body guards to protect their income stream. small businesses are categorized as under 500 employees 500? how many small doctors offices have over 500 employees? those are the people we should be looking at, probably less than 100 or 50 employees, hell mom and pops out there with less than a dozen people are struggling, 499 is not a small business

    grouping all rich people together to paint them as angels is just as bad as grouping them all together to be evil, there’s so many different cases, and so many asterisks, and so many special circumstances that you can’t categorize them either way

  • Enjoy your videos/podcasts. However, that hospital room picture you were frustrated about with the man and woman eating the meal, I think that was an OB room. Many organizations have started doing after delivery meal for mom and dad. It’s for every mother, not just the rich.

  • “front of the line” implies that there is only 1 line that everyone stands in. There are multiple lines at multiple levels, doesn’t have the level of impact that is implied.

  • Seems like you all need to find Dr Pamela Wible and reclaim your dreams. Check out her link and commencement speech at

  • At 37:08 this is (mostly) FACTUAL. Sociological studies have shown most wealthy individuals were, in fact, born to wealthy parents.

    This is not quite the same as “inheriting their wealth” as many of their advantages are things like a better education and more attentive upbringing (by parents who either have more free time than poor people working long hours, or the money to hire a nanny if needed…)

    But speaking from personal experiences to general social trends is NOT valid, ZDogg. You should know, from your pre-medical and med school classes that anecdotal evidence is HIGHLY unreliable.

    There are some wealthy individuals who earned all they have, and certain cognitive biases (such as Availability Biaswe constantly hear of these individuals, so we tend to overestimate how common they actually are) that ensure we overestimate their prevalence, but the fact is MOST wealthy individuals themselves had many advantages growing up provided to them by their parents which their less affluent peers lacked… These advantages correlate with wealth.

    There are exceptions to this (as there are for everything)for instance my father had lots of money when I was growing up, but stopped me from attending an elite private college prep school I got into because he was selfish and didn’t value education or believe in giving his children the best opportunities possible (he has serious issues, and was abusive). But the general trend is wealth equals advantages and advantages translate to successwhich translates back into more wealth…

    Sociological studies have PROVEN these trendsanecdotal evidence to the contrary is comparatively meaningless in the face of hard evidence and properly-done (sometimes, statisticians/scientists don’t understand what the numbers meanleading to erroneous conclusionsbut I doubt this is the case here) statistical analysis…

  • A first year medical registrar in Australia award rate is AUD $106,460 in the public system (this can change according to state). About USD $79,520.83. I am not sure what the cost of living is like in the US, but you can live quite comfortably with an income over 100K in Australia.

  • The good thing you say is that the young are reasonably safe however. they. do go to parents and grandparents for various reasons

  • You mentioned we (US) started to “decrease” in mid-July. Unfortunately, our political leaders seized all data on July 15. Prior to this date. all hospitals, testing centers, doctors, etc reported their cases to the CDC which was somewhat removed from Washington control. After that date, all this information goes directly to Trump and Pence, and it is correlated by them, THEN it is given to the CDC and public. If you look at the graph, it is all UP to July 15. Then it is all, slowly, going DOWN after July 15 (Mid-July as you say). It looks like Trump is going to be right after all. The virus is “going to just go away.” AND, we will have a “warp speed vaccine” or news of imminent release in time for our election! AND, the vaccine will be safe. AND it will be a miracle, 90% effective. Isn’t this wonderful? Aren’t we lucky to have such a dear leader who cares so much for us? It is over for us in the US. We can go back to shopping like the good little patriots we are, and borrow more money so we can appear richer than we are.

  • Sourced a 5 ply disposable older kids mask made by a certified manufacturer similar specification to ffp2
    As Brits all we need is a fighting chance
    £1.35 6 ply Grey carbon mask =+98%
    £1.45 5ply CE marked ffp2
    £1.05 for kids 5 ply kn95
    UK only not available anywhere else in the western world

  • Folks, do NOT listen to this guy, he is working to deceive you.
    He promotes TOTAL lockdowns that should never happen again.
    We should all understand now that the figures are FALSE. This man is here to mislead you and i suspect he probably works for the government to push false information.
    Covid is being used to push you into a state of FEAR so you will accept an injection that you know NOTHING
    This guy is TOXIC.

  • why do you say that herd immunity requires about 50% to 70% of people to have been infected? That is the percentage needed for herd immunity created by vaccines. When a wild virus creates herd immunity, this can be created with only 20% of the population having been infected, because the virus only targets vulnerable people the people who naturally fight it off, do not have to get involved at all. Prof Michael Leavitt, Nobelprize winner and Prof Gupta of Oxford Univeristy say that the evidence so far shows only 20% of the population is vulnerable and the virus is going away on its own there has been no significant second spike in deaths or seriously ill people anywhere in the world. The virus has gone its own way, no matter what the various lockdown policies no correlation at all between stricter lockdowns and numbers of seriously ill people.

  • In the states we say “if the shoe fits, wear it” about a justified criticism. “I didn’t watch videos on how to avoid COVID, and when I caught it my friends said I was stupid for not listening.”
    “If the shoe fits, wear it.”

  • It’s just a mask.

    It’s just six feet.

    It’s just two weeks.

    It’s just non-essential businesses.

    It’s just non-essential workers.

    It’s just a bar.

    It’s just a restaurant.

    It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.

    It’s just until the cases go down.

    It’s just to flatten the curve.

    It’s just a few inmates.

    It’s just to keep others from being scared.

    It’s just for a few more weeks.

    It’s just church. You could still pray.

    It’s just prayer.

    It’s just until we get a vaccine.

    It’s just a bracelet.

    It’s just an app.

    It’s just for tracing.

    It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.

    It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.

    It’s just a few more months.

    It’s just some more inmates.

    It’s just a video.

    It’s just a post.

    It’s just a social media account.

    It’s just for protecting others from hate speech.

    It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.

    It’s just a large gathering but for protests.

    It’s just a few violent protests.

    It’s just a little micro chip.

    It’s just a blood test.

    It’s just a test.

    It’s just a scan.

    It’s just a little prick.

    It’s just a few cells from a fetus.

    It’s just for medical information.

    It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.

    It’s just like a credit card.

    It’s just cash.

    It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.

    It’s just so you can travel.

    It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.

    It’s just so you can vote.

    It’s just mail-in voting.

    It’s just a few more years.

    It’s just a statue.

    It’s just a monument.

    It’s just a building.

    It’s just a song.

    It’s just a lyric.

    It’s just an anthem.

    It’s just a few words.

    It’s just a piece of paper.

    It’s just a book.

    It’s just history.

    It’s just a movie.

    It’s just a TV show.

    It’s just a cartoon character.

    It’s just a piece of cloth.

    It’s just a flag.

    It’s just a religion.

    It’s just a holiday.

    It’s just your guns.

    It’s just the police.

    It’s just your freedoms…gone forever.

    It’s just a camp.

    It’s just the unvaccinated.

    It’s just the Uyghurs, the Gulags, the…

    It’s just the Christians, the Muslims, the…

    It’s just the people that don’t think like us.

    “It’s just” the way they planned it.

    The Event 201 pandemic exercise was conducted on October 18, 2019 (two months before the “outbreak” in Wuhan!) by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Nations, CDC, WHO, China’s CDC, Industry titans and many more.

    “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” The Rockefeller Foundation, 2010

    “During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified. In order to protect themselves from the spread of increasingly global problems — from pandemics and transnational terrorism to environmental crises and rising poverty — leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

  • Nurse Campbell is part of the fear-mongering propaganda machine. They want to force everyone to inject Bill Gates’ poisons into their veins or get terminated from their job. No vaccination no work, no entry into stores, no entry to public arenas theaters, cinemas, ball games etc, no travel on planes, ships, trains.. you name it. Life is going to be a living hell people! This moronic nurse is doing the Globalists’ bidding helping them bring in the NWO.

  • here is the true story of Covid…try to prove its not true….you cant…….

  • I am troubled by the very heavy spotlight focused here on ‘cases’ (by which you mean infections I presume?). Surely the only figure that really matters isn’t R rates and infections and numbers of tests, but actual (PROPERLY RECORDED) death rates (not the fantasy figures we’ve had to date). The death rate is 0.26% i.e. OF those infected, around a ONE quarter of 1% die. Those are the stats from the CDC. In other words, 99.8% of people who get infected do NOT die; the WHO and the CDC both affirm this. All this analysis and tracking, while interesting, doesn’t keep in perspective the fact that this isn’t the massive deadly killer virus that it’s being postered as, by many in the media. In fact, the death figures are not unlike a flu season; people die from flu. Fact. They’ve died from flu in similar numbers in previous years. So why has this particular virus been so heavily spotlighted? There are much greater risks of death from other diseases, notwithstanding other detrimental factors attributed to lockdown. Cancer deaths are down. Flu deaths are down. Why? Because those deaths have been wrongly labelled as Covid. So I’m a little concerned that this entire pandemic is being pulled out of context? Out of perspective. Out of balance. Indeed, the WHO downgraded the ‘pandemic’ status way back on March 19th. How about some contextual balance here rather than so much scaremongering?

  • What a crock of shit.
    The testing is seriously flawed and that is why you are getting more cases. as much as 50% false positives
    And they have subtlety switched from testing for Covid 19 to testing for the corona virus which is in many different
    You are being lied to.
    It is the death rates that monitors the seriousness of this so called pandemic. All the ‘Cases’ that you
    Are listing are just an indication of herd immunity.
    What will happen is that the next winter wave of Flu deaths will be palmed off as Covid 19 and an excuse to keep the
    Psychological and coercive manipulation of the population going until the repulsive vaccine is created.

  • The reason for the sealed buildings was for energy efficiency. Combine that with teachers and students demanding comfortable classrooms and such construction is inevitable.

  • I used to live in South Africa but haven’t been back for years so this information may be irrelevant now but I’ve been wondering about diet in South Africa compared to the rest of Africa. Could that be a factor? I think the majority of black people in South Africa these days originated from further north so I doubt it’s a genetic thing. Do you have figures from South Africa comparing black, white, and coloured infections/mobilities? I’m very interested to know why South Africa is different, being that I consider it my home country.

  • So, hypothetically speaking here, if this virus was targeting the young from 0-30 years of age, what would the world be doing now?

  • Re: School windows being sealed so they can’t open to encourage fresh air..
    I wonder.. even if you could open them, what would be expected when it is -20C, raging blizzard is supposed to do? It is difficult to study, write, red, etc in full winter gear including mittens.
    Winter is on its way in the northern hemisphere. It gets freezing cold here in Canada which results in the need to wear multiple layers of clothing so one does not get frostbite, hypothermia, etc. One can’t simply open all the windows in buildings to dilute viruses. It gets cold enough to burst water pipes and such without heat. In more rual areas, we also deal with wild animals…
    I can say though in Canada, they are working on improved ventilation systems. Hopefully whatever it is they do work on actually works.

  • all utter bollocks,….. you a puppet! advocating idiotic lockdowns,.. they have been by in Germany alone 640 doctor went public and called covid fake and a hoax!!!!! talk about cases,. idiot skewing the narrative!!!!!!!!! notice how its switched from deaths to faces,.. look at the link people this guys an insider and fear monger!

  • There is a device called an air heat exchanger. It pushes contaminated air from inside to the outside. It pushes fresh air from outside to the inside. Heat is exchanged between the two streams of air which conserves the energy that was spent heating or cooling the air in the building. Not sure why there is not a big push to put these in schools and all buildings. It doesn’t require any research or new types of filters. This is old technology, easy to install and cheep compared to the cost of healthcare and economic shutdowns.

  • you’re all doom and gloom. infections are bubbling along but deaths and hospitalisations are flatlining. to even suggestt hat schools should nto go back and that they are a driver of infections is rubbish. Schools in singapore have been back months and community infections are 1 a day.

  • I don’t believe this Covid19 anymore. It’s fear porn, and an umbrella for world domination of an evil regime. The Cabal! To come to world dictator ship as described in the book of revelation 666 Antichrist, and mass slaughter through vaccins of most earth population. the greatest genocide in history of 6 trillion people. Dream on people. Jesus christ only can save you, and give you eternal life. Everybody dies. Make sure you repent and turn to Jesus, the Son of God! before death and receive eternal life! Read the New Testament King James1611. Read acts chapter 4 verse 12 Only one Name under heaven whereby we must be saved, and not end up in hell. Call on Jesus! Get saved. This world is ending! God Bless you all!

  • The pandemic what a joke just get the bill Gates depopulation vaccine agenda 21 and the BBC is bushing the government media depopulation agenda

  • Graeme Meintjes
    is Professor of Medicine and SARChI Chair of Poverty-related Infections at the University of Cape Town.

    He is an Infectious Diseases Physician who undertakes consultant clinical work at Khayelitsha and Groote Schuur Hospitals.

    Feature starts at 31.40 minutes:

  • If anybody bothered to watch interviews with a Swedish virologist he said you can not hide from a virus ….. lock down and shut people away for as long as you want …. when you come out it will still be there! there is no change …. you have to live with it and get on with life… Just a thought.

  • Very simple question: how can we so confidently estimate that about 10% of the population have already been exposed to the virus in some places??? We use antibody test to assess that, but we recently learned that the antibody levels 3 or 4 months after exposition are very low in most individuals.

    So if we say 10% of the people have the antibodies, it means that 10% of the people have RECENTLY been infected, and that an unknown proportion the population was exposed to the virus many weeks ago.

    So we don’t know how far we are in this pandemic, that’s my point. Why nobody talks about that?

    Isn’t it a big problem if we are not able to assess someone’s exposition to the virus?
    Now we talk about cellular immunity, which is not specific to Sars-CoV-2. What a mess ^^ how do we assess that???

  • New genetic mutation in the corona as a virus that is ten times more contagious is shocking information

  • With the data you present in terms of cases etc, it would be helpful to understand the amount of testing that is being done as well

  • Thx John, I had to see @ 18:30 and out the next phrase maybe 10 times, so funny the way you say it, I almost got acute hernia while Im drinking some cold one alone under a nice bridge watching the animal life (mallards), and listening to your news… Maybe its not good to laugh, but sometimes I wonder just how the human race got to survive for so long…

  • We have had 0 cases multiple times on the big island of Hawaii but we keep getting more cases due to travel and they end up infecting 7-9 other people on average. But this lockdown is getting ridiculous and it’s hard to live with 6 months into this pandemic

  • Since the Trump administration removed data collection from the CDC and placed it under the Department of Health Services, which is under the administrations control, I question the accuracy of data from the US. I live in the most populated county of Arizona and there is a lot of resistance to reopening schools, masks have been mandated by the county and most municipalities. Bars and gyms have shut down again, but restaurants are open to dining in with social distancing observed between table. Businesses are complying with the mask mandates and requiring customers to wear them and observe social distancing. Unfortunately, compliance in other parts of Arizona and the rest of the US is inconsistent. COVID 19 has become highly politicized in my country and leadership at the federal level has failed miserably.

  • I wonder what the repercussions of the Sturgis Rally will be.
    Those Folks come into Sturgis from all over the US and when they leave they will spread back out all over the US.

  • They are designed for energy efficiency and to keep people from breaking in during vacations and summer break. Just like, clinics were switching over to non-alcohol hand sanitizer before the pandemic because children would over use them or people would drink them. Now we are back to good old alcohol-based sanitizer.

  • Gonna be 3 times worse this winter for sure, my friend at sage says it will be looking at 1st 2nd week of October 2020, this could be a 24 week lockdown here in the uk.

  • Your prediction of increased clusters and cases related to schools reopening will sadly be borne out. Politics trumps common sense yet again.

  • Hermetically sealed windows save on heating (costs) which meets the ALL IMPORTANT (these days) ecological requirement at the cost of human health.
    One easy assist in this is to install negative ionisers which freshen air and knock down dust, bacteria and “germs”. This is small footprint, long-known technology, inexpensive to instal and very cheap to run. It is also good for lung function and alertness of the brain, good in schools one would have though.
    Your videos are succinct and easy to follow, thank you.

  • Really appreciate your daily updates, especially your scientific method of evaluating data. Regarding the South African situation, you might find the following blogpost interesting My sister is involved in a rural clinic and I am hoping we can get the head RN to make contact time and availability may be something of an issue, though. Thanks again for all the work you put in to keep us informed!

  • India will be conducting multiple academic and non academic career examinations, in September. With 10 million students and young adults involved. Catastrophe.

  • Agree with your comments re: VIP syndrome… when I was in training on active duty, there was a special “VIP Ward” for flag officers and visiting dignitaries, and they usually got pretty weak care since most docs would do anything to avoid that unit!

    One question ZDoggMD what would be your definition of “ultra rich?” Just because I’m thinking $10K/year for good medicine isn’t really that much more than what I pay for “insurance” (which doesn’t really get me much…) now…?

  • So confident are NZ that they have put off the National Election for a month whilst initialising what is tantamount to Marshall Law.
    I am glad to see that you are seeing the nonsense of schools going back in September. This is purely for businesses to get parents back to work and NOTHING to do with the SAFETY OF THE POPULACE. It puts teachers and families at immediate risk for a political decision.

  • Here in the Netherlands our government is on holiday. Mayors, schools, “safety regions” seem to have to make their own policies in dealing with Covid19. Schools do open this monday-17th of august in the North of the country. Some schools make masks mandatory. The official RIVM (Dutch CDC) viewpoint is “masks do not provide safety”.
    Masks are mandatory in some cities, at busy places, and in public transport, airtravel. The Dutch government did buy shares in airlines for “economy reasons”. In creasing salaries for HCW was asking to much…
    With by now 31 of the 128 mink farms having Covid19 infections our “government” is still waiting on “experts advise” on how to react….

  • Tony Heller is doing some excellent work exposing the propaganda that so many in power are pushing regarding cv19, he is well worth watching.

    Gaining Immunity From Propaganda

  • Thank you once again for your informed opinions Dr. Campbell.
    I hope you get a chance to comment on the situation in Japan and South Korea. There seems to be a 2’nd wave situation developing here and I would love to learn your thoughts on this.

  • Given that the CDC now has to send their figures to the White House FIRST before the numbers are released, I don’t believe their figures and what a coincidence that the figures have started going down since they had to do this. Thank you, as always, for your videos they are appreciated:-)

  • I watched a video the other day where it was stated the decline in cases in the US was related to a decrease in testing. A quick look the John Hopkins Testing Tracker seems to confirm that, at least in some states.

  • When I worked at a major hospital in NYC and was doing private duty on the side, there were two types of patients in the registry those who were private pay and those who really needed the private duty care. I always preferred to take care of those who needed it because the private pay patients expected that I would care for them how they wanted and not what was medically appropriate.

  • ECDC 6 Aug 2020:

    the evidence from contact tracing in schools, and observational data from a number of EU countries suggest that re-opening schools has NOT been associated with significant increases in community transmission.

    Available evidence also indicates that closures of childcare and educational institutions are unlikely to be an effective single control measure for community transmission of COVID-19 and such closures would be unlikely to provide significant additional protection of children’s health, since most develop a very mild form of COVID-19, if any.

    Less than 5% of all cases are among children (0 18) and a VAST majority of those are asymtomatic or very mild = less contagious

  • Hmmm….reading many of these comments below, just illustrates how successful the MSM and leftist government policies have been in creating enough fear to manipulate the “sheeple”! I certainly do not want to get into any pointless debates with those that have not done their homework, when really good, honest info is out on the net and freely available that shows clearly that this virus is about no.20 on the list of deadly diseases that have hit mankind. It has had almost zero effect on kids and the majority of the population besides the elderly and those with bad immune systems. Just ask yourself why we have never had lockdowns like this globally before? Why have we suddenly locked down, isolated the healthy to protect the unhealthy. I could cite many other undeniable facts but I encourage everyone that is living in such abject fear to just watch this interview:
    Further to this, if you are really interested in honest science, just look at one of the many Ivor Cummins video’s where he has interviewed so many good scientists. His statistical analysis is extentsive as well. If you’re not convinced, then just carry on as one of the millions of “sheeple” and enjoy living in this new normal!

  • Herein India government showing fake corona positive cases they said my aunt were infected by corona virus but the laboratory tests shows that she didn’t even infected with that virus same thingh happened in other states Indian government only showing fake positive cases because here they got pandemic loan

  • Thanks, Dr. John. Would you possibly consider weighing in on the question of youth return to outdoor sports, at some point? The information appears to be woefully lacking, yet private clubs appear to be forging ahead with plans to commence with competitive contact in sports, like soccer, in certain states where restrictions have been lifted. It is quite a balancing act given the tremendous limitations placed on children due to virtual schooling becoming increasingly prevalent, this Fall. Thx for your consideration and thank you, as always.

  • I’ve seen an interview with a dr Paul Marik recently on the MATH+ protocol, I believe he’s from South Africa. But he’s no doubt very busy and I’m not sure he’s comfortable with talking about politically sensitive topics.

  • In Sydney Covid19 has practically erraticated the flu, we have never had such a low case/mortality rate from the flu ever. Locking down is the only answer, but at what cost, unfortunately it all comes down to basic survival of the fittest. Sydney is experiencing Scholl closures nearly everyday, kids spread this disease, if you do no testing of course you don’t know, children should be tested.

  • I agree with Sheila M. Americans usually say “ if the shoe fits, wear it”, meaning admit it. I keep seeing parents deciding to have their children use virtual schooling. I think the sealing of windows in schools arose from attempts to reduce the use of energy to moderate temperatures in the classrooms. You are probably correct about the future rates of infection resulting from opening schools and colleges/universities. Thank you every day for all the work you do.

  • School windows and doors used to be able to be and remain open. Now the buildings are essentially locked down during session as a security measure against unauthorized entry or exit of students and as a risk reduction measure against shooters, etc. It is highly unlikely that common sense about dissipating viral load with improved ventilation will convince school boards or law enforcement to relax their fortress mentality with regard to securing the buildings. Ohio here.

  • Fauci did mention that there is a large study (named Hero) underway tracking 6000 people of 2000 families, this from May to Dec. They hope to get data on SARS-CoV-2 transmissions dynamics, including on children.

  • In the US we will end up just letting it burn through the population.. We were in Branson which is a vacation destination in the Us and people are literally taking a vacation from Covid. Packed restaurants, and no social distancing. There really is no hope for America when it comes to Covid. Precautions here are not going to work. If this is America’s direction then I feel that any precautions will just slow our recovery. I just hope the vulnerable stay safe for the next 8 or so months until we have a vaccine.

  • Dr. Campbell, please check out Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 global map, it might be a little more accurate for the up-to-date data for “reported” cases in the various countries.